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I am a Master hairstylist, and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my own collection. You are welcome use any image oI am a Master hairstylist, and Collector of Czechoslovakian glass 1914-1938. This page is to discuss pieces from my own collection. You are welcome use any image or request better images too. I welcome research, discussions or picture exchanges. I rarely sell anything but it doesn't hurt to ask... (Read more)


  1. Once you look for this type you will find them everywhere haha
  2. Thank you for the post, can you tell me what you know of the Reidel Auction and how the pieces were acquired? Several Bambus vases had metal collars, was this a custom order or a modification for th...
  3. very cool shapes, pentagon rim is awesome!
  4. I am now ready to say Ernst Steinwald and Co. 1920's
  5. I don't think its welz, reminds me of thos Tricolor vases with three areas or spatter, the colors also look more modern, I do believe this mold at the base was used by welz but probably not exclusive ...
  6. Changed to Ernst Steinwald or ESC
  7. Changed to Ernst Steinwald or ESC
  8. Changed to Ernst Steinwald or ESC
  9. Changed to Ernst Steinwald or ESC
  10. Changed to Ernst Steinwald or ESC
  11. Changed to Ernst Steinwald or ESC
  12. Changed to Ernst Steinwald or ESC
  13. Love this, beautiful indeed!
  14. great work! Vetraoi, Thank you for suggesting that there could have been labor and design migration from one company to another. Ales, what is the latest on the Zigzag shape? could the orange with co...
  15. Just mu observation not fact but I think the internal amber or rust color was a sprayed application of oxide, in your case maybe standing water caused the loss.
  16. I have only seen this shape in these three sizes but it is possible as 8” was a common size - also might be a 14” shape as well
  17. love this series
  18. I hope we can together soon and figure this out in the Czech Republic, even if it takes some time to change the minds of glass historians, appraisers, curators and dealers it is a good cause- thank yo...
  19. You are right about decor copies and I’ll post the Welz look-likes soon
  20. There are some good arguments here... what little evidence we have we need to build on an cross-confirm. It is my belief that we now have a good mark for Ernst Steinwald, a good ad from Germany with t...
  21. Seven years ago these Kralik decor attribution seemed very clear, I would love to declare all this glass Ernst Steinwald because of the small amount of evidence of it, but then we could be making the...
  22. I think this kind of work (foot tooling and glass mold) has been attributed to Wilhelm Kralik, also this type of glasswork can have variations with tango colors - fantastic piece
  23. I think it’s Ruckl - I have the matching shape in a controlled bubble- adventurine pull-up decor
  24. Fantastic piece, this decor is part of few well known decors seen is fan cases vases with the scallops- I call them tri-color confetti and have confetti that doesn’t overlap (meaning the hot glass was...
  25. Just fantastic thank you for the details Kai
  26. Fantastic piece!! I look for beautiful pieces to figure out who made them but sometimes it’s more important to have a beautiful piece of glass no matter witch Czech company made it
  27. My opinion only - Welz, Harrach or French in that order of probability- stunning shape
  28. Fantastic shape, I gravitate to this shape!
  29. Beautiful post, I love the glass of WMF
  30. I love this shape, I don’t think it’s too uncommon just too expensive -Haha
  31. Fantastic in the blues ... Loetz was amazing at reinventing similar shapes. Does anyone know how many trumpet shape variations there are ?
  32. This is a nice set, the beehive stopper appears to be made for a few companies (Kralik, Welz) they could be made separately and sold to glass houses as supplies like glass rods? - just a theory I ...
  33. Nice complete info- I think the the archives of the museum of South Bohemia hold all the answers but they don’t trust the publishers I think
  34. Yay, nice set, I would get the generic crystal stoppers not black ones- they look great
  35. Very nice, so I believe this decor comes in green, yellow, PINK, pale pink, red ... any other colors ?
  36. Fantastic - I don’t usually like pairs but these look amazing together
  37. Beautiful piece, I have seen the shape but with a black foot. I would call this Ruckl if it is thick- also ES&Co could possibly be the maker because of the use of the Zebra cane. The “Zebra cane” is a...
  38. Very good color, the Osiris comes in many colors but this is my favorite - do you have any with the lines running vertically?
  39. Fantastic piece, I am looking at Lava variations all the time, so soon more matches can be made. The way the rim breaks up like is very similar to some ES&Co shapes
  40. Aaahhhh - I am very obsessed with this vase !
  41. Amazing piece, tango influence and craftsmanship at its finest !
  42. I’m looking for it buddy, amazing piece. I do think many of the later pieces from Loetz (and probably kralik/ES&Co and others) used lesser materials to their fullest. Loetz for instance had Schaumglas...
  43. Quite right! It is the a variation on the drape with confetti (wave decor) found in red/white/blue. I have seen a few abstract drape decors (at first I thought it was a mistake) - so now I think the d...
  44. Me too, that pontil suggests a top notch maker like Loetz- keep looking at shapes for a compatible “ridged” effect. Look at metalin or Prochaska by Loetz
  45. I love pieces like this! Unique. I think it DOES have a pontil - it looks highly polished. The weird thing is the toughness of the rim, could it have had a lid or metal frog?
  46. I do think ES&Co made large Bambus types (seen in caged pieces) although there are many reasons to think the smaller ones were made by a different maker -because there are no large marked Bambus types...
  47. Nice post perfect for my two cents. The first two decors (pic 1) are different - the lime one is applied rod to a black base color while the red one is more blended - as if a rod was rolled into a...
  48. these are very cool- seems like the cane bunches on white opaline are many decors. Phil very cool to find you shades in documentation. Now find these decors on vases!!!
  49. yes, Ales is right WOW, this is smaller vase found in many "iris" type decors. This decor above is a crackles cased decor I have referred to as Giraffe. Although this one is not iridized there is anot...
  50. I think it better to wait for more documentation, surely they didn't only have one advertisement. I am working on what stays on the kralik side... hopefully both approaches work in the same way to bet...
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