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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Boyd Glass turkey salt dip  - Animalsin Animals
Liz Claiborne tiger brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Titan Glass cardinal  - Animalsin Animals
Napier grapes brooch & earrings set  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Wedgwood Glass seal  - Animalsin Animals
Juliana seahorse brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Heisey by Imperial Glass wood duck  - Animalsin Animals
Wiesner brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
FM Marcolin glass fish  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lisner sailors brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. What a terrific cast iron rodent Kevin, he is beautifully formed & your photos of the various angles are excellent. Just in time for the last couple mos of year of the rat '20
  2. Fabulous Erstwilder brooch collection Lisa, this company is quite the discovery! I checked out their website & saw all their fantastic animal designs, many of them sold out (gorgeous entwined seahors...
  3. Ultra cool Marvin Gaye songs, I had many R&B 45's on the Tamla label - nice post Thomas
  4. Fabulous antique umbrella stand, what a cool openwork design and very well preserved, congrats!
  5. Thanksgiving wishes & thanks all for loves Vet Kevin Lauren Scott Cokeman Thomas Bruce Phil fort Ben aura Hoot TimeT Adele Malkey MrsT Alfred six-0-one MarmorealMaiden ...
  6. Very grateful to all for the love wickencrafts six-0-one MarmorealMaiden
  7. Sincere thanks MarmorealMaiden for the very kind love of this Napier grapes set, I am truly pleased that you enjoyed it
  8. Thank you Kevin for the love of this blue snail, very pleased that you liked it and always grateful for your kind support
  9. Thank you Hoot for the always thoughtful love and support, I'm glad you enjoyed this fireworks type set, it is great to wear at New Year's which will be here before we know it!
  10. Thank you MarmorealMaiden for the kind love for this Murano swan, I am delighted that you liked it and truly grateful for your kind consideration
  11. Thanks to all for the love plein-air-painter six-0-one MarmorealMaiden
  12. Beautiful dragonflies what a great find! Your insect wall is spectacular by the way, love the butterflies, so much preserved beauty
  13. Beautiful glass seahorses, this type reminds me of the thick glass flat animal paperweights made by Viking and Blenko
  14. Super cool Russian Pepsi label, now that is very unique
  15. Fantastic golden cast iron rabbit, wonderful detail & beautiful realistic face, I love it!
  16. Fabulous gift in lovely pastel rainbow colors, beautiful addition to your collection
  17. With sincere thanks for the love all Vet Kevin Lauren Scott Thomas Phil fort dav2no1 aura Hoot Pascale Adele MrsT Mani Karen Lauren thank you for the super praise and imagery...
  18. Thanks Lori & MrsT for the love, it's always greatly appreciated & very pleased that you enjoyed this swan
  19. Many thanks for the kind love and support Karen, I am truly grateful to you for your kind consideration
  20. Thank you Karen for the wonderful kind words & the love, I enjoy finding & sharing American glass animals, this was a rather obscure co but glad to locate this cardinal. As well, your amazing collect...
  21. Thanks to officialfuel & Malkey for the love, it is most kind of you & always gratefully appreciated
  22. Thank you apostata for the super comment & love, glad you like this Mantorp snail. Also thanks for alerting me about the advertisement I have removed it, don't know why people put those on a collecto...
  23. Absolutely beautiful Barclay piece, the assortment of lovely stone shapes & colors makes this truly enchanting. Love this designer Lori, a great choice for your 200th!
  24. Spectacular green Sherman set, kudos on a fabulous find!
  25. Many thanks all for the kind love Pascale Adele Kevin Malkey MrsT Thank you MrsT for your lovely compliments about this set of grapes, they do appear to be just plucked off the vine and I ...
  26. Thanks so much to you all for the love Vet Kevin Lauren Scott Cokeman Thomas Bruce Phil fort dav2no1 aura Hoot TimeT Adele MrsT Super thanks Lauren for your wonderful comp...
  27. Really pretty design & colors, nice find
  28. Pretty fish design, nice ashtray
  29. Gorgeous antique atomizer, love the pretty blue and old time spritzer top
  30. Beautiful artwork of the ship on the box, and the ancient people seated in the cards. Thank you for explaining this fascinating game, it must have meant alot to your mother
  31. Thanks guys for the kind love Alfred officialfuel Malkey Cokeman
  32. Super cars as always
  33. Here is one that I missed - can you imagine pulling a rabbit out of this hat or case!
  34. Such fabulous floral mosaic designs, they are a beautiful pair & great example of precise craftsmanship
  35. His master's voice Nipper the dog, cool image & great early record care instructions
  36. With thanks for the love Vet Lauren six-0-one Scott Thomas fort Mani Lori aura Hoot Thank you Lauren for the lovely compliments, these stones are certainly a deep purple hue and cam...
  37. Really appreciate the very kind comment on this Wedgwood glass seal apostata, glad you discovered this RSW glassmaker and truly pleased that you found it appealing
  38. Guys thank you so much for the love officialfuel (Michael) Scott Cokeman Super kind compliments Scott I am totally grateful, you've always been so kind and supportive to me, I humbly thank you ...
  39. Thanking you for the very kind love officialfuel Scott Cokeman Aw Scott what terrific compliments, thank you so much!! I try to find interesting animals in nice poses to add to my "zoo," it's ...
  40. Many thanks Lori for the thoughtful love and appreciation you are very kind Glad you enjoyed this frosted glass elephant apostata, he was a nice find for me and I too like the satin or frosted glas...
  41. Thank you Malkey for the very thoughtful love, it is truly appreciated & I'm always most grateful Thanks apostata for your kind comment on these Murano shells I really appreciate your thoughtfulne...
  42. Thank you Scott for your super compliment and the love, very pleased you enjoyed this glass dolphin in his upturned pose, I love when the real ones do a backward dance in the water they are so adorabl...
  43. Thank you very much for the love Rooster123 Lori MrsT apostata thank you for the kind compliment I am so glad you liked this Blenko turtle. Yes Baccarat made some beautiful glass animals, I ...
  44. Fantastic Sherman leaf Lori, truly a beauty with all those gorgeous navettes. You have quite a few wonderful Sherman pieces in your collection, congrats on this latest beauty
  45. Fine replica of the real truck
  46. Very cool split top sun roof, great vintage Crown Vic
  47. Adorable NOEL cuties, what a lovely Christmas display
  48. Awesome brooch, I love the large faceted rhinestone in center and beautiful filigree design. Very nice to see you again lentilka - Jenni
  49. Fabulous horse trio, they are all gorgeous prints
  50. Absolutely lovely and elegant Mikimoto brooch, the pearl & silver design has a serene beauty. No wonder you have such wonderful taste in jewelry MrsT that must have been a delightful job
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