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I'm gone...


  1. So pretty ..'--))
  2. They sure are pretttttttty...smiling
  3. Well, I;ve seen all white deer and spotted deer .. looks like gramp's was using a 45/70 and had enough ammo for a herd of & poor johnny wanted a ride on it ...smiling ... cool pictures
  4. smiling.
  5. Dorothy Bauer was a classically trained sculptor that started designing jewelry in 1982. The original company name was "Piece of the Rainbow" but that was changed in 1999 to "Dorothy Bauer Designs". D...
  6. What a pisser of a Barrel .. great detail...
  7. Dead ...??
  11. LOL didn't think I had to do your home work too just look thur the post
  12. ...?
  13. Oh my,, you must make the gas Crew boys whistles when going by, seeing you digging next to them Ya I would swap out the front axle for a one ton Napco axle pop in a Napco transfer case.. h...
  14. Looks to be in good shape for its age .. I just have a thing for old Iron .. My last truck was a 55 4x4 I built ... The one sitting there would look right with a Napco set up that oil or gas pipe...
  15. First I Knew you where at the witch doctors house for a stay..hope all went well and you have a speedy recovery.. nice necklace well ..
  16. just lovely ..
  17. The signs look great, But the truck looks out of place ,.. you should let me take it home where it wouldn't look so out of place ...smiling
  18. Penguins are forever ... nice find Jenni '-))
  22. Nice clean Photo...
  23. Great !!
  25. O sure rub it in The hunt is the best trip one can take ... time to put my toys away have to get up early to dig out the wife's car and send her on her way ...smiling ..stay warm.. https://w...
  26. Nice sign ...
  27. nice one ...
  28. Cute ... Wonder if the cat can play this ...smiling
  29. You cutting new spokes for it ..."" cool find
  30. The little misses just loves this song ....
  31. Life's a bitch suck up some of that heat for me will ya ...About 2 below right now here...'-)) and another foot of snow by noon ..later surfs up ...
  32. Taint...... hump day yet ....yougottahavestuff,
  33. if your shooting in raw .. that will cause it some time ...and your pixel setting is to high.. I shoot raw with high pixels and I'm lazy so I let FB do it for me
  34. LOL just copy to FB ,then right click them on FB and save to a folder, then copy to here from the folder it works...other wise go in the folder there in and right click them ans hit rotate ...l...
  35. Hmmm only 4 ..not much of a hunter....smiling/
  36. looks like you hit the mother load.... smiling nice diving...
  37. I see you have lights on it'll have to post a night picture when the night lights are on ,.. bet its cool to see....'=))
  38. Had one like it in my camp once, was made from maple and a stout table ... I forget the maker.. sold it and got a bigger table...
  39. I had a super ball ... till my dog ate it .... every time he poop it bounce 20 nice post...
  40. LOL I would strip it ... clean it well as well let it dry good , then cover it with a sheet of plastic like a tent .. then slip a cup of ammonia under it and watch it start to put a sweet patina on it...
  41. Ya what' T '... said go's double for me.....'-))))))
  42. Wow ..that's cute,,,'-))
  43. could be salvation army sobriety pins or AA each star stands for one year of sobriety...???
  44. Glad you didn't put it on the hood ....smiling
  45. Looks really Good..!
  46. Nice Warren....
  48. love it ....,+Queens+(ancient)+diner+under+the+elevated+su
  49. They probably do it to make us nuts ...... like people who write there name on a piece of Rice why ... cool book..
  50. Another job well done... '-))
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