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I am interested in many old things and some modern ones. Learned a lot here from some members who are generous and great people.


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Arts & Craft Netherlands Hand Worked Wood Serving Tray Early 20th Century - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Buttons Buttons Buttons, to bakelite or not to bakelite? - Sewingin Sewing
A long vintage Japanese Silk Geisha Style Garment for A Young Woman's Scarf or OBI-Belt - Asianin Asian
The Sweetest Enamel Flower Green Satin Glass Vanity Box Signed Czech - Art Glassin Art Glass
Interesting Dilemma - A UK Sheffield Silver Item: Is it Sterling or Silverplate? Part 2 of 2 - It is sterling silver - Silverin Silver
Interesting Dilemma - A UK Sheffield Silver Item: Is it Sterling or Silverplate? Part 1 of 2 - Silverin Silver
A Czech collector's dream: glass that transcends the years, shared with good cheer. - Art Glassin Art Glass
3 Rustic Japanese Ceramic Sake or Tea Cups Recent Vintage - Asianin Asian
A wonderful small heavy & squat glass perfume bottle, origin unknown. - Bottlesin Bottles
Another Kralik vs Ruckl Czech Glass Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Guess what? It is Chinese cloisonne, because of the metal wires you can see on the surface, some of them are not closed, but still, a mid 20th to later modern cloisonne product. I think they are reall...
  2. You could have the timing right, this might be a Czech hand worked glass vase from the 70s, there were many designers and style produced then and exported. Very nice textured glass piece.
  3. Very nice finds, I had the same bowl, with the open O arch mark, which can be Steinwald or Kralik since we got new documentation from Ales.
  4. apostata, My reply meant I believe you and I agree with you. I felt it was special too when I got it, it was very tarnished, so I cleaned it up on the top which is silver filigree. Take care.
  5. Thank you apostata, it was bought by a Chinese collector of good repute years ago.
  6. This is so nice, to see how members can connect and share their passion. Best part of CW IMO. Smiles of delight from me. Best to both of you.
  7. I also agree, the quality and the age of the cloisonne fabrication is there, early 20th. I have come across many of these exact bowls, why I do not give them a high value, not rare. That was 7 years a...
  8. Learning more and more, thanks Mary. I did want your opinion. The yellow buttons do have slight discoloration or uneven yellow shade the underside is paler than the top, but not having any real bakeli...
  9. thanks Congcu, will look into that.
  10. new images uploaded. Thanks.
  11. I agree with an earlier date, 1890-1900, Victorian cannetille (fine metal wire and small beads) and enamel floral applications. Dense and very attractive brooch, nice find Alan.
  12. That explains it, I had my doubts but since nobody corrected that presumption till I commented on it..... I went with the other experts here, who did not mention it before I did.....hummm.
  13. That book is a great find, I focus a lot on these 2 decades, because the peace status produced an great atmosphere for new trends, designs, and art, all of which are still celebrated and collected tod...
  14. Jenni, thank you for the neat comment Karen, that made me laugh, I always had multiple projects on the go, love the luxurious silk from Japan, this piece is in very good condition, I dont remember ...
  15. OOPs! The dragon is not metal but ceramic painted with a bronze enamel, it has 3 claws, so another anomaly.....
  16. Apex, you 1st sentence stated 19th century, which I doubt. Then good resale value of not, there are many of these on the resale market that have some kind of identification, this one does not. The qua...
  17. The ceramic seems to be pottery and not porcelain, plus the fact it is not marked in anyway, which should be if an export item from late 19th. The famille rose or rose medallion decors were not app...
  18. Thank you Jenni and Karen, appreciate the kind words.
  19. I always felt every time I see this brooch of the lady fully dressed but seems to be either floating in mid air, or if you posed her vertically, she would be falling backwards, the one with the tennis...
  20. Yes, cloisonne that is from China, made from a reputable and well known craftsman with great skills, will have many bidders, and end up being very valuable, I have seen this for myself. I also got ...
  21. Well yes, arrived today and I had a good laugh..... more to come tomorrow.
  22. Have edited the images in size and contrasts for a better look, image one is very hard to read no matter what I do to it.
  23. <{M}> Like that, I was thinking of an M too instead of an O. I don't think Japan, but hey, it's possible, it's those trails of dots in between 2 lines that trow me off, one thing I am learning ...
  24. Bill, when I did a search earlier, I noticed there were a lot of similar vases, all from the same time period, but from many different countries, interesting because they probably all ended up in the ...
  25. Hey Bill, dont loose your sense of humor, I understand what you are doing and why. If it helps anybody be more careful I am all for it. The vase in your link is Japanese I think, early 1910 of so e...
  26. Looks Czech/Bohemian rustic hand painted design on pottery, Art Nouveau style, surprised there is no ID on base, antique piece. Such as Amphora. Hope you get more opinions for this interesting piece. ...
  27. very amusing Kevin.....
  28. Thank you CW members for the love, much appreciated especially for this post.
  29. Thank you Happy, glad you find this appealing. Cheers!
  30. That smudged label on the bid body of the green one in my auction, can be very frustrating, it depends on the original size of the photo, you can try enlarging it, or play with the brightness and cont...
  31. RIP Al my friend, your ordeal is over, and I am glad even if you will be greatly missed.
  32. Youre welcome, and glad you found us, we enjoy doing this for other collectors. I did finally another one in green glass that was part of a lot of other things, at an old auction, they had no informat...
  33. This is probably Czech made from the interwar period of 1920-40. The impressed name on the base might be the retailer or exporter. As far as producer, that is more difficult to identify, the glass...
  34. Excellent Japanese pale ceramic vase, with elaborate skillful hand painted artistry, mostly symbolic, feminine bird of paradise, and the paulownia mon, with 3 leaves. Mark is incomplete, early 20th, s...
  35. Well, as she has decided not to identify the country but rather the region, I still stand by my opinion of it being Japanese. When I saw that other types of Japan trays had a woven surface similar to...
  36. a neat Tiffin satin amberina, to add to the identification information, I had not seen this decor color before by them:
  37. As a contrarian, I may have different experience and point of view that some here on CW PileOfJunk, but that is really how a discussion should be handled. My favorite example of a fake silver mark,...
  38. I agree, if cared for and wiped after use, otherwise it would stain and rot the bamboo strips. Seems by the texture of your tray surface this was already used and had moist spills etc. BTW I really li...
  39. Thank you apostata, I appreciate your comment's information.
  40. I dont think so, the oshibori is a lightweight oblong tray and traditional to offer dinners to wipe and clean their hands before a meal. As far as the age ...
  41. Since we are changing the story again, the utensil being hallmarked in England, and retailed by Curtis & Dunning in USA, before 1840, the process of silver plating did exist, but was not the electropl...
  42. You just answered my question about why an American silversmith would use English hallmarks.... I found it suspicious that all the pseudo marks were octagonal in shape. That put's the whole 'is it ...
  43. Sumida Gawa type of clay pottery, with small figures, and a partial glaze flowing from the top rim. Very nice.
  44. Well, I'm glad you got the right information. The 53 stations of the Tokaido series by Hiroshige. Great!
  45. This is a special Japanese early 20th century wood block print, probably from a famous artist. I'm not an expert in this type of category, but my reference material shows a similar artist in this s...
  46. Well, I do happen to be accurate, Kevin, contrary to your opinion. The 'lion passant' is the British country hallmark for Sterling Silver grade, hallmarks are the accurate words to be used when it ...
  47. Thanks Mary, I did not know that. Very interesting, recently I won an auction lot of old buttons and what the appeal was 4 yellow buttons quite substantial in size. Like your earrings here. I will hav...
  48. that link did not work, here is the site:
  49. Good question, the size is generous so I would think a meal would be appropriate with their own unique traditional type of servings in small dishes. Here is an example so you can see what I mean. htt...
  50. Love this display of your collection 7 years ago, Mary. Glad you mention color because it seems bakelite was often made in a yellow shade. The real stuff, did it have a small range of colors in jewelr...
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One Kralik Shape and One Welz Shape.......two décors Victorian cased art glass basket with thorn handle - Welz Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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