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A Classic Welz Basket In A Surprising Color - Tangerine - Art Glassin Art Glass
Repost #2 - Royal Art Glass Labels Revisited – What is Claimed, and What is Actually Proven.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unexpected Treasures From Germany!!  Glass Pics From The Past Including Welz Workers!! - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Glass From Klostergrab Adorns Collections On Three Continents. - Art Glassin Art Glass
"Misguided" Claims Do Not Really Create Supportable Facts!!   The Anatomy of Fan Vases by Kralik and a lone Welz…..   - Art Glassin Art Glass
The "Gargantuan Spatter" At least for Welz...... A Fabulously Enormous Vase - This One Has It All!! - Art Glassin Art Glass
New Décors and shapes...... More Small Pieces to the Welz Puzzle..... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Dispelling Conjecture Posted as “Pseudofacts” - The Old “They All Made Everything” Ideology Seems to Be Returning - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Print Reflecting Art Glass Of The Period – An 1897 print issued by Bibliographisches Institut in Leipzig Germany - Art Glassin Art Glass
Dating Welz Production – For Some Production, It's Just Not That Easy!! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. The internet page I have been referring to in this post has been taken down, apparently due to my focus on it's content.... or should I say, lack of content supporting multiple statements on the site ...
  2. I think you should make a little card to stand in front of it that says "Exclusive Property of Derek Bosch". :-)
  3. Absolutely fabulous stuff.... You have been busy..... I especially love the shape in the first image, and you have 1 décor I have never seen the shape in.... LOVE IT!!
  4. Although it is certainly not a "for sure sign", that slate blue color is unusual, and seen on a couple of other décors. This looks like a red/white variegated décor with the blue added. Interesting f...
  5. Love these... A little different form than what is typically seen. Welz must have had some very skilled mold makers!!
  6. Very unique piece. Love the shape and the colors used in the decor.
  7. Thanks Scott. I completely agree with you. It is an absurd position to take, but not the first absurd thing we have seen in the forum. Thanks to all that stopped by and loved this post, and also th...
  8. Thanks to all for stopping by, and for the loves..... Michelle, This shape is among the top 10 shapes as far as being seen in the most décors. There is another basket that is seen in about 15 déco...
  9. Pretty Kitty!! We have 3!!
  10. That is the natural progression in the marketplace sadly..... A new name comes to the surface, and all of a sudden there is a new name to call things to sell them..... NOt the first time we have seen...
  11. For many years just about every green pedestal or similar shaped piece of glass was identified as either Kralik or Stolzle. As with many of the early Welz attributions, declaring that some of these w...
  12. This link will display this basic basket form in 21 additional decors. http://www.kralik-glass.com/images/Shape103.jpg
  13. Great information and wonderful examples.
  14. The mark found on this basket is represented well by the line art rendition shown in this image. The mark is also found on the vase in the upper left corner of this image, which is one of several exam...
  15. I agree about the shape. It is quite similar to those Czech pieces you have discussed with the OOF & FBS importers mark found on the underside.
  16. http://www.kralik-glass.com/images/DecorVariety.jpg
  17. http://www.kralik-glass.com/images/suspect5.jpg
  18. Always my pleasure. For what it is worth, this form has been seen in 6 different decors, 2 of them being very distinctive Welz decors, and the other 4 being different color variations of a bottom up s...
  19. Here is another post in the forum where the form is found with a Welz decor on it. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/151399-czech-art-deco-welz-spatter-glass-vase
  20. These are actually Welz production. :-)
  21. My pleasure. Glad to help. I think that narrows them down to being Italian in origins, and I would personally suspect Salviati as the house that made them. They are gorgeous, regardless of who ma...
  22. Great collection of Welz. Varied décors, shapes and sizes..... I too find far reaching generalities with no supporting evidence to be at best disingenuous, and at worst, grossly uninformative and...
  23. Do you have a pic of one of those? :-)
  24. Here are some other examples of the shape in different Welz décors. https://d3h6k4kfl8m9p0.cloudfront.net/stories/mkTyt.N9ZBBqUiIEolF4mA.jpeg
  25. Hello. Your piece is Czech, and by the firm of Franz Welz. Time frame is approx 1900-1920. Here is a link to some others in the same shape. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/227746-welz-me...
  26. Absolutely gorgeous piece Frank.
  27. You may want to consider showing images of the undersides as there may be identifying marks, and an image that actually shows all of each piece and not part of each one.
  28. It strikes me as Japanese also, for what that is worth.
  29. Great set. Love these!!
  30. Nice find!! These are great in this décor.
  31. I suspect that it may have been a bowl, and possibly part of a set. I have seen this form several times, but never with a lid. Not to say it did not have one, just saying I have never seen one with a ...
  32. Looking at this again, I find the shade of the blue glass to be unusual, and also find the pontil area to be different from what we normally see. Very interesting vase.
  33. I do not have an image of one with a lid. It is also possible that something like this was a berry bowl, or something similar.
  34. Definitely an example of Welz production. Very nice!!
  35. ""Disturbingly odd" is right up my alley! " I kinda knew that already! LOL
  36. These are almost disturbingly odd, while subliminally intriguing at the same time..... Great one!!
  37. So, with some help, the perfume has been identified. The piece was made by Lundberg Studios in CA. The message I received fro them was: This is a Red Spider Amphora Scent bottle. We made them in ...
  38. I believe that what you have is a lamp using Pairpoint controlled bubble glass. I would estimate it's production date to 1920's-30's range.
  39. I went through the Steuben Line art for candle holders and could not find the shape. There are some similar things there, but Steuben has 684 different candle holders they made. I could not find these...
  40. My inclination is that they are Italian, and possibly by Salviati, but I would have to see much better pics of them. I do not believe they are Steuben.
  41. Thanks, I will let you know what I find out.
  42. The group also has many other contemporary artists that may also recognize the work if one of them did it, or they may know who did.
  43. Also, how tall is it with the stopper?
  44. I am in a glass group with Donal Carlson. Is it OK if I copy your pics and post them there to ask him?
  45. This find is a real stunner!!
  46. Yes, I believe this is a Welz decor and a Welz vase. Great find!!
  47. I have changed out 3 of the images for ones that Phil worked with to make details easier to see. Thanks Phil. It was pointed out in my Welz group on facebook that in the first image of Welz workers...
  48. Phil, I would appreciate that. You can email me at craig@kralik-glass.com, so I can get your email, and I can send you the larger images, before CW compresses them for uploading.
  49. Glad to help. The amplifier is a very cool find. Both of them are, but the amp is rally special.
  50. Before I say anything else, please do not plug these in to see if they work. They are old, have sat for a long time, and need to be brought up on a variac slowly. If done properly the capacitors may b...
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