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Manchester, NH

Radical collector of the hippie era, mid 1960s - early 70s, & the stories that come with them. Preserving the Hippie past for people who won't believe it anyways...Radical collector of the hippie era, mid 1960s - early 70s, & the stories that come with them. Preserving the Hippie past for people who won't believe it anyways... (Read more)


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Important 1968 Greenwich Village "PEACE 10 ST." Anti-Vietnam War Pinback - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
Vintage 60s 70s LEE Patched & Painted Bellbottom Flare High Waist Jeans - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
1960s Hippie Psychedelic Extra Wide Leather Women's Belt / Laced Corset  - Accessoriesin Accessories
1956 Handbill advertising a Rosa Parks speaking appearance in Springfield MA - Advertisingin Advertising
1972 Miami Republican Convention used hand made ANTI-NIXON Protest Sign. - Politicsin Politics
Original 1960s MOD Che Guevara Icon Pop Art / Wall Art from London  - Politicsin Politics
Exceptional custom Hippie Bohemian Lace Up Real Leather High Rise Studded & Riveted Hot Pants - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
1960s Early Homemade Skateboard w Hippie Era Folk Art Paint - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Original 1968 Feminists Flier Protesting Miss America Pageant Atlantic City ~ "Slavery Exists" - Politicsin Politics
Late 1960s -1970s Mosaic Psychedelic Geometric Italian Silk Maxi Dress from London - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing


  1. Picked up Pearl at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. A classic!
  2. LOVE the early space items - realllly cool!
  3. blunderbuss2 - what exactly from my description was "brainwashed"? hmmmmm...
  4. I have that stool cover. I put it on an old cast iron stool - yours is much more appropriate. Not by Peter Max but certainly influenced by his designs.
  5. keramikos - WOW - you nailed it. That is the photo the artist used - funny, you think he only had B&W photos, so I imagine sometimes he might be off with eye and hair colors. Thanks for your help.
  6. Must be a poltergeist!
  7. They did a really good job, I agree.
  8. How did I miss this one? A great and historic Civil Rights piece.
  9. I was working my brother when this happened - learned all about the China Syndrome and why he was so shaken... wonder if he sleeps yet?
  10. Great find! I have seen similar pieces on ebay so think your identification is spot on.
  11. Thanks Newfld. --- And Efesgirl - thanks for the heads up, I had missed it... That is one coooool Belt! I wonder if both are made by a European maker? They are quite bold designs.
  12. buckethead - I read it to my kids they always laughed when I read slllooooooooow fe-et, QUICKFEET! Had to have this.
  13. HA HA -- Thanks. Try the cellar door first...
  14. Loved the comments thank you. The lady with Cagney is a favorite but I will admit I didn't recognize her either - Loretta Young (I know from the movie Taxi).
  15. Nice to hear from you Toyrebel. Thanks, I am trying to find items that speak to the times and will make more sense in context than seen alone. I see a lot of anti-Nixon buttons, not so much Wallace & ...
  16. It is so frustrating to have things damaged en route. I buy vintage posters often and maybe one in ten actually knows how to pack and ship them, damaged more often than not. Sorry for your loss on suc...
  17. Thank you all for your comments. I am a firm believer in history should never be forgotten and it is rewarding to collect things that can open dialog - something this country sadly lacks today.
  18. WOW - this was really Wavy Gravy! Have read about him online. An icon of the times... but you sold pinback buttons, probably wish you had kept samples. I used to thumb all the time, a different er...
  19. ..and I never knew it was Paul's coffin! Or if I did, I forgot - another sign it really has been half a century.
  20. Mr. Hippie salutes you! I like your collection a lot but how - exactly - could it possibly 50 years? Damn that would make me ...
  21. I am a little behind on explosring the comments - but thanks for posting this. Ya know, from the look I NEVER would have thought 1950s....
  22. What a FANTASTIC poster.... well done.
  23. Thanks Jonnie. That is fascinating, and now it makes sense.
  24. FABULOUS MCM look to these - good score!
  25. Fascinating piece of history! Now is that barbed wire around the helmet? As non-collector but still a history buff, I do not recall seeing that before...
  26. OooOOOoooHHHhhh I LIKE!
  27. I bet you are right!
  28. I am not a radio collector but I would love to have that sitting on my desk. Nice one.
  29. Thanks for the chuckle Newfld! :-)
  30. Never knew Milli Vanilli were hippies! Ha ha.
  31. Thanks Newfld - isn't the biker great! And yes, the graphic style works really well.
  32. Jenni - your Dad was hip if he drove a VW Beetle... ha ha. UNLESS he had to drive it in the snow. I invented curse words pushing one up a hill outside of Keene NH in the snow.
  33. Ha ha - hope it went well buckethead! I am sure that mist have Psychedelicized the workplace.
  34. I have seen these before - they date from the hippie era 1960s-1970s. Do not recall a maker. I have also seen them using flour sacks and similar. Really cool pants.
  35. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip - it is the patched and embroidered jeans that can be tough condition wise - they wore them to death.
  36. THANK YOU BUCKETHEAD! That video was immediately put on my playlist, I have on it already their performance in LA during the 80s of this classic, but this video was made just days before the Ohio Conc...
  37. Hi Bill - always a consideration when buying these artifacts is when they were created especially when buying from a reseller. The smoke is embroidered with white thread. Kinda cool.
  38. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip for the information! What did you used it for?
  39. That is a wonderful historic moment. I was in High School while my brother was in college trying to shut down the university... they were worrisome times and when Kent State happened, I did not know w...
  40. Took me a month to reply Bill, but thanks. When you think of this as being created pre computer age, when one had to cut screens, and use acetate layers and stat machines... yes, it is an amazing bit ...
  41. Thanks! Always appreciate hearing it. Sometimes we collectors - as you know - can feel like we are on an island.
  42. Good eyes - I like that too.
  43. I would LOVE to hear those stories.... maybe worn to the coffee house to hear a young Dylan... who knows?
  44. Thank you joyfulthingsvintage! Ms.CrystalShip - sometimes the stories are sad like this one, but I am glad I could preserve that history with it. This piece meant a lot to that family and debated ...
  45. That is special, well done! Never heard the word segunda before...
  46. HA HA Bill - you are right. Maybe in my then hormone laced brain I saw them differently.
  47. Thanks! ...yeah but psychedelic bubbles...
  48. Love the comments... :-)
  49. Ooohhh the old buds for inspiration ha ha.
  50. Same style as these?
  51. See more


One of my Rarest Clocks... Davy Crockett by Haddon