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Montgomery, Al.

Born '53 Collect vintage southern themed toys, vintage DOH vehicles, GI Joe. Rebel flag vintage toys.


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G.I. Combat - Comic Booksin Comic Books
Tootsietoy Bucket Truck - Toysin Toys
Marx Mystery Space Ship - Toysin Toys
VAC U FORM - Toysin Toys
Hubley 'Vette - Toysin Toys
Hubley P-38 - Advertisingin Advertising
Hubley Airplane 
Hubley #495 Airplane - Toysin Toys
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  1. Perfect condition.
  2. This is nicely done model of a classic vehicle. Didn't realize the quality of the Ultimate Soldier line, it's impressive. Look like it's weathered also. I know what you're saying about artillery compa...
  3. Thank y'all for your loves.
  4. Thanks Apache, like I said I'm no Tootsie expert but I like them like most toys of my era. I had seen a few of the larger cars they made, this one appealed to me. It was mislisted as a Hubley, I was a...
  5. This book was by Santellmo(?) or something like that. The Manos book is well done and does have some great eye candy. There were we some good action figure/GI Joe books that were obviously written by ...
  6. Scary hippies.
  7. Tootsie Rolls and Pops were my faves. They might pull or break your teeth, but they taste great so I didn't care.
  8. I'm no Matchbox expert, but that's is the slimmest case I've seen. I've seen items be incorrectly identified/dated and then dozens of lemmings repeat the misinformation also. That's one of the things ...
  9. I remember those. Had the little metal "puck".
  10. Very nice. I can't believe what good condition it's in to be papier mache and that old.
  11. Some type of wire gauge possibly?
  12. Thank you Apache, I loved the aliens as a kid. The four-armed one is so cool, I call him "Quad". The fact this had all the aliens was a buying point. The instructions lists them as "moonmen".
  13. Love the paint scheme. Greenlight has great detail on the items you have shown, it impresses me. The Ford 50's pickups have cool front ends with the headlight/grill treatment. Greenlight picked the ri...
  14. Hopping down the bunny trail.
  15. We are not alone Vinyl.
  16. Watch out for those anal probes.
  17. Jimmy was a good ole boy for sure. Very successful in all his endeavors. Big Bad John is a classic, I had it on 16 rpm record club record around '61 along with Splish Splash, Peggy Sue and Yakity Yak...
  18. It's nice that you have the collection you remember so well now. My mother had a friend who collected stuff like this, I remember the colors always fascinated me.
  19. I agree, don't race your construction equipment or bulldoze with your Ferrari.
  20. Like these Bachmann's. Good model of the tank buster version. The Stuka looks mean, WW II icon.
  21. Neat badges, I remember the "G" type during my era. I remember some of them, First Aid, Canoing, etc. were pretty common. The pups are interesting along with the other rarer ones.
  22. Nice model of a great aircraft, a true icon. This Bachmann series was unknown to me until you posted some. It's some nice quality stuff with some good choices for aircraft. I like the retracting gear....
  23. Nice kit. Your Monogram Drac. looks great, good job! He's got the Lugosi look going down.
  24. Looks similar to the ones I remember in elementary. A strip was more fun than a lecture for sure, but rarer.
  25. Tipper or dump truck, either way this is a nice share. I like the cab front end design with the grill especially.
  26. Very nice. I've seen different versions of this type bank going back to the 50's. This is more elaborate than most of them.
  27. Another Greenlight special, I really like their detail/quality and choice of offerings. I know you could probably find some figures to use for Walt and Jesse in 1/43. I've seen lots of 1/48 accessorie...
  28. I'm bettin' there's no forgettin' an ettin once you encounter one. Just lettin' you know, nice creepy figs.
  29. I remember similar items from the 50's. This is nice find, they were made of cheap paper and were wore out by the kids. I've never seen one in this exeptional condition.
  30. Went to the Smokies in the 50's, it's beautiful.
  31. Does Saraka really work?
  32. Watched his show every Saturday. "The June Taylor Dancers!"( sits down at the table and chair the chorus girls bring out and sips from the coffee mug) "Mmmm, thats good coffee!" Made the actual Minnes...
  33. My dad's friend and neighbor retired and had a true operating grist mill decided to buy a few goats for the property. The last time I was at his place he had at least a hundred, it didn't take them lo...
  34. Not a baaaad looking skull, his symmetry should be respected.
  35. BB II, Thomas, even though I was not given an official BS degree, many think I am natural at BS. Thanks Apache, I agree "practical" sums it up nicely. I'm pretty sure the Vacuform and the Creepy Craw...
  36. Love them dumpers. I like the tilt cabover, I didn't realize the Matchboxes had these features. I just thought of them as being just detail oriented, not having so much play value also. Thanks for ano...
  37. Interesting story, great restore. Structo made a great car carrier, especially with their die cast loads compared to the other manufacturers plastic and stamped offerings. A shame it didn't see full ...
  38. That's outstanding. I collect 495's. Work of art finish.
  39. I knew Ziggy would eventually get caught.
  40. It was one of the best of the Aurora "Monster/Horror" kits. It's well engineered, the platform slides back and can be tilted upright so the executionee can be secured tilted down and rolled forward.Th...
  41. Another colorful Matchbox gem. Cement mixers are some of my favorites along with dump trucks. I didn't realize Matchboxes had the turning drum action as they rolled too.
  42. I've seen a red covered kind of rectangular shaped canteen also. That might be what you're referring to. I don't remember that type canteen being around in the 60's, just the ones like this one and th...
  43. Nice repro. When I was in Oklahoma in the early 60's my mother took me to this toy store to spend my birthday money I'd recieved. I came down to choosing a Cape Canaveral playset or The Flintstones. ...
  44. Love Scout stuff. The canteen looks exactly like the one I had around '66, except for the cover. I can't remember any manufacturers name. I wonder when they started the red color thing? I was still as...
  45. Thanks, Thomas. I've seen pictures of the museum, I'd love to go there, I'd go nuts over those rides.
  46. Thanks Apache. The engine is the Blue Flame Six cylinder. 235 cid, 150 hp with three single barrel Carter side draft carbs. It's the second generation of the Chevy sixes that started with the "stove b...
  47. Not a bad idea, it would be a blast.
  48. Thank you verrry much, Mr. V. The Plywood Wonder mirrored the Lightning a lot, BB II. Long range, speed, both used a lot for recon, nightfighters, etc. The Mosquito and the Lightning were two of my f...
  49. Great accessory to display with the cars..
  50. Neat item, realistic. I would guess the answer would be it should not be called a "clip" also. Common mistake like "rifle" and "gun".
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 Bandai  Fiat 600 convertible (friction drive)