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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Trifari Philippe frog pin  - Animalsin Animals
Wedgwood glass otter  - Animalsin Animals
Sterling bull brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Kosta Boda Przewalski glass horse  - Animalsin Animals
Viking Glass mama bear  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Boucher undersea brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Butler & Wilson mouse brooch, Imperial Glass mouse - Glasswarein Glassware
Kramer NY star flower brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
St John kangaroo mom and baby brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Heisey by Imperial Glass elephant  - Animalsin Animals


  1. If it is stamped somewhere on bottom Germany or made in Germany, or has a distinguishing blue mark, it is either Dresden or Dresden style usually, hope this helps
  2. Beautiful cherub piece, many Dresden co's from Germany used this style of the angels holding up the bowl-vase etc, very nice
  3. Really appreciate the love theenchantedfox and so glad you liked this undersea coral Boucher
  4. Many thanks theenchantedfox for the love, so pleased you enjoyed this piece
  5. Thank you Hunter and theenchantedfox for the very kind love & glad you liked this bull
  6. I adore this KJL shell brooch set, it has always been a favorite design from him, so realistically shaped with the beautiful rhinestone tops & golden sheen, home run Ken!
  7. Thank you iggy for the love, it is very much appreciated & glad you liked this frog
  8. Perfect combination of sapphire, light blue & blue AB rhinestones in a beautiful regal shape, gorgeous piece
  9. Scary, lifelike & fabulous tarantula
  10. Many thanks ho2 for the thoughtful love, very glad you liked this marine piece :)
  11. Thank you Glamorously for the fabulous compliment, very kind of you and so pleased you enjoyed this Kramer, I agree, they were one of my fave designers esp for their versatility Many thanks for the...
  12. All their biggest hits are on this in concert album - I liked their humorous songs like Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover and Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard best :)
  13. Fabulous golden butterfly, the tulip design is so very pretty, and the L'Orient collection is one of my faves from Trifari - great post Ken!
  14. Your dad's bots are amazing! The forerunners to one of my favorites, it is all white and of French origin I believe, it was featured on a Brazilian telenovela called Morde Assopra a few yrs ago. Your...
  15. Elton John, fantastic original talent. Can't wait to see his bio movie Rocketman, the trailers look excellent. Loved when he did the Candle in the Wind tribute to Princess Diana
  16. Great item, loved playing with these as a little girl, even cutting them out was fun!
  17. Fantastic design!
  18. A big thank you everyone for the love MrsT Ken fort dlpetersen Thomas Mary Vet aura Pascale Adele Lisa Eileen Ben Lauren GlamorouslyRefinedFun Mani Kevin Thanks MrsT for the gre...
  19. Thanks all for the otter love Vynil Broochman dlpetersen BB2 fort Thomas Vet aura Pascale Eileen Lauren Adele iggy TimeT Mani Kevin Phil Ken thank you so much for the really wond...
  20. Such a beauty, love the gradient pink color & ice crystal type frost
  21. So glad you enjoyed this sterling bull share, the love is very kind and super appreciated
  22. Thanks keramikos & Vintagefran for the love, it's very kind of you and greatly appreciated
  23. Thank you GlamorouslyRefinedFun for the very thoughtful love, it is much appreciated and glad you enjoyed this Hobe set
  24. Many thanks for the love MrsT chollagardens Maureen
  25. Very handsome slider and neckerchief with great yellow striped design
  26. Lovely bamboo design
  27. Gorgeous ladies watch, love the pretty colored rhinestones bordering the face. Your mother had great taste, Lucien Picard was a choice brand of fine watches yrs ago (and I do seem to remember the spe...
  28. Many thanks for the thoughtful love iggy MrsT fort Ken dlpetersen BB2 Thomas Vet aura Pascale Eileen Lauren TimeT Thanks MrsT for the sweet compliment, this horse is definitely a...
  29. Thanks all for the very kind love & enjoying this bull iggy MrsT fort dlpetersen hunterq Thomas ho2 Mary Hel1 Vet aura Pascale Ken Eileen Adele Lauren foseatme Sean Lisa Man...
  30. Gorgeous Hobe set, the shamrock type green enamel flowers surrounded by pearls is an awesome design, congrats on a great find
  31. Gorgeous Goebel dog, I love their animal figurines
  32. Beautiful tray!
  33. Lovely large faceted blue stone in center, very nice find
  34. Absolutely gorgeous and so stylish, the unmistakable hallmark of a Philippe Trifari design, kudos on this beauty
  35. These vintage crime magazines are great, I am a big reader of both true crime and murder mystery books, so this post gets a super love from me :)
  36. Beautiful floral lamps, great find
  37. Super elegant Coventry black pendant, framed so beautifully with flame-like goldtone, a wonderful design!
  38. I loved Hampton's classic jazz sound, he was one of the greats!
  39. Absolutely gorgeous white flower set with lovely silver center domes, so delightful to wear for the Spring and summer!
  40. Really gorgeous assortment MrsT, of course the turtle & snail are my faves, but I adore that circle brooch w. the colorful scarab type stones - lovely post!
  41. What a beautiful piece, the green spatter reminds me of falling leaves and gives it sort of an autumnal look, very unique
  42. Gorgeous deep blue
  43. Superb Contessa set, fabulous design
  44. The dark blue stones in the silver setting are super elegant, great piece
  45. Lovely curvy design, would make a great fruit bowl
  46. Beautiful vases, the delicate etchings are so lovely
  47. What a beautiful arctic fox, in a perfect pose looking very alert
  48. Thank you Kjane79 for the very kind love, it is greatly appreciated and glad you enjoyed this
  49. I agree with Toyrebel, she was a multi faceted talent - great singer, and could do both drama and comedy on film. One of her most endearing qualities to me was her devotion to animal rights, I was a ...
  50. Adorable poodle!
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