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WWII German dress bayonet - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Maybe it'll help ? 
Happy St. Patrick's Day - Photographsin Photographs
Merry Christmas Eve, Eve (Avoiding riots) - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Treat- or trick ! - Photographsin Photographs
My ship came in, -kind of ! 
New trinket - Accessoriesin Accessories
KY arrow points - Native Americanin Native American
Admiral Rodney Medallion - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Dutch Xmas tree-SXM - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. And what area might that be ?
  2. Bottom looks like others have tested it and found it to be resin.
  3. Is this for splitting wood, or what ?
  4. I talked several times with her and her husband. Very nice and down-to-earth people. I was impressed .
  5. I can relate.
  6. Probably 30 fakes to each real thing. Hope you're lucky, it's beautiful.
  7. Dav, talking about 1865.
  8. Sniffing out gold & silver again, are we ? You sure have the nose for it !
  9. Looks like a motorcycle cap based on the Greek captains hats that were popular some time back.
  10. May I go to sleep now ?
  11. Lack of a convenient way to hang it is the only reason I question strop.
  12. Interesting Newfld. Are they doing protest marches or rioting ?
  13. I remember jet black squirrels in Toronto. Maybe from smog ? Is that their only habitat ?
  14. And now Barbie ! LOL !!!
  15. Is it still in warranty ? What ! No airco ! Fenders are probably as thick as a WWI tank.
  16. I think IP is on the right track.
  17. My Chinie is a bit rusty. If you want to get laid, I can help you there. Also in German, Portugee, Jap, Finnish, French, & patois. Don't want to forget Alabamese ! LOL !
  18. This spring plate springs up or down. Not clear. I'm right there with you Watch !
  19. Take care of those wagon wheels. They are getting scarce.
  20. Would it snap on the finger of the curious when they pull it out ? I've seen something like that that said "Do Not Open". People can't resist.
  21. You mean Jaw-ja.
  22. Ah, and Phil joins us again ! Here, people would probably think it is a mongoose.
  23. Another mystery. Another sleepless nite ! It can't be that hard to figure out !
  24. Call Jay Leno. Maybe just what he's been looking for ! LOL
  25. Yeah, I know. After all, rhinestones ?!! LOL! It meant something to somebody. Who are we to question motives ? Have a good weekend. I'm watching these storms rolling across toward our Rock. Like being...
  26. Newfld, this is not a military piece. This is something sold by a vendor at a GAR reunion, for profit. Vendors sold stuff like this at north & south reunions. Strictly money.
  27. I'm going to say mid-1900's just going by style & springs. I can't see any screw heads in the pix. If you see Allen head (X head) screws, it would probably be after around 1940. If slot-head, maybe ea...
  28. Bet that was, and will be, a real comfortable chair.
  29. Probably the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic). Probably from a reunion. From looking at U.S. news, it's beginning to look like they lost the War. LOL !
  30. Sounds like maybe you should put it back where you found it. LOL ! Hope you remember.
  31. The last pic is the way I remember them on the side of the roads.
  32. What did he possess ?
  33. Shame ole Georgie never got to read it.
  34. Floridie is just a low grade Alabamese.
  35. BB2 was here
  36. Nice find !
  37. It's a version of the Confederate flag.
  38. "It ain't got no wings, Mon !" LOL !
  39. Janis may have made it to the moon 1st ! Not sure if she came back !
  40. Extremely well done !
  41. Nasty looking bit of kit that.
  42. Looks like it has a hole for going over a rifle muzzle. Bayonet ?
  43. Don't by chance have map showing RR's in the area of Auburn, AL in the War of Northern Aggression time period do you ? A "treasure" disappeared along the route to Columbus, GA (about 50 mi.)
  44. For some reason, I didn't get it (or find it). I ck'd spam. all mail, trash etc.. The more I looked, the more it wasn't there. Resend with Subject: Ralph There is only one flight weekly from "Traff...
  45. Appears to be an old Bowie style. This style is often described as Confederate but it was a common side knife seen before and long after the War of Northern Agression.
  46. You found it under a tree, so that eliminates the world's deserts. There is a lot of the world left. Italy ? China ? Australia ? Give us a hint.
  47. Not too heavy if you start tenderizing before the animal is dead. LOL !
  48. Looks like iron to me. Try a magnet on it. Does look real old. Where did you find it ?
  49. I thought of that but figure the "prongs" are too long for that. Hey McCoy, that's BB2 to you until I know you better. LMAO ! Had a friend who just moved to Dunkin, OK. Asked him what it was known for...
  50. Meat tenderizer ? To kill those early air-bags ? Conch mallet ?
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