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Strange straight mark on Tango bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Picked up some great Bohemian Tango pieces yesterday! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large Crystal Bowl with Teal Green/blue and Dark Blue Ribbing - Art Glassin Art Glass
Knitting Granny with Spectacles - Victorian? What is Missing? - Figurinesin Figurines
Posting Six Nations Mohawk Pottery from Brantford made 1960-70’s - Native Americanin Native American
Czechoslovakian BOROCRYSTAL Bowl Green cut to-Clear-Amethyst with Label Circa 1960-70's - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Pink shading to Red Vase with Applied Clear Handles - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Fan Vase with Spatter & Trailings - Art Glassin Art Glass
Opalescent Vaseline Glass two-handled Flower Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
What was this Clip used for and what time period? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you Lisa (truthordare) for the comments and links. I did find a mark -straighline Czechoslovakia I think..... it’s all smudged. What about the candleholder? Welz, Kralik or Ruckl?
  2. Thank you kivatinitz for the comment and love and thank you fortapache, blunderbuss2, Ivonne, larksel, artfoot, IronLace and aura for the loves.
  3. Twas a beauty! the bulb part looks intact...surely it can be resuscitated sans legs into something fantastic. I feel for your loss...been there done that.
  4. Thank you scottvez, sklo42, Newfld, Vynil33rpm, Wow22 and vetraio50 for the loves.
  5. Kralik1928..you can see it in my uploads here at CW. I can’t put a link with my IPad. Bob
  6. Thank you blunderbuss2, racer4four, kivatinitz and iggy for the loves. BOB
  7. Nice Colors! I have the same octogonal umbrella shape on a "squattier" knuckle vase with yellow/red/orange and blue spatter.
  8. Thank you Newfld for the comments and love and thank you fortapache, Vetraio50, kwqd, Ben, Manikin and aura for the loves.
  9. This is special....love the lidded jar and the animals depicted.
  10. Thank you Newfld, kwqd, fortapache, PhilDMorris, racer4four and aura for the loves.
  11. Thank You vetraio50, fortapache, kwqd, Newfld and aura for the loves. RER.
  12. Thanks kivatinitz and PhilDMorris for the comments and love.
  13. Thanks Phil! I sold them a long time ago....didn’t get much for them. If they had been auctioned, I might have gotten more. They do take a lot of room.
  14. Thanks PhilDMorris! I haven’t seen another similar bowl by BOROCRYSTAL
  15. Thanks Tahiti1 for the comments and love. RER
  16. Thanks Watchsearcher......I thought it might have been more complicated like darning a sock or something...so all it needs is two needles..great!
  17. Wonderful coloured stones...you don’t see this colour very often especially in Sherman. I found a hoard of Sherman jewelry at a new consignment store last week but nothing like this.
  18. Since that time, I have found many other Mohawk vases made at Brantford Six Nations. I will upload them soon. Robert
  19. Thank you MALKEY, aura, Watchsearcher, Newfld, vetraio50, iggy, sklo42, blunderbuss2, fortapache, racer4four and kwqd for the loves.
  20. Thank you kivatinitz and truthordare for the love.
  21. Thank you blkunderbuss2 and Z1CARA for the loves. RER
  22. Thank you racer4four for the love.
  23. Thank you aura, blunderbuss2, z1carra and freiheit for the loves. RER
  24. Wow! Thank you Ivonne....that is exactly it. I was thinking that it could have been Chinese but this solves it. Thank you vetraio50,Newfld, MALKEY, aura, blunderbuss2 and of course Ivonne for the love...
  25. Thank you Wow22 and Bambus1920 for the love.
  26. Thank you kwqd for the comments and love and thank you valentino97 and MarmorialMaiden for the loves. RER
  27. Thanks sklo42.....fan vase it is and thank you Ivonne for the love.
  28. Thanks truthordare for these comments and love. Alan from Toronto posted a pair of almost identical vases with the trailings running horizontally. Thank you also kivatinitz for your fine comments and ...
  29. Nice contrast lying in that ring. Love the vase!
  30. Thank you kevinstuart....yes Stevens & Williams did make similar wares. Thank you kivatinitz for your comments. Thank you IronLace, truthordare, Manikin and MarmorialMaiden for the loves.
  31. Thank you IronLace...Harrach was also my first thought but Art Glass is quite difficult to pin down to only one maker unless it is signed. Love the rim on your vase. Thank you also Watchsearcher, for...
  32. Thank you Cokeman1959, Newfld and vetraio50 for the loves.
  33. I don't know why my main photo is always on its side...someone at CW usually straightens it out but sheesh! Thank you scottvez for the comments and thanks glassiegirl for the information...the flower ...
  34. Fantastic! Reminds me of R. Lalique 7 Peruches vase.
  35. Thank you Vinyl33rpm and glassiegirl for the loves.
  36. Thank you MarmorialMaiden and glassiegirl for the loves.
  37. Thank you Watchsearcher, dlpetersen, fortapache, Newfld, MALKEY, vetraio50, valentino97, kwqd, Cokeman1959 and Vinyl33rpm for the loves.
  38. Thank you six-o-one, Newfld and truthordare for the love and comments and thank you Watchsearcher, kwqd, valentino97, aura and vetraio50 for the loves.
  39. Thank you Newfld, Ivonne, vetraio50, Watchsearcher, Vinyl33rpm, MarmorealMaiden, dlpetersen, blunderbuss2 and glassiegirl for the loves. Bob
  40. One thing I noticed about Ruckl in my limited learning was that other than for black bases for lidded jars, there are not too many items with solid coloured inner layered glass. Is that a wise deducti...
  41. It’s called a “ smoker ashtray”. To be a smoker ashtray, the smoke has to escape from holes somewhere on the ashtray. This one, the holes are the nostrils. I have a large collection of these “fun” ash...
  42. Hi Lisa! It was made circa 1983 by Skrdlovice and designed by Petr Hora. He made the design for Beranek. I saw it in crystal with golden amber and it is as stunning. Thanks....if you look on my Louman...
  43. Thank you truthordare who led me to a link that identified this covered jar as being made by Kralik and thank you for the love RichmondLori for the loves. RER.
  44. Thank you aura, artfoot, IronLace, Duda and MALKEY for the loves.
  45. Thank you Lisa aka truthordare. Happy to have your input . Thank you also aura and MALKEY for the loves
  46. Thank you IronLace and vetraio50 for the loves.
  47. Thank you kwqd, Watchsearcher, scottvez, dlpeterson, fortapache, blunderbuss2, MALKEY, IronLace, MarmorialMaiden, larksel, racer4four, artfoot, Ivonne, glassiegirl, aura and Vetraio50 for the loves.
  48. Very nice new acquisition......from a European source? The second photo lidded jar is even more impressive in MHO. Bob
  49. Thank you miredetei_gmail for this valuable information. I was on the right track with my Love Birds designation and your information on them being an engagement offering. Is there a translation for t...
  50. I have a large bowl in this pattern with the same mark.
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