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  1. i think this supposed to be Four-character mark abbreviated Zhi: Cheng hua nian zhi, (Made during the Chenghua reign (1465-1487)), something strange is going is going on , because in the right ma...
  2. i love this , the simply stuff is most almost the best
  3. i got only 2 pieces myself because i am in favor of the French pate de verre, but that,s a whole different ballgame i got Crystal the lucky lion limited 2800 , a horrible piece i think too flashy...
  4. this is an imitation of the seguso line design , but of a lesser quality , actually it was mainly used for export to USA like the far better products such as Pauly and Co and Luxardo The import st...
  5. top notch
  6. you can,t compare with a mezzaluna from elio raffali, that,s awhole different ball game , nice anyway
  7. top notch well done
  8. 2008 - 1660/5800" 4-1/2" high, by approx 2"
  9. this piece is called , smile of the dragon
  10. i have this in the database , i went to hell and back but i don,t know where it is
  11. fantastic ! i just got a country joe and the fish and a sha-na-na revival, ty very much
  12. i stay out of this i want everybody to be happy
  13. rule number one always believe Dave ,
  14. A type of jambiya common in many Arabic countries.? this is koummya !
  15. no one noticed it is not the buffalo horn and is missing and the chakmak and the karda!!!!
  16. this is a complete misrepresentation and a complete misrepresentation of the functioning of the oriental auction houses
  17. well its quite easy , this is actually good , but don,t go the majors because the cut is probably 1000 dollar and they ditch you
  18. the signatures does,not make sense, i think not even in the aoxiang zhai period
  19. this is an excellent assessment well done, but 4 generation 70 ties won,t do 700 australian dollars
  20. my huuto site brokedown, but i think its a mod 2517 an i line mod design 56 and a lintupullo, is the Finnish for birdvase how about shipping costs bought 667 chinese ginger pots for 1200 do...
  21. borowski is a fun piece nothing special , the plate is garbage actually the raquel is a strange piece, in the past the f.... up a glass blowing artefact, and it all went wrong and a sort of bullica...
  22. well publish the appraisal report , stay out of this sharkpool, , this is a collectors site , one ought to do this for free i don,t dont know this , but i don,t nothing about chinese porcelain , but ...
  23. it,is cute ,but i am absolutely sure this is a fake
  24. looks a sloppy piece but my former remarks were deleted, this is real good stuff , late tongzhi in good shape good design , and this type is rear
  25. dave is skilled and he is right, i think its a very late piece , and i think the whole plate is completely Frankensteined
  26. way out of my leaque or rajahstan or tibet and rather well stuff
  27. no it looks like a real tongzhi , but this is a rather well macao fake , so it is even later than republic period !
  28. qianlong famille rose canton probably around 1950
  29. this is not tongzhi quality and the and in thee remains of the mark is not a closed and dense frame
  30. this bowl is fake xuande mark , glazing is off cirkels are off
  31. they just left the da ging out , that,s all
  32. nice piece and a strange discourse of the discussion
  33. the mark looks like qianlong ( hard to see) and the value is extremely low
  34. mark is qianlong and they are almost brandknew
  35. probably an xuande mark ( hard to say a character is missing) the aloid and the cisele is off , so probably after 1930
  36. unfortunately it,s transfer
  37. qianlong mark 4 generation canton familie rose 1950-1960 ?
  38. 4 chararter qianlong mark sort of late republican period it does not feel good a rub in sedimentation
  39. this is unfortunately very mediocre, and i am an optimist
  40. well you have to be my eyes , but as far as i can see H2O did an excellent job and some great addenda first of all , i think there is no kutani revival before -1820-1830, so it actually rules ou...
  41. no are the prints real ?, i can,t see well enough
  42. well how did it end !
  43. run it again on aventurine no luck , i am sorry , i just don,t know
  44. way out of my league here , so i am only guessing i think it,s a sort of single line mezza filigrana i ran it in case it was a a sort of intermission label from seguso, but it aint i ran it agai...
  45. catawiki kavel 40561781, not a good comparison , but to get an idea, a fin de siecle Samson faux chimera
  46. catawiki LOT 20321509 , but you better believe dave i am just guessing
  47. the part between the handle and the blade looks like Tibetan, i am not skilled enough , Dave will do fine
  48. i thought it was Tibet but Dav2n01 is right Bhuthan is the far better option
  49. the bird is very nice and the appraiser is highly skilled
  50. like H2O said i have to see the back of the plate, it does not make sense, for a late 19 century revival piece, but even when it might be completely Frankensteined , no one probably will see it , ...
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