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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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6 pdr. 1/5 scale - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
My study of St. Maarten wildlife 
NAME THAT BURGEE/COURTESY FLAG - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Jamaican driver's lic.- 1970's - Paperin Paper
I'm back with mo junk ! - Lampsin Lamps
Apres Irma - Clocksin Clocks
What's this white sh*t ? - Photographsin Photographs
Decisions, decisions ! - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Had 21 & never fired one - Toysin Toys
Allemande stuff for BlackWatch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. I'm trying to figure out what kind of lamp it is. Doesn't appear to be an oil lamp.
  2. I'm suspicious of it's age.
  3. Ain't nev'r sen nut'in lik dat ! LOL !
  4. And all 5 regios want to kill each other for some reason or another. A friend and I took a few tokes & flipped over the French Line to see how they were celebrating Bastille day (14th) and winning the...
  5. I've had the repro put out in the 60's. This isn't one of those.
  6. Where were they found ?
  7. It's artillery & I don't believe it's U.S..
  8. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses", so we can enslave them with our taxes. LOL !!
  9. C'est l'vive!
  10. 1st one is a cane knife, closely resembling a "woodsman pal".
  11. That is some sort of screwed-up ! Average school kid probably wouldn't notice it.
  12. My guess is earlier. Maybe 20's or 30's. Copper was in demand during the war and a shortage after for awhile.
  13. Hey Buckethead ! What happened to your post on the Healey? I wanted to shoot the merde about sports cars.
  14. Maybe ICE grabbed it's mother. Not to worry, Donald will get them reunited.
  15. Tobacco plug cutter.
  16. I'm not sure I would understand why anybody would make a fake stove ? Of course, there are a lot of Yankees out there !! LOL !!
  17. Well, I'm impressed ! If they're worth money, maybe they have some on the back shelves here. LOL !
  18. Do you want my recipe for Sloppy Does ? LOL !
  19. Bocce ball.
  20. I disagree. This is for wine (probably), but a liquid.
  21. Looks French
  22. Looks French to me.
  23. Moonhill, I've had them jump in while at a traffic light. LOL !!
  24. Which came 1st ? The banana or the banana tree ? Island twist.
  25. And with Duct-Tape, the world keeps turning. LOL. Luv it !! I've flown in things with a lot less & a lot more Duct-Tape.
  26. Coming back strong !
  27. Such high quality, - it comes in gallon cans. LOL !
  28. I did alright too. LOL !!
  29. Missed you. Just got released ? LOL !
  30. Claymore's are fun !!
  31. Lequell carcasse de jour ? LOL !!
  32. Depends on where I chose to wear it, Kyra !
  33. Artfoot, a true story. I have never worked for them & never would, because they are back-stabbing Bas--rds. They ran short once & I arranged a pickup in Ja. The guy stepped out of the plane with a 9 ...
  34. Same, a day late, Trey. Of course it's not a holiday here.
  35. Maybe for those b-i-g ones you have up there, Wind ! Come to think of it, I haven't seen many since Irma. Got a new hurricane coming Sunday or Mon.. Beryl ? Isn't that a stupid name for a hurricane !!
  36. Wind, - you are only at the top of the food chain, as long as they are in a cage. LOL !!
  37. Not my field, but you might have a rare one. It does say "Ball" in the correct script !
  38. She was "kept in the attic for years"!! Hope I'm reading that wrong ! LOL !!
  39. Sho am glad we don't 'av nun of dem critters down har ! Sharks, bak-a-rootas, an hurricanes be 'nuf fo us! Do have o'possum in Dominica, and pronounced "opus-sum".
  40. Ron, you're no fun ! LOL
  41. Dimensions ?
  42. Maybe hashish pipe/bong, but not opium.
  43. In all my yrs. of collecting antique weapons, I have never seen a shot pouch/container even close to this. We have to keep guessing. Did it have ashes in it? LOL
  44. What is the black scrolling just above the 6 then.
  45. Actualy, I think you have a capper for crown caps.
  46. Sure came to the right place, as there are a number of trunk collectors/restorers here.
  47. I can see John Hancock, but are all the others there too.
  48. Technically, these are called "BFW"'s. Big F(fill in)Wrench.
  49. You can soon open your own vampire service centre. LOL
  50. Ron, I noticed a marked increase of them for sale when they were outlawed. LOL !! You mention a point where laws can have flaws. In the 80's, Alabama decriminalized marijuana & made it a misdemeanor w...
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Japan/skull handle fighting style dagger. What is it? What is this? Any ideas? Looking for replacement part for dayton scale. See photos below White and Gray Graniteware Colander Circa I00 Years Old


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