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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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Happy St. Patrick's Day - Photographsin Photographs
Merry Christmas Eve, Eve (Avoiding riots) - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Treat- or trick ! - Photographsin Photographs
My ship came in, -kind of ! 
New trinket - Accessoriesin Accessories
KY arrow points - Native Americanin Native American
Admiral Rodney Medallion - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Dutch Xmas tree-SXM - Art Glassin Art Glass
Update on 1/5 scale 6 pdr cannon - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
6 pdr. 1/5 scale - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Haven't seen it on the shelves here. Guess we will just have to stick with our big ugly lizards.
  2. Share, you're on 16 day delay ! LOL. Blunderbuss is smoothbore and flares toward the muzzle, mainly to make loading easier.
  3. No recipe for monitor possum, but have good one for "sloppy doe's" I can send.
  4. Really straining my memory, but don't think so. I helped build up a few race cars, but never was very interested in racing. I built up a Z-28 for Dr. Stronac and Bob did the eng.. I worked pit in a nu...
  5. In that case, she's (Tropical Disturbance Jacky) stranded in Spain. I wouldn't be mind being quarantined with her, but then I doubt both of us would survive.
  6. Eastern end, just off the interstate.
  7. I have my serious doubts. LOL
  8. Had, and gave away, one of these some yrs. back, but it was copper. Probably centiemes.
  9. Looks a tad long for a bugeye. Did you know B. Norwood who built some up as racers ?
  10. Iggy, I haven't seen Groovy since the 70's. Have any idea what happened to her ?
  11. "Don't need no" armoured possums in SXM ! Would luv to see a mongoose's reaction to one though. LOL !
  12. To me, it would look more natural on it's back with feet up on the side of a road. LOL An armoured o'possum !
  13. That era of the Klan was more of a fraternal organization. I remember, as a kid, seeing them in Xmas parades. (faces exposed). DC in Aug. in those robes had to be miserable !
  14. I have seen this type of joint before, but can't remember where. Don't think U.S. made.
  15. I had a wife, kids, house in the country and all that, but her husband came home and I had to leave.
  16. Shades of Brother Dave Gardner.
  17. Allen, I wish I could remember what I went to the store for ! Tried making a list, but alas, I can't read my own handwriting.
  18. Alan, we don't have it here, - yet, so I'm not in the grove yet. My main worry presently, is a coming crime wave. We rely on money laundrying, smuggling and tourism (in that order) . With no tourists...
  19. How many times do we have to tell you, Bobby ? It's not a rock, but an old t*rd. Crazyguy, if you can get to SXM, the party starts then !
  20. Being late is the 1st symptom of corona-V. LOL
  21. You got that right ! As Irish as they come(if you couldn't tell, born on St. Pat's Day), from KY and seriously devoted to Scotch. Go figure !
  22. This crowd is in need of a brownie party. LOL !
  23. Guy I worked with, looked so much like Kenny that Jamaicans were always asking for his autograph. He took the easy route and started signing Kenny's name. Jamaicans back then loved country.
  24. Remember it well. Had a crush on Penny.
  25. I think the "fish" might be pineapple, a sign of peace. Most military buttons I've seen had the maker's name on the back.
  26. The 2nd & 3rd pix are what it would probably look like AFTER I assembled it. And I was a lic'd. aircraft inspector. Think about that next time you fly ! This would keep me awake if I didn't assemble ...
  27. Pooper-scooper if you have a pet cow. LOL
  28. Is this supposed to hing or just a section of fence ?
  29. BTW, that's Tom Brooks in the fore, from Bardstown, KY. Friend for about 20+ yrs..
  30. "Ain't no" rationing here. Been keeping me supplied for free since his 1st visit, which I thought was about 4-5 yrs ago. I was surprised to learn his 1st visit was 8 yrs. ago. I've never run out, even...
  31. Oh. I must have tried to figure it out on a Sunday. LOL
  32. My CO friend came down for a week and my freezer is packed. The pic that looked like some kind of space gun.
  33. I can finally get some sleep after being awake 7 months trying to figure this out !
  34. OK, Thomas, I'll bite. What is that thing in your profile pic ?
  35. Cricket cage/trap for fishing ?
  36. Share, pisces.
  37. What do you have to trade, Phil ? Maybe something with "Sherman" on it ? LOL !
  38. Thomas ! Clean up in aisle 3. He will know.
  39. Agh Phil. Just when I was going to offer a hectar of land, 6 goats and 3 copper bracelets for it. Well, I like it !
  40. Tell us you didn't find it in your bed ! LOL !!
  41. Thomas, Scots, Irish' and in your area, a bit of French(creole). Where I live, you sit down anywhere & will hear, at least 3-4 diff. languages around you. I also speak some papiamento. What is it ? It...
  42. HEO, you missed by a few yrs.. I'm 74, act like I'm 37 and feel like I'm 148. I'm going to be a fireman when I grow up. BTW, riots are over but the French side is dead.
  43. "Y'all" need to speak proper. Auburn may have classes in Alabamese. English is my 2nd language, with Alabamese my native language. I left the States 47 yrs. ago & still have it. Ain't got no ax-cent. ...
  44. Hey Thomas, do they know what sorghum is in yo nek o the woods ? Just having fun with "youse guys". My friend for CO was here and brought many B'day presents. Does that explain anything ?
  45. "Mo better" ! You're getting there.
  46. Cannon bore/pdr. dia. was fairly well standard in the Western world, but there were "fliers". 12 pdr. bore was 4.62" & the shot/ball should be 4.52". 9 pdr's were not very common. The recessed "4" te...
  47. N-I-C-E. I like that.
  48. At 1st glance, I thought it was a CA panhandler. LOL !!
  49. Still using it, aren't you ? LOL !
  50. Missiondad, I don't know ! I know several guys who work on elevators who have triangular rods that hang on their belts. I asked & was told that they were keys that fit in the panels of elevators to l...
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