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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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Musical Jolly Chimp - Toysin Toys
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  1. Iggy, a friend had a killer Kenwood set up in '70s. I remember it well, it was one of the best I've heard in my lifetime. And I knew some serious audiophiles that had everything(I didn't have anythin...
  2. Beautifully done, great finish, is that powder coat?
  3. Thank you Thomas, your speakers were the perfect companion piece for this. Great timing! Thanks Apache, I loved the great sounding systems if that era. I knew a guy(Jeff) that wound up going to tec...
  4. Thomas, you never cease to amaze me! This is indeed a perfect match for the amp, same era. etc. Great post coordination with mine. We're kindred spirits.
  5. I agree with Stuff, a camera photometer. It's got the F stop settings etc.
  6. The peace symbol medallion is groovy.
  7. Classic album, I love color or picture lps also.
  8. Info link:
  9. It's late '50s or early '60s. Without the box it's impossible to narrow it down, the very simple construction(the one piece wings etc.) must make this a early Hawk release, I wonder if they subbed out...
  10. I've always liked Flash, since I first saw the comic strip in the '50s. They had a tv show in around that time. Never seen this before though, nice post.
  11. The Jap soldiers are HTF. They didn't come but in a few playsets. I love Marx figures/ soldiers.
  12. That's the way walls should look. Do you really want to see my mess? It ain't pretty.
  13. Looks like a Hawk kit. Here's a pic with the box, it's got the FS 430#:
  14. Nice old kit. It looks like an Aurora or Comet(Aurora bought some of their molds at first), but I can't verify it because the decal #'s don't match up with any pics I've found. It still reminds me of ...
  15. I came here originally seeking info for a toy under similar circumstances also Thomas. I soon discovered this was a family site with fellow collectors. There's too many kindred spirits to mention, but...
  16. Jimmy was a genius in many fields. He was genuine in his down home manner, but he was far from being a country bumpkin rube.
  17. I love this. I got a blue/white Murray Police Radar Patrol chain driven trike in the '50s. It looked like the three wheeled Harley Servicars police trikes of that era. It had a flip up back compartmen...
  18. I don't see the problem it was played over the airwaves. Thanks for sharing Thomas.
  19. I read a ton of these little books 8n the '50s. Cruella was a real bitch.
  20. She was popular during that time. Saw her in "Where the Boys are" last week.
  21. I like the weathering, that's how a real farm working tractor looks, not like the ones with high gloss paint in the commercials. My old man had a 2N, drove it many times, it was a reliable workhorse.
  22. Roy was the King of the Cowboys in the '50s. I remember a kid that had this box. Nice find.
  23. Love these old "Boxes". Never heard the term "breakdown tractor" before, but it makes sense.
  25. Sweet post Thomas.
  26. I like these. I would tell the mammoth to watch his trunk in the first pic.
  27. Nice promo! My friend had a '67 Camaro.
  28. These Greenlights are well done, great selection of vehicles and nice detail.
  29. Thanks Digital5, I wish I looked as great after 66 years! Thanks Thomas, some sites online about the Visible V-8 said they were used in teaching applications. It has a nice informative booklet that...
  30. Video:
  31. I like the "mundane" cars, they're what I remember seeing. Nothing wrong with hot rods, but the real world is filled with more of them, not the wild colored Hot Wheels.
  32. You have a great collection. I'd like to have the Dennis especially!
  33. "Say the secret word and win $100."
  34. You gotta love Brother James,The Godfather of Soul. JB put on a show live, he earned the title "Hardest Worker" by pouring his heart out on stage. Happy New Year brother Thomas!
  35. It's in great shape.
  36. Never seen the Tater Head game, neat. Now you need to find some vintage 1950s potatoes to go with it.
  37. Interesting, I'm not familiar with this, I thought I'd seen every toy back then. "Anything you can do on your own two feet is more fun on the ...Wibbler." Anything?
  38. This is nicely done. I would have liked to have had a razor scooter back in '50s, they are more practical like you said. My nieces, nephews and god kids like me because I'm about the only adult that w...
  39. Great gift, I had some Marx trains in the '50s, nice colorful litho. This link dates it at 1969, with the style of the box logo being after the classic Marx circle around an "X" would confirm the box(...
  40. Happy Anniversary/Merry Christmas.
  41. Merry Christmas Yougottahavestuff. I think deep down you're a good ole boy just like us. We'd have you in a '69 Charger making outlandish jumps across obstacles in no time!
  42. I doubt if it surprises anybody, especially me!! Merry Christmas BB2! That's a great suggestion Thomas! Merry Christmas. It's nice to comment to my Alabama pals before the hollidays, please be safe ...
  43. Merry Christmas Vynil.
  44. here's some videos from my Facebook page, you can barely see the smoke blowing out of his ears in the 2nd one(I need some fresh batteries)
  45. Excellent score!!
  46. Love fire trucks. I like these tootsieish Mboxes you've shared lately. I just like the minimalist design of Tootsies, Midgetoys, etc., I guess it's because they're what I had as a kid. Sirens have di...
  47. Thanks Watchsearcher. They're on line, there's a version with darker hair and robe, the cats may be painted different also. A Crazy Dog Lady would be great, It's only fair!
  48. Love was just a glance away.
  49. Beautiful firearm, I've always loved the brass framed cap and ball pistols.
  50. Kwqd, I ordered it on line, there's another version I've seen.
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