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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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WWII German dress bayonet - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Maybe it'll help ? 
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Merry Christmas Eve, Eve (Avoiding riots) - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
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My ship came in, -kind of ! 
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  1. Not much going to help you with that without removing orig. paint.
  2. Try something with an oily base, like kerosene.
  3. Bobby beat me to it about the drip pan & ice holder. While waiting for that info, I think it is a modern made replica made to be somewhat functional. The "1971" doesn't make sense unless it's a part #...
  4. Lucky you. They appear originalas best as I can tell from pix. If so, you have a nice bit of change there.
  5. Roy, "I know where you live". I have no desire to swap places !
  6. Roy, they won't let me post pix of our nude beaches.
  7. U.S. Gestapo frowns on that. Especially coming from "way down South".
  8. Be careful shooting deer with blk. pdr. ! Those buggers see that smoke and will drop a few mortar rds. on you ! Price of ammo is nots in the States now ! Double or triple those prices to get it here. ...
  9. Daddy, I sincerely promise you that I am not coming to Michigan. LOL
  10. Anything, you got the "N" and "G" right. I'll give you 2 more guesses on the "F". Actually, the old passport was still valid when they did that. I'm sure that the gov't. job will suck the humour out o...
  11. Don't guess they sell these in Hooters ?
  12. Oh my God, it has a black receiver ! Must be an "assault" weapon ! Bet you're going to put a pistol grip on the back and front of it and maybe a folding stock ! Bet it's even full automatic and fires ...
  13. Truck just needs a wax job.
  14. Scott, you must be bored if you are digging around in the CW morgue. I'll say thanks for the artisan who created it. The age pits in the glass also make it doubly hard to photograph.
  15. Nobody I want to mess with ! Must have them strapped down real tight is it's a she.
  16. Bruce, I like clocks but no a fanatic and had never seen that name. We are on Island Time and if somebody asks for the time, we would say, May. If they want it more precise, we would say, early May. J...
  17. Thanks. I wasn't familiar with the name.
  18. Stella we get. I haven't seen Becks in yrs.(probably because Bud started making it). LOL !! Corona & Presidente are the biggest sellers here. Most other Islands have their own local beers and I haven'...
  19. BTW, it's rare to see Budweiser here. Americans can't make beer anymore. Only American would drink that shit.
  20. Damn, I've been found out ! Yeah, and had some sand get in the beers. Was on the beach for a wedding last month, and that was the 1st time in at least 5 yrs.. Sand is a pain in the r'ass. Stops up dra...
  21. Does it matter who or where it was made ? Most of those companies just put their name on things they approve for resale. Tiffany is probably the most open example. The trade name doesn't make an objec...
  22. Sho don't look lik no squirrel hunter te me !
  23. Wha a ting, no matter who made it.
  24. The palms and sand around the bottom of the cans make me feel at home. That's my story and I sticking to it.
  25. Would somebody give a hint as to where it was made ?
  26. BB2 was here
  27. I tend to differ with the other's latest opinions. I don't collect Mid-East or Eastern weapons, but there are things that make me still believe it is really old and of S.E. European, maybe even Greek/...
  28. Nah, Hotair. Had that years ago.
  29. All it needs is a wax job.
  30. Was this local, regional or national ? Never heard of them.
  31. You can't ever get bike riding out of your system. I'm 75 and have been riding for 62 yrs.. Have 3 now. Know anybody looking for a 883 Harley Sportster. Going down to Carriacou and all they have for r...
  32. If it's real, it's fantastic and worth a lot.
  33. Are you SURE smokeless is OK in this ?
  34. Bring on the guns !!
  35. These were used for putting a rag in the holes and lighting furnaces & boilers.
  36. Double headed adler should narrow it down.
  37. Nice piece that ! I always considered the Marlin stronger than the Winchester.
  38. Inky, I'm glad you caught this. Thought of you as soon as I saw it.
  39. "And there was light. And it was good".
  40. I agree totally. It's a bell !
  41. Yep, looks like birch trees. I also like winter scenes- of SXM. LOL !
  42. We used foggers to disinfect operating rooms after certain operations.
  43. As a seat, it might come in handy for those long hauls.
  44. I think these were mounted on considibbles so that when you ran over an identifit, it would ring to attract the attention of the dibbler. It also looks like something may have been broken off the top,...
  45. Monkey's fist. You do have a point. It would ring when you ran aground or were torpedoed. LOL
  46. Thought you were thinking of using one for a seat on your bike. You do know what a bobber is ?
  47. Too handsome. LOL !
  48. I agree with Thomas. Ship.
  49. A safe or safe deposit box key might be a safe(pun intended) bet.
  50. This reminds me of when I lived in Montego Bay under Michael Manley's communist rule. Under them, we shortly had no foreign currency to import things and had no peanut butter. I contacted a business a...
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