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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Coro Son in Service sterling pin  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Boyd Glass airplane  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Two sailors vintage brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
BSK 'My Fair Lady' brooches  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Degenhart Glass bird with berry covered dish  - Glasswarein Glassware
Reja sterling camel brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Hattie Carnegie owl brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage spider brooch & Murano pumpkin  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sterling marcasite panthers on globe brooch  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Val St Lambert Scorpio paperweight  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Lovely bird art. Never heard of a magpie jay, at least they're a pair (one is for sorrow, two joy I believe)
  2. Beautiful retro piece MrsT, the wonderful green stone and silver setting are phenomenal, I just love those dangles!
  3. Super cool piece, the Bride looks just like Elsa Lancaster from the movie!
  4. I love these, your polar bear is a beauty
  5. Toro always made the best mowers, nice post
  6. Beautiful pattern and blue color, love the photo of interior that looks like an opening flower
  7. Gorgeous colors, love the choker necklace it's so stylish
  8. Such beautiful vintage ceramics, lovely cottage scene on the bowl
  9. Lovely Haskell set, nice find
  10. Beautiful carved table that is a super match for your Medusa, she really appears to be the legendary goddess rising, kudos on a great find - Jenni
  11. That is one fantastic angel fish, it's gorgeous!! Unbelievable find Eileen, a truly marvelous D & E figural piece that shows why their jewelry is tops. Really love it my friend, congratulations
  12. Thanks Rose for the love, very pleased you enjoyed this trio and appreciate your thoughtfulness
  13. Thank you jbingham95 for the love, it's greatly appreciated and so glad you liked this deco panther piece
  14. Very grateful for the love and appreciation Mary, thanks for enjoying this patriotic piece
  15. Glad you liked the plane Mary, thanks so much for the love and your thoughtfulness
  16. Thank you Mary for the kind love it's always super appreciated
  17. Many thanks to your dad for his service & fighting for our freedom, great picture
  18. Now that is a cool flash camera, & like the small one too (polaroid?). Carlo looks perfectly content playing with the strap
  19. Lol Rose, maybe this designer alluded to the double hump with the two mini marcasite rhinestones over the huge one ?!! You are so right tho, it is hardly anatomically correct, I DO have to look for a...
  20. Thanks Melanie for loving this Scorpio paperweight, it's very kind of you and much appreciated
  21. Well hello my Scorpio friend Rose! Many CW folks are Scorpios, I share the Scorpio ascendant, this sign gives us a passion for collecting and investigating our treasures, so true right :) Happy birt...
  22. Many thanks Rose and Sean for the super kind love and appreciation of my Coro patriotic shield
  23. Thanks Rose for the great comment & loving my glass bomber here, tried to include the air force in my Vets Day posts, it was nice to find this Boyd Glass plane Thanx so much Sean for the love, it's...
  24. Many thanks Sean for the love and appreciation of my two sailors, I'm always very grateful for your kindness
  25. Lovely colors & nice radio collection
  26. Sincere thanks for the love jbingham95 and Sean, always very grateful
  27. Many thanks jbingham95 for the kind comment and love, this is a really unusual blended color for American glass which is what first attracted me, so pleased that you enjoyed it Thanks Sean for the...
  28. Thanks jbingham95 for the great compliment and love, didn't Carnegie make some great figurals, always with a touch of elegance Really appreciate the kind love and support Sean, thank you so much
  29. Excellent 70s Winnebago repro, cool
  30. Beautiful whimsical bottle, love the painted man esp the hat & hands
  31. Fantastic plane, love those shark teeth
  32. Wonderful tribute to your brave father and aunt, thank you for sharing
  33. Thank you Eileen for your wonderful words and warm thoughts, most of the men in my family also served between WW1 and Korea, God bless them for their bravery Sincere thanks all for the love Vynil...
  34. A beautiful frame for a fallen hero, gone so soon at the war's beginning. Kind regards to your wife's family on their tragic loss
  35. Thanks so much Vynil and iggy for the love, very pleased you liked this glass plane
  36. Very elegant and handsome badge, I'm assuming a retirement gift, he certainly deserved a special honor
  37. Very pretty evening bag, lovely cameo and filigree trim
  38. Beautiful bracelet, lovely green stones and bird design in setting
  39. Adorable postcards of the boy with tiger. Thanks fort for the info, never heard of this CA restaurant before
  40. Beautiful design and swirl colors
  41. Gorgeous white against the smoky rhinestones is dramatic and awesome in this beautiful set, I love it. Thank you too for the wonderful Sherman info
  42. Many thanks for the thoughtful love trukn20 Phil shughs
  43. Phil your airplanes are great, I love both the lamps and table models. There is something very appealing about planes, the whole idea of them - the man made bird in the sky & its evolution, their sle...
  44. Thanks Roy and Phil for the love and appreciation, you guys are always so great to me & it means so much
  45. The chair and cat are both gorgeous
  46. Beautiful tribute Eileen, indeed you should be very proud of your brave father, both in his service and career devoted to the sea
  47. MrsT also appreciate your nice comment, hope we get to see your Boyd chicken on nest piece:)
  48. Thanks Toyrebel for the kind words and agreement about saluting our vets, it's nice there is a day to honor what they meant to us, we can never thank them enough Scott I'm so pleased you got to see...
  49. I know fort, just wanted you to know I pre-planned this Vets Day service related post & took pix last wk, I'm not a copycat like some we know. You're right though, a good day for our Boyd Glass piece...
  50. Thank you fort for the love and thoughtfulness, it's always super appreciated & glad you liked my sailors
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