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Blue Mountains, Australia

I'm a creative person who collects Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite typeI'm a creative person who collects Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite types of art glass are pieces with applied decoration, Peloton, trailed, threaded, spatter, iridescent, MOP satin, & rainbow glass. Favourite makers include Kralik, Welz, Harrach, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Loetz, Thomas Webb, Stevens & Williams, & Richardsons. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. Live proud, stay positive, & find beauty everywhere - cheers, Marin. (Read more)


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Victorian opalescent glass basket with rustic thorns - & something else blue... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian amber glass vase with applied decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Thomas Webb & Sons cameo glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian brown Peloton glass rose bowl vase with "snowflake" type rim  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian cased glass footed rose bowl with rustic thorns - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Victorian cased glass vase - rainbow, aventurine, & thorns - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian glass tulip ornament by Richardson's of Wordsley - Art Glassin Art Glass
1920s/30s Czech glass vase - orange with bottom up spatter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau floriform glass vase - Kralik, I think... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair Victorian rainbow glass vases - possibly Stourbridge - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks so much, shareurpassion - glad you're enjoying it!
  2. Thanks also for your thoughts, renedijkstra.
  3. Forgive my late reply, welzebub - I thought possibly Welz too, given the snowflake rim. I have seen the "Siamese" conjoined rose bowl(s) as it was called at the time in this same brown Peloton - it's ...
  4. Absolutely love characterful glass - & people!
  5. Many thanks, inky! This one's ticked off an entry on my bucket list, but I keep adding more...that's the collector's lot, it seems! :-)
  6. Absolutely stunning!
  7. That's very kind of you to say so, Ivonne...but I'm always ready & willing to be amazed by what's out there in the world...because the variety of art glass seems infinite!
  8. One of the meanings of "chatelaine" is the mistress of a castle - so perhaps this was a reference to "the lady of the house" having responsibility for creating an elegant & welcoming environment by de...
  9. Thanks so much, racer - yes, I'm loving it here, but still easy for me to get down to Sydney when I need to!
  10. What an interesting rim crimp! I've seen & bought many baskets in my time, but never seen this crimp before...a great find!
  11. Many thanks, Ivonne! I totally agree that the rigaree adds a dainty touch to this heavy basket. And I'm thrilled to be able to grow flowers like this blue rhododendron at last, due to moving to a cool...
  12. By hook or by crook, I'll find one someday! :-) I'll gladly take one in any colour or shape... And I'm very keen to see yours when it arrives, Ivonne...
  13. My pleasure, artfoot, & it is always nice to see this type of glass being appreciated. Funnily enough, I bought my "mirror" pair one at a time, as the seller was okay to split them up, but I let him...
  14. These are great - my kind of glass in every way. Here's some other shapes in the same decor: https://www.coll...
  15. What a fantastic collection, display, & photo! So much Welz goodness to enjoy here. I'm sorely regretting selling my only example of one of these vases (same shape as your central cobalt/red one, but ...
  16. Pert, saucy, & full of character!
  17. So gorgeous - & I think Welz had a particular talent for designing stunning art glass baskets!
  18. Wow! This is fabulous - never seen a JIP basket before - & now I want one!
  19. Looking forward to the group shot, & loving the quirky rigaree on the newest addition!
  20. Fantastic! A high - class version of the old "yard of ale" perhaps? :-) This would definitely fit the bill when you've had one of those days where you need a BIG drink...
  21. Romanian origin I think & from within the last 20 - 30 years. The pulled loop design is an old technique that was used (& is still used) by many glass makers known & unknown. "Nailsea" is a term appli...
  22. Perhaps dogwood flowers?
  23. Weird is always positive in my opinion! :-) Bizarre, quirky, eccentric, characterful, oddball, off the wall, kooky...all are appropriate to describe these vases...
  24. Well done on a fantastic find! It's stunning, & I've got one on my "glass bucket list" for sure!
  25. What an absolutely stunning piece - thanks for sharing!
  26. Many thanks, sklo42 - thought this may have been Welz but wasn't 100% sure - nice to know that it is!
  27. Many thanks, racer, yes it is a good size & especially for the price! I love the term jolie laide/belle laide...& have used it an artwork. Characterful things win my heart in many contexts...
  28. Me too, Scott - & it's such a thrill to have a piece at last after so many years!
  29. Thanks so much, sklo42 - & beautifully said!
  30. Many thanks, MALKEY, knew you'd enjoy it...the very best of British, isn't it!
  31. Pure magic in glass!
  32. All good things take time...& how satisfying it must feel to have at least some of your collection so beautifully displayed. Look forward to seeing more in the future! Loving those Kralik delights (e...
  33. Great piece - could also be a small glass for a strong drink? Perfect for a shot of whiskey!
  34. Thanks so much, valentino97! I'm actually not 100% sure of what the specifics were for arranging roses in rose bowls...this is a big one, so would definitely work well with a tightly packed, short bo...
  35. These are so cute & fun. Reminds me of Bimini/Lauscha type glass.
  36. Many thanks, sklo42, yes, I thought this one might open a can of worms...for some reason I seem to be drawn such pieces! :-) Hope you can find yourself some brown Peloton too, it's something special ...
  37. Wow, it's fab - two of my favourite things - rainbows & tulips! Whoever made it, it's something special...
  38. Many thanks, artfoot, & yes, it's great to have an attribution on this very interesting piece!
  39. Thanks so much for the info & link, welzebub, much appreciated! The fan vase is fascinating & I would love to get one, especially in this unusual decor. It is certainly interesting to learn that th...
  40. Many thanks, larksel - yes, it really caught my fancy when I saw it - I'd already bought something else & had to quickly add this one to my cart!
  41. Many thanks, MALKEY!
  42. Absolutely stunning - those stars! A new piece for my "must have" list...
  43. Yes, it's an epergne, in ruby or cranberry glass. Very popular in the Victorian period but made in this style as late as the 1920s in England. Also various repro/modern examples made from the 1950s on...
  44. Many thanks, MALKEY! And when my real tulips are in flower over the next few weeks, I'll take some pictures of them with my glass ones...
  45. I'm sure she will, racer!
  46. Marty, I've changed to a new one - will be in touch soon...
  47. Totally agree, Marty - they're magical!
  48. Many thanks, Marty!
  49. Thanks so much, racer!
  50. Magical!
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