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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


  1. I loved the Golden Books. My fave was "Tootie the Baby Locomotive". He would jump the tracks put a garland of flowers around his smokestack and play in the pasture.
  2. I didn't realize Ziggy had done time, he seemed so nice. Merry Christmas Mr. V. Stay safe.
  3. Good Knight, Sir Apache!
  4. Nice, I had a metal Hubley 1911 that had slide action and a removable mag. The 1911 is my all time fave sidearm.
  5. No need to appologize for posting dinos, I love 'em. Didn't realize the models were that large.
  6. 'Pache nice to talk with y'all again and see your cool stuff. Had some multiple health issues. I seem to be on the mend, made a walk this morning(before the heat) and made a good pace with little leg ...
  7. Nice to be back. Had health issues, hope to have enough stamina to rejoin my CW friends. I missed y'all.
  8. Erata: Never too many dinos.
  9. Never too many finish. Great stuff. I believe Bessie is a pleisiosaur, but from the pics on the National Enquirer she doesn't appear yellow!
  10. Winwood is a true prodigy. I loved Traffic.
  11. Great album and group.
  12. Commercial:
  13. Good detail and a classic color from that time. We had a '59 Impala, rugged workhorse.
  14. They are HTF. Nice item.
  15. It's kind of a hybrid Renault FT and a British Mark I tank. It's got the Renault turret, the lozenge treads and gun sponsons of a Mark I. I'd guess an inkwell also.
  16. Another great post. I like that you made the Allusions to Jonny Quest("unfortunately I'll have Korbay's incoherent "voodoo something, something that rhymes voodoo something chant as sat in front of th...
  17. The details of the engravings(?) is impressive.
  18. Etta had a great voice.
  19. The graphics on the record and cover are cool.
  20. Another nice Scout item. We probably had 30-40 in our troop, it varied because a lot of the members were service kids and Vietnam was at it's height. I think we had 5 patrols. Good luck on finding a p...
  21. I had the Sears Hamilton Invaders, it didn't have the pistol, it was separate.
  22. You were a natural drummer from birth, Thomas. You probably drummed instead of kicking before that! A lot of the toys I had came in canisters , Tinker,Krazy Ikes, Erector set, etc. You could have had ...
  23. Jscott, It's not my original. I picked it up a while back? Never used much by the owner. I loved the Erector Sets too, I never had a big set.
  24. Thanks Newfld. They were real cool at that time especially. Hoot, I've seen many comments on different collector's groups of how an Erector Set, etc. inspired someone to become an engineer, etc. It's...
  25. Thanks Apache, Lori, Vinyll. Happy New Year!
  26. Nicely done. My cousin's friend had one we called "Big Red". Lot's of memories in it. Happy New Year to all.
  27. Merry Christmas Newfld!
  28. Purrfect post, my cat lady cousin will love this. Merry Christmas to all.
  29. I don't think I've seen the big size farm equipment before. Perfect colors as usual from the genius "colorists" at Matchbox, I've said that many times before. I'm not a farm equipment expert, but my o...
  30. Great job, looks like a Basset to me.
  31. Very nice. I'll bet you're an expert at Trivet Pursuit.
  32. Nice Items, my father was in the Moose Club. I used to go there with him while he had a few drinks. If you don't have enough room for storage, I could take that airplane off your hands if that would h...
  33. I can't think of anything but Jack Nicholson now when I hear "The Three Little Pigs". "Little pig, little pig, let me in."
  34. Thanks Apache, Remco advertised their ships as The Nuclear Navy or something like that. They had the Barracuda Sub and the Fighting Lady battle ship. Same blue sailors crewed them all.
  35. Nice gun. The Luger grip is one of the best.
  36. Thomas, it be good to be back with me collecting mateys again, arrrrgh.
  37. Thanks Mr. V, glad to be back.
  38. I had the same red one, I'm pretty sure. Had another similar to the "calculator" style shown. They didn't need batteries and worked.
  39. Great era. Rt. 66 is an icon. You couldn't have planned it all, it started with a road, a line,it just fell into place to create the overall masterpiece, like some of the great artists' works were cre...
  40. Thanks Apache, yes there was confusion because of the existing Martin B-26 Marauder. The "A" was new nomenclature for (ground)Attack aircraft. Very subtley advanced, more compact than previous compara...
  41. Great original subject matter for the 1/6 scale. Excellent detail and more frequently used method of transportation than what the war movies depict. Yes, horses made up the vast majority of transporta...
  42. Clockerman, I picked this up with other stuff at a yard sale. Better get one before they burn everything.
  43. Apache/Clocker thanks: They had a Sambos here, kinda like Denny's. They had "art" showing the tigers chasing each other around the tree, etc. I used to eat there with a black guy I worked with on the...
  44. He's buried here in Greenwood Cemetery. My dad saw him in the local joints before he hit it big. Tragic life for such an inovative genius. A friend of the family Charles Carr was driving him to the sh...
  45. Great comments, Anything, Watch, and Vinyll. Jade, it's history, that's a fact, right or wrong. I see all kinds of jokes, caricatures, cartoons, etv. aimed at southerners, I find some of them funny, ...
  46. Sambo was from India, offensive to Indians? I've seen numerous Black Americana items posted on here. Ferris State University has a Jim Crow museum, with far more racist items, why does an African Amer...
  47. I've been livin' large, Vinyll. I built a few of these kits and the Revell B-36 was one of them. It was a '60s issue. It's 1/184 scale, not as impressive as the box art, as always.
  48. Neat Vinyl. My mother gave me a GE small AM/FM radio in the '60s for Christmas. It was a nice sounding solid built radio, I had it for several years. It used AA batteries instead of a 9V also which wa...
  49. I love watching one in action, the impact is unbelievable.
  50. I agree, both made some long lasting reliable stuff.
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