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Collector of glass, especially postwar Czech glass (Skrdlovice and Beranek, all decades), vintage linens, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I enjoy seeing what otCollector of glass, especially postwar Czech glass (Skrdlovice and Beranek, all decades), vintage linens, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I enjoy seeing what other people collect and reading their stories. I like looking for things I may have missed and refreshing interest in them. I’m here as a collector and an admirer (not as a participant in a mud-slinging competition). Thank you. (Read more)


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Frantisek Vizner multicolored "Whirlpool" lamp base -- Skrdlovice - Art Glassin Art Glass
Frantisek Vizner 'whirlpool' vases -- Skrdlovice 1968 - Art Glassin Art Glass
1970s Quebecois forest-scape oil painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
Skrdlovice Prof. Juna 1950 pulegoso glass cup, saucer and creamer - Art Glassin Art Glass
Jan Exnar art glass for Skrdlovice 1980s - ashtray, vase and bird - Art Glassin Art Glass
Clay polar bear figurine - Jihoceska Keramika Czechoslovakia - Potteryin Pottery
Jan Exnar art glass (Skrdlovice and Beranek) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Livio Seguso animals for Gralglass (Germany) - Art Glassin Art Glass
1930s Krasno pulegoso vase (Czechoslovakia) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Exbor cut art glass fish sculptures (Czechoslovakia) - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Oh wow... gorgeous!
  2. Wonderful!
  3. ooops... meant 'an' not 'and'
  4. Such and original sculpture... Love it!
  5. Really fantastic piece! (By the way, I see a funky bird and not a human fly...)
  6. Thank you, welzebub... it's the only multi-colored whirlpool I've seen (and I'm feeling pretty darn fortunate to have it.) :) Thank you for taking the time to 'love' racer4four, fortapache, au...
  7. Ah, thank you racer and vetraio! It really is a beautiful piece. And thank you for the 'loves' sklo42, vetraio50, Newfld, assafkl and Caperkid.
  8. Thank you racer4four and charcoal :)
  9. Love these... beautiful simple lines and color.
  10. Oh wow... now that's a lot of brooches! I especially like the blingy ones. I'm almost always dressed in black, and I often add a brooch to my outfit to give it a little color and pazazz :) ...
  11. Thank you for taking the time to 'love' assafkl, Trey, aura, nutsabotas6 and artfoot. Much appreciated!
  12. Thank you very much, Trey, I was here before, but I deleted my account. After some time, I decided to come back... I really enjoy looking at what other people collect and reading their stories. :)
  13. And thank you for taking the time to comment welzebub and vetraio50. In my collection, I've also got one with a dark pink core and one with a lighter brown core. :)
  14. Thank you for the loves fortapache, Newfld, Ben, welzebub, sklo42, TimeTraveller, Ivonne, valentino97, and vetraio50.
  15. Beautiful piece.
  16. Wonderful!
  17. What a fantastic sculpture! Absolutely love it.
  18. Ooooooo wonderful! And 36cm long? FABULOUS
  19. A wonderful 2018 to you and your family, Karen.
  20. Thank you very much! Wishing you the very best, especially health and goodness for 2018.
  21. Great piece! It was produced by ZBS (Zelezny Brod Glassworks) in Czechoslovakia, probably in the 1950s.
  22. Wonderful!
  23. Hi matisse, thank you very much for taking the time to comment. The last photo is a photo of the signature found on a second painting by the same artist, which is hanging on the wall in my family hom...
  24. Thank you for the loves stwillia76, Peasejean55, Newfld, Roycroftbooksfromme1 and ho2cultchastwillia76. :)
  25. Love this plate... I hope someone will be able to help.
  26. Oh it's lovely!
  27. Goodness, 6 kg for a piece which is 22cm tall? That's amazing! It's a wonderful vase -- beautiful colors.
  28. Beautiful!
  29. My Dad sent me a photo of the signature which I've added to the photos above. It looks like G. G..... 75 Unfortunately, it's been signed in marker which has faded over the years. My mom recall...
  30. Thank you for the comment, racer4four. I haven't looked under the frame, so I don't know what surprises might be hiding behind it. My mom bought a second larger painting from the same artist (a...
  31. Thank you for the loves TassieDevil, racer4four, Newfld, fortapache and blunderbuss2. Much appreciated.
  32. Fantastic!
  33. Love these... so tactile!
  34. Oh my, I thought this was a joke... they look real! Great shakers.
  35. Thank you for the 'love' MacArt :)
  36. Fantastic piece!
  37. Absolutely beautiful!
  38. Wow! Really beautiful piece!
  39. Thank you, Sean :)
  40. Oops, I did it again... "do" should have been "to". I really should refrain from commenting on posts when my body and brain are not in the most cooperative of states. :(
  41. I'm glad you were able to make sense of what I wrote... "the" was supposed to be "that". Sigh. I'm just wondering what type of man did she marry? Why wasn't he deployed somewhere? Maybe he came...
  42. Oh dear, poor Freddie. :( I wonder why Joyce didn't wait for him? It's interesting the he wrote the letter a day before the war ended. Great post, cindyjune. I'd also love to know how thei...
  43. Thank you aura and vetraio50. :)
  44. Thank you sklo42, racer4four, AdeleC and Ivonne for clicking 'love'. Much appreciated!
  45. Thank you, racer :) The handles really are something else, aren't they? I wonder if anyone ever really used these... it seems rather risky to drink something hot out of such a dainty glass cup. ...
  46. Really lovely! It was produced by Beranek glassworks in 2001 and designed by Patrik Chroust. The pattern number is 0105. By the way, I think you might have it upsidedown. :)
  47. He's got a great face!
  48. Thank you for the 'love' Rick!
  49. Thank you for your comment, Rick. It's a great piece, but funny thing with the 'cigarette holder' part -- it's at such an angle that the cigarette just slips off no matter how you try to place it. ...
  50. What an odd but highly creative piece... it's brilliant.
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