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This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things too, or help others This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things too, or help others with your own acquired knowledge. (Read more)


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Superb French Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris Publication, About Antique Oriental Far East Cloisonne Objets - Booksin Books
Lovely Japanese Porcelain 20th Vintage Meal Side Dish, no mark, 6x4 inches. - Asianin Asian
The Truitt's Gift, Books That Keep On Giving Since 1997 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another Shallow Bowl Czech Interwar Satin Glass Spatter By RUCKL, with 3 small back curled feet. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Decor On A Large Shallow Glass Bowl, Ruckl? Fits With Several Swirl Glass Piece Images, I have in red and green. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik vs Ruckl. Part II KRALIK - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik vs Ruckl. Part I RUCKL - Art Glassin Art Glass
The New Ruckl Bowl & Black Glass Plinth Become A Marker,  for many Art Glass Pieces by Ruckl - Art Glassin Art Glass
ONCE UPON A TIME....A Czech Art Glass Decor was very difficult to identify, after many tried, little new me got it. RUCKL - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Whole Bunch Of Vintage Costume Jewelry Rings - Set Up As A Lot A Few Years Ago - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Sorry to correct you but these are spooners, they would be used to hold serving spoons during a meal, and sit in the middle of the tanle, very nice pieces.
  2. That Kralik identification page has a pair of pink swirl baluster vases on top right, these are recent Asian products, I know, I own one. Totally different quality of glass and fabrication, sort of pl...
  3. found the sugar bowl, McMaster Pottery, looks like a great set.
  4. Glad I found the image, as I knew I had seen the amber glass basket shape somewhere. Glad to help and you are welcome my friend.
  5. a new post to illustrate, image 1, first item.
  6. Hi Eza. I agree with a few makers, and if the shape matches a decor that is documented such as Erwin P. 1930 for Josephine Glass Co. then that is probably the maker as you say. I also found some Ruck...
  7. if you convert the Canadian amount, it becomes even less, $2.24. What a great find!
  8. Thanks Mary - even if we don't collect the same kind of stuff I enjoy your collections and knowledge. That is the best part of CW. I have become more tolerant of new members, or the one post seller...
  9. It's ok Mary, I was afraid I had offended you.... just wondered. You are making me laugh again, you know how weird things get here on CW sometimes, don't worry about it. I trust you, and no harm done,...
  10. This is from -maureen-, thanks for the sweet message. I suppose you are right, much jewelry is made but it does not age well. Especially soft stones and composite material. I still like the silver des...
  11. More jars by Ruckl.
  12. My opinion, is that an antique imari porcelain piece might have been produced in Japan or China, and the quality of the painting would have been better. With the number 24, this looks like a 20th c...
  13. Here is a Kralik box in the same decor.
  14. I also like the Harrach Passau collection of green frit art glass plates and dishes, thanks for posting your interesting collection and information.
  15. Really interesting Mexican style of jewelry, never seen this before Mary. Thanks for posting.
  16. Princess Jenni!
  17. Love those colors!
  18. This is a great post, this piece looked different to me, but what value to have a personal testimony from an experienced glass colletor about the differences you have found. I'm going to let the ow...
  19. Thanks Ms Crystalship, your understanding is appreciated. Jericho, What we collect, the Czech interwar glass requires us to be flexible. it's a fluid landscape, when we continually find out more ...
  20. Thank you for the loves and stopping by CW members.
  21. Thank you for the fine comments and many loves, highly appreciated.
  22. I did some comparisons yesterday and took some photos. Discovered that one of my vases is much like your's Harry, my large vase in a shape I felt was Ruckl. Back to the drawing board on that one, the ...
  23. barn paint brush, for those red colored barns people like to have.......Just kidding.
  24. Possible Ruckl, but not quite in my opinion, looks like the mark was applied twice with poor results. I have both he Kralik version and the Ruckl version of this decor, and the difference lies wit...
  25. sancai meaning 3 colors, and you have that here on the vase. There is a wide range of how it was used to decorate a piece of pottery.Here is an image from Wiki. I would say your's is maybe, probably,...
  26. Beautiful.
  27. Welcome to collector heaven! Love to see your displays, lots of work and time has gone into that. I enjoy what other people are interested in too. TOD-Lisa
  28. Love it, special antique brooch with REAL turquoise stones of various sizes and tone. Thanks Alain.
  29. Thank you for the fine comments, and also all the loves CW members, always much appreciated.
  30. I was made aware yesterday again, that it is not possible to copy my pages and print them as is from my website. You can copy texts and images, but not the whole thing at once. It occured to me aft...
  31. Some words in the art field and time periods are not translated, as they were first used in French which was the norm then of using French words to describe styles, periods etc. It was a mark of so...
  32. Just so we know the right spelling and time period, I myself thought it was late 18th-19th century, an off shoot of Victorian fussy ornamental style. This is what Encyclopedia Britannica online says a...
  33. This is my sites page, showing how the identification was made. Thanks to the many Czech collectors who provided images for this site's project.
  34. The question is not that simple to answer Bob. I think what we call tan spatter, because the layer of exterior glass is not clear but tan in color in a satin finish, does have some pieces that corresp...
  35. Forgot to say, the knuckle pieces are also divided depending on decors, but most of them do not have prunts at all.
  36. Well no, you will find many Loetz tango one color with prunts, usually flat, Ruckl has few with a knob on top of the round, and Kralik has several types as well, including the S ones, but not everybod...
  37. Here is one the glass vases I was talking about.
  38. Looks like that other yellow framed with red spatter I had, also unknown. This one has a couple details that are interesting, the combination of the tooled rim, and the application of another glass co...
  39. Funny, I hit an image file yesterday with 4 or 5 of these, could not remember taking them, then I realised these were your Jericho, part of what you gave me a few years ago, I see now where Harrach co...
  40. Thank you jscott, Mary, Jenni and Ms.C for the fine comments, as well as ll the loves. I have changed the last image for one that shows I also had some rings set up on the side, and a better view...
  41. Love it!
  42. thanks Jenni, you are number 1 again!
  43. Jenni and Ms.C, thank you for the lovely comments. I agree a tomato red like Campbell's iconic soup can. Thank you for all the loves CW members, very much appreciated.
  44. good luck with your research!
  45. This glass find was after a year of searching on Ebay for this color combination. I believe Kralik made several of them and said so in one of their BB ads. The semi tranlucent glass pieces that are de...
  46. My favorite glass pieces are at the two ends, the orange and green colored glass combinations. These are very rare. Must be not as popular as the other colors were. Thanks for this post Jericho, it i...
  47. You need the blue Monograph 121, pub 2012 by the WVMAG. These pages have been issued in chronological order. The Bambus selection is on a page dated October 1931, it is one assortment out of four. ...
  48. Thanks jscott, it always nice to see your comments and love. Thank you all CW members for your comments and love, always appreciated.
  49. I tkink so too. I also have a mini Japan vase, signed Kutani in red script.
  50. I love silk too, and have many silk garments and accesssories vintage 20th Japan as well as other pieces. Nice examples Pete.
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Victorian cased art glass basket with thorn handle - Welz Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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