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Silvertone  Radio - Radiosin Radios
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Annette and Melba - Animalsin Animals
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Southern Delight! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Train Art Part 2 - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Mid-Century  Motorola - Radiosin Radios


  1. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Appreciate yall!
  2. Thanks Ed......Trixie has threatened to sell it. I have had to start tracking inventory:)
  3. Thanks bobby and dav2no1! Appreciate you both for the links. The information was invaluable! Thanks to all who looked and loved!
  4. Thanks Valentino97 and racer for the looks,love and the comments! I love this kind of stuff but I love most all of it:) Appreciate all who looked and loved!
  5. Thanks racer.......I passed on the cats the first time i saw them and then I picked it up the next time I was in and saw the writing on the back. I collect too many smalls I know but I sure do like th...
  6. Thanks bill...I hope that you and your family are doing well. My house is doing our part and my wife has been quarantined because of students at the school she teaches at. I will be so thankful when t...
  7. Dav2no1....Thank you so much for the information! I APPRECIATE you! The watch was sold as not working and when I got it I simply wound it and it works like a charm! It was still working this morning ...
  8. phone camera is acting up. It says silveroid and the number underneath it is 640707.
  9. Ed....I love it!
  10. Anything you are absolutely right! Sometimes they just ain't as smart as they thank:)
  11. Ed.....I discovered this early on when cokes were in a glass bottle and I thought it was one of the great wonders of the world. Some stores will merchandise them together to suggestive sell the 2 tog...
  12. Thanks Newfld for looking and loving...….APPRECIATE YOU!
  13. Morning again Golgatha! This is located in another building and no dusting here. I do need to go and check on and clean up alittle:)
  14. Morning Golgatha! The answer is simple.....The ceiling fan:)
  15. Thanks everyone for looking and loving!
  16. Thanks dav2no1 for the information. Once you identified it I went to E-bay and found a couple of examples. Just need a lid to make it complete and you don't never know one might turn up somewhere now ...
  17. I love this radio!
  18. Thanks for the correction, my hands work faster than my brain can process the information:) Thanks lz...I appreciate you. Thanks everybody for stopping by! Appreciate you all!
  19. Thanks are AMAZING!
  20. Oh Wow......We went by traveling to Florida a few weeks ago but did not stop. I feel like I would like to go again. It would be different this time being older I believe. Appreciate you.
  21. WOW! Ed......I am bringing it to the next lodge meeting!
  22. Thanks folks for stopping by and looking and loving! Appreciate you all! Watch...I don't know but I think I will do some research to try and find out. I will keep you posted:)
  23. Thanks for looking and loving everyone!
  24. Thanks everyone for looking and loving! I had forgotten about having this. I have got to get it out on display somewhere...APPRECIATE YALL!
  25. Thank you Thomas! Appreciate you
  26. Thanks everybody for looking and loving! I APPRECIATE each and every one of you!
  27. Thanks fort for the comment...I have always loved these units and in particular the Santa Fe....I hope someday to at least physically see or even take a ride. I love this picture! Everybody that stop...
  28. Thanks everyone for stopping by and looking! CW is the BEST!
  29. Anything......I am going with you next time:)
  30. Thanks everyone for looking and loving! I have another companion piece on the way of a different locomotive in the same type frame and length.
  31. Thanks dav2no1 and everyone for looking and living! Appreciate yall!
  32. Awesome score of vinyl! It seems to go in cycles. In my area it is feast or famine. Today was a feast! Great finds dav2no1!
  33. Awesome! Amazing! Incredible!
  34. Mani....she looks AMAZING! You did an awesome job with her and she is home where she belongs;)
  35. bb2.....Me too! Thanks for looking and loving everyone!
  36. Thanks Mani!
  37. Thanks iggy for the comment and help in identifying what era it came from. Thanks everybody for looking and loving and as always I sure do APPRECIATE you all! My dad was close friends with Mr. Alfred ...
  38. Thanks everybody.....yall are AWESOME!
  39. Thanks Newfld for looking and loving! I appreciate you. My question still remains though. Is this a cooler that someone just made out of spare parts? The handles have stars on them and say hello. Just...
  40. bb2,ttom,Thomas.....APPRECIATE YOU ALL! Thanks for the looking and loving and the comments! I will accept the charges Thomas:)
  41. Hey ttom and anything...i just updated the post with the inards. Looks like 11/39. Yall are so dang smart:)
  42. Hey Ed....I bet that there is someone who could get it that way or they would die trying. I bet some folks would not even know what this item is:)
  43. Thanks dav2no1 for the information. It is extremely heavy and my wife remembers her grandmother having a party line phone and she said she would slip the phone up and listen to the gossip in the valle...
  44. dav2no1...Thank you so much for the information! I would have never have made that connection. I have several embossed nehi bottles that I purchased at the same time that I will post later,Ralph
  45. Incredible!
  46. Anything......You are AWESOME! When we go camping in it we put the black and white awning up that came with it and then colored lights draped around it. It is small but just right for 2 people. When t...
  47. Thanks ttomtucker and dav2no1 for looking and loving! She pulls good and folks ask us how long it took to restore:) They can't believe that it is a reproduction. Vintage look and style with modern co...
  48. Thanks Coke1234 for stopping by! I have a 2017 corvette z06 in Watkins Glen gray and a 2019 mustang bullitt in the green persuasion:)
  49. Mani(saw bb2 do it)….lets figure out how to get connected and I will give her to you:)
  50. Thanks Newfld! I sure do appreciate you and all that looked and loved.
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