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New York U S

collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Heisey by Imperial Glass balking colt  - Animalsin Animals
St John jaguar brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Kanawha Glass amberina dolphin  - Animalsin Animals
Pell pinwheel flower brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boyd Glass gorilla  - Animalsin Animals
Roman bird brooch trio  - Animalsin Animals
Jomaz owl brooch, Pilgrim Glass owl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Trifari Philippe plume brooch "Prince of Wales" inspired  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Heisey by Dalzell Viking Glass rabbit  - Animalsin Animals
Sterling US Navy Seabees pin  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Beautiful amber bird, I love Kanawha
  2. Thanks so much everyone for the kind love Adele Ken aura Thomas Eileen Malkey Kevin Ivonne TimeT fort MrsT Vet Eileen you're right, he is in a downward dive! When I found this I thou...
  3. Excellent classic jazz albums, 'Trane is legendary, and every name on the Kenny Burrell LP were major talents in their own right.
  4. Wonderful memento of the moon landing, it's a really great design too
  5. Lovely ocean friends! The shell has the prettiest markings with such gorgeous outward flair. Really sweet jelly belly seahorse too, you know I love them all :)
  6. Truly gorgeous exotic bird, the red teardrop stones of the body and feathers are really stunning. What a super find MrsT!
  7. Beautiful piece
  8. What a delightful set, the color combo is very warm and lovely, as Eileen said it has that south of the border flair and you are so lucky to have the bracelet too
  9. Thomas Smokey has always been one of my top fave R & B Motown singers, hubby and I were just listening to this song on the radio yesterday, what a classic! Such a talented guy, he wrote most of his h...
  10. He looks like he is trying to get inside, probably voicing a little whine. This guy is quite the handsome fella & nice addition to your great collection Scott
  11. Many thanks guys for the love, always appreciated Roycroft ho2 Hawkeye78
  12. He's a beauty, excellent detail & wonderful condition
  13. What a pretty songbird, adorable
  14. Wonderful tragicomic pins, the faces are really well done & the burnished copper is so lovely, very nice!
  15. Fabulous as always, you are so talented Watchsearcher! I love everything, esp the gazebo and zen garden (stone steps etc), it's as lovely outside as inside
  16. What a gorgeous harbor, great photos
  17. The new bangle additions are gorgeous Mary, the different patterns and colors of each are really terrific, and I love your whole colorful collection
  18. Hi Karen, we really miss you & your beautiful glass on CW, hope you are doing well. Come back soon, and if you know Judy (Tassiedevil) please give her a big hello from me too - missing my Aussie frie...
  19. Many thanks Bruce for the love, it's very kind of you & much appreciated
  20. Thank you hunterq for the kind love and support, very much appreciated
  21. Thank you Lisa for the thoughtful love, it's very much appreciated & glad you liked this
  22. Thanks so much for the love Thomas TimeT aura clockerman
  23. This is so cool, and I love the background about it, great post
  24. Adorable image of child & dog, very nice find
  25. Dazzling beauty of a brooch, what an amazing vintage bird of paradise, it's totally gorgeous & quite perfect for its age - super find Mary! The jacket is very cool too
  26. Very pretty Fenton fish, nice pose
  27. Superb as always, ditto for me, it's a house you would love to live in :)
  28. Adorable bug brooch collection! I'm really loving the flies, you have some real cuties here
  29. Such a sweet and gorgeous baby's room, all fantastic furnishings but of course loving animals, the elephant lamp is most enchanting to me. What an elegant baby carriage!
  30. Beautiful vase from all angles. This reminds me of my grandma too as aqua/turquoise was her favorite color, and I am rather partial to it myself
  31. Gorgeous shade of pink & the orange design is a lovely touch
  32. Many thanks all for loving my birds Kevin Scott Ken Purvis Eileen Adele fort Mary Hel1 Malkey Lauren MrsT Thomas Pascale aura clockerman Scott thank you so much for the great ...
  33. Adorable lamb!
  34. This is a classic German Dresden piece, probably dates to the 50s era. I think the mark was by a porcelain distributor named F Wittnauer, there is a great Dresden website called Porcelain Marks & Mor...
  35. Truly a beauty, lovely melange of sapphire blue stones at the center. As Eileen said, kudos on an amazing rummage sale find, she & I never get lucky like that! :)
  36. Really great truck, nice cobalt blue
  37. Thanks so much everyone for the love Kevin Scott Ken Malkey Ted Eileen Vynil fort Mary Lauren Vet MrsT Thomas Adele TimeT Pascale aura clockerman Lisa Thanks for the nice ...
  38. Everything in your dollhouse is so beautiful, but I especially love the seashell hutch it's really terrific
  39. Thank you very much for the love Scott Ken Vynil Eileen fort Mary Maureen Lauren MrsT Thomas Pascale aura Thanks Eileen, I'm really glad you enjoyed the history behind this as did...
  40. Really gorgeous & realistic Victorian gingerbread design, excellent work
  41. Gorgeous piece, love the colors and trumpet flower design
  42. Thanks so much for the love Kevin Scott Ken Eileen keramikos fort Malkey Lauren Vet MrsT You know Ken, he does look a bit like King Kong with the squarish head & swinging arms! Tha...
  43. Thank you very much jb for the kind love and support I truly appreciate it
  44. Many thanks Anik for the love and enjoying my pair of glass mice
  45. Thanks jb and getthatmonkeyout for the love and appreciation, I am humbly grateful :)
  46. Thank you Anik and MrsT for the kind love it's so thoughtful of you & glad you liked my pink bunny
  47. Thanks so much for the love Ted and Rick, much appreciated & glad you liked this
  48. Beautiful starry design, the silver on the cobalt is really wonderful and such lovely surrounding rhinestones, great find
  49. I totally adore this KJL Humpty Dumpty & actually nearly bought one, these are real collector's items now & you're so lucky to have one, he's gorgeous, congrats!
  50. What a beautiful classic automobile brooch, how rare and gorgeous - perhaps a Model T type oldie car, I love it! Great Philippe design
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