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Blue Mountains, Australia

I collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite types of art glass are piecesI collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite types of art glass are pieces with applied decoration, Peloton, trailed, threaded, spatter, iridescent, MOP satin, & rainbow glass. Favourite makers include Kralik, Welz, Harrach, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Loetz, Thomas Webb, Stevens & Williams, & Richardsons. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. :-) (Read more)


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Murano glass millefiori paperweight - mid century era - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pink & black Tango glass basket - marked Made in Czechoslovakia - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf twisted marbled pink iridescent glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Snow in the Mountains 
Carlton Ware Handcraft pottery vase - Stellata pattern, 1930 - Potteryin Pottery
Victorian pink cased glass gourd shaped vase - air trap herringbone pattern - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian air trap satin glass vase with moire pattern & applied rigaree - Art Glassin Art Glass
Late 19th century Venetian Murano art glass zanfirico bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian cased spangle glass rose bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf iridescent uranium glass snake vases - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Many thanks, racer, & I can see what you mean about the bone shape - that's cool! Yes, that twisting would have been an important part of the process - to make something already beautiful extra speci...
  2. Much appreciated, MALKEY, poetic as always...
  3. How did I miss this? Wonderful!
  4. It's all good - good old autocorrect is often puzzled by me...a friend & I were only having a laugh the other day about how it also corrects my last name to "Boozes". Well, it is kind of true in a way...
  5. Thanks so much, inky! Black & pink is always in style...
  6. Wow, most unusual! Never seen anything quite like it...the glass looks Murano for sure...
  7. Sorry, but it's Marin not Marion...a male name rather than female! :-) It does get mistaken a bit...
  8. Thanks so much, welzebub, thought this one would be of interest to you. I was thrilled to get it - so glad it was a buy it now, because I hit that buy it button as soon as I saw it!
  9. Wow, that's definitely a flower from another planet! My sort of planet, in fact! Yours respectfully, Marin the Martian :-)
  10. Many thanks, Wow22! I thought that this piece might be something a bit different. I do have a couple of pink Loetz Tango pieces, & one which is most likely Welz in a very pale pink. I had a basket...
  11. Never seen an upside down flower like this one - definitely something different, & I love it!
  12. Many thanks, MALKEY, glad it's got you feeling in the pink! I've got another wonderful piece of pink glass which I'll post tomorrow... The snow cleared to a sunny day today, with the temperature 12 ...
  13. Thanks so much, freiheit! Yes, it's definitely glass for me too, but if I find any more of these pieces (at a reasonable price) then they'll always be welcome. But I'm perfectly happy with just this ...
  14. Many thanks, keramikos! Snow is a real novelty to me...I didn't go for a walk in it, though. It was early in the morning & I'm not much of a morning person. Just took some photos & enjoyed the scener...
  15. Many thanks, kyratango!
  16. It absolutely makes sense, & I feel quite the same in my own way. We all need space to grow & learn. Sometimes it takes a while, but when you get there at last, it's a good place to be, where ever it ...
  17. Thanks so much, raven3766!
  18. Thanks again, Elisabethan! Yes, I find that being true to who I am has opened up a new world. That way, I can be my best self & give my best back to others as well.
  19. Generally I don't use them, but I do use some vintage ceramic pieces (they're more robust). If I have cut flowers then we have plain, modern vases that don't compete visually with the flowers, as Vict...
  20. Many thanks, also, TreasureTex, that is so kind of you to say so...I'm living life to the full at last after many years of compromise & hard times. I've no regrets for what happened in the past, becau...
  21. Hi Elisabethan, yes, it's usually warm here...I grew up in Sydney, where it never snows, & it never gets very cold, but now I live 90 minutes west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains where the climate is ...
  22. Thanks so much, Elisabethan, that is a lovely description!
  23. Many thanks Elisabethan, glad you're enjoying it!
  24. Many thanks, vetraio50! We had some more snow today but it didn't for the cold, I was out in it for a while today during an excursion to a truffle farm in Hartley (other side of the Mounta...
  25. Thanks also, fhjr2! The silence of snow is something magical, & yes, I've certainly enjoyed it today, & perhaps tomorrow as well...
  26. Many thanks, Newfld! Yes, it was so wonderfully quiet, that was the thing that struck me the most when I was watching the snow falling this morning. Living in Sydney my whole life, snow was not part o...
  27. Thanks so much, Mrstyndall!
  28. Many thanks, eye4beauty! Yes, clay can certainly be captivating in its own unique way.
  29. Many thanks, Bambus1920!
  30. Many thanks, Billretirecoll! So glad you're enjoying it - my day was certainly made when I saw it - well worth travelling just over 2 hours for!
  31. So true, philmac51! :-)
  32. Yes indeed, philmac51, as we just took delivery of a new load of firewood today - winter is definitely still in force, though the days are getting a little longer already, & the spring flowers are get...
  33. Many thanks, Vintagefran - yes, the colour is subtle & doesn't exactly "scream" about its uranium content, but under UV light the glow is intense. I'll have to do a black light photo of them sometime.
  34. Magical!
  35. Yes, I thought Whitefriars too, the style reminds Geoffrey Baxter's 60s designs. But this is not really my area either!
  36. Stunning colour in this piece, & I have a special Leo in my life, whose birthday is next week!
  37. Many thanks, Vintagefran - pleased that it's been of interest!
  38. Thank you most kindly, Vintagefran, much appreciated! I am in a good place at last after years of struggle, & I intend to enjoy every moment!
  39. Many thanks, Vintagefran! This was the first example I'd encountered, then I soon happened upon more...funny how that can happen...
  40. Thanks again!
  41. Thanks so much, valentino97!
  42. Thanks so much, inky!
  43. eye4beauty - many thanks, & good vibes all around!
  44. I agree, racer, these are the ultimate in guilt free confections (well, I try not to think of the expense, but they're worth every penny...)
  45. Thanks so much, inky!
  46. Thank you most kindly, shareurpassion!
  47. Vintagefran...your time will come one day, I'm sure. I have missed out many times, but things always seem to turn up some other time, often better than what I missed. The hunt is always on!
  48. Much appreciated welzebub, they are both fantastic items. I think I've seen that first footed bowl about for sale online for quite a while...the price rather high if I recall rightly. The "Siamese" co...
  49. Welcome back! You've been missed! This vase is so vibrant & bold, a great one to return to CW with...
  50. Many thanks welzebub! I also have one authentic Clarice Cliff piece - a rectangular plate marked "The Biarritz". It belonged to my grandmother. Will have to post a photo of it! I would love to get mor...
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vintage golf balls Loetz Wellenoptisch uranium vase


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