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collect all kinds of stuff - thanks all luv Jenni


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Vintage Trifari snowflake brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pilgrim Glass blue kangaroo - Art Glassin Art Glass
Caviness owl brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Weiss pink bow brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Monaco plates & postcards - Advertisingin Advertising
Kitten and mouse pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sarah Coventry brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Trifari butterfly pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Viking honey amber horse - Art Glassin Art Glass
Weiss autumn colors brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Brass Knucks, takes me back to William Regal on Wrestling, the attitude era Jenni
  2. Such a beautiful shade of blue
  3. Both are gorgeous brooches Phil, in lovely shapes - the green stones look like fine jade
  4. Lovely Wedgwood tea set Adele, in the soft green color
  5. Awesome Sean. My take on the picture plus the Italian title, the horse rider holding bow is an Amazon woman in fierce battle Jenni
  6. We visited USS Missouri docked in Pearl Harbor HI several yrs ago, my uncle briefly served on it during WW2, so proud to sign his name in their book
  7. Many thanks AnnaB
  8. He's adorable!
  9. Perfectly beautiful Eileen, and the emerald green navettes are such a great holiday color
  10. Great find, love the striped vase
  11. Thanks so much for the luv raven3766
  12. That's such a kind comment mariasmerchandise, I agree these older Trifari still hold up well all these years later
  13. Ooh these deep & dramatic blues, love it!
  14. Beautiful Juliana set as always Eileen, I love the varying stone shapes and your description is always helpful to me. You have quite the impressive J. collection!
  15. What a pretty pendant, nice large faceted stone in unusual color Jenni
  16. Thanks for the luv Rose
  17. Much appreciated Sean68
  18. Thank you very much ho2cultcha
  19. Many thanks Sean68
  20. With sincere thanks Sean68
  21. Wow what a gorgeous butterfly, those aqua wings are fab! And love your vintage pelican sewing scissors, and is that a Liz Claiborne giraffe brooch, so pretty -Jenni
  22. It's a real beauty, can't believe looks so fabulous for its age
  23. Much appreciated Manikin
  24. Gorgeous classic Trifari gems, I love those jagged lava rock stones, in the ice blue they have chunks of ice effect
  25. Love the gradient shades of green, lovely set Jenni
  26. Nice wheels fort, must have been a great day! Jenni
  27. Sincere thanks Eileen
  28. Thank you kindly Eileen
  29. Hi Celiene, This is a lovely rooster image. Keep it in sight, after 1/18 we will be in the Asian Year of the Rooster, supposed to bring good luck! Jenni
  30. Much appreciated Eileen
  31. Many thanks for luv Eileen
  32. Thanks very much Mrstyndall
  33. Great find Dean, the Viking bluenique color is quite rare.
  34. Happy to help jodie, it was actually my good friend nutsabotas6 who made the ID about Fragonard, he's so wonderful with all Trifari
  35. Thanks very much for kind comment Bonnie, I was so lucky to get this, love the older style Trifari
  36. Spectacular piece, love the color blends, in some pics looks like an ice sculpture
  37. Thanks for the luv melaniej shareurpassion -Jenni
  38. Such an elegant style & shape, the rams horn sculpting is just beautiful Ken, really stunning - and what a fantastic box!
  39. Thank you so much for the luv Pascale
  40. Thank you for your kind comment Celiene, I love him too!
  41. Many thanx again Phil - yes isn't he well made, it's just so balanced and colorful, brings out the animal's beauty
  42. I'm smiling Phil, thanks for the morning (for me!) cheer Jenni
  43. Thanks for the luv blunderbuss2
  44. With sincere thanks Roy
  45. Thank you so much Phil
  46. You're very kind aura
  47. Sincere thanks aura
  48. Many thanks for luv aura
  49. Sincere thanks Vet50
  50. Thank you for the luv Vet50
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