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This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others withThis site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others with your own collection information. I have a wide variety of interests and always willing to know more. (Read more)


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Family December & Christmas Photos - Photographsin Photographs
1960s Nostalgia for American Made Goods - Old Magazine Cover - Paperin Paper
The Curious Variations of Czech Glass Decors 1919-1939 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sad outcome of three heavy Czech glass pieces - packed too loose in a big box - only one survived. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Long awaited for - The Czech glass decor heavy swirls zigzags on cobalt ground vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hosch Catalog Vase 1918? Tango Lavender Glass No Pontil No mark 12.5 inches high. - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Harrach Glass Vase, enamel style reintroduced from 1850s to 1910s, 'La Dance A L'Echarpe' French Motif of 1900 Paris - Art Glassin Art Glass
For Fun - Four Estate Jewelry Auction Lots I Won  - Good Surprises & Not So Good - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Auguste Racinet (1825-1893) 1875 Design Book Paris - Booksin Books
Framed Antique French Lithograph Print of Japanese Cloisonne Designs - Signed 1875 - Asianin Asian


  1. You GOT me! That green jar is scrumptious. Kralik it is.
  2. looks more Islamic/Persian than Chinese to my eye, it is beautiful.
  3. WOW! What a find. I think the 3 pieces, the tray, the pot and the lidded bowl (sugar) are part of a breakfast set, missing the creamer and the cup,the covered dish might be for butter or other use we ...
  4. Love the shape and the color, I also have the book. These are great pieces.
  5. Great show for a flea market. Love the Art Nouveau buckle, the brooches, the whole thing!
  6. These are meant to be lacquer called, usually red and called cinnabar for the color, sometimes green or ivory colored. The handcrafted process is a multiple application of natural plant resin that tak...
  7. Thanks for the fine comments Angus, and all the loves and like CW members, always very appreciated.
  8. Thanks Jenni, another thing I notice right now is girls looked like girls and older women still dressed very elegantly, such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis by then.
  9. Seems to be a French watch, no hallmarks for silver or gold. Steel metal is ACIER. I might date it early 20th too, that little pin on the right side by the top was used then, about 1910. Nothing indi...
  10. That's one of my Carl Goldberg decorated glass vases, with silver deposit and an Art Nouveau style. I collected quite a few of those glass pieces but most of them had lost their silver and only the et...
  11. Thank you CW and the members who participated in this post.
  12. The shape of the base of the cup which has a thinner stem that widens into a pedestal foot seems to have several variations, perhaps over time several molds were used. The most different in a shorter ...
  13. @artfoot That was the opinion I heard before about an assembly of previously made glass parts. The thing is, much was applied to the hot glass, once cooled to a degree, and the addition was also of t...
  14. Those glass decorative pieces, with the completely flat, polished bases, remind me of my huge Chinese vase, which has a similar fabrication too, heavy milk glass interior, with cobalt blue and orange ...
  15. Thomas, how sneaky and upsetting. Some people will do and say anything to make a buck. We have a collection here of old 1940s records, the old boy love big band music and he played the clarinet. Artie...
  16. @artfoot This was on another post quite a while back, and not even part of the glass topic, just an aside from me. Since the Czechs were frugal in their fabrications due to their slim profit margin, ...
  17. Thank you for the loves CW members, always much appreciated.
  18. Thanks Bambus, neat kind of Czech glass banner, I thought.
  19. here is the site's study of this decor,
  20. Thank you for the fine comments Jenni, Mary and Myra. Thank you for the loves CW members, always appreciated.
  21. Thank you Thomas. And thank you for the loves Cw members.
  22. thank you for the loves Cw members.
  23. Thank you Kai and Jenni for the fine comments. Thank you CW members for all the loves, always appreciated.
  24. Thank you for all the loves CW members always much appreciated.
  25. Love them Al, neat new direction, and research. Lisa
  26. I think Chinese, the hardware for the lock and the hinges as well as bun feet. This size is often called a document box, I used to have made with wood and lacquer also in green and red, don't know if ...
  27. I have looked at other names from the German 18th and 19th century from my marks book by Kovel. This is not my area of expertise, but I like to help. It seems the marks changed often, the crown is ...
  28. During one of my trips to Paris in the 1980s I went to the Louvre to see this painting, it was very impressive, they had hung it by itself on a whole wal, space, and protected it by having a guard ra...
  29. This has been on my mind since I saw it. Reminds me of those secret drawers and compartments they would have on these very old ornate desks. You had to press a spot to make it spring open. It is a be...
  30. We have a chrome rail spike too, about 6 inches long, with a cord to hang it and the word VIA marked on it, a Canadian promotion item, can't remember how we got it, but it was for the service of the p...
  31. Its beautiful Mary, love the modern leaf shapes and the colors. Stunning.
  32. Great examples of early Victorian dishware. This is exciting to see. Thanks for posting.
  33. Is this the only piece you have? I think it is made in China hand painted porcelain saucer for the Russian market, looks pretty old, pre 1940.
  34. Glad you don't mind the time period, there is a thing with Asian decorative exports, they got sloppy the more they made, many small communities would form groups to make these pieces during early 20th...
  35. Hi Myra - you have done a lot of work to identify your piece, I can tell you it is a post 1950 genuine Chinese cloisonne, the style is called open work and it is the traditional Buddhist lotus flower ...
  36. Myra - sure. Thank you for the nice comments.
  37. Great ball vase Sean, I have one in a different shape. There are more here I think, not one of the more familiar Kralik glass pieces, but it is nice to find some rarer decors as they had so many. Good...
  38. WOW! I have never seen this Mexico sterling style of bracelet either, and I collected them for a while. Don't know what you would call it, its more a necklace style with a fringe of pendant stones. I ...
  39. Good question Ludwig222. Czech labels are more often found on these more recent glass or crystal pieces. Don't know why. There are rarely a signature or initials on these, since the individual crafts...
  40. Thank you for the fine comments, and all the loves CW members, much appreciated.
  41. Its a beautiful piece, carved wood with the Buddhist Asian motifs, the lotus flower on the sides, the bird and the dragon which represent symbols of yin and yan, male -female, black-white, etc. Th...
  42. Love this decor and think it is Kralik, this shape is also found with a Kralik Iris decor:
  43. Looks like a copper metal pot with lid and handle, with green oxidation, very old, and painted with enamels and gilt. Asian of some kind, one of the less well known cultures in a smalle country. My gu...
  44. I did not know these were also made by Welz, with their spatter decors on a white glass surface. Different fabrication, and not quite the same size and molded shape. It is still interesting to see the...
  45. Bambus - a square headed dog with Thank you for visiting.
  46. This looks a lot like the Eastern European, Middle East influenced early 20th century silver work bracelets. The stone are carnelian and turquoise, which was a popular combination for these, as well a...
  47. My experience with Chinese red cinnabar pieces is what other more experienced collectors told me, and also what I noticed when I had several pieces; Cinnabar is name for a laquer decoration which u...
  48. Since these comments were made, I have seen 2 or 3 of these lidded jars with Welz attributed decors, in fact it is also shown on a BB ad, curious we all missed that one. See here second from the top f...
  49. I decided to post mine, as you inspire me to find out what you had, and at the same time, identify mine. :-)
  50. I believe many of these glass Victorian style bottles were made during an age where men and women used several types of products for their personal grooming. I have one of these much like your's i...
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Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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