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Madrid, Spain

Did you ever wonder what happens when one collector meets another, they fall in love and finally do "the merge of the collections"? ;)


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Glass ashtray/bowl. ID please? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz glas-schirm with decor PG 2/187, 1902. Prod. No. 2/177 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lötz vase Prd.No. 85/5106 in Violetta optisch decor. Koloman Moser for Bakalowits, 1903. - Art Glassin Art Glass
...and a bulldog too! - Animalsin Animals
T-Lab "Polepole" series dog figurines - Animalsin Animals
Putto with flowers figure (Spring), Michael Powolny (1907 – Gmunder Keramik, 1919) - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Lötz vase Prd.No. 85/3781 in Syrius decor. Attr. Koloman Moser, 1900. - Art Glassin Art Glass
ARIANE vase, Floris Meydam. Leedam, 2007  - Art Glassin Art Glass
JOE CACTUS ashtray, Philippe Starck, 1990. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Another "kaiserrot m. schwarz marmoriert", unknown shape. H 15'8 cm, W 21 cm. - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. NOTE, March 2021:I just reread my post ... how is it possible that I had not checked what I wrote? I'm not saying that because of my grammar, which is always far from perfect, but at least I could hav...
  2. Hi artofview. Unfortunately I have no clue of where to get a copy of this book. The chapter on Tamara Aladin is really worth getting it, plus i think it must probably be the only available literature ...
  3. This one truly is a most beautiful piece!!!
  4. Hi Karen!!! Thanks for your love and comment! Yes, the lamp in itself is pretty amazing, and they fit together perfectly! The dark patina is really beautiful. At first, without the shade, it was a...
  5. Thanks soooooooooooooooooo very much MajaS!!! It certainly is a Tarnowiek vase! After a log search in which I could check that the colours did match with those I have seen this vase in (purple, whi...
  6. Muchas gracias, Kivatinitz :) Estamos bien. Pasamos ya el virus como un catarro fuerte. Tuvimos mucha suerte. Yo ya llevo 20 días en confinamiento... pero vamos tirando adelante. Un abrazo.
  7. The dress looks like those in the 1810s... so it should be from that time.
  8. Love these huge Cascade goblets! I would never get enough of them!!!
  9. An amazing vase! and so iconic!
  10. Yesterday I went to the shop where I got these... couldn't help it and got the English bulldog ;)
  11. Thanks for your love Hunter, Karen, courtenayantiques, Radegunder and aura!!!
  12. Thanks so much for your love and comments: SEAN68 Mrstyndall Watchsearcher ho2cultcha vetraio50 Anik lisa aura fortapache Newfld hunterqlee TimeTraveller AdeleC
  13. amazing toys!
  14. This is absolutely fantastic!!! I wish I had got something like this hen i was a kid! I remember some farming figurines and so but THIS! This is wonderful! By the way... Am I seeing some dinosau...
  15. Hi Effervescentala! Of course yo should share pics of your Karuselli chair and ottoman!!! Actually I got mine reaupholstered four years ago as it was taken to the new studio... It really took me...
  16. Thanks Sean!!! :) Also thanks to Karen, courtenayantiques, Radegunder and aura!
  17. In spite of the common attribution of this vase authory to Kolo Moser, in the Helmut Ricke's "Katalog der Musterschnitte" it is not attributed to him. We'll have to wait for the book on paper pattern...
  18. Thanks for loving Michelle!
  19. Thanks Eza and Ironlace for your love!
  20. Thanks Kev!!! Well... you know, we are men of extraordinary taste... hahahaha :) Carlos has got that Magistretti lamp for ages. I like the fact it is not the glass version... which is great, bu...
  21. Thanks Manikin! Hadn't you seen this vase before??? it's been here for... quite a while ;)
  22. Thanks everybody for your loves and comments!!!! I am just preparing the next post. I think you will like it! ;)
  23. This one's really beautiful!!!!
  24. Thanks Sean and Karen! And thanks for everybody who loves this vase! We had an amazing time and I think we did the right thng having our hotel in Utrecht... the distances in train are not big and ...
  25. Thanks Racer! I think I should have taken a pic of its bottom because it really has the same feeling of an old bakelite item... it's one of the things I liked the most when i first had it in my h...
  26. Thanks Warren!!! But it wasn't the Cantz, but the thick Prestel book where it was... I understand you mixed them up :) Thanks Share!!! Have a great year yourself!!! And by the way... I thin...
  27. FANTASTIC!!!!! It's the first "kaiserrot m. schwarz marmoriert" we see appart from ours! I'll share it soon so you can take a look at it :) Happy New Year!!!!
  28. I'm so used to seeing this design in yellow/ambar, but it really looks elegant in green!
  29. Thanks everybody!!! I am not sure if this year I'll be decent enough to post regularly, but at least I started visiting CW again! Hpe to see more of you and I'll try post from time to time. So ...
  30. Thanks Kevin!!! Happy new year to you!!!!
  31. ¡¡¡Feliz Navidad!!!
  32. Dust proof!!! That sounds like heaven to me! Well, you know how I display my glass collection ;) Great collectio, and getting better and better...
  33. got one just like this... they're most probably from South America. One of the woods should be guayacan
  34. Amazing!!! I saw a Vene for sale in Finland but it wasn't in great condition and the colour was plain boring... this one of yours is just amazing! I some time heard there was this Russian glas...
  35. Mmmmmm... it looks like the 1351 vases were not designed by Nanny Still, but Laura Paloheimo... will keep you posted! ;)
  36. such crazy colours!
  37. Thanks Scanditech! Yes, I am so happy I got it! I wish I could spend some time in Finland so I could get easier access to all te amazing stuff one can find there! but I'm sure that after a coupl...
  38. So only 20 of them? And I was so happy with my 9 Tzarinas! I see you're picky about your Tzarinas, but I understand you want to have top notch items in your collection... in any case I wouldn't m...
  39. Hi Scanditech! So I wasn't the only one having problem s wuth this colour combination... that makes me feel less silly, hahahaha. So I read about the only 10% of blue Pajazzos. At some point my ...
  40. Beautiful!!!! Got the grayish blue jug without the stopper, and I was so proud of it... but what can I be proud of now that you share this one? XD Congratulations on such an item in your collect...
  41. Welcome to CW, Scanditech! This is an amazing Nanny Still piece! I absolutely love it! I have just got a couple of early graal items by her (a Kieli and two shapes of Tohveli) but you can imagine ...
  42. Hi Brittn10. I'm glad you found my post useful :) As for me I am so excited you met Per Lütken in person! I guess you still have the vase, haven't you? Is it signed? Could you please write a po...
  43. Karen, according to the back courtain it looks like a studio, but probably the model brought some stuff he wanted to be photographed with... i don't think any photographer would have a phrenology hea...
  44. The phrenology head on the table seems to tell us that the man on the portrait must be a doctr, most probably a psychiatrist...
  45. Is it your first Pajazzo, kisslikeether?
  46. Thanks Malkey!!! By the way, Karen, yes, the series consists of three shapes and it was made in three colours, so now I have a sample of each one of them combined in the three vases... that's the ...
  47. Thanks guys for all the loves and comments! Well, Fran... yes, they are so weird! I started collecting a kind of glass that was utterly simple in shape -just like Lütken's stuff from the 50s and 6...
  48. Is it a bird? is it a plane? Noooo, it's SuperSean!!!! Woooooow, that was fast!!! Take another look at the post... I am adding a new pic in secs
  49. Thanks guys for the super nice comments and the loves! Vet... of course I intend to keep Carlos, ;) I hope I will be able to share more stuff at CW from now on. I'm actually not buying much gl...
  50. A nice design but no Sultaanni. the design is completely different, lacking the stripe surfuca. also, Sultaanni glasses are cylindrical on the top, they don't get wider at the top rim
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Detail pictures sof Thomas Webb & sons bronze vase (1878). Christopher Dresser, attr.


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