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Manchester, NH

Radical collector of the hippie era, mid 1960s - early 70s, & the stories that come with them. Preserving the Hippie past for people who won't believe it anyways...Radical collector of the hippie era, mid 1960s - early 70s, & the stories that come with them. Preserving the Hippie past for people who won't believe it anyways... (Read more)


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Large JIMI HENDRIX Embroidered Iron On Hippie Jacket Patch from the 1960's - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
60s Space Age FUN SHADE by Optico. MOD Eye Wear w Tag & Package, 1965 - Accessoriesin Accessories
1970 Hippie peace protest folk art by Robert Angeli. - Folk Artin Folk Art
1960s Carnaby Street London OOAK Painted Bowler Hat - Hatsin Hats
1960's Cat Paper "Poster Dress" - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
1968 Eugene McCarthy "The Message" Paper Dress by Funday Fashions. - Politicsin Politics
Vintage Child’s Tin Sand Pail Toy by Ohio Art with Peace Dove & Flower Power - Toysin Toys
Vintage 1960's Psychedelic ZODIAC - AQUARIUS Halco Halloween Costume w Box - Advertisingin Advertising
Psychedelic Hippie Era 1970s Multi-Colored Hippie Mushroom Hassock  - Furniturein Furniture
"All of Ted Joans and No More" Greenwich Village Black Beatnik Poet Signed SC - Booksin Books


  1. blunderbuss2 that is a remarkable story and beyond fabulous that their family history has been preserved.
  2. AnythingObscure - it is, without question, just plain WEIRD... :-)
  3. I remember watching the game. It was on both networks in glorious black and white. I was an AFL fan and it didn't work out for us until Superbowl III.
  4. Historic and a game I have never seen! Well done.
  5. Thank you Thomas and Keramikos. That's what I thought, also reminds me of the Memphis Design inspired jewelry. I have seen a lot of 60s-70s designed items and this to me just didn't quite fit but ...
  6. I love, love, love these. I sold my Fada bullet Radio when I retired, wish I hadn't - was my favorite yard sale find ever. These are killer.
  7. Ha ha - Blunderbus - nothing wrong with that. My draft number was 355 i felt I used all the luck of a lifetime on that number.
  8. More MOD wallpaper than psychedelic. Although I have seen some that are shall we say, in the ballpark.
  9. That is a spectacular set with fabulous style! She is quite a lady to help you that way and truly understands the Christmas spirit.
  10. Toyrebel, that is the best question I have ever been asked as a collector. I wil have to look into that...
  11. Those are exceptional and so unusual - never seen anything like them.
  12. Ha ha ha...
  13. That biplane pilot must have been a fabulous sight to see! They just don't make them like that anymore.
  14. AnythingObscure... I am laughing. My obsession knows no bounds.
  15. Spectacular seeing them all lined up like this! LOVE THIS. Late 60s - early 70s I assume...
  16. ho2cultcha you should be very proud of your uncle and grandfather. It took courage.
  17. OH! I LOVE this - sometimes it pays NOT to change your mind.
  18. Artfoot - so that's where they came from! Never knew if they just stole Dad's. Thanks for the input.
  19. Thanks vetraio50 - I found these were a compulsive buy... ha ha.
  20. Thanks Buckethead - you too!
  21. Thanks Scott. I am trying to get the name of this veteran but as of now, the sister won't release it to me for the provenance.
  22. Thanks Watchsearcher. I am very glad you still have the family quilts. We own several of my great aunt's 1930s quilts and regret deeply I didn't salvage the one my Grandmother made for me that i used ...
  23. Picked up Pearl at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. A classic!
  24. LOVE the early space items - realllly cool!
  25. blunderbuss2 - what exactly from my description was "brainwashed"? hmmmmm...
  26. I have that stool cover. I put it on an old cast iron stool - yours is much more appropriate. Not by Peter Max but certainly influenced by his designs.
  27. keramikos - WOW - you nailed it. That is the photo the artist used - funny, you think he only had B&W photos, so I imagine sometimes he might be off with eye and hair colors. Thanks for your help.
  28. Must be a poltergeist!
  29. They did a really good job, I agree.
  30. How did I miss this one? A great and historic Civil Rights piece.
  31. Great find! I have seen similar pieces on ebay so think your identification is spot on.
  32. Thanks Newfld. --- And Efesgirl - thanks for the heads up, I had missed it... That is one coooool Belt! I wonder if both are made by a European maker? They are quite bold designs.
  33. buckethead - I read it to my kids they always laughed when I read slllooooooooow fe-et, QUICKFEET! Had to have this.
  34. HA HA -- Thanks. Try the cellar door first...
  35. Loved the comments thank you. The lady with Cagney is a favorite but I will admit I didn't recognize her either - Loretta Young (I know from the movie Taxi).
  36. Nice to hear from you Toyrebel. Thanks, I am trying to find items that speak to the times and will make more sense in context than seen alone. I see a lot of anti-Nixon buttons, not so much Wallace & ...
  37. Thank you all for your comments. I am a firm believer in history should never be forgotten and it is rewarding to collect things that can open dialog - something this country sadly lacks today.
  38. WOW - this was really Wavy Gravy! Have read about him online. An icon of the times... but you sold pinback buttons, probably wish you had kept samples. I used to thumb all the time, a different er...
  39. ..and I never knew it was Paul's coffin! Or if I did, I forgot - another sign it really has been half a century.
  40. Mr. Hippie salutes you! I like your collection a lot but how - exactly - could it possibly 50 years? Damn that would make me ...
  41. I am a little behind on explosring the comments - but thanks for posting this. Ya know, from the look I NEVER would have thought 1950s....
  42. What a FANTASTIC poster.... well done.
  43. Thanks Jonnie. That is fascinating, and now it makes sense.
  44. FABULOUS MCM look to these - good score!
  45. Fascinating piece of history! Now is that barbed wire around the helmet? As non-collector but still a history buff, I do not recall seeing that before...
  46. I bet you are right!
  47. I am not a radio collector but I would love to have that sitting on my desk. Nice one.
  48. Thanks for the chuckle Newfld! :-)
  49. Never knew Milli Vanilli were hippies! Ha ha.
  50. Thanks Newfld - isn't the biker great! And yes, the graphic style works really well.
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One of my Rarest Clocks... Davy Crockett by Haddon