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I am a Master hairstylist, and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my own collection. You are welcome use any image oI am a Master hairstylist, and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my own collection. You are welcome use any image or request better images too. I welcome research, discussions or picture exchanges. I rarely sell anything but it doesn't hurt to ask... (Read more)


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Kralik Lava  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czechoslovakia glass   - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wilhelm Kralik - Lava - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz - Bi-color line and spot  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernst Steinwald or Kralik 3-handled vessels - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marquetry glass - Volume 4 - Pressed flowers - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marquetry glass - Volume 3 - Foot and veining decors - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marquetry glass - volume 2 - Shapes and textures - Art Glassin Art Glass
Marquetry glass - Volume 1 - History is written by the seller - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glue chip - transparents - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Me too, that pontil suggests a top notch maker like Loetz- keep looking at shapes for a compatible “ridged” effect. Look at metalin or Prochaska by Loetz
  2. I love pieces like this! Unique. I think it DOES have a pontil - it looks highly polished. The weird thing is the toughness of the rim, could it have had a lid or metal frog?
  3. I do think ES&Co made large Bambus types (seen in caged pieces) although there are many reasons to think the smaller ones were made by a different maker -because there are no large marked Bambus types...
  4. Nice post perfect for my two cents. The first two decors (pic 1) are different - the lime one is applied rod to a black base color while the red one is more blended - as if a rod was rolled into a...
  5. these are very cool- seems like the cane bunches on white opaline are many decors. Phil very cool to find you shades in documentation. Now find these decors on vases!!!
  6. yes, Ales is right WOW, this is smaller vase found in many "iris" type decors. This decor above is a crackles cased decor I have referred to as Giraffe. Although this one is not iridized there is anot...
  7. I think it better to wait for more documentation, surely they didn't only have one advertisement. I am working on what stays on the kralik side... hopefully both approaches work in the same way to bet...
  8. i have seen these in amber and cobalt, not seen that shape. looks very cool
  9. Funny enough I had never recognized them before as well, never seen them that tall! It was the applications that gave them away. They were both bought in Europe this year - so maybe they got certain t...
  10. Loumanal, thank you. Is it a confetti with those colors? I think they made it in crystal clear base and white base (same colors)
  11. Post it or it don’t exist
  12. Yes, I agree all made by the same glasshouse. The decors here encompass many possibilities and I would like to see more documentation and the advertising. The attribution of Kralik glass never sat wel...
  13. Thank you and others who’s pictures I have used. I know you are out there... thank you for your images
  14. Thanx wow, it’s an expanding field - so much has come to light in such a short tome
  15. When I translated lozenge to German Pastill
  16. Pastila is probably peppermint candy - my best guess is millifiori cane decor
  17. Do you have any perspective on why it is easier to find them outside of the Czech Republic? Passau has only one piece in the whole building (and it’s a sad example). The museum of south Bohemia was no...
  18. just beautiful
  19. Yes, I think so. The real shape is there except the foot- but if you look at the etching - it doesn’t look plausible, looks top heavy and you can see all three flowers... so I don’t take etchings lite...
  20. Here a few things I think happened: 1. Well respected authors, curators and auction houses credited Kralik as far back as I can remember so... follow the PHDs and trust they have their sources 2. Kr...
  21. I own every shape (in other decors) seen on this article.
  22. Great picture! Hits the mark. I think that striped glass is not Osiris but a variation of Shaumglas. The technique of Osiris is felt on the interior of the glass. The pieces are one-color but the must...
  23. Osiris is single color glass with vertical or horizontal stripes created by heating the glass at different temps or applying something to create the opaque bands- that example is something different b...
  24. Bambus, flowerall and Osiris shapes are matching up pretty well, there will be more on this later. If you look at the inventory sticke...
  25. Ales, notice this label on the bottom, it matches the caged piece in your post
  26. It is yet to be determined if all colors of Bambus pattern Bambus, in the samemarquetry might not be flowerall. Just a few years back Bambus was called flame decor; it may take some time to call all m...
  27. I will look to compliment your theory in an upcoming post on specifically on marquetry. We seem to have a strong connection on a few shapes to ES&Co and analyzing decor types within marquetry might ...
  28. I don’t know eisglas but if you have pics send a link
  29. Alan, not common at all, if you looks at a hundred pink line pieces you might only 1-2 of them don’t have mold created decor- no lines, zigzag or honeycomb. This one is technically a Bicolor- very rar...
  30. As far as caged pieces go, I only remember the widely excepted arch signature was recognized as kralik. Another strong connection to kralik was the powder decors and later the Bambus types. I assumed ...
  31. I think it is possible to have two or more producers of Bambus - if you look at the examples with labels they are cheaper (thinner, smaller) examples. So these could easily be a copy of Kralik pieces ...
  32. I am tempted to go to your country right now and flush this out!!! This would be great news and I can know a little more about what I collect!
  33. vetraio50- yes, this has been suggested that glass houses shared workers and that there was a period when the economy of the northern glass factories was stronger than the southern ones and that migra...
  34. Yes, beautiful piece the square foot is amazing for its time I think. This texture is on very nice with tinting because if the shine. Glue chip pieces get there color by internal powders I don’t think...
  35. Larksel, thank you for your great post, it will help to get a clearer picture of the glass industry at that time. Here are a few observations to good questions I see in the comments: Larksel, agre...
  36. The Ernst & Steinwald was in the north and Kralik was in the south, I wonder if there is a difference of opinion between those two museums, although I don't remember seeing any Bambus or Marquetry in ...
  37. Also... the picture from the museum is dated 2012, so could these attributions be “evolving” the same way as Passau’s attributions evolved when the curator changed?
  38. Philmac, excellent work and I am excited to dismantle the huge kralik group of glass between 1925-1938 (but cautiously). I have maintained that there were kralik signature pieces and fringe kralik pie...
  39. I mean... you know what I mean right Thomas? The come together at the bottom like marbles (I bet the Czechs made plenty of German marbles) imagine them all in a cane Rolled out like a snake and they c...
  40. Main point was if see a piece with silver or gold glazing I KNOW what the mark is gonna be, there is some thin in that it I just don’t completely know what it means...
  41. Great comments, In light of hard facts I generally look at the glass, and develop a link to more known techniques and shapes. I always thought this mono-confetti was a little goofy but later I found t...
  42. Love the way you displayed it
  43. Big one in Netherlands, orange one UK or France, yellow one I can’t remember I think US. I remember there is a black wine with red threads I still need. I know Ruckl made confetti with peloton in ever...
  44. Thank you, I think it was cathartic, opened up a lot of boxes, arranged them on the shelves- repeat- thank you wow and artfoot
  45. Great piece, I like this particular types of piece, they have many related decors
  46. I’m gonna cover shape type too- picture a sea of baskets
  47. Lisa, this pull up decor is common in at least three companies (the usual suspects). The documented part is the shape and it does match the worthpoint example (it also comes in three sizes and many de...
  48. Yeah - I’ve never seen that shape for a from... one can definitely go bonkers tracking down every Tripod shape -
  49. Amazing piece of glass! Just the kind of glass I love
  50. Here is the link,
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