Collector of glass, especially postwar Czech glass (Skrdlovice and Beranek, all decades), vintage linens, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I enjoy seeing what otCollector of glass, especially postwar Czech glass (Skrdlovice and Beranek, all decades), vintage linens, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I enjoy seeing what other people collect and reading their stories. I like looking for things I may have missed and refreshing interest in them. I’m here as a collector and an admirer (not as a participant in a mud-slinging competition). Thank you. (Read more)


Skrdlovice Prof. Juna 1950 pulegoso glass cup, saucer and creamer - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jan Exnar art glass for Skrdlovice 1980s - ashtray, vase and bird - Art Glassin Art Glass
Clay polar bear figurine - Jihoceska Keramika Czechoslovakia - Potteryin Pottery
Jan Exnar art glass (Skrdlovice and Beranek) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Livio Seguso animals for Gralglass (Germany) - Art Glassin Art Glass
1930s Krasno pulegoso vase (Czechoslovakia) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Exbor cut art glass fish sculptures (Czechoslovakia) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Socialist-Realist clay sculpture by F. Mentlik (Czechoslovakia) - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Really lovely! It was produced by Beranek glassworks in 2001 and designed by Patrik Chroust. The pattern number is 0105. By the way, I think you might have it upsidedown. :)
  2. Interesting. The name looks like Z. Bogdanowra, but it's an odd family name (and because of the 'owra' ending, not quite Polish-sounding). But I could be misreading it. Whoever painted it did a...
  3. He's got a great face!
  4. Thank you for the 'love' Rick!
  5. Thank you for your comment, Rick. It's a great piece, but funny thing with the 'cigarette holder' part -- it's at such an angle that the cigarette just slips off no matter how you try to place it. ...
  6. What an odd but highly creative piece... it's brilliant.
  7. Wow, I would have thought European rather than Japanese. Love your posts -- always learn something new. :)
  8. This planter is fantastic! So original and so big... LOVE it.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to look at my post and giving it some 'love': aura, fortapache, TassieDevil, vetraio50 and racer4four. Very much appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the kind comments vetraio, assafkl and racer, and for the 'loves': sklo42, SEAN48, fortapache, Ivonne.
  11. Thank you racer! I completely agree. These animals do make me smile... especially the tall, blue googly-eyed bird with the red beak. :D
  12. Such a great planter!
  13. Really beautiful!
  14. Hi Adele... Your compot is Polish, produced by Z?bkowice (c.1970s) and designed by Eryka Trzewik-Drost. :)
  15. What a fantastic piece... Love it! I think it might possibly be Spanish (on Worthpoint, there is a pair of nude cups from this series and the description states they are signed Vior Spain along with ...
  16. Hi there, I believe this might be from El Salvador. I have an armadillo and a vase in the same style (and made from an odd mud-like clay) which my parents brought back from their travels. Lovely ...
  17. Thank you, Sean68 :) And thank you for the 'love' Sean, Deano and Austrohungaro. Much appreciated.
  18. I can't help with what it is, but I just wanted to say it's absolutely lovely! I don't understand why anyone would throw it away. :(
  19. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Rick. I'm pleased that others also think the Exnar animals are wonderful :) And thank you for the loves Caperkid, kyratango, Ivonne, vetraio, aura, Tassie...
  20. Thank you, Rick! The bear is also my favorite of the group. :)
  21. Oh wow, I absolutely love these! What a wonderful find.
  22. Wow, I can't imagine how many hours of work (and patience) went into making it. Lovely.
  23. Thank you, sklo42. That's only part of my Exnar googly-eyed animal display. I've got them on 2 hanging shelves, and also placed here and there among my other glass. :)
  24. Thank you for the kind comments vetraio, Deano and Manikin. I'm glad you also think they're great objects. :)
  25. Thank you Sean68, kyratango and TimeTraveller. :) Again, much appreciated.
  26. Really lovely -- great colors (and great photos).
  27. Thank you AdeleC, aura, Manikin, vetraio, sklo, TassieDevil, melaniej, katherinescollections and Mrstyndall for the 'loves'. Much appreciated :)
  28. Ah, so not very big. I know you called it an ashtray, but in my imagination, I was thinking it would be a great flower pot holder :) I hope someone will be able to help you get more information...
  29. I really like this... it's got plenty of character. How big is it?
  30. Beautiful display.
  31. I haven't heard of Bucella Cristalli before, but I do like the fish... especially Mr Grumpy! Lovely pieces.
  32. Congratulations on your research being included in an upcoming article, and great news that you have access to information you didn't have previously -- I can imagine it's an exciting time for you. ...
  33. It's really lovely, both unlit AND lit.
  34. I agree with racer... with a cut and polished rim, it's quite possibly Czech, produced by Borske Sklo (1960s or newer). Lovely.
  35. Lovely! Out of curiosity, how big is it? Even though it's an ashtray, I think it would also work as a little funky planter. :)
  36. Wonderful!
  37. Fantastic piece of pottery.
  38. Thank you, Sean. And thank you for the 'loves'.
  39. Thank you for the 'loves'. Much appreciated.
  40. Thank you for the 'loves'. Much appreciated.
  41. Oooo I love this! What a wonderful find.
  42. I've never seen anything like it. Absolutely beautiful!
  43. Ooooo wow, fantastic chair!
  44. Though a bit battered, I think it's got a beautiful shape and base. Really lovely re-discovery.
  45. Congratulations! I think it's a great house.
  46. Beautiful colors.
  47. Love this ring. So original!
  48. Lovely pieces, Ivonne... I especially like the little one with the four 'petals'.
  49. Fascinating. I didn't know that in Japanese culture, decorative objects such as glass, are larger for that reason. On the other hand, when I think about Japanese aesthetics, it makes sense. Sad...
  50. Wow, such a beautiful and original piece... and a substantial size too!
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