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Paso Robles, CA

I am a Master hairstylist, and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my own collection. You are welcome use any image oI am a Master hairstylist, and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my own collection. You are welcome use any image or request better images too. I welcome research, discussions or picture exchanges. I rarely sell anything but it doesn't hurt to ask... (Read more)


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Czech glass 1920-35 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ruckl - Mystery vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - webbed vase with confetti - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hero Art Deco vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Umbrella shapes - Confetti decor  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - Making a connection - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik - (maybe)  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech - Bicolor Pelleton  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz - Zebra canes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz lidded dishes  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. My over arching theory is: there is a “core line” to each of these companies that is unmistakeable to that company... then there are relatives and distant relatives. I have been humbled lately from hi...
  2. Breautiful piece warren - I had it in red and I have seen white too.
  3. Thank you, I think Ruckl is likely here because there is also a flat bowl with a variegated rim in a very similar if not exact decor. That shape is both a kralik shape and a Ruckl shape
  6. Perfect for as a game a thrones popcorn bowl
  7. Fantastic piece the decor looks 1930 the shape looks 1900... very interesting
  8. I think it’s a kralik decor and shape but the polka dots are a mystery
  9. Fantastic piece
  10. Great to see a set, never seen such an array
  11. I think you are right, see how far we’ve come? I’ll redo the post later of get rid of it- but while we are on the subject Welz has as many more texture now than I thought it did.
  12. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff- got too much of it
  13. I see it, super different. The pintil looks more modern like 1950 or sooner- almost machine made! It has a super thin rim too? The piece has an earlier shape and a very different enamel work more deco...
  14. Great collection Peggy, does it ever get hard to decide which cabinet to put the new piece? Nouveau or Deco?
  15. - 'a bunch of miniature pieces and some generic shapes of a larger size as well, specially in the Tango style.' I couldn’t disagree more, Franz Welz as documented has an incredible array of shape...
  16. Very nice, what a variety of molds they had, I don’t see many candle holders from Welz
  17. Thank you Larksel, great information
  18. Yep, I’ll do a side by side when I get a min
  19. These are very interesting and I admire your collection of them - how many specific shapes are you seeing in the smaller size? How many of the shapes do you find in the larger size?
  20. I’m afraid I’m not very popular when I say not all arched signatures are Kralik - I think this is one of those... highly suspect but shape and decor more likely in Ruckl but it’s nice to see the contr...
  21. I’m ok with that it’s right up against very similar shapes from Kralik and Welz
  22. I didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes, so first half of the 20th: ) I’ve seen about 50-60 and own a few- the last two are similar shape but two different sizes. Any hunches are appreciated although...
  23. I also feel responsible for over-reaching on satin decor (after all it’s only an acid application away from being any normal piece). There are other companies that use the same treatment I’m finding
  24. Good one to question- I questioned this one too. I’ll post today what I think this one is more related to but it is a beautiful rare shape
  25. Lastly (without taking sides) I know Craig has his Welz documentation pretty solid- he has only shared parts of these details with the public- I hope over time (or a book getting published) you will s...
  26. TOD, I’m trying to show subtleties in the technique - even though the companies all had honeycombs I’m sure Craig can spot a Welz honeycomb and not confuse it with an unknown one or a Kralik. As a sho...
  27. TOD, the glass foot can help identify that honeycomb as Kralik but I wouldn’t trust it by itself. Glass application techniques were shared between many companies
  28. Art, I will post some more in the snake decor but I don’t find any relation between the # vases and that mystery confetti post
  29. Fantastic find I love the way real Powolny pieces are so simple yet technical. Spectacular technique here, I assume the spiral is a latticino rod use vertically on some othe decors of the same style
  30. Haha, this in indeed the best kind of research... what it means- I don’t know yet but I’m starting large folders of all the marks, looking at 50-80 pieces at once may help
  31. Kralik, I have like 10 examples with well known decors
  32. Thanx TOD, I have the connection another way but ok- that totally works Haha, I’m still tap dancing on number 4
  33. Keep looking at this normal Kralik but it’s got something “special” about it I can’t figure out
  34. There is an exact shape on CW in red with ivory, I’ll try to find link. Shapes are hard to pin down because everybody copied each other with confetti decor and with loved cut shapes. I vote Ruckl beca...
  35. Nice shapes to to frogs, do you find it bothersome not to have tops?
  36. the pastel tango are cool together if you can find more... they come in all the shades. white rims are rare and there are a few in crystal rim too. These are addictive!!
  37. I have never seen this shape- very nice buy
  38. Fantastic! I love these... when I was in the Czech Republic a few years back you can still find these in pubs with old iron fixtures. Mine has a blue rim for some reason
  39. I have designated this a controlled bubble piece (fish eye). Only seen it in pink and blue- definitely not the honeycomb pattern it might get confused with
  40. I love those two patterns- their Ausf numbers are back to back i think
  41. I believe most of these are Vacor de Mexico 1990’s
  42. Cool, I mean - I’ve been asked to remove a piece (and did) - I had a picture up that was the same exact piece that was up for sale that I didn’t know WAS up for sale..., so that’s a no no -I did take ...
  43. This is not productive when members snitch on posts because they own the pieces displayed. not everyone showing pieces here owns them- if that were the criteria no (encyclopedic) grid displays would...
  44. A slight correction to the color combination, I have photographs of several black with red rods although they might be a different maker.
  45. More talk, haha I’m not sure about the Bambus designation because there are several things that stand out as different- we can see the differences and they are amazing differences. Pieces like this...
  46. Love this- you make good headway into decors that are mid attributed. I also agree with the idea that butler brothers tend to cluster companies together (what else could they have in common) probably ...
  47. Beautiful peacock colors
  48. very cool, esp the two lobed-waited ones
  49. It appears as if the crystal base glass was dipped into a bowl of mixed yellow confetti/red powders
  50. These are beautiful with light above them! nice piece
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