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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Napier swan brooch, Kanawha Glass swan  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Capri wave brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fenton Glass labrador retriever dog - Animalsin Animals
Gem-Craft elephants brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Fostoria Glass squirrel  - Animalsin Animals
Alice Caviness brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Mosser Glass bird in flight  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Carolee tiger brooch - Animalsin Animals
Fenton Glass dolphin  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Weiss shamrock brooch and earrings set  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Wonderful trips Mary, I so admire your spirit of adventure & carrying on despite this adversity. May God keep you and your boyfriend safe right now, let's hope by June this will all be a bad memory
  2. Great movie, good escapist fun for the boys & you too. We are doing the same here, digging out the old dvds for movies and classic detective shows, stay well
  3. Gorgeous earrings share, love the iridescence. On the back it translates as made in Mexico & 925 is for sterling silver, then the ETC is the initials of the person or company who made them, which the...
  4. Beautiful planter in lovely two tone green, great find
  5. Gorgeous Westmoreland vase, such a lovely color & nice to have the orig label too
  6. Beautiful ladies in your family, and how great to have these photo keepsakes of them
  7. Very pretty!
  8. Adorable chihuahua and it stands up, love those type animal figurals! It is so realistically sculpted in wonderful Trifari style, nice score Ken
  9. Hi share, thanx for the love & great compliment! I'm doing fine thanks and hope you are the same, staying inside mostly since the NYS mandates, trying not to get fat eating snax in front of the TV, b...
  10. Mary your extensive travels always amaze me, you are so brave to have gone to that part of China. Must be nice right now to look back on the wonderful places you've been to and dream about seeing mor...
  11. Daisy thank you so much for the love it is sincerely appreciated
  12. Thanks Daisy for the thoughtful love I am always very grateful & glad you enjoyed this Fostoria squirrel
  13. Very pleased you enjoyed these elephants Daisy & many thanks for the kind love
  14. Many thanks Daisy for the wonderful compliment & love, I surely wish I could go out "on the town" with friends right now and wear this Capri brooch, not going to happen for awhile with all these stay ...
  15. Thanks so much Daisy for the lovely compliment & also the love, sometimes two different mediums with the same animal like this one are very compatible and I enjoy combining them, so happy you liked my...
  16. Beautiful pieces all, I especially love the animal head clamper and gorgeous pierrot face, you have a wonderful collection of this co's jewelry
  17. Lovely Butler Fifth Ave sets, very nice to have three dolphin brooches & the matching earrings - I have one of them too it's such a pretty design
  18. Thanks clockerman for the love and support it is really kind of you & much appreciated :)
  19. Thank you Daisy for the love, so glad you liked this dog & really appreciate it
  20. Wonderful late 60s songs Thomas, ultra cool!
  21. Exceptionally gorgeous wreath Ken, such a creative design with the tiny stones highlighting the pink-purple rhinestone array - in a word, magnificent!
  22. Thank you verbatim for the kind love it is greatly appreciated & glad you liked this cobalt bird
  23. Thank you KinkiPlz for the very kind love, I really appreciate it & am glad you liked this squirrel
  24. Many thanks for the love guys Sean Trey clockerman
  25. Thanks guys for the love Sean Trey clockerman
  26. Fred is a great looking armadillo
  27. What a gorgeous colorful gem, beautifully faceted & lovely filigree
  28. Beautiful bronze rabbit with great detail, wonderful find
  29. Wonderful nature photos, it is lovely to know about the unique habits of the bower birds, and the beautiful cloud formations in the sky are just awesome. Nice to see something hopeful in these stress...
  30. Thank you Kevin and MayReach for the very thoughtful love, glad you liked this Fenton puppy
  31. Always appreciate the thoughtful love Sean and Trey, thank you so much guys
  32. Thanks guys for the very kind love Kevin Sean Trey
  33. Thanks Ken, I am hoping to get a good illustrated book to i.d. the D & E backs, or perhaps show me some book pieces that may be out there at affordable prices - of course have to wait til this 'storm'...
  34. Many thanks Sean & Trey for the kind love and support I'm always truly grateful
  35. Thank you very much for the love Pascale Nicefice Sean Trey
  36. Magnificent deco necklace, love the the curvy complex design and rhinestone links all the way round. Exceptional antique beauty Maureen, no wonder it was a first favorite
  37. Very beautiful golden rabbit Scott, he looks amazing for his age! Wonderful Cady design and adorable face
  38. Sean & Trey thanks so much guys for the love, I'm so glad you liked this Fenton dolphin & appreciate the kind support
  39. Thank you very much for the love Sean Trey Radegunder
  40. Maureen thank you so much for the great compliment, Bogoff never disappoints me with their very original designs which always appeal to me, and you're right about the green I love this shade myself :)...
  41. Thanks Lisa for the wonderful compliment, I'm so glad to help you find a good present for your hubby's BD :) I have seen several of these cute Fenton labs online mostly on sites beginning with "e", i...
  42. Gorgeous blossoms, very serene image
  43. The elephant carvings are wonderful
  44. Very beautiful design with lovely spacing of the gems, fantastic find kudos!
  45. Thanks everyone for the love fort Vet Nicefice Malkey Ken bobby Thomas aura Ted Maureen Lauren Mary Phil Karen Scott Fabulous compliments Ken I hoped you would enjoy this brooch...
  46. Many thanks for the love Karen Scott Crazyguy
  47. Super thanks Karen for the lovely words, you really are my champion and always say the nicest things, truly. Fortunately before this health crisis I got some new glass animals as now many sellers wo...
  48. Thank you very much for the love Adele Malkey Watchsearcher Vet fort Nicefice bobby Ken Thomas aura Lauren BB2 MrsT Mary Ken Phil Crazyguy Karen Scott Lisa I sincerely appr...
  49. Gorgeous floral design, the purple AB stones sparkle beautifully and how nice to have the original box
  50. Thanx Karen for the super compliment & love, you're right the neutral tones of these elephants would look great on a colorful outfit - that is, if I could go out anywhere right now with all the mandat...
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