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I love expensive glass...but I have a beer budget. My greatest excitement is when I can get a great piece that I love, for a bargain price. I also collect Deco Lady I love expensive glass...but I have a beer budget. My greatest excitement is when I can get a great piece that I love, for a bargain price. I also collect Deco Lady items, whether glass or metal or other materials, but I don't have a big collection. Anything else vintage that takes my fancy also. I have a big collection of kitchenalia. You can contact me on (Read more)


Loetz Lavender Chine Mounted Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Amazing vases!
  2. Wow, this is amazing! Just love it!
  3. Well I'm not worried about substantiating... seems pretty RARE to me :) Great buy!
  4. These are amazing. Great find!
  5. Beautiful pair Inky!
  6. I keep coming back again and again to look at this vase. I just love it and its so different! I wish I'd been the other lucky buyer for its partner. To own even one of this pair would be great. You di...
  7. Just beautiful!!
  8. Wow, really different!
  9. What a stunning vase!
  10. Wow! Just beautiful! The colours are almost in reverse of each other. Great pair :)
  11. Oh wow Marty! That is stunning... love it!
  12. Glad I got to love this one again. It's worth 2 loves!
  13. Oh my! Gorgeous!
  14. Just LOVE this!
  15. Don't see many orange flowers! Really unusual.. Love it!
  16. Very striking!
  17. Love the pink and that shape :) I have an unusual yellow one.. but I think I prefer yours !
  18. OOh... love everything about it!
  19. They look like Fry Glass. American company. And the tableware isn't as commonly found.
  20. Wow, great set Inky! Very deco :)
  21. Gorgeous vase. Really like the colour!
  22. Kairomalte I have a Kralik jug similar to your pink set, with prunts.
  23. No Michelleb007 this is the first one I've ever seen. I had seen the pics of course and wondered if one would show up. You're very lucky :)
  24. Stunning! Love the detail on it!
  25. Just beautiful! Hardly ever seen that stem!
  26. Amazing vase!
  27. Sadly we've all experienced this more than once and some lovely antique vases that have lasted years and years get destroyed by terrible, careless packing.
  28. Wow, that's a big vase! I didn't know they made them in that colour and I don't usually go for that colour either but it has a lot of appeal. Well spotted!
  29. I agree, the shape is great. I keep going back to it...
  30. Lovely! I'm yet to own one :)
  31. Love the contrasting handles!
  32. Wow! Great vase!
  33. Love those rainbow ones!
  34. OMG... they just have everything going for them. Only problem is you look like you have WAY too many of them :)
  35. Gorgeous!
  36. Omg you better send that to me instead of it going into a box!!
  37. Really, really like this one :)
  38. How amazing to have the vase and the picture! Stunning vase btw :)
  39. Marty I have my one which is very similar... you have seen it :) Have you checked yours under UV light yet? Mine glows very bright :)
  40. This is just beautiful.
  41. Oh wow! I want, want, want that!! LOL
  42. Amazing! I actually like the whole 'heart' look :) What was the original idea behind it I wonder.
  43. Really unusual and different. Love it! Good score :)
  44. If there was an award for finding information Vetraio just won it.... lol
  45. I was going to go for that one too Marty :) But I just wasn't sure about it. Looks great! And a bargain to boot! Well done :)
  46. Well then Inky after reading about this amazing vase and all the great research done...I think you would have naming rights on this decor! It has no such name and not seen so I would think you could c...
  47. They certainly have that look about them Inky. Hopefully someone can confirm that for you. It would be an amazing find! Not one but two!
  48. Amazing piece! Love it!
  49. I'll take a pic and post when I can. Size is a very noticeable difference and maybe a lot 'neater' in the making.
  50. Very gorgeous inky!
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