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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Jomaz clown brooch, Mosser Glass clown  - Art Glassin Art Glass
AJC circus lion in transport car brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Summit Glass Bicentennial eagle  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Coro sterling WW2 patriotic pin  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Pilgrim Glass birds & display tower for my glass animals  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Carolee crab brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fenton Glass sunfish  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Regency brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boucher owl brooch, Boyd Glass owl bell  - Art Glassin Art Glass
ORA elephant set  - Animalsin Animals


  1. Fantastic regal Trifari set, the ruby aurora stones are so gorgeous in that lovely pendant & floral earrings - awesome!
  2. Thanks Ted for the love and enjoying my birds & display case, you are always so kind & supportive and I am truly grateful :)
  3. Thanx six-0-one for the really kind love and appreciation I'm so glad you enjoyed this purple & green Sherman set
  4. Thank you Lata for the love, it is greatly appreciated & very glad you liked this glass transportation trio
  5. Hoot thanks so much for the love for this Carolee snake, isn't it a cool design looks like something Cleopatra would wear on her arm lol!
  6. Bruce and rene, thank you so much for the very thoughtful love and enjoying this unicorn pair Thanks rene for the super compliment on the Pilgrim Glass unicorn, it is very flattering that it remind...
  7. Thank you six-0-one for the very kind love I am so glad you enjoyed this Murano dove, he is one of my favorites Many thanks rene for your kind comments and I agree this may have been a Seguso insp...
  8. Many thanks to all for the love Vet Lauren six-0-one bobby Thomas Bruce Hoot MrsT charcoal CoralSun fort Mary Lori Thank you Lauren for the fabulous praise & appreciation of my ...
  9. Thank you Mary & Lori for the kind love I am very grateful, and so glad you enjoyed this vintage circus car piece
  10. Lori thank you so much for the lovely compliment I'm so glad you liked this green glass eagle The love is totally appreciated fort Lori keramikos
  11. Thanks foseatme for the good wishes and a very very happy 4th July weekend to you too my sweet friend The patriotic love is greatly appreciated foseatme Mary Michael Lori
  12. What a lovely vintage perfume bottle. I love the inverted heart stopper
  13. Kevin pls forgive me, just noticed I had hit the "like" button instead of love, I was a fleet fingered typist in my working days & am still apt to accidentally strike the like button when I only belie...
  14. Thank you fort for the love, it is always most appreciated & very grateful for your kind support
  15. Many thanks everyone for the love Lauren six-0-one Vet iggy bobby Thomas Bruce Hoot MrsT fort Thanks Lauren for your terrific compliments, he does appear to be craning his neck as many...
  16. Thank you Hoot for the thoughtful love and kind support, very glad you liked this Pilgrim porpoise
  17. To six-0-one & Hoot, I thank you so much for the love it is most gratefully appreciated - these transportation vehicles are rather apt for a holiday weekend I think :)
  18. Happy 4th of July & thanks to all for the love Vet six-0-one Watchsearcher Lauren Pascale bobby Maureen Thomas Bruce Hoot MrsT fort Thank you so much six-0-one for the super complim...
  19. Many thanks Lauren for the love and support you are always there for me and I love that you enjoy my posts
  20. Thank you Ted for the kind love and support it is very thoughtful of you
  21. Thanks Hoot for your thoughtful love and support it is most gratefully appreciated
  22. Thank you six-0-one for the kind love and support I am very grateful to you, glad you liked this Napier
  23. Happy belated Canada Day Daisy, and lovely leaf brooches - I am also a fan of B David jewelry that's a beautiful green set
  24. Beautiful mountain image vase, the graduated blue strokes are so serene - a great find
  25. And for Mr G, I have heard you and appreciate your opinion. Remember that this is only a vintage brooch and these circus cars were part of history, in no way do I endorse cruelty to animals.
  26. Thanks very much for the kind love Vet six-0-one Lauren Pascale bobby Maureen Thomas Ted Bruce Hoot Thanks six-0-one for your wonderful comment, I agree it would be great to get the full...
  27. He's wonderful, his sad pose makes me think of Pagliacci - great find!
  28. Thomas have a wonderful Independence Day, this is a perfect patriotic musical post!
  29. Beautiful vintage patriotic bow brooch it is a gorgeous design, Happy 4th to you too!
  30. Totally awesome pendant, the rainbow colors are mesmerizing & thanks for the fascinating back story!
  31. Beautiful vintage Carnegie pieces, one of my favorite jewelry co's, nice finds
  32. Lovely painting of deer in the wild, it has a serene beauty & I can see its appeal for your husband - very nice!
  33. Both clock and inkwell are really gorgeous, I adore both pairs of pewter owls they are masterfully sculpted
  34. Oh that's a gorgeous blue rhinestone tipped ocean wave design, how perfect for summer it inspires a day at the beach
  35. Absolutely beautiful porcelain clock, the floral design is so lovely and what amazing condition for its age - that purple framing has definite appeal to purple lovers, myself included!
  36. No problem Lori I'm Jen as well!
  37. So glad you liked this KJL star six-0-one & thanks very much for the kind love
  38. Thank you six-0-one for the love and kind appreciation
  39. Truly appreciate the thoughtful love Hoot and I'm delighted you liked this Heisey horse he is one of my favorites, reminds me of a Trojan horse - thank you so much!
  40. Many thanks Hoot & six-0-one for the kind love for my Pell turtle pair, it is very nice of you & I'm most grateful
  41. Thank you Hoot & Maureen for the kind love and enjoying this lovebird duo
  42. Thanks so much Lauren for your terrific compliments & love, again you have stirred my imagination as I too recall loving to visit pet shops and look at the colorful fish, and I think we are both remem...
  43. Thanks Lauren for your wonderful praise, this is a pretty cool crab piece except he sorta looks ready to eat that pearl lol. I so agree about the creepiness of real crabs, on a vacation at a Mexican ...
  44. Hi Lauren & thanks for the fabulous compliments, glad you enjoyed my pair of birdies & happy to FINALLY have a glass animal display case to show you, as you can imagine it was quite the project. I am...
  45. Fabulous regal pair & wonderful Disneykins collection
  46. Gorgeous piece, the mixed blue colors & solar shape are wonderful
  47. Beautiful flower bouquet, like a gathering of summer daisies, it's so lovely
  48. Beautiful cameo lady & lovely tune, great find
  49. Awesome beauty, the crested birds with jelly belly cabs are a wonderful design, lovely find Maureen & lucky you at your thrift!
  50. Superlative Trifari pearls & silver floral piece, the lily of valley was my mom's May birth month flower so it holds a special place in my heart - it's beautiful!
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