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I am interested in many old things and some modern ones. Learned a lot here from some members who are generous and great people. With time and finally of retirement I am interested in many old things and some modern ones. Learned a lot here from some members who are generous and great people. With time and finally of retirement age, with some health issues, my participation will decline on CW after 6 years. My website rucklczglass dot com is no longer published. My interest is still strong, you can always contact me if you wish to discuss Czech glass or have documentation. (Read more)


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From Early 20th Harrach Aristocratic Glass Management To The Modern Czech Republic Novosad & Sons 1940s-1990s - Art Glassin Art Glass
There was more to Ruckl Glass Than We Knew, by Jitka Lenickova 2012 Published Volume. - Art Glassin Art Glass
More About Ruckl Glass Pitchers, 1925 cut crystal catalog from Ales-larksel - Art Glassin Art Glass
Going Back To Alfredo's Blog Pages About Czech Glass & A. Ruckl Design Pitcher Nizbor 1940s - Art Glassin Art Glass
Some of my recent Navajo Sterling Chandelier Earrings From Vintage Estate Auctions, Marked TK Sterling - Native Americanin Native American
Another small cloisonne box, this one is a bit of a mystery.... - Asianin Asian
Chinese Cloisonne, a before and after view of the ageing process, remedied. - Asianin Asian
The new foray in the old watch category - FUN! - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
A different Kind of Lea Stein Brooch: molded one layer textured cellulose - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
2 JASBA Keramik W. Germany Pottery Pieces In Different Styles During Fat Lava Era - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thank you for the loves, this post emphasizes that we will continually have new information as the years go by. We must be flexible and accept that fact with good grace if we can.
  2. Thank you RichmondLori for the fine comment, gladd you enjoyed the post. Thank you CW members for the loves, always appreciated.
  3. Recently I have been doing some research into the Harrach version of the tango glass decors during 1920s. There is much documentation regarding shapes, colors, items, and overall style of Harrach tang...
  4. Thanks Karen, I was thinking about you for some reason when I posted today. That is a good one, just shows nobody knows everything there is to know. Hope you and yours are well.
  5. Thank you for the fine comments and the loves, CW members, always appreciated.
  6. hello kivatinitz. I have the same shape box but with a deep red oxblood spatter with gray and white on a bright red interior glass surface, and added clear glass layers. Makes for a subtantial piece o...
  7. Mae76, you are welcome, I tried to find another Wilkinson Imari piece from the 19th. There is much more antique ware from the producer Royal Straffordshire Pottery on hand. Tks.
  8. Well WS, you hit the right producer of American watches, join the site, you wont be sorry. They are over 10 years in accumulating a large informative database of thousands of Bulova watch...
  9. AO, I agree, I love the novelty and unique type of watches, that one was of excellent quality, hardly worn. Thank you.
  10. I am still thinking about this pair of very nice white baskets and wondered who was the most likely produder during interwar period to use an all white decorative glass body, my answer was the same Kr...
  11. I looked at all the Czech glass baskets here and the body might be similar but the rims are different. The pink one is a good example of this, as well as the yellow etc. Unless you think all glass ba...
  12. Hi Karen, I just came across your 3 year old question, on Ebay I think, many years ago, when I was mostly into Chinese and Japanese decorative wares, textiles, etc I recognised the orchid mark, but...
  13. Very nice pair, the decor could be Kralik, but the shape is close to other baskets on this site, except for the upper rim divided in 4 lobed section.
  14. Than YOU Jenni and Eileen. Your kind comments make my day. As well as the CW members approval, always appreciated.
  15. "The first vase posted in comment one has been regarded as a Welz shape for quite a while." Maybe in some glass groups, but my glass vase shape is not generally accepted as Welz. The black rigaree ...
  16. beautiful, amazing what are inside some of these rocks, make you want to go on a hike, with a pail, a hammer and a treasure hunting mood.
  17. Thank you for the loves and the comments CW members, always very appreciated.
  18. I think it is antique eggshell vitreous porcelain, probably Asian in spite of the mark, must be a story here, bought directly from the maker, maybe. Very nice.
  19. Hi Ivonne, I think it is Kralik, they made their own orange spatter color mix, and your vase is more in their tones than the Ruckl orange mix. Maybe this is funny to some, but because of all the diffe...
  20. I agree with Phil, I also see a chest game piece, the Cavalry officer or Knight, with a double head, since the design of these pieces can change a lot over time, possible that was the inspiration. ...
  21. Yes, people who leave their mark and are not forgotten.
  22. Thanks Karen, line green is not my favorite color, but the way they used this on this vase is wonderful. The image is the seller's as well, he is in Germany and I told him I loved his skill with photo...
  23. "there is no country or company name which was required after 1891", my error here, I meant BEFORE 1891.
  24. Good mystery, and I admire very old English pottery. Early version tureen of the 19th century Royal Staffordshire Pottery with the producer Wilkinson works. A link to the Wilkinson company , and a ...
  25. This stamp with the junk boat I linked here is said to be dated as 1925 on Pinterest, the collage includes a part of it ...
  26. What a revelation, I have small collection of large Murano birds or fowl, gifts to my hubby over the years, but these Karen are just wonderful. You keep us well informed about glass we are not so fam...
  27. Thank you Karen, you are very sweet (tongue in cheek), to keep with the taste of the comment... Hope all is well with your Australian summer. Thank you for the loves CW members, always appreciated.
  28. Very interesting set of plinth or stand and bowl, Ruckl does have some of these sets in a spatter or honeycomb decor, but not in this shape. The application of the unique multi colored grey-black-w...
  29. Gorgeous, I think it is early 20th, Edwardian 1900-1910, American, the back of the pendant at 6 oclock, seems to have the letters STERLING on the oval frame, not quite impressed and legible. Thanks fo...
  30. Here is one large pedestal foot bowl I owned, with a gold circle mark for Made In Czechoslovakia on the base, in another combination of colors.
  31. Ann asked me years ago what my opinion was about this pieces, I told her it could be Ruckl, in the double spatter decor with a shimmy pfau base of darker glass chips with green aventurine. Its possib...
  32. it looks like Arabic to me, the symbols with long flowing line, and the dot marks in between, could it be an export to the Middle East?
  33. Well it depends on the man or the woman, hubby and I have the same size wrist we are both tall, and they measure a bit under 7 inches.
  34. great glass display!!!!
  35. Alain, we always have some new mystery members that come and go, I also wonder about it..... Thank you for the compliment, it is nice to post in peace. Happy Holiday to you too, glad you are hanging...
  36. Thank you Warren, the link was very impressive and shows much added information since I last read it.
  37. Oh! Wow! Mary, it is about 7,5 inches long, and quite chunky, I would wear it too, but I already gave several fine link bracelets on each wrist, call me an inveterate old eccentric. Hope you are ha...
  38. Thanks AnythingObscure, that made me laugh, I like it too, but our boomer generation was not traditional and this piece is sold as MCM, modernist 1950s-60s, which may be right or wrong. Best wishes...
  39. cloisonne has nothing to do with this post, you digress. According to the English language label, Made In Austria, which was a wording requirement for imports to USA, by Tarif Law in 1921, not befo...
  40. apostata, sometimes the knowledge of historical facts are important in the evaluation of certain items and their labels. If you translated all of what Warren stated, it is his experienced opinion t...
  41. Interesting premise except for one thing, the Made In Austria label would have been later than 1920, I expect it represents the post WWI Republic of Austria, made for export to USA. Possible its a ...
  42. Thanks Eileen, that is the effect his work has on me, elegant, restrained and just beautiful.
  43. Thanks Eileen, a very Merry Christmas to YOU too, my friend!
  44. Thank you Jenni, you are one of the shining lights on CW, wish you the best for the holidays and all year long!
  45. Thanks Lori and Art, appreciate the kind comments. Thank you CW members for the loves, always appreciated and a Happy Holiday to all.
  46. Ales, thanks for posting this. My own experience is that this is one of those glass powder decors, because your piece is small it is hard to say if there was a motif or decor, but the colors correspon...
  47. Thanks Paul, this means they were not attached together but came separately? I had a gut feeling that the pomander was a different maker than the chain. Something about the chain looks Italian to m...
  48. Love This, David was a great British addition to many US series episodes. Thanks Vynil.
  49. Seems to be another mark on the goldish ring that attaches the chain to the pomander, can you decipher it? 3rd image has a good view of it.
  50. Youre very Welcome Bob. Ms.C, I also made an inquiry on her Facebook page several months ago, she said she had a difficult summer with much stress and decided to leave much of her internet particip...
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One Kralik Shape and One Welz Shape.......two décors Victorian cased art glass basket with thorn handle - Welz Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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