What are Collections?

Collections are a fun way to organize your Show & Tell posts into groups, or bookmark other peoples’ posts by subject, interest, or however you like.

To make a Collection:

1. Go to the main Show & Tell page, choose an item that interests you, and then click the “Add to collection” button.

2. Give your collection a name, describe it, then click the “Create” button.

3. You have now added an item to your collection! Just click the link in blue to see it.

4. In no time at all, you’ll have a collection of your favorite things on Show & Tell, which you can email to friends or share on Facebook and Twitter.


To delete an item from a Collection:

1. Go to the Show & Tell page for that item.

2. Click the “Add to collection” button again.

3. Deselect the item from the list that appears below the “Add to collection” button.


To find items to add to your Collection, click here!

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