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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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  1. Both T-bolts could absorb a lot of damage and still remain airborne. The A-10 especially. I've seen videos of the 30mm hitting armored vehicles, it blows the slag plasma it creates on impact out the t...
  2. I like the design, but don't know who made it.
  3. Brings back memories. That's one of the two Matchboxes I had, it was around '65 when I got it. I'd like to get this and the bulldozer I had eventually. What series box did these come in '65 in case I ...
  4. Looks like Johhny West Best of the West series figures. Ftapache can identify each one for you. He'll be by eventually.
  5. Thank you Jscott, I love group photos of related vehicles. Glad you like it SEAN, thanks.
  6. PS: I should have said a lack of a rear mounted distributor would eliminate it from being a Chevy small block. There are other rear mounted distributor engines other than Chevy, it's not an exclusive...
  7. Roll Tide Thomas, my Bama friend. The Alabama/LSU game is beginning to look like the game of the year.....again!
  8. Thanks for the loves. You're very kind Nutsabout, I had to use a different silver paint that doesn't look as good as the regular one I normally use, but I can live with it. Thanks as always Apache, ...
  9. Can't identify #3 but I agree the lights and grill make it extra cool, might be a custom grill. Nice T bucket, can't see the engine close enough to identify. A good way to identify an old Chevy small ...
  10. I love slot cars, got my first set in '63. Raced at big tracks they had in the 60's.
  11. Cool, never seen this. Gabby was a classic sidekick for two classic cowboys.
  12. Another nice Mini, the B-25 was versatile indeed. The Mitchell along with other aircraft virtually wiped out a Japanese sortie of transports and destroyers in thr Battle of the Bismark sea. The troops...
  13. Oooooh weeee ooooh! Scary, make no bones about it, he's just a shell of his former self.
  14. More great colors, I did not know there were large and small versions. Glad they never put an outlandish paint job on an already beautifully painted dozer.
  15. Always love your Scout stuff. It'd be neat to see some older stuff from my era (65-67) or older for sure. I'm pretty sure I had that same colored neckerchief. Does your "Scout" have a mullet now? He n...
  16. Tres bien Muy bueno Sehr gut That'sa nice
  17. Thanks a lot for the loves all. Ftapache I love truck trailer loads also, construction equipment has got be my fave, extra play value. Auto haulers have always had an appeal to me also. In addition...
  18. Nice Mini share. Like you said the Do-17 got outpaced by new fighters, that happened to a lot of 30's designed aircraft. I've always like its slim design that gave it the nickname.
  19. Can't give you a price, but I've never seen it before Probably rarer than the more common clocks and radios. '64 is probably a good guess for the type of construction. I like it.
  20. He was a great. I remember this one and especially Big John....Big Bad John. Jimmy also introduced the Muppets to the mainstream audience by having Ralph(Rawlf?) as a regular segment on his variety s...
  21. Nice find. I loved the smell of caps in the morning.....afternoon or night, smells like...victory.
  22. Nice Matchbox share. I like construction equipment and as usual their color selection is excellent. Imaginary people were a necessary part of a toy vehicle to bring out the most fun and joy when playi...
  23. These remind me of the Hiway Patrol tv show. Even though Broderick Crawford("10-4") mostly drove Buicks. I love old fire equipment also.
  24. Very nice. Got the cross ram type intake.
  25. What a car show you attended. Nice to see a Ranchero, great color. I wonder if that was a factory color on the Jag, it's a nice change from the usual red, black, etc. colors you see.
  26. Great rendition from one of my favorite holiday movies, so much more touching than White Christmas. I watched it on some channel this week. I loved Quaid saying "Sh*!!er's full." and dumping the "sew...
  27. Thanks Brooch. Hubley took some liberties, '51 Fords definitely weren't COE. It was an added gimmick by Hubley. Ironically the cab they used on their previous sets from 48-52 was a '48 GMC cabover and...
  28. Thanks Jscott, I think I got a good deal on it. It came from the collection of the seller's father.
  29. Many thanks Apache, I'm gregariously grateful they were gracious enough to make a great grader also. They only had two other loads for the lowboy. I've shared the airplane already, the other came in a...
  30. Thank you very much, jscott. This is one of my top favorites of the 500/510 series. It looked good and had a great play value with the grader load.
  31. I love these trailers. A trailer park would be cool.
  32. A friend of my cousin had a red one in the 60's. We called it blBig Red. Love this series you've posted.
  33. I love the 55-57's. These are beautiful. You are correct about the few that remained stock. I'll bet you by the early 60's 90% had been customized or altered from stock in varying degrees.
  34. Thank you so much, Brooch, I love graders also. I remember my father putting in seat of a grader after hours at a construction site when I was about 3. I've loved construction equipment since then.
  35. I like these Greenlights. Again the best '55 color scheme to choose. These Greenlight guys have the color taste of the classic era Matchboxes you have shared. I'm not a Matchbox collector but I've sta...
  36. I'd love to have any of them and I agree with you about the red/white one. It captures the look of the era the best.
  37. Great shape, even got the key. Probably had a generic looking dart gun, there's some examples on Ebay. Can't be newer than 1956 because that's when they went bankrupt. I'd guess early 50's.
  38. Love 'em all. I haven't seen windshield visors in a while, my uncle had one his Roadmaster I remember. I'm not sure it's a Chevy small block, it has the distributor in the front. Perfect colors on the...
  39. Classic 'Cuda. So Matchbox and I were born the same year. The BP Wrecker is one of the only two Matchboxes I owned in my youth.
  40. It looks like a railroad switch lantern. It was put on a pedestal by the switch that would turn to a certain position depending on the switch position.
  41. Seltzer is a smooth clean guitarist, loved the Stray Cts.
  42. Always love the trains. I like bay window 'booses, this one looks real sharp in the UP yellow.
  43. Gonna need more pics to identify. A pic of the bottom also. No other markings?
  44. One cool layout! Great variety. Love the classic trolley.
  45. We had some more modern rail jacks(same exact concept different metal) at the last place I worked. We moved some massive stuff with them, they're impressive.
  46. Nice looking radio. Lee DeForest invented the triode vacuum, that made amplification possible.
  47. Nice caboose. I miss seeing them, they only have the EOT flashing light on the last car now. The last place I worked at in the the early 2000's had old tracks in the back from the old days of being a ...
  48. I love these garden railways, they're so cool. This has a lot going on. I like the turntable, I always wanted one on my layout.
  49. Incredibly long to not be articulated.
  50. It is a shame Purvis, they knuckled under to the media and lost all their original core values.
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 Bandai  Fiat 600 convertible (friction drive)