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Hey! My name is Rich. I love the outdoors kayaking/canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, disc golf, hockey(Red Wings) collecting bottles, anything freaky and of course Hey! My name is Rich. I love the outdoors kayaking/canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, disc golf, hockey(Red Wings) collecting bottles, anything freaky and of course music! (Read more)


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Wooden Surfer Dude! - Figurinesin Figurines
Bottle Display Shelves! - Bottlesin Bottles
George Harrison 'All Things Must Pass' - Recordsin Records
Dodge Viper die cast model! - Model Carsin Model Cars
Coca Cola Cookie Jars! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Bottles! - Bottlesin Bottles
For Brunswick...Welcom Back My Friend!    ELP - Recordsin Records
Lighthouse on Isle Royal National Park - 1950 - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage Rock T Shirt! from 1979 - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
More repurposed wood/wall art! - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Thanx Recordmantime, that's a good one.
  2. I like the little green frog!
  3. they cleaned up beautifully!
  4. Very nice!
  5. rockbat, I do collect Mnt Dew also but I need to build another shelving unit, maybe two more even. Hopefully soon.
  6. Excellent! I was hoping for some of these posts lately. Love it!
  7. Thank you Brunswick! SpiritBear! rockbat & oktreedude, I understand what your saying, so when I was building (I don't know the correct term) but cut out a slot in each upright for each 'shelf' to sit ...
  8. Thanx for all the positive vibes! nutsabotas6 officialfuel Caperkid bottle-bud betweenthelens TimeTraveller gargoylcollector
  9. Are you sure about that halo? LOL Great memories for you, excellent!
  10. Thank you both buckethead & AnnaB for the compliments. Appreciated.
  11. Thanx fortapache!
  12. Thanx betweenthelens!
  13. I thought the same thing when I seen this one.
  14. Very nice! I have one similar but has a removable top. I should post it sometime.
  15. Ted, yes he did. He is passed away now but lot's of good memories. Too bad I didn't collect any Strohs memorabilia from back then. He worked the midnite shift as a hilo driver. Strangely workers were ...
  16. MALKEY, Thanx buddy for listening in!
  17. Thanx betweenthelens!
  18. Thanx SEAN68!
  19. They are also called 'pipe wrench's'
  20. Jeff Lynn is currently touring with his 'new' ELO.
  21. Reminds me of 'Sputnik'!
  22. Thanx very much Malkey! Glad you like them.
  23. Love it! My dad worked at Strohs for about 37 yrs until they closed.
  24. AnnaB, those seem to be soda's just from local towns/cities. Probably not nationwide. The Williams looks like it's from 1941 from the pic of the bottom. The 1 with a period after it signifies 41 on Ow...
  25. Welcome! Most likely from the 50's. Looks like some of the ACL is gone. A fairly common RC Cola bottle.
  26. Thanx Brunswick for stopping by!
  27. Extremely similar to the one I posted, forgot you posted one like this. Excellent!
  28. Great cabinet!
  29. Sweet Pickin!
  30. Thank you Zippo!
  31. Thanx Brunswick, SEAN68 & buckethead.
  32. Thank you AnythingObscure, and thanx to: Manikin fortapache bottle-bud Caperkid virginia-vintage ttomtucker Trey MyFavoriteTreasures Efesgirl Nicefice SEAN68 AnnaB buckethead purvis Br...
  33. Arrrggghhh! The scourge around here in SW Michigan. Not sure what's worse, these poop factories or the ugly pigeons! LOL I do like the one you have....stuffed! LOL
  34. Cool 8 track tape! Not a fan of Elvis but still cool.
  35. Sounds like an awesome adventure!
  36. Thank you betweenthelens!
  37. Thank you betweenthelens!
  38. Thank you betweenthelens!
  39. Thank you betweenthelens!
  40. Ms.CrystalShip, Thanx I am glad you have good memories of it. Music is life!
  41. rockbat thanx for the comment, I have some quart Mnt Dew with PL(paper label). I remember the 16.9 oz glass from the 70's the most.
  42. Thank you rockbat!
  43. Thanx jscott0363, One of the best!
  44. jscott0363 thanx for lookin! Yes I do, check out some of my other bottle posts and see some!
  45. Thanx betweenthelens & SEAN68!
  46. Thanx betweenthelens & SEAN68!
  47. Thanx betweenthelens, AnnaB & SEAN68!
  48. Thanx betweenthelens, AnnaB & SEAN68!
  49. Thanx SEAN68!
  50. Thanx SEAN68!
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