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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals - thanks all luv Jenni


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Vintage Trifari floral basket brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boucher teddy bear brooch,  Viking Glass amber teddy bear paperweight  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sherman circle brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Berebi dragon brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pilgrim Glass dachshund  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pell pointer dog brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Scitarelli floral bouquet brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Viking Glass Epic frosted swan bowls  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Napier lovebirds brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Monet pineapple brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Glad you enjoyed my monkey Scott, many thanks
  2. Woof Woof! He's so cute, I love animals too, in any form. Possibly a beagle with the color, black & dk brown around face. - Jenni
  3. Thank you Thomas & TimeTraveller for the very kind luv
  4. Just lovely Ken, the pearls with the rhinestone studs on brushed silvertone is extremely elegant, your photos all so great I would have a hard time deciding which angle to wear it
  5. I concur with Thomas, excellent Beethoven pieces for display
  6. Tanni the luv is so appreciated, many thanks
  7. Very fancy cross from Coventry, looks large, the rhodium framework is beautiful, as are the framed pearls & that purple cab is a standout
  8. Very interesting old pharmacy remedies & antique bottles
  9. Great early edition of a beloved story, one of my favorites
  10. I love Peter Rabbit, this doorknocker is so cheery he must put all your visitors in a happy mood
  11. Very beautiful brooch Phil, I love the contrasting opaque blue and rhinestone blue stones in this stunning design, so original
  12. Thank you for the kindness about my friend J., she will appreciate very much. Gillian has set us straight about the current rules, good to know. BTW I am now receiving notification emails, occasional...
  13. Love how the first half of the rhyme line is on the black sheep, the rest on the pink sheep. These are lovely planters - Jenni
  14. Beautiful black enamel on gold, love the deco style fan shapes, what a gorgeous set and amazing deal
  15. Eileen she is so beautiful and in fabulous condition! Pink swans are so romantic and graceful, don't you think? Love this, thank you
  16. Many thanks for the luv Elaine
  17. Glad you enjoyed my dragon Elaine, thank you
  18. That deco style tray is divine
  19. Beautiful boat - he will love it!
  20. Roy what a kind compliment, thank you for always being in my corner Thanks to everybody 4 the luv buckethead Gudrun Roy fort Karen
  21. Aw thank you Karen, very kind compliments. You know the more I look at it, this glass teddy really looks like those honey bears at the grocers, maybe it was the model for them? The Boucher bear is a...
  22. Many thanks everyone buckethead Gudrun Roy fort Karen You're so kind!
  23. Beautiful bracelet and necklace, love their openwork design
  24. Very pretty vermeil Russian dancer brooch Ken, she is in great condition for her age - was Tasha the partner
  25. What a beautiful color stone in this sterling ring Judy, I love the way it changes in different lighting - wonderful find. I know there are so many CW rules to watch out for, my friend got in trouble...
  26. Adolph is adorable & very well preserved, you can't find a good iron doorstop anymore they are all lightweight resin - and nowhere near as good looking
  27. Love all your Clark gnomes Tanni, he's very cute
  28. Very nice!
  29. With sincere thanks for the luv all aura Vet Elainep
  30. Much appreciated aura and vet50, thank you
  31. Thank you so much for the luv Mani VintageMisc aura
  32. Really appreciate the kind compliments Phil, I think it's kinda glamorous myself, plus I get in one more February birthstone post Scott, what kind words, thank you so much. If I have a post theme ...
  33. Ms teddy bear expert Laura, I'm so happy you enjoyed these. Not all my "combo posts" go together perfectly, but these two looked made for each other Phil you are so on target all the time, the gla...
  34. I'm thrilled you like this Phil, you are such a pro about Sherman, and really appreciate the super compliments. You have mentioned about high prices for Sherman, that is sure true, but his pieces are...
  35. What a beautiful sapphire ring and love that antique white gold setting
  36. Somebunny is very cute, nice find Scott
  37. Adorable!
  38. Knew I knew this band, Blinded by the Light was so amazing! Did not know Springsteen wrote it, thanx for the info
  39. Gorgeous pearls look beautiful in this grape cluster design, & love the it title as pearls are truly gems of the sea
  40. Beautiful multi layered vase Karen, the design is so unusual & gorgeous - sounds like a lot of hard work went into it, to great effect
  41. This is a super rabbit decanter and that is a fabulous gigantic jack rabbit statue, would love to see that! You do get blase about landmarks around you, here on Long Island we have a 15 or 20 ft tall...
  42. This is so "of the times," great nostalgia piece
  43. Beautiful cherub babies, so sweet
  44. Unusual & beautiful pendant Hel1, the turquoise design on silver is lovely - Jenni
  45. It must be so relaxing - BTW love your shark in pic #4
  46. Fantastic set, Philippe was a real artist - the platinum leaves with the clear stones are awesome, in such pristine condition - LOVE them!
  47. All so lovely - I especially love the guitar, starfish & that gorgeous rhinestone & black bracelet. Thank you for sharing
  48. They are both so beautiful lentilka, I love their marcasite style - great find
  49. Beautiful Coventry set, love the tonal colors in the fruit, I am guessing they are apples? They sure look "delicious"!
  50. The locomotive and train cars are absolutely beautiful Lata, the antique design, colors with gold trim, all wonderful
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