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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. My reply to Otto was, "Old habits are hard to break". The house I owned in St. Eustatius was used to hide European art until after the war. They were brought in by U-boot & the Dutch collaborator, I b...
  2. The Boy Scouts are supplying weapons to the enemy ?! Before we know it, they will be awarding them merit badges !! Is there one for making IED's ? Don't guess a suicide bomber gets to wear his ?
  3. Many fake cigar store Indians come from the Orient. They are easy to spot usually because of the eyes. I think that applies here.
  4. Those poor misunderstood little Nazis ! LOL ! I was afraid that this would turn into a radical reply post, but it turned out well and informative. You're expecting my usual anecdote & I aim to please...
  5. Val, only party members wore this armband.
  6. I'll poste it when I can. I'm packing to leave now.
  7. I got a laugh when I saw it & had to pass it on. Glad everybody enjoyed it.
  8. Uncle Adolf's leadership lead Germany to be the 1st country out of the depression era. He lost mental control afterwards. As an outsider looking in, the "States" appear to be fascist, or on the fast t...
  9. Quite a few French volunteered for the SS. Indians( tired of being treated as sub-human by the Brits), Dutch, African blacks etc.. The list goes on & on. Even a few Brits as well as 10K Irish. I found...
  10. I'll look in my junk drawer(German police helmet).
  11. I posted a number of Nazi/German items in the past, here on CW. Have a few left I would like to find a good home for.
  12. Just to correct my statement in #2 about 100's of thousands of non Germans in the SS. Delved into it a bit & came up with 1/2 million. At the end of the war, more than 1/2 of the waffen SS was non Ger...
  13. What ! Nothing controversial ? LOL !
  14. Reminds me of my many years in Jamaica.
  15. 1st one reminds me of Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou.
  16. Ouuuu! AO, that is what's called an exit joke. LOL !
  17. 18K starved to death that winter !
  18. Looking at it after a brownie, - - it straightened out ! Go figure ! LOL !!
  19. Glad you like it Bucket. Akrodog & I went out to shoot it and I couldn't find my powder measure & guessed. Found out later that I was putting well over 200 grs. in it. No wonder it bucked so much !! T...
  20. Nice family heirloom . Or Heer-loom.
  21. As a Hannover girlfriend said, "Ve ver not trying to take over the Vorld. Ve just vanted to find a better climate". Is this wool or cotton ?
  22. Looks like they're trying to decide which is the father. LOL !!
  23. Been there, done that. Fun hobby if you have the time & a steady hand. Looks museum quality.
  24. Wish I had all that stuff given to me when I was a kid ! Probably $1/4+ million today. A lot of the party appeal came from the regalia. Hundreds of thousands of SS volunteers were non-German who mainl...
  25. Pre-H.A.(heart attack) & breakup. I have no desire to die with my boots on. Now, while in the saddle has some appeal. LOL !
  26. Thru in a better pic of one of the guns for you, Buckethead.
  27. What's "snow" & why would you want to fence it in ? LOL!
  28. I won't argue with anybody who can use "Whilst" in a sentence. LOL !
  29. Probably now, gator hunters in air-boats, swamp buggies, waverunners and a few ancient aliens along with new aliens ! LOL !!
  30. Those wire cutters wouldn't last long. Maybe made of Ampco. Magnet doesn't stick ?
  31. Thought it was my eyes or medications for a sec.. Neat ! Might even look better after a brownie !
  32. In mud ? Must be another offshoot of Baptists. Dunkin Nuts ! LOL !
  33. Guess things could be worse. We could have been kids in that era & have to wear things like that to please parents. LOL ! Is that part of Granny's good table cloth ?
  34. Probably not close to WWI or II. Well, Maybe Oregon never heard of those wars. LOL!!
  35. Wonderful !! Maybe that style will come back & people will think you have a new truck. LOL !!
  36. Could be the barrel wrench for the early Bergmann or MP 28-II submachine guns.
  37. I used to buy a Belgie beer named Burgermeister in St. Maarten, but they stopped getting it at my wholesaler. Bought the last batch at $10 usd per case. 37 cases ! "Let's just get a case. It'll last l...
  38. I question the Maltese Cross being used in the '40's.
  39. OMG ! That happens in KY to, doesn't it ? I've got to get out of here before I end out like members of the Donner Party !!
  40. We have these shaped things all over the Islands, but they are either water cisterns or stone & brick Dutch ovens.
  41. Take 2 aspirins & call Lzenglish in the morning if it you still have the same symptoms. LOL ! Welcome to CW/CyberAsylum. And we don't charge. No warranties either.
  42. Learn something everyday. Amazing what skeletons can be found when you dig into history.
  43. The church covered this up so well, that few people are aware of this brutal atrocity. Only one(possibly innocent) scapegoat paid the price for the church.
  44. They all look like coyote bait to me. Guess they are still covering up the Mountain Meadows massacre. Kind of like forgetting Custer at the Little Big Horn or Auschwitz.
  45. Sorry to hear that Jan. Worse comments than some of mine ?!! Must have been something !! Often wondered why they haven't S-canned me. Probably something about cruelty to dumb animals. Well bon chance....
  46. Strange that nobody has mentioned the flying saucer !
  47. Still stuck on Uncle Sambo's Plantation with Brrrrr(!) moving in. Guess members of the Donner Party felt like this at the beginning. Probably going to have to ship my scooter from here now.
  48. Oroy, is that you on the pier, or did you take the picture ? I seem to remember most, the reverse prow(pointed end) & the almost ketch-like stern(dull end).
  49. There was a story behind it if I'm right. I've lived around boats for 45 yrs & you get to recognize individual ones.
  50. Seems I have seen this boat labeled as being on a NY lake. Can't remember why it was noteworthy.
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Coca Cola lamp Mystery military button Shabaeff Valentin-Firsov, Oil on Canvas "The Soldier" Cubist, 1940-50 Lamp Manufacturer's Mark?


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