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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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 The Civil War Musket and Kadets of America Handbook - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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  1. That's a well done M1917.
  2. Okay Hoot, I'll be on the lookout for one.
  3. Great info keramikos, thank you very much!
  4. Thanks 'Apache. I had two different Battleground sets, I'd like to find the first one I had with 3 sets of the green vehicles/cannon, a delta wing jet(F-102?) and tan-colored GI's for the enemy. The s...
  5. Superb artwork.
  6. Good score.
  7. My uncle had a big land cruiser Buick back in the '50s, but it was a hard top.
  8. Nice little Dinky.
  9. Great colors again.
  10. Great job!
  11. Nice shakers.
  12. That's why you have the smallest ball on the hitch and some duct tape to "shim" it up for the larger trailer hitches. It gives you universal compatibility.
  13. Nice Greenlight detail again. The luggage rack is 5 star, it's the best I've seen on a toy or die cast.
  14. Elanski, evidently it was never used.
  15. Mrstyndall, thank you very much.
  16. Thank you, Thomas. I'm happy to finally have obtained a decent one.
  17. Hoot, I was inspired by an Allied Radio Knight Kit Electronics Lab to go into electronics. I've heard many stories of a childhood gift leading to a career.
  18. Thanks Vinyl, losses are acceptable in the advancement of science
  19. Glad you had a childhood flashback, keramikos, I love 'em. I didn't have one but I remember seeing them. I see these around a lot, they must have been fairly popular.
  20. They'd probably get arrested if they tried to play army.
  21. There's people dying to ride in it.
  22. A friend had a partial set with a Paving Stone, but thanks Vinyl. It took about 45 minutes to build. It would have been shorter but I kept knocking walls over I'd completed, it was made for smaller ha...
  23. Good score. Thet had pretty good quality outfits and accessories.
  24. I remember waiting in line at the General Store when they first came out.
  25. My cat lady cousin will love this. Thanks for sharing
  26. Another nice Rockwell, thanks for the share.
  27. Thanks Anything. Ironlace, they had a set of school kids that came with versions of the bus. Unfortunately the technology to mold figures in rainbow colored plastic wasn't available in the '60s and...
  28. I like it OEM if possible also, Apache. The other cars I had on it were diecast and if you placed them side by side the diecast wins the beauty contest. But when riding on the transport, the plastics ...
  29. Apache, the interpretations are endless.
  30. Thanks Vinyl, I'm going to walk to school, I need the exercise.
  31. Thanks Coke, I got them off the 'Bay. I thought the price was fair.
  32. It's a mystery.
  33. Restoration masterpiece. Incredible job.
  34. A real Joe will Hasbro, etc. on his buttocks(no joke) and a scar on his cheek(unless it was one of the Foreign Soldiers).
  35. "Well you zeee, I put the roofie in this delicious Coke so she can't taste it, you zeee."
  36. Great display, that 40mm is huge! These are some nicely done weapons. I've played around on the quad 40's on the USS Alabama, theyre not small, that's a massive Joe display. I think the Pearl Harbor ...
  37. Fort A, I completely agree with you about Mike's tie. The incredibly short and smaller diameter peg on the tie never secures it to the larger hole on Mike's collar. You have to put his vest on to keep...
  38. Great group, had major radio play. They were successful after they split up. Bachman Turner had hits. Burton Cummings did well solo also, he came to Montgomery in the '70s.
  39. Beautiful art piece. Rockwell was an American legend in general, but he had a strong love and admiration for Scouting that really shows in this touching art.
  40. Great shape, I love Marx litho.
  41. Great post, it brings back memories! I collected and read up to #28 in the series as a kid in the '60s, I loved them. The "Phantom Satellite" you've shown is the consensus best one. They made the orig...
  42. Newfld, I'm glad he liked it. I received a neat Lionel Porter Microscope Set in the '60s for Christmas. Thomas, I've got the vaccine. I just need test subjects.
  43. The Bradley is especially detailed for sure. Neat to see they made some variants for the M-113 also, it was and still is workhorse for many nations.
  44. I was a junior also when it happened. Remember it well, big moment.
  45. The labels are in excellent shape too, great score.
  46. Classic color.
  47. That's really gear.
  48. Depends on who made it, here's a Buddy L. parts vendor;
  49. I didn't know the Marx Cavalry was this large. Impressive collection, Ft. A!
  50. We had a Dixie Rexall Drug Store around the corner, bought a lot models there.
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