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Manchester, NH

Radical collector of the hippie era, mid 1960s - early 70s, & the stories that come with them. Preserving the Hippie past for people who won't believe it anyways...Radical collector of the hippie era, mid 1960s - early 70s, & the stories that come with them. Preserving the Hippie past for people who won't believe it anyways... (Read more)


  1. Needless to say, I think this is Fantastic.
  2. I did not know that. Having some Irish blood and being from New England, I did know about the years of anti-Irish Americans hysteria, but not about Jim Crow. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Hey Blunderbuss2 - Just emailed it to you. Many, many thanks!!!
  4. Thanks!
  5. blunderbuss2 - no, I do not have it. Would love to add it to my collection.
  6. Didn't they eventually stop using napalm? So one would think they did some good.
  7. blunderbuss2 - 4 months later I see your message. Not sure what pin you are talking about. Sorry I missed this one.
  8. Watchsearcher - isn't that a tragedy. She a women's rights advocate, had to leave college so her brother could go. The history of the piece to me - and this goes for a lot of my pieces - just adds so ...
  9. blunderbuss2 - no. sorry i didn't. Been preoccupied trying to put together our 50th high School reunion... need to pay attention!
  10. Thanks Thomas!
  11. It is a remarkable group - artifacts that "shouldn't" have survived but did.
  12. Wow - that makes a couple viewers who worked there or had family that did!
  13. Thanks Thomas - it was the proverbial train wreck from what I recall hearing.
  14. Thanks Phil!
  15. A fire breathing dragon! A Blonde! Flames going the entire back glass~ FABULOUS VINTAGE FIND.
  16. I once found a full box of Eastlake Brass Doorknobs at a yard sale. They had been removed from Amoskeag Factory Row Houses during reno. Wish I hadn't sold them, but alas need to make a living.
  17. Not sure if the younger generations understand what a devastating moment in history this was... thanks for your comment.
  18. Must say, you commentators bring up some salient explanations. I really appreciate it. I was struck by the image and the history of it, you have given me some thought provoking explanations of what th...
  20. VERY recent ha ha... It is though, in the mail.
  21. Thanks for sharing your memories. I got to grade school in 1959 and I seem to recall Duck & Cover in the earliest grades but not afterwards... The whole concept was after all, absurd to think that if ...
  22. Ms.CrystalShip - yes, back to a day when peace was something we all wanted.
  23. Watchsearcher the finial I was told is the "tree of life" although personally I think it is a mushroom cloud with skulls along the edge. Funny I thought it may be a bird house too except for no floor....
  24. Thanks Watchsearcher & raven3766! My taste is a little off the beaten path.
  25. Stunning. I absolutely adore them.
  26. Yes he did. At least that is the first time I ever heard of him.
  27. EXTRAORDINARY FIND! I looked at the collection - remarkable images. He was a visionary, thanks for sharing.
  28. Ha ha --- and why oh why did we apparently like THAT voice?
  29. I wonder how long it was before someone said "Hey man, I think we are supposed to ride inside the bus, not on top..."
  30. Laughing - Watchsearcher - looks like an illustration I once saw.
  31. Well be it 30 or even 40 years, still isn't enough time between cream ales... yeech. Ha ha.
  32. blunderbuss2 that is a remarkable story and beyond fabulous that their family history has been preserved.
  33. AnythingObscure - it is, without question, just plain WEIRD... :-)
  34. I remember watching the game. It was on both networks in glorious black and white. I was an AFL fan and it didn't work out for us until Superbowl III.
  35. Historic and a game I have never seen! Well done.
  36. Thank you Thomas and Keramikos. That's what I thought, also reminds me of the Memphis Design inspired jewelry. I have seen a lot of 60s-70s designed items and this to me just didn't quite fit but ...
  37. I love, love, love these. I sold my Fada bullet Radio when I retired, wish I hadn't - was my favorite yard sale find ever. These are killer.
  38. Ha ha - Blunderbus - nothing wrong with that. My draft number was 355 i felt I used all the luck of a lifetime on that number.
  39. More MOD wallpaper than psychedelic. Although I have seen some that are shall we say, in the ballpark.
  40. Toyrebel, that is the best question I have ever been asked as a collector. I wil have to look into that...
  41. Those are exceptional and so unusual - never seen anything like them.
  42. Ha ha ha...
  43. That biplane pilot must have been a fabulous sight to see! They just don't make them like that anymore.
  44. AnythingObscure... I am laughing. My obsession knows no bounds.
  45. Spectacular seeing them all lined up like this! LOVE THIS. Late 60s - early 70s I assume...
  46. ho2cultcha you should be very proud of your uncle and grandfather. It took courage.
  47. OH! I LOVE this - sometimes it pays NOT to change your mind.
  48. Artfoot - so that's where they came from! Never knew if they just stole Dad's. Thanks for the input.
  49. Thanks vetraio50 - I found these were a compulsive buy... ha ha.
  50. Thanks Buckethead - you too!
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One of my Rarest Clocks... Davy Crockett by Haddon