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More Glowing Glass! - Glasswarein Glassware
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American Flyer Trains - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Picking Cotton! - Advertisingin Advertising
Jar Head - Kitchenin Kitchen
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Another Radio! - Radiosin Radios
American Flyer Trains - Model Trainsin Model Trains
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  1. Thanks everybody for looking and loving and please understand that I APPRECIATE YOU ALL! fort....Thank you for identifying my glassware! You are the BESTUS!
  2. think I might could find a Geiger counter at goodwill?:)
  3. blunderbuss2.....I have had fun and I appreciate you! I do have the habit of collecting all over the board. I have not sold anything but I do buy with that intent someday. I guess you would say I am b...
  4. Thanks Manikin for stopping by the comments and the link. The glass was not sitting in the frame right so I got to a flat place and took it out and that is how I found the note. I appreciate you!
  5. Hey Brunswick.....I heard enough people talking about it to make me not to want to:)
  6. Thanks everyone for looking and loving! APPRECIATE YOU THOMAS!
  7. Thanks glassiegirl and everyone for stopping by and looking and loving and the comments....even blunderbuss2:)
  8. Ed....the only place that I have found these were like you said,either online or at the antigue mall. I found these 2 yesterday at the salvation army and they were not together but scattered among the...
  9. Thanks Ed.....I think it would fit in good at the lodge in the lobby:)
  10. Thanks everyone for looking and loving! Roycroft....When I was a kid we had a creek behind our place the neighborhood kids and I played in it all the time. We would have to peel leaches off our feet ...
  11. Thanks to all who looked and loved! You all are Fantastic! Ms.CrystalShip....That is what was said.....go figure:) I have collected more of that outdated stuff since then....Appreciate you!
  12. Okay blunderbuss2......It is on:)
  13. Thanks everybody for looking and loving! blunderbuss2.....You are nothing short of AWESOME!
  14. blunderbuss2...I have never heard of that and so I looked it up. I think that I am covered:)
  15. Thanks everyone for looking and loving! IVAN49...Thanks for the information and education! Appreciate you all!
  16. Thanks for looking and loving everybody! Appreciate you all!
  17. Thanks Ed.......I got a few more not pictured and then I had an old toms jar that I had ordered. It had toms on the knob and it arrived destroyed. I hated that because it was flawless. They are out th...
  18. blunderbuss2....did I show you my latest purchase? It is a vintage kitchenaid mixer...LOL
  19. My momma used to say: Don't let no grass grow under your feet! Appreciate you Bill!
  20. gonna be here for a long time and besides,I need somebody to look at my stuff:) I APPRECIATE YOU!
  21. Ivan49....I have updated the pictures with the mark that I did find.
  22. Thanks everyone for LOOKING AND LOVING! blunderbuss2...I am going to have to take an inventory someday of just what I do have. I am schizophrenic when it comes to collecting and posting I guess:) fo...
  23. thanks everyone for stopping by and looking and loving and the comments! I sure do APPRECIATE you all! blunderbuss2...Who did you fly for? mp.kunst….Thanks very much for the information! I happily pa...
  24. WOW! Thanks fort! Appreciate everybody looking and loving! It was a great surprise when I saw it on the shelf and I knew I could not get it all in my hand and so I ran to the front to get a buggy and ...
  25. Hey Bill! When I picked it up I called it a pill box. I don't know if that was the original intent of it or not but that is the tag I am putting on it. Take care Bill!
  26. So I wonder who the person is who wrote the note? Wikipedia talks about crop dusting and so does the note.
  27. Oh my goodness! I love this!
  28. blunderbuss2...….I APPRECIATE YOU GREATLY! My wife anticipates daily what rare treasures I may have uncovered through the course of the day. She will look at me and shake her head so I guess like you ...
  29. Thanks Anything! I have had it for a long time and it does play. I just don't have enough room for it in the house and I got several radios sitting in the floor of the den right now:) Appreciate you!
  30. Appreciate yall for looking and loving!
  31. Thanks doctor and ALL who stopped by and looked and loved! You all are FANTASTIC and much APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. fort...….I LOVE IT!
  33. Thanks Peter and all who stopped by and looked and loved! I hope someday to get everything together and get a really good photo. Got an atwater kent on the way:)
  34. Thanks fort for looking and loving and all who stopped by. The ones that I could make out said tim-mee? Some said Hong Kong. There were several different styles in the box and I say that because of co...
  35. Thanks Doctor for looking and loving and your comment. I bought these on E-bay and I like to use best offer option. I bod on a good many things and lose most of them. I offer what I think is a fair pr...
  36. All hail to the Raccoon Lodge! It has been very very good to me:)
  37. Oh wow! We have done some painting in the house and we have alot of pictures to hang. I hope I can find a place for these. Appreciate you!
  38. Thanks Trey.......I haven't gotten to drive it in awhile. I told my wife Sunday that I wanted to go off in it this coming saturday. Maybe take the top off if it isn't too hot. Appreciate you!
  39. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Appreciate yall!
  40. Lata....these are lionel santa fe war bonnets. One is a 2343 with the dummy unit and the other is a lionel 2243. Both are o gauge. I truly appreciate everyone looking and loving!
  41. Thanks all for liking and loving! Appreciate it!
  42. Thanks everybody for the looks and the loving! Appreciate you all!
  43. Thanks everyone that looked and loved! I saw it in the building while I was running trains today. Ed.....thanks for loving it!
  44. Bill....good to hear from you as you were on my mind this past week. Take care of yourself and your family and God bless you!
  45. Thanks everybody for the looks and the loves! I sure do appreciate it!
  46. Thanks again for everyone stopping by. The good news is that they were all put on the track today and after some head scratching they are runners now. Appreciate you all!
  47. Thanks Anything! You are nothing but AWESOME! I will pick up every pack of cards from now on to make sure what they are:) Ed....they ain't nobody else like you!
  48. Thanks everybody for looking and loving! Toyrebel....been missing you:)
  49. Thanks Manikin for stopping by. I came across a couple of vintage barbie cases last month at a thrift store that was filled with dolls and clothes and the lady would not sell them to me. She had them ...
  50. Thanks Congcu for the information and for stopping by. Appreciate you all!
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