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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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My ship came in, -kind of ! 
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6 pdr. 1/5 scale - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
My study of St. Maarten wildlife 


  1. Ice tea is as far as I go.
  2. What is all that white stuff ?
  3. When royalty musical chairs is over, the new king/queen had their own design and everything has to do with gov't. will have their crown. Many of the changes are subtle so it can be a tedious search. N...
  4. Looking good !
  5. What can I say Phil. Guess our families don't have designer genes. LOL
  6. Wood darkens with age and this hasn't. It's religious background doesn't affect aging. It's a really nice wheel. Expertly done.
  7. This isn't very old, but looks well made.
  8. That was a dud ! It was a joke/experiment to see if some CW members would spend time looking in the bush and make comments. Guess we are all too old to care. LOL !
  9. I think he missed LEVER 101. LOL
  10. Anything-, I hope you weren't figuring me in under "folks". Have no idea !
  11. A man with conscience. Something seldom seen and even appreciated less.
  12. Funny how things you don't use sticks in your mind. I know how to say polar bear in 3 diff. languages. I live in the tropics ! LOL ! They are also a protected species here.
  13. This reminds me, that I need to take my medication. LOL !
  14. I live in the tropics. When the wind gets over 60 mph, we tie the cow down !
  15. This still has me wondering ! Only thing I can think of even close is like a porous ceramic balls on a rod, like this, that was used to sprinkle kerosene on wood to help light it. That doesn't requir...
  16. Nobody sees it ?
  17. I'll go along with whatever you say.
  18. Even in the Islands, we are fazing out plastics. I think that's great ! I own a tree farm and getting close to harvest. LOL !!
  19. Apparently an original, but to be sure, see if a magnet sticks. All from this time period were made with an iron core & silver outside sleeve.
  20. I can't believe you got away with a pic. of a nude couple making love in the bushes ! Staff must be asleep ! LOL !!
  21. I seem to have misplaced your address. Could you please refresh my memory ?
  22. Nasty bit of kit.
  23. Guess there was a reason it wasn't renamed "The Riot House". LOL !
  24. BB2 was here ! I'm late. Whacky Jacky is back.
  25. There you go. Now you have a 20. LOL
  26. Don't move to VA, unless you chose sides. LOL ! Beautiful target/defense rifle. I got some real accurate scores reloading 110 gr. bullets.
  27. And there's the pepper shaker ! LOL !
  28. They make nice salt shakers ! LOL !
  29. Pinfires were around about 1850's - 1860's. Popular more in Europe, but some private purchase weapons in the Americas.
  30. Had one with the slant 226. That was a great eng. too.
  31. The swords on the German one means military. Without swords would be civilian merit award.
  32. Who won ?
  33. Waiting to see it restored !
  34. Deff. a beauty !
  35. And the plot thickens !
  36. Already done both, Findings. LOL. Fire places are nice. Maybe I'll get a painting of one. Will need a gun hanging over it. (Reason for that is, it's the driest place in a house).
  37. "Signs, signs, everywhere are signs".
  38. Probably where it was held.
  39. Shriners used the crescent & star, but inverted. Don't know if there is a connection.
  40. Hey, I'll have you know that it is supposed to drop down into the really low 70's F tonite ! Probably be forced to turn off a fan. I hear it's safe to go on the French side again. Hope they got it out...
  41. Holds things together but can easily be disconnected with a pin. You don't remember the days when you had to pit a linch pin thru the end of an axle to hold your wooden spoked wheels on your hay wagon...
  42. My guess is, signal direction finding.
  43. 2 Symbols of Islam.
  44. Maybe a linch pin. Am I allowed to use that word ?
  45. I'm not envious, so that makes me feel better. Thanks, LOL
  46. That Council patch says "A P Hill" . Know the meaning of that ? The C.S. general I assume.
  47. U in a heap o trouble if you broke it. Might be easier to just skip the country ! LOL! All depends if the fits & glue and the skill of who does it. I would just leave the country for at least a year.
  48. A, probably, natural gas valve.
  49. Almost sorry I asked. LOL !
  50. And nobody notices that I grew my beard back.
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