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Bohemian Cranberry Crackle Overshot "Tree of Life" + Vaseline Footed Compote - Art Glassin Art Glass
Dating Old Brass "Nurse's" Buckle - Accessoriesin Accessories
 "Purple Tiger Stripes" Czech Porcelain Bowl of 1920's-30's - Potteryin Pottery
Engraving depicting Blucher and Wellington After The Battle of Waterloo  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
CW member Azcappelli's Bradley & Hubbard Model #076-B OIL LAMP - Lampsin Lamps
Bruder Rachmann, Czechoslovakia  Gold Overshot Glass Perfume Atomizer with LABEL - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Pair of Czech Shell-Shaped Vases in Orange Swirl Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Finally found a proper Cranberry shade for my 1870's lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Posting a Deco Vase shown in Larger Posting this Evening for IanBrighton - Art Glassin Art Glass
Very Exciting Community-Wide Street Sales pick ups! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I have seen many other examples in Cobalt Blue and Amber but never knew where and when they were made. Looking forward to finding out. RER
  2. Hi! I think it is gold plated 1/20th of 14k; still a useful chain. Difficult to date.
  3. Thank you Radegunder, Vintagefran and Rick55 for the love. Bob
  4. Thank you kivatinitz and Vintagefran for the comments and love and thank you racer4four, LovelyPat and Rick55 for the love. BOB
  5. Thank you lizzycbw for the comments and love. RER
  6. Thank you jscott0363 for the comments and love and thank you mikelv85 for the love. Bob
  7. The translation is not entirely correct and is par for a direct Google translation. The French used is not old French but a very modern variation, possibly French Canadian. For example, in your second...
  8. Thank you scottvez, sklo42, vetraio50 and Mrstyndall for the comments and love and thank you AdeleC, welzebub, artfoot, SpiritBear, aura and IronLace for the loves. The photos were taken during dayli...
  9. Thank you Peasejean55 for the comments and love and thank you jscott0363, mikelv85, kyratango, kivatinitz, aura and vetraio50 for the love. Bob
  10. Like I've always said, you can't date a lamp by the burner on it because they were regularly replaced if the lamp was used often. This burner has a screw that holds the flanged-based chimney. Probably...
  11. We had a similar sized pair that were actually shoe decorations popular in the late 1800's.
  12. Thank you inky and antiquerose for the love. Bob
  13. Thank you Vintagefran for the comments and love and thank you Steptoe1 for the loves be. Bob
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  17. Review of Beswick items I posted 3 years ago!
  18. Thank you SpiritBear for the comments and love and thank you artfoot, sklo42, jscott0363, vetraio50 and racer4four for the love. RER (Bob)
  19. Tying your horse while you are visiting your favourite saloon.
  20. It's all of the above in your title! RER
  21. There are a few for sale online and one seller claims it was made in 1903 by Duncan Miller Glass co. RER
  22. Not fake! From the late 1800's to the early 1900's and called "Quartered Block". Maker unknown but there are a lot of them around and in different sizes. Glass Quality is excellent. The white flame bu...
  23. I have a blue one...don't remember where or when we got it!
  24. Wow, this is certainly different!
  25. The very Art Nouveau flowers decoration would also date it 1890-1910. Very nice lamp! RER
  26. Why are they Greek satyrs? I like the cartouche with the girl with the hat....she doesn't look Greek. Very nice vase/compote!
  27. This lamp is called "Heart" for obvious reasons. It dates 1880-1900 and is made with Custard coloured glass. It would fluoresce under a black light. These Heart lamps were made in clear, pale opaque g...
  28. Thank you jscott0363 and Vintagefran for the loves. Bob
  29. Thank you everyone for the loves and comments. Bob
  30. Thanks vetraio50 and blunderbuss2! I always wondered how a horse could maneuver amongst the dead and injured without harming the soldiers lying on the ground. Thank you Vintagefran for the love. Bob
  31. Thank you valentino97, Steptoe1, bijoucaillouvintage and jscott0363 for the loves. Bob
  32. Beautiful European oil lamp!
  33. Thank you Rick55 for the love. RER
  34. Thank you roddyq for the comments and love. These animals certainly presented big targets to attack.
  35. Did you notice that there are no cats around! lol
  36. Could be a vanity/powder jar that had a matching glass lid or a chromed metal one. RER
  37. Looks like a sausage making shop! RER
  38. Thank you Rick55 for the love.Bob
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  40. 50,000 men lost their lives in this battle which raged on for days. I wouldn't be surprised that it would have occurred near the inn which was very close to the battle site. In the last photo, you can...
  41. The font seems to have been either replaced or re-plastered at one time. It should sit flat as shown in the photos from the catalogue pages that I uploaded. BOB
  42. I will upload a photo of your lamp in a new listing in a few minutes. Remember that when you ordered a lamp from B & H in 1883 that you could choose the shape of the base and font to go with your figu...
  43. Thank you vetraio50 for the love and comments and thank you racer4four,swfinluv1, fortapache, sklo42, philmac51, TassieDevil, aura and mikelv85 for the loves. Bob
  44. http://lischke.blogspot.ca/2006/04/
  45. Looks more like pottery to me based on the back and the chips on the shoes of the lady. RER
  46. The lamp is a plain utilitarian table lamp that has an insert collar that dates it after 1911. In other words, a little non-fancy workhorse that provided lighting to many family get-togethers, homewor...
  47. Belle Libellule mademoiselle Kyra!
  48. Thanks ho2cultcha! It is a very old porcelain jug and is a fine example of Imari.....possibly made for the Western/European market. Thank you nsn300z for the comments and love. Bob
  49. Beautiful simply beautiful!!
  50. Thank you Efesgirl for the comments and love and thank you Radegunder for the love. Bob
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