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collect all kinds of stuff esp vintage costume jewelry & art glass animals & shells - thanks luv Jenni


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Heisey by Imperial Glass mallard  - Glasswarein Glassware
Trifari Modern Mosaics brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
KJL mouse brooch, Kanawha Glass mouse  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Coro swan brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Reijmyre Glass dachshund  - Animalsin Animals
Napier tiger cub brooch  - Animalsin Animals
Mosser Glass frog  - Animalsin Animals
Sherman crescent brooch  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Kosta Boda for WWF  glass hedgehog - Animalsin Animals
Weiss brooch & earrings set  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thomas you will always be my #1 music man here, your love for music is very real & apparent, and those of us with true music appreciation look forward with great anticipation to your wonderful posts w...
  2. Really beautiful vase, fabulous blended colors
  3. Super song and video....might as well Jump!, Roth sang this so great
  4. Thank you Jean for the thoughtful love, glad you liked this mouse pair and happy lunar new year
  5. Super beautiful Trifari necklace, very clever 60s mod Maltese cross design with stunning center stone
  6. Thanks again Rene for the wonderful description, I love that azzuri-verde coloring myself this was a lucky find
  7. Beautiful colors and fish design, what an exciting find congrats!
  8. Thank you so much Rene for the lovely compliment, I am really delighted you enjoyed this Murano swan
  9. Thanks Rene for the wonderful informative comment on this Murano rabbit, he is one of my favorites I love the orange & yellow sommerso blend. Yes it does have button eyes, if that makes it a Cenedese...
  10. Thanks Maureen for the super compliments! Boucher made some fabulous deco and nouveau bird designs, and Brunialti's book has most of the rare examples, I love those books too - unfortunately I own co...
  11. Thank you Blingy & Trey for the kind love I am so glad you liked this and very grateful
  12. Absolutely fantastic assortment here, sweet birdies and I adore the classic Coro with the moonstones, excellent finds!
  13. Beautiful vintage brooch trio MrsT, of course I adore the turtle and poodle they are awesome, the bar brooch is gorgeous too :)
  14. All are so beautiful and are very elegant designs, I esp love the salamander and watering can
  15. Beautiful pink glass duck, love the color changing aspect & looks adorable next to his smaller friend
  16. Many thanks to all for loving these mice Vet Ken Karen Phil Lauren Ivonne verbatim Thomas Adele dlpetersen Pascale Mani fort Kevin Purvis Maureen aura Anik bobby Vynil Mary ...
  17. Really appreciate the kind love MrsT, thank you very much and so glad you liked this deco bird
  18. Thanks MrsT for the thoughtful love it is very much appreciated
  19. Very pleased you liked this Nicefice and Kinki, thank you so much for the love
  20. Many thanks for the love Penny bobby Mary Vynil Nicefice
  21. Thank you Nicefice and jeweled I am humbly grateful for the love
  22. Thank you jeweled for the love it is very kind of you and always greatly appreciated
  23. All are so beautiful, great porcelain, fabulous Wedgwood jasperware brooch & gorgeous duck
  24. Super Bond theme song & very cool profile pic of Roger Moore with snake from the movie!
  25. With sincere thanks to all for the love Vet Ken Karen Phil Lauren Thomas Pascale fort Vynil MrsT aura Penny bobby Mary Esther Thank you Ken for the fab compliment I hoped you wo...
  26. Thank you everyone for the kind love Vet Ken Karen Phil Lauren Rene Thomas Adele TimeT fort Purvis MrsT iggy aura BB2 bobby Vynil Lisa Karen thanks so much for the wonderful ...
  27. What a fascinating cemetery fort, great to know about the resting place for some old time Hollywood greats, and I do remember young Yelchin who was a fine actor
  28. Fascinating info about the Peabody, and great memento glasses
  29. Thanks GeodeJem for the love, it is very kind of you and gratefully appreciated
  30. Thank you Maureen and ho2 for the love, very glad you liked this piece
  31. Hi Marin, you have a gorgeous art glass collection and I love your displays, the pastel pieces are especially appealing to me. CW is a great place to share what you love with others, and see the vari...
  32. Fabulous library, I love books and would love to get lost in this place!
  33. Really lovely Limoges heart box, such a pretty lily of the valley flower image on lid. Very sweet memento from your grandmother, thank you for sharing this.
  34. Thank you Kinki and Vynil for the love it is always greatly appreciated
  35. Many thanks Anik for the love, I'm so glad you liked this frog
  36. Thank you Pascale for the kind love, glad you liked this cub & grateful for the appreciation
  37. Lovely tender scene, the bird looks quite content being held so lovingly
  38. Absolutely gorgeous vase, the design and amberina colors are fantastic
  39. Thank you so much for the love Vet Ken Karen Phil Lauren Thomas Pascale fort Purvis aura Thanks Ken for the lovely compliment, it does appear to be a graceful pose as if its gliding ...
  40. Outstanding beauty here, this vase is really stunning, from the handkerchief shape to the gorgeous color blends, congrats on your first Fukuoka Kevin!
  41. Beautiful rose color & unique design, very nice
  42. Beautiful spatter piece & love your pix Lisa, when upside down it reminds me of a seashell
  43. Marvelous transformation, the wings make all the difference and the elegant worm has become a fabulous dragonfly - you are so talented & never cease to amaze me, I love it
  44. Oh Pascale what a beauty, he looks like a REAL Amazon parrot!! What a fabulous improvement you are a miracle worker, you have transformed him & brought him to life, kudos on a job well done :)
  45. Awesome beauty MrsT, the flowers are lovely and the enamel is in wonderful condition. I see a Coro style here, very well made
  46. Fabulous rhinestone clamper bracelet MrsT and in wonderful vintage condition, great find
  47. Now this I can relate to, currently having east coast temps in the 20s in mid winter! Gorgeous peaceful scene and I love your frame
  48. This is just beautiful, Audubon could paint birds like no one else & you found a great one!
  49. Glorious brooch, so many wonderful rhinestone colors in an awesome blend! Congrats Ken on this really gorgeous find :)
  50. Great song and excellent video that told the story of the lead singer's childhood
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