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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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6 pdr. 1/5 scale - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
My study of St. Maarten wildlife 
NAME THAT BURGEE/COURTESY FLAG - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Jamaican driver's lic.- 1970's - Paperin Paper
I'm back with mo junk ! - Lampsin Lamps
Apres Irma - Clocksin Clocks
What's this white sh*t ? - Photographsin Photographs
Decisions, decisions ! - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Had 21 & never fired one - Toysin Toys
Allemande stuff for BlackWatch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Nicely done and I am curious. The "step" in the top front of the head looks sawn & a place patched.
  2. In the 3rd pic, there are 2 male, 2 female & 1 undecided. (Devil made me do it) LOL !!
  3. Ron, you must have limited experience with people out on the streets now days. LOL !! I was going to guess Central or South Amer., but not ignoring the chance of tourist item. Then I caught the lette...
  4. Can't imagine who would need a copper knife, but I know a little bit about machetes (we pronounce it machet). You only show one side of the bloody thing, so we don't know if there are legible markings...
  5. Now, this knife has character. And it doesn't say,"MADE IN CHINA".
  6. LUV your job and would proudly display it in my place ! (And I live in the Caribbean!) LOL !!
  7. Knew a woman from MD in Statia (St. Eustatius) who brought cases of Schaefer to the island. After tasting one, nobody asked for a second ! Her stock would last a long time !!
  8. When the Civil War came on the scene, the U.S. gov't. was basically broke & couldn't afford to issue coins. 80-85% of the wealth was in the South and had to be stolen before any serious amounts of coi...
  9. Wouldn't it be great if more people made notes for us collectors .
  10. That's a bit unique.
  11. Bon chance, Bro !
  12. Anne was Queen from 1707-1717 though. Two Monarchs 150+ yrs apart ? Hummm?
  13. If right on the purpose, I would think black powder. Dynamite is nitro glycerin & too sticky to be made in powder form.
  14. Oops ! Did I cross the line ?!
  15. Why didn't they just look on their laptop ? The establishing of time zones is fairly recent in history & interesting. The railroads were behind it because every town had a diff. time set by sextant et...
  16. Looking in a mirror & it hasn't cleared up all my worries. Maybe you're on the wrong page. LMFAO !! OH! It's that fold mark. I hope !! LOL !!
  17. Is this bronze, or what ?
  18. Eaton seems to be to Canada, what Carnegie was to the the panhandle of Canada.
  19. As soon as I stop laughing over a memory, I'll continue ! LOL!! (5 mins. later). Gasp, gasp ! I stopped in Cruz Bay, St John (USVI) to visit some friends and picked up a German girl. Next morning, we ...
  20. Great collector's item if real, but guess all we can do is speculate. Many advanced collectors aren't aware that at the end of the war, some of the SS & SA dagger makers in Solingen, made them to sell...
  21. Hey Thomas ! Cleanup in aisle 2. He will know what it is if it has anything to do with music.
  22. Akrodog picked up one that was made in my hometown of Anniston, Alabama.
  23. Yep ! Reminds me of N.O. during Mardi Gras. Maybe even a reflection in a shop window.
  24. What was their complaint again ?
  25. Hinges are slightly ornate & military doesn't do that.
  26. Mid-east tourist item.
  27. The one hole models of these are especially rare.
  28. When Whacky Jacky left for Berlin, she got me to buy her a rubber ducky. The one she choose didn't look like these, at all. Said she had trouble finding a good ducky over there. Maybe I lost something...
  29. I have to admit, your profile pic tickled my finger on my vote.
  30. These are really great guns from my limited experience with them. The Germans didn't replicate the M-1 because they didn't they didn't like them. Same scenario on the Thompson, m-1 carbine, BAR, Rei...
  31. Diane looks like she would be crazy about me ! LOL ! Mirror ? What mirror ?
  32. I think the scenes are more Dutch or Flemish.
  33. Chairs with colander seat bottoms. Hummm?
  34. Bit off the subject, but do you ever see Tommy Shaw (Styx). If you do, tell him hi for me, please.
  35. I say that is whatever each of the people above want it to be. I also wonder how many have ever put a hand on a horse's hoof ? I haven't spent my life on horses, but did keep up 5 for some yrs.. I kep...
  36. Never went looking for arrowheads where we had to have an armed guard watching for gators. Snakes, yes. Gators, no.
  37. I think they may be 2 diff. languages, so diff. areas.
  38. Nobody would be interested in the idea today. Today's requirement is that it use energy in the form of petroleum or electricity etc..
  39. Hoof pick for sure. I'm not that old, but have spent too much time on horses.
  40. LOL Artfoot !
  41. Grolsch is Dutch.
  42. This stirred me enough to go back & refresh my memory on the Kent Massacre. The enraging farce of U.S. court justice basically legitimized the Mai Lai Massacre, the Malmedy Massacre, Katyn' Massacre a...
  43. I think it has something to do with camels, saddles etc..
  44. Those creeks around south AL are full of fossils like megalodon sharks teeth by the buckets. Same in your area ? Ask around. LA: Lower Alabama.
  45. Advocating LSD.
  46. Hippie, I refer to people who join into conversations & pipe their propaganda based crap as truth. I think you know that.
  47. Thomas, I went to aviation school in Ozark, next to Rucker. Didn't meet anybody for sh*t there ! LOL ! Well, there was Guber Jones. Do you know Guber ? LOL !!
  48. Can't verify by pix. Need to take it to an expert.
  49. Luv the tiny steering wheel, so they can dive with handcuffs on.
  50. Oops ! That was Cutchinson & Panama City, FL
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Japan/skull handle fighting style dagger.


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