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Blue Mountains, Australia

I'm a creative person who collects Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite typeI'm a creative person who collects Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite types of art glass are pieces with applied decoration, Peloton, trailed, threaded, spatter, iridescent, MOP satin, & rainbow glass. Favourite makers include Kralik, Welz, Harrach, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Loetz, Thomas Webb, Stevens & Williams, & Richardsons. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. I also appreciate antique furniture, ceramics, & all manner of interesting old wares full of character & meaning. Love rock music as well, especially David Bowie. To live with style, elegance, & dignity is my aim, kindest regards, Marin. (Read more)


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Czech cobalt blue glass vase with spatter & frit decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Kralik shell cornucopia iridescent glass vase - with thanks to inky! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Looking back, looking forward... 
Basket buffet picnic plus a floral flourish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bower bird nest update - post destruction 
Fungi in the Mountains 
Local scenery - a bower bird's nest & bushland recovery after the fires 
Pink & yellow pulled loop modern studio art glass spherical vase & some magic buttons - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau iridescent pink & yellow striped art glass sugar castor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Art Deco spatter glass "rocket" vase with brass flower frog - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Karen, I totes thought this was Kralik from the has a "Pampas" vibe going on... Love the colour scheme & overlapping patterns. And how good is it to rediscover a forgotten gem?
  2. LOL, Bambus1920...if only...I wish it could rake fallen leaves as well... :-)
  3. Many thanks, Ivonne!
  4. Many thanks, Vynil33rpm...& in the lack of such a wondrous thing, let us content ourselves with the immortal phrase: "I'm happy, hope you're happy too..."
  5. Here I am, post - cake (it was fabulous) & many wines the worse (or better) for wear...& I thank you my good friend Karen for your warm wishes & kind thoughts. For sure, every year's been better & be...
  6. Thanks so much, Karen! Yes, inky is a total legend... :-)
  7. Well said, artfoot - & that I did, in a low key sort of way. The yard picnic was simple, but most enjoyable. Now looking forward to sampling some home made cake tonight! :-)
  8. Thanks also, Daisy1000! As to the photo of my father, I know next to nothing...all I know is that he'd sent it back to Yugoslavia after he'd emigrated to Australia. It is possible that his clothes & h...
  9. Thank you most kindly, Patricia!
  10. Love that single span arch bridge my friend, just like we have in Sydney...based on the same design...
  11. Thanks so much, Pascale! Yes, I was so lucky to get this one of my father. He'd lost all the rest of his papers in a fire at a boarding house that he lived in...& when he met my mother he had an over...
  12. Stunning piece & just super to see your amazing collection!
  13. You've got seriously stunning home decor going on there!
  14. Received with many thanks, Kevin! Take care, my friend!
  15. Thanks so much TreasureTex for your lovely, thoughtful comment. It is much appreciated & I wish you all the very best too! My parents saw that I was a natural collector right from the firs...
  16. Many thanks, Brian! I believe that a yard picnic of some sort is on the cards. But maybe a drive somewhere as well if we get the time (my partner is working from home & has to do Zoom meetings, which...
  17. How did I miss this? That green aventurine really adds pizazz!
  18. Many thanks, Kevin - & here it is...I found it in a funny cluttered little shop in Newtown that used to be a rather excellent cake shop called "Caketown."
  19. Absolutely, Bambus1920! It's got to be the craziest basket ever...that's why I had to have it... :-)
  20. Looks really nice! Thanks for sharing!
  21. So true, Thomas...we tried last weekend (unaware of the new rules) & found the couple of picnic grounds that we drove by (extremely remote ones, too) closed. Luckily we had our own folding table & cha...
  22. Many thanks, artfoot! For sure that one is favourite of mine...I love crazy glass & that one is a fine example of the concept!
  23. AnythingObscure, sounds great! At least we've got a fun virtual collecting world here on CW to keep us entertained...I'm sure we'll be seeing way more new posts than usual... :-) It's getting cold t...
  24. Totally agree with the sentiment! Also would be great to see any late bloomers from your part of the world... I'm looking forward to a bumper Spring display having so many more plants than last year...
  25. Many thanks Stuff! I'll keep on watching it & will post updates...
  26. Thanks so much, AnythingObscure, & I'm glad that you enjoy my photos! Yes, we are heading into Autumn pretty fast here the first really big westerly wind of the season blew in & sent leav...
  27. New photo added - taken today, showing what I think is an attempt at rebuilding the bower. Note that a yellow flower (which is from a dwarf dahlia in the front garden) has been added. Various items ha...
  28. Very nice quality piece & definitely late 19th century.
  29. Many thanks Penny!
  30. Have a great birthday MALKEY my blue friend! From a fellow Aries, Marin. :-)
  31. This is basket p*rn, LOL! :-) Great stuff & would you believe that even though I have SO many baskets (a fair few of them by Welz, too) there's none in this extensive list that is in my collection (s...
  32. Keramikos & Karen, yes that seems to be the issue. The bowers are often vandalised by other males that are more dominant & aggressive (why oh why do we hope that animals could be nicer than humans...I...
  33. Many thanks, Jenni! It's my birthday on Monday 6th...& I love the intense cobalt blue of this ram...
  34. Karen, I would be rather special...tell me, did you see the nest get flattened after a couple of days, though? I'm not sure what to make of it! Success or failure?
  35. I hope so too, keramikos, though I'm not sure what to make of the destroyed - looking nest...I'll watch for further developments...
  36. I'll see what I can do, Pascale, although I noticed today that the nest has been flattened & all the blue items moved around in a circle. It looks pretty weird now...
  37. Interesting to note, artfoot! And bees also like blue - they prefer to visit blue flowers above all others - so I see plenty around the lavender, salvias, delphiniums, & other blue blooms in the garde...
  38. Looking forward to seeing all your fab fresh glass my friend!
  39. Loving the baskets & the info...please keep 'em coming! :-)
  40. Hmmm...just because someone on eBay has ID'd something as S&W doesn't mean it is...eBay sellers are not necessarily to be taken as the ultimate authority on attributions...for example, a lot of the va...
  41. Welcome to CW & looking forward to seeing your vast collection of glass! So many companies made spatter glass, it was such a popular style over a long period of time. Personally I think more likely L...
  42. Oh, & back to you, Karen...I am not missing the tourist hoards in the slightest! I know that local businesses will be suffering (as they are everywhere) but some of the tourists are not very nice at ...
  43. Craig, that sounds like some wild parties...I have not partaken of the psychotropic variety (although a friend who visited last year noted that there were what looked like a certain type in my yard). ...
  44. Hi Karen, yes, this type of mushroom definitely needs a cold climate...I first saw them in NZ on the South Island...& in Bowral, & Tasmania. I have always had a "thing" for fungi...there was always ...
  45. Thanks so much, Karen...yes we drove out to Bell's Line of Road too...where these photos were taken. We'd gone there in late January just after the road had been reopened. There has been a lot of work...
  46. Many thanks, keramiikos! Yes, we have a satin bowerbird, he is a stunning glossy blue - black, & he's done some more work on the nest - gathered up the various blue scraps we left around the yard & a...
  47. Many thanks, Trey - they are cool things for sure!
  48. Thank you most kindly, kivatinitz, much appreciated & glad that you're enjoying these vases. Hope to find more some day...
  49. I agree, Pascale - it was a magical end to a day of rather hard work in my old garden. I was feeling weary & dour, but those finds lifted me up & away from all that...
  50. Many thanks, kivatinitz!
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this is newcastle tyne the wesgate vault  the good bad and darn right ugly L,O,L lots love cw friends this is our time on CW north east  salt glazed  porters  pottery stephen green lambeth london 1840s = 1860 year  diamonds


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