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Manchester, NH

A radical collector of the hippie era - mid 1960s - early 1970s, and the stories that come with them. Some of the highlights - the original hippie pants of Gerome RaA radical collector of the hippie era - mid 1960s - early 1970s, and the stories that come with them. Some of the highlights - the original hippie pants of Gerome Ragni co-writer of HAIR!, a suede flag vest worn at Woodstock 1969, period Peter Max fashion, spectacularly patched denim jeans and vests. (Read more)


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1970 period Sculpture Bust of Bearded Hippie 11 1/4" High - Fine Artin Fine Art
Vintage 1970s Psychedelic almost Art Nouveau Midi Dress from UK - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
1960s Man in the Moon & Stars Brass Belt Buckle & Belt - Accessoriesin Accessories
Vietnam War Era Hippie Patched Army Jacket - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Vintage 1960s Psychedelic Orange Sunglasses w Two-Tone Lenses - Accessoriesin Accessories
Late 1960s Hippie Painted Guitar from Austin Texas - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Trippy 1960s-70s Deadstock Deadhead Hallucination Wrangler Jeans - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
Unique Embroidered 1960s HOHNER Harmonica Performer Big E Levis - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Set of Four 1960s Anchor Hocking LOVE Glasses Mint-In-Box - Glasswarein Glassware
Original 1970's Inscribed Hippy Folk Art "Stash Box". - Folk Artin Folk Art


  1. I refrained from commenting but personally I find it fascinating a pair of vintage bobbing heads can get a serious discussion on the geopolitical climate of fifty-odd years ago. Makes a collector's h...
  2. Ha ha - well I guess we've never been to a Thailand Air Force Base...
  3. You are doing well Bill - would take a 40 for me! Ha ha
  4. Thanks! I have "different" taste I guess... ha ha.
  5. PoliticalPinbacks - OH I LOVE that thought. Had not thought of that possible Berrigan connection... As Bill said - I will have to search photos etc to find perhaps them in the crowds. Thanks to both o...
  6. billretirecoll it is actual decoupage! Go figure - and then was coated with something to preserve their work.
  7. Yes _ I did. Didn't recall I did - must be spending too much time with the hippie stuff, Lord knows what I am inhaling - ha ha. But had to show it as a record case I suppose.
  8. Thanks iggy - it wasn't done professionally enough, so i wondered. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge. And MacddyRico - yeah, there is a good chance of that ha ha.
  9. THANKS PoliticalPinbacks had no idea. Appreciate the heads up. - AND I now follow CW.
  10. Thanks Maniken! Always great to hear. :-)
  11. Thank you billretirecoll - I agree the history with it makes it more than just an artifact.
  12. Thanks alientrouble - if you ever want to write down your memories of the 72 hours at Woodstock, would love to have them.
  13. Thanks PoliticalPinbacks. I shared this with a friend I know who was there, she really enjoyed it.
  14. Thanks - to me these just scream the era and file under as "had to have them" for the collection.
  15. Thanks. It is indeed the history that makes it. Appreciate your comment.
  16. hey valentino97 - thanks for sharing that story, all part of learning about my collecting area. Interesting you sewed mainly the rear, and i have seen some that embroidered/patched mostly the front. W...
  17. Thanks. I had one of these when i collected pinbacks and was never clear what it was from.
  18. You know, I like Woodstock items and I have seen the purple ones always claiming to be from the festival, I haven't bought one - because there seem to be way too many out there to be authentic. From y...
  19. Ha Ha - I see the point.
  20. When you read this, it is amazing that those times were part of my lifespan. When I see the anger at protests now by people too young to know where it can lead, I worry about a return to these times. ...
  21. Thanks Thomas!
  22. PoliticalPinbacks - you got my interest there! I wonder if there are some of her shirts out there? Wonder if this is one of hers? Thanks... helps in my quest.
  23. Thanks antiquerose - I scan Woodstock photos whenever I see them, I have various items I'd love to photo match - but not many festival goers were taking photos!
  24. Thanks!!!!! dickbrodeur@comcast.net
  25. czechglass5 - I would love to get a signed copy of your memories so they can be preserved. The things you discuss are not things I can collect, but your first hand account is if you so choose. I had n...
  26. SEAN68 - unfortunately I didn't record that information before framing...and it is currently hanging too high on my wall for me to read.
  27. ho2cultcha - you are ahead of me, I have never seen HAIR! live... AND to see it on BROADWAY in 1970!!!! What an experience, you were lucky. ...Thanks, I am trying. Too many of these items are coming f...
  28. Wait you were there? If you ever care to write the story for posterity, would love to have it. And thanks - I watch his sales, I have bought three really good Peter Max items from him - what a collect...
  29. WHAT A GREAT RESPONSE.... made my Sunday morning.
  30. Thanks Scott - and the question about whether clothes were worn underneath is an intriguing one.
  31. Artfoot - COMMUNAL Commode - interesting - I had not thought of tha and you may be right. Thanks .
  32. artfoot =- and the telephone pole is multi-colored! Not a boring inch on this piece Thanks vetraio50! SpiritBear - thanks for the advice. Good to know and will keep that in mind.
  33. Funny how contemporary the conversation gets with 40-45 year old buttons. ;-)
  34. Hi Manikin. Is Liberty TX a big place?
  35. hey Celiene -= thanks for all your research! I just messaged him on Facebook and eager to hear what he has to say... Appreciate your enthusiasm.
  36. What a classy way to display your treasures. Job well done sir.
  37. Thanks Glassgaga - I agree, to me this is the most sophisticated of all the Peter Max fabric designs. This has a psychedelic kaleidoscope feel to it. Thanks for your comment!
  38. Thanks fortapache and SEAN68 - never thanked you for two of my favorite comments of all.
  39. Thanks Manikin.
  40. Thanks Karenoke!
  41. There ya go shareurpassion, thanks for sharing your story!. Funny, did you ever think back then what you were creating 'art" that would later be appreciated as mid century American Folk Art? Which is ...
  42. They truly are fabulous - a lot of time went into these...
  43. That is particularly awesome! The date would suggest the waning days of the wild west shows and the attention to detail would make me surmise it was for an audience - like a WWS.
  44. Thanks - that is quite the period example - usually see granny "squares" this is way beyond that.
  45. Wow - thanks, I must have missed these comments during the hectic December but thanks to all of you. I am showing this again today and I now have scans of all four sides to appreciate the full impact ...
  46. Thanks LovelyPat & CindB!
  47. Thank you Celiene! I LOVE your first hand account, it adds a lot to the narrative. I think it is important when collecting these items that i do not glorify the times, but preserve the times, it's goo...
  48. Hey filmnet - your sister was in NH for 25 years and LEFT? ...Left Paradise? ...Six weeks of summer wasn't enough? Ha ha. Well glad you got to experience this part of the world in your life journey, b...
  49. Thanks Iggy! Rock posters are a great collecting field - I had a group of nice ones that I unfortunately sold when I retired - seller's remorse. This one though, I was there and recall the concert wel...
  50. artfoot, those are very good points. I have a good friend who ran a head shop here in Manchester, I will have to ask him how much inventory he had when it reached the "no longer sustainable" stage. I ...
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One of my Rarest Clocks... Davy Crockett by Haddon