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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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WWII German dress bayonet - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Maybe it'll help ? 
Happy St. Patrick's Day - Photographsin Photographs
Merry Christmas Eve, Eve (Avoiding riots) - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Treat- or trick ! - Photographsin Photographs
My ship came in, -kind of ! 
New trinket - Accessoriesin Accessories
KY arrow points - Native Americanin Native American
Admiral Rodney Medallion - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Dutch Xmas tree-SXM - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Maybe their parole officer. LOL
  2. For the man who thought he had everything. LOL !
  3. They've got it in for you Ted ! It's only you. LOL
  4. I assume you have a dishwasher. Hate to have to wash those by hand. LOL
  5. At 74, all I've got is 3 bikes. Got tired of people using my truck more than I did, and on a small island, don't need anything else now days. 61 yrs. riding and have the scars to prove it.
  6. Well put fhr. LOL
  7. Early group of Hare Krishnars ?
  8. Now we know.
  9. Not clearly a mills to me. What is a mills ?
  10. Well, it's old now. LOL
  11. Digging way back now ! Happy Thanksgiving eve ! Don't have it here except among us heathen ex-pats.
  12. By 1961, every kid over 12 knew the metric system !
  13. These is usually labeled Persian.
  14. More a copy of a European cavalry sword.
  15. Don't think they are selling Girl Scout cookies ! LOL
  16. Not that old, going by the wood.
  17. If I saw something like that coming at me out of the jungle, I'd shot 1st and ask questions later. LOL !
  18. Remember them well.
  19. Could be a military musician's sword, but pix and info are too scanty.
  20. I'm impressed that a Californian is recognizing and showing an interest in the rest of the country.
  21. Are you going to put rabbit ears on them ? LOL !
  22. I nicknamed it "Sudden Comfort".
  23. Alfred, that zipper clause may cause problems. I'll have to check out each individually tomorrow when they come in. I don't go in that pasture because I'm not sure they have set off all the Amer. butt...
  24. Alfred, you want sheep, we have them ! More goats and they are cheaper !
  25. Fort, you will have to come up with more incentive to get me to come to LA again !
  26. Really bad over-bite !
  27. A sausage ? I'm thinking tongue ! We seem to be from diff. realities.
  28. Get this checked out by a collector. I believe you have a repro.
  29. Yeah, sanding the alternating densities of wood can be a B. Did you get your blanks and parts from my cousin Turner Kirkland ?
  30. I've know a lot of them, Hoot ! It's all part of the plan, - and design. Some places on the gum are just harder to reach and require special attention. I'll now return you to your regularly scheduled ...
  31. Well, I'm impressed ! I've built a few rifles in my time and know the amount of luv put into it. Whipping the wood down the 1st time with a wet cloth and understanding the beauty you can make out of i...
  32. Hell, I was known as "Gold Finger" long before the movie came out !
  33. Maybe he traveled with the "Great White Fleet"? Am I allowed to use that term ?
  34. By the powers vested in me as a life long collector of antique firearms, I hereby grand you full and unlimited bragging rights. Didn't know Yankees were this capable! Lol. Looks like great inlaying an...
  35. BB2 was here
  36. This is a WWII Japanese NCO sabre. Had one as a kid. Is the blade sharpened ?
  37. Bet there was a big jump in extension cord sales when this came out.
  38. You missed your calling.
  39. My guess is Eastern Med..
  40. Alfred, have a dingy with 3 hp for sale real cheap.
  41. Not forgetting your "roots"! LOL ! Great reply Penny. LMAO. Those pix with your giant truck are still in my memory banque.
  42. Naval aviation.
  43. Wa a ting !
  44. Glad to hear somebody worries about me. Nobody here does, - including me ! LOL !! At least we don't get snow ! Bet you wish you could say that ? I'm looking at Tobago, Dominican Republic and Roatan. M...
  45. Yeah Share, c'est moi ! Just trying to stay busy, off the streets and out of trouble. Not easy when you're bored to death. Think about another Island. I know all the pot-holes on this one.
  46. BB2 was here
  47. I need one of these to hang on my wall, - here in the tropics. LOL ! Also some snowshoes & skis.
  48. Not often you see orig. pix showing the paper diamond labels.
  49. I luv cameos and this one is exceptional. I'll trade you 4 goats and 3 copper bracelets for it. LOL !
  50. My 1st guess was Japanese.
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