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  1. I also asked about this on my horseshoe brooch post, and got a reply from Ben saying it was on the list of things to fix. Hopefully they will get to it soon
  2. Good to know they are just down but not out. Also good to know its not just me! So I originally thought the brooch would be silver, probably from Birmingham from the photos. When it came thought mus...
  3. thanks so much!
  4. I love it when you can match a family heirloom to a photo! Adds so much to the history . you're very lucky your family seems to have been hoarders like mine lol
  5. The body looks like marcasites but its actually slightly age darkened clear [ave rhinstones
  6. there's a similar one thats a brooch on the morning glory antiques website. Dont think its been ID'd tho
  7. Update on the has made its way back to Virginia and is in the hands of a collector who knows people from this family, and will make the pictures available to them
  8. they say late 40s to 60's...that sounds good to me
  9. wow, those are great!
  10. people were a lot smaller in the early 20th century, maybe she was just a small woman ;)
  11. Thanks! That gives me a new line to search on. I wonder though how many of these were copies and how many were little original works of art on their own
  12. I love digging through old jewelry lots lol....would love to see close up pics of the Austria bracelets
  13. you really should have your own youtube channel, id love to see how you get it all so perfectly matched
  14. forgot to mention they may have been made for Hobe
  15. I have had this set, they are confirmed D&E. Nice!
  16. Looks like onyx and small turquoise chips floating in a glass or Lucite/ enamel matrix
  17. The sarcophagus charms Ive always seen dated to the 1920s, and there was another Egyptian charm that came from the same estate that was loose with a date code to the 1930s, which is why Im calling it ...
  18. Very MCM, if I had the skills I would definitely fix it
  19. these hand painted floral brooches were very popular in the early 20th century. A pic of the back showing the clasp and hinge mechanism will help with dating. I think the blue flowers are forget me no...
  20. I love the pearl frame on the Gabriel cameo
  21. I love these portrait pieces. Beautiful setting for it as well!
  22. As for the mark, things you may look for in Trifari is whether or not there's a crown over the T, or a copyright mark next to the name, or the word 'patpend' anywhere. Anyhoo 1980s was my first imp...
  23. OK, I think you may be right... Rossini, an Italian composer, wrote his William Tell orchestra in 1829 which apparently popularized Tell in Italy.
  24. Thanks! Thats certainly a possibility, Im just having trouble finding any other cameos depicting him. So if it is William Tell, he is not a common subject lol
  25. thats a good question, I hadnt thought of that. I cant tell just by looking at it?
  26. I dont remember any more, but for me it wasnt cheap ;P
  27. I ignore any spiders in my home as long as they aren't brown recluses. They are the sign of a healthy ecosystem. Plus they catch flies ;) Your little guy is really cute, and being czech makes him a...
  28. Does the mark say Czecho?
  29. Thanks for the loves! kyratango I was pleasantly surprised too by its condition :) Its perfectly wearable today
  30. Sorry I disappeared for awhile, work got hectic. Just wanted to thank you for all of your help
  31. ADAMS, J. W. Adams, J. W., photographer, Coleman near Davis, Culpepper, VA (1871-1872) Boyd's Virginia State Business Directory Doesnt give the full range of years he was in business
  32. According to Langdon's List of 19th & Early 20th Century Photographers there was a JW Adams in Culpeper VA who worked as a photographer....and Ive been searching for painters using that name! PS. M...
  33. Love the birds, the enamel on the owl is such a gorgeous color. Your Taxco brooch has the three in an eagle hallmark, which is the city code for Taxco, Mexico, and indicates a pre-1979 date. I think ...
  34. Thanks for your help! what was the standard size?
  35. Ok I will try to remove them from the album, if I can do it without damaging it further. Its not in the best of condition unfortunately
  36. Michelangelo? Thats great information, thanks!
  37. Gold vermeil is an idea, but do you know when that mark would have begun to be used? I wish I could just figure out what language or script the other mark was in, that would at least point us in th...
  38. You may look into labradorite as the material
  39. The birds are always my favorites!
  40. Beautiful carving!
  41. It does look a bit like Asian cloisonne, maybe cherry blossoms?
  42. Check out Beau Jewels and Judy Lee. AB stones are post 1955 I think.
  43. Ive always loved this stone! This may be from Slaughter Mountain...Ive heard they are hard to carve into cabs
  44. Love the Dragon flies! And I see a really cute little sailboat up there too!
  45. May be Edwardian era
  46. It is a gorgeous piece and looks authentic. My guess is 1950s - 60s. My first stop for ID'ing Haskell is Cathy Gordon/ bluboi's imageevent files
  47. And apparently I can't put in the Cyrillic symbol I want, as it keeps getting changed to a '?', which only adds to the confusion. There's the '84', the woman in the kokoshnik, then two tiny marks: on...
  48. Im sorry! Meant the mark to the RIGHT of the womans head is a ? and a K
  49. If the mark to the left of the womans head is a '? K', that is the assayer mark for Fyodor Petrovich Konovalov, who worked in Rostov 1899-1911
  50. There is a 'KC' (Russian Cyrillic alphabet) listed as being in Moscow from 1887-1908, name was Konstantin Skvortsov?
  51. See more


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