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Blue Mountains, Australia

I'm a creative person who collects Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite typeI'm a creative person who collects Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite types of art glass are pieces with applied decoration, Peloton, trailed, threaded, spatter, iridescent, MOP satin, & rainbow glass. Favourite makers include Kralik, Welz, Harrach, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Loetz, Thomas Webb, Stevens & Williams, & Richardsons. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. I also appreciate antique furniture, ceramics, & all manner of interesting old wares full of character & meaning. Love rock music as well, especially David Bowie. To live with style, elegance, & dignity is my aim, kindest regards, Marin. (Read more)


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Kralik overshot glass vase with applied decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano glass scrambled paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian satin glass vase with Coralene decor - Goldberg - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian air trap pink satin glass vase - "Pompeian Swirl" type - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Kralik iridescent "corded" glass bowl/vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian satin glass vase with raised enamel decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian hand painted milk glass vase (featuring a magical owl) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco spatter glass vase - perhaps Kralik Wave? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Happy (Glass) Mardi Gras! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Czech Tango spatter glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. It looks Victorian, & I'm leaning towards a European origin for it, either Bohemian or perhaps French. The painted decoration looks like Orchid flowers (not 100% sure) which could be a help in identif...
  2. Oh, just an obsessive, that's all! :-) This was described as a "glass vase". Yep, that's all! I've learned over the years to make my searches very basic, broad, & non - specific, because that's wher...
  3. Many thanks, Karen! Yes, I like the shaded, or spreading colour technique in glass very much - it does provide an extra dimension to a piece, in this one it seems to make the vase appear taller as we...
  4. That is so kind of you to say, Scott, & I'm pleased to think that the collection I've had so much fun putting together over the decades can bring enjoyment to other folks as well...makes it even bette...
  5. Many thanks, Bernard! It's pretty difficult for me to choose...baskets in general are a favourite form in glass, but this vase was a great buy as well. I think both are super!
  6. Many thanks, Michelle! Yes, this little vase appealed to me on so many levels, & it's definitely a new favourite. Small, but full of personality & unique style!
  7. Thanks so much, kivatinitz!
  8. Many thanks, Scott! And yes, I had a most enjoyable day...
  9. Many thanks, Patricia! Yes, I did have a great day...& there is some more special glass to follow...
  10. Thanks also, Ivonne! Yes, I'm amazed that it's in such good condition, as Coralene can often have issues after 100 plus years. I feel so fortunate to have found this!
  11. Many thanks, kwqd!
  12. Much appreciated, Scott!
  13. Just scored one of these myself, Peggy - couldn't believe my luck to find one exactly the same as yours one month after you posted this one!
  14. Many thanks, Bernard!
  15. Fantastic display! I especially admire the sustained & thoughtful focus that you bring to your collection, Peggy, it's so impressive. May this herald the end of lockdowns & the start of a brighter f...
  16. You know me so well, Karen! :-) Ugly & beautiful are fraternal twins, & this vase is just SO me. Bernard is clearly a collector of excellent taste to have scored a stunner like this one!
  17. I missed you! So nice to see you back on CW, Karen! Wishing you a very Happy Easter & birthday too...
  18. Thanks also, Karen!
  19. Thanks so much, kivatinitz! I agree, satin glass is a wonder that brings art & science together, the alchemy of glass - making is a truly magical thing. And yes, the tactile quality, like a fine fa...
  20. Many thanks, Karen, & wishing you a Happy Birthday, too!
  21. Many thanks, jscott0363!
  22. This is a most stylish ram, & he's "back in black" just like most of my outfits, LOL! My birthday is the Tuesday after Easter & the older I get the more I enjoy my birthdays. I'm all geared up for en...
  23. This is by Welz, I believe. Great story, & very lucky that you were in the shop at the right time to rescue it from the bin!
  24. A real stunner, brilliant find! I've got this same striking shape in a different decor:
  25. Awesome! This is just so much like my ruby/cranberry version of this design. Even better that you picked it up in an op shop, & really great that it went to someone who appreciated it!
  26. What a stunner! A really nice & rather unusual example of a rose bowl with a flower almost as big as the whole item!
  27. Oh, I seriously hope I can - & I'll be trying my very best! :-)
  28. This decor looks so good with a satin finish, very stylish. As a fairy lamp tragic of long standing, it takes a good deal of perseverance to collect them. I have been most fortunate to be able to pu...
  29. Many thanks Bernard - & look forward to seeing your green vase. I did manage to find a green one a few years ago which has a great glow under UV, so yours probably does as well! Glad you enjoy my ph...
  30. What a gem! Of course now I want one as well... :-)
  31. Many thanks, Michelle! You know, I actually thought of your collection with respect to this vase, as you have so many gorgeous enameled pieces. So glad you're enjoying it!
  32. Wonderful find & well done! I love the salmon colour in particular - a rare shade in glass!
  33. Seriously stunning! I can always forgive some damage on a special piece like this...because it's just had a long & interesting life!
  34. I actually think that label might say NUART. I've looked it up & that brand was used by the US manufacturer Imperial Glass. They seemed to make mostly carnival glass & light shades, early 20th C. N...
  35. Yes, shareurpassion, that's me! Aries with Moon in Taurus & Cancer rising (explains why I'm so into all the home comforts & a bit of an introvert, LOL. Also lots of Aquarius in my chart for extra ecce...
  36. Superb grouping! Can't wait to see the rest...
  37. What a stunning pair of rose bowls! I'm a big fan of pieces with applied decoration, & cherries are always at the top of my list. Well done on putting together the pair, as well.
  38. Thank so much, Peggy...& yes, there will be some more birthday treats to come, as I'm watching a few interesting things which end over the next week...
  39. Many thanks, jimtim!
  40. No way is this ugly, it's FABULOUS! Possibly by Harrach, in my opinion...
  41. Great piece! I agree that this is by John Walsh Walsh, here is a similar related item from my collection:
  42. Much appreciated, Peggy! I'm so pleased that I decided to go to this shop today...I had to pick up a few groceries & I thought I might as well drop by...definitely not imagining I'd find anything lik...
  43. Many thanks, jscott0363! The shop I found this in is not known for bric - a - brac, it's much more focused on clothing (another interest of mine, LOL). So this was a very unexpected find when I dropp...
  44. Very keen to see more baskets & especially the group shots!
  45. These are SO fabulous! Only trouble is, now I want one too! :-)
  46. Thanks so much, Sean!
  47. Thanks also, Bambus1920!
  48. Thank you so much Patricia, & beautifully said!
  49. Thanks also, Kevin! Found this gem in Newtown, one of my favourite haunts...
  50. Many thanks, kivatinitz!
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Harry Carlsson (1891-1968): "Night visit to Venus". 1940. this is newcastle tyne the wesgate vault  the good bad and darn right ugly L,O,L lots love cw friends this is our time on CW north east  salt glazed  porters  pottery stephen green lambeth london 1840s = 1860 year  diamonds


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