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Sydney, Australia

I collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applieI collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applied decoration, Peloton glass, air trap satin glass, Burmese glass, cut velvet glass, Richardson tulips, uranium glass, & hand vases. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. :-) (Read more)


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My late mother's collection of ceramic wall pocket vases - Potteryin Pottery
Crystal glass hand holding perfume bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Harrach rainbow glass trio - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach rainbow satin glass bowl with enamel decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian glass vase with applied acanthus leaf - a special gift - Art Glassin Art Glass
John Derbyshire uranium glass hand vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Peloton rainbow satin glass jack - in - the - pulpit vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach rainbow glass basket with enamel decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Autumnal nostalgia... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech cased glass hand vase lined with spatter - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Looking sharp there!
  2. Many thanks, Andrewmw. Yes, I feel quite the was the saddest of times, & a terrible struggle, but there was a real sense of pride in doing my best for her.
  3. Thank you most kindly dear racer, you are a champion! :-) Yes, lots of old Aussie favourites there...I will have to post some more pics of the rest of the collection, there are some nice English Art ...
  4. Justanovice, I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful words of support. I am seeing a bereavement counselor, & those sessions are helping me get through the hard times. My friends are my real family now.
  5. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, inky, much appreciated. Yes, she was definitely someone quite unique, never to be forgotten.
  6. Many thanks, Manikin!
  7. This is a fun, quirky vase...but it is vaseline glass rather than carnival glass, though. Carnival has a distinct iridescent finish like a rainbow effect. This piece does have some opalescence, due to...
  8. Thanks so much MALKEY...your rainbow jumpers sound like too much fun! :-)
  9. Thanks also, Justanovice, & my condolences to you as well on your loss. Having just gone through Mother's Day last weekend it was tough, as I'm sure you'd understand. Also, the most unfortunate fact t...
  10. Many thanks, racer!
  11. Thanks so much, ho2cultcha. It has been a tough time, but I am looking to the memories of better times to carry me through. Her collection means a lot to me. She always let me be who I was, even if th...
  12. Well - observed, vetraio50! It's right in my zone!
  13. Thanks also, Ms.CrystalShip!
  14. Thank you most kindly, Manikin...yes, they're a sweet treat for the eyes!
  15. Thanks also, Michelle! I'm always on the lookout, so it's only a matter of time before I find that vase! :-)
  16. Many thanks, Newfld!
  17. Thanks so much, jscott363!
  18. Thank you most kindly, Mrstyndall!
  19. Many thanks for the vote of confidence, sklo42! :-) One of the many joys of collecting is to make the ultimate find, yet still believe that the best is yet to come...
  20. Greenery both vitreous & organic to soothe the soul, a calm, secret place for one's gaze to rest upon...
  21. Yes, yes, I get what you mean by looser...& somewhat thicker too. I used to have several Murano "hankies" & they were all fairly thin. These have a more robust quality to them.
  22. Thanks also, racer...yes, it sends me somewhere very special when I gaze upon it...
  23. Thanks so much, Justanovice!
  24. MALKEY, I am so pleased that this rainbow brightened your day...a parcel is headed your way from me to you...wishing good vibes from far away...
  25. Many thanks, vetraio50...& it was within Australia as well which was a nice change!
  26. This is a very nice piece of Victorian pressed glass & a great buy for that price. Similar vases are pictured in the book "Vaseline Glassware - Fascinating Fluorescent Beauty" as being products of Joh...
  27. So true, Michelle! A wonderful gesture from a special person...much appreciated!
  28. Vermicular shindig is another way of saying threadworm rave! :-)
  29. I've seen this type of handkerchief vase around for years, & didn't know who made them...thanks! :-)
  30. Always happy to inform! :-) I learned of the firm because of their hand vases, certainly an obscure enough reason! They get mentioned a bit in some books on vaseline glass as well. Believe me, I knew...
  31. He is a legend! Indeed this vase has gone from one loving home to another. And he is getting a surprise gift from me in return...
  32. Absolutely, sklo42! I was so happy when I unwrapped it...isn't collecting the best fun? You can meet such wonderful folks, full of passion for glass & generosity to share it around.
  33. It was a firm that made many wonderful figural pieces, AdeleC...some of the very best examples of Victorian pressed glass.
  34. Yes, that one is exactly like the one I had. Perhaps it is even the same one! I didn't know Marty at the time I sold it...will have to ask him if he got it from me. I was selling so much stuff in thos...
  35. I used to have one of an orange, red, & yellow spatter (like the central one in photo 3, but without the blue). I sold it some time ago.
  36. Ah, you saw it too! :-) I snapped it up immediately. The price was right!
  37. Many thanks, sklo42...I wish I could give credit to the maker...they did a fantastic job with this piece!
  38. That is the funniest metaphor I've ever heard! If I was in a band, "Threadworm Rave" would have to be the title of our next album! :-)
  39. I had the bowl for the lid on the top right in the third photo...but sold it a few years back! Otherwise I would have sent it on to you...
  40. Absolutely, sklo42! The perfect indulgence! And it arrived in less than a week from the UK.
  41. Looked at your vase, Vintagefran, which I like a lot, & I can see the similarities in the colouration. I did test this one under UV, as I thought I may have had a touch of uranium, but there wasn't a ...
  42. Well said, MALKEY, odd is my "normal"... :-)
  43. Thank you most kindly, Vintagefran...yes, it is indeed something else. Buying it was a big hassle but all worth it in the end to get something so unusual...
  44. Thanks also, scott!
  45. Thanks so much, Ivonne!
  46. Stunning! Well done on a great find, & love the twisted form.
  47. I rather enjoy its irregular top, & the opalescent edge is a nice touch.
  48. Many thanks, Vintagefran...according to the tracking number, my next piece of Harrach rainbow arrives tomorrow! :-)
  49. It's an impressive size! Would look great with some calla lilies in it. Have you tested it with UV?
  50. Wow, fabulous collection! Look forward to seeing more of it in detail. And great work on restoring that nice cabinet to it's original state.
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Loetz Wellenoptisch uranium vase


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