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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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Maybe it'll help ? 
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  1. I don't often vote on jewelry but liked this. St. Maarten/St. Martin. The Wayward Island.
  2. This is artillery.
  3. I dated Olive Oyl in h. school once. Her father drew the cartoons and there was no doubt that she was the inspiration. Cute country girl look.
  4. Never seen one of these before. Course, I've been stuck on a little island for decades.
  5. Pieter is a common Nordic name and I see a Pieter A. Scheen as an art dealer from the Hague. How did that name come up ?
  6. Is it made permanent with screws (what type?) or made to disassemble via wedges & pegs ?
  7. Glad you saved that beauty !
  8. One my ancestors missed? Probably poor quality captured Yankee ammo. LOL
  9. You got it !
  10. I hear they changed to name of Corona beer because of the bad connotation. They are renaming it Ebola Extra. Hope you don't regret finding this site. LOL
  11. Celtic design.
  12. Sa wa ?
  13. Vynil, we've got a live one here ! Welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW.
  14. Fort, we use boot & bonnet & windscreen too. LOL ! I go with lorry or camion.
  15. The originals were lead filled like this, so if a repop, it's authentic made. My guess is repop.
  16. I used one yrs. ago flying, but technology has moved on and I don't remember how to use one. Not planning on relearning either.
  17. Ain't no Chris-Craft that. Neat little bateau though.
  18. .22 Savage hi-power round. The other is probably a .30-06 case with 1954 date.
  19. Reminds me of a guy I knew who was in demolition during WWII in Europe. He said they were checking a village for booby traps and found an intact jukebox in a cafe'. Said the Germans never left anythin...
  20. Wear rubber gloves and I would use an extension cord. Plug the extension cord in last. Bon chance !
  21. Maybe an attempted landing on Sentinel Island.
  22. An Irish friend and I both tried opium decades ago and we both agreed that we would like to try it again to see if it was a good as we remembered. We both asked around, and the more we looked, the mor...
  23. Guess you weren't supposed to iron at nite.
  24. It isn't ?
  25. Glad somebody does !
  26. I'm referring to a quick run-down of their boat batteries.
  27. Maybe not physically.
  28. 25¢ back then was like $3.00 today. Devaluation of the dollar that govt's like to call inflation.
  29. On the real ones, stepping on the gas pedal was very similar to flushing a toilet. Carburetor by kohler.
  30. I like Hamilton, but didn't know living there was so stressful. LOL !
  31. Wood eye !
  32. Don't think I could even give one to my friends who live on boats.
  33. I remember the signs well. Yep, that old.
  34. The army tried to train me that way, but it never took.
  35. The good days ! Took one toke of that back in my 20's and knew I shouldn't ever try it again. Oops ! There goes my political career !! It was a body high. One hit 45 yrs ago. Maybe I need to find a su...
  36. It has the maker on the back and it's an easy search.
  37. I have a load of Newfie jokes, so will have to watch myself.
  38. I'm the one other CW followers will warn you about.
  39. Seems you missed the joke. I'm not saying it's ugly. Get a friend to read my joke and explain it. I never explain a joke.
  40. Know where virgin wool comes from ? Really ugly sheep. Sorry, I couldn't resist that! Welcome to CW, aka CyberAsylum.
  41. There is a certification ? Kind of like PADI tanks ? Wha a ting. No doubt gov't. controlled.
  42. Are you questioning my judgement Anything ? LMAO !!
  43. The globe is original ? WOW
  44. I like you're idea.
  45. Hey, you're good !
  46. Not sure about the top one, but the middle is a snaffle bit for fairly well trained horses and the bottom is a curb bit for stubborn or not so well trained horses. Because of the leverage shown with t...
  47. Vynil, I think we have both been in another dimension for years. Ain't it fun !
  48. Who can forget "Fats" ! Well, maybe a lot of those born 10-20 yrs after us. Areal icon of that era.
  49. Lawn mower safety guard ? Appears to be made to flip up.
  50. Now, that's some really fine art work.
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