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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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Fish Hatchery Truck - Model Carsin Model Cars
Structo Dump Truck/Sandloader - Model Carsin Model Cars
Akai Reel to Reel - Electronicsin Electronics
Sansui Quad Amp. - Electronicsin Electronics
Musical Jolly Chimp - Toysin Toys
Hubley #512 Dump Truck Set - Toysin Toys


  1. I'd heard Yakety Sax numerous times before I ever watched Benny Hill. But now I can't help but first think of Benny when I hear it.
  2. Never heard of Bub, but I like it.
  3. Incredible is an understatement, very nice collection.
  4. These Dinky's always impress me. These being fire dept.(which I love) oriented make them even more appealing.
  5. I've said it before, I like these Minis. Do you have the complete set? I've never any info on how many they had, years made, etc.
  6. Neat and unique.
  7. It looks better than some of the real cars I've owned.
  8. John: "Lord have mercy, shoot this thing!" Uncle Searcy(?): "I can't shoot, there's two sets of eyes!" John: "Then shoot amongst us, one of us has got to have some relief!"
  9. I always enjoy the Scout stuff. My mother had given me a subscription to Boy's Life in Elementary School, a few years before I joined the BSA. I wasn't a Cub, it just didn't appeal to me. I thought Bo...
  10. Thank you Iggy. It could hold water, I guess. They came with small translucent rods to support the fish and make it look like they were swimming. I'm sure many kids put water in them. Thank you Tre...
  11. I love the "laid back" roof. This is a neat looking toy.
  12. Nicefice, the rod probably would be lost the first day(I know I would have lost it). A missing rod deducts about 20% from the value.
  13. I remember way back with the First Edition. He was active for decades with quality music. RIP Gambler.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I've never heard LR, but these are nicely done.
  15. A friend gave me a Hubley model car kit for Christmas in the '60s. I think it was a '32 Ford. This brings back memories, thanks for sharing.
  16. Thank you very much Ftapache, the non collecting muggles just don't understand the hunger. Thank you Gargoyle, the cool uniqueness has always appealed to me, it's different. Thank you Sean. T...
  17. That's where Duran Duran got their name from the person Barbarella was seeking that was the villain was named that. A classic '60s flick, thanks for sharing Thomas.
  18. I had some like this. It was back in the Elvis era and I called them swivel hipped cowboys.
  19. Love those Matchboxes. Thanks.
  20. Thanks Apache.
  21. Great St. Pat's theme share. I always think of Bugs Bunny singing it when I hear it. I'm Scotch-Irish,
  22. The paint scheme really brings out the classic lines. Sweet item.
  23. Nice. "She be yar."
  24. This is one if my favorite planes, an engine with just the mininum amount of wing, stabilizers and fuselage to fly. Constantly unstable at yaw and pitch. You had to be a great pilot and have a serious...
  25. Worthpoint link;
  26. Congrats on this score. Paperwork for some things is mega harder to find than some truly rare actual item. Boxes also.
  27. Excellent restore! I remember that model well, a 5 & 10 store had one out front. The owner would always come out and make sure you were going drink the Coke there and leave the bottle or give him the ...
  28. I remember the Sno Track from the '60s. I assumed, since the song said It Never Rains in California, that it didn't snow there either. Live and learn.
  29. Trey, great story. A very thoughtful touching gift.
  30. Thanks for sharing Thomas. I loved the Big Band music, it's what influenced me to attempt to play the clarinet. Glenn was stationed at Maxwell AFB for a while in WW II, he had a Christmas concert that...
  31. Great share Thomas. Brings back memories of the "Really big 'shew'" on Sunday nights. I saw some major famous acts debut on Ed Sullivan. Of course Topo comes to mind when recalling the Sullivan Show, ...
  32. Thanks Apache, I understand there are a few surviving examples around. I think the aircraft museum at Pensacola USN has one also. That's interesting, Newfld. I can well understand the pride i...
  33. Nice post. That was my favorite year for the GTO, especially because of the front end.
  34. Iggy, a friend had a killer Kenwood set up in '70s. I remember it well, it was one of the best I've heard in my lifetime. And I knew some serious audiophiles that had everything(I didn't have anythin...
  35. Thank you Thomas, your speakers were the perfect companion piece for this. Great timing! Thanks Apache, I loved the great sounding systems if that era. I knew a guy(Jeff) that wound up going to tec...
  36. Thomas, you never cease to amaze me! This is indeed a perfect match for the amp, same era. etc. Great post coordination with mine. We're kindred spirits.
  37. I agree with Stuff, a camera photometer. It's got the F stop settings etc.
  38. The peace symbol medallion is groovy.
  39. Classic album, I love color or picture lps also.
  40. Info link:
  41. It's late '50s or early '60s. Without the box it's impossible to narrow it down, the very simple construction(the one piece wings etc.) must make this a early Hawk release, I wonder if they subbed out...
  42. I've always liked Flash, since I first saw the comic strip in the '50s. They had a tv show in around that time. Never seen this before though, nice post.
  43. The Jap soldiers are HTF. They didn't come but in a few playsets. I love Marx figures/ soldiers.
  44. That's the way walls should look. Do you really want to see my mess? It ain't pretty.
  45. Looks like a Hawk kit. Here's a pic with the box, it's got the FS 430#:
  46. Nice old kit. It looks like an Aurora or Comet(Aurora bought some of their molds at first), but I can't verify it because the decal #'s don't match up with any pics I've found. It still reminds me of ...
  47. I came here originally seeking info for a toy under similar circumstances also Thomas. I soon discovered this was a family site with fellow collectors. There's too many kindred spirits to mention, but...
  48. Jimmy was a genius in many fields. He was genuine in his down home manner, but he was far from being a country bumpkin rube.
  49. I love this. I got a blue/white Murray Police Radar Patrol chain driven trike in the '50s. It looked like the three wheeled Harley Servicars police trikes of that era. It had a flip up back compartmen...
  50. I don't see the problem it was played over the airwaves. Thanks for sharing Thomas.
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