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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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  1. That's nice. I remember the glass dispenser jars in the old stores when I was a kid. Lance and other companies had upright dispenser jars with red lids with goodies in them also in the old days. Thank...
  2. That's a good score. We wore a green neckerchief with yellow trim in Troop 222(Best by Test) but it seems like they were slightly different than this one. Hard to remember exact details a half a centu...
  3. Can't give you any info, but I remember similar art work on Coke signs in the 50's and 60's. Nice find, they look like they are in excellent condition. There are many Coke collectors on this forum tha...
  4. These Greenlights continue to impress me. It's nice to see repro vintage handled the way I would if I had the opportunity to produce them. The hitch is exceptionally cool, it's well done. I think the ...
  5. I've seen different ball/maze. games, but this one is neater all around than most. It looks well made too.
  6. 21st has some nice detail and attention to accuracy.. If you watch war movies or tv shows, you would assume that at least half of German soldiers were issued a MP 38/40.
  7. Cool colors again by Matchbox.
  8. Great tribute to a true American icon with diverse talent
  9. This is exceptionally nice, the colors are great. I'd rather have these colors/wheels/tires than the over the top paint schemes, mags and slicks of the Superfasts. Sorry to hear you're under the weath...
  10. It may be worth $11, it's pretty long and sounds pricey.
  11. Nice model of a classic car.
  12. Thank you TreasureTex, I completely agree with you and I also have no shame. I am not a racist, I have many black friends and neighbors. I had a ancestor in Civil War and we share the exact same full ...
  13. This was a nicely done series. I often pondered the Goofy/Pluto issue also. Evidently Pluto was cool with being owned by a dog, he always seemed happy and not bitter about it. Kind of along this line,...
  14. Their first three albums were exceptional, I had all of them.
  15. It's fishing weather, Thomas, sounds good to me. You are SO correct about getting the box to get every piece. The few Mike Hazards I've seen loose, don't have 50% of the pieces. I'm sure it's that wa...
  16. I like this. In the early '60s a friend of my father was in the Air Guard took a bunch of us kids to their facilities at Danely Field. We got to sit inside a fire truck like this and my dad's friend o...
  17. I loved knight or Viking stuff, what kid didn't? It doesn't matter that they existed in different eras, they were made to fight each other in movies. I was older when these came out or I would have ha...
  18. This series was more elaborate than I realised. Thanks for sharing some more. The only Marx big figure I had was Mike Hazzard, the Secret Agent. I like seeing the other series they offered.
  19. This game functioned well once you learned some tricks during set up. That's one thing that impressed me about it. So many toys never functioned as well they did on the commercials. I never had a Sill...
  20. Thanks Bobby, Crazy Clock was not advertised any where near the level of Mouse Trap was. It's obscure to most unless you had one. I knew you would know that Vinyl. Your watchful eyes would not let it...
  21. That's really gear.
  22. I loved my Motorifics, didn't know the Zeroids used the same motor, makes sense.
  23. That's sew neat.
  24. Far out!
  25. Rockwell really put his love for the Scouts in his art. It's touching to see him be able put it on canvas like this,
  26. This is great! I've never seen as big of group of the series before. Evidently the West family is a lot bigger than I remember. I guess Kanye wasn't born until after the series came out.
  27. The steam shovel is real impressive, you had to be good to operate that old equipment. You didn't just push buttons and shift levers, they were true engineers.
  28. Thanks Apache. I've loved construction equipment since I was a child, especially the old stuff. I'd love to see the photos.
  29. Didn't know Marx made engine kits. This must be extremely rare.
  30. Incredible condition, killer artwork like Newfld said.
  31. The Tootsie's were Plain Janes compared to Matchbox, Corgi, etc. but Midgetoys and Tootsies were the only small die casts around here in the 50's. They were cheap fun though. Tootsie pioneered the die...
  32. That's neat!
  33. This has got to be hard to find.
  34. I had one, I was a big Fireball fan. You could get the Fireball in a set that had the Space City stuff in it. It had small one piece plastic Fireballs with a ramp that would launch them, a punch out b...
  35. The D9 was a monster for its time. I had a Matchbox dozer with a red blade which looked like a smaller dozer than a D9 to me.
  36. I remember the bins in the 5&10 being filled with Tootsie's in the 50's. They were a lot of fun and reasonably priced.
  37. It's probably a Mexican soldier, they modeled their uniforms from the French. The Alamo was popular in the 50's-60's after the Davey Crockett Disney movie. That's the classic Davey Crocket pose of kno...
  38. They're in good shape. You are truly diversified, Apache. No one can ever call you a niche collector.
  39. They had vinyl when I was a scout around '66. They probably phased out the leather in the early 60's because I had a leather utensil set in a group of Items that I know came from around '61.
  40. Thank you Jwass. I just try to clean and rejuvenate the old rubber when I restore mainly. I've found the old Hubley rubber to be durable. I use diluted dishwashing detergent and a stiff artist's brush...
  41. Didn't realize it had been made back then.
  42. Another nice Bachman rendition of an iconic US WW II aircraft. It's almost the Air Corp/Force counterpart of the USN F4F. It was a design behind the curve of the more modern fighters, but its ruggedne...
  43. I love police/fire/utility vehicles, these are some nice examples. I really like fd car, I guess it's neat to see one of them because more cop cars are produced compared to fd cars. My father had a Ga...
  44. That's cool that you actually drove one Coke, it was state of the art for its time with the hydraulics etc. It's a desirable collector's item. My father had an older 2N that I drove.
  45. It's in great shape, the condition amazes me being from that era. Maybe the family had a history of constipation? I love the items from the past, but I am grateful for the indoor plumbing and air cond...
  46. The foreign soldiers were some of the best of the original Joe series. Can't see for certain, but it looks like the new figure doesn't have a scar, just like the original foreign soldiers. I worked in...
  47. I've seen salt/pepper shakers, but none of these before. The pigs and cats are specially appealing to me also. My cousin would absolutely LOVE the cat shakers.
  48. Never knew anything about this Thomas. It's a very interesting, you explained it wonderfully also.
  49. Lindberg Models made a destroyer around this size. It was called a Blue Devil Destroyer on the box, but it was a Fletcher class. I'm pretty sure this is it. The Fletcher's were workhorses and got into...
  50. I love these Greenlights. The cooler and picnic basket are neat.
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 Bandai  Fiat 600 convertible (friction drive)