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saved some mice , did, not want to kill them , so i bought some walk-in traps , my son put them outside , and they were back within 2 days , maybe two different onsaved some mice , did, not want to kill them , so i bought some walk-in traps , my son put them outside , and they were back within 2 days , maybe two different ones tried to explain they need mouth masks, but they did, not understand it probably , they run like speedy gonzalez on steroids = fun proposed a horse therapy ( the beast not the dope ) in an epileptic centre for people with comorbidity (autisme) they were not convinced , well i am , because i am an epileptic for 53 years and a horse is easy to read they got less facial expressions, and more significant traits i going to win this one way or another 20-12-2020 the trade is low, and i have to pay a lot of medical costs after scary news from the surgeons, i lost on murano pezzato, incalmo soffiato, battuto, porcelain lost on wanli, nonya ming, only a snuff bottle and two cloisonne pieces made four figures, well no sweat, luckily I can still feed the stray cats 24-12-2020, what the hell is this , i am talking bs all the time , bad assessments , did i lost it or are the medicins killing me , probably just lost 28-12 1,47 low saturation, seizures, oxygen , probably on sensory deprivation miss vetrao wexval, beelzebub kwqd, rick 35 bohemianglasandmore and the japananese dude,etc etc already i am jealous haha , they are so skilled , i am priviliged with these people no sweat , i am gonna fight i am worn out , my mentrix died at the age of 89, she learned me the tricks of the trade so always asked me how was your day , i said i lost a few hundreds ,or won a few depending on the market no i mean did you made people happy f..k i don,t know well you got to learn that run an alleged kangxi for such a long time that even the nurses got very angry , they were afraid of seizures , i dont, give a shit 10-01-2020*03.09-----------10-01-2020 0736, why can,t find the piece in Nanking Cargo i, most be close sort of early qianlong around 1750 it drives me mad , my eyes are burning, iu need an EMU ( epilepsy monitoring unit) (Read more)


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  1. for sure it is japanese , but how old 19 CT ?
  2. aha now i see what you mean i thought you meant the blisters, sure you are right , and the sunflowers could be what call an Mu Dan is a sort of blossoming peony but in the West it was thought to b...
  3. mark qianlong made end 20 ct
  4. no this is beehive crackle with a warior scene scene signed Chenghua Nian Zhi around 1920
  5. i probably know the middle one but you have be my eyes, and its a rather complicated story the mark is upside down , but that does, not matter, there are 5 tridents in this mark( small big etc ) ...
  6. mark is to small and my eyes are too bad Tashiro Zo ?
  7. this is strange stuff ,the actual ought to be was this vase a mock mistake
  8. or maybe a flower if you mean the backside
  9. there is a difference taotie versus eight precious thing and 8 buddhistic symbols
  10. first of all i am talking taotie as part of the whole scene display inside the bowl. second taotie see eight precious things and eight buddhist symbols i state it is Wanli , and it is Wanli exactl...
  11. correction Plymouth University disturbing survey
  12. there is a regulation act around 1913 i believe concerning vaseline glass, and the reason was a sort 3%- 24 % uranium compound legislation and the application of the legislation was quite severe, and ...
  13. addendum pointilsme are the dots in the shrubs rule of thumb, purple color and pointilisme is mostly always quianlong or jiaging
  14. see my remarks in my profile and settings from yesterday, dating 1750 the dating is almost the same because of the Batavian brown rim mark, the keyfret and the excellent pointilism but we are not ou...
  15. sorry to intrude , this piece is obsessing me, i tried to exclude all the periods even Tianqi and Chongzhen ( with a C) This is not a Xangzhi Revival piece , so the value rise exponentialy , cant find...
  16. promise yourselve the first thing you got to do tommorow to have it repaired by a pro, because this is tremendous well piece and an easy repair about 150 dollars , i still disagree with the experts ...
  17. f... i did it again , and again , and again,and i just don,t know it consumes me
  18. you are probably right a sort of Qianjiang cai rim
  19. no its even more complicated , they copied the late republican dogfood mark in the PROC period , i scrutinized the fluidum of the mark , it appaers some 1970-198o type of fluidum
  20. this is i think an fourth generation Famille Rose Mandarin Canton Chinese Decorative Plate, an Canton type made in the in the 20 century probably during the PROC periode ( peoples republic of China)a...
  21. this is exact to pinpoint, quadroblister cartouche, inverted rim, sunflower +scroll symbols-bird chalkrock , non kraaikop, non taotie this is for sure made between 1600-1620 a slight chanche of early ...
  22. strange piece , an sort of infusion piece , looks like an ort of Ferro Lazzarini imitation but generic and good enough for some value
  23. this is a dogfood mark, see left under, so thats not that difficult, because these are almost always chinese republic and the Chinese means Jiangxi Chu Pin and it is a generic and it is a very late g...
  24. be back later takes a few weeks, i can,t see edema sort of klapmuts wanli see rinaldi , a sort of 7.2 or 8.2 around 1600
  25. dear vetraio you always UV your stock , its standard procedure
  26. i always wonder why people are doing busuiness without knowing the legislation vertraio 50 ty you stated the obvious , it doesn,t help TOD because she never will give in
  27. no i dont focus on you, i only was surprised why you did not knew your own stock, see meiji and your quianlong cloisonne well there is nothing with my historical knowledge and you did as usual d...
  28. how could this been made in 1920 when the dek/184 is around 1898, and what is wrong about the quality , there is nothing wrong with the quality, so it is stashed for 20years ?
  29. i don,t known but the headgear is a cappello a punta, so i don,t think it is a Bergerac, maybe vetraio 50 ,knows he is the expert on this,and its also not coming from the comedia dell arte figures ,...
  30. still cute
  31. well its even not as good as Mazzega, its china, so you were right about it, i only judged the quality , and we can see right away it,s not a Poli or a Seguso combination, the blue is off and the gre...
  32. addendum comparison is wrong but to give you an ideaCesare Toffolo - Murano - Blackamoor Figures (2) - Glas 0 KAVEL 27613569 if you asked further question , i will have to execute scaphism, or ...
  33. i am not that skilled enough but it is signed g toffoli and not franco toffolo, i am just , i think its before 1980 and after 1960 , i am not expert in this signed g toffole WHITE FACE is always goog...
  34. the reason why you can,t find is , because its double signed , which probably means its end sixties, and if i am right which i don,t know but it is the only explanation, and is it very valuable
  35. i disagree this is dicey , a sort of bullseye mazzega type of vase , but whatever you want we agree to disagree
  36. very nice i am an goran warff lover
  37. Morales Schildt is on tradera
  38. vetraio 50 is right as usual , the lable is egg shape horizontal, mandruzzato begin 70 ties
  39. i am social guy ,rest my case
  40. murano biomorf not an ashtray
  41. as you might known Dutch are rednecks and walk on wooden shoes , but they probably say this is a zanfirico, Latticino, nastri ,probably Toso late fifties from such a dazzling quality , that it is ...
  42. our antique rose is real good , she is the female equivalent of Einstein , very skilled
  43. generic , but surprisingly well
  44. renato anatra
  45. here is something strange going on , the color is off
  46. what is this a sort of ballarin / i am so lazy
  47. a sort of Nason dolphin i think
  48. well its quite simple Toffole is one of the best or the best in this stuff well done done congrats
  49. here is something strange going on this is not a Poli facetated , this is not the right sommerso , still cute
  50. i don,t think it,s murano , the base is off , and there is an afterglare like tzech stuff
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Victorian Mintons Cockatrice Cake Plate circa 1890 Vintage Japanese Vase Chinese Ceramic, Pottery?