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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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CRAZY CAT LADY - Toysin Toys
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  2. Sweet post Thomas.
  3. I like these. I would tell the mammoth to watch his trunk in the first pic.
  4. Nice promo! My friend had a '67 Camaro.
  5. These Greenlights are well done, great selection of vehicles and nice detail.
  6. Thanks Digital5, I wish I looked as great after 66 years! Thanks Thomas, some sites online about the Visible V-8 said they were used in teaching applications. It has a nice informative booklet that...
  7. Video:
  8. I like the "mundane" cars, they're what I remember seeing. Nothing wrong with hot rods, but the real world is filled with more of them, not the wild colored Hot Wheels.
  9. You have a great collection. I'd like to have the Dennis especially!
  10. "Say the secret word and win $100."
  11. You gotta love Brother James,The Godfather of Soul. JB put on a show live, he earned the title "Hardest Worker" by pouring his heart out on stage. Happy New Year brother Thomas!
  12. It's in great shape.
  13. Never seen the Tater Head game, neat. Now you need to find some vintage 1950s potatoes to go with it.
  14. Interesting, I'm not familiar with this, I thought I'd seen every toy back then. "Anything you can do on your own two feet is more fun on the ...Wibbler." Anything?
  15. This is nicely done. I would have liked to have had a razor scooter back in '50s, they are more practical like you said. My nieces, nephews and god kids like me because I'm about the only adult that w...
  16. Great gift, I had some Marx trains in the '50s, nice colorful litho. This link dates it at 1969, with the style of the box logo being after the classic Marx circle around an "X" would confirm the box(...
  17. Happy Anniversary/Merry Christmas.
  18. Merry Christmas Yougottahavestuff. I think deep down you're a good ole boy just like us. We'd have you in a '69 Charger making outlandish jumps across obstacles in no time!
  19. I doubt if it surprises anybody, especially me!! Merry Christmas BB2! That's a great suggestion Thomas! Merry Christmas. It's nice to comment to my Alabama pals before the hollidays, please be safe ...
  20. Merry Christmas Vynil.
  21. here's some videos from my Facebook page, you can barely see the smoke blowing out of his ears in the 2nd one(I need some fresh batteries)
  22. Excellent score!!
  23. Love fire trucks. I like these tootsieish Mboxes you've shared lately. I just like the minimalist design of Tootsies, Midgetoys, etc., I guess it's because they're what I had as a kid. Sirens have di...
  24. Thanks Watchsearcher. They're on line, there's a version with darker hair and robe, the cats may be painted different also. A Crazy Dog Lady would be great, It's only fair!
  25. Love was just a glance away.
  26. Beautiful firearm, I've always loved the brass framed cap and ball pistols.
  27. Kwqd, I ordered it on line, there's another version I've seen.
  28. I liked Grumpy best.
  29. Of course with Osifer Pupp and Ignatz Mouse. The strip dates back to the early '30s. It was one of my faves.
  30. It's a orienting or protracting compass. You place it on a map with the compass north aligned with the map cardinal point north. You set the movable pointer to the direction you want travel on the map...
  31. Excellent! Merry Christmas!
  32. Thank you kindly, Vynil. Thanks Keramikos, looking back it was amusing but it just seemed frustrating at the time. Thanks Bama Buddy Thomas. I had some relatives that gave me similar. Chocolate ...
  33. It is definitely an icon, I always thought the vista window was a neat idea. I don't recall anybody in my family having a wagon. I'd never really rode in a wagon until I joined the Boy Scouts. It seem...
  34. Never seen or heard of it before. Zoltar would fall in love. Merry Christmas.
  35. I agree with Kwqd.
  36. Neat item, outstanding graphics on the box.
  37. Thanks, Kwqd Officialfuel Ftapache Nicefice Not sure about my scheduling during the next, so just in case; MERRRY CHRISTMAS to my CW friends! Be safe and I hope Santa brings all of you a to...
  38. Thanks Vinyl, it was kool and different from the other toys around then. Thank you Iggy, even as a kid the name amused me. Tnanks so much Newfld, my mother's wisdom still amazes me, I wish I coul...
  39. Great post, Merry Christmas to all!
  40. The amount of variations is impressive. I had no idea there were so many.
  41. Pat was drafted hybthe Falcons. I went with my father on a business trip to Atlanta the year Pat was drafted. We went to see thr Falcons and 49-ers play. Atlanta got behind pretty bad and they put Pat...
  42. Pat Sulivan was a class act. It's a sad day, he fought the disease as hard as he fought on the field. I don't care what team anybody pulled for, everybody loved and respected him.
  43. "Hello, how are you? Have you been alright through all those lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights."
  44. I really like this. It is "Tootsiest" looking. I didn't know Matchbox made that type. It has a neat design and I love the grill.
  45. I'm pretty sure it's a Kilgore, they made several guns with "Buck" on it and they usually had a star also.It looks prewar based on the simple design. Kilgore started in 1925, like I said it looks prew...
  46. Thanks vinyl, it's complete, I'm pretty sure that's the original pole, it has a great old patina. Thank you Apache, it is all original, you can tell because the paint matches plastic color so close...
  47. These are some cool Scout items. Like Fattytail said the marksman patch is politically incorrect in New Yawk these days and appeals to me even more. I'll bet Deblasio really hates the Scouts, they're ...
  48. That was a great era, Merry Christmas, mate.
  49. It's such a great Christmas song. Nice share for the start of the month. I love this time of year. Now for the bad news, Auburn is still lucky as hell. Merry start of the Christmas season, brother Tho...
  50. Good to see some Capt. Action items. Didn't realize Dr. Evil had the bling.
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