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Collecting since 1973! Anything and Everything!! rer1@sympatico.ca


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Mt. Washington, Hobbs, Stevens & Williams or Bohemian? - Art Glassin Art Glass
 "Thousand Prisms" Is this a Sklo Union or other Company Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Very Canadian Ehh!   GOWENS, KENT Co. "MAPLE LEAF"  ABCG Pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware
FANCY Yellow Variegated WELZ TROPHY VASE - Art Glassin Art Glass
ASPREY, London Cuff Links Platinum, MOP, Seed Pearls and 18K Gold - Accessoriesin Accessories
Old FRANCE Game Bird Tureen/Terrine with Quail--Pillivuyt? - Potteryin Pottery
 Need Help Identifying this Huge Flower Vase - Potteryin Pottery
WELZ  Cream Pitcher match almost Found - Art Glassin Art Glass
Who is this 1864 BOEL on this Brass plate? - Signsin Signs
Large Oval Ribbed-Top Tin Container- What is It? - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Tallcakes you are still amazing! Hope you are still finding new treasures. RER (Bob)
  2. The mark looks like something that an owner would add to valuables in order to recognize it or identify it if it was stolen. The lamp would date 1920+
  3. Thank you larksel, MALKEY, sklo42, Radegunder, aura and vetraio50 for the loves. Bob
  4. Thank you hunterglee, vetraio50, fortapache, shareurpassion, Newfld, Ivonne and IronLace for the loves. RER
  5. Thank you Ivonne...it looks as beautiful in amber as it does in clear and in blue. Thanks for your input and love. Thank you also aura, vetraio50, Brunswick; and SEAN68 for the loves.
  6. Thanks Tallcakes! I did find a similar decoration on a Phoenix Rubina Verde pitcher so it certainly could be a solid lead. Thank you Mrstyndall and Blunderbuss2 for the loves. Bob
  7. Thank you sklo42....will look them up. It is similar to other vases that I have put away over the years so maybe I'll be able to identify the others. Appreciate your help! Thank you also Malkey for y...
  8. Thanks cameoboy.......very interesting possible connection to Loetz. Parkerhouse! Sorry I never got back to you...of course you can use the photos of the label and or the bottle for your purposes. By...
  9. One of my favourite colours......nice!
  10. Yes, a beautiful colour combination!
  11. From the 1930’s...this is really uncanny, I went to a consignment store yesterday and picked up this exact sans-lid planter ( I thought) and wondered how I would ever find any information on it. I ope...
  12. Reminds me of the praying peasant girl in The Angelus painting/ depiction by Jean-Francois Millet.
  13. Drooling at the beauties.....thanks for the dream- catchers!
  14. Love that fabulous Webb Cameo Glass vase in front....the lamp is also a stunner! RER(Bob)
  15. Thank you Sinnomore and Lamplover78 for the loves. RER
  16. Thank you Lady_Sussex_Downs, Destiny.Jennifer.g.,MyFavoriteTreasures, edkal65, Sinnomore, hunterglee, bracken3 and TreasureTex for the loves. Bob
  17. Love it! If it has holes, it could be a smoker ashtray. Mine is hole-less. Love the colour combo.
  18. Yes, post WW2. Value is at least $20 Canadian since this is what I paid for it. You should upload it so that others can see it. Thanks for the comments. Bob
  19. And so it shall remain.....in the store I mean!!
  20. Thank you Truthordare and IronLace for the loves. Bob
  21. Happy to be your 30th love! It is a stunning piece. Bob
  22. Thanks Jericho! The mark unlike other Kralik marks has a ground-like feel instead of an acid-treatment like many. Thank you MALKEY for your comments and love. Bob
  23. A quite nice one! Posted one last year in yellow and black....recognized yours immediately.
  24. Thank you AnnaB and kivatinitz for the loves. Bob
  25. Beautiful...just beautiful! Reminds me of something I have lying around the house. Bob
  26. Thank you worthit2 for the love.
  27. Thank you worthit2 and AdeleC for the loves. Bob
  28. Thank you walksoftly and hunterglee for the loves. RER
  29. Thank you aura and hunterglee for the loves. RER
  30. Thank you blunderbuss2, fortapache and aura for the loves. Bob
  31. Another Gowan’s, Kent & Co. pitcher that I listed 6 years ago....fabulous quality glass
  32. Never really got an answer on this pair of satin decorated items....anyone know?
  33. Thank you Truthordare, hunterglee, Newfld, vetraio50 and AdeleC for the loves. Bob
  34. Thank you kivatinitz for the love!
  35. Canada before confederation issue hundreds of “jetons” in lower (French Canada) and “tokens” in upper (English Canada). Many of the early banks issued them as currency.
  36. Thanks for uploading this....anxiously awaiting your next post. RER (Bob)
  37. Thank you Mrstyndall for the love!
  38. Thank you kivatinitz for the love. Bob
  39. Thank you MALKEY for the comments and a very fruitful New Year of discoveries.....love seeing your finds.! Thank you justanovice for the love. Bob
  40. That Baby Elixir was probably quite popular with grandpa too! Nice collection!
  41. Thank you artfoot and IronLace for the loves.
  42. Thank you blunderbuss2, sklo42, IronLace and artfoot for the loves.
  43. Thank you Scottvez for the comments/love and thank you Ivonne, welzebub, Newfld, fortapache, aura and vetraio50 for the loves. RER
  44. Thank you charcoal and welzebub for the loves.
  45. Very “US” patriotic!
  46. Would there be the match for this candlestick out there? I know that the chances are slim but......
  47. Thank you justanovice, AdeleC, hunterglee and AnnaB for the love. RER
  48. Very much like a Souvenir Pitcher that I uploaded here last week. Nice!
  49. Thank you MALKEY, bracken3, hunterglee, Scottvez, aura, LovelyPat and Michelleb007 for the loves. Bob
  50. Thank you raven3766 for the love.
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