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Pennsylvania, USA

I really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American MaI really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American Manufacturers like Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Ingraham, New Haven, Welch, Waterbury, Sessions, Gilbert, Herschede and Chelsea. We also have a small number of French and German Clocks. (Read more)


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Ansonia's "Poetry" Figural Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Our Ansonia "La Verdon" Royal Bonn Porcelain Mantel Clock, from circa 1901 - Clocksin Clocks
Ingraham "Acme" Wood Case Mantel Clock Restoration - Clocksin Clocks
Ansonia Royal Bonn Crystal Regulator No. 4 - Clocksin Clocks
Mid 20th Century Tall Case Dutch Marquetry Reproduction with an Antique French Morbier Movement   - Clocksin Clocks
Antique Seth Thomas "Empire No. 30" Crystal Regulator. - Clocksin Clocks
Ornate Seth Thomas "Tampa Variant" from circa 1910 - Clocksin Clocks
Sessions "Shop of the Crafters" Mission-Style Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Seth Thomas Garfield Wood Cased Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Ingraham Girl Cherub Black Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Hi, Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. Your family heirloom clock is an Ansonia "Savoy" from circa 1904. It's one of their black enameled, cast iron mantel clocks with an 8-day Time and Strike m...
  2. P.S. If that solves your mystery, please indicate "Mystery Solved" in your listing. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask away. Thanks again. Bruce
  3. Hello kumarpiush. Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. Your heirloom is Ansonia's "Kirkwood". It was one of three clocks from their "K" Assortment. The other two models were named the "Kensico"...
  4. The model name could also be the number at the top of the label. It looks like 2527. Some models were simply given numbers as their "name".
  5. P.S. I have two other clocks which more closely resemble your clock. They are the "Marigold" from circa 1925 and the Sidney from circa 1933. Neither one is an exact match. I'll keep your clock in ...
  6. Hello Bradleighh. Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. Your heirloom looks like a Sessions model called "Brewster" from circa 1923. Your clock may have been manufactured several years before or a...
  7. You're very kind Russ. Thanks for stopping by and for the "Love it" clicks!
  8. Thanks again Russ.
  9. Thanks Russ! Much appreciated.
  10. It's old, but perhaps not that old. You should do a search on the Maker's name and location: "JD Caris Gateshead". After a brief search it looks like this person made (or assembled) clocks, watch...
  11. You're very welcome Thelma8. I'm glad that we could help you. Thanks again for sharing your Heirloom Ansonia with us.
  12. Hi, Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. You appear to have picked up some sort of Ansonia "Novelty Clock" but I can find it in my reference materials. It's very unusual. I've never seen anoth...
  13. Hi ThelmaB, Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. Your heirloom antique clock is an Ansonia model called the "Roccoco". It is from circa 1904 although your example could have been made several ...
  14. Hi Dschmid, I'm glad that you've checked out the NAWCC Message Board Forums. I think that you'll find it to be a great resource and a friendly community of like-minded individuals. Some of them a...
  15. Okay. Consider this a reminder. Please feel free to delete this comment once you make the change in your description.
  16. Hi fortapache, Another very detailed, weathered model! In your write up, when you said "rocket propelled projectiles which were nearly 5" long. ", is that in feet or inches? The projectiles look...
  17. One nice pick for $10! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Try posting your watch here:
  19. Thank you MarmorealMaiden!
  20. Thank you for the "Love it" clicks: Dschmid mrcolorz TheGateKeeper. Much appreciated. :)
  21. Thank you dschmid. Glad you liked our post. Thanks for stopping by.
  22. I forgot to mention, your clock's glass tablet still has the original stenciling decoration. That's often lost through the years so that's a big plus. Antique clocks have gone through a lot befo...
  23. Hello coop11386, Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. I almost missed your clock in my search because it is missing a piece of its top. The model is called the "Kenmore" and it is from circa 1901....
  24. Hello Dschmid, As my dear old Mom used to say, I'm still percolating. :) I do have Tran Duy Ly's Gilbert reference but unfortunately I didn't find your clock in it. I also looked through sever...
  25. That's very interesting rhvTV. I didn't know that about the Welch/Sessions transition. Thanks for sharing. I wish I shared your optimism regarding prices. They never recovered following the 2008 ...
  26. Awesome! (Cool was taken already) That almost looks like it belongs in a museum! :) Thanks for sharing.
  27. You can do a search on the "Horse Regulator Clock" key words and find a lot of similar clocks made by German Manufactures like Gustav Becker and Junghans to name two. It seems to have been a popular ...
  28. In order to help identify your clock, please provide the following: Any and all information printed, stamped or labeled on the dial, movement, case, and pendulum. This includes names, trademarks, s...
  29. Ah! I see you've made it much easier to see the Flower. Excellent! Thank you. :)
  30. Day by day, this is very true. In any case, I'm glad that I was able to find your Ansonia in my references. It's a nice looking clock with a great clock "tower". Regards, Bruce
  31. Really? You have much better eyesight than I do, but I'm getting old.
  32. Flowers were never meant to last last very long anyway. :)
  33. You're very welcome lilaura. I'm glad that we were able to help you identify your find. I think you got a very nice deal and your clock found the next generation in its family of owners. So it was ...
  34. Sorry. I did not find any clocks like yours in my Ansonia references. In order to help identify your clock, please provide the following: Any and all information printed, stamped or labeled on ...
  35. Hi, Not sure how I missed your post. Your Ansonia Figure Clock is called "Faust" and is from circa 1894. Looks like it has been refinished or painted at some point in time. If the hands are still ...
  36. That's a nice clock. Thanks for sharing your family heirloom with us. American Clock manufacturers produced a lot of wood cased mantel clocks. Some of them were similar to yours. Can you give us ...
  37. Hi and welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. I'm not sure because I can't find a match to this clock in my references but it looks like it might have been made but the Waterbury Clock Company. I sa...
  38. Do you have any more questions Jaco_van_Niekerk? If so, let us know. If not, please indicate that your Mystery was "Solved" in your listing. Regards, Bruce
  39. Hello Jaco_van_Niekerk! Welcome to Collectors Weekly, Clocks. Thank you for sharing your heirloom Ansonia with us, and thank you for making it so easy for us to look it up in our reference mate...
  40. Classic Bond, James Bond. Shaken, not stirred. :) Very cool fortapache. Thanks for sharing!
  41. You clock looks like it may be a version of the Welch "Stradella" modelfrom from circa 1889. The catalog illustration reprint found on page 310 of Tran Duy Ly's book on Welch Clocks, 2nd Edition does...
  42. I can't make any recommendations based on the photos. You might try putting the clock in beat by placing thin shims (coins, business cards, etc.) under one side or the other as needed.
  43. Hello, First, you should be using clock oil and not 3 in 1, but okay. Clocks use very little oil. Here's a video on how to oil a clock: Second, a pen...
  44. "...would it be worth fixing.." That would depend upon what your plans are for the clock. Please give us a lil Show & Tell history. How did it come into your possession? What do you intend to do w...
  45. I've not seen that logo before. The movement's "style" looks like a French Count Wheel, but the French were copied. Sorry I can't be of more help, but thanks for sharing your lovely Brass clock. I...
  46. You have an Ansonia model called the "Savoy" from circa 1904. You can easily find other examples online by looking up "Ansonia Savoy". Your particular version with the American Sash and Dial origin...
  47. Hi, Very nice Tambour timepiece. Sounds like the mainspring may be completely wound up. Does the clock run at all? If not, you may need to take it in for evaluation and possibly for servicing...
  48. BTW, always be careful to carry the clock with your fingers/hands underneath. Never carry it by the top of the case. The tops of these heavy clocks have been known to separate from their cases and t...
  49. Well, That's definitely an Ansonia Open Escapement Movement. If the movement is in its original case, I can't tell one way or another. It looks like an Ansonia Black Marble case, but I can't fin...
  50. Hi. Thank you for sharing your heirloom clock with us. I can't find the model in my reference materials but the case is called a "Tambour". My guess is that your clock is from circa 1920 give or ta...
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