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Tall Green Fluorescent Decanter with Etched ROSES  - Glasswarein Glassware
Thought this one was by Indiana Glass but.... - Glasswarein Glassware
Small Flat Scottish MONART Glass Pin Dish with "Snakeskin” Spatter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Antique  Solid Cast Iron French ALTAR CRUCIFIX- Any Ideas 
 Another Czech Made Perfume Bottle- possibly for DeVilbiss - Bottlesin Bottles
Emerald Green "Japan" 1950-60's  PAPERWEIGHT VASE - Art Glassin Art Glass
All-Over PEANUTS Golden Amber/yellow VASE- Who Dunnit? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Cranberry Crackle Overshot "Tree of Life" + Vaseline Footed Compote - Art Glassin Art Glass
Dating Old Brass "Nurse's" Buckle - Accessoriesin Accessories
 "Purple Tiger Stripes" Czech Porcelain Bowl of 1920's-30's - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks TallCakes! There are some very fuzzy Butler Advertizing pages at the end of the Indiana Glass Book but they so small that you can't make out the designs. I appreciate the help, BOB
  2. I was able to find more specific information on this small pin tray. It was made pre-WW2 by Monart Glass and designed by Paul Ysart. The orange/yellow, brown dish (colour code 68) was made in the “Y”...
  3. Late 1800’s and possibly Russian.
  4. Hi philmac51! I looked-up some of the sites suggested in the Scottish glass sites and John Deacons, one of the glassmakers made some spatter glassitems similar to my dish. The pontil treatment on his ...
  5. Interesting vetraio50 thanks. I couldn’t find anything similar in my Scottish Glass search. Thank you AdeleC, aura, sklo42 and Deano for the love. RER
  6. These no chimney burners were used in henhouses and egg hatching rooms!
  7. Nice passion! I have collected and sold many items in the Cupid and Venus pattern over the years but I don't recall seeing those you have listed at the end of your dissertation. This pattern is a comm...
  8. Your photo makes it difficult to see the jewelry amongst all the other items. Difficult to appraise or comment!
  9. Looks like a Tobacco Jar made in the 1940's-50's. RER
  10. The lady on the right seems "agitated" that her husband is cozying up to the dog instead of her!
  11. Everything plus the kitchen sink! Beautiful!
  12. Thank you fortapache, TassieDevil and mikelv85 for the love. Bob
  13. Thank you rockbat,aura and vetraio50 for the love. Bob
  14. Thank you Lisa-lighting and kivatinitz for the love. Bob
  15. Thank you shareurpassion for he comments! I will leave it as is. DeVilbiss it is. Bob
  16. Thank you billretirecoll for the comments. There are no signatures or markings except for the Czech mark on the collar. Thank you vetraio50 and SEAN68 for the love. Bob
  17. Thank you bottle-bud, TassieDevil, fortapache and mikelv85 for the loves. Bob
  18. Possibly LEGRAS !
  19. Thank you mikelv85, kivatinitz, Brunswick and racer4four for the love/comments. Bob
  20. Thank you Karenoke, mikelv85, VikingGirl and ozmarty for the love/comments.
  21. Thank you aura and vetraio50 for the love. Bob
  22. Thank you AdeleC, Ivonne, Fleamarkettammy and fortapache for the loves!
  23. Here are the other paperweight vases that I uploaded 3 years ago. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/139763-pair-of-abandoned-and-forgotten-1950s-p
  24. Thank you racer4four...I agree! Thank you swfinluv1, miike, fortapache, brunswick, Caperkid, VikingGirl, aura and mikelv85 for the loves. Bob
  25. Hi antiquerose! The design on that triangular based vase, the colour and the flat polished under-rim look very much like this round based vase. I'll look up Sklo Union and Whitefriars. Thank you and s...
  26. I uploaded a similar treatment Cobalt blue vase a year ago in CW and got no ID on mine so I hope someone chimes in. Bob
  27. Hi Parkerhouse! Thank you for your very interesting and helpful input on my Perfume Bottle. If you find a catalogue photo of it, I would appreciate receiving it. Bob
  28. Nice "smoker ashtray" in the shape of a vintage string holder.
  29. Thank you Donna! Bob
  30. Looks like a special ring but your photos of the opal are quite fuzzy and difficult to appraise.
  31. Beautiful and mesmerizing!
  32. Are there special markings underneath that identify the Disney pieces made by Vernon Kilns.
  33. I have seen many other examples in Cobalt Blue and Amber but never knew where and when they were made. Looking forward to finding out. RER
  34. Hi! I think it is gold plated 1/20th of 14k; still a useful chain. Difficult to date.
  35. Thank you Radegunder, Vintagefran and Rick55 for the love. Bob
  36. Thank you kivatinitz and Vintagefran for the comments and love and thank you racer4four, LovelyPat and Rick55 for the love. BOB
  37. Thank you lizzycbw for the comments and love. RER
  38. Thank you jscott0363 for the comments and love and thank you mikelv85 for the love. Bob
  39. The translation is not entirely correct and is par for a direct Google translation. The French used is not old French but a very modern variation, possibly French Canadian. For example, in your second...
  40. Thank you scottvez, sklo42, vetraio50 and Mrstyndall for the comments and love and thank you AdeleC, welzebub, artfoot, SpiritBear, aura and IronLace for the loves. The photos were taken during dayli...
  41. Thank you Peasejean55 for the comments and love and thank you jscott0363, mikelv85, kyratango, kivatinitz, aura and vetraio50 for the love. Bob
  42. Like I've always said, you can't date a lamp by the burner on it because they were regularly replaced if the lamp was used often. This burner has a screw that holds the flanged-based chimney. Probably...
  43. We had a similar sized pair that were actually shoe decorations popular in the late 1800's.
  44. Thank you inky and antiquerose for the love. Bob
  45. Thank you Vintagefran for the comments and love and thank you Steptoe1 for the loves be. Bob
  46. Thank you Lamplover78 and swampdogg for the loves. Bob
  47. Thank you kivatinitz for the comments and love and thank you aura for the love. Bob
  48. Thank you blunderbuss2 for the love. Bob
  49. Review of Beswick items I posted 3 years ago!
  50. Thank you SpiritBear for the comments and love and thank you artfoot, sklo42, jscott0363, vetraio50 and racer4four for the love. RER (Bob)
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