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a good site now for collectors and other parties. I am interested in many old things and some modern ones. Learned a lot here and still do.


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THE RUCKL BLUES..... - Art Glassin Art Glass
An Attribution to Steinwald that is questionable, most believe it is by Kralik, not Rindskopf either, style to late for them. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Here is a post for the vintage jewelry browsers and shoppers, my new lot of 17 pairs sterling silver hoop earrings. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Those vintage Interwar Glass Bud Vases Again, a mix of molded, pressed, Czech, USA,  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Love 1930s Deco Colors Pottery, love Deco-Tango Glass Colors. Hurray! For red, orange and yellow decors. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Latest Line Up of Ruckl Small Glass Pieces, perfume bottles, miniature vases, decanter etc. - Art Glassin Art Glass
A fantastic Bohemian Harrach 1860s find, Historimus Antique Revival, pair glass stands/plinths, numbered, without top pieces - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Bud Vase Fabrication from a 1915 catalog, in the Tango colors of red, with black painted enamel - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another Vintage Czech 12 inches Tall Bud Vase, French Language Label, Italian Style Enamel Flowers. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Golden Amber Draped Molded Decor Glass Pair Bud Vases - Mystery Bohemian-Czech Pieces? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Your post reawakens memories of my mother, you had a very sophisticated taste for a middle class French Canadian mother of four, Guerlain was one of her brands of perfume, I am not good at names memor...
  2. Thank you for all the loves CW members, always much appreciated. Great that you enjoyed the glass, it is my favorite Czech glass too, six-o-one.
  3. Hi Ales, granted the corrugated decor is still considered Rindskopf, I think the shapes of the actual glass vases might determine if there is any difference. Since this has to do with the molds used, ...
  4. Here are more links that show the image 1 garland of glass pieces, still feel the fan shape is not quite right to attribute all similar shapes to Steinwald, when we had Rindskopf, and Kralik in many d...
  5. That is if the interest builds and many more future collectors evolve into Bohemian and Czech glass. Frankly I dont see that happening, we are from generations that learned and appreciated art and ...
  6. @Bill Heraldic crests and coat of arms are fascinating, I understand the minute details make a difference, such as the crown here on the old chair lion's head is not visible, but is that due to wear ...
  7. There is more interesting information from American sources, some CUSTOMS document from Steinwald 1928 having to do with a demand for a reevaluation of the Tax applied for Imports.
  8. Hi Phil, I tried various ways and no, I simply accessed all the information about it, but no pdf file with the catalog images. I would guess Ales tried the same thing. The Corning Museum opens July 1s...
  9. The standing lion facing left was used in the Bohemia coat of arms, today it is also used in the Czech Republic National Crest. Bohemia
  10. Looks like from early 20th century, Japanese good quality art deco. Lovely decor, double gourds symbol of good fortune. The mark is somewhat fuzzy and missing part for some characters.
  11. I have been able to download some Corning glass catalogs from their archive, as pdf files, I just went through a list of couple dozen catalog for lamps, including one for Steinwald, some for Riedel as...
  12. very interesting Ales, now I am wondering, did these decors have 2 names, flowerall and bambus, with and without flowers, but with the same foliage or plants leaves?
  13. Hi Eileen, I have not been as relaxed in a long time, it coincides with more time spent outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and the flowers. So not as busy here, but still keep an eye on whats new. Wi...
  14. why does the Passau glass cabinet paper identify Steinwald as 'huttengeformte glaser glasfabrik', which translate to 'hut-shaped glazier glass factory', when Beranek is called a glashut, and Hantich t...
  15. Thanks Ales, it is mind boggling to try and divide what we felt was Kralik glass pieces with another identity. Jericho, you are the biggest Kralik collector interwar glass here in the USA. You hav...
  16. WOW! At last they have not named IRIS yet..... (joke) As far as bambus, I have noticed that the colors and applications on the vase with the label, are a cream glass color base, and the decor is a ...
  17. Hi Ales, will provide an image of the marks, in a straight line with a rounded font. I was also surprised that the PGM was not that far off the webbed decor, as I found a few pieces which were also ...
  18. @ales 43. Here is a grouping from my site which has a combination of shapes for Kralik glass, with what some of us call the webbed decor, in various colors and applications, I did notice the ball fee...
  19. Thanks Ales, there again, the shape seems to be the same, but the decor is semi translucent at the Passau Steinwald cabinet, instead of having a black glass interior surface.
  20. @Phil 37. Sorry for the typos, yes I meant 5th item on right side, and the drawing even looks like the black millefiori vase. The odd thing is some of the drawn pieces are exactly right and were ...
  21. A few of my own notes from research pm the press-glass German site, and other sources. Myer's Neffe was sold to Gotlob Kralik, the oldest son who mpved to Germany to work as a director for Schreiber &...
  22. LOL, the joke is on me it is Steigerwald I remember, Regenhutte in Bavaria or Bayern, Passau band V, page 49 if you are curious. Sorry, close but no cigar. So, none of the 1990s publications have S...
  23. thanks Phil, I am driving myself nuts trying to remember which book also had a piece of glass marked Steinwald on the base, I think there was a mention of a Czech glass plant called Regenthutte, or so...
  24. This is not a simple all or nothing situation in MY mind, If, and let's say IF, this glass is not Kralik but Steinwald, why would it have been attributed to Kralik for 30 years. I know this happens, b...
  25. I have 2 problems with this change in identification, I also think, why doe Steinwald have to be the only one who made some of these shapes, that not only have Kralik shapes, but Kralik decors, such a...
  26. Sean, I watch Netflix series made in Finland, and the people's houses and decors are something you would love, the modern vibe, with clean light colored surfaces, and great decorative glass items disp...
  27. I'm afraid to explain that these kind of pieces are from China, and it was a late 1990s export to the West, called Chinese Satsuma, inspired by Japanese Satsuma. It is still very pretty, but not high...
  28. Wonderful ingenious piece, I love the creativity it displays!
  29. the inspiration for my CW post here, with my book that had a glass chapter written by Jan Mergl as a collaborating autho...
  30. Here on CW we can have a really good close up view of the image 1, the band of glass pieces, I recognize 7 that are or could be Kralik, the drawing of the plant shows cars in the forefront, that would...
  31. Great Ales, glad you made a post of the important information you had, this is where the inspiration for my own posts came from on FB. Here is the link to my CW post about the Houston Museum and the b...
  32. Thanks Eileen, that is my favorite glass style and period 1915-30. Thank you CW members for the love, always appreciated.
  33. I have added 2 new images of the bud vase, at a different angle, and it makes all the difference between the seller image taken from above and mine was taken from below. Years ago I made an exerci...
  34. WOW! What a lovely piece to have, these small scenic decorations, with couples sitting in a garden, where very popular since 17th century, blame Marie Antoinette, and reproduced ever since. My mother ...
  35. done, thank you, it makes a huge difference to hear what you have to say this morning. Best, Lisa
  36. Well that is disputable bub, you sure gave it your best shot for many years, and often when it had nothing to do with you, Welz, or anything else of the sort. Everything has been fodder for your pu...
  37. This article is still very important, as a foil for the other constant claims we are subjected to, with no relief in sight. Some posts have been removed, the one with the family heirloom of a Belgi...
  38. Laughed right off when I saw the 1st image, what an attitude.... thanks for posting Jenny.
  39. Thanks Jenni, I happen to also like the W shaped hoop, it really stands out in the mix of ovals and round earrings. Thank you for the loves CW members, always appreciated.
  40. Yes yes yes, that happens so often with this high quality high grade silver enamel decorated pieces, people dont believe the numbers, and these are rare enough that they are not valued or appreciated,...
  41. Hello, this is a very interesting piece of Nippon porcelain, I used to collect this too eons ago. As far as the mark, it's not one of the more well known marks. I don't believe it is for the Libert...
  42. Don't usually like these types of glass decoration on glass vases, but this one is definitely a good combination of colors and fabrication, love the acorns.
  43. Thanks Karen, I am developing an interest in this particular aspect of designs at the same time period but from many different countries. Those International Exhibitions had a lot to do with how this ...
  44. Still working on that Karen, smart but still emotional, instead of being a lady of a certain age with poise and wisdom.... At least I know, lol. Best.
  45. That is fun then, perfect size to collect and admire. Thanks fortapache.
  46. AS a typical teenager would feel when everybody else were wearing mini coats over their short skirts and Yes, did not appreciate the quality at all, today I understand, still I wante...
  47. I did a lot of transactions with this sort of item about 10 years ago, and educated myself with many books on this topic. The expert consensus for exports from Japan was that it could represent any nu...
  48. thank you for the love CW members, always appreciated.
  49. The lady is very elegant, reminds me of the French 1950s designer Christian Dior. My mother was a fan then.... :-) You won't believe I wore her hand me downs at the age of 13, a red wool Christian D...
  50. Love it, maple syrup? Do you think they put this on the table, or filled a syrup canister to serve it? How big are they? Thanks for posting, as usual.
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Victorian cased art glass basket with thorn handle - Welz Czech Art Deco Welz hexagonal glass spatter vase


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