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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. No welding, so that makes it pretty old.
  2. I remember using these as a kid.
  3. Ah ! One of those we let get away ! LOL
  4. This only reminds me that monkeys are moving into the neighbourhood. ACH, there goes the neighbourhood !!!
  5. Glad this came back up. Worth another close look. I'm looking forward to being an exHarley owner. "90% of all Harleys made are still on the road". The other 10% made it where they were going
  6. Use Marvel Mystery Oil, not any other type of light oil on the bearings.
  7. BB2 was here
  8. Last time I saw 6:19 AM, I stayed up all nite for it !! Nice shot.
  9. Bat guano is actually the best and only fertilizer Jamaicans will use on their ganja. LOL ! Turner Kirkland was a distant relative, although I was more distant than he was. A bientot
  10. Glad to hear it's not just me !
  11. Mon, me no bake no brownies ! They come from CO or the French side of the rock.
  12. Is it battery operated ? LOL !!
  13. When one door closes and another one opens, you might be in jail ! LOL !! Bonne Anne'e.
  14. I called that a TC MG, but looking again I realize that it is a TF that has had accessories stuck all over it.
  15. Ho2, I can't work anyway after the heart attack, so it doesn't really matter. Have a tiny Suisse-German= Canadian for my brownie tour tomorrow, so maybe she can finish me off. No desire to die with my...
  16. Same shit, different year ! Happy New Year. I'm very impressed with your work and if I can help with any knowledge, just ask. Can't promise I will have it. Dixie also has original style V-springs are ...
  17. That "laurel mountain" browning does a fabulous job, but be sure to clean and do all the iron/steel together. Dixie Gun Works sells it. Turner Kirkland was a relative and friend and have to put in a p...
  18. I think you know what "swamped" is as opposed to tapered with cannon muzzle.
  19. They are all turn-off barrels ?
  20. You do incredible work.
  21. I'm impressed. beautiful work. Look tapered, but don't detect "swamped".
  22. Reminds me that I need to pick up a Cuban !
  23. Really nice !
  24. Mani's right. Let's go to religion ! LOL ! That should be good for a Xarelto prescription.
  25. I meant to say high straight collar. The south used the old style straight collar more often, but in the early days of the war, diff. units used diff. styles, before the union standardized (more or le...
  26. Inky, you're not going to share, even on email ? I may be easy, but I'm not cheap.
  27. Of course, Glenn, whoever the hell you are.
  28. Same Inky. I miss you. LOL
  29. When I 1st saw it, it screamed Black Forest.
  30. I'm truly sorry Dav ! I'm still saving up for the departure tax and hoping they don't raise it again. LOL
  31. Yeah, I know where you're coming from. Got to have a space where you don't have to go locate tools etc.. Right now, I've sacrificed living space to have a 3 car garage. Hey, some of us consider that ...
  32. I can't blow up the pic enough to tell. Uniforms between regiments varied so much, it is hard to tell. Buttons and high straight indicate maybe Confederate.
  33. Are these CA legal ? LOL
  34. Has a warning label. "MADE IN CHINA". Last ones said "MADE IN CALIFORNIA".
  35. Names on switches seldom have any connection with the maker.
  36. The sloped end of the coal car doesn't face the engine ? Hey, what do I know ! I'm not into trains.
  37. You have Christmas in CA ? LOL
  38. Remember them and brings back memories.
  39. Prettige Kerstdagen, Penny.
  40. Look at past posts & I have one 2 yrs ago under "motorcycles". I always keep it trimmed short to keep separated from all my riff-raff friends. Of course I don't call them that without a serious smil...
  41. My email address is on my profile. Send your address and I will find somebody going to the States to mail it.
  42. Clk on my profile and there it is. Still have it if you want it. Had a friend who went up to Conn yesterday who could have mailed it. Not easy to send things from here to the States.
  43. "Beaten". Ah, the "merican" way !
  44. Investment casting makes it difficult even for knowledgeable collectors. It's a shame because it has driven trust and prices down.
  45. There are worse choices. Wait till after tourist season and it gets a lot cheaper.
  46. Not a hundred footer !
  47. These look original and a few good points in there. Where did you buy them ?
  48. Sounds like you need to find a better climate !
  49. Conjo ! Oops, sorry about that !!
  50. I live in the tropics, but have always liked old iron stove/heaters. Should I seek help?
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