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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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Admiral Rodney Medallion - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Admiral Rodney Medallion - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Admiral Rodney Medallion - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Dutch Xmas tree-SXM - Art Glassin Art Glass
Update on 1/5 scale 6 pdr cannon - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
6 pdr. 1/5 scale - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
My study of St. Maarten wildlife 
NAME THAT BURGEE/COURTESY FLAG - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Jamaican driver's lic.- 1970's - Paperin Paper
I'm back with mo junk ! - Lampsin Lamps


  1. I didn't expect this much interest in this junk. I gave it to a café owner friend last week. He seems to like junk & now I know where to dump it.
  2. Maybe you should put a sign on that: "Penny, this is not a fire hydrant, tree or tire !".
  3. Never actually seen an ATC signal light up close, but had to do the wing wagging thing once when my radio went out & the tower gave a red light to hold & then a green when I could land. Been many a ye...
  4. Just what everybody needs in their living room. LOL ! Good job.
  5. Thomas, you're incorrigible. Welcome to the club.
  6. Maybe French.
  7. Still a great wall hanger.
  8. That guy was a busy bugger. Iron cross 1st & 2nd class, wounded, 3 tanks killed and that's what I can see. Great patch. I've gotten away from collecting Nazi stuff because of all the fakes. It has eve...
  9. Roy, you forgot to put "ex" in front. LOL !!
  10. Hope the kid's body grows to meet his head size. LOL !!
  11. Actually Roy, you are echoing the common fear of men that assume they are snobs so they don't approach them for fear of rejection. I've found that 10's usually don't know how hot they are and can be l...
  12. Roy, I doubt your heart could stand being around these "10's" from these mega-yachts. You know what its done to mine ! And they can be real friendly ! Fort, I like your thinking. LOL !
  13. Anything, that's about 1/2 hrs worth at "The Soggy" ! It's a local sailor, pilot, cop, Me, and other dis/mis-placed persons hangout. The Dutch put a police sub-station across the road & suggestions of...
  14. I'm not claiming credit. (Well, maybe helping supply the empty bottles) As I remember, it was a joint project of Limies, Dike-Hoppers, Kraut & Afrikaners. Toyrebel, I've had Dutch papers for 39 yrs. &...
  15. Volume vs risk wasn't practical. Now, flying up dressed as the Michelin Man is an idea. LOL !
  16. Thomas, are you on 6 yr. delay. Coke did contact me but can't give details because of nondisclosure agreement. Let's just say that I will have to stay and suffer it out in SXM.
  17. I'm with you Fhr. What's wrong with kids, is ah, ah,- they are just too immature. They should grow up & act their age ! LOL. Luv the ironwork & the latch, especially caught my eye.
  18. I appreciate everybody's appreciation of my current endeavour. Lost most of what I had due to heart attack & then Irma. Glad I put some of my best stuff in the museum. Irma knocked St. Maarten/St. Mar...
  19. Great profile pic. with the SA. Haven't seen that one before.
  20. Mine are free & it only takes an hour for something to develop. I admit that yours is a better looking collection. When did you start collecting cameras ?
  21. You will feel right at home with our other "COKE" addicts. Welcome to CW, aka CyberAsylum.
  22. I pick locks, but this would turn into a job. I would opt for an angle grinder but 9 m/m is more fun !
  23. It probably entered the States with 23 illegals in it ! LOL !
  24. Looks like for printing or from Gitmo.
  25. Looking at the 1st pic, I'm wondering it the top is replaced. The quality of the edge finishing doesn't seem to match the quality of the rest.
  26. I'm just guessing with limited experience, but I would guess 1830-1900. Well made.
  27. Some how I missed this. Great find.
  28. I'm impressed Thomas ! I don't think I ever had to say that much to get laid ! LMFAO !! Lauren, don't feel bad. Rap was invented by people who had no musical talent. Breakdancing was invented by ghett...
  29. I was here ?! Well, it is Sunday. I'll sort it out tomorrow. LOL !!
  30. Daddy & Hotair, you two's comments mean a lot ! Roy, I quit trying to guess what's going to kill me first ! LOL !! Just when I accepted the doc's rulings, that I am on the "short list", I started gett...
  31. Have more than you do ! Two less today.
  32. Nice collection. I have a bag of brownies in my freezer, - and it's Sunday !
  33. How do the last two function ? Nice collection.
  34. For awhile, I thought it was just me.
  35. That is a real beauty & heavily made.
  36. Let me guess. Birmingham !
  37. You really fell down the rabbit hole ! LUV it !
  38. Glad to know that you aren't gravity challenged. LOL ! Another glitch we hope CW staff can clear up. Welcome to CyberAsylum.
  39. Gee'eez, wha a ting ! And I thought I knew enough in enough diff. languages to get myself laid or killed anywhere in the world except Finland & Mongolia. LOL !!
  40. Let me guess ! It plays The Sound of Music ? LOL ! Welcome to CW, aka CyberAsylum.
  41. Doubt this was a big seller. Sure don't remember it on the jukeboxes back then. LOL!!
  42. Roycroft: My favourite antagonist ! You're going to miss me when I'm gone. OK, it maybe be a few yrs. before you notice I'm not around. LOL ! I won't come haunt you, because it's too damned cold up th...
  43. Easy on the Viagra before you get the urge to go to town & start showing it to everybody. LOL !!
  44. And The Beat Goes On ! I'm not going to throw in what's in my mind Yogotta, because I'm not quit ready to get banned from CW. LOL!!
  45. Most people don't think of high mountains in the Caribbean. Pike's Peak is really impressive at 14,000', but it's base is at 5-6,000' above sea level. Some hundreds of miles from me in The Dominican R...
  46. Iggy, I got a 7 yr. old Chinese kid to straighten things out. Why won't they leave, well enough, alone ? They should design them so that they have an "after life" use, like a planter. They don't last ...
  47. Josef Mengele probably carried one in his back pocket.
  48. Thomas, why should that bother you ? French side: Shake n Bake, Dutch side: Honky, and Jamaica: Ja-mon or Bum'ble clot.
  49. Probably grape shot.
  50. Back when I was a wee tyke, when dinosaurs roamed, I tinkered with ham radio & used a headset similar to these. Many nites falling asleep with them on listening to classical music on Radio Moscow. Bri...
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