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Paso Robles, CA

I am a Master hairstylist, and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my own collection. You are welcome use any image oI am a Master hairstylist, and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my own collection. You are welcome use any image or request better images too. I welcome research, discussions or picture exchanges. I rarely sell anything but it doesn't hurt to ask... (Read more)


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Kralik - (maybe)  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech - Bicolor Pelleton  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Franz Welz - Zebra canes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz lidded dishes  - Art Glassin Art Glass
A few more Welz - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz - Umbrella shapes 1920-30 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Tango - Art Glassin Art Glass
Three handle glass - Color series 3 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Three handle glass - Color series 2 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Three handle glass - Color series 1 - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. the pastel tango are cool together if you can find more... they come in all the shades. white rims are rare and there are a few in crystal rim too. These are addictive!!
  2. I have never seen this shape- very nice buy
  3. Fantastic! I love these... when I was in the Czech Republic a few years back you can still find these in pubs with old iron fixtures. Mine has a blue rim for some reason
  4. I have designated this a controlled bubble piece (fish eye). Only seen it in pink and blue- definitely not the honeycomb pattern it might get confused with
  5. these light up blood red from a top light
  6. I love those two patterns- their Ausf numbers are back to back i think
  7. I believe most of these are Vacor de Mexico 1990’s
  8. Cool, I mean - I’ve been asked to remove a piece (and did) - I had a picture up that was the same exact piece that was up for sale that I didn’t know WAS up for sale..., so that’s a no no -I did take ...
  9. This is not productive when members snitch on posts because they own the pieces displayed. not everyone showing pieces here owns them- if that were the criteria no (encyclopedic) grid displays would...
  10. A slight correction to the color combination, I have photographs of several black with red rods although they might be a different maker.
  11. More talk, haha I’m not sure about the Bambus designation because there are several things that stand out as different- we can see the differences and they are amazing differences. Pieces like this...
  12. Love this- you make good headway into decors that are mid attributed. I also agree with the idea that butler brothers tend to cluster companies together (what else could they have in common) probably ...
  13. Beautiful peacock colors
  14. very cool, esp the two lobed-waited ones
  15. It appears as if the crystal base glass was dipped into a bowl of mixed yellow confetti/red powders
  16. These are beautiful with light above them! nice piece
  17. good work, I try to do the same thing with images but with pictures rather than buying so much stuff.
  18. I Think its awesome, I like yellow and red alot. I think Welz made this tripod based on the shape although Ruckl is a close second for the uncased confetti effect. I have a picture in white and blue;...
  19. This is a good question... T-O-D "I would be asked, especially with a new decor, for the exact shape with a confirmed decor from that maker". I don't do any of that because I am collector not a res...
  20. I think its Ruckl a variation from the one on the Poster- great color!
  21. I love a good debate and very nice people can disagree This shape from a Welz production catalogue in the o...
  22. Thanx- I am very happy with these
  23. I would still hold an open mind in regards to Tomschick- in regards to the zigzag shapes I have seen bambus and drape patterns in 11" and 12" so I do believe the taller ones are Kralik and the ones 8...
  24. I tried to get this sleeper, love the colors and fire treated cameo design
  25. I don’t quit baskets because they are so addictive
  26. Love the set
  27. I love these pieces in large Cased confetti
  28. Learning something every day
  29. Hey Malkey- hang tough
  30. You look like the DUDE Lebowski
  31. LUV IT !!!
  32. Love it!!- Definitely Loetz. These forest green tango pieces can be found in three handled vases and other tango shapes. email me if you need to see more pics
  33. Damn, bested again... its jaw-dropping odd in shape. the design color combo and especially the shape!
  34. nice- Phil use the "square" setting if you use an Iphone because the normal one make everyone skinnier and younger....
  35. clearly going for the snake effect! thanx for the props although I think we should consider France, Germany and Belgium to be Behemia-adjacent in an aesthetic sense...
  36. great!!
  37. I love this piece!!- seen it in crystal-gold. The handle motif on a common shape is fantastic too. I think the application was widely used on Kralik pastel tango-type anf the pieces I call ancient tex...
  38. I have to say... why the hell would they do this "Ziggy stardust" foot? That is one of the many reasons I live Czech glass- "why the hell would they do that" decor. I always like opinions on these ty...
  39. Little air bubbles on the rim sometimes I use my dental WaterPik to get out the grime. I think these are unintentional consequences of pulling the crystal casing glass over a marbled or mold formed i...
  40. Why is everything about 8” tall ?
  41. Never saw this! Beautiful all of them ... I just broke the square one today while tryinging to photograph a group ...RIP
  42. I think the applied foot is realy cool deco. The shape reminds me if WMF or Kralik although it could be others
  43. sexy piece
  44. for me all these things make it more desirable
  45. very good piece, It has the mark that zippers and some glue chip has... the methods of making it are similar to Welz but the rim is not right. the colors are not right and lastly the lines are spirali...
  46. Thanx Craig
  47. Just 12 years, I attended the Czech collectors convention and received so much information (and mis-information) very quickly - how I wish we had a Collectirs Weekly back then.... all the bad pieces I...
  48. Thank you, I love sharing but it’s hard to get things out of storage, lol
  49. always saw these as czech- i realy like the variety of funk
  50. Yeah, I'm trying to make this stuff the new Fiesta ware...
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