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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Hattie Carnegie Pisces brooch, Viking Glass Pisces mushroom  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kirks Folly pot o'gold & rainbow brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Glass shamrock, ceramic leprechaun on leaf  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Weiss star brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Imperial Glass swan bowl  - Glasswarein Glassware
Panetta dolphin brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Kosta Boda for WWF glass birds, Part II - Animalsin Animals
Warner wheel brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Viking Glass tiger paperweight, Fitz & Floyd tiger plate  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Butler 5th Avenue mask brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Beautiful Asian girl figurine, does her clothing depict a season
  2. Thanks Roycroft for the great comment, I agree Spring colors and here on Long Island NY it's long overdue, still chilly here Grateful 4 the love Sean and Roycroft, thank you so much!
  3. Glad you liked this Roycroft, thank you for the super compliment & love! Sean I thank you so much for the kind love, always remembering me and very pleased you liked this
  4. Thank you Sean and clockerman for the love, it's always greatly appreciated and glad you enjoyed this
  5. Love your vintage milk bottles, really great additions
  6. Gorgeous cameo Alan, unusual carving for me - lools like Cupid or other mythology figure & girlfriend, very nice!
  7. Beautiful new addition to your incredible micro mosaic collection, they are all outstanding pieces! - Jenni
  8. So pretty, love the circular petals & white stones - nice find :)
  9. This is just beautiful, what a lovely house design with animals peeking thru the windows!
  10. Gorgeous kaleidoscope of color! Love the different marble varieties
  11. Gorgeous set, the pearls and textured goldtone are a beautiful combination
  12. Thanks Eileen, I really love this Panetta dolphin too & appreciate the kind revisit. Also much thanks for the blowhole explanation, I did wiki that once but forgot, you have firsthand knowledge of th...
  13. Thank you Kevin for the love, it's very kind of you and so glad you liked my dancing Murano couple
  14. Oh he's a fantastic sled dog fort, and looks so great next to the team of huskies, as well as the super Fight For Survival Joes in their arctic weather gear. I really love this group
  15. Fabulous vintage Trifari, the intense rhinestone colors with the large moonstones truly have a crown jewel design, I am picturing the coronation of England's royalty here
  16. This IS a very cool picture Sylvester, makes you wonder if the parachutist tried to get close to the fire escape or was way off course! Nice post, the second name looks like it might be Chris, then a...
  17. Agree with Rose, this gorgeous grouping is like a Spring garden, that bright pink flower is the star attraction! Plus gorgeous opalescent flutterbys:)
  18. Really lovely bar brooch, nice reflective rhinestones, reminds me of a harmonica or other musical instrument - nice one MrsT!
  19. Very pretty, love the brown glaze with white drip, sort of a candle effect
  20. Beautiful pastel stripes, I love the sherbet colors
  21. They're all lovely, I'm with you the cobalt & gold is my fave
  22. Absolutely gorgeous Kramer pieces, that fabulous alexandrite stone color makes it appear to be two different beautiful sets, love these Eileen congratulations!
  23. Thank you officialfuel and Roycroft for the love, it is very thoughtful of you and greatly appreciated
  24. It's a beautiful Trifari brooch, lovely bow design with the faux pearls and rhinestones below. Sixties is a good guess, we have a CW Trifari expert so hope he stops by, he may want to see a pic of th...
  25. Lovely tree and photos
  26. Beautiful sea coral vase & wonderful find Bill
  27. Beautiful multi color flower vase MrsT, I love the way it appears to be blooming out of the top
  28. Wonderful fish enamel design, great find!
  29. Rose these are so gorgeous and that deep red is mesmerizing, it really does look Sherman style to me, and I think some of his pieces were unsigned, Phil knows & should be stopping by
  30. Beautiful tiled table, love those southwestern colors - nice find!
  31. Beautiful glowing green set, nice find!
  32. And Exquisite it is, lovely striations in the large stones & really pretty design, nice score!
  33. Great vase Bill, love the shape - makes me think Jeannie will be jumping out soon :)
  34. Lovely picture, looks to be a back view of a geisha gazing out from a bridge, very serene and contemplative
  35. Really beautiful painting of arched bridge & building, nice post
  36. Absolutely gorgeous Trifari brooch, looks like a lily of the valley design
  37. Very glad you enjoyed this Pascale and very grateful for the kind and thoughtful love
  38. Many thanks Pascale for the kind love, very glad you enjoyed this
  39. Thank you Alan for the love, very much appreciated and always kind
  40. Thank you pebble for the love, very glad you liked this piece
  41. All three shamrock brooches are gorgeous! Happy St Patrick's Day & thanks for this lovely post
  42. Fantastic Boucher design, he had such flair, it's awesome!
  43. Fabulous collection, every piece a beauty
  44. Thank you so much everyone for the Pisces love Rose Scott MrsT Thomas hunterq Eileen Broochman Lauren Pascale fort Ilikethings Mary aura Vet dlp BB2 Phil officialfuel Thank...
  45. Many thanks Pascale for the love, so happy you enjoyed this purple swan
  46. Thank you Pascale for the kind love, really glad you liked this tiger duo
  47. Happy St Patrick's Day to you too Alan, thank you for the great comment and the love!
  48. Thank you rockit and Rose for the thoughtful love, it's greatly appreciated and glad you enjoyed this
  49. Majestic buck drawing, I have seen old TV ads with the bellboy saying "call for Philip Morris", now that phrase makes sense to me my parents were smokers & would say that jokingly :)
  50. Beautifully designed pendant, love the pair of sapphire stones, and agree that is a great ship design - hope someone here can i.d. for you
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