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This site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others withThis site is a joy when you see all the variety of interesting pieces people are willing to post and share. Great tool to learn about new things, or help others with your own collection information. I have a wide variety of interests and always willing to know more. (Read more)


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Rare Antique French Champleve Japonism Ink Bottle Stand and Tray - Pensin Pens
Small part of my collection of vintage handmade silk Japanese kimonos and coats - Asianin Asian
Antique Art Glass Catalog Pages - A treasure trove of undiscovered treasures - Booksin Books
The Mystery Glass Pitcher - Real or Repro Italian? Both.... - Art Glassin Art Glass
Japanese Love Affair, the unique decorative aesthetic that amazed  mid 19th century Europe. - Asianin Asian
Finally! Part II AAG Article Czech era Kralik, and background from mid 1800s - Art Glassin Art Glass
A new piece of Ruckl Czech glass turns into another mystery attribution - Art Glassin Art Glass
2019 Promise: Increase The A. Ruckl & Sons Czech Glass Knowledge  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Some old German Antique Art Glass Drawings or Lithographs - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
The Czech orange line and spots decor on a new shape black glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Mary, yes that was a special day when I had the cloisonne information website. It was like finding a treasure unexpectedly. They were happy, and so was I to be able to help. Thank you CW me...
  2. Very nice, millefiori hand painted motif on a ceramic bowl. It is Chinese. The base should be white. Cloisonne items were also made with this variation of motif they called 'a thousand flowers'. Thank...
  3. thanks ho2 -that clarifies the matter perfectly. :-)
  4. Seems like a more recent production, the gold enamel is quite fresh and bright, wear is minimal, no patina, which indicates either a retouched piece or a recent piece 20th century piece.
  5. If enough time goes by and you document these decors, you find some answers for some of the massive number off unattributed Czech deco art glass. Most likely Kralik, identified on my Czech glass info...
  6. Thank you Jenni, glad you enjoy my Japanese items. Thank you CW members for giving my post a love, always much appreciated. :-)
  7. Thank you CW members for giving my post a love, always much appreciated. :-)
  8. Thank you CW members for giving my post a love, always much appreciated. :-)
  9. It is not NIppon either. MIJ category of exports which were plentiful during the 1930s, Made In Japan also had many collectors after 2000, and Ebay was selling thousands for low prices. Moriage is no...
  10. Funny, I have never collected any type of figurines, yet I enjoy seeing other peoples items, they are sweet and lovely. My focus is usually, boxes, vases and bowls or compotes. Thanks Jenni.
  11. these are called 'Victorian book chain necklace'. see on google, they are usually flat ornate links which were worn over the high neck of the Victorian dress or blouse. The third link often had a came...
  12. I can see this as a hair ornament for a special occasion, it is quite elevated and would fit a plaited hair style or a twisted bun. very pretty. Thanks for posting.
  13. Thanks Jericho, this can be a surprise if the pictures are bad, or the colors are off, with all the decor variations they already were produced in.
  14. Love it in images, but not on the
  15. try google..... With that last image, interesting to read it's a beautiful female imperial semi-formal attire.
  16. Thank for the loves and fine comment CW members. Always much appreciated.
  17. Thank for the loves and fine comment CW members. Always much appreciated.
  18. Thank for the loves and fine comments CW members. Always much appreciated.
  19. Thank you for the loves and fine comments, here and on Facebook. A special note of appreciation to Tom Felt the editor for the magazine, for a challenging job well done.
  20. Seems that both cultures made an art form of knot tying with material cords, silk in the old days. If you google Chinese knots you get many variations of the large infiniti knots, with no bows. If y...
  21. thanks Sean.
  22. The lotus is just as important to the Japanese as it represents Guyanin, the goddess of purity from their Buddhist beliefs shared with China. The daisy and the clematis are also important as symbols o...
  23. Great research results, knew it was not Catholic but the diocese and Southwark seemed Christian.
  24. Good reasons ho2, I still think it's Japanese because it has nothing specifically Chinese in it's motifs and decor, which is rare. So I agree to disagree. :-)
  25. ho2, why do you think Chinese? My reason for Japanese is the tasseled cord bow, which is a cultural Japanese silk knotted accessory they used a lot to wrap and tie things, as well as a decorative mo...
  26. Hey! Youre having a play date..... this looks like so much fun. You have to understand my sister and I went to boarding school and my younger brother did not, so he had the cache of toys to play with ...
  27. It would have to be with those hallmarks, I don't know if the surface was treated with something, but I bet you would find sterling silver underneath that coating.
  28. Looks antique Japanese gilded copper ornament, the size is huge, possibly a special screen or knocker for a door....? Never seen anything like it, the design is Beautiful, thanks for posting it.
  29. Wow! Was it buried or something? I think you are right, the middle one could be the letter for the year. Looks like an X with the Birmingham 'lion passant' and date for 1897. The shape of the cartouch...
  30. thank you Jenni for the kind comment. Thank you for the loves CW members.
  31. Thank you Mrs.T. Thank you for the loves CW members.always appreciated.
  32. Thank you for the loves, glad some study and reflection can be interesting here on CW.
  33. thank you for the loves CW members.
  34. Thank you Mary and thank you CW members for the love, always appreciated.
  35. Thank you Jericho and Jenni for the fine comments again. Thank you CW members for thee loves, always appreciated.
  36. New pictures of bases of this type of Kralik glass fabrication now posted. And another post with 2 Kralik glass fans, an...
  37. Values are not discussed here on CW, I recommend you visit the Ebay Japanese cloisonne vases category and see what they sell for in this style. Or pay for an appraisal or auction house value.
  38. Japanese wireless yellow enamel cloisonne vase, early 20th century, with the beautiful rose bouquet motif, which was used often during this time period on vases. Thanks for posting.
  39. Love it when we learn something knew and we all benefit on CW. That is what it's all about. :-)
  40. The sources and links have been added by PO. Thank you.
  41. I would say post 1950, it looks new with the unglazed foot rest with no wear or staining. Tradituonal Chinese porcelain rice bowl, with the rim ruyie border, symbol of the emperor spectre and the lotu...
  42. Youre welcome, this is a rarer type of cloisonne, so this collector book helped a lot of people learn about this one. It was hand made with a kiln to set the enamels, the base is copper with a gold wa...
  43. This might be called 'show and tell' and it does not mean you fill in my incomplete posts which I acknowledged last night and come back to it when I could, I am just back from a doctor's apt out of to...
  44. beautiful Sean, thank you for posting and being here, my friend. :-)
  46. You have most of the information about this fine open work Japanese cloisonne box, there is documentation about these and they were exported during early 20th century. I had several pieces in this st...
  47. These are called akasuke (pigeon blood) in Japan, you have a set of modern Japanese cloisonne enamel discs with a bamboo motif made as a brooch/pendant and earrings. Very nice. The mark is for In...
  48. I was telling my husband the other day what an effect you have on us old folks here on CW with your series of wonderful nostalgic superb music discs. Make us happy. Thanks Thomas.
  49. @mpkunst I think it is, the letters are written in the same way, with the date underneath as well as in a red color. @Jenni You had it right off! Missed the first comment you made, kudos to you.
  50. another version of this original.
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Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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