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 Victorian Baccarat Blue Opaline Gilded Covered Jar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Satin Intaglio Depiction of Dancer in Ashtray- Bohemian/German? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Subdued Palette Elongated Spatter Candle-Holders - Art Glassin Art Glass
Would the "S" Prunts on this bowl suggest KRALIK - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bradley & Hubbard #10 1883-84 CIGAR LIGHTER - Lampsin Lamps
Recent Bohemian Glass finds and a Robert Held Cobalt Blue Pulled Feather Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large Japanese Silver Serving Spoons- How Old? - Silverin Silver
Where should I start To Look...Unusual Silver? marks - Silverin Silver
Grand "Diamond Medallion" Pattern Glass- Cake Stand? and Footed Bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Mt. Washington, Hobbs, Stevens & Williams or Bohemian? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Saw a smaller version of this little vase at a French auction site and it was definitely identified as an early DAUM. I’m confident that it is DAUM.
  2. Any information on the maker?
  3. Is this a Floral Harlequin Opal?
  4. Thanks MALKEY and aura for the loves.
  5. That little variegated yellow vase certainly is a Welz shape so it’s important in identifying other identical yellow variegated glass in different forms as being made by Welz. Many experts don’t want ...
  6. Beautiful colour and shape!
  7. Merci madame
  8. Re-uploadingfor a friend.
  9. This type/colour of glass is mainly called “Black Amethyst Glass”
  10. Love them all!
  11. Any other Fostoria enthusiasts out there who would want to share their Art glass from this period of production?
  12. Thank you fortapache, blunderbuss2, aura, glassiegirl and Broochman for the loves, Bob
  13. Thank you TimeTraveller, kwqd, Newfld, vetraio50, larksel, sklo42 and Brunswick for the loves. RER
  14. Hi Lisa! The flower was in direct light so it glowed. I wanted to show the cut detail. Thanks for the comments and love. Bob
  15. Thanks kwqd....I wonder if they will relocate it there themselves, they often do. Bob
  16. Thank you aura....yes, she does! Thank you Newfld, MALKEY, fortapache,vetraio50, ho2cultcha, larksel, AdeleC, artfoot, bobby725, Brunswick, blunderbuss2, valentino97, kwqd, bracken3 and anythingobscu...
  17. Thank you MALKEY, nutsabotas6 and aura for the loves.
  18. Truthordare.......very interesting link! I see that the candleholders in Eza’s Photos are identical in shape to mine. I can see the tan connection now..
  19. Thank you Michelleb007 and aura for the loves.
  20. Thank you jscott0363 for the love. Bob
  21. Thank you Roycroftbooksfromme, Vynil33rpm, kwqd for the love and thanks truthordare for your input. Bob
  22. Truthordare, I noticed that this Knuckle vase has the exact same prunts with the “S” shape as mine....aren’t knuckle vases mostly made by Kralik?
  23. Thank you scottvez for the comments and love. Bob
  24. Welzebub... it has a pontil that is “umbilical” in shape with some protruding parts but it is not rough as if it was snapped off. It is not polished either. Thanks for the interest, Bob
  25. Thanks Lisa! Yes, looks a lot like the rocket vase that I acquired from a kind friend. I thought that maybe the prunts on the bowl would align it to a known maker but....Bob
  26. Thank you charcoal, kwqd, fortapache, blunderbuss2, vetraio50, larksel, Ivonne, sklo42, artfoot, and IronLace for the loves.
  27. Thank you fortapache, blunderbuss2, larksel, Ivonne, sklo42, artfoot and IronLace for the loves.
  28. The shade is actually a ceiling fixture shade...looks nice on this lamp too.
  29. Thank you RhinestoneFan
  30. Thank you TreasureTex. Bob
  31. After 7 years, I’m still trying to find information on this colourful vase. Anyone recognize the maker?
  32. I love bloodstone! If you watch old videos of Marty Robbins you will see him wearing a large gold and moonstone ring on stage. I’ve been trying to find a similar one for years.
  33. Thank you worthit2 for the love. Bob
  34. Thank you renedijkstra for the comments and love.
  35. I think Blunderbuss2 has it right. The Hudson Bay company traded furs with the Northern Natives in Canada and used Silver Coinage to pay them. They are not common and many Canadian Museums have examp...
  36. I have the same stick albeit in a more subdued palette of red/orange. I too have a penchant for single candlesticks. Bob
  37. Gillian! Forgot to mention that the Robert Held vase is signed “skookum” made during his time in Alberta. Thank you MALKEY, valentino97, vetraio50, vintagefran and artfoot for the loves. Bob
  38. Thanks Gillian! Over the eBay years I sold many examples of Robert Held glass creations. Travelling throughout Florida, I found many examples of his work in Antique stores and Consignment sores. Thank...
  39. Thanks Mark for the comments and love! Everything is great here in Ottawa-Rockland and my wife and I are enjoying ourselves. Bob
  40. Thank you watchseaker, slackjack and Roycroftbooksfromme1 for the comments and love and thank you fortapache, AnythingObscure, blunderbuss2, jscott0363 and vetraio50 for the loves.Bob
  41. Thank you welzebub, Watchsearcher, larksel, fortapache, Jim Tim, blunderbuss2, aura, philmac51, inky and jscott0363 for the loves. Bob
  42. Thanks slackjack, will look it up and show CW what I found. I’ve never had a cigar lighter before...lamps I know quite well. Thank you watchsearcher for the comments and love. Thank you fortapache for...
  43. So Art Nouveau!.....and pretty!
  44. Christopher Columbus is on the handle. It is a Knights of Columbus ceremonial Sword. K of C is a Catholic fraternal organization!
  45. Thank you Pete99 for the love. RER
  46. I posted the same dog facing left a few years ago in CW. Loumanal
  47. I still have it. Was it you that Id’ it? Haven’t been too fruitful in finding some nice art glass lately but I’m still looking.
  48. The lamp dates from the 1890’s and had a reverse painted “pretty lady” in the hollow stem that has dried off /peeled. It is considered a parlour lamp and the “Rosettes” design on the font is a common ...
  49. Thank you vetraio50, Mrstyndall, jscott0363, shareurpassion, fortapache, blunderbuss2 and Hel1 for the loves. RER
  50. Tallcakes! Thank you for the links. So they are most probably Spoon holders....it makes sense and the examples shown are very similar to mine. I am amazed at the possible age of them since they have l...
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