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  1. right on the money dave....
  2. but i cant see the grill to be sure... its cool anyways...later
  3. reminds me of a.....Bugatti
  4. never seen a pink bunny till now .. very .cute,.. I think I have a Fenton bunny's with flowers on them must of been hippie's..... ...some where
  5. that cute as a button...smiling
  6. Awesome.....
  7. when i do things like this i call them garyized fun shots nice job
  8. these are sweet..!
  9. I got a shot of the blue moon ...I'll have to post it some time ..nice shots..
  10. this was a nice score...
  11. fabulous glass ....
  12. lol nice buy... maybe the town will rent it now and then for a hanging in between pulling blocks out ....u know
  13. very cool ...
  14. Crystal Blitz glass.. wow that's rich ...pretty thing ..
  15. love all the crazy colors...sweet piece.
  16. Did I say cool records and sleeve....i must of ...later
  17. pretty brooch .... the colours work for me .. '-)) you have a good day...
  18. cool records and sleeve ....
  19. nice pictures ...I see you had a choice in witch bird was going in the oven ,,,,lol later nola.
  20. nice pictures well done .....
  21. looking good .....
  22. sweet.....
  23. lol nola...
  24. Banggggggg,.. Boom ..... WoW Batman a lot of fire power...that's eight Robin we all don't mess around stay out of trouble...
  25. i like free nice score..
  26. cute.....
  27. a ship with wheels that a train ship ..? lol cool post
  28. Bangggggggggggggggggg
  29. the Naval Dry Dock Algiers 1908 verrrrrry cool ,..nola
  30. what no ....Bud ..later .... cool post
  31. well done..
  32. oops one dot to close lol did i tell ya i really like barns..... later... '-)
  33. did i tell ya i really like barns..... later... '-)
  34. the King...... ...night..
  35. right back @ you girly ....'-)) be well.
  36. looks like a shriners sword pin......
  37. yip their cool for sure...
  38. really nice glass...
  39. its a sweet heart...nice find..
  40. well done,.... nice vaseeeeeeeeeeee
  41. very nice and all the above .....later
  42. nice write up ..... '-))
  43. nice great info, I have a couple of drip glaze pottery kicking around some where in this house post them when I can...nice post ..@ least I think they are lol we'll see.
  44. lol love it dont tell me you were a Dead Head follower too .lol ya I seen the Stones, Framtom Boston ,Yes,... parted with Hall and Oats after a big deal they were kind of lame mist ...
  45. I like my ruger 380. it slides in and out of anything with out catching on anything,,big factor with me ..smiling been carrying mine ever scenes it came out ..for what it is.,,.,.,.,, its a nice littl...
  46. wonder if he knows the pelican man bird ..
  47. this would be cool to Cruz down do you need a special driver's license for this...? are you near South land near Hammer Hardware Store wear they have Bert Munro's bike .. can ya post a pict...
  48. 1969.. lol Ooooooo I was on bus headed to S.Caroline it would of been ,...Yoko who ? had a few empty seats we could of gave them a lift you missed them both ? ...weren't you a milita...
  49. very nice.....
  50. LoL geez la weez..all I am saying is.........
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