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Córdoba, Argentina

I am a scientist and professor full time at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a PhD in Biological Chemistry. Sergio is my mate and we have two children. I havI am a scientist and professor full time at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba with a PhD in Biological Chemistry. Sergio is my mate and we have two children. I have several interesting glasses, specially bohemian since they are the most common here. We also have much porcelain and some interesting metalware. (Read more)


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A great Ruckl vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Herman Pautsch glass tray schwartzlot and gold  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Steinschonau glass with Diefenbach and Fidus frieze - Art Glassin Art Glass
An old Vallerystahl present for mother´s day - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wilhelm Süs Karlsruhe Majolica joyful bowl - Art Decoin Art Deco
A wonderful porcelain plate - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Two Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory cups without plates - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
A small glass compote or footed dish heavily enameled - Art Glassin Art Glass
My first jewelled glass: a wonderful small ewer - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tortoise shell glass box with ormolu - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. the most of art nouveau
  2. congrats for everything the collections and the information of your posts
  3. it looks like kralik indeed
  4. congrats really a piece of art un capolavoro
  5. very impressive the six alltogether. The blanks are different and the quality of the decoration also. You know that perhaps these plate were sold separately.
  6. this is wonderful
  7. so nice display very cool
  8. really a poem
  9. Hola Austro espero que estén bien en este difícil momento. Debido a la cuarentena tengo tiempo para estar mirando CW y la verdad es que toda esta pieza y lo que hay en la última foto es soberbio. Grac...
  10. I would like to touch it
  11. beautiful and so modern
  12. yes it seems from florence so beautiful
  13. Alan wonderfull and so similar to my plate as IronLace noticed
  14. thanks racerfour, your collection is so beautifull, expect you are doing well dear
  15. thanks to everybody Deepseas72 Daisy1000 racer4four SEAN68 Brunswick jscott0363 IronLace Ivonne fortapache vetraio50 Wow22 charcoal Watchsearcher larksel Trey sklo42
  16. Thanks to all old friends of CW that are seeing and loving my new posts. Thanks racer4four SEAN68 EZa jscott0363 Ivonne sklo42 fortapache Wow22 vetraio50 Newfld Watchsearcher larksel
  17. what a wonderful and rare vase
  18. thanks for sharing the images and knowledge, I adore these I remember myself as a little girl and my midle name is Clara.
  19. congrats wonderful all these opalines
  20. stone heart but what beautiful and great pieces on the chimmeny.
  21. never so one here
  22. Vetraio very very interesting to know about these pieces and culture so far away from where I live.
  23. thans a lot Malkey and Trey for the comments, and to allbody for the loves
  24. thanks a lot Trey, Ivonne and J Scotto adore coments
  25. Thanks sklo42. We need this type of joy now. Very nice to have time to be connected again.
  26. uahu so beatiful and also very interesting
  27. very interesting thanks for sharing the information
  28. wonderful and without any crack, your lucky man
  29. wow so beautiful
  30. lucky finding a hat and box in such good conditions
  31. adore how it looks with the uv light
  32. Thanks thanks thanks
  33. fabulous a treasure
  34. lovely so cute
  35. uauah what a mixture of colors and textures
  36. what a nice pair
  37. thanks a lot for share this information
  38. what a wonderful collection. You are a museum curator.....
  39. what a collection of cruet. I can not find never one in Córdoba of color and not crashed
  40. what a nice vase. Ivonne your collection is greater in all senses everyday
  41. so different to everything I had seen
  42. la octava maravilla
  43. thanks a lot SEAN68 for the comment and hunterglee for the love
  44. thanks for this very interesting post
  45. great and so good your pictures
  46. fantastic
  47. Thanks caperkid, Eza, nutsabotas6, fortapache and spiritbears for loves and comments
  48. amazing beauties
  49. nice vase not sure if it is Harrach very cheap
  50. adore the great bambus variety
  51. See more


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