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Pennsylvania, USA

I really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American MaI really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American Manufacturers like Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Ingraham, New Haven, Welch, Waterbury, Sessions, Gilbert, Herschede and Chelsea. We also have a small number of French and German Clocks. (Read more)


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Ansonia's "Poetry" Figural Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Our Ansonia "La Verdon" Royal Bonn Porcelain Mantel Clock, from circa 1901 - Clocksin Clocks
Ingraham "Acme" Wood Case Mantel Clock Restoration - Clocksin Clocks
Ansonia Royal Bonn Crystal Regulator No. 4 - Clocksin Clocks
Mid 20th Century Tall Case Dutch Marquetry Reproduction with an Antique French Morbier Movement   - Clocksin Clocks
Antique Seth Thomas "Empire No. 30" Crystal Regulator. - Clocksin Clocks
Ornate Seth Thomas "Tampa Variant" from circa 1910 - Clocksin Clocks
Sessions "Shop of the Crafters" Mission-Style Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Seth Thomas Garfield Wood Cased Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Ingraham Girl Cherub Black Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks


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  5. Congratulations. I'm sure that your joy and pride only came after you put in a lot of sweat and time. Thanks for sharing.
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  12. I agree. It's an Ingraham "Sigma", which is the name given on the intact label. My source has it circa 1915 but the model could have been offered several years before or after that date. It origin...
  13. Hi. Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. As you have pointed out to us, you have a Waterbury "Gordon" model. It dates back to circa 1903 and could have been manufactured several years before or ...
  14. Hello. Welcome to Collectors Weekly Clocks. Your heirloom clock is a model called the Ansonia "Germanic". It is from circa 1904. It seems to be an uncommon clock as I can not find any other exampl...
  15. Hello and welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks! Your heirloom is an Ansonia model called the "Apollo" from circa 1901. It originally listed for $22.00. That would be the equivalent of $667 in 202...
  16. Not sure what it is but I'm pretty sure it's not a clock.
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  21. Hello Carol87 and welcome to Collectors Weekly: Clocks. You do indeed have an antique Ansonia Clock. The model is called the "Michigan" and it is from 1886. Unfortunately, you clock seems to be mis...
  22. Thank you Newfld! Always nice to hear from you and happy to know that you like our Garfield. :)
  23. Thank you for the "Love it" clock blunderbuss2. It's definitely purple! :) I haven't seen many like it.
  24. West Germany was in existence from 23 May 1949 and German reunification on 3 October 1990. As fhrjr2 mentions, a good look at the movement should give us more to go on. Clocks are machines. Like...
  25. Hello AnthingObscure. You're very welcome! You said... >>Its hour hand seems to be about 30mins off from when the minute hand otherwise triggers the Westminster and hour strike<< The hour ha...
  26. Hi Antique Don, Thanks for sharing this very interesting "mural" porcelain clock. I see that the dial says "Made in Germany". Are there any other markings elsewhere on the clock or movement? Wh...
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  33. Hello AnythingObscure! It's good to see you around the "Clocks" neighborhood. Thanks for sharing your New Haven Westminster Chiming Tambour. I kind of wish they would allow for more photos, but I...
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  40. This is one of our favorite wood cased clocks. Thanks Russ!
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  44. Thanks Russ. I agree. It's hard to ignore these alarms. They are loud, proud and in your ear! :)
  45. Hello HayleyS, Clock oil has very specific requirements and should be used sparingly. If not, it doesn't stay where it needs to be and only attracts dust and airborne contaminants . Here is a c...
  46. Hello HayleyS, It looks to me like your heirloom is an early 20th Century French Clock with a Japy movement. You can get a quick summary of French Clocks here:
  47. Can you post a photo of it all lit up? Thanks for sharing.
  48. Thank you Hoot60! Glad you enjoyed our Ingraham Cherubs.
  49. Surviving labels can tell the story. I don't think that the engraved numbers were done at the factory. They look to have been done by hand. I have no idea what they indicate. If you haven't do...
  50. Hi, Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks! It looks like you have a nice example of the Ansonia "La Tosca" Royal Bonn Porcelain Mantel Clock from around circa 1900. See this link for more detail...
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