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New York U S

collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Mosser Glass bear  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jomaz tiger cub brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Fenton crouching carnival  glass cat  - Animalsin Animals
Sherman kite brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Heisey by Dalzell Viking glass bull  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Attwood & Sawyer antelope brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Ciner "Elizabeth Taylor" dolphin cuff bracelet, Pilgrim Glass dolphin  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Florenza Maltese Cross brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rainbow Art Glass rabbits  - Art Glassin Art Glass
My favorite hummingbird brooch, by St John  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Riverboat jazz, how cool is that! Nice find Bill
  2. Lol Roycroft, yes he is quite a honey bear, thanks for the super comment & my smile :) Thank you very much for the love Roycroft Sean Karen
  3. Thanks again Eileen, he really is a special lil cutie, appreciate the sweet comment So glad you liked my tiger cub Broochman, many thanks for the kind compliments Great comment Roycroft, it doe...
  4. Thank you Roycroft for the wonderful compliment it's so kind of you, glad you enjoyed the blue carnival colors Grateful all for the love MrsT Roycroft Mani Sean Karen
  5. Thanks Broochman for the really great compliment, so glad you liked this Sherman kite For the love I'm very grateful Broochman Sean Karen
  6. Thanks Sean for the kind love, very pleased you enjoyed my Heisey bull
  7. You're welcome TimeT, and thank you for the really lovely comment I'm so glad you enjoyed my little pig combo here - hope 2019 is a great Year of the Pig for all of us!
  8. Beautiful vintage hat, from the thumbnail I thought we had Rihanna here lol
  9. Nice jewelry, the mice & dog pins are really cute - neat vintage rocking horse too
  10. This is beautiful MrsT, it DOES look like a hedgehog, great piece!
  11. Gorgeous etching of the man smoking, love the deco style
  12. Gorgeous star sapphire & beautiful silver setting
  13. Very cool picture, love the clothing of those times
  14. Pretty stone & like the snake design, maybe you can tell daughter it's just an oval shape & only LOOKS like a snake lol
  15. Fabulous jar, love the Picasso type face
  16. Like Savoir faire, he's everywhere!
  17. Beautiful elephant pair
  18. Adorable pose, such a pretty design!
  19. One of the greatest musical talents, this amazing singer/songwriter won so many Grammy awards in his heyday. Top post, Thomas
  20. Aw Malkey, he is a cuddly looking one right! Thank you greatly for your always super compliments and loving support Ha Thomas, perhaps they should use this for a honey bear design, it would really...
  21. Thomas I love that song, he's certainly got the eye of the (baby) tiger here lol! Great comment and I sure needed the smile today, thank you friend! Super compliment Phil, those green eyes are ver...
  22. Malkey many thanks for the wonderful praise for my glass cat, I am very glad you enjoyed it and so grateful for the kind words, you're the best Right Thomas, doesn't the cat seem to be stretching o...
  23. Phil I am so delighted that you enjoyed my Sherman kite, it was great to find a lovely figural by GS as they are so rare, and your compliments mean so much to me, thanks so very much :) Yes Eileen ...
  24. Thanks Eileen for the great compliments and love, so glad you liked my two toned blue butterfly, I like the Butler one alot too it sort of has a real pressed one look to it - very thoughtful of you ...
  25. Nice caricature but 1932 is a long time ago, sort of has an Einstein look - good find Bill
  26. Beautiful blue brooches, the floral Trifari is lovely
  27. Really beautiful earrings, lovely large pearl centers
  28. Gorgeous pale pink & green fan
  29. He's adorable, nice find
  30. So pretty, the lady topper is quite elegant
  31. Thanks so much Eileen for the wonderful words and love, glad you liked my little amber fish here - you really know your sharks! I don't care how much they wouldn't attack humans, it would give me a h...
  32. Amazing elephant collection - a pachyderm paradise!
  33. The vintage photo of the couple is lovely, what a stylish lady! Welcome to CW
  34. Beautiful watch, love the classic design
  35. Penny gives it the seal of approval, great find Trey!
  36. So sweet!
  37. Awesome Schreiner pendant brooch, nice to have a pair
  38. Gorgeous pattern and color!
  39. Thanks Roycroft for the great comment and love, really appreciate your liking my past posts, I have hoped to occasionally put something different out there like this one and not always your run of the...
  40. Thank you Kikkikat for the love, it's greatly appreciated and very glad you enjoyed this bull
  41. A very fine tanker, great design - and the wheels gave it a longer life than flotation
  42. Super cute bears, both adorable
  43. Adorable beagle figurine, very realistic - that breed was my childhood dog :)
  44. Beautiful design, it has such movement, reminds me of undersea coral
  45. Adorable!
  46. The world weary traveling duo, thoughtful gift
  47. With sincere thanks all for the love iggy Eileen Anna rickz
  48. Thank you hunterq & Anna for the love, so glad you liked this glass bull and very grateful for the kind support, it means alot :)
  49. Very pleased you enjoyed my antelope Anna, thank you so much for the kind & thoughtful love
  50. Thanks hunterq and Anna for loving my dolphin duo, it's greatly appreciated and very kind of you, glad you liked them
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