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Scrolls-Ferns-and Fans- Who made this Large Bowl? - Glasswarein Glassware
Jan Sylwester Drost "OKULUS" Vase- Variant? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green Wreathed Rosettes CAKE PLATTER- Who Dunnit? - Glasswarein Glassware
Rare Three Monkeys Perfume Bottle-Lidless - Bottlesin Bottles
A New Stunning SHERMAN Necklace Find - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
 Help Identify Unusual Art Glass Enameled Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Signed Art Glass Flowered Vase- Anyone recognize it? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Enamelled Cobalt Blue Vase- French or Bohemian? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Kralik Shape and Colour Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large Sparkling Crystal SHERMAN Necklace and matching Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you vetraio50 for the love. RER
  2. Thank you fortapache, Newfld, kivatinitz and AdeleC for the loves.
  3. Wow, that was fast! Thank you Tallcakes! I had never come across this interesting pattern before. Was it made in a footed cake stand/platter? Thank you also kwqd, jscott0363 and dave2no1 for the love...
  4. I finally found the information that I was looking for on this vase. It was what Ivonne had suggested...a Sklo Union product called “Moravia” designed by Vladislav Urban for Rosice in 1969. Thanks ev...
  5. Thank you dav2no1 for the love.
  6. Hi Ivonne! That is the closest to the design on my vase....it may be busier but we could be on the right track. Thanks
  7. Thanks kivatinitz for the catalogue site. The colours are amazing. I didn’t see this particular vase although the shape is similar to them. None of them have the horizontal lines going through the cut...
  8. Thank you larksel, vetraio50, jscott0363, kwqd, Newfld and aura for the loves.
  9. Thanks Ivonne! I looked up both the Whitefriars vase and the Oberglas site and none of their glass vases looked like this Cylindrical vase. I have uploaded better photos to show the indentations and ...
  10. Thank you fortapache, Newfld, aura, jscott0363, kivatinitz, Vinyl33rpm, Shuzbut, AdeleC, Gillian, vetraio50 and FreshAir for the loves. Bob
  11. Thanks Tallcakes! So it’s really a centrepiece bowl rather than a cake platter. It is quite flat so it could be used for cakes, I imagine. Thank you kwqd for the love. RER
  12. Thanks PantheraLeo for this information.
  13. Cambridge glass company of Cambridge, Ohio made this console set circa 1927-28 in this AVOCADO color. Nice with all this original gilding. RER
  14. Thanks everyone for the loves!
  15. Made by Paden City Glass company of Paden City, West Virginia in their Crow’s Foot pattern. I can’t make out the etch from your photo. There were many variants of the Crow’s foot design on their glass...
  16. Thank you jscott0363, vetraio50, kivatinitz, Vinyl33rpm, RichmondLori and ho2cultcha for the loves. RER
  17. Thank you jscott0363 for the comments and love and thank you kwqd, dav2no1, Newfld and aura for the loves. RER
  18. It could very well be a liquor bottle.....so small, you’d have to sniff it only.
  19. Thanks TallCakes! That's the one...so it had a black cap and lipstick on their nose and lips. Very interesting! Well I guess I'll have to look for a black cap. That perfume in the sold bottle looks pr...
  20. I saw the exact same perfume bottle at a Consignment store and it has a Fifth Avenue label on it. Just google Fifth Avenue Crystal Handcrafted Art Glass Perfume Bottle. I don't know who the suppliers ...
  21. Thank you Ivonne, blunderbuss2 and Ms.Crystalship for the loves. RER (BOB)
  22. Thanks Lisa...appreciate this!
  23. Thank you Lisa! It’s exactly what I needed to classify my vase....Novy Bor Glass School circa 1915. Bob
  24. Hi Lisa! No, I don't have the book....would love some info. and images. You can send them by email if you wish. It's on my Loumanal CW page. How have you been?
  25. Hi Caroline! I think that it was 825 and as someone suggested it could have been jewelry/ cutlery grade silver of the time period...early 1900’s. I do not have this item anymore. Must be quite spectac...
  26. Re-uploading !
  27. It is almost psychedelic....those flowers appear to be growing out of the vase. I have a smaller Koransha vase that I uploaded in CW many years ago....you can see it by looking up my site at CW. Love ...
  28. Fabulous Art piece! Would love to see some other items made during this “healing” from war period.
  29. Thanks Phil! Appreciate it. Thank you also Watchsearcher, awesomeoldstuff91 and Mcheconi for the loves. RER
  30. Thank you Manikin and thank you RichmondLori and MALKEY for the loves.
  31. Thank you Phil! Will get a book for sure. Was this chain/ necklace part of a set or was it sold separately? I had never seen something so big in jewelry made by Sherman. Rhodium does make sense. Is t...
  32. Thank you racer4four, Ms.CrystalShip, Newfld for the comments & love and thank you fortapache, kwqd and vetraio50 for the loves. In the bottom right photo, the copper spots is reflection only from a l...
  33. Well IronLace! You’re obviously “ Not sitting on your hands” accumulating such a collection. They’re great in my book!
  34. Scary horned mouse there! But love it!
  35. Thank you Michelleb007 for the love. BOB
  36. Thank you junkmanjoe, kivatinitz, Brunswick, MALKEY and Russell117 for the loves.
  37. Thank you Blunderbuss2 and LovelyPat for the loves.
  38. Thank you racer4four and RichmondLori for the loves. RER
  39. Thank you RichmondLori for the love. RER
  40. Thank you Bambus1920 and larksel for the loves
  41. Thank you kivatinitz! It is very difficult to photograph this vase. There are so many fine details that don’t show up especially the satin iridescence and dots in the alternating panels. It really bel...
  42. vetraio50 (kevin) Thanks, I did look it up. It is hard to find any information on the artist but I did see the similarity to his work.....very interesting. Was he operating in Haida (Germany) or Nov...
  43. Thank you kwqd, fortapache, Newfld, vetraio50. aura and MALKEY for the loves. BOB
  44. Thank you kivatinitz...it is not three layers unless you are including the applied raised enameled flowers. There is no clear glass layer like most Bohemian glass has. The cobalt blue is thick. It is ...
  45. Thank you larksel! It appears that there might be more specific info. on the Steinwald Company to come so....time will tell. Interesting times n'est-ce-pas?
  46. Thanks kralik1928....it is unusual. Thanks also aura and kwqd for the loves
  47. Thank you kivatinitz and artfoot for the loves.
  48. I had omitted to add in my description that it was marked Czechoslovakia in a straight line. Thank you inky, fortapache, Watchsearcher, blunderbuss2, Newfld, vetraio50, larksel, Ivonne, sklo42, IronL...
  49. Delicious on the black background. Love it!
  50. Thank you Ms.CrystalShip, aura, valentino97 and kwqd for the loves.
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