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I really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American MaI really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American Manufacturers like Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Ingraham, New Haven, Welch, Waterbury, Sessions, Gilbert, Herschede and Chelsea. We also have a small number of French and German Clocks. E-mail: (Read more)


  1. Thank you Vynil33rpm!
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  4. Wow! The "Vortex" adds another dimension. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Well, David obviously know quite a bit about French Clocks and has nicely rescued one from oblivion. I've not seen that mark before either, but I'm mainly a collector of antique American Clocks. Ther...
  6. Me want one! :-)
  7. What another absolute treat! Thanks for sharing so much of your excellent collection Newfld.
  8. Welcome again David. I hope that you'll continue to contribute your time, experience and knowledge here. Often, we have the opportunity to help someone learn more about their heirloom clock, and...
  9. Hello Woodies, Thanks for posting the additional photos. Four is the maximun number in a single post. Some folks get around that by creating posts 1 of 2 and 2 0f 2 with four photos each, for exa...
  10. Another great post rlwindle! I too would like to say "Thanks for sharing.".
  11. Greetings Woodies. Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Antique Clocks! In order to help identify your clock, please provide the following: Any and all information printed, stamped or labeled on the d...
  12. That's an impressive rescue/restoration. Haven't I seen you on the NAWCC's Message Board? Welcome to CW Clocks
  13. Hi keramikos. I hope life is treating you well. Happy holidays to you and yours! :)
  14. See:
  15. Hello Tangoes. Great pick for what would have been sales tax at many an antique clock auction! It ooks like you have a New Haven "Tuxford" from circa 1917. The case is solid Mahogany with beveled p...
  16. Hi. You have an Ingraham "Bangor" from circa 1915. It originally listed for $7.90. Accounting for inflation, that was not cheap. About $230 in 2022.
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  19. @Dark_Penguin, My wife is allergic to cats or we probably would care for one. We're dog people, and they can ready wreck a home when they get anxious. I think that your right though. If you ev...
  20. Very cool. Never seen one like it. Thanks for sharing.
  21. These are very fine timepieces Sean. Congrats and thanks for sharing. :)
  22. Your heirloom clock is the Fisher. Circa 1883, but your clock could certainly been manufactured and sold several years before or after that year. There were double figural "Swing" clocks. The Fi...
  23. By the way, it was originally manufactured as a mantel clock. Some owners modified the case to be hung as a wall clock. Regards
  24. Hi! Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. Your heirloom is a Waterbury model called the "Dixon". The case is made from Walnut wood and it is from Circa 1893.
  25. Hello sam66. Thanks, but I have a lifetime supply already. Regards
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  30. It looks like there is some identifying that has been partially obscured at the bottom of the dial. Perhaps the dial has slid down a little. If I had to guess, and I do, I would say that it reads "...
  31. Not sure but looks like you may have a Korean/Asian reproduction. Would need to see the movement to be more certain.
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  34. Thank you Mrstyndell and curiousntx for stopping and and leaving your "Love its". :)
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  36. Other than marketing, I can't think of a reason for an "O" series. Thanks for stopping by and for your "Love it" click!
  37. Hi, The style of your grandparents' clock is a "Pillar and Scroll". That style dates back to the 1820-30. Examples of those early clocks used wooden movements. I believe that your Mason and Sulliv...
  38. Hi, The Ansonia Clock's model name is on the label. It's a "Chelsea". See:
  39. Hello Walkingthefloor. Thanks for stopping by and for your "Love it" click! I'm sorry to say that I haven't heard of Tullybrook clocks before. Are there any other markings on the case, movement or...
  40. Wow keramikos, you come loaded for bear! Nice!! :)
  41. Wow! Display that one in a small aquarium or fishbowl! :)
  42. Thanks for the followup info! Begs another question, what the heck was it doing mounted on a wall of the rental? :)
  43. Hi, Welcome to Collectors Weekly: Clocks. Your heirloom New Haven, wood cased mantel clock is Model "C" from their "Camden Line". The other two are "A" and "B". Here's an example of an "A": htt...
  44. Some of eBay's prices are crazy high. See this as an alternative: Be cautious winding an antique, spring-power...
  45. Hi! Welcome to Collectors Weekly: Clocks lumeux! Your heirloom Sessions Black Mantel Clock is called the "Baldwin" and it is from circa 1923. Your example could have been manufactured a few years ...
  46. Greetings Outwo and welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks! You have an Ansonia "Waco" from circa 1901. You can probably get an "Ansonia" Winding/Regulation Key on eBay. Alternatively, if there is ...
  47. I think that you'll probably need to find a good woodworker to fabricate and stain a replacement spire/finial to match the existing ones. Good luck and thanks for sharing such a remarkable piece!
  48. Hello, Welcome to Collectors Weekly: Clocks! I'm not certain but it looks to me like you have one of "Sentinel" Tambour models that Seth Thomas offered to the public. They were circa 1925-1930. Th...
  49. Thank you SEAN68! With all of the beautiful pieces you've posted here, that's very kind of you to say. Thanks for the love.
  50. Hi and welcome. See this link for some details:
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