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renedijk@xs4all.nl------- hahaha life is a puzzle -- i am living in an instute in anticipation for numerous operations , and a nurse was unwrapping a chinese prenedijk@xs4all.nl------- hahaha life is a puzzle -- i am living in an instute in anticipation for numerous operations , and a nurse was unwrapping a chinese plate --------- she asked me what the hell is this a horse chasing a dragon , what an bull.... actually it was a gift from a chinese dealer to lift my spirits in anticipation of the operations------actually it was Long- Ma- Jingsheng chinese colloquial for as lively as a dragon or horse , ---- so a sort of blessing meaning great liveliness in old age--------moral of all of this, life is not always as it seems------sold an Wang Bingrong end 20 century an shuiyang ma scene that are horses and he was a horse lover , he was missing the pointactually , because it is a metaphor meaning for the sinless liveness of youth, sold it rather cheap 140 dollars , because it was a big client, later he emailed he saw another one somewhere, i said that will do 13000 dollar because it is daoguang, lol 08-004-2021 our horse afficionade is buying all my chinese porcelain with horses on it, so i sold him cloisonne horses of Horses of Mu Wang" bowl, he asked me is it real , told him it was an early qianlong copy and not Ming related , he did,not care and paid me 470 euro , send him an translated copy of the Mu tianzhi zhuan and the Shiyiji , because i don,t like when buyers are missing the social cultural significance------- it sucks finally i could get operated another delay , due to covid, i am waiting for 9 months now------ bought an Muga doji ( a real one ) i love kids because kids they are tabula rasa ----went through stock, researched possible cadmium pigment, fortunately we are clean----- i ought to write an article about the changing influence of Hongniang ( romance of the western chamber ),i refused , who cares about an opinion of a distorted branaic, how the hell do i know, i have,not been in China for 15 years, its all scientific bs (Read more)


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  1. it looks genuine kangxi , timespread is wide for narrowing it down,
  2. well they did,not stop making kraak after emperor wanli died , and transitional period is from 1620-1680, and the spread of this porcelain is likely 1590-1620 maybe a ran out to 1640 ,
  3. IMO it aint transitional Kraak
  4. this is not ming wanli
  5. anhua kraak , combined floral , probably magnolia leaf , non cavetto, this is something like 1600-1620 don,t be scared it is not the falling of the first leaf motif (shunzi) very nice but suffer...
  6. this has to go to asian art forum com , in case it could be shibayama
  7. this is quite new , chinese see longevity
  8. cute it got no Burr suffix
  9. sorry sloppy , i forget to explain Da Qing Qianlong Nian Zhi meaning: "Great Qing Dynasty from the 1970 on the top row the second symbol from the left , lets say the pinata with the trident on his...
  10. well actually my opinion is not important, you have to buy whatever makes you happy, everyone start like this and you will undoubtedly get there well-intentioned advice, don,t buy chinese stuff wi...
  11. well there are no early Kangxi marks without borders are from and around the Guangxu and run out so the best case scenario is is the guanghu , lets say for discussion revival this aint the cas...
  12. again wexval is absolute correct ! this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a republic period glazing
  13. pending jewel design proc
  14. a sort of revival around 1900 i think
  15. well they are not antique at all , some type of late Hong Kong i think
  16. here is something strange going on , because this ought to be an beehive crackle around 1900 with an chengua mark, but it is republican period style best regards Waki
  17. have to guess here , it looks to me as a jiangxi + dogfood mark ( 3 stacked squares )and the jingdezhen numbering is missing you ought to expect this as late republic , but i think its Proc be...
  18. Da Qing Qianlong Nian Zhi mark made in the Proc period and not in the Republic period
  19. its macao qianlong mark nian zhi also under it means macao made 2 half 20 century
  20. macao qianlong vase made 2 half 20 century
  21. stripped zongghuo mark 1970 or later
  22. to me it looks like Macao
  23. sorry i am late but i had to compare this with the key fret borders from the republic period, this zhongghu Peoples Republic of China period so after 1949- and probably after the Mao period best r...
  24. ‘Qianlong Nian Zhi’ so they left the da qing out, very new is a bit premature, because the timespread is still going on . this is Proc period
  25. what is the music Samsom from Handel ?
  26. ty Mrstyndall, i still remember you at my former account i made some computer calculation about the probability of the color of the missing stone concerning your Trifari sword greetings Waki
  27. well let,s put it mildly its an excellent piece , you are an excellent expert , and you got an excellent collection , sorry i might have forgotten something
  28. i completely disagree with robertoreiosamendez , this is late daoguang piece around 1850, and the reasons for these are quite a lot 1 it,is a what they call a squat disc form 2the loophandling ...
  29. marks are only usefull for the value , not for the quality, i can,t hardly see the pontil actually , i only wanted to judge the attrition, no sweat , i stil maintain my assesment a sort of rogue Segus...
  30. actually i did,not knew this dude, i never heard of the dude, fortunately we got vetraio , our master scrutinizer and primus inter pares, i love the piece, it makes me happy i would sell my former mot...
  31. i wonder if this is an Seguso, because this is IMO an dark Teal-Nairobi combination , and between the layers is a soft transition , it does, not seem an Cenedese transition , i think it won,t get y...
  32. excellent assessment of h02cultcha , he earns the credits, the key assessment is i think , it is transferware, which actually diminish the value this is actually what they wrongly call Igezara ( i...
  33. actually its a Kyyppari
  34. sorry idid,not saw the stains still love it very much
  35. nuuajarvi notsjo kulho syvän violetti release 1970 i believe , and an superb waiter excellent combination and excellent condition,one of the best i ever seen congrats well done, greetings Waki
  36. maybe it could be late republic period they used the watery ferro red got some significance, i don,t want to downgrade it because it is still cute , so don,t be offended i hope, i use chinese ginger...
  37. it is a cute vase but what is it thats the question lets start with the mark, what kind of mark is this, and is the application of the mark an indication for the quality well its hard to say , ...
  38. The customary definition of antique requires that an item should be at least 100 years old and in original condition
  39. you are both right , mixed up the release year with the auction year excuses Waki
  40. you have run a timespread in the database i think
  41. whatever, you know the timespread of the release ?
  42. slighty earlier late republic
  43. could be slightly earlier but not much
  44. cute bowl
  45. Until the end of the Imperial China the four character phrase Wan Shou Wu Jiang was reserved for the birthdays of the emperors and empresses of China. The phrase translates as 'may you have ten thous...
  46. why is this fourties depends on the mark, by the way this is the rhinestone version “Marcel Boucher” or “Boucher” no copyright 1950–1955 “Boucher & copyright symbol + most also have a design numbe...
  47. well probably the maker was inspired by a Venini Balaton ,
  48. this is probably good , its most likely kangxi revival famille verte, and thats value , slight chance that is is real kangxi , less likely , has to go to an expert can,t see well enough everyone, t...
  49. cute this is easy to date , because the mark is qianlong with a deviation in the mark, left under is a sort of cobble stone with a three pronge trident, and and of the right part on top of the cobble...
  50. welcome cute vase probably made in Hongkong not in Macao , i don,t know precisely , i guess around 1960 signed qianlong greetings Tian xia tai ping
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