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This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others withThis site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others with your own collectible information. I have many interests and always willing to learn more. I will continue to work on my own website, my health permitting. I am in the process of renewing for another year and changing some of the content. I have done this before with my Oriental cloisonne site IDCloisonne, when friendly collectors helped me to trim it down after a few years to a streamlined focus. That would be for Export Czech Art Glass of the interwar period, the more economical types. My aim is to add more information that has not been published and reflect today's increased level of knowledge and new conclusions. The site's name is rucklczglass dot com. (Read more)


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Another Style of Nouveau-Deco Glass FRENCH Centerpiece, cream and amber glass oval basket - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sarah Bernhardt - Famous Actress France C1900 - What did she really look like? - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
New Direction & Discovery Hi Sklo Lo Sklo Fabulous Zemek ZBS & Mstisov Designer 1960s Part II - Art Glassin Art Glass
New Direction & Discovery Hi Sklo Lo Sklo Fabulous Klinger ZBS Designer 1960s Part I - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Butler Catalog Page - Great Assortments of Czech 1928 Economy Kralik Glass at 90%? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another Mystery Decor on Czech Pedestal Bowl Marked - Art Glassin Art Glass
The more you have the more you wonder about export Czech glass - more jars. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Latest Jar Arrival In The Ruckl Glass Family, Tiger Stripes Wide Top. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lovely Bohemian Art Nouveau Crystal Pair Vases Green Flash Cut To Clear Climbing Roses - Art Glassin Art Glass
Happy April Fools Day CW! Good day to 'show and tell' some good glass fakes. - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. My demise will probably happen before that.
  2. I also asked you to do the same here on CW, but never happened. I guess I can expect to live in infamy on CW, till it's
  3. Thanks keramikos, I think so too. Here is the link to the other one I mentioned in my post.
  4. Funny...... Yes I am still working on the website, that page and others. I am deleting any reference to you as well. What is born out of frustration is not always the way to deal with issues.
  5. For who?
  6. Thank you for the loves and fine comments CW members, always appreciated.
  7. Mine too Gillian, I discovered him last year, and Paul Berthon, I bought a book about the 2 of them, with several illustrations. Thanks for the comment.
  8. Watchsearcher, I find her very charismatic in the photographs, one of those people that leave a deep impression.
  9. What I felt might be it, used in different spellings on your own posts by people who commented, so a little confusing for me, as I don't know the Czech language variations such as Ruckl and Rueckl if ...
  10. could you possibly say which word since I am not using accents?
  11. Thanks Anik, totally different world of glass making. Glad you can share some of your knowledge about it with me. Appreciate it. Lisa
  12. My large blue-turquoise glass vase by Klinger arrived an hour ago, from my seller in Canada. It is an impressive 11.5 inches high, 3 pounds, and looks new. Very little wear. I plan to change those ima...
  13. OOPS! I guess I better repeat my information about this post, which I have edited to remove the yellow design glass vase, as after much information coming my way, it seems it was designed by Zemek, an...
  14. link to information about 4 th vase image.
  15. or is this the one?
  17. Thank you freiheit for the comment, glad you understand. Thank you for the love CW members, always appreciated.
  18. What did I say..... Thanks Again CW. This weekend ended on a positive note.
  19. WOW! This is a very ornate gilded metal and cloisonne Tibetan wine pot, made in China. The cloisonne application is a little crude, you can see the enamel colors flowing over the wires in several area...
  20. You gotta understand my deep nostalgia for these toys. I was in boarding school during my grade school years, 300 miles from home, and saw my family once a month, and longer periods for the holida...
  21. Wow! Thanks CW.
  22. Thank you for the love CW members, always appreciated.
  23. Thank you for the love CW members, always appreciated.
  24. Found the recent maker in Japan, a descendant of the Kakiemon ceramic makers, here is their website and history, which I will provide part of here:
  25. I agree with you, it might not be Japanese either, that gold band at the rim, is completely wrong for Kakeimon, if the rest does have some similarities. It is still a very pretty porcelain vase.
  26. Depends what your intention is, wear it or sell it? This is not a hard to repair fabric area or sewing challenge. Luckily, it will not show once it's on. Thanks for posting,
  27. Thanks Jericho, I always appreciate your personal point of view. I would say the same thing, in a different way, each company had shape and decors that were unique to them, but then, I wonder if as...
  28. There are several glass pieces in this sort of shape with other Kralik decors, the black cane decor is one I think. You probably know this already. I find it interesting that the chunky pedestal foot ...
  29. I do know a bit about Lea Stein, I bought one of her fun brooches, new then, during a trip in Europe in 1981. A figural farmer, with green pants and brown straw hat. Much before she became very collec...
  30. This is a tough one, my impression is that the dragon seen sideways with the FUKU Japanese symbol, for the happiness omen, is not that old. Hard to say exactly for age as it could have been stored awa...
  31. Thank you for the fine comments kwgd and Newfld, having you as CW members is highly appreciated. Thank you for the loves CW members, glad you feel this way, in the end it's all about the glass.
  32. Antique and vintage sterling silver jewelry can be tricky for the seller, some people want proof of it's age and see lots of tarnish and patina, others would rather have the polished pieces, saves the...
  33. Love the story, love the pipe. Thanks for posting it.
  34. Interesting dilemma. Not that familiar with this color and this shape, your other posts help with the identification. I gotta tell you I had a pair of green iridescent bottle vases with the sterling s...
  35. This might be a weird idea, but the shape of the watch fob edges which vary, made me think of a handy bottle or jar opener.... What do you think?
  36. European Victorian gold marks can be so tiny that you wont see it and think it could be a small dent on the surface, with a loupe, you might see something on the cross bail or the gold chain. This is ...
  37. Just back from a 3 day trip. Love this pottery Japanese piece, very unusual too. Don't recognize the mark, but I think definitely older, perhaps with a 'tea dust' brown glaze, with the three open moti...
  38. Victorian English breakfast warming thing.... buns, eggs, kippers, kidneys, bacon, etc. Odd design with bottle on the top side, for hot water?
  39. I also collected Noritake Nippon porcelain dinnerware and decorative pieces. The series of books by David Spain are also useful, he focused on their Art Deco style of decor, so these are the more trad...
  40. Thank you for the fine comment courtenay. Thank you for the loves CW members, always appreciated.
  41. Hard to say TTT, there is not a great amount of dark patina on the metal surfaces, looks polished, as you saw in my link, most of them are quite dark, corroded, and old. How old your's is? Not sure.
  42. A Chinese metal figural key, with brass decorative band. These can be all sizes and many shapes, each made with it's own unique key. I had about a dozen for a while. They fit well on the double prong ...
  43. Agree with you Bob, often we see these names, sometimes a series of numbers, it that was an insurance trend to mark you valuables with a special pen, in case of robbery. Today we find them and people ...
  44. Here is another version of the orange spatter vase I just saw this morning, I have come across this multi blue mix glass decor before, this one...
  45. I'm always interested in glass information, if it applies or not to what I am posting. This is the link to the Australian glass/crystal ...
  46. Thank you for the loves CW members. Always appreciated.
  47. Thank you TreasureTex, for the fine comment. Thank you CW members for the love, always appreciated.
  48. That was a great description Tex, about Italy and their glass production during 1920s-30s, apparently the fact that Mussolini was running the country, as a fascist totalitarian government, the glass i...
  49. Beautiful! Unique style of vertical multi colored glass stripes decor. A new one for me. Thanks for posting.
  50. Glad I could help. 1910 is the date when this company started producing high class porcelain items, much of it was dinnerware, and other utilitarian pieces. Vases were ore rare, and not sold in pair, ...
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Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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