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Port Macquarie NSW

There is something about the chime of an old wind up clock or the solid wood pieces of old so lovingly and skillfully made that creates a real home. Each piece takesThere is something about the chime of an old wind up clock or the solid wood pieces of old so lovingly and skillfully made that creates a real home. Each piece takes on a personality of its own, the history avidly sought out and the origin fondly remembered by the owner! LOVE IT! (Read more)


  1. Lovely clock! an Enfield...Can you open the back and take a pic of the mechanism?
  2. Gee Thanks for that mp!
  3. I did the light test and can see the shadow of my hand perfectly through the porcelain....Looking good!
  4. Yes Thankyou so much...very much appreciated
  5. No seriously..that's ok...I'd rather learn and that's why I posted it..It's worth much more to means nothing.... because my Daughter bought it as a gift ...Unfortunately she paid quite a ...
  6. Thanks Phil...yes it is a transfer on close inspection...the gold flowers etc are definately hand painted but there is cross hatch on courting couple
  7. I could not find an inscription to match so it doesn't surprise me at all rj...Thankyou....Unfortunately alot of antique dealers aren't aware daughter bought this for me in QLD at an antiq...
  8. No worries..I will take a pic of the back and take dimensions...thanks!
  9. Oh!
  10. Thankyou so much for your help
  11. Thanks Bob...any idea of age? Can I take a better pic for you on a different angle perhaps? Does the make and emblem give an idea?
  12. My great Grandmother and Great Grandfather migrated to Australia from England if that helps.
  13. My Mum said it belonged to her Mother and that she had it as long as she remembers....My Mum is 83...As far as I know It is original.
  14. Thankyou!
  15. It belonged to my Mum and my Grandmother before's definately amber glass and quite dark too...I took it under very bright lights...I will post another pic for you
  16. The tapestry looks in fine condition in the photos and for it's age...astonishing!!! Just it!
  17. Hey Bryan...This clock is a came with it's original paperwork would you's powdering at the edges it's so old. Like your clock, the chimes are deep and rich...just lovely and i...
  18. Aren't they beautiful... I am looking for an old oak canteen box :-) Tassie, fortunately there are a number available around the traps but will wait for the right price. Yes fortapache you're right,...
  19. The pics don't do it justice do they...the beveled glass doesn't show up. It will look lovely when positioned in the new place
  20. Tambour style is my favourite shape too, lovely little clock
  21. It really is a beauty isn't it.....Urgos was on the list
  22. It seems to be original, very similar leadlighting to my other pantry. I have a close up of the glass I will post.
  23. Though he is the one that does all the work ;-)
  24. Yes it is but the wick winder is seized and I want to be able to use it. A bit of panel beating as the top is a bit uneven and a few old screws that are missing. My brother Paul is a gem with restorat...
  25. Yes..I agree....what you see is how I bought it...a rare find in such good condition.
  26. Yes and the long side cupboard which was the selling point for me...besides just loving its character...
  27. Excellent guys...I bought this from a guy who said it had been left by the previous owners of his house...this narrows down my estimate...Thankyou!
  28. Ha! That's the joy of antiques isn't it? The memories they ignite...I love it!
  29. Me too fleafinder! :-) I loved this as soon as I saw it is one of my favourites!
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Port of call oil on canvas by  Frans Van Lamsweerde


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