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Pennsylvania, USA

I really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American MaI really enjoy collecting and restoring antique mechanical Mantel and Tall Case Clocks. Our Clock Collection is made up of mostly (but not exclusively) American Manufacturers like Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Ingraham, New Haven, Welch, Waterbury, Sessions, Gilbert, Herschede and Chelsea. We also have a small number of French and German Clocks. (Read more)


Mid 20th Century Tall Case Dutch Marquetry Reproduction with an Antique French Morbier Movement   - Clocksin Clocks
Antique Seth Thomas "Empire No. 30" Crystal Regulator. - Clocksin Clocks
Ornate Seth Thomas "Tampa Variant" from circa 1910 - Clocksin Clocks
Sessions "Shop of the Crafters" Mission-Style Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Seth Thomas Garfield Wood Cased Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Ingraham Girl Cherub Black Mantel Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. "One more question? It did not of the winding key. Where would I look to find one?" You'll need to determine and find the proper size. Too small, you won't be able to wind. Too large and you coul...
  2. Yep. I had one of those! Didn't take it off to college, of course, and lost track of it along with all the others. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Never mind. I see the label now. Out of New Orleans? In my experience, that is really unusual. What else does the label say? Any other marks or stamps on the case or movement?
  4. I've not heard of a clock maker/manufacturer by the name of Abe Mayer. Could it be possible that Abe was a previous owner? The one clock looks like it may be an Ingraham Clock to me, but I could m...
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  6. Hello Donmarie, Welcome to the "Clocks" section of Collectors Weekly. My reference (Tran Duy Ly's book on Ingraham Clocks and Watches) does not show the MA2. It does show the MA1, which looks exac...
  7. You're very welcome.
  8. Hello Klwheeler77, Welcome to Collectors Weekly! Your heirloom is not a Grandfather's Clock. It is what is known as a Standing Regulator. Your model is Waterbury's "Regulator No. 52" and is fr...
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  11. You're welcome. Search eBay for sold listings of Waterbury Mantel Clocks. There's also an appraisal service available here:
  12. Hi and as Stuff has said, welcome to CW. We know from your clock's label that you have a Waterbury "Salome". My reference has it circa 1900. It's a polished gray marbleized wood case Mantel clock w...
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  18. Thank you Newfld, Watchsearcher, Sean68, Gillian, and Brunswick for stopping by, for your "Love It" clicks, and for your very kind remarsk. Gillian, no, the movement was temporarily removed from the...
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  20. No, this is not a Cuckoo Clock. It should moved to "Ansonia" and "Mantel" Clocks. It's a wood case Time and Strike Mantel Clock.
  21. Your heirloom is an Ansonia Clock Company's model they called the "Organ" from circa 1906. It was part of their "O" assortment. Other clock models were called "Ostrich, Orchard, Orderly, Ostler and ...
  22. It needs a proper cleaning and maybe some restoration of pivot holes (bushings). You never really know until the movement has been carefully examined. It's a machine and all machines require periodi...
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  25. Glad to know that you enjoyed our Post and that it has helped you put some of the puzzle pieces together. Circa 1902 wasn't *that* long ago. You must be fairly young. That and the fact that I'm just g...
  26. It looks to me that you have an Ansonia clock made by the Company started in 1969. The Ansonia Clock Co., Inc. of Lynnwood, Washington which ceased operations in 2005. You can read some more inform...
  27. You have an Ansonia Enameled Iron Mantel Clock named the "Como" from circa 1886. For questions regarding cleaning and maintenance I would suggest that you go to the National Association of Watch and...
  28. This is an aptly model named the Ansonia "Nice" (or is that the French City?). It's from circa 1894 and is made of black enameled iron. Originally listed for $14 which was a lot of money back then. ...
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  36. Anything is possible but I really don't think this "Clock Face" started off as anything other than what it currently is. I've seen my share of clock faces before. I've never seen a divided Chapter ...
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  41. You're welcome Gage. Thank you for sharing your heirloom. It has been well cared for through the years.
  42. Evidently it stretches out the yarn and gets it ready to work with. See this video: Hope that solves your mystery. Thanks Stuff. I knew this wasn't ...
  43. That should be "Clock Reel" not "Clock Wheel". Perhaps a spool went on the top some how. Not sure. I've never seen one in action.
  44. Yougottahavestuff is right I believe. You have a Yarn Winder. The "clock" face is a counter, or clicker. I think this version may have been called a "Clock Wheel" See these links for more inform...
  45. Welcome to Collectors Weekly Gage, This is a Sessions Black Enameled Wood cased Mantel Clock with an 8-day time and strike movement. According to my reference, it looks like you have a model calle...
  46. Okay. I guess it is not a mystery anymore. Good! You're welcome.
  47. Hello, Welcome to Collectors Weekly. This model is called the New Haven "Grecian" from circa 1900. You can find more information on the New Haven Clock Company here:
  48. Hello, Welcome to Collectors Weekly and thank you for sharing your family heirloom with us. Your Ansonia La Orb is from Circa 1904. It could have been manufactured several years before or after th...
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