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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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Hubley Telephone Truck - Toysin Toys
Happy Thanksgiving. 
Mattel Sonar Sub Hunt - Gamesin Games
Rod Stewart's Train Layout 
Johnny Reb Cannon 
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Veterans Day 
Josie and The Pussycats 
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  1. Pat was drafted hybthe Falcons. I went with my father on a business trip to Atlanta the year Pat was drafted. We went to see thr Falcons and 49-ers play. Atlanta got behind pretty bad and they put Pat...
  2. Pat Sulivan was a class act. It's a sad day, he fought the disease as hard as he fought on the field. I don't care what team anybody pulled for, everybody loved and respected him.
  3. "Hello, how are you? Have you been alright through all those lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights."
  4. I really like this. It is "Tootsiest" looking. I didn't know Matchbox made that type. It has a neat design and I love the grill.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's a Kilgore, they made several guns with "Buck" on it and they usually had a star also.It looks prewar based on the simple design. Kilgore started in 1925, like I said it looks prew...
  6. Thanks vinyl, it's complete, I'm pretty sure that's the original pole, it has a great old patina. Thank you Apache, it is all original, you can tell because the paint matches plastic color so close...
  7. These are some cool Scout items. Like Fattytail said the marksman patch is politically incorrect in New Yawk these days and appeals to me even more. I'll bet Deblasio really hates the Scouts, they're ...
  8. That was a great era, Merry Christmas, mate.
  9. It's such a great Christmas song. Nice share for the start of the month. I love this time of year. Now for the bad news, Auburn is still lucky as hell. Merry start of the Christmas season, brother Tho...
  10. Good to see some Capt. Action items. Didn't realize Dr. Evil had the bling.
  11. I like the M26, its got the classic US tank lines Nice share , Happy Thanksgiving.
  12. Thanks again to all, Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Thank you all so much. Spam the mystery meat is an American icon, not just a delicacy for festive occasions.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving, Thomas! Roll Tide! Bill
  15. This is truly deco cool! I love that era.
  16. Very nice and interesting history.
  17. Thanks elanski, there's definitely some similarities to Battleship.
  18. Thank you Tom, that sounds good, I'm always impressed by your projects you share. Thank you for the kind words Roddy.
  19. Thank you Vinyl, I thought it was cool in '62 and it is still cool now. Thank you so much Ms.Crystal, it is also in pretty good working condition for these games. That sounds great Purvis, I thi...
  20. Here's a commercial link;
  21. I like this, neat.
  22. "As god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"
  23. When I hear, "Oh, the humanity", I think of Less Nessman in the WKRP Turkey episode.
  24. I agree Roddyq, he really poured his heart into it.
  25. The patient with the removable blanket is cool.
  26. I agree Iggy, outstanding job. The scenery is indeed the time consuming Ftapache, it took Rod 25 years to build this!
  27. Love your Scout posts, as always. We had custom neckerchiefs with "Troop 222, Best by Test" on them. Not sure where they got them from. I'd love to find one.
  28. I like that bus. Who made it?
  29. Thank you Nutsabotas, I waited to get a complete one. I bit the bullet(cannonball?) and paid the diff to get a good one. It's an early Christmas present to myself. Thank you kindly Apache, it is de...
  30. Nice post Thomas, Rod is a true great. Yeah he's got a train layout, 1500 square feet! He built 90% of it. It's amazing, here's a link;
  31. Welcome back. Nice Matchbox.
  32. Commercial;
  33. Hopefully they've remastered the Hoover Album and you can get it on CD now.
  34. Smart move, they had made an "Adam" figure, so when Pernel jumped ship they turned it into a "Cartwright" villain.
  35. Nice, I remember the Caminos well.
  36. This is what I remembered;
  37. Nice obscure share. I vaguely remember this toy series, did they have a tv commercial? You're correct about the roomy Wagon Train wagons. I remember a scene with a husband and wife standing erect in f...
  38. Thank you so much Nutasbotas, I waited until I could find one in good shape that was reasonable. Thank you very much Ftapache. This was the classic era before most the toy companies made the weird ...
  39. They look excited, neat caricature work.
  40. The "customer" really gets decked out to go grocery shopping too.
  41. This is really cool! I love it. Looks like the Pancake Flour might be politically incorrect these days.
  42. I want to send my cousin the Thanksgiving cat pic. I had the TinkerToys and American Bricks, never got a baster unfortunately.
  43. My god daughter loved My Little Pony.
  44. Thank you very much Malkey
  45. Thank you Nutsabotas, I love the plastic "bin" type toys that I remember in the 5 & 10, Woolworths, Grants, etc. Thank you Ftapache, I just love those weird mini cars, the Isetta has to be my fave ...
  46. I don't recall seeing a bayonet for the M16 before. The warning label is amusing, wouldn't want to get sued I guess. Thanks for sharing I love blades, especially military.
  47. Neat collection. One of my friends from my childhood became a taxidermist.
  48. It's definitely the old style Tinkertoy canister and logo, prewar '30s(?). The cars look like they're Hubleys, same era.
  49. Didn't realize how many King Sizes were made. Big or little they have the perfect colors.
  50. Happy Veterans Day.
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 Bandai  Fiat 600 convertible (friction drive)