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This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things too, or help others This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things too, or help others with your own acquired knowledge. (Read more)


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The French Antique Art Glass Merry Goround Much Like Other Countries: Clichy, Legras & All - Art Glassin Art Glass
My New American Deco Fan Vases, Pleasing Pressed Glass Shapes - Art Decoin Art Deco
Cringe Worthy Identifications & Values Mid Century Euro Ceramics  - Potteryin Pottery
Mystery SOLVED, 1930 Amber Glass Vase, produced for Liege International Exhibition by Belgium's Val St. Lambert. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Here is something to muddy the waters: a molded blown glass basket in red and green spatter, Czech deco but WHO? It's KRALIK - Art Glassin Art Glass
The A. Ruckl Satin Spatter Shimmy Glass Collection - Documented X3 & More - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fun Butler Brothers Catalog Vase Find 1929, pink pressed optic glass fan vase by Imperial, USA. - Glasswarein Glassware
Round and round we go, what are they? Glass Ashtray = Harrachov & Glass Vase = Japanese? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Top Notch Sterling Silver Antique & Vintage Pieces - From my collection - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Some of my collection glass with images shared with friends.  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Nicefice, That made me smile.... I 'borrow' stuff from my husband too. lol. Yes, the vide poche is an interesting utilitarian piece, I could not find a word that meant the same thing in English. The...
  2. That happens often, images are not enough to be sure, I have my own cache of not real but repro glass pieces. Some savvy collectors say it's the price of your tuition as a learning experience in colle...
  3. This is a very nice set, modern production late 20th century for the tourist and export trade. The silk like material on the case was a tradition for the Chinese, for export items, they always made an...
  4. I own the variation of the small one with stopper, I had an idea recently that is was a bottle because of the small opening, mine is pink and blue and satin finish white glass. Much wear with a black ...
  5. If anybody wonders, there is absolutely no signs of wear on the pristine blue glass tooled feet. This is new glass. Incredible, right?
  6. Merci Bob. Je pense que le nom du style est 'roselle' pas rosette, mon erreur aussi avec bien d'autres. Je trouve un autre morceau roselle qui est du meme produceur and du meme temps dans la coleur a...
  7. Thanks Jenni, I was inspired by other glass images taken in front of a window, instead of a neutral background. We dont have much sun these days, a lot of gray days, but the white snow has a brightnes...
  8. Got the answer, it's Kralik, see more in Bambus decors in my edited description.
  9. Thanks Karen, I agree with you the Kralik should have been the best investment, but since the other pieces are much better known and marked, then more valued. Thank you CW members for your loves, ...
  10. I'm not, you two should get along fine, much in common. The purpose of this continuing rant is to have me kicked out at last, a goal that has been simmering and boiling over for 2 years. I don...
  11. an arrogant know it all fake that can't even speak English and write it properly prefers another arrogant know it all fake that can't write better that at a grade school level: go figure.....LOL "I...
  12. This is great, I love seeing anything that will bring past time periods to life. So many historical novels about the crowded conditions of housing in cities (London), how the top of them across the st...
  13. such a liar, as you state one thing you do another the two post by whatsup are gone, so much for "I dont generally delete...blah...blah...blah". Then as I considered you might do, you call me a hy...
  14. With documentation information in French: Val St Lambert Vase EL 259 - Répertorié S/481. Pièce en cristal topaze, créée pour l...
  15. If you are that emotionally engaged in this, then don't pretend otherwise. Everything we could say was said here yesterday.
  16. whatsup, that made me laugh. Reminded me of a saying about the quality of your enemies, says much about you, or something like that. Married couples do bicker a lot, these days I'm guilty of that, but...
  17. Ok craig, same goes for me, see how long it takes for any of your new posts to mention me in any way directly or indirectly.....That would be on top of the dozens you already have here.
  18. Quite the change from you welcome my comments, then after much time spent discussing your favorite subject today, and I have not changed my mind, you become hostile. You keep rehashing the past, my...
  19. I have to agree 100% with Wbub's statement. As members who have had many types of deleted material for several years, the best reason (tongue in cheek) I got was 'it was not in the spirit' of the CW ...
  20. This is all according to you, your research, your results before you got this document, which happily corresponded with what you believed was Welz glass. You complain that I wont give you a yes or ...
  21. I question the provenance, and how it was established. That's it.
  22. In anwer to 9. which was not there when I wrote my last comment, I do not want to discuss and speculate on the Welz family members, and how they managed their documentation. That is why I did not resp...
  23. All of the facts? Accroding to you, but not in my point of view. It is not an all or nothing approach. I do believe this glass exists and was made and sold by somebody, of course. I question the prove...
  24. Your sarcasm after allowing me to share what I think about this topic here, and telling me it does not matter to you that I disagree with what you do and say, is exactly how I feel. I don't care, n...
  25. I was thinking that this is a circular argument or discussion or explanation of who made this glass. It goes round and round, either one way or another, as finding a piece of decorated glass that m...
  26. Went around last night to look at a big American auction site archive, and search for Burmese glass. My sold volume lot was over 2000. This was a big surprise for me, I found all kinds, with many ...
  27. So my reaction when the colored glass spatter decor 'asis' on this piece of paper that has aged by the way, and does not represent the actual colors of the glass items, is used to attribute another pi...
  28. there are no aspersions on the piece of paper and the very basic flaw of it not being identified in any way except from verbal statements that can be accurate or not. this is such a simple issue wh...
  29. Love it! If I had any bird charms you could have them, my estate jewelry lots often contain a few sterling charms, right now I have a soccer ball, a 1910 game horn, and a tiny oval locket. Sorry fo...
  30. Seems we had a deletion of all comments and loves by members. I still want to thank the members, and realise the tone of some comments were not acceptable to CW.
  31. Thank you Jenni, your positive and supportive comments are always very appreciated. Thank you CW members for the loves that too means a lot. :-)
  32. Just came across this other Kralik vase with the mark and a decor we have seen before, with red rigaree handle decorations. I had not seen this shape before either, it's amazing we still come across p...
  33. Love them all, the brown cloisonne temple jar caught my eye, it's Chinese, a variation of the thousand flower motif, recent production, so well made and not as dense and dull surface as the old cloiso...
  34. Mysterious account of why this glass piece is not Kralik, but more likely by Welz..... No hard facts, no name, no places, no dates, and no statement that it's possible that Kralik with others made so...
  35. There was another one for sale recently, same as this one, not in my location. It would have fit well with my assortment of other Kralik shapes in translucent pink and cobalt glass application. T...
  36. Leah, This tiered serving dish also reminds me that some of the vintage and antique glass were meant to be combined. I have been browsing in old catalogs, trying to find pieces like that. Not easy. L...
  37. They definitely have an industrial look to them, no pretty colors or decorations. These were probably a large high ceiling hanging light ceiling fixture, that would be installed with the 3 arms attach...
  38. do you mean USA Airforce? Not, sure.
  39. WOW! My first thought was Fenton Emerald Crest, but then the green glass edge is not as crimped as Fenton. After reading your description, I was amazed. Not the sort of thing we find these days, in su...
  40. large safety pins were used for wrap around skirts, to keep them closed, not sure if kilts also needed a pin for the same purpose. Some pins would be made with decorative silver. Thanks for posting. ...
  41. I agree too TallCakes, that the BB ad seems to have a flaw in the direction of the curves, I found a site that explain which way this should be for a legit Imperial pattern of twisted optic. I also ad...
  42. Consensus is American glass company in Ohio valley, Imperial Glass, who made pressed glass in several attractive deco patterns, see Replacements site for more. This one is called Swing Optic, which wa...
  43. It is Gillian, impressive production of glass, size of the cobalt vase is 9.5 inches high.
  44. Hope this helps Wendy, from Lisa. ADACHI KINJIRO
  45. Thank you Time Traveler and Ms. Crystalship for your great comments. I have been looking for another color in the same shape, got a light green one today, and also have a few American contenders as...
  46. Interesting Nicefice, I often study the border areas and Minnesota is one of my favorite states, you can blame the writer John Camp (Sanford) for that. His novels that include the lifestyle in St. ...
  47. Thanks keramikos, I agree, 5 years ago, a kind glass collector gave me that link and I still find it very useful. Take care.
  48. Not an expert or a knowledgeable jewelry collector, but I love these American silver bracelets with stones, and think this is a good quality production. The foldover clasp is a typical American closur...
  49. Bonne Annee a vous aussi. The sunset on Lake Superior is gorgeous, I'm not far from there if your flying... Are you in Northern Ontario? I'm to your right on the map.
  50. Thank you for the loves CW members, always appreciated.
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Victorian cased art glass basket with thorn handle - Welz Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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