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Cream and Sugar and A&P Coffee! - Clocksin Clocks
Pepsi! Pepsi! Get your Pepsi! - Advertisingin Advertising
Light Fixture Globes? - Lampsin Lamps
Leave the driving to us! - Advertisingin Advertising
BULOVA! - Clocksin Clocks
Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Have a Cocar Cola Cooler and a Smile! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
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  1. I pass by this everyday in the hallway and I touch it everyday. When I listed to it for the first time it was with a strange feeling. What I mean by that is that to hear this cylinder played on this m...
  2. Newfld...You are AWESOME and AMAZING and MUCH APPRECIATED!
  3. PhilD…...Thanks for stopping by and looking and loving! I purchased this particular clock from It is just like Ebay but not as well known. In the search box I type in either adverti...
  4. PhilD….These lamps in my area are not as available as they used to be. I think other folks have discovered the beauty of them. I paid $3.99 for this one and use it almost everyday in the living room. ...
  5. PhilD...Thank you for stopping by and looking and loving! I love the old light fixtures and I am on the lookout always. Every crumpled box at the junk store could contain the next treasure. These fixt...
  6. Good Sunday morning everyone! Thank you all for stopping by and looking and loving! Thank you for the comments and you all are the best! I APPRECIATE each and every one of you. I have been in retail m...
  7. Thank you jscott and Newfld......I sure do appreciate your comments! Everybody that stopped by and looked and loved.....I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!
  8. Thanks Clocksmith! I have always been attracted to clocks/watches. I have gotten in 2 more that I will share soon. Appreciate you!
  9. Thanks Newfld! I hope you have a GREAT St Patrick's day! I am hoping things calm down at work so I can get back to posting and looking and loving! I sure do APPRECIATE you!
  10. Shuzbut......APPRECIATE YOU! Loved the video link! Things are getting better:)
  11. Thanks everybody for stopping by! kwqd....I will get some measurements and post monday. Appreciate you all!
  12. Appreciate everyone for stopping by!
  13. It has been a rough couple weeks for me as I know everyone has their up's and down's,but it just seemed like everything that could go sideways did. I got this clock in and it made my day and I said to...
  14. Thanks everyone for stopping by and looking and loving! I really appreciate it!
  15. Thanks Ed,jscott and Mani for commenting! Appreciate yall and all who have stopped by and looked and loved. Yall are the Best!
  16. Super-d-Duper! Thanks Patricia and Bugguy!
  17. Thanks Brunswick! Thankful for you and all who looked and loved!
  18. Richmond/Lori,Miss vintage,Ms.Crystal.....yall are so much appreciated for the information and insight! I found this treasure at a thrift store that I like to hit at least once a week. It is located n...
  19. Thanks Patricia for stopping by. I feel like sometimes items find me instead of me finding them. Lori. I was almost out of the shop when it caught my eye. I am glad I stopped. It would be cool to know...
  20. Thanks Ed,Valentino and jscott for stopping by...Appreciate it!
  21. Hey you have an email? I got a picture of a clock i want you to look at,Ralph
  22. Super Clock Anything! I love it! I am starting now to look for me one:)
  23. are a cool cat! Appreciate you man! I will be looking for an RC or maybe a Nugrape....oh yeah!
  24. coulbe alright!:) Appreciate the info! I appreciate all who stopped by and looked and loved. AMAZING is the word when I think of you folks!
  25. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Yall are nothing but AWESOME!
  26. Thanks EVERYBODY for stopping by. I now have an example of a double cola,coke and pepsi clock. For those that are familiar with Krystal restaurants I have one of thiers that I will post eventually.
  27. Thanks fort for the info....I got these in a box lot with some other things. I am thinking they would look good on my tin plate railroad layout. APPRECIATE everyone for stopping by!
  28. Thanks Patricia! Interesting how it could land in a thrift shop in dalton georgia. I did do a little reading on it this morning. Thank you for the lead! Thanks EVERYONE for stopping by and looking and...
  29. are crazy man:)....Thanks so much everybody for looking at my pepsi clock! I APPRECIATE each and every one of you.
  30. Thanks so much everyone for stopping by and looking and loving and your comments! I APPRECIATE yall!
  31. I had forgotten about this post. Recently took it too the Chevy dealership and had the oil changed. They told me it was ready and when I inspected it they had oil on the door panel and steering wheel ...
  32. Got your email is the neat thing about it. You live in cartersville georgia and I live in calhoun georgia. I will answer your email with my phone number. Give me a call Tuesday and we...
  33. you go:,Ralph
  34. Hey email address is in my profile. I am Very Happy to be a part of this,Ralph
  35. Hey Watch.....send me you mailing address and I would be more than Happy to give it to you. Especially with those memories you talked about. Ralph
  36. Thanks everybody for stopping by! I did not think it was a bad deal for less than a dollar:)
  37. Thanks everyone for stopping by and looking and loving and all the comments! I sure do APPRECIATE you all! I will get the actual coke cooler posted soon that this carrier came in.
  38. Thanks everybody for stopping by and looking and loving! Appreciate you all!
  39. Thanks everybody for stopping by! Appreciate you all!
  40. Thanks everyone for stopping by!
  41. Thanks everyone for stopping by. Appreciate it!
  42. Thanks everyone for stopping by and looking and loving!
  43. Got the pictures right this time. Thanks to all who have looked andvloved!
  44. probably is colder where you at but us southern folk have a low tolerance level for cold weather. If the weather service predicts snow we go on lockdown:) Appreciate you and stay safe!
  45. Thanks everyone for stopping by! Appreciate it!
  46. Thanks IVAN49 for the info. Thanks bb2 for stopping by.....
  47. Thanks vetraio50 and Mani! It is colder than a well diggers pocket watch here:)
  48. Manie.....Hope that you are doing well. I can't imagine what they were used for but I thought they were cool. I buy all this type of items if they are reasonable. I have a good bit of this type and al...
  49. Awesome! I got all 8 pieces for $4.50. Thanks Newfld for the information! You are nothing short of AWESOME and I appreciate you. Jscott....I bought some Dobbs hat boxes yesterday as well and 1 of them...
  50. are AWESOME and I appreciate you! You have forgotten more than I will ever know:)
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