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Blue Mountains, Australia

I'm a creative person who collects Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite typeI'm a creative person who collects Bohemian & English art glass - mostly Victorian, as well as some early 20th C glass such as Art Nouveau & Tango. My favourite types of art glass are pieces with applied decoration, Peloton, trailed, threaded, spatter, iridescent, MOP satin, & rainbow glass. Favourite makers include Kralik, Welz, Harrach, Pallme Koenig, Rindskopf, Loetz, Thomas Webb, Stevens & Williams, & Richardsons. I enjoy glass that is unusual & me. I also appreciate antique furniture, ceramics, & all manner of interesting old wares full of character & meaning. Love rock music as well, especially David Bowie. To live with style, elegance, & dignity is my aim, kindest regards, Marin. (Read more)


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Kralik Opalescent amethyst Combed Relief glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian blue ribbed satin glass bottle vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian pink satin glass vase with bumpy texture - Harrach Atlas? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Legras Montjoye Violletine enameled glass vase - Olga Tokyo Chrysanthemum - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian miniature cased glass thorn vase - possibly the smallest SNOW! - Art Glassin Art Glass
1950s Murano glass bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian pink cased quilted glass bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Victorian Welz cased spatter glass boot - Art Glassin Art Glass
English Art Nouveau green iridescent glass vase with moulded floral pattern - Horse Chestnut - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian Art Nouveau threaded satin glass biscuit barrel - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Many thanks, Bernard - yes, it is a very unique & intense shade, I just love it!
  2. Thanks also, Scott!
  3. Much appreciated, Peggy! This is the first example of this decor I've ever come across, it was on eBay AU, a well - priced buy it now.
  4. Many thanks, artfoot! I don't have a lot of purple glass in my collection, so this was a welcome addition...
  5. Many thanks for posting this, Peggy - it's great to see another example of this decor in a different shape & colour!
  6. Many thanks for your thoughts, SunshineGlass. A Bohemian source for this type of glass is a possibility too. I have a couple of small J.I.P shaped vases in pink & blue in the same decor. Green se...
  7. Thanks so much, Scott!
  8. I love Neiger Brothers jewelry, & this one is truly fabulous! I have one little cobalt blue flat bead shaped like King Tut's head which I found in a jar of old buttons years ago, & perhaps it is the ...
  9. Many thanks, vintagelamp! It's a quiet (& cold) time in my garden at the moment, being the winter solstice today, but I hope to do more outdoors shots as it comes back to life over the next few month...
  10. Thanks so much, vintagelamp!
  11. Much appreciated, Bernard!
  12. Thanks also, Bernard! The second satin piece is just about to be revealed...
  13. Many thanks, Scott! It's really nice to think that my collection, which has been a rock for me over the decades, is a source of enjoyment to other folks, too!
  14. Thanks so much, kivatinitz!
  15. I have a couple of Fowler Ware mixing bowls from the 1950s era in green, blue, & maroon...& in my late mother's collection of ceramic wall vases, there was a pair of light blue Fowler wall pocket vase...
  16. Thanks also, Wow22, & I hope you can find one of your own soon!
  17. Many thanks, Ivonne!
  18. What a smart & stylish woman! A wonderful piece of theatrical history & a great find for your family history as well!
  19. Are you located in Australia? As Fowler Ware was an Australian manufacturer of ceramics, mostly of a utilitarian type such as bathroom fittings & kitchenware. Maybe they were manufacturing these bath...
  20. Oh - & one more thing - this does look like a B&W photo but is actually in colour - it's magical how snow can create a monochromatic picture...
  21. Many thanks, Penny! It's really special to enjoy four defined seasons in the Mountains, so different to my former life in Sydney. There's always something interesting going on...I love the drama of a...
  22. I think just an eccentric sort of would be pretty difficult to scoop out jam from this one. The frill is more likely simply decorative in this case as well, rather than serving the purpose o...
  23. Thanks so much, Kevin, yes we have had a frosty couple of days up here...7 was our top today, in the sun as the snow slowly melted away...
  24. Thanks for this, Craig, it's really interesting. As an owner of various floriform pieces I've noticed that some are a bit different, so this helps to make sense of that. All of the items pictured in...
  25. Many thanks, Bernard, yes it's my yard, with the first snowfall of the year. I'm coming up to my third year in the Blue Mountains & we've had some snow each year, usually in August, & once as late as ...
  26. What a stunning & unusual vase, I've not seen anything quite like it, & the quality looks very high. Something special! From the sound of the surface coating, I think years of nicotine is probably a ...
  27. Lovely colour combo on this one! Also great to get the original stand & spoon as well. I need a few spare stands for some of my salts...
  28. What a super cute kitty, who's so lucky to have found a loving home with you! He reminds me of one of my cats back in the 1980s, Remus. My father brought him home in his work bag, as a mother cat had...
  29. Oh, & do forgive my responses being a tad out of order (I shall blame Friday night drinks for that LOL) - much appreciated Penny!
  30. Absolutely, Bernard! I just could not turn it down, & it took me back to the good old days of op shopping 30 years ago when there were many bargains to be had...I was a struggling art student back the...
  31. Karen, I that made this an extra special bargain! This was from a shop in the lower Mountains rather than any of my locals... :-)
  32. Many thanks, Scott!
  33. Love this different crimp!
  34. Thanks so much, Peggy! Interestingly, there are some affinities between the fine details in this bowl, & a couple of my Peloton glass pieces, in terms of the chain of rigaree around the top rim, as w...
  35. Many thanks, Karen! Yes, it's definitely a fancy little bowl to be filled with fancy treats...I'm sure I can find some worthy of it!
  36. Much appreciated, Penny!
  37. Wow, Penny, this is stunning! That matching glass knob is the ultimate finishing touch...
  38. Many thanks, Scott!
  39. And thank you for being a part of all this shared curiosity about all kinds of things! I've been on CW for four & a half years now, & learned a lot in the collection has grown, just as I...
  40. Yes, my friend, it's all about style, fun, & fanciful fabulousness! :-)
  41. Thanks so much, Michelle!
  42. Many thanks, Lori, & so glad to hear that my collection is bringing you as much enjoyment as it does to me!
  43. Many thanks, Lori!
  44. Wow, Michelle, what a truly outstanding piece! Super special!
  45. Much appreciated, Bernard! The cadmium glow was a nice surprise, when I saw it on eBay the photos weren't very good so I couldn't see the exact colours of the decor. It's always good when an item loo...
  46. Much appreciated, Jenni! Yes, I was really pleased to get my shot, my second one is in three weeks time. Being immune compromised I will feel a lot more confident for the future!
  47. Thanks also, Scott! Yes, I'm pleased to have both styles of shoe/boot...& the green one is a bit different, too...
  48. Many thanks, Peggy! Thought you'd enjoy this one...I don't see these Welz shoes for sale very often, which I why I only have three...hope to find a few more, especially if they have unusual decors...
  49. So fancy! Love the zig - zag with that wide clear crest, plus that vibrant spatter...
  50. Love rainbow glass! This is a super example, the colours are so beautifully distributed, soft as a watercolour painting. Nice simple shape too!
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Harry Carlsson (1891-1968): "Night visit to Venus". 1940. this is newcastle tyne the wesgate vault  the good bad and darn right ugly L,O,L lots love cw friends this is our time on CW north east  salt glazed  porters  pottery stephen green lambeth london 1840s = 1860 year  diamonds


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