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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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My study of St. Maarten wildlife 
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  1. Oops, Friedrich it is . Fried rich maybe ?
  2. "No goosing". I like that! Buckle was made by Fried Linden in Ludenscheid, Germany.
  3. The Injuns here were Arawak & Caribe & didn't have flint, so looking is a waste of time unless you happen to find a carved figure etc.. I've joke about taking the broken points & chips & scattering th...
  4. Bobby, I never found an unbroken drill & when I was a kid (just a few yrs. ago), didn't know what they were. Sure wish I had one (hint, hint). LOL. Thomas. We are going to have to stop meeting like th...
  5. Got some beautiful points there ! And Thomas, steroids. There goes your political career ! Bon chance.
  6. Guess it didn't work or it would be on every shelf ! Wouldn't that solve a lot of problems for us guys ?!!! LOL !!
  7. You sure don't show much. This is a bayonet for a French Chassepot rifle. The inscription means Cat's arms, although "chat" has another meaning, which I won't get into here. LOL !
  8. Fish scaler ?
  9. Live & let live. They don't bother me, so I don't bother them, except in my shoes. Now, the ones I've seen in Central Amer., I look at in awe at their size. I keep the other critters out of the house ...
  10. Really nice piece. Wish the pi was clearer. You can post 4 pix.
  11. In St Eustatius, we had these. Brown was "ground spider" & the grey were "donkey spiders" & they did live around donkeys. Had seen a "donkey spider"around the house for several days but prefer to leav...
  12. A real catch !
  13. My niece who can't hold a job & lives off of gov't aid & begging her mother for help.
  14. Maybe it has a hernia.
  15. Maybe for making fishing flies ?
  16. Usually less painful to collect other people's teeth.
  17. Watch got it. Mokey's fist. Usually made to throw a rope. Hard to push them !
  18. I vote for giving today's kids hazardous toys. LOL !!
  19. Mani, I'm sure there are a lot of people who would like to try it without me !
  20. Reminds be of my last Belgie girlfriend. I think it' the ears.
  21. Swore I wouldn't clk on ashtrays. OK, I lied !
  22. Whoops ! Bad timing. Friend in demolition grabbed loads of stuff from Nazi warehouses. He packed a lot of footlockers with booty, painted them purple with pink stripes. He left them on the dock in NY ...
  23. Maybe our best poste.
  24. How long was she in hospital ? LOL !!
  25. Your's has the chrysanthemum crest. Many were ground off before release to the public for reasons I don't know. Your model should have a chrome bore, which was the only military rifles to have that du...
  26. I'll look into the GI.
  27. French emblem. Probably 1700's. What are the measurements ?
  28. I have been known to leave the tarmac.
  29. We alternate between clock-wise & counter clock-wise to prevent dizzyness. LOL ! Brownies eliminate having to decide.
  30. Hey Anything ! Ease off ! I'm at an impressionable age. LOL !!
  31. Maybe a goose.
  32. Had one & sold it in a garage sale.
  33. St. Maarten is close enough to being Wally World. I went thru a Fr. gendarme road check wearing a WWII German helmet with SS decals & didn't get one glance from them. Guess the French are calloused to...
  34. I haven't seen any mi/km markers here. The more I look, - the more they aren't there. Of course, it's only about an hour ride around the Rock, and that includes 2 beer stops. Kind of hard to get lost,...
  35. Good call Colonel.
  36. Now, there's something you don't see everyday, Chauncey.
  37. My guess is, English or German colonial.
  38. Looks like a Soviet design to me.
  39. It got on the surface somehow. Natural ? What was the question again ? LOL
  40. Are you off nicking signs off the highways again ? I thought I talked to you about that ? LOL !!
  41. Add those to our 2 blunderbusses, 4 spear guns, 6 cutlasses, & 3 gaff hooks, and we could declare war on Anguilla ! Why ? Because they are there ! They certainly don't have anything we need. LOL !
  42. Send a DNA sample to & get the Chief's profile.
  43. What did you do with the ashes ? LOL !
  44. Paraffin base was a better lubricant than asphalt base, but created more sludge buildup. Interesting, but totally useless info. LOL
  45. Looks like L/53 to me. That would be made by Hymmen & Co. - Ludenscheid. Lucky you !
  46. Rattle, you'll get my bill at the end of the month. This is something you develop, or just have an eye for (pun intended). Amer. In-juns don't really have oriental eyes. Like pure golds from diff. pa...
  47. Of course ! Just look at those eyes.
  48. Years ago when cigar store Indians were in big demand, imitations started poring out of the Orient. Many were very authentic looking except the eyes. They had Oriental eyes. LOL ! When you look at the...
  49. I considered that, but those are usually only a few degrees diff. from the actual seat on either side. Just don't think they are for internal combustion.
  50. Mary, that's the Nazi social welfare, or Volkswohlfahrt (NSV). It was second in size only to the labour org. (DAF). The Nazi's seemed to have had good welfare services. Gillian, I'm at a loss as to wh...
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"A Kind Of Game Board:"  Stoneware Art Plate


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