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Hey! My name is Rich. I love the outdoors kayaking/canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, disc golf, hockey(Red Wings) collecting bottles, anything freaky and of course Hey! My name is Rich. I love the outdoors kayaking/canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, disc golf, hockey(Red Wings) collecting bottles, anything freaky and of course music! (Read more)


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  1. I believe it'a called a 'Topographic' map. to show elevations. I wouldn't know how rare it is though.
  2. Mopar!!
  3. Still a nice 'hutch' bottle.
  4. Very nice! I have one just like it. Mine is not as nice. Yours cleaned up well. Not sure why they started off with 'debossing' first, then switched to 'embossing'. Dates from 1934-35. Might have som...
  5. Thank You LizziiDoardn!
  6. Thank You LizziiDoardn!
  7. Just the cool stamping on the bottom. "Your case is solved" Can't read what's the bottom part though. It could be a local thing where it was sold. Very cool.
  8. A very common Pepsi crate, but the stamp on the bottom of yours makes it a special one.
  9. Do the Dew! Very nice.
  10. Thank you buckethead & Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse
  11. Cool, how many cd's do you have? I have about 1200.
  12. Love their early stuff the best. During the eighties they got pretty 'poppy' sounding.
  13. Cool! I have a Canada Dry 'spur' bottle a little newer than the one on your sign.
  14. Thanx Mrstyndall
  15. Not exactly the nicest photo for a postcard though.
  16. One hit wonder for sure, but I actually did love it! Have a great time on your cross country trip and concert.
  17. Nice! I have a couple Sun-Rise bottles also. And yes they are a common.
  18. Very cool! The Renaissance festival is here in SE Michigan right now. I hope to make it there. My girlfriend and I have dressed up and gone to it before. Great Fun!
  19. Happy late 100!
  20. Not sure, but the diamond actually might be Canadian made.
  21. Cool! I have a Soda Spectrum magazine with a nice article and pics about these bottles and his story.
  22. Beautiful! My mom has been collecting red and would love these also.
  23. Slug Bug!
  24. Those are nice. I know a little about them and I think all those are pretty common ones. Not to sure about the very dark one though.
  25. Thanx AnythingObscure & Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse!
  26. Caperkid I almost forgot about the 2 my girlfriend & I got at her cottage. Ours are made out of steel, and very heavy. Yours looks to be in good shape. Very nice.
  27. That's a neat one. If I had the 'EggBeater' book I got my sister awhile ago, I could give you specifics on it. She collects antique EggBeaters and has about 50 of them. I have found quite a few good o...
  28. Thanx Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse
  29. Thanx SEAN68!
  30. Nice! My girlfriend has the same one but hers is in just very good condition.
  31. ....YES.....
  32. Very cool! My dad worked at Stroh's in Detroit for over 35 yrs until they closed, but I don't remember ever seeing one of these. Nice!
  33. Very cool! It goes pretty fast for a model set. Nice!
  34. Thanx trey!
  35. Thanx trey & Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse
  36. Thanx, Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse charmsomeone
  37. Thanx officialfuel!
  38. Thanx officialfuel!
  39. Very different style of cooler. I would think 1950's though. Love it!
  40. Thanx blunderbuss 2 & valentino97. Yes that is another good idea. Thanx again!
  41. Thanx buckethead & Jlmam!
  42. Thanx buckethead(she has one or two now and then)lol, Thanx Jlmam Thanx Thomas. Now that you say that, I have heard them called that also. Thanx brother. Hope Harvey doesn't mess with you down there...
  43. Thanx Caperkid & SpiritBear!
  44. Thank you fortapache & bottle-bud! I also have a green glass variant of that same jumbo bottle.
  45. blunderbuss2, thanx for stopping by!
  46. Thanx charmsomeone!
  47. And another thank you to AnythingObscure & fortapache!
  48. bottle-bud thanx. I just looked for one today on flee-bay and found one but in horrible condition. Besides that though never have seen one like this before either.
  49. PoliticalPinbacks, I believe that lake is 'Wamplers' lake and the bar/restaurant is Jerry's Pub. We have been to that bar a couple of times. Pretty cool! 25mile/Jewel area has a nice private Disc Golf...
  50. Thanx all for the support! Caperkid bottle-bud SpiritBear brunswick PoliticalPinbacks
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Vintage Coke bottles (coca cola through the years Sun Crest 32 oz Mello Yello Bottle Unsure of the Year Coca Cola plastic Wise Owl bank Green Glaze Studio Pottery Jar Pot Mystery tool found in Muskegon Lake Anyone know about this poster - Joan Miro - Mujer y Pajaros a Punta de Dia Old Food Coloring Bottle Hand-Painted Parrot Vases I believe these are Nanny Still SULTAANNI?  Can someone confirm this? Sprite chalkboard menu advertising sign. Decorative Glass Bottle with 3 Vertical Side Seams Help Reading Signature? - Art Glass Fruit Fusion art glass plate Klee print? Vintage Coca-Cola bottle from Dothan, AL  I think 1981.


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