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I collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applieI collect Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Tango. My favourite types of art glass are - pieces with applied decoration, Peloton glass, air trap satin glass, Burmese glass, cut velvet glass, Richardson tulips, uranium glass, & hand vases. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. :-) (Read more)


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Art Deco pink glazed glass powder bowl with cat decoration - Art Decoin Art Deco
Victorian extra large cased satin glass basket with thorn handle  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau trailed & iridised ruby glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian cased satin glass vase with painted decoration - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian mirrored vanity stand & glass bowl with applied flowers - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair Victorian uranium glass Palm Tree vases - John Walsh Walsh - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian opaque pink glass hand vase - Portieux/Vallerysthal - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of Venetian glass candlesticks with dolphin stems - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian cased glass basket with applied flowers - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair Victorian ruby glass salts - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I have a book on packaging from the Art Deco era called "Shelf Life", & in it there is a photo of a very similar tin dated to c.1935. Amazing that basically the same font, logo, & scientific claims we...
  2. An epic piece of glass with so much going on - spectacular!
  3. Many thanks, racer4four! Indeed, those loved - up felines are entirely appropriate on this momentous day! :-)
  4. Many thanks, Rick55!
  5. Love that green aventurine!
  6. Sure is! It weighs a ton! :-) Just what I needed, too...more HUGE glass. But who could refuse it? Not this little black duck! :-) It was from an excellent shop at the top of Queen Street, Woollahra....
  7. Many thanks, antiquerose, much appreciated!
  8. Many thanks, racer4four & antiquerose!
  9. Many thanks, skol42 & Alan!
  10. These colours look great with the satin finish.
  11. Great colour! I have this same item in salmon pink...
  12. Thanks so much, welzebub...looks like it's a Rindskopf, then!
  13. Hi Alan, Thanks for your nice comments on my vase. Regarding my comment on your item - there seems to be a problem with the Collectors Weekly site. I have been trying to "love" various people's item...
  14. I can definitely live with the damage...what annoys me is that it was perfect until it came into my hands...I do feel like I'm becoming the custodian of what I buy, so to be responsible for it being d...
  15. I think it's late Victorian - Art Nouveau. Too much going on to be MCM era. Have seen this three ball base on inkwells, too, some with iridised finishes, which is another pointer to a late 19th - turn...
  16. Stunning...the gorgeous colour combined with the dainty decoration is sheer magic.
  17. Many thanks, vetraio50...yes, I picked it up as soon as I saw it...usually I walk around the whole fair before I decide on anything, but I couldn't hesitate on this one! And I will be in touch regardi...
  18. Thanks also, Scott!
  19. Exactly my thoughts, sklo42! It does embody that grand age so perfectly...
  20. Thanks so much Ivonne...yes, it does bring to mind an age of elegance long past.
  21. Many thanks, Rick55! Glad you're enjoying them. They are quite rare & hard to find, so not often seen for sale.
  22. Many thanks rockbat & Scott for your nice comments! Yes, I too am amazed at how these lasted!
  23. A fabulous collection, & all the very best for your move - hope it all goes smoothly!
  24. Thanks so much, freiheit!
  25. This is so sad! It was such a beautiful vase... Poor packaging is a familiar issue. Some of my experiences have involved multiple items in the same box that were not properly separated from each othe...
  26. Wow! Nice find! I would have snapped up this interesting vase too...I never seen a decor like it. Really like the way that the overshot texture takes the spatter somewhere different. The "fins" are al...
  27. The spatter creates an intriguing visual effect, as it looks like it is falling (like multicoloured snow). The spatter at the top of the item is spaced out against the clear ground, while it seems to ...
  28. Many thanks, Rick55!
  29. Thank you most kindly, Alan2310.
  30. Many thanks for all your lovely comments, scottvez, Moonhill, Deano, & Rick55, much appreciated! I am glad that I got these, & they are fitting in well with my Victorian glass.
  31. These are so cool! Very Nagel - esque. The 80s rock on!
  32. Love it! I have a little PK vase in a similar style, also UV reactive -
  33. The first one is SO 80s! I have a plastic flower bead necklace I got from a boutique in 1983-84. Felt so grown up getting it! :-) I also have a lot of glass bead necklaces from the 30s - 60s era. Som...
  34. Many thanks, Vroom. Would be most interested to see your vase, it sounds wonderful. As to value, it is very hard to say...I was extremely fortunate to obtain these for a modest sum on eBay. I was amaz...
  35. Thank you most kindly, welzebub...yes, I feel it is more likely Bohemian. The shop I got it from is one I've known for many years...had a few nice finds there recently after a long drought. I'd actual...
  36. Thanks also, rockbat! Love my glass with a lot going on! :-)
  37. Many thanks, sklo42...yes, one of my best finds ever. I agree, the flowers must have been made by some kind of crimping tool - they look distictly "stamped" in appearance. I forgot to mention that it ...
  38. Those bases are intriguing...reminiscent of crystals growing.
  39. Yes, definitely Murano, 50s - 60s era roughly. I have several of the scrambled effect!
  40. Many thanks, rockbat...yes it was one of my best days ever...I'd already found the basket & these were a nice bonus. Very pleased as salts usually have damage & these were perfect. I'm not sure if Boh...
  41. Have dropped you a line! :-)
  42. That definitely makes me rethink a lot of what I've read about identifying glass by things such as half-daisy head crimps...some reference books have implied it was an entirely English design. I have ...
  43. Wow, what an awe-inspiring collection just of this decor! That tapered hexagon shape, footed base, & rigaree reminds me of an orange spatter & green aventurine vase I posted a few months back.
  44. These vases are so pretty, with almost a tulip-like form. They look great together!
  45. Just wondering if that vase in the third photo has a half-daisy head pattern on the rigaree? I used to have a vase of the same shape, in a clear, unlined pale pink, with a half-daisy head
  46. Most amusing, rockbat - indeed, I do rather enjoy the Gothic side of life...
  47. Many thanks, Ivonne! This type of vase is very hard to find...I have been looking for one for a long time.
  48. Most unusual - like a cross between a chicken & a pelican!
  49. Yes indeed! But for some reason, it seems to be easier to find epergne stands than metal frogs here. Otherwise I'd be a frog queen too! :-)
  50. Thanks so much, Alan2310 - & amazingly enough, just yesterday I acquired a beautiful Victorian chiffonier/sideboard. It is an Australian Colonial era piece, made from native red cedar. I will get a ph...
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