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tramadol , is draining me i, really have to withdraw , but i am an art junk


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  1. the oranges markings are bats ----The bat is a symbol of happiness and joy. The Chinese for bat (fu ?) sounds identical to the word for good fortune(fu ?) making bats a popular Chinese rebus. Five bat...
  2. well it is signed tong zhi nian zhi which is an abbreviation from da ming tongzhi nian zhi= Tongzhi period made ( 1862-1874) so the DA qing is out because it is a 4 character mark in stead of a 6 cha...
  3. insert gianjiang cai càiyáo deviation cyl
  4. Moriage is a common name on slip or colored clay string decoration, mostly on Japanese porcelain, in look not unlike 'cake frosting' in which a diluted clay has been used to give the piece a three dim...
  5. insert waki ( kanji is ludicrous)
  6. nimbus is too shiny and the dai is missing in the dai nihon , so this could be later than taisho
  7. is wexval wrong - wexval is never wrong ?! IMO it is far better its a hotoda late MEIJJI
  8. addendum c in the word aint right
  9. 10 Cash - Guangxu With mountain; uncircled dragon 10 Cash - Guangxu (With mountain; uncircled dragon) - obverse10 Cash - Guangxu (With mountain; uncircled dragon) - reverse © PCGS Date Mintage...
  10. insert x double dotting reverse is the non common denominator cyl
  11. kuzuri (small ears) , i don,t think it is taisho, it is not signed , no crackle, but i don,t see well Waki
  12. once i got served in a restaurant , i said what the F,,, is this , he answered it is a KOGO , well it was a Natsume- live is very hard in Holland with all those culture barbarians
  13. natsu- versus fugu
  14. ro kogo for neriko use, it is the opposite for the furo
  15. peranakan
  16. it is a japanese showa bibi
  17. took some time made in 1934= 100 % sure and the value in 2001 was 131 euro, well nowadays you, cant buy this for 131 euro , thats for sure,finally i delivered
  18. japaneseTableware is any dish or dishware used for setting a table, serving food, and dining i think
  19. release date something like 1957-1970
  20. well actually it is not hard to pinpoint this type of vase , because this is a jingdezhen zhi - take care it is not a Zhonggue jingdezhen marked vase ( zhonggue meansChina , but it are different gener...
  21. tiny bubbles on the back are called kilnspurs !!
  22. lets play it very , the bubble on ( the type of dented pessarium) makes it japanese so know you know the difference between japanese en chinese , they call ARE GROSSO MODo ALWAYSjAPANESE
  23. bird of paradise by the way
  24. technical it,is Republic i think in stead of PrOc a type of scroll foliate, slight windfall fun
  25. waki( insert-chinoiserie regency style -japanese-curvilinearity tail HO_HO verses bird of paradise -reverse inside dimpling kilnspurs-corrosion deficiency kilnspurs- corossion spread rim- MINZOKU
  26. you probably have to wait i must have a few operations
  27. no i did,not forget you and otherwise my former spotters will notice you technical we got tricked here double cirkel reverse mark got an stretched spread from kangxi to yesterday and the differ...
  28. nothing wrong it with obverse are no baking flaws , it isjust honest work, well done
  29. interludium , make some noise -sing along-De Electronica's - De Vogeltjesdans Try to trace it by means of BEss which is main reference book nothing came up ( i got no knowledge of this) us usual k...
  30. insert (Bess)
  31. well it took a long , but i might possibly have an attribution, only i can,t proof it i have seen plates , ( you don,t have to believe me) YUAN plates are committed to possible ZHISHUN counting= er...
  32. welcome back supergranny
  33. Fuki Choshun , i am a moron
  34. this is completely genuine and real value , the sancai is good and the differentiation in the polychrome soft glazing is right actually it is not an Zhongguo Feng which was an nostalgia hype the...
  35. insert auxiliary Shiwanzhen district
  36. guandong style or guangxi style, wow insert research team for Sìmiào w?ding wow
  37. this is bogus and not painted
  38. x insert fin de siecle (Zh?ngguó f?ng) also not in mandarin
  39. maybe this will help Kichizan ?? - Gilt script in black lozenge under the Shimazu crest. The name can also be read as Yoshiyama. Taisho period
  40. Zhongguo Zhi Zao which means made in china, one of the VERY late releases
  41. juzan gama porcelain from Nagazaki , give or take 1972-1989 value is low cute greetings waki
  42. pattern or modelnumber
  43. when this is 2528 they are VERY MUCH later
  44. maybe on the picture was Yi Sun Sin wasn,t distazing from the korean huzi , see the quadant at his belly , he used to have a mandarin right probably MY korean is worse , lately, but i became quite...
  45. i don,t have gear here, addendum there is a deviation in head gear song versus tang drooping head flaps and and versus normal side hat gear , i forgot the sequence you can,t compare the copies ...
  46. this is sufficient information . 1 of better pieces in your collection , thats what i think, i can,t date it closely , so i could be wrong but IMO it least 1920 and it could be likelij proc period ,...
  47. It is a headwear of Ming dynasty officials, consisting of a black hat with two wing-like flaps of thin, oval shaped boards on each side. According to the Collected Statutes of the Ming Dynasty (????),...
  48. it is a type of canton famille scene 19 century , but without dignataries well there are combinations with dots ( compare ( pointilisme -seurat signac) with semi blossoming orange faces, but it doe...
  49. sorry i am not Jesus answer will follow sooner or later mikelven got a good remark about iron spots ( probably meant baking flaws) no reason to bring it back IMO ,you main the chip foto two ??
  50. apostata don,t know this , he try to cover his a##, he is in this for a long time, but dave his stuff takes s a long (silk) made some paradigma blunders , and garments is not the most common chinese
  51. See more


Nippon hand painted cup and saucer set Seven Lucky Gods    Japan  For kygurl who has the same set! Today's Estate Sale Find Vintage Large Chinese Gold Rimmed Umbrella Porcelain Stand/Vase Vase Chinese Japanese Kutani Bowl Japanese Ceramic Vase Asian Ivory/Bone? Republic Period Ginger Jar Coin themed Japanese tetsu-kyusu by Nanbu Ho-Sei-Do, Oitomi, Japan What does this symbol mean? Chinese bowl very thin Very old fine china Victorian Mintons Cockatrice Cake Plate circa 1890 Vintage Japanese Vase Chinese Ceramic, Pottery?