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  1. Awesome Jenni!
  2. Thanks everyone! Love you all!!!!! I have still been buying but Life has gotten real busy. I hope I can get back to posting soon:)
  3. Thanks all for looking and loving! Love you Jenni and Mani!!
  4. Love it!!!!
  5. Super cool brother!
  6. lodge meeting at Rock city! So many fond memories of going there!
  7. My Lord have mercy!!!!! Jenni.....Just simply EXQUISITE!!!!
  8. Ed,you are reely funny:) Appreciate you Ed!
  9. Jenni...Just Beautiful! You have such an eye!
  10. Dav2no1....I am sourcing a projector and screen now:) Jenni...Those were the days! DejaVu2...I will absolutely get a projecter and when I watch it will take photos! Appreciate the loves and comment...
  11. keramikos....I shared with my dad this morning all of the incredible finds you posted yesterday. He enjoyed them very much and this brought on a couple more recollections. We talked about the big sack...
  12. keramikos.....Thank you so much for all the information that you took the time to put together! You are INCREDIBLE! I will share with dad sunday. Here is what I know,I would not want to be wanted by t...
  13. keramikos,Thank you for the thoughts about my dad. I Appreciate it very much. Thanks also for the links. The Murray County museum link is cool as I am only about 30 minutes from chatsworth georgia. I ...
  14. Mani...Love you! Ed..I member the milk man and playing with the insulated box at the front door:) Stuff....Thanks for the memory you shared and I told Dad how you soaked the newspapers in the middle...
  15. Mucho Thanko to EVERYONE for looking and loving!
  16. Thanks EVERYONE for the looks and loves and comments!
  17. Thanks dav2no1! I really do APPRECIATE you! It came with a second hand taped to the back but in the images I did not see a second hand on them. Maybe it was something somebody added on.
  18. Jenni...Love you! DejaVu2....I am infatuated with the Santa Fe trains! Appreciate your love and comment! Watch...I have been collecting for about 5 years now. Ed,you can come get some whenever you ...
  19. Good morning Mani! I am doing good and I hope that you are as well. I have not posted much here lately as my dad has been sick but I have still been buying. APPRECIATE you very much!
  20. Thank you Jenni for the comment and the love! You are very much Appreciated by this old cokeman:)
  21. Love it Jenni!
  22. Wow! I Appreciate and Love each and every one of you for looking and loving and commenting! Yall all are Fantastic! Tell someone you Love them today.
  23. Jenni....AWESOME hummingbird! As you know my dad has been sick and I am staying with him for most of the day time hours. He has 4 hummingbird feeders out in his yard and we had no hummingbirds. I pray...
  24. Ed........AMEN!!
  25. Oh my goodness!!!! I Love it!
  26. Beautiful and Elegant! Jenni,you are Awesome!
  27. Ed....I Love it!
  28. Beautiful Jenni!
  29. Oh my goodness! Jenni,INCREDIBLE! Just like you!!!!
  30. Here you go blindsquirel.....
  31. Morning everyone! Just an update on my 51 international. Did alittle painting and got my seat put in. Nothing professional but an improvement. Appreciate all of you!
  32. Jenni....I shore do Love this! You are an Amazing purveyor of Beautiful thangs!
  33. Good morning everyone. Just an updated picture of my 51 international. I have put her into service as you can see. Loaded with mulch and wheel barrow. I got the oil changed and radiator drained and re...
  34. Beautiful Jenni.....I Love the color. I have my Dad at home now and we sit on the front porch watching the birds. I Appreciate you very much.
  35. This is a wonderful piece Jenni. You have such an eye.
  36. Wonderful Jenni!
  37. Beautiful Jenni! Remember my dad as he has been in and out of hospital since January 12th. Been raking care of him.
  38. Absolutely,Positively,Without a doubt.........OUTSTANDING!!!!
  39. SHAZAM!!!! I Love this frog!
  40. Jenni....Absolutely stunning! You never cease to amaze me with your finds!
  41. Thanks for the love and comments Falcon 61 and Jenni! Ford calls this color Area 51. Top secret you know:) Thanks to EVERYONE who stopped by and looked and loved.
  42. Absolutely AMAZING Jenni! My birthday was March the 29th. Happy birthday yall!
  43. Jenni....I LOVE IT!
  44. Wow! Thank you FatrCat! I love roseville and I have added several more pieces since then. I got to start posting again,Cokeman
  45. Just WONDERFUL!
  46. Ed...Lord have Mercy! I am coming to your house with a sack:)
  47. SUPER-D-DUPER!!!!!!
  48. Jenni....YOU have an INCREDIBLE eye! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
  49. Thanks Ed,Anything and Cisum! I APPRECIATE yall!
  50. Thanks COKE1234 for stopping by and loving! I sold her last year along with my bullitt mustang. I got one of the new broncos to replace them. Working on a 1951 international L160 currently.
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