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Late 18th Century Royal Crown Derby Bottle Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Late Meiji Satsuma Vase, Signed (help appreciated with ID) - Asianin Asian
Pair of Art Deco Sterling Silver & Marcasite Clips with Brooch Back. - Art Decoin Art Deco
A Blue/Black Square "Mary Gregory" Style, Bohemian Topless Atomiser - Art Glassin Art Glass
19th Century Chinese Canton Export-ware baluster vase - Asianin Asian
Nice piece of unmarked Canton "Rose Medallion" export-ware - Asianin Asian
 Fratelli Toso Ruby Somerso Murano 50's-60's Centerpiece  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Late Guangxu Famille Noire "Ginger Jar" (8") - Asianin Asian
Early Victorian Flame Mahogany, Double Bodied Sideboard - Furniturein Furniture
1956 18kt Yellow Gold OMEGA "International Collection" Cocktail Wristwatch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches


  1. Isn't it though! I fell in love with it when I saw it and had to have it. It's only little but in absolute pristine condition.
  2. Undoubtedly carnelian and without doubt masonic. They are a series of symbols that represent the masonic "working tools" which in turn represent the Masonic view of the universe. For example the compa...
  3. Most of this type of enameled glass came from Bohemia in the mid-late 19th Century. Most early examples are in just white enamel however yours is of particularly good quality which would suggest an e...
  4. They look like early 20th century Chinese Dehua Spiral Lotus pattern pieces to me. They are a continuation of a pattern that dates back to the Ming Dynasty, many examples of this pattern were on the ...
  5. Difficult to tell without seeing it in person but it looks like an early to mid 19th Century European (Russian, French or possibly Austro-Hungarian) the shape of the frame and the use of that particul...
  6. Are Swiss versions of the 21j up down dial sought after time pieces?
  7. Jewellery is not my forte, especially female jewellery so thank you for your enlightening information.
  8. That is a Chilong around the neck/mouth of the vase, not a dragon!
  9. apostata, You're right, by this point production of most goods for the Western market had become more about quantity than quality but at the end of the day, this is a decorative piece, not of histo...
  10. No, it's definitely not all that easy but if one has handled enough of these pieces from across the whole range of periods, one gets to know the colour variations, level of detail differences, general...
  11. This is a lovely Guangxu Period (late 19th Century) Chinese Canton Export-ware (also known as Famille Rose or Rose Medallion) vase. Looks to be in great shape, nice find!
  12. Exactly my thoughts, it is a good example of Bohemian Enameled glass, the amethyst/black/cobalt (depending who you ask... I know it's cobalt oxide or the like but....) coloring and the fact it leans t...
  13. I concur the scale issue is a bit perplexing however knowing the workmanship and man hours that went into this kind of piece gives me appreciation... poor quality can be done with a single go in the k...
  14. Indeed, it began a lifelong love affair with the decorative arts that is still going! As you can probably tell be the scale to the 3 seater settee, it's a large piece too & still has its makers stick...
  15. Gentlemen, I appreciate all input for opinions are like anus, everyone has one and most are full of fecal matter! Seriously though, through the sometimes harsh yet always insightful comments here, I ...
  16. Indeed, honest feedback is exactly what I'm looking for! As with other areas of my collecting/purchasing, it is through the not so wise purchases one learns the difference between them and those the ...
  17. That was all I needed to know, you have my sincere gratitude. You see, 90% of the clients I get through my retail space are more interested in how an item looks relative to the rest of their decor or...
  18. I have so much to learn!
  19. Base pic as requested
  20. Ahhhhhh! Good to know, always useful to be "Down with the lingo". lol Out of interest, what would an EV on this be? I know from a decorative standpoint with my clients who buy mainly for aesthetic ...
  21. Really....that bad?
  22. Forgive my ignorance "EV"? (I'm guessing economic value?) I have had this one for a long time & knew it wasn't worth much financially, especially with the rim chip & it's size (maybe 10cm tall) but i...
  23. Well that was indeed a storm in a Ginger Jar! truthordare, thank you for your information, I appreciate your honesty. How else will I learn what is good & what isn't if someone isn't blatantly hones...
  24. A marvelous resource no doubt!
  25. I'm inclined to think more 1960's the longer it sits next to my Qianlong & Republic examples. As you say, the enamels are flat and lifeless, they don't have the gloss, depth or variation in thickness...
  26. or maybe a SBA dollar on an already struck quarter?
  27. It is Chinese and they are known as "Mud-Men"
  28. Look into Kutani-ware
  29. Chirbska
  30. If you place a piece of black card behind the signature we may be able to make it out better but could it be "Inwald" by any chance?
  31. Many thanks, if I had the time, I would wax lyrical about every piece in my collection but alas... I have to off to find more!
  32. Couldn't agree more, simple, stylish, elegant and refined. It cost me AUD$12!!!
  33. The Pareek are a Brahmin caste found in the state of Rajasthan in India. They claim descent from Parashara. Similar to Wedgwood Kashmar china (a version of Kashmir), it is an Exotic name from far flu...
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Mounted scarab?


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