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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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  1. Great era. Rt. 66 is an icon. You couldn't have planned it all, it started with a road, a line,it just fell into place to create the overall masterpiece, like some of the great artists' works were cre...
  2. Thanks Apache, yes there was confusion because of the existing Martin B-26 Marauder. The "A" was new nomenclature for (ground)Attack aircraft. Very subtley advanced, more compact than previous compara...
  3. Great original subject matter for the 1/6 scale. Excellent detail and more frequently used method of transportation than what the war movies depict. Yes, horses made up the vast majority of transporta...
  4. Clockerman, I picked this up with other stuff at a yard sale. Better get one before they burn everything.
  5. Apache/Clocker thanks: They had a Sambos here, kinda like Denny's. They had "art" showing the tigers chasing each other around the tree, etc. I used to eat there with a black guy I worked with on the...
  6. He's buried here in Greenwood Cemetery. My dad saw him in the local joints before he hit it big. Tragic life for such an inovative genius. A friend of the family Charles Carr was driving him to the sh...
  7. Great comments, Anything, Watch, and Vinyll. Jade, it's history, that's a fact, right or wrong. I see all kinds of jokes, caricatures, cartoons, etv. aimed at southerners, I find some of them funny, ...
  8. Sambo was from India, offensive to Indians? I've seen numerous Black Americana items posted on here. Ferris State University has a Jim Crow museum, with far more racist items, why does an African Amer...
  9. I've been livin' large, Vinyll. I built a few of these kits and the Revell B-36 was one of them. It was a '60s issue. It's 1/184 scale, not as impressive as the box art, as always.
  10. He was at Maxwell, the base band has a annual Christmas tribute concert.
  11. Neat Vinyl. My mother gave me a GE small AM/FM radio in the '60s for Christmas. It was a nice sounding solid built radio, I had it for several years. It used AA batteries instead of a 9V also which wa...
  12. I love watching one in action, the impact is unbelievable.
  13. I agree, both made some long lasting reliable stuff.
  14. BB2 Hubley was in trouble and sold to Gabriel in '66. They made bigger pickup toys trying to get into the Tonka market. They had some other trucks( both collectable) that year that were different than...
  15. They still had the superb colors of the early 'Boxes during this transitional time before they went to the Hot Wheels type metal flakes, etc. The Hot Wheels changed the whole direction of the origina...
  16. It needs some rosy cheeked grapeshot and cheveax de frise impaled casualties added. It was totally out of kilter for that company. The ACW Centennial us the only reason they ever made anything like th...
  17. We wore the first uniform.
  18. Playsets are a matter of taste of the individual. I can easily appreciate, like, and respect their preference. I'd like to have almost every playset I've seen. I loved playing with my Mr Kelly car was...
  19. Thanks Vinyl. Thanks Ft. Apache, I did indeed incorporate the damaged mansion in my Battleground set. It already had a similarly destroyed slightly smaller buildimg. You could now have a similarly de...
  20. That is a killer score!!!! Promos too!
  21. That's a well done M1917.
  22. Okay Hoot, I'll be on the lookout for one.
  23. Great info keramikos, thank you very much!
  24. Thanks 'Apache. I had two different Battleground sets, I'd like to find the first one I had with 3 sets of the green vehicles/cannon, a delta wing jet(F-102?) and tan-colored GI's for the enemy. The s...
  25. Superb artwork.
  26. Good score.
  27. My uncle had a big land cruiser Buick back in the '50s, but it was a hard top.
  28. Nice little Dinky.
  29. Great colors again.
  30. Great job!
  31. Nice shakers.
  32. That's why you have the smallest ball on the hitch and some duct tape to "shim" it up for the larger trailer hitches. It gives you universal compatibility.
  33. Nice Greenlight detail again. The luggage rack is 5 star, it's the best I've seen on a toy or die cast.
  34. Elanski, evidently it was never used.
  35. Mrstyndall, thank you very much.
  36. Thank you, Thomas. I'm happy to finally have obtained a decent one.
  37. Hoot, I was inspired by an Allied Radio Knight Kit Electronics Lab to go into electronics. I've heard many stories of a childhood gift leading to a career.
  38. Thanks Vinyl, losses are acceptable in the advancement of science
  39. Glad you had a childhood flashback, keramikos, I love 'em. I didn't have one but I remember seeing them. I see these around a lot, they must have been fairly popular.
  40. They'd probably get arrested if they tried to play army.
  41. There's people dying to ride in it.
  42. A friend had a partial set with a Paving Stone, but thanks Vinyl. It took about 45 minutes to build. It would have been shorter but I kept knocking walls over I'd completed, it was made for smaller ha...
  43. Good score. Thet had pretty good quality outfits and accessories.
  44. My cat lady cousin will love this. Thanks for sharing
  45. Another nice Rockwell, thanks for the share.
  46. Thanks Anything. Ironlace, they had a set of school kids that came with versions of the bus. Unfortunately the technology to mold figures in rainbow colored plastic wasn't available in the '60s and...
  47. I like it OEM if possible also, Apache. The other cars I had on it were diecast and if you placed them side by side the diecast wins the beauty contest. But when riding on the transport, the plastics ...
  48. Apache, the interpretations are endless.
  49. Thanks Vinyl, I'm going to walk to school, I need the exercise.
  50. Thanks Coke, I got them off the 'Bay. I thought the price was fair.
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