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Pennsylvania, USA

I really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American MaI really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American Manufacturers like Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Ingraham, New Haven, Welch, Waterbury, Sessions, Gilbert, Herschede and Chelsea. We also have a small number of French and German Clocks. (Read more)


Ornate Seth Thomas "Tampa Variant" from circa 1910 - Clocksin Clocks
Sessions "Shop of the Crafters" Mission-Style Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Seth Thomas Garfield Wood Cased Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Ingraham Girl Cherub Black Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. You're welcome Gage. Thank you for sharing your heirloom. It has been well cared for through the years.
  2. Evidently it stretches out the yarn and gets it ready to work with. See this video: Hope that solves your mystery. Thanks Stuff. I knew this wasn't ...
  3. That should be "Clock Reel" not "Clock Wheel". Perhaps a spool went on the top some how. Not sure. I've never seen one in action.
  4. Yougottahavestuff is right I believe. You have a Yarn Winder. The "clock" face is a counter, or clicker. I think this version may have been called a "Clock Wheel" See these links for more inform...
  5. Welcome to Collectors Weekly Gage, This is a Sessions Black Enameled Wood cased Mantel Clock with an 8-day time and strike movement. According to my reference, it looks like you have a model calle...
  6. Okay. I guess it is not a mystery anymore. Good! You're welcome.
  7. Hello, Welcome to Collectors Weekly. This model is called the New Haven "Grecian" from circa 1900. You can find more information on the New Haven Clock Company here:
  8. Hello, Welcome to Collectors Weekly and thank you for sharing your family heirloom with us. Your Ansonia La Orb is from Circa 1904. It could have been manufactured several years before or after th...
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  14. Awesome, dynamic, classy! What a pick for just under six bucks! Wish I could find something like this at our local Goodwill. Guess I should swing by there more often. Thanks for sharing Sean.
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  19. yougottahavestuff, Thanks for stopping by and for your click on the "Love it" button! We think this is a nice example of a genuine antique Seth Thomas and we're glad that you enjoyed the post and pho...
  20. Hello Lamplover78, Try removing the weights and moving the hands to the hour just struck and then replace the hands. With the weights removed, the movement can't strike again until they are hung aga...
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  22. Oh, the humanity!
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  24. Vetraio50, Sorry for the delay in my response. A loved one is recovering from a broken arm and needs a lot of care. Seth Thomas named three models the "Tampa". One was a wood cased clock wh...
  25. Vetraio50, thank you for stopping by and for your kind approval of our Seth Thomas Tampa "Variant". Always much appreciated.
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  29. Here's the YouTube Video:
  30. Check with these folks:
  31. Can find plenty of St. Joseph Advertising Clocks but nothing like yours. Maybe a photo or two of the movement could help folks with knowledge of electric clocks narrow down the time frame of when you...
  32. You're welcome Clarkesbabe. Thank you.
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  34. There wasn't at the time I posted that comment slackjack. The fact remains that there is still no acknowledgement here of the help we've already provided. You can do as you wish of course. I'm not ...
  35. I guess the owner has gone on to other things. Thanks for your help slackjack.
  36. Did you have any more questions Clarkesbabe, or did we solve your Mysteries?
  37. You called it. It's a Seth Thomas slackjack. For some reason I was thinking Ingraham. That's a cigar for you in my book.
  38. Nice catch slackjack. It does appear to be a Parlor Calendar No. 5 from circa 1886. Perhaps the dials have been replaced or painted since Seth Thomas was never shy about proudly placing their name pr...
  39. The one on the left is a Gilbert. It is from their Capitol Set and is called the "No. 43". It's made from Oak and is from circa 1904. Your clock could have been manufactured several years before or...
  40. The first one looks like it may be a Gilbert. Could you separate these clocks into their own posting and share up to four photos for each clock?
  41. Hi Rochelle & rlwindle. Thanks for stopping by and for your "Love Its". Glad you enjoyed our Sessions Clock
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  43. That long string of question marks was my attempt to paste the Cyrillic text into my post. That was definitely lost in the translation to our Collectors Weekly website, but Google has no problem wit...
  44. Neat clock Russ. If you want to take the time you could look up each letter here: and then copy and paste it into Google for translation. Interesting...
  45. Looks like an Ansonia "Bombay". See this link:
  46. Hi Rschwanke, Welcome to Collectors Weekly! What a beautiful Chiming Tambour Mantel Clock. I bet it sounds very nice. I can't see the Gustav Becker logo, which looks to be hidden behind the chim...
  47. You're very welcome Dave. As far as needing service is concerned, don't they almost always? :) Hopefully there aren't a bunch of amateur attempts at servicing it hiding in there. They can make t...
  48. Hi PW, I found the Lorne in one of my references. It is listed as a Mahogany Cabinet Clock from circa 1913. Originally listed for $8.75. Accounting for inflation that would be about $227 in 20...
  49. There are only three other examples. I had trouble posting and it looks like some of the links duplicated but you get the idea. Two are very close to your clock. The other looks like a dead match. ...
  50. It looks very similar to a model identified by one Auctioneer as a 'Pequod' from circa 1900. Here are some other examples. Take a look and see what you think:
  51. See more