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Sydney, Australia

I collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applieI collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applied decoration, Peloton glass, air trap satin glass, Burmese glass, cut velvet glass, Richardson tulips, uranium glass, & hand vases. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. :-) (Read more)


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Victorian glass vase with applied acanthus leaf - Art Glassin Art Glass
A tribute to David Bowie - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Victorian glass jar with applied acanthus leaf - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian cased pink/blue rainbow satin glass vase with raised enamel decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Crocus glass vase by Kralik - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau black amethyst iridescent glass vase with trailed decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau ruby - pink glass vase with trailed decoration - Kralik, I think... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Small wonders... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau iridescent glass vase with trailed decoration - Kralik - Art Glassin Art Glass
Late Victorian/Art Nouveau Burmese glass vase - most unusual! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I am a "basket case" & proud! :-) This is a fine specimen & I definitely would have put it in my shopping basket had I been lucky enough to see it! Well done on a very nice buy!
  2. Sorry to say that this is not Tango glass, although the orange colour is reminiscent of it. This piece was made in China in the 1970s. I often see these listed as Victorian art glass. The article belo...
  3. Many thanks MALKEY!
  4. Great photos of an impressive piece of uranium glass...& Homer is a fun addition to the scene!
  5. An unintentionally hilarious gem... :-)
  6. What a fun piece! These figurines are such charming examples of the glassmaker's art. I used to have a figural thermometer with a small custard glass duck afloat on a lily pad type base made by same m...
  7. Big thanks to all the fab folks out there for the love!
  8. Many thanks, racer! :-)
  9. Cheers MALKEY! :-)
  10. Thank you most kindly, buckethead!
  11. Looks like a party in glass!
  12. Wow, such striking & colourful spatter! Love it! If you have a black light, test this & you may find that the pale yellow flecks glow green...a couple of Tango spatter pieces in my collection do that.
  13. Roycroftbooksfromme1, thanks for your thoughts...I have seen the recent book on Duffy's creative collaborations with Bowie, & will have to get myself a copy sometime.
  14. Thanks so much, Justanovice! I made sure that my tailor saved the excess fabric & have enough left over to make a scatter cushion cover & a few other things. Yes, I miss him very much, he was (& rema...
  15. Thanks for sharing your memories, kwqd! I became a Bowie fan in 1983, aged 10...he did bring that tour to Australia (& filmed the videos for China Girl & Let's Dance here too) but I was a bit too youn...
  16. Most amusing artfoot! :-) But I am far more enamoured of a fine red wine than beer...
  17. Many thanks, Scott! Your jar is so pretty, too!
  18. Thanks so much, sklo42, yes it definitely has an intense rainbow effect...I was able to pick this up in person from the seller who lived nearby, & had a lovely afternoon chatting with her & admiring h...
  19. Thank you most kindly, LauraH, & I do hope that you find your own Crocus vase someday soon!
  20. Many thanks, Starrynight!
  21. The plot thickens! :-)
  22. Thanks so much, sklo42! Goldberg was a "refinery", wasn't it? So perhaps they did the decor with a blank made elsewhere...
  23. These are Pop fact I guess things like this are the origins of Pop Art...Andy Warhol would have loved them...
  24. Cheers Marty, you're a champ, many thanks!
  25. Could be late Victorian rather than Art Deco...the mica spangles were a popular addition to the glass of that era, not quite so much used in later times...anyway, a pretty vase & a great find!
  26. Thanks so much, racer! It is indeed a new favourite!
  27. MALKEY, thank you most kindly & thinking of you in your difficult time...just know you have a lot of folks on your side here...
  28. The crown would certainly facilitate floral arrangements - & also to make the vase look fabulously flamboyant! Great piece!
  29. Many thanks philmac51, it was a great buy, very pleased.
  30. Marty, great to hear from you & I am just crazy about my Crocus!
  31. Michelle, thanks so much, & I am absolutely thrilled with it!
  32. Yes, the legendary Plum Blossom! We have heaps of them in Australia & just about every antiques shop has one more often than not attributed to S&W, or sometimes to Murano, by the slightly less ambitio...
  33. Thank you most kindly, Bambus1920!
  34. I'd not seen it before, either...I was watching this vase, & it looked interesting, plus it had an odd attribution. Until someone kindly informed the seller that it was an example of Kralik Crocus, & ...
  35. Thanks so much, Justanovice, yes, I think it's a special one too. It was one of those pieces that was so much more impressive in person when I unwrapped it...
  36. Many thanks, Justanovice! I agree, it's fab whoever made it...
  37. Thanks for your thoughts, Bambus1920! I am not ruling anything in or out at this point in time...
  38. Cheers Marty! Might have to take you up on that offer...moving house soon but still buying glass...I'm a hopeless case! :-)
  39. Many thanks, welzebub. Pink is a great colour in glass, it always seems to catch my eye, even though I don't like it as a colour for clothes!
  40. Yes, pink strikes again...& perhaps purple tomorrow!
  41. Thanks so much, racer...yes, rather like trails of icing on a strange confectionery product...glad you're enjoying it...I have planned a bit of an Art Nouveau extravaganza for this weekend, so do stay...
  42. Thanks for your thoughts, racer...I am no expert on modern glass, so I shall value your opinion very much! :-) Yes, I'd been admiring my wee crop of violets scattered about the garden the day before,...
  43. Thanks also, Starrynight!
  44. Many thanks, Mrstyndall!
  45. artfoot, I totally understand the Bimini thing - I actually had some other examples that I sold some time back. This one I found for $2 & I like it best out of all the Bimini I've owned, because of th...
  46. This is so gorgeous, it has a laid - back glamour with the simple form & restrained spatter. The colours make me think of King Tut's golden mask set with lapis lazuli...& desert sands flecked with jew...
  47. That is a simply massive compliment, sklo42! I am blushing! :-) There is more fab glass coming soon, I shouldn't be buying more when I have to move soon, but life's to short to turn down special find...
  48. Thanks so much, will be a nice memory of this garden as I am moving on in the near a new home where I plan to grow many more violets...
  49. I don't think it's Fenton. I think it is earlier than Fenton's time - late Victorian. The pink spatter edging is interesting. I have seen a vaseline glass bowl with the same edging attributed to Jeffe...
  50. Many thanks, Justanovice! Yes, bargains are magical! Wishing them to you too...
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Loetz Wellenoptisch uranium vase


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