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We are Duane & Dave (gray & blue respectively) and we collect mainly art glass produced from the 1880s to the early 1930s. Our primary focus is American but we also We are Duane & Dave (gray & blue respectively) and we collect mainly art glass produced from the 1880s to the early 1930s. Our primary focus is American but we also acquire pieces made in continental Europe from the same time. We dabble in American studio art glass, along with some American pressed glass wares made before WWII. (Read more)


  1. You're most welcome Alan.
  2. Alan...this is Fenton's 1092 bowl / deep nut dish. Fenton called the color "Golden" and it was produced for a long period of time, 1911-25. I thought these tidbits might interest you. :)
  3. I also don't see the décor shown in photo 1 to be the same as that shown in photo 3.
  4. Have I missed some new development? Isn't the semicircular split "o" Czechoslovakia specific to Kralik?
  5. I also enjoy Bronze glass. Many companies produced variations. Webb design books described the Webb variety as "Green Bronze" meaning that the base glass was green. Check the base glass color. If it i...
  6. That is a pretty one, Marin.
  7. Thank you Malkey. Stay safe!
  8. Thank you Marin. Given the way it is signed it could become special to any lover of Steven's work that possesses it. Stay safe and well!
  9. @renedijkstra, The headdress on this bust does not come anywhere close to either of the Japanese hairstyles you suggested. Thank you as always for your thoughts.
  10. @twentientc, thank you. I will look some more in that direction.
  11. Nice find, Alfredo! Hopefully the bowl will come your way some day.
  12. Had I not seen the labels on the first orange / yellow / black piece I would have thought it Czech.
  13. Malkey..."megadoobie", that is a term I haven't used since I was in college...Thanks! Wow22...we enjoy the history of a piece also. The internet is a two edged sword but it would have made Mr. Torr...
  14. Thank you Malkey
  15. Thank you, Malkey!
  16. Thanks again, Malky!
  17. Thank you Malky!
  18. This was a JICo offering also.
  19. You're welcome Malkey. It is a beauty.
  20. Nice find with the label.
  21. I updated the OP with catalog information (number and name) that was provided by a member of the Murano FB group.
  22. I am sure it could be described as a Pulcinella mask.
  23. I don't know of anyone else that designed objects at Seguso other than the maestro himself. According to Heiremans AS was "the" designer.
  24. Yes, showing in that group will most often show book and catalog pages for documentation when they are available.
  25. As I said, I have the catalog page. You should join the large Murano group on FaceBook.
  26. I have it shown on a ca. 1960 JICo catalog page.
  27. It is Murano made. It is from JICo and was part of the 1473 assortment of bowls they offered. It was produced ca. 1960.
  28. Happy hunting!
  29. Marin, nice to meet you also. I always enjoy seeing the wonderful glass that you post. We are relatively new to CW and even though Duane and I both collect, I (Dave) am the only one that does the typi...
  30. Great color. It appears almost a Muranese opal.
  31. Dugan called the marigold color "Golden Glow".
  32. Expose them to a uv light and see what happens.
  33. Agreed. Most definitely not Fenton.
  34. I agree. The sommerso work doesn't seem that symmetrical to me and the edge of the base is not chamfered.
  35. Elisabethan, that would be the same man.
  36. I believe that this Fenton's no. 3758 Green Opalescent medium swung vase. It would have been produced for just 2 years between July 1959 and July 1961. Nice find.
  37. Elisabethan, yes, the silver was usually applied and worked by silversmiths, in this case it is surmised by Sammyz (I agree) that the smith who likely did this work was Eugen Marcus of Germany. Of co...
  38. Yes it does. Thank you for that link.
  39. Sammyz, Thank you. We got this from a Belgian auction house. After reading your comment and doing a little looking (several with your name attached) I can see the similarities in other work attrib...
  40. Merry Christmas... Ms.CrystalShip, Newfld, Inky, Officialfuel, and Valentino97!
  41. Merry Christmas!
  42. You're welcome @kwqd. It is a good looking little turtle.
  43. This is not a Viking no. 7281 turtle unless it was modified and produced by Dalzell after Viking folded. I don't think they would have spent the money for the mould work required on a perfectly good t...
  44. The reaction to uv is that of manganese, not uranium.
  45. You are most welcome!
  46. Your green vase appears to to Fenton's "Long Thumbprint" pattern, likely ca. 1911.
  47. What make you think French?
  48. He is a keeper!
  49. Wouldn't Barovier & Toso also need to be considered? The B&T and Cenedese donkey forms were similar and this shows a generic Rooster, Fox, & Snake crest export label which would makes me think B&T. ...
  50. @twentiethc ...I believe we are very familiar with your site if yours...2oth Century Glass, so we are just curious as we are trying to id the item...What in your opinion distinguishes 1980s or more re...
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