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I collect Bohemian glass from all periods from Historicism through Art Deco. Main interests are Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf and Harrach, but there are so many more thatI collect Bohemian glass from all periods from Historicism through Art Deco. Main interests are Loetz, Kralik, Rindskopf and Harrach, but there are so many more that deserve our attention! I also enjoy research and love a good glass mystery. I collaborate with an international group of collectors and have great fun doing it! (Read more)


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Loetz "Coppelia Weiss m. dunkelgrün auflagen", st PN II-1751, ca. 1904 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz "Ausführung 2 mit candia Silberiris fuss" Bowl, PN II-6239, ca. 1908 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Russian Green Glatt with Orangeopal, DEK 320, PN II-7366, ca. 1910 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz "Fadendekor" Vase, Gelbgrün, Decor and PN unknown, ca. 1904 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Phänomen Genre 1/104 Vase, PN unknown, ca. 1901 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Heinrich Strehblow Decorated Glass Vase, Haida Glass School, ca. 1910 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Engraved Decanter with Original Paper Label, ca. 1920s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz 13" Cameo Glass Vase, Camilienrot aussen dunkelblau, ca. 1920s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz candia innen Silber Phänomen Genre 2/474, ca. 1902 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Shade - "kristall Blitzglas mit rot umsponnen", PN II-1948, ca. 1904 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. St = similar to... the piece matches the paper pattern, but the decor is not listed for that shape.
  2. Al, I absolutely could not! :)
  3. Superb, Aleš - congratulations on a great find!
  4. Nice job on the new lid!
  5. I had never seen it before. The quality combined with the label gave it away.
  6. Gillian, for other examples, you can see my article on here:
  7. Looks terrific
  8. Michelle, as far as I know, Ricke is the ONLY source for Series III patterns.
  9. Similar to III-1849, which is a two-handled PN. The shape and size of the vase body are the same, though.
  10. Happy New Year!
  11. Awesome - thank you!
  12. Can you post a photo of the bottom of this decanter? Thanks
  13. I’m so pleased that you remember that, Leah... it was also on my mind as I was posting this one, but I didn’t want to repeat myself! :)
  14. This is so cool... thank you and hubby for saving it from the rubbish bin!
  15. Al, what book is that catalogue page found in? (pic 4)
  16. Great piece, Michelle
  17. Wow22, yes they have.
  18. Very nice pair
  19. Ales - it's on RL - I'll email you.
  20. (Additional photos posted in a new article)
  21. Thanks for that comparison, Deb - It's not completely scientific, but I measured the relative lengths and widths of each example (if the height of each piece is the same), and proportionally, the nec...
  22. Jill, as of right now, there is only one source for Series III paper patterns, and that is Volume II of Loetz Böhmisches Glas 1880-1940 (the "Musterschnitt").
  23. No - deep red. I’ll sub in a different pic
  24. Trish, if you like, you can contact me via email at
  25. So here are the colors I see (besides the jadegrün ground): Opal Kaiserrot (Imperial Red) Korallrot (Coral Red) Citrongelb (Lemon Yellow) Metallgelb (Metallic Yellow) Himmelblau (Sky Blue) Dunk...
  26. I know she is - if she has evidence, I'd love to see it.
  27. Ales, I photographed those when we were there also. I would only say that Loetz opal glass is typically not UV reactive, either. We have also been unable to find any reference to either the décor or t...
  28. It's interesting that the tilt is part of the design. I think the ground color would be ozon. Great piece!
  29. I have other images, but only four are allowed here - the interesting comparison is the reason I included that image. I'm still researching these - the purpose of this post was to illustrate that some...
  30. Attributed - I'm not 100% sold on the idea - looking at other makers, too.
  31. Phil - that post is coming up - it's either another maker, re Kralik, etc, or it's Loetz, but a different decor with the same patina decoration, i.e. "Olympia m. Patina" - stand by
  32. Everything about this piece (except the shape) says Rindskopf to me.
  33. Wow22, just under 5.5 inches tall. Jill, I think that one could also be WMF Ikora.
  34. mit roten perlen= with red pearls
  35. They must have been quite fast on delivery! Love this piece, Al.
  36. If you can’t see it in the pontil shot, go to the photo album in the FB Loetz collectors group and look at photos 4, 5, and 6
  37. I was wondering where that one wound up. Congratulations, Kai! :)
  38. believe = beliefs. :)
  39. Great points, Volkmar - we should always be prepared to question things when the documentation is so nebulous, even if such believe are long held.
  40. Now there's something you don't see every day. Nice piece, Phil!
  41. Thanks, Ales - Andy has one in a different shape, same combo.
  42. Wonderful pieces, Kai!
  43. This is Ausführung 160 (dunkelblau innen opal) - it comes in a few other colors as well, all with the opal lining. I have a couple of examples, a small squat vase and a large bowl with ball feet.
  44. I remember this piece from way back when - was wondering whatever happened to it :)
  45. UPDATE: This is DEK I/161. See the decor page on here:
  46. Very nice
  47. Beautiful, Al - does the new cameo vase react to black light?
  48. Wow22, when I read "silver-yellow iridescence" in the books, I assume that the "yellow" refers to the natural color of whatever material is used to create the iridescence - for example, if you look at...
  49. I see what you mean - there seems to be a range of coloration with these - the example in Ricke exhibits very little of the vulcan/brown layer compared even to yours. Also, the iridescent spots on you...
  50. Nice grab :)
  51. See more


Zbyn?ek Voto?ek's Cameo vase, signed. WMF Myra glass bead necklaces.  Snapphane Glasbruk 98" Swedish Lavender Art Glass Vase Signed Rindskopf Purple Iridized Marble Swirl Cabinet Vase Nouveau Kralik Tri Claw Ruffed Rim Green/White Opalescent Iridescent Vase Wood Shoes Form early 1900 STEUBEN VERRE DE SOIE VASE Emanuel Beranek, 1959 pattern 5902 for Skrdlovice Loetz Bronce Glatt c. 1900 DURAND GOLD IRIDESCENT VASE  c. 1925


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