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Bull Fighting  - Fine Artin Fine Art
American Flyer - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Backyard Texaco under construction update #2! 
Pretty shell bowl! - Glasswarein Glassware
Advertising and Coca-Cola - Advertisingin Advertising
Loco for Locomotives! - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Kids Coca-Cola Toy   - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Slang a Craving  on you! - Clocksin Clocks
TV Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Say Pepsi Please! - Clocksin Clocks


  1. APPRECIATE you Jenni........I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!
  2. Thanks PhilDMorris for stopping by and looking and loving and the comment! I Appreciate you Greatly. I have 8 grand kids and I know what you mean.
  3. Beautimus!
  4. dav2no1....Thanks for the info and the love! Thanks all for stopping by!
  5. The Baldwin sisters says it was for sipping the recipe;)
  6. Jenni...I am GLAD you are back! I hope you have the Most Best day! I know it ain't plain English but you know what I mean????
  7. Jenni,since I retired at the end of April I have had more time to do things that in times past I could not do. One of them is getting on Collectors Weekly every morning to see the treasures that have ...
  8. Jenni....You are an INCREDIBLE LADY!
  9. We love it and it is small and nimble enough to just hook up and go down the road to some spot and make lunch or have coffee and just relax. It pulls like a dream. 16 foot and about 2300 pounds. Ed..t...
  10. Hey Watch.....Here you go.....
  11. Update #3.......Here is a view from my kitchen window and a view of the front end at the roll-up door. Still under construction but some good progress made.
  12. Watch.....Them thar flares are BEAUTIFUL! They are stood up though by those 2 BEAUTIFUL ladies in the last photo! APPRECIATE you!
  13. Thanks dav2no1 and Watch for your comments! Thanks Ed and Anything for loving!
  14. Here is the latest on the backyard Texaco. I thought I would finish today but this side took longer than expected. By the time you space things out and measure and touch-up paint it just takes a while...
  15. Gorgeous!
  16. Thanks Watch! Slowly but surely the outside is coming together. I hope by the end of this week I will have it with the signs and such on it and the canopy at the end of the ramp put up and then I can ...
  17. Thanks everyone for the looks and the loving! SHAZAM!
  18. Thanks everyone for stopping by and looking and loving these american flyers! I APPRECIATE each and every one of you!
  19. Thanks everyone for stopping by and looking and loving.Preciate yall! Ed, something to be said about them stars!:)
  20. Tim....Hang in there brother! ALL is and will be WELL!
  21. Newfld...Everybody was looking at it and putting it down at the thrift store. It was meant for me:) My wife when she got home from worked immediately confiscated it:)
  22. Newfld....I know what you mean:) You and your collection is AWESOME!
  23. dav2no1....Thanks for the information! You are the GREATEST!
  24. Vetraio50...Thank you so much for the information! I APPRECIATE you!
  25. Ed....better pick up another case of coke on the way to the lodge:)
  26. Watch....I sure miss those days. I wonder what they did with the old krystal road sign? It was large and in charge. You don't see many krystal restaurant items either. I attended elm street elementary...
  27. Corky Coker said it best...That is cooler than Dangit! Wished I lived close to Texas as I would offer free removal of them treasures:)
  28. Mani....I hope you are well and doing good! Thanks EVERYONE for stopping by and looking and loving the Pepsi clock!
  29. Watch....I remember spilling Coke all over the counter and Mama getting after me but not for too long cause it was Christmas:) Sure do Appreciate you!
  30. Ed,pot luck after the Raccoon meeting and then we will run some trains! APPRECIATE everybody for stopping by and looking and loving my trains. I love the santa fe trains and anything related to them. ...
  31. Watch..Indeed those were the days! We lived in east,south and west rome. We went to the west rome drive-in theatre and saw elvis in speedway. My mother worked at the crystal on the corner of shorter a...
  32. Yes and my grandpaw and I would ride the bus to town and stay all day. We would go to Super-D and eat at murphys. My granny and mother and I would visit the green stamps store also. My mom said that I...
  33. are conjuring up some memories now! I went to the movies at the Desoto and my uncle worked the concession stand there.
  34. Hey Watch...if my dad had enough money after paying bills he took my mom,sister and me to the krystal on broad street in Rome georgia. No plastic but real plates and bowls. I thought I was a big shot....
  35. EJW-54.....I have always loved service stations and Texaco in particular. If the rain will stop I hope to be done with paint this week. I got in(I will post pictures later) a vintage atlas radiator ho...
  36. Thanks Ed!
  37. Thanks Newfld for the love and comment. Everytime I go shopping for new treasures and I see the items you collect I think about you! Ed....You are the best!
  38. I just added another picture. It looks like a wood box but in reality i am going to make it into a Texaco oil bottle carrier. The handle will be black and the rest of it red. I will put Texaco letters...
  39. I scored big time today! The newest picture added is going to be my gas pump island canopy. It has tin on top and on both sides and it has lights in it as well. I will clean it and scuff the tin and t...
  40. Thanks BigBearBoyOBoy! Preciate you!
  41. Newfld.....You are nothing but AWESOME! I APPRECIATE you!
  42. Thanks Newfld and ALL who stopped by and looked and loved! I sure do APPRECIATE yall!
  43. Thanks kwqd for looking and commenting. Thanks to all who looked and loved. I love you all. Covid has been hard on me and I made it through when others did not and I am thankful for that. I hope to st...
  44. Newfld.... Thank you so much for the New Years greeting! I have started the new year with covid but I am convinced that it is going to be a SPECTACULAR year! This too shall pass and we all shall overc...
  45. BHIFOS...I unscrewed the socket and the glass part has threads and matches to the socket.
  46. Thanks Coke1234 for the tip! I will give it a try and let you know! Appreciate you!
  47. Merry Christmas Yall!
  48. Thanks Newfld for looking,loving and commenting! Thanks to all who stopped by! Yall ALL are Awesome! I believe that this clock may have hung in the Kilmer and sons hardware store in Spokane Washingto...
  49. Mani...Mani....I was thinking about you over the weekend. I hope that you are doing well and I truly hope that you have a Very Merry Christmas! Fort and Newfld....Yall are just the Best! I APPRECIATE ...
  50. Good Sunday morning everyone! Thanks to everyone for stopping by and looking and loving! Thanks Watch,RichmondLori and Fort for the comments! I APPRECIATE you all!
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