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Collector of glass, especially postwar Czech glass (Skrdlovice and Beranek, all decades), vintage linens, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I enjoy seeing what otCollector of glass, especially postwar Czech glass (Skrdlovice and Beranek, all decades), vintage linens, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I enjoy seeing what other people collect and reading their stories. I’m here as a collector and an admirer. Thank you. (Read more)


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Large wooden angel -- Polish art and handicraft -- Folk art - Christmasin Christmas
Svoboda AGS art glass bowl -- Czech art glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Beranek S.R.O. art glass paperweight from 1992 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Little Czech art glass vase with applied flower and frilly top -- possibly ZBS - Art Glassin Art Glass
Skrdlovice glassworks -- Petr Hora 8413 art glass vase with a purple well -- Czech art glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art glass snail sculpture with internal bubbles -- possibly Czech art glass - Animalsin Animals
Zelezny Brod art glass figural doggy ashtray -- mid-century Czech art glass - Animalsin Animals
Skrdlovice glassworks -- Jirina Zertova 6921 art glass sommerso candleholder -- Czech art glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Zelezny Brod glassworks -- 1960s Miloslav Janku art glass boar sculpture -- Czech art glass - Animalsin Animals
Skrdlovice glassworks -- Jan Kotik 'Propeller' vase from 1955 -- Czech art glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. It's lovely!
  2. The Skrdlovice book refers to the I=I inscription... it can be found on some 1950s Skrdlovice pieces, though there is no definitive answer why :)
  3. It's a great book and a very interesting read -- I highly recommend it! I just noticed your vase has got the mysterious I=I inscribed into the base. Fascinating.
  4. Hi there... I believe your vase is Polish, by Henryk Rysz, designer and owner of Sabina glassworks. Anik :)
  5. Hi artfoot :) The 5988 was made in a variety of sizes. I had one as small as 16cm and one as big as 30-something cm (and plenty of in-between sizes). You can find them is a variety of colorways, ...
  6. Beautiful, but not Chribska... It's Skrdlovice, designed by Jan Beranek in 1959 as pattern 5988 in the most desirable colorway (often referred to as 'red core'). Really, really wonderful piece. :)
  7. Love the squirrel photo!
  8. Ooo lovely... It's Czechoslovakian, designed by Rudolf Jurnikl in 1962 and produced by Rudolfova Hut as pattern number 13154 :)
  9. Beautiful work and really special piece.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to 'love' Manikin, Brunswick and Roycroftbooksfromme1. Much appreciated :)
  11. Oh, they're great! What a wonderful find.
  12. Thank you for 'loving' vetraio50, PhilDMorris, Vynil33rpm, fortapache, and Newfld. Newfld, thank you for your kind words... she is lovely! Name days in Poland used to have much more importanc...
  13. Wonderful words, Thomas.
  14. What a great piece! Absolutely love it :)
  15. It's absolutely lovely!
  16. Wonderful! May your new home bring you serenity, creativity, and all the goodness you need.
  17. Lovely little bowl. Because of the label, we know it was produced by Crystalex in 1992 or earlier (though I don't think much earlier... probably anytime between the 1980s and early 1990s.) Unfortu...
  18. Oh dear me, I'm so very sorry :(
  19. :) I have a notebook with pages and pages of information on Czech pressed glass (designer, maker and my bad drawings -- I have no artistic talent). I collected the information from the Ceskosloven...
  20. Just love it! What a great character.
  21. That's a great vase... it's Czechoslovakian, designed by Rudolf Jurnikl for Rosice (pattern 992) in c.1962. :)
  22. That truly is a beautiful box, Karen. What a great addition to your collection.
  23. Funny thing... this afternoon, while I was researching the maker of a small copper owl sculpture I'm thinking of buying, I came across the name Sergio Bustamante of Mexico. It appears he is the make...
  24. This is one of my favorite postwar Czech pressed designs... great vase.
  25. Wow, beautiful!
  26. :D freiheit, it does kinda look like a beehive and part of a bumblebee! Thank you so much for taking the time to click 'love' buckethead, kwqd, artfoot, blunderbuss2, freiheit, MALKEY, vetraio...
  27. I really appreciate the comments, buckethead, kwqd and Newfld :) And thank you for the 'love' buckethead, kwqd, blunderbuss2, vetraio50, Newfld, hunterqlee, Vynil33rpm, Pickaboo, fortapache, Ivonne...
  28. Oooo he's lovely!
  29. Love the birdy that's looking into the window... Dirty Boy's a smart 'ol fella :)
  30. Beautiful! It's Polish from Zabkowice glassworks and part of the 'Asteroid' range by Jan Sylwester Drost. The 'Asteroid' pieces were produced from 1972 to 1975. Great piece, considered quite d...
  31. Absolutely lovely!
  32. Beautiful watercolor
  33. Such a beautiful, warm color... lovely bowl!
  34. Thank you for taking the time to 'love' my owl, Collectables59. :)
  35. They're wonderful!
  36. Beautiful. May you find goodness, peace and strength in your new beginning. x
  37. I appreciate the comments inky and MALKEY. I also think it's beautiful and delicious :) And thank you kindly for all the loves, blunderbuss2, inky, AnnaB, bracken3, Justanovice, racer4four and M...
  38. Thank you for taking the time to 'love', Vynil33rpm, aura, Newfld, kwqd, fortapache, Ivonne, vetraio50, Caperkid, IronLace and sklo42. And thank you for the lovely comment, Newfld! Really apprec...
  39. Really love this jug... such a beautiful design.
  40. oopsy... I meant 'gorgeous' and not goreous... :/
  41. Now that's a positively beautiful piece. Really goreous!
  42. Ooooo he's wonderful!
  43. Thank you for taking the time to 'love', Brunswick, Pickaboo and LovelyPat. Really appreciated. x
  44. Beautiful!
  45. Thank you for your lovely comment, kwqd! For some reason, I missed it, and now, the link to the video doesn't work for me :/ I also appreciate the loves, SEAN68, kwqd, nutsabotas6 and aura. Thank ...
  46. Oh dear me, how terrible for you, Alan... :( Keep strong. x
  47. Oh my, she's beautiful! Really love it.
  48. Thank you for taking the time to 'love' Brunswick, Re-In-Vintage (and for the lovely comment) and Windwalker. Really appreciated.
  49. Absolutely LOVE the first photo... and a lovely piece of glass too.
  50. What a wonderful, wonderful piece! I love the fact that it's life-size.
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