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With time and at post retirement age, with some serious health issues (heart, eyes), my participation is in decline on CW since 2020. Still, I often find myself browWith time and at post retirement age, with some serious health issues (heart, eyes), my participation is in decline on CW since 2020. Still, I often find myself browsing many glass categories, and overall activity. (Read more)


  1. The post this info belongs to:
  2. Here is the contribution I was slowly pursuing, a legible ad that explains the usage, A BOTTLE WINE HOLDER. Found it backed up on my oldest USB thimb drive. Made a new post. https://www.collectorswe...
  3. Thank you guys, always appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the love, glad you enjoyed this glass, it still packs a punch after 8 years
  5. I have been buying some of these sets in Sweden, who have several of them listed on their ebay version website. Very attractive deco bakelite colors, I really like your 2 sets design, they are some...
  6. i can undestand that, good to have interests right now :-)
  7. what is your point, sure giant databases help. for those who have access, does not mean the rest of us can't provide accurate information, in fact databases are made of millions of human resources tha...
  8. Thank you for the loves and testimonial comments, glad you enjoyed this Czech glass interwar item.
  9. Because I am in the comments section, I was able to see all the messages again, and realized that I find a couple of discreptancies. My objection was not that this vase was not produced by Loetzm bu...
  10. Hi, I believe the style, size and type of glass is much of a possibility from Sweden, they had much clear crystal 'ice glass', this looked like ice cubes with designers who focused on figurines durin...
  11. Very interesting Japanese cloisonne piece, based on my collecting experience with these items, and also discussing the matter with other American collectors, such as California's Japanese American bus...
  12. Not my collection, something I found on a Sweden website. Thank you for the nice comment. Thank you for all the loves, CW should appreciate your participation. Best. Lisa
  13. Thanks Jericho, I loved the orange glass piece you have, it was a good addition to the other decors variations. Best.
  14. Hi, I forgot your name, Eileen? Nice to hear from you, hope you are well, I find there is no time either, to many things to do and much slower at it.... lol.
  15. Thanks for the loves Jenni and Scott. Best.
  16. To Ales, more documentations.
  17. WOW! I just came across documentation from Sweden, in 1925, with black and white 9 page catalog of their Pukeberg glass production company. This vase is shown, and seems this shape was used over ...
  18. The -nice- staid Canadian woman image of the 1950-60s period might relate to our Prime Minister wife at the time, a wearer of hats, floral print dresses with a natural fur stole. Mrs. Lester B. Pears...
  19. Thank you for the loves my CW friends, a nice gesture I always appreciate. Have a good one.
  20. thanks for the loves, added a new glass vase by Legras with the catalog examples.
  21. LONG time, Eza. Since then I found this shape in Ruckl glass decors, without the tan satin finish. There might have been 2 versions of this lidded squat double body jar style on a pedestal foot. http...
  22. not a mark, just a darker area of grime.
  23. You are looking for a discussion with me, this is your usual approach to nudge me to reply to you when you find all kinds of reasons to disagree with what I wrote, this does not compel me to answer yo...
  24. Good article about this type of ceramic and why it is so different in style and decorations. Finding lots of these online sites and interesting to ha...
  25. Oops! Confused similar reign names in Japan and China. This is the Tongzhi Qing Dynasty, see article about the ceramics during this period.
  26. Think Taisho reign of China, late 19th, durnig a period og great conflict, when the export porcelain factories where mostly destroyed, leaving just a few for their own population's needs with mediocre...
  27. thank you, rancherswife. I still find it fascinating years later.
  28. yes EZa, made me realise there might be more novelty glass ladies vanity items we are not aware of by Goldberg. This is so satisfying to increase knowledge of our favorite glass. Thank you.
  29. in green or: Empoli Italy green large ewer pitcher cased clear glass controlled bubbles mid century
  30. Ewers were a big Italian glass favorite during later 20th. Many wonderful creations with traditional sommerso glass decors, as well as the more modern Empoli clean line and single color fabrication de...
  31. This is great, I also collect sterling silver jewelry, and started with that as I could not afford the expensive stuff and silver suits my skin tone better than gold. (smirk) There was such a massi...
  32. Thank you for the loves and like. Much appreciated. Nice comments from the long term CW gentlemen collectors, Jscott and Larksel. I'm grateful.
  33. Looks Italian to me, the silver metal is very bright as if it spent most of it life wrapped up in a drawer. I would date as late 19th, Grand Tour travel memento or novelty item. Thank you for posting.
  34. HHO No issues here, I remember providing this image to you, from my Pinterest board for glass documentation, I copied it several years ago, did not remember from where, and the image as it is copied ...
  35. HHO very nice of you to say so, experienced collectors of old used to say that at some point, you realise 'the more you know the less you know', as your scope increases and the field becomes more comp...
  36. my very first collection was focused on Ebay's Chinese modern (PROC) hand painted fine white porcelain export items, of little value because there was so much of it, this was 20 years ago. I liked it ...
  37. Thanks Jim and Jenny, glad you commented. Thank you Cw members, appreciate the nods.
  38. thank you for the love, CW collectors, always appreciated.
  39. Hi Phil. that makes sense, the art nouveau colors and decors. I have a third page coming up from the same group of images. Dating might be earlier in 19th, 1880-1900. Tks.
  40. Thanks for the loves my CW friends, always appreciated, especially these days we are still struggling with disease and economic stresses. Best - Lisa
  41. Thank you for the loves CW members, glad you approve of this great green decor Czech glass vase.
  42. Thank you for the loves and comments CW members.
  43. that is really good information Ales, it gives a wider view of the Steinwald glass production from earlier in the 20th century decors and glass pieces. Your example is one that I have always like, ...
  44. I often wonder about these antique Bohemian glass items in Czech Republic Museums, and when they were acquired and from whom? The British museums such as the Victoria and Albert decorative arts est...
  45. Thank you CW members, for the positive support of my post. Always appreciated from those members who have keen enthusiasm that never wanes.
  46. Ales thank you so much for your comments, there is nothing more valuable than living in the country where this glass was produced and having an understanding with knowledge of background facts and imp...
  47. Happy to revisit this post, as I recently came across some old documentation I had that shows this exact decanter glass owl, in a Chicago wholesale catalog.
  48. Thank you for the loves, this post emphasizes that we will continually have new information as the years go by. We must be flexible and accept that fact with good grace if we can.
  49. Thank you RichmondLori for the fine comment, gladd you enjoyed the post. Thank you CW members for the loves, always appreciated.
  50. Recently I have been doing some research into the Harrach version of the tango glass decors during 1920s. There is much documentation regarding shapes, colors, items, and overall style of Harrach tang...
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"Diamond texture" - Ernst Steinwald & Co. (most likely) One Kralik Shape and One Welz Shape.......two décors Victorian cased art glass basket with thorn handle - Welz Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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