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Sydney, Australia

I collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applieI collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applied decoration, Peloton glass, air trap satin glass, Burmese glass, cut velvet glass, Richardson tulips, uranium glass, & hand vases. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. :-) (Read more)


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Victorian cased glass bottle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian opalescent pink glass vase with applied leaf top - Kralik? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian cased glass vase with applied decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
A rainbow of glass hand vases  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian opalescent jack in the pulpit floriform vessel - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian cased opalescent glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian diamond quilted satin glass vase with applied flowers - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Welz pink cased spotted glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Welz opaque pink glass frit vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian wall mirror with opalescent glass epergne posy holder - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Such bold & beautiful baskets!
  2. Many thanks, inky!
  3. Thanks also sklo42, love your latest photos & it is indeed quite fortuitous that we've both posted leafy Kralik things! Those baskets of your are fabulous!
  4. Many thanks, Ivonne!
  5. Thanks also, sklo42! Yes, there is such wonderful attention to detail on these applied pieces, & so many variations...I was very taken by the applied feet, which are quite different.
  6. Thanks, billretirecoll, yes, sometimes things can look a little smaller in photos...I may have to take a comparison photo of this one with another even bigger vase with applied flowers I have in my co...
  7. Many thanks, shareurpassion! Yes, that such pieces have endured the years continues to astonish me, too...very grateful that they have!
  8. :-) Thanks, inky! Yes, I still collect them, but haven't got one in a while...the most recent was in October last year. Probably because I have most of them already...there's only a few more rare var...
  9. Thanks so much, billretirecoll, glad you're enjoying them! And my pleasure to be of help with the ID on your piece - great to see that you've found out more about it, too.
  10. Well done on your packaging instructions - I have done the exact same thing a few times myself! It is a really gorgeous vase, too...
  11. Just as I suspected! Spare bits of elaborate chandeliers (& other glass items in multiple parts) often get broken up & then re - purposed into other things over the years. Still a lovely item & it's n...
  12. It looks very Murano to me. And it also looks like it could have been part of something, like a chandelier, perhaps?
  13. Many thanks, buckethead!
  14. Thank so much, racer4four! The collection was featured on the former ABCTV show Collectors in 2010.
  15. Yes Wow22, left handed hand vases are indeed quite rare. I have only a few out of a very large collection. Rarest of all is to find a matching pair in right & left versions...pairs of hand vases are n...
  16. Thanks iggy!
  17. Thanks also, rockbat. More to come eventually!
  18. Many thanks, freiheit...this is just a small section of my hand vases...there are a lot more! I started collecting them in 1995...took me ages to get only a few, then I discovered online shopping... :-)
  19. It looks very like the Northwood pull up pattern by Stevens & Williams...Victorian era, c. 1880s. Stunning piece!
  20. The perfect finishing touch to a very elegant Japanese still life! Isn't collecting great - I just love the way it can connect people...
  21. It's Peloton for sure...I have a similar small vase with pink threads - & another with white one (except that it has applied handles) & believe both to be by Harrach. Victorian era rather than 20s.
  22. These are the Richardson tulips which have near - identically constructed leaf footed bases.
  23. The base is uses a technique related to pincerwork, & is definitely not machine pressed. The leaves are formed with a specialised tool & then attached. There were a lot of items from this 1880s - 1890...
  24. Many thanks, racer! Yes, it definitely has a fluidity of form to it.
  25. I couldn't agree more! :-) I'd not seen anything quite like it had to be mine!
  26. Many thanks, Vintagefran! It is a joy to touch, so silky smooth!
  27. I'm a big fan of these striped elegant!
  28. The jug is very familiar to me...I have one I bought way back in 1995 in my early collecting days...only mine has the longer "leaves" on the footed base, like the bowl. Lovely to see so many variatio...
  29. Thanks so much, freiheit!
  30. Thanks also Scott, thought you might like it as a fellow admirer of applied flowers!
  31. Many thanks, nutsabotas6!
  32. Stunning! Love how things can turn up in that's like magic sometimes!
  33. I would happily call this Tango glass...& I love the unusual square top!
  34. Thank you most kindly, sklo42! I was indeed knocked out when I spotted it...& there was another nice find from the same stall which I shall post in a few days...a Welz thorn vase! And I literally had ...
  35. Many thanks, inky!
  36. Very elegant piece!
  37. This "modern" type of peloton is always nice to see, it's so vibrant compared to the Victorian type.
  38. Many thanks, Vintagefran! I've had many good finds in that shop over the years. One of the very best!
  39. I agree, rockbat, pieces with frit or overshot have a great texture. They catch the light in a different way to regular glass. Especially on an opaque piece like this...I have one other opaque frit it...
  40. Many thanks, rockbat...yes, it is a lot of fun to hunt for treasure.
  41. Thanks also, Mrstyndall!
  42. Great to hear it's a new shape, welzebub!
  43. It is indeed one of the best op shops in the universe! :-)
  44. Many thanks, racer4four!
  45. Definitely a comport. The metal base can be removed for cleaning separate to the glass dish. It's beautiful!
  46. Many thanks, nutsabotas6!
  47. Great buy!
  48. Thanks also, vetraio50!
  49. Many thanks, sklo42! :-)
  50. Many thanks, lentilka11, glad that you're enjoying them!
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Loetz Wellenoptisch uranium vase


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