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Collect jewels circa 1900. Please do not reproduce my photos without permission. Thanks.


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Arts & Crafts + Art Nouveau treasures - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Australian Arts & Crafts rings + pendant by Prouds - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Jugendstil brooch - a CW gift! - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau horn jewellery & objects - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Arts & Crafts peacocks/pearson & books - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Craft ceramics by John Pearson - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts treasures - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts copper bowl/charger by John Pearson - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts silver-plate & abalone boxes - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Arts & Crafts Jardiniere designed by Knox for Liberty - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts


  1. That's an amazing Art Nouveau lamp.
  2. Hi Jean, that's not stupid comment, you are absolutely right, De Koningh enamelled the same King Fisher over & over again. They always look the same with the same colour palate. This is not Ernest...
  3. Hi Jean. I hope you are well. I also saw this for sale, it's lovely but I don't think it's by Hunt. It's also not detailed enough to be by De Koningh who specialised in enamel King Fishers.
  4. Your locket is American, gold filled, by William & Hough. Design on the front appears to have had a black enamel outline. I'm thinking about 1880 - but someone else might know the American jewel fas...
  5. Ha! I saw these, good fun!
  7. I dont' know who the maker is but that's a little arts & craftsy one. It's an unusual colorway, but I occasionally see little blue/green enamel pendants with this elongated triangular drop.
  8. Never seen anything like it. It's quite fascinating. Once you get it & get a clear photo I'll see if the mark is in any of my German jewel books. xx
  9. Lovely!
  10. Great find.
  11. I don't know much except that it's an imitation of scrimshaw. Not a cameo. If you google scrimshaw, you'll find lots of information. Hope that helps.
  12. Thanks Kyra, I'm not getting notifications either. Haven't for a while. xx.
  13. Bonjour gorgeous Pascale. Your garden is looking very fine. I need to weave a little big of your magic to restore a patina. Can you please tell me your recipe with the egg? Thanks xx.
  14. Yay, must have been pleased.
  15. No worries Jean.
  16. It's unusual that it has no marks on it. Has a nice 'hammered' finish to it.
  17. WHH was a firm, primarily made for Liberty but also sold wholesale to Connels and other retailers. I'm not aware that this design is attributed to any specific designer. The problem is that the arch...
  18. The back is consistent with Thew. I absolute agree with Sightseer. Do dip or wet this brooch in anyway. A light polish with a silver cloth occasionally will keep it pristine.
  19. Genius Pascale!
  20. Very rarely marked. Sometimes with a T in dots.
  21. These are a reproduction. Not sure where they originate from.
  22. You know this is outside my knowledge but it looks really well made to me. All those rivets & screws.
  23. Exciting times Jean. Good luck with the new bubba.
  24. She also used this colour combination. I have seen at least two of her brooches with this combination of stones.
  25. Ohhhh ... think you might be on the money there. Any chance of a photo of the back? Thew was a prolific maker, lots of her work continues to be unidentified. And although this looks a bit slap ...
  26. I am well thanks Jean. I hope you & your family are well. Yes, I would say same. I recently saw a pendant that was very very Instone like & it had these acorns.
  27. I believe those acorns are Instone.
  28. ???
  29. Generally these vases with green trailing blobs are by Stuart, but your's is a little different. The green is a lighter colour and the blobs are softer and less defined. I'm wondering if it's Powell.
  30. Just get a jeweller to look at them. If they are stones they will be Cairngorms. I'd expect they would be based on the quality & age of the piece. Cairngorms are a Scottish stone. The story behind...
  31. That's a lovely example. The garnets would be cairngorms if they are stones. They could be glass, glass was used in this type of jewellery. However, this is a good quality piece so I'd more likely ...
  32. Mmm, interesting. I got a different story from the seller. They told me she had inherited a collection from an uncle. They didn't offer to provide me any documentation. I asked very specifically. ...
  33. Very lovely, thanks for sharing.
  34. I have one of these Jean, I think it has a Ruskin ceramic in it.
  35. Hi Belle, I briefly saw you've posted a tray of jewels, can't wait to have a sticky beak. Just as a word of warning, there have been a recent spate of fakes of these. Signs to look out for are WW ...
  36. Love those bugs!
  37. Nice one Jean, I think this style is one of his earlier & nicer ones.
  38. Hi Jean, I'm not sure if these are Knox off the top of my head. I've certainly seen this design many times before. I'm wondering what they were originally as they show no signs of being hat pins or ...
  39. Hi Jean, here is the latest research into the relationship between Hassler & Liberty. It's always been my understanding that the Knox & Jessie M King designs were purchased through the Silver Studios...
  40. Hi Jean, I hope you are well. Yes to Australian, and I think you are right that the stone has been dyed. No to Wager. And I got done by a fake too, it happens.
  41. Here's another one - Same maker I'd say but still not idea who it is.
  42. Here's another similar one -
  43. I don't think your pendant is by James Cromer Watts but every time I see this pendant by him, it reminds me of yours. I think the original ...
  44. Welcome!
  45. Curious, I've never seen a clasp before or one with an etched design in the stone, however, the leaf & berry work is very similar to your pendant.
  46. Agree - Austro Hungarian. Looks very pretty to wear.
  47. Victorian Scottish brooch. Agates, looks like a banded agate & cornelian in there - someone will be able to tell you all of them. If you google Victorian Scottish Jewellery or similar combinatio...
  48. Hi Jean, I hope you are well. I'm surprised I didn't mention on this post that I thought your pendant was a Liberty one. Not to worry, here's a signed example -
  49. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Look at the lovely gentle texture of that work. Immediately you want to touch it! That's a very lovely thing, thanks for sharing.
  50. Hi Kiwitaia, I think these pieces are manufactured so very unlikely to be made by a Cork Arts & Crafts movement which you'd expect to produce handmade jewellery. It was very popular at the time to ...
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