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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. As if we need to be reminded ! LOL ! They're going to cut on me again soon. Made the surgeon promise they wouldn't steal a kidney while poking around, but did request marinading my liver in stem-cell...
  2. Sure they aren't multiplying ?
  3. Ain't never sen nut'n lik dis befo. Can see how good it would be for doing leaded glass.
  4. Share, that's an idea for my last resort. Actually, my last resort was in Jamaica & haven't owned another since. All it lacks, is some bullet holes.
  5. I learned early, that people believe what they want to believe & facts seldom change their minds.
  6. Gulf, every country propagandizes/brainwashes its citizens. If the Soviets made their own documentary, I'm sure it was a lot different and most of their people would believe what it shows. I've lived ...
  7. Coke, you advise people to watch U.S. movies to get the truth ? I'll ask Santa 1st . LOL !!
  8. Kennedy was weak on international policies. It was on open secret, what was going on in Cuba. JFK's lack of action encouraged the Soviets to accelerate their plans until it became volatile .
  9. "Wa a ting". That would have been great as, "what is this?"
  10. PCC, maybe you should try some. LOL!
  11. don't all employees do that ? I built the carriage for my Civil War cannon in our Piper working hangar !!! What's that brass thing under the metric pipe wrench ?
  12. I can relate to these. When Jamaica was communist, we would see armed Cuban soldiers on the streets. We couldn't have guns but they could !
  13. I'm thinking, gunners quadrant for a mortar.
  14. I may try that Karen. First, I want to see if I get any bids on the shop location & secret key location under the shop mat. Oops ! LOL !! (Toothless dog's name included).
  15. I offered Clem a hectare of land, 6 goats(1 pregnant) and 4 copper bracelets, but he turned it down.
  16. Heavy metal !
  17. Y'all always think the worst. Maybe she is getting dressed ? After a bit of, - - whatever. LOL !
  18. I'm wondering now if I have ever met a "respectable woman". LOL
  19. Good advertising, but it still comes down to location, location, location.
  20. Don't these have the Doppler effect ? I remember one from somewhere.
  21. Always luv'd your collection !
  22. Gladly, I can say that I wasn't around when this came out.
  23. UncleRon, I went thru all of the pix & only saw 1 or 2 that came close. I posted a stone hammer that had teeth on the face & it was correctly ID'd. I feel that we are beating around the bush without s...
  24. Hotair, Google did have a site for "hammers used for making horse collars". To use an Island expression, "The more I looked, the more I didn't see it".
  25. DING ! Acrodog has it, although I rather liked Thomas' ear war remover idea. Clem says it is 130 yrs old, although I didn't note any dates. Yeah Nick, I thought a pix of what many CW followers mentall...
  26. Progress is measured by the number of left-over parts, Mac.
  27. Bon chance !
  28. Trey, get out of that FL sun & look at this "thang".
  29. No idea where it might be now, Caper. Australia from SXM. The top was stuck so well that I was afraid of damaging it.
  30. No cigar, Caper.
  31. Hey Phil, I steered around it on that poste ! LOL ! Glad, at least one person caught it. When it gets cold up your way, you'll need a much smaller mallet. LOL !
  32. I thought so too, JF. The time it must take to carve on !
  33. Yeah, isn't it unique.
  34. You got that right.
  35. Sure looks like her.
  36. Yeah ! I'm looking for a North American like this. Why was it welded ? Sick !
  37. If its for stone, it will be hardened & I will check that.
  38. OK ! What else have you got ? lol. Welcome to CyberAsylum/CW
  39. We're trying to figure out how to use something made in a place called Naunton ? Wonder what they were trying to spell ? LOL !!
  40. The top line says "BAYER"(?) national organization. Under that is the makers name in "Munchen". (Munich). Each maker would have its' own name, or code & location.
  41. t appears from the site you found, that is a medical kit. The emblem is still the SA & I can't remember what the initials below it is. I want to say drivers corps, but not sure.
  42. I was at Sebring or Courtland in the late 50's or early 60's where 3 or 4 Corvettes were racing. Now, these are sports car tracks with plenty of tight turns. The Vettes would take lead positions in th...
  43. They wash up in the Caribes too. I was told they were from Japanese fishing boats. Anybody know the facts ?
  44. Yeah, I quit drinking hard merde about 30 yrs. ago on requests from friends. LOL !
  45. No. It is what the distillery is calling it. Their regular might be rot-gut & they call their rot-gut +P, VSR. Actually, distillers may have a requirement for their ratings, but I don't know. I'm sur...
  46. I'm sure about it. Been there, done that. Horses will distend their bellies when you are are tightening the cinch so it is slack afterwards. Right knee in the side of their belly solves the problem.
  47. "Is that the name?", of what ?
  48. Setting angle of teeth on saws.
  49. Very Special Reserve.
  50. Kind of reminds me of strapless flip-flops I saw yrs.ago in St. John, U.S.V.I.. They were just the soles that stuck to the bottom of your feet & looked weird on walkers. You just washed them off & the...
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Lamp Manufacturer's Mark? new calcium light burner Sign base


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