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Blue Mountains, Australia

I collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applieI collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applied decoration, Peloton glass, air trap satin glass, Burmese glass, cut velvet glass, Richardson tulips, uranium glass, & hand vases. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. :-) (Read more)


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Victorian cased glass vase with raised enamel decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik confetti & stripes footed shell vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau satin glass vase with applied flower - Kralik - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau uranium & spatter glass vase - unusual shape - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian glass basket - cased uranium ivory with applied bamboo handle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large 1920s- 1930s Czech glass vase orange spatter with blue/black base - Art Glassin Art Glass
Upright Kralik floriform glass vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian art glass dish with rigaree - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian cased glass palm tree vase by John Walsh Walsh - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rainbow glass vase in brass stand - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. A magical vase - from a magical person! Have been thinking of you, MALKEY & it's great to see you back on CW. My very best to you, always...
  2. How I enjoy this quirky design! This is a very sweet example. I have a three ball fan vase in mythical Welz Burmese...crazy thing it is!
  3. I must have some sort of allium obsession I guess! I do like onions & garlic & suchlike...& all the flowering bulbs. Apparently there was some Welsh background on my late mother's side so maybe that a...
  4. Rather like a leek! Have not seen this exact shape before...
  5. My pleasure, & glad that it has been of interest, truthordare!
  6. Many thanks, SEAN68!
  7. Like a tumble of brilliant jewels!
  8. Thanks also, philmac51!
  9. Many thanks, welzebub!
  10. My pleasure - it's a fab decor, & a very interesting colour scheme.
  11. Many thanks, sklo42! It was a lucky find - & I've often found it worth my while searching through generic glass descriptions, because interesting things can turn up. For instance, I once found a piec...
  12. Wow22 - thankfully not! :-) We had a snail outbreak a few months back - I think they're out of season at present (going into winter now). But I am more than happy to welcome this vitreous specimen ...
  13. Thank you most kindly, larksel!
  14. Great find! I really like this decor & a lidded pot makes it even more special. Here's a vase in a slightly paler version of the decor -
  15. Many thanks, valentino97! It's easy with a backdrop like my new garden - I'm spoiled for choice for location shoots...
  16. These are so cool, such an awesome collection. Folks sure had style back in the day...the skull is my favourite too, love the pistols as well.
  17. Stunning! Thanks for sharing!
  18. The loose style of brushwork could suggest a later date than 19th century...but perhaps it was a study (a painted sketch) for a more finished version. And may I suggest that the person portrayed may h...
  19. So fabulous! An absolute treasure!
  20. Thanks also, Vintagefran!
  21. Thanks for your thoughts & the interesting links, truthordare!
  22. Many thanks, Vintagefran!
  23. And thanks again, Wow22, much appreciated! It certainly is food for thought!
  24. Many thanks, larksel!
  25. The plot thickens...many thanks, Bambus1920!
  26. Now I have some decor names...I'm thinking Kralik Helios, perhaps? Colour scheme looks similar...
  27. Many thanks, Wow22! I really just thought it was some sort of proto - Art Deco geometrical experimentation...but - that's really interesting. It was sold as Loetz but I didn't take that seriously. As ...
  28. It's vaseline glass - the pale yellow colour is due to uranium in the mix. Victorian era - 1880s or so.
  29. Many thanks, Newfld!
  30. Fantastic charity shop find! I am a big fan of glass with bumps & peculiar protusions. This fine specimen has inspired me to repost a bumptious basket of my own...never thought it may be Harrach - but...
  31. I have a couple of items in the same sort of colour scheme -
  32. Goodness me, I've opened up a hornet's nest haven't it? Or Pandora's box. Anyway, I've amended the title & description, as well as having given myself a stern talking to about the matter... :-)
  33. Really I had no idea there was an exact definition of seems I've been mis - attributing for years. Horrors! I'll have to rename all my old posts, I guess...
  34. Wow, amazing find & congratulations!
  35. Wow22, thanks for your thoughts...I did not know that spatter pieces were not regarded as Tango? That's quite a purist definition I guess.
  36. Many thanks, Broochman!
  37. What a fun, quirky piece! The green is a colour you don't see that often in this type of Tango glass either. And the group shot looks fab!
  38. Love the pink flowers! And I also enjoy the variability of hand made pairs - fraternal twins rather than identical ones...
  39. What a fantastic resource! This provides such a valuable link between art glass & not only the colours, but also the idea that manufacturers also apparently "tested" new colours, decors, etc in smal...
  40. Many thanks, vetraio50!
  41. I must confess that I'm something of a nerd...always enjoyed the scientific aspect to glass as well as the aesthetic/historical value...& thus the uranium exerts its own strange allure. Over the years...
  42. Rather like my pair from about a year ago, though mine have three colours in the spatter - one of which has uranium - have you tested it?
  43. I agree, Bambus1920...I once lived near the coast, now I'm far from it, but the marine influence lingers on...
  44. Many thanks, billretirecoll - I do recall that piece, the rigaree decoration is a nice link between different styles & eras of glass. Many examples of the Victorian glass from Stourbridge were inspire...
  45. OMG! This is totally fab, I love it! Never seen one quite like it, but I'm going to go out on a limb & suggest Kralik. The decor is variant on crackle - not see it in rainbow colours, though. It h...
  46. An intriguing use of applied decoration in a modern studio design. There were some instances of applied beads on Victorian glass by various makers in England & Bohemia. Nice find, whoever made it!
  47. Thanks so much, sklo42!
  48. Bambus1920 - I'm rather frond of that idea... (A fellow pun fiend at your service)
  49. Thanks so much, welzebub! It's a particularly attractive shade of blue, isn't it!
  50. What a great haul - well done!
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