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Crackle Yellow/Green Pottery Vase with Cartouched Flowers- Ditmar Urbach - Potteryin Pottery
Info. Needed on Former Home for My GNOMES - Figurinesin Figurines
Ivory Fist/Hand  Scrimshaw/Carving-What Purpose? - Folk Artin Folk Art
Franz Tomschick "ZIG-ZAG" Lidded Box/Jar - Art Glassin Art Glass
French Bronze Cross "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES" Masonic/Templar Rites - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
 Czech-Bohemian Orange Tango Black Flame Decor VASE - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Tango by Michael Powolny or Kralik  Tango or........ - Art Glassin Art Glass
Star-Topped Diaphanous Vaseline Glass Panelled Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rubina Verde- Cranberry and Lime Coloured Glass JIP Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tall Green Fluorescent Decanter with Etched ROSES  - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Elaborate Napkin Ring...I would think!
  2. Thank you maryh1956, SEAN68 and kivatinitz for the loves. Bob
  3. Thank you Mark!, vynil33rpm and fortapache for the loves. RER
  4. Thank you Newfld; the satin Madonna and Child is by Lalique in the 1950’s. Thank you artfoot and vetraio50 for the identification and comments. I’m surprised that it’s that old but also quite pleased ...
  5. Thank you AnythingObscure and junkman60 for the loves. RER
  6. Thank you vetraio50 for the love!
  7. Thanks ho2cultcha....I thought Germany too; Black Forest type of ware. Thank you for your input. Thank you truthordare ....I didn’t clean it...the brown colour is the decoration. The figurines are hea...
  8. Bumping
  9. Thank you kwqd, vynil33rpm, and collectables59 for the loves.
  10. Thanks truth or dare for the comments and love. I don’t think my fisted hand would scratch anything, maybe rub things but I think it had to connect to something like a walking cane or some other usefu...
  11. C’est comme ca la vie, un jour tu vole et le lendemain c’est de la schnoutte. Tu sais que les beaux jours reviendrons et c’est important de savoir que tu as des amis qui te supporte et qui t’encourag...
  12. L E Smith probably!
  13. My thoughts exactly!
  14. Especially like the zigzag one on the right! Nice collection.
  15. What a “happy” one in the bottom right photo! Quite an exciting decor!
  16. Thank you truth or dare for your fine comments and research! Bob
  17. Love that red, two handled, maybe three, in your Art Glass section , middle shelf left! Actually, I love them all! Bob
  18. Thanks for the comments kralik1928 and thank you Wow22 for the love.
  19. Thanks kivatinitz!
  20. Thank you fortapache, kwqd, blunderbuss2,valentino97, Newfld, Ivonne, vetraio50, IronLace, justanovice, bracken3, AdeleC, EZa, sklo42, AnnaB, lisa, kralik1928, Manikin and aura for the loves. Bob
  21. Thanks Welzebub! I suppose that when more examples are found and compared that we will be more knowledgeable on the subject. I saw are red covered jar that looked similar to this one but it had only 3...
  22. Thanks welzebub.....I was finally able to list this lidded jar here at CW. Bob
  23. The rims on these footed creations are too sharp/delicate to be used for food serving. I think that they were “pretties”.....something nice to behold.
  24. Could the shorter examples of the zig zag vases in photo 1 actually be candy jars without the lids. I picked-up an orange example with yellow spatter with matching lid that looks identical to these va...
  25. Thank you Trey for the comments and love. You can contact me by email for more information on this rare cross. My email address can be found on my CW page by clicking on my photo above. Thank you Mani...
  26. Thank you Trey for the comments and love and thank you swfinluv1, kivatinitz, Vintagefran and ho2cultcha for thre loves. RER
  27. Just realized that it could be British by John Walsh circa late 1800’s
  28. Looks RICH!
  29. This is what I will look like tomorrow after all the Festive eating. I want to wish all my CW friends a very Happy, Healthy New Year with many exciting discoveries in 2018. Robert (BOB) aka LOUMANAL
  30. Beeyouteefull! Merry Christmas!
  31. The collar has been replaced and the rim of the glass under the collar is flat and even. I really do not think that this is an old lamp.....certainly not uranium glass..
  32. Caramel yumm!
  33. Are you sure that the collar is original to this lamp? It looks like the screw-on previous collar has been removed and this much older collar has been affixed on the rim. The lamp looks like a newer S...
  34. Love everything about it!
  35. Thank you Deano for the Love. Any new ideas on who made this vase?
  36. It’s been a while since I uploaded this and when I saw CW member Ian Brighton’s ribbed vase with a similar treatment, I thought I would add it for comparisons. RER
  37. Thanks Jericho for the comments and love....have a marvellous happy new year!
  38. The J P L mark stands for the Jean Pouyat Co. in Limoges, France and was used on their tableware from 1890 to 1932. The red mark was put on their pieces as a tribute to Oscar Gutherz who worked for Li...
  39. Tiges de Bleuets
  40. Looks like green soapstone....a lot of Eskimo/Inuit carving was done with soapstone. This particular figurine is not in the style done by the Inuit. RER
  41. Thank you vetraio50 and TassieDevil for the love. BOB
  42. Hi MacDaddyRico! It has been happening, is happening and will be happening till mankind no longer exists. Hoax?? Who really knows! Thank you fortapache, mikelv85, Collectomaniac and Roycroftbooksfro...
  43. Thank you shareurpassion and Vintagefran for the loves. BOB
  44. Thank you Vintagefran for the love and comments! It is quite an Eerie item that glows all by itself. BOB
  45. Look up “Custard” glass for your “ BOWL”.
  46. All native depictions of local animals, bears, turtles, birds etc...
  47. Too much information blunderbuss2 lol
  48. Yes, pipe reamer!
  49. Thank you IronLace, welzebub and antiquerose for the loves. Bob
  50. Thank you vetraio50 for the love. Bob
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