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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Napier patriotic bow brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fitz & Floyd  tropical bird mugs & teapot  - Potteryin Pottery
DeNicola Gemini brooch, Blenko Glass Gemini paperweight  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Boucher hummingbird brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Kanawha Glass amberina beaver  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Butler Fifth Ave butterfly brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Coro Duettes love birds brooch or fur clips  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Eisenberg Ice cat w/ ball brooch,  Viking Glass frosted kitten paperweight  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kramer spiral shell brooch & earrings  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boucher sea anemone brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Very grateful for the luv KKK, glad you enjoyed this
  2. Thanks KKK for the luv it's always appreciated
  3. Appreciate the love KKK, you're so kind thank you
  4. Very pleased you liked this KKK, many thanx for the luv
  5. Thank you very much 4 the luv KKK
  6. Glad you enjoyed this cat pair KKK, thank you so much
  7. Gorgeous pieces, very nicely set out! I see some Coro in there (or good copies, esp the basket), the circle pins are quite beautiful, and my particular faves are the two on top, the curved brooch w/ ...
  8. Beautifully designed leaves, simple & elegant, a double joy to have a Matsumoto-designed Trifari
  9. You have a real gem here Windwalker, an antique Zeiss camera from the fifties is pretty priceless esp if you can get it to work - you got a steal!
  10. Some ultra cool pix here Malkey, you looking great on guitar & rock climbing, those shades and sneakers are totally awesome!
  11. Lovely Coro floral brooch. The Coro co underwent many mark changes over the yrs, my experience tells me the scripted mark was mostly done in the 30s-40s period, but it varied as to a slanted or strai...
  12. Very nice, the painting is an amusing "showdown" of a Texan meets Dane (a guard for their royal family), and the fortnight was probably a special two week feature at NM of Denmark's clothing, foods et...
  13. Gorgeous intricate design
  14. Very pretty!
  15. Beautiful aqua color & deco design
  16. Congratulations, I think Willow is adorable and is just adapting to her new home, it is great for Coco to have a companion & soon they will be best friends
  17. Thank you ho2 for enjoying my parrots, I think you'll agree the toucans are kind of majolica looking - appreciate the kind luv
  18. Gorgeous brooch trio MrsT - I agree, the diamond shaped one is most fascinating with the baguettes all around & at corners, very well made. The bow brooch is a beauty, and the lovely cluster of variou...
  19. So colorful, and it does look like a chase scene from The Birds!
  20. Very pleased you enjoyed this, great thanks to you all for the luv Mary aura JDguy Malkey
  21. Glad you liked my parrots Mary and aura, thanks so much
  22. Many thanks for the kind loves Mary and aura, they're so appreciated
  23. Lovely pendants, especially the turquoise is gorgeous - and those little shamrock earrings are so cute
  24. He is on the alert, ready to spring away - such a realistic pose, a wonderful addition to your hare collection Scott
  25. Lovely floral vase. Didn't know that Portuguese ceramics aren't very valuable, they are certainly pretty though, I've always liked them
  26. I'm with Ken, the flowerpot is a standout, so original with the turquoise square stones. Coro butterfly is adorable too
  27. Gorgeous blend of greens, this flower looks like it just burst open in bloom - each of this collection seems lovelier than the last
  28. Adorable turtle brooch
  29. Lovely golden swirl and pearls, this looks very oceanic to me, Trifari's faux pearls are such fine quality they look real
  30. Impressive lion face carving, great leather belt with stylish riveting
  31. You're all so nice and I thank you for loving this Mary Thomas buckethead Phil Tigra clockerman
  32. Lol Thomas, agreed, I think I've been a parrothead even longer than J.Buffett! Thanks for the smile Great thanks to you all 4 the luv Thomas buckethead Phil
  33. Thank you Mary & Phil for the wonderful compliments, so pleased that you liked them Grateful for the luv everyone Mary Thomas buckethead Phil Tigra
  34. Very pleased you liked this Vet and lisa, thank you very much for the kind love
  35. So glad you enjoyed this MrsT and Vet, many thanks for luv & support
  36. Thank you so much for the love, it's greatly appreciated Mani Vet Sean
  37. Nice WW2 plane replica, and interesting history
  38. Nice find, amazing that glass still intact
  39. Thank you Gillian for the kind compliments and sharp observation - you are right, the red stones and enamel appear pinkish because I photographed them under my living room lights, I almost always try ...
  40. Very kind compliment Roy, glad you liked this bunch The luv always appreciated guys gargoylecollector KKK Roy
  41. Thank you so much for the super compliments Roy, my Aries friend, always honest & true. Glad you liked this & appreciate the luv Many thanks KKK for the kind luv and support
  42. Whoa he's a scary one Roy, nicely carved. Mountain view is gorgeous
  43. Undeniably Sherman and a fabulous piece, you're so right Eileen the central stone is captivating, and the blend of AB, purple & alexandrite stones is wonderful. Sure that Phil will love it
  44. Gorgeous tonal red necklace, love the shading on the discs & beads, very unique & lovely
  45. Yep Scott and Ken, you got me, it's for Memorial Day, I don't like to bypass any holiday if I have something appropriate to post. Although I kind of think Memorial & Veterans Day are kind of sad holi...
  46. Thanks fort for the kind words & morning smile. Yes I know how cats "love" birds, we took care of some backyard strays for a neighbor years ago, and frequently they would run over to me with a gift f...
  47. Thanks for the great compliments Ken, this series by DeNicola was a nice combo of lucite, rhinestones & pearly enamel, I only got one because they're all very high priced Really hoped you would lik...
  48. Lovely crest design, I like the lions. I too have noticed the high prices on Joan Rivers jewelry, some of it is really pretty (I really love her bee brooch), and of course it must have marked up afte...
  49. Totally gorgeous, I see a paisley design in the brooches, or maybe a modern heart. The faceted topaz stones are just amazing on both brooch & earrings, a delectable set
  50. Hello Mr. Toronto Blue jays fan, I really hope your team does well this year, my husband has the (lately) hopeless NY Mets, he's about given up. Great chainsaw carvings, I never knew about these, Bir...
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