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This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others withThis site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others with your own knowledge. I will continue to work on my own Czech glass website. (Read more)


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  1. I also think blister pearls as Mary said, but then I noticed how much alike they are, is that possible? For genuine untreated blister pearls to all match in color and shape? Not sure, but felt this ni...
  2. the old guy with the big head it the God of wisdom in Asian culture.
  3. Looks like a large tulip to me, and a bouquet of smaller tulips at the base. I know what you mean Karen when you say you had to have it, curiosity is a good way to collect as well. Did you know that v...
  4. I also want to thank you for your impressive new collection of rare for us special items, and the fascinating variety of design they were made in. Who knew?
  5. Chinese.....
  6. Hi Ken, I want to show some gratitude for your consistent participation here on CW, it matters much that people keep posting new items regularly, makes the difference with the site's value and standin...
  7. What you call a 'patrician profile', commanding and confident. He seems quite aged there, could it be at the end of his life? Or soon after? Died in 1799 at the age of 67. Thanks for posting.
  8. Excellent artwork, subjects and topic. I would say Irish setters, without checking first. Working hunting dog breed anyway. Thanks for posting another very interesting item.
  9. Thanks you for the loves CW members always appreciated. I changed images for three items as they had been used in other posts. With more information about them.
  10. tiger eye quartz stone.
  11. Youre welcome, you know I am a bookworm, and when I started being interested in semi precious stones for jewelry making about 12 years ago, I found out that citrine and amethyst stones are from the sa...
  12. why not amethyst?
  13. Hey ST, Funny I was selling a similar ring with a stone like this, about the same color, and the same semi opaque swirl texture. I decided it was one of the pale range carnelian stones, I am familia...
  14. WoW! Fantastic glass creation. Thanks Karen for posting.
  15. Tulip is my fave, great to have, admire, and know who made it and when. Needed this today, nice haul. Thanks for posting.
  16. Bailey, banks & biddle sterling spoon, Seems this company is represented in the Replacements site with about 15 sterling items, none that match this. This spoon is a genuine antique sterling spoon, ...
  17. Looks like a hanging crystal prism and its older than you think, those labels were in use starting 1920s-30s, after WWI. Many Czech crystal manufacturers of chandeliers and even table top lamps decora...
  18. I think they are lovely Chinese porcelain bottles, perhaps for wine. The decorations are traditional Chinese, the red mark is a partial mark, probably the upper left corner of a square. Thanks for ...
  19. I also see some that could be silver 925, examine carefully for marks. This is what us jewelry collectors like to do. Plunge in and sort. Thanks for posting.
  20. Love the pyrography, people still had those electric tool to burn the wood surface for decorations when I was a kid. I don't use the dryer either for most of my clothes, they hang on the shower bar...
  21. Thank Jenni and Mary. That Slifka bracelet was a total surprise to me, a very nice person told me it was valuable, I had no idea. I just like this sort of multi stone and silver jewelry pieces. The...
  22. This is a new style for me, how does the clasp work? My gut says Asian, but more likely Thailand than Tibet. Not sure, but love the craftsmanship and the look of it. Thanks Mary.
  23. Thanks Jenni, appreciate the kind words. Have a great day!
  24. Thank you for the loves always appreciated CW members.
  25. Japanese Satsuma blond clay pottery vases, they look early 20th century, do not know the mark. The style of the dark blue and gold with scenic reserves is traditional for that time. The heavy enamel a...
  26. Hi Steptoe1, the name Haluk seems to be Turkish, and a google search brings me to a whole lot of Turkish items, jewelry, garments, etc. The style of the bracelet has been inspired by Victorian chai...
  27. gotta be for French waffles, of course. LOL Great posts.
  28. I wonder if these are not special holiday molds for European Xmas waffles? Here is a page I found with more info about Griswold cast iron pans. BTW love cooking with cast iron. Best for French toasts...
  29. Just have to thank the members who put a love on this post, always appreciated. If you wish more detailed information about these prints, which all have some descriptions on the bottom, please ask me,...
  30. Just have to thank the members who put a love on this post, always appreciated.
  31. I checked my reference books, and it is a mark with elements of both pre 1949 and post 1949. So I will leave the Gotheborg dating as he stated.
  32. The decor is called 'thousand flowers' painted with enamels on fine porcelain, the Chinese version of the glass millefiori decor. I would have thought earlier, Republic 1912 to 1949,
  33. Yes, fortapache, it happens a lot on Ebay too, but there I can cancel and not pay at all. Since Ebay gets a percentage of the shipping amount in their fee structure, it is worse than ever. Some se...
  34. That is the beauty of this International collector site, we all bring something different in our knowledge base. The foldover clasp is one I have found mainly on USA vintage sterling bracelets, bec...
  35. Might be to be used as decorative scroll weights for hanging those long narrow art paper paintings, which would help keep the paper flat against a wall.
  36. Thank you, I think its a great bracelet, but not very old vintage.
  37. This breed is extremely friendly and its more about them saying hello when we walk them, they are hard to restrain sometimes, especially in the winter icy roads, my husband slipped and broke his ankle...
  38. Jenni, I fell in love with that image, from our group of golden retriever owners on Facebook. We have two here, and the darker ones always look like little cuddly teddy bears, with their dark button e...
  39. Roy, We had a Woolworth store in a prime location on the corner of a busy intersection downtown Toronto. They had a lunch counter, and a huge space for all the doo dads on tables with sections they w...
  40. fhrjr - would per doz? Make a difference as far as value, per dozen, divide by 12 for one as per price quoted, top right of description. BB - each store was a franchise run by different people, you...
  41. BB before your time.
  42. Could be American 1980s, during the trend of the XOXO type of design, especially for bracelets, the clasp is an American foldover style. Should be marks.
  43. That's right bobby725, the FIGURAL humidor meant to keep loose tobacco, or cigarettes and cigars, a small sponge would fit in the lid and leave it moist with water to keep the tobacco from drying. ...
  44. Tibet or other Buddhist religious monk prayer wheel, they would hold during ceremonies and twirl. Nice example. These were also Made recently in China, as exotic export items.
  45. Thank you for the fine comments. Thank you for the loves CW members.
  46. Beautiful silver link bracelet with figural charms, which seem to be Oriental, Buddha, a Chinese man with his status hat, an Asian man with a wide straw hat, and an odd long charm that I can't identif...
  47. Thanks Watchsearcher, as I was doing the post I recognized what I thought was my jewelry vanity glass box with silver plated lid, but no, it was a round butter dish with lid on a silverplate tray. You...
  48. The flash can really distort the colors and the effect. You did not mention a mark on the base, I can't see one. Not so sure about Kralik, but they would the most likely contender. Thanks for posting,...
  49. Could be Ruckl, if the mix is a 3 color spatter, yellow, red and orange. With clear glass surfaces inside and on exterior. One of the Ruckl style of spatters has no uniform interior color glass lay...
  50. Thank you for the fine comments, and the many loves CW members, always appreciated.
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Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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