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This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others withThis site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others with your own knowledge. I will continue to work on my own website. I have done this before with my Oriental cloisonne site IDCloisonne. ___________________________ See my reply to Welzebub's ID profile rant on 22 July 2019, on my own site. (Read more)


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French Art Nouveau Pair Amethyst Glass Vases 10inches tall - Art Glassin Art Glass
Some of my ancient European-Persian Type Deeply Layered Silver Hinged Bangles - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Chinese and Japanese Illustrations of American 1876 World Fair & Examples of Decorative goods, with cloisonne - Asianin Asian
Lovely Sommerso Glass Vase Potential Murano 1960s+ by Mandruzzato? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Familiar Kralik Glass Millefiori Decor on a Familiar Kralik Glass Lidded Jar, lid missing. No Mark. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Latest Ruckl discovery in a glass vase shape we know well, decor is delicately applied in a mini spatter on almond ground. - Art Glassin Art Glass
A new finger vase, mid 2oth? Italian, or Czech, or Asian? Lovely decor and 10 inches (28cm) high, 3 pounds - Art Glassin Art Glass
What does Auguste Racinet, Auguste Jean and the Harrachov Glassworks during the 1870s, have in common? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Happy Canada Day today, a country since 1867, not very old, but important in it's history. - Politicsin Politics
My personal costume charm collection, set on a silver link bracelet and necklace extension. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thanks you for all the nice comments: raven 3766, Ken, Jenni, Mrs.T., Bob, and shareurpassion. Thank you for the loves, always appreciated from CW members.
  2. It's true, from 1884. Beautiful dish, hand painted antique porcelain. Thanks for posting.
  3. I also think Far East, the motif of the 4 seasons, with straight garland bands that represent them. No other indication for me to be more specific. Silver content is more complicated, weight, surface...
  4. WoW! That is what I had in mind, thanks for showing us your other white peloton pieces with brown. You can see how the basket brown application is more like splashes manipulated in several directions....
  5. I concur with other comments, gorgeous glass vase, the color and organic shape is scrumptious. Thanks for posting Karen.
  6. It's OK Karen, very glad you came along and shared your vast knowledge in Japanese glass. It's good to hear there was nothing simple with the transactions, ownership, and handling of the Far East g...
  7. Very interesting, I can add a bit of information but do not confirm my idea as an attribution. The Morimura Brothers of Noritake fame, did do a short production of glass as well as their lovely por...
  8. Chinese - Tibetan style, very nice box with enamel, the Buddhist influence which is also in India. No mark?
  9. Thank you for the loves CW member, glad I could shown and tell some of my most favorite antiques.
  10. thanks Mary for your comment, glad I could share in our love for jewelry; Thank you for loves CW members, appreciate the love more than you can imagine.
  11. Perhaps this one's fabrication is not quote what they meant by 'peloton'. We have a Kralik director of Harrach's who applied for a pattern called peloton, and since it is a French word, it also imp...
  12. Forgot to say, this one is for you:
  13. You are very welcome Mary. The great benefit of CW, it takes a village as they say.... for many ventures, I laughed when you said you wear a lot less jewelry these days, so do I. But I still admire...
  14. @billretire There seems to be another small 2 line impressed mark, on the left side of the blue date. I think because this cheese tray was meant to be hung and decorative, the design is not styled th...
  15. Hi Mary, This post is very interesting to me even if 6 years old. I used to look for these type of bracelets and also had 3 or 4, with the same design, decorative bangle which closed with a pin and sl...
  16. Could be German or Austrian, reminds me a lot of their porcelain and metal trays, with a Secessionist type decor. Thanks for posting.
  17. What a fun way to present your owl post. Very ingenious and attractive. Thanks for posting Jenni.
  18. Thank you Jenni and Mrs. C. for sweet comments. Thank you for the loves CW members, always apreciated.
  19. How interesting! I knew that Rookwood had some Japanese ceramic designers during the same period, in the USA. It is neat to see a Japanese influence at Weller as well. Thanks for posting.
  20. Gorgeous Mrs. C, not my style either, but for Xmas why not? A new tradition.
  21. Great collection, a relative gave me some he found and polished in a rolling bin for days. Know little about these except the Chinese study Nephrite was highly valued as a decorative piece in China, i...
  22. Lindshammar by Gunnur Ander Has the vase horizontal lines in one side and vertical on the other - then it is Gunnar Ander for Lindshammar glass. As I thought, it is slightly different at the top rim...
  23. No it was not me, that is funny, this glass is some of the least known to me, so could not help there. I can go and copy what the information was, I do know it was not Drost, but maybe something inspi...
  24. Echo, you are right, this is another style of metal decorated with enamel, called champleve for the impressed metal design with raised border, forming cavities for the many enamels applied and fired. ...
  25. I just saw this vase on FB in the Scandi glass group yesterday, they hard a hard time identifying it too, but somebody did.
  26. I have always considered that, blanks might have been made to order for specific finishers such as Goldberg, Moser, and the many mentioned in the Truitt Volume one book, and other generic blanks were ...
  27. one more example of these vases I don't own:
  28. Oops, here are your comments, and my reply is on the other post, which I will move here instead. I wanted to reply to the comparison to Tom's Kralik bath salt and soap set. I also own 2 versions o...
  29. I don't believe there are 3 variations, I think people added a metal frog cover instead of the missing lid. Might be several sizes.
  30. another lidded example:
  31. I asked one of the old Anerican collectors on Facebook, he said they were used in a mold, where they would be placed first then covered with a blown in layer of glass, the cooled, then the rest of the...
  32. An interesting discussion about this topic from the glass messages blog, in 2016.
  34. Here is a google link of glass item images in the Jean style, but many were produced by Harrach, and Moser....?
  35. Thank you for the loves CW members. I will update some images as they did not have a clear view of content.
  36. Can you date this pair of wonderful glass by Jean? I am curious, because of the colors he used, which seems to be translucent blue, brown and amber or topaz. Thank you.
  37. Felt you might find this box in this decor int...
  38. There it is, the fact I find significant is the long term association between Harrach and Moser, you want a black and white statement stating it never happened, it does not exists, unless I manage to ...
  39. The comment I made regarding Moser and Harrach initially were based on the memory of previous reading materiel, which left me with more or less accurate information. For instance the location of Ca...
  40. Thank you for the fine comments which all made me smile. Thank you for the love CW members, always appreciated.
  41. After much consideration, I have decided to create a new post just for the HARRACH-MOSER topic, their interaction from mid 19th century according to many footnotes and chapters in the Harrach boo, as ...
  42. Before you reach your final conclusion, "your claims are not supported by the reference you claimed as your source" you might consider I have my laptop and not my books this long weekend for us on Can...
  43. Thank you for the lovely comments and the loves CW members always appreciated.
  44. I think this pair of glass or crystal luster lamps were a real good find. It's very rare to have a pair complete like this of cut to clear flash finish cranberry pieces. Are you wondering about ag...
  45. I am a sap for old abandoned wood shacks or remote cabins. Must have looked nice before the vegetation took over.
  46. Very nice glass pieces, why do you think 1958? They had a long history of pressed glass production in Bohemia early 20th century.
  47. Thanks Sean, it's always interesting what went on with these glass companies. Best.
  48. New image 4, to illustrate the identification. An interesting fact about the relationship of Moser and Harrach Moser created new glass colors during early 20th, specifically a brown and aqua blue. ...
  49. here is my odd ball combination of charms and other bits.
  50. Nice Sean, I love Rookwood and did not know this made this type of decor. Thanks for posting.
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Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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