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  1. Keramikos,it does not have the milk glass liner but I do have a display of milk glass liners in a special wooden display. I will take some photos on monday and post. Appreciate you!
  2. Watchsearcher...went out and run the tops and no noise. I will be looking for some though,now that you have educated me to them. Ed, Appreciate you looking and loving!
  3. Thanks Watchsearcher and all who have looked and loved. The quality and detail of toys back then seemed to more of a focus than that of today where it is driven by low cost and maximum profit.
  4. Thanks Geodejem for looking and commenting. Thanks Ed and Stuff for loo king and loving!
  5. Wow keramikos.....thanks for the information. They are becoming harder to find but my friend just sold 4 for 80.00 to someone in England. Be on the lookout!
  6. Yes,oddly enough it is a fire king from the smoky mountains:)
  7. I am looking for another building because I have run out of space:) The item on the top shelf is called a mercury lamp. Appreciate you both greatly!
  8. If you find a victor at a reasonable price then snag it:)
  9. Hey Keramikos! I love the Victor's the most!
  10. Thanks Hoot60 for your comment and you are exactly right. I appreciate you.
  11. Thanks Valentino97 for your comment and thanks to everyone that looked and loved....I appreciate you all!
  12. Thanks Watchsearcher
  13. Thanks keramikos
  14. Thanks all for looking and loving. Thanks fortapache for the comments. I got some more I will post later. I was afraid the feds would be after me for gave prescription medicine:)
  15. I hear you poticheman:)
  16. Thanks Western PA and all who looked and loved. Thier memory lives on. They were people like us who had hopes and dreams and problems and faults but gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could be free to...
  17. Thanks everyone for looking and loving. I appreciate you all and I have many more to post later. Watchsearcher...appreciate you
  18. Brunswick.....I spent countless hours in the back seat of my folks car listening to Loretta and I could sing every one of them by the time we got on from a long trip. I still hum one from time to time...
  19. Thanks mp.kunst for looking and the information! I don't know what it is about bowls but I have an affliction for them and it is even better when you have some working knowledge of them. I appreciate ...
  20. Keramikos.....thanks for the information. You and the folks on CW have made me alot more knowledgeable on things such as this. I am glad you are not charging me for this:) I appreciate you!
  21. Thanks keramikos! The information is much appreciated. I gave $1.48 for all 3 tax included today at a church thrift store. I have hundreds of different mugs including victor. I appreciate you!
  22. Thanks keramikos! It is made by glasbake and it is thick. Appreciate you!
  23. Ed....I was over the moon when I found the bowl for .99 cents!
  24. lptools,you are right about the Woodward part. I was intrigued by the woodpecker part. This is my second piece by them and my other piece has a cutting board as well. Thanks for the information. I app...
  25. Thanks RichmondLori and Watchsearcher! My earliest memories of cigar boxes was from my grandfather who smoked swisher sweets. Honestly,when I visited grandpa I might have puff one that was sitting in ...
  26. Thanks RichmondLori for identifying it! I got it for 5.00 at habitat for humanity today. Watchsearcher,I thought the same about the get bowl that it was for a mixer. Keramikos, I appreciate you all!
  27. Thanks Watchsearcher and vetraio50! I appreciate you for looking and loving. The wood has a glow about it and I have not cleaned or polished it yet. The front piece when open says cutting board on it...
  28. I appreciate all the looking and loving of my new trains! Yall are Fantastic and much appreciated!
  29. Thanks everyone for looking and loving and all the comments! I appreciate you all very much! are a cornucopia of knowledge and I Appreciate you and Anything!
  30. Thanks everyone for looking and loving! I appreciate the comments as well! Thank you!
  31. Anything....I am going to give it a whirl. I am inspired:)
  32. Anything,I appreciate the voice of confidence. I am going to youtube it and see what I can learn because I would at least like it to make noise. Appreciate you!
  33. Thanks Ed...I sure do appreciate you! It blowed my mind when I saw the box. I am going to put it on the track Saturday to see if it runs.
  34. Thanks would you power it?
  35. Thanks Anything for the information. I thought they were cool looking and would look good with my old crank phone. Wonder if I could get them working again? I appreciate you!
  36. Thanks everyone for looking and loving! Yall are FANTASTIC!
  37. APPRECIATE you Anything! Thanks everyone for looking , loving and commenting! Appreciate you all!
  38. keramikos.....have I told you lately how fantastic you are? I appreciate the information that you found and sent:) are welcome to mine if you ever get to missing yours. FREE!
  39. Watchsearcher and Anything...Thanks for looking and loving! I sure would like to now what the real deal is with this. I looked it up before I bought it and did find some and they were going for more ...
  40. Watchsearcher.....the bell rings and the fireman's head turns. I have been ostracized from the house however:) Ed....what did people do before goodwill?
  41. Ed.....just finished cleaning her and rubbed a little old English on it and she has a decent shine. I would like to have one in each color that they made.
  42. Thanks fhrjr2 for the information. I think I gave 45.00 for the entire box of assorted items. The box contained another set of glasses as well in a leather case. Neat find. I appreciate everyone for l...
  43. keramikos…..that is what it says but I don't know what the significance of it would be. I got these in a big box of various things. The box of STUFF came out of California.
  44. Oh yes! Fast cars and everything:)
  45. Oh no.. I had my own pair and they had them little rubber tips on the bottom for better traction you know:)
  46. Fortapache....if you don't ever see another post you will know that I did not not get away in time:) Thanks everybody for looking and loving!
  47. I worked at Jacks hamburgers and made 1.60 per hour and I thought I was in trouble when the manager called me in the office and he gave me a .05 cent raise bringing me up to 1.65 an hour. Living at ho...
  48. RichmondLori...been there and done that:) Thanks for looking and loving!
  49. Ed...let me know when you are coming and I will get ahead of you:)
  50. Ed...just added the battery compartment area. I have found this kind of stuff and really it does not make sense with all the new stuff that gets thrown in the toy bins. I have found marx,tin cars,trac...
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