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Martha Topping Photo Album dating help Prt 4b: Cabinet Cards - Photographsin Photographs
Martha Topping Photo Album dating help Prt 4b: Cabinet Cards - Hatsin Hats
Martha Topping Photo Album dating help Prt 4a: Cabinet Cards - Photographsin Photographs
Martha Topping Photo Album dating help Prt 3b: Metal Photos/Tintypes? - Photographsin Photographs
Martha Topping Photo Album dating help Prt 3: Metal Photos/Tintypes? - Photographsin Photographs
Martha Topping Photo Album dating help Prt 2 - Photographsin Photographs
Martha Toping Photo Album help dating old photos Part 1 - Photographsin Photographs
Three Graces Cameo signed G Noto - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Lucky 13 charm with unusual hallmarks - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Austro-Hungarian ca 1872-1922 silver curb link bracelet - Victorian Erain Victorian Era


  1. ADAMS, J. W. Adams, J. W., photographer, Coleman near Davis, Culpepper, VA (1871-1872) Boyd's Virginia State Business Directory Doesnt give the full range of years he was in business
  2. According to Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers there was a JW Adams in Culpeper VA who worked as a photographer....and Ive been searching for painters using that name! PS. M...
  3. Love the birds, the enamel on the owl is such a gorgeous color. Your Taxco brooch has the three in an eagle hallmark, which is the city code for Taxco, Mexico, and indicates a pre-1979 date. I think ...
  4. Thanks for your help! what was the standard size?
  5. Ok I will try to remove them from the album, if I can do it without damaging it further. Its not in the best of condition unfortunately
  6. Michelangelo? Thats great information, thanks!
  7. Gold vermeil is an idea, but do you know when that mark would have begun to be used? I wish I could just figure out what language or script the other mark was in, that would at least point us in th...
  8. You may look into labradorite as the material
  9. The birds are always my favorites!
  10. Beautiful carving!
  11. It does look a bit like Asian cloisonne, maybe cherry blossoms?
  12. Check out Beau Jewels and Judy Lee. AB stones are post 1955 I think.
  13. Ive always loved this stone! This may be from Slaughter Mountain...Ive heard they are hard to carve into cabs
  14. Love the Dragon flies! And I see a really cute little sailboat up there too!
  15. May be Edwardian era
  16. It is a gorgeous piece and looks authentic. My guess is 1950s - 60s. My first stop for ID'ing Haskell is Cathy Gordon/ bluboi's imageevent files
  17. And apparently I can't put in the Cyrillic symbol I want, as it keeps getting changed to a '?', which only adds to the confusion. There's the '84', the woman in the kokoshnik, then two tiny marks: on...
  18. Im sorry! Meant the mark to the RIGHT of the womans head is a ? and a K
  19. If the mark to the left of the womans head is a '? K', that is the assayer mark for Fyodor Petrovich Konovalov, who worked in Rostov 1899-1911
  20. There is a 'KC' (Russian Cyrillic alphabet) listed as being in Moscow from 1887-1908, name was Konstantin Skvortsov?
  21. I keep coming back to these, they are gorgeous! I wonder if they are Arts and Crafts era, and a bit earlier than deco?
  22. A pic of the clasp may help with dating
  23. Thanks! Im always very hard on myself for the photos, there's a good amount of detail around the edge that cant be seen
  24. OK, Ill put it up. Its just a small little lace type pin but the enamel is gorgeous
  25. I like the idea of it being from Denmark or Norway as well. I have a signed early piece from Aksel Holmsen with the tube hinge dating to the 1930s, so they may have used them for a longer period of t...
  26. from what I understand shreger lines are unique to elephant and mammoth ivory. You can find some good pics and info about them online. French ivory (celluloid) mimics the lines but tends towards str...
  27. I actually used my phone to take the picture this time, and it's oriented correctly there so not sure what happened. i need to test the metal but it does look to be about 14 kt, thanks!
  28. Not sure why the photos came out sideways ????
  29. I think I see shreger lines which would indicate ivory
  30. Thanks for the loves and nice comments!
  31. There's a tube of colored striped glass around the chain on which its strung, then clear crystal all around it
  32. What a beautiful piece of history, thanks for sharing!
  33. I think I've seen something similar by Kramer NY, but I cant remember where, sorry :(
  34. I'd love to see your earrings!
  35. Thats always a nice surprise! I love the bird in the horseshoe. I always had a soft spot for birds
  36. Thanks all for the loves!
  37. cute butterflies! They look like Zuni petitpoint? im in stud earring phase right now too. Since I have two holes per ear I can mix and match a few pairs at a time
  38. I second chrysoprase. Gorgeous piece!
  39. thanks!
  40. Im from Texas, actually! And really, I just got lucky with recognizing the dolphin.
  41. I always end up with these sentimental pieces too. I hate to see them scrapped, they are such a part of someone's history. Glad you were able to rescue it!
  42. I don't think its very common to find one with an emerald, actually
  43. Thats a score! I never find anything that good at the Goodwill anymore
  44. Lol! :P
  45. I have an ad for engagement rings from a 1944 Life magazine that shows something very similar, but the brand is 'Orange Blossom'
  46. Thanks for the loves!
  47. could the second mark then be the Dutch dolphin / fish, used from 1859-1893? (I see maybe the tail up, and the head down)
  48. Sorry I disappeared for awhile, but yes Minerva is looking upward :)
  49. These are gorgeous! Im not familiar with WMF beads but doing a quick google search they look divine! Where could I find out more? Thanks!
  50. a gem tester can tell between leaded crystal (paste) and rock crystal. If you happen to have one laying around lol. Its the only way I know of at least
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