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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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Mighty Matilda - Toysin Toys
Ertl/Scale Models American Eagle Aircraft - Toysin Toys
Canister Erector Sets - Toysin Toys
Hubley U.S. Fish Hatchery Truck - Toysin Toys
HAPPY 4th of JULY! 
Monogram P-51 Phantom Mustang - Toysin Toys
Military Vehicles with Mystery Cannon - Toysin Toys
Hubley Auto Transport - Toysin Toys
Hubley Fighter Bomber #1495 - Toysin Toys


  1. Impressive items for your anniversary post. Happy 2K. Keep it up
  2. Love these old fans, built to last. I remember the oscillating fans mounted above the blackboard in the classrooms in my elementary school. You'd wait for it to blow some air on you for some temporary...
  3. Cool unique pose with such a pretty color.
  4. Excellent post for the 50th anniversary. Neat, never seen 'em before.
  5. Very nice item, you don't see this often. "The Man" was a class act, not just a great player, that gives this rack even more value IMO.
  6. Great job, that's a precision vice definitely.
  7. I remember both of the sets. They would call him a vertically challenged gorilla now.
  8. It's another great Matchbox color, they're color selection around this era was best in the business from what I've seen. They always picked the best one for the vehicle.
  9. Thanks Bucket, I worked with a bunch of old tars and airdales at TI. Great friends all. Remco made a "Nuclear Fleet" they had the Barracuda Sub that would launch missles individually as it rolled alon...
  10. Thanks Apache, that was the best toy era ever. Getting these big toys at Christmas was a moment you'll never forget in life. It was a cool toy, I loved playing wirh it. I've got it apart found what wa...
  11. Also the landing gear wheels are so big that hit on the detent pins in the wheel wells and won't retract but about half way. That's real engineering design and quality control to overlook that. The sc...
  12. Those Ertl Commie peaceniks, notice they painted it red also.
  13. Maybe 40's ?
  14. There should be a name plate with info on it. Look on the backside or under the top surface if it can be lifted.
  15. Nice to see these. I remember seeing these on TV. They were sculpted nicer with better fitting clothes than previous action figures. Gabriel bought Hubley(they were still marked Hubley division of Gab...
  16. I've been to lookout mountain, you can see seven states.
  17. I've never seen one, let alone TWO of them..... in primo condition also. I love Marx/Linemar tinplate litho.
  18. "It will keel."
  19. I really like Dinky's. This is a pristine car, nice box and a definite classic car it's modeled after. D types look space aged. Superb item here.
  20. Thanks Bucket. It is obscure and kind of weird for a Hubley.
  21. Need some close ups of the names to even stand a chance of identifying them.
  22. Thanks Apache, you really don't see them loose that much, especially with the fish, etc. It's kind of different than most Hubleys, it has a kind of cute play aspect to it. Vynil, it is an oddball, ...
  23. I also like flying boats. The Clippers were state of the art for their time. I've always liked them, Bachmann did another fine job. Is this the same Bachmann company that makes the HO trains?
  24. Great condition. I remember the classic Buicks well, my uncle had a bunch of them over the years.
  25. Another nice Matchbox.
  26. Thanks for added photos, it's yuge alright.
  27. Nice. My elementary school class went on a tour in the early 60's. We got pencils, writing pad, a wooden ruler and I think some other stuff....and of course a free large coke.
  28. Love this Joe/Ult Sol stuff. That chopper is so cool, didn't know they made one.
  29. I've never seen this. Wyandotte litho was some of the best IMO. I can't see how it survived in this condition without still being originally boxed. The canoe is a perfect match. Congrats on this sweet...
  30. Happy 4th Vynil! Without you, this would be just another website. You're one of a kind. Bill
  31. Ditto Thomas, stay safe and enjoy!
  32. Perfect post for Independence day. Happy 4th to you all!
  33. Great post. Iconic definitely, it's a legend. Love these Mini-Planes. In about '61 I flew from Duncan,Ok. to Montgomery. The Duncan field was real small and I don't remember the airline but they still...
  34. I'm probably going to buy a new kit from Amazon, Apache. Getting this has brought back those old memories, it is a cool kit when built, especially with all of the operating features.
  35. Neat item, with good info as always. I didn't realize all of these variations of the West items. I love being versed on vintage toys. It's not always in the collecting books, it comes from collectors ...
  36. A 155mm cannon on the back of a '46 Ford truck could wheelie if the rear axle lasts BB II. The 155 could also settle arguments as to who won the race. Thanks Apache, just curiosity got me to purcha...
  37. Many thanks, Apache. I concur with your comment, especially having all the cars.
  38. Double decker buses are definitely symbolically British. London is the first thing I think of when I see one. I remember this Matchbox as well, it's a classic IMO. Another nice example you have here. ...
  39. Thanks Jscott, I've been trying to find this version of the Auto Transport for a while, finally got lucky. Thanks guys for the loves.
  40. They look great. Nice color for this style pick up. Didn't know about the hood scoop, I can see why it would be more desirable. Seems like Tonka would have made them for more than a year since it look...
  41. What I've heard? I beg to politely differ. I posted all the references that can be read to verify what I stated. I don't believe you have posted one reference. It's a Hubley Kiddie Toy, I stand by that.
  42. Please refer to the pics I just posted on show and tell
  43. I've never heard that in my life. How about giving a reference to this info. Wikipedia states that Kiddie Toy( not Kiddy) was a name Hubley used. I've got probably 20 different toys with Hubley Kiddie...
  44. Very possibly a Dornier DO 335 Pfeil(trainer) made by Revell. Tamiya made one also, it was released later. Not sure when the Revell kit came out, maybe early 70's. I'm not certain about this, but sinc...
  45. Monogram P-51b Monogram kit. This was released first in '68 as kit # 136-6806. These were transition numbers from the early PA kits that 3 digits at the most, usually just two digits. It is Howard's D...
  46. Monogram SBD Dauntless. The original release was early 60's the 2nd plane in Mongram's WW II Navy Plane series, right after the first kit the TBF Avenger.. This is one of the first kits I built.
  47. Mongram F6F-5 Hellcat. Early 60's, I'd have to look up the original part #.
  48. It's a Monogram FW-190(Focke Wulf) first introduced in '68 as kit #6804. This was one of Monogram's better detailed kits, they changed during this period from the less detailed kits with action featur...
  49. It's a Monogram Me 109(Messerschmitt) first released as kit #PA 74 in '62. You can tell because it has retractable landing gear(that might be glued open). I had this kit in the 60's, they mafe it for ...
  50. If it looks like the landing gear was made to retract, it's a Mongram Spitfire first released in '62.
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 Bandai  Fiat 600 convertible (friction drive)