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ASPREY, London Cuff Links Platinum, MOP, Seed Pearls and 18K Gold - Accessoriesin Accessories
Old FRANCE Game Bird Tureen/Terrine with Quail--Pillivuyt? - Potteryin Pottery
 Need Help Identifying this Huge Flower Vase - Potteryin Pottery
WELZ  Cream Pitcher match almost Found - Art Glassin Art Glass
Who is this 1864 BOEL on this Brass plate? - Signsin Signs
Large Oval Ribbed-Top Tin Container- What is It? - Furniturein Furniture
Squatty HARRACH/MOSER Yellow Variegated Souvenir Pitcher of RUGEN, Germany - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Rocket-Footed Bowls/Vases and  New Friend - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sheathed Knife/Bayonet....Any Info. on this? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Crackle Yellow/Green Pottery Vase with Cartouched Flowers- Ditmar Urbach - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Looks like an “ Ookpik”
  2. Would there be the match for this candlestick out there? I know that the chances are slim but......
  3. Thank you justanovice, AdeleC, hunterglee and AnnaB for the love. RER
  4. Very much like a Souvenir Pitcher that I uploaded here last week. Nice!
  5. Thank you MALKEY, bracken3, hunterglee, Scottvez, aura, LovelyPat and Michelleb007 for the loves. Bob
  6. Thank you raven3766 for the love.
  7. Thank you Newfld, hunterglee, dlpetersen, keramikos, blunderbuss2, fortapache, vetraio50 and aura for the loves. RER
  8. Thank you Watchsearcher for the love.
  9. Thanks for the comments truthordare....there were only ladies working there on the estate sale day.......cuff links were not on their menu. Thanks for the love dlpetersen, fortapache, vetraio50, Newfl...
  10. Thank you sklo42, vetraio50, aura, artfoot and MALKEY for the loves.
  11. Thanks Mark! I suppose it could be....there are no markings whatsoever on it. It weighs a ton... Thanks for the love truthordare, Newfld, Caperkid,
  12. Thank you sklo42.....it means now I have to find a lid for this jar too.....lol
  13. Thank you sklo42! Do you think that this is a base for a candy dish? Thanks for the love to vetraio50, truthordare, Ivonne, Newfld, artfoot and IronLace
  14. Thanks Jericho for the comments and love and than you hunterglee for the love. Bob
  15. Thank you aura, Watchsearcher and FatBoy64 for the loves. RER
  16. Thank you Vinyl33rpm, hunterglee, welzebub and fortapache for the loves.
  17. Thanks freiheit for the comments.......the raised flowers suggested something special. Thank you also hunterglee and fortapache for the loves. RER
  18. Thank you fresco for your comments...I agree the GD is unnecessary but...it’s there in brass so... Thank you officialfuel and ttomtucker for the loves.
  19. Thank you bracken3 and aura for the loves.
  20. Thank you blunderbuss2, Brunswick, fortapache, kwqd, Anik, Newfld and Caperkid for the loves.
  21. Thank you hmsantiquetrunks.com for the information....it does make sense especially when seeing the undamaged condition of the insides. Thank you also yougottahavestuff, AnnaB, fortapache, kwqd, Newfl...
  22. Thanks Dizzydave.....there is probably a Boel somewhere who had this made for his bar or house as you say. Not sure that it is that old. Thank you Vinyl33rpm, yougottahavestuff, AnythingObscure, bobby...
  23. One day in an attic or trunk, somewhere in Europe, someone will come across catalogues of bohemian glass manufacturers, owned by travelling salesmen or retailers at the time, that will solve a lot of ...
  24. Thank you kwqd, fortapache and vetraio50 for the loves. RER
  25. Lol truthordare....I don’t own enough alcohol to fill this container but it could become useful if I start hoarding pot which has become readily available and legal in Canada. Thanks for the love and ...
  26. Thank you MALKEY for the love and comments. Thank you Ivonne for helping me on the identification of the writing....makes a lot of sense..”Sassnitz auf Rügen” and thank you for the love. Thank you als...
  27. Thanks for your comments Jericho....all comments matter! Thank you hunterqlee for the love. RER
  28. Thank you philmac51, Lisa, aura and Michelleb007 for the loves. RER
  29. Thank you Bambus1920...this cabinet has seen some fabulous glass over the years. Thank you also to larksel, bracken3, dlpetersen, IronLace, Toyrebel and Caperkid for the loves. RER
  30. That’s exactly what they are flashlarue...thanks.! And thank you Toyrebel, Vinyl33rpm, blunderbuss2, Watchsearcher, vetraio50, fortapache, kwqd and yougottahavestuff for the loves. RER
  31. So they are just “pretties”....thanks for the comments sklo42. Thank you welzebub and fortapache for the loves. RER
  32. Thanks blunderbuss2 for your love...have you seen the Bayonet- knife that I have uploaded today? Any comments?
  33. Thank you Anik, Vinyl33rpm, Ivonne, Watchsearcher, Wow22, bottle-bud, vetraio50 and artfoot for the love. Bob
  34. Thanks MALKEY! These items are so delicate that it’s a wonder that they have survived for over 80 years. Are they common in the UK?
  35. I just realized that Jericho had uploaded 7 years ago a couple of Kralik Iris items that had this label. Answers a lot of questions on similar wares in this pattern.
  36. Didn’t know about this Iris label...thanks for uploading this fabulous vase.
  37. Elaborate Napkin Ring...I would think!
  38. Thank you maryh1956, SEAN68 and kivatinitz for the loves. Bob
  39. Thank you Mark!, vynil33rpm and fortapache for the loves. RER
  40. Thank you Newfld; the satin Madonna and Child is by Lalique in the 1950’s. Thank you artfoot and vetraio50 for the identification and comments. I’m surprised that it’s that old but also quite pleased ...
  41. Thank you AnythingObscure and junkman60 for the loves. RER
  42. Thank you vetraio50 for the love!
  43. Thanks ho2cultcha....I thought Germany too; Black Forest type of ware. Thank you for your input. Thank you truthordare ....I didn’t clean it...the brown colour is the decoration. The figurines are hea...
  44. Bumping
  45. Thank you kwqd, vynil33rpm, and collectables59 for the loves.
  46. Thanks truth or dare for the comments and love. I don’t think my fisted hand would scratch anything, maybe rub things but I think it had to connect to something like a walking cane or some other usefu...
  47. C’est comme ca la vie, un jour tu vole et le lendemain c’est de la schnoutte. Tu sais que les beaux jours reviendrons et c’est important de savoir que tu as des amis qui te supporte et qui t’encourag...
  48. L E Smith probably!
  49. My thoughts exactly!
  50. Especially like the zigzag one on the right! Nice collection.
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