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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. The fleur de lis is used worldwide for the Scouts and not just the U.S..
  2. I'm going to go with a counterfeiting coins. LOL
  3. We do have doorstop collectors here. Now, just finding them. I think there is a search box at the top.
  4. Now. now, Phil.
  5. I really like this.
  6. Bigger, the better. The South knows how to put a smile on a face.
  7. Ted, they know me well there and wouldn't let me go in the slip to get close-up shots. Wait a minute ! Maybe it's because they know me.
  8. Fort, I believe those folded up & down.
  9. Maybe a train knocked it off of s school bus.
  10. Not nearly that old.
  11. BB2 was here
  12. Mani, I laugh at people who have to buy all that equip. to experience "virtual reality". I've been living in it my whole life and haven't had to buy anything ! "Please don't throw me in that briar pat...
  13. I kind of like it Hotair. Common sense told me there is no valid reason for living where it gets cold. 50 yrs. in the Islands now. Water & elec. $27 usd & approx. the same for petrol per month.
  14. Guess we are lucky to only have to put up with fallen lemons, soursop, mangoes, almonds etc..
  15. Obviously, you haven't seen it after a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane. LOL. Forgot to mention that the bateau is Columbia II and built to the same blueprints of the orig.. A mere $13 mil price tag !
  16. The specialty of my club in Jamaica. All in the tenderizing.
  17. I was part of a team that set a world record at Morrison Springs in the early '60's.
  18. I like the Queen Conch. Great eating. I luv fried instead of in chowder. Guess this isn't the info our people are looking for. LOL
  19. "Goat"? Refresh my memory.
  20. Removing the breechplug is the best way to be able to clean the bore real well. If you aren't going to be shooting it, doesn't really matter. Good job.
  21. You dun real good Road and your eyes seem fine from what I see here. I was trying to decide if this was really old or an artisan piece until I read your description. I would guess Carolinas or TN by s...
  22. Opps! I meant brownies.
  23. Didn't know you had such a nice display shell collection.
  24. You dun good !
  25. Somebody bought me that last beer, that I didn't need, and I think I may have been making out with her at the Soggy Dollar Bar earlier. Guess this is pre-blowup dolls ? Unusual. Damn !! Just realized...
  26. As a kid, I'm glad I wasn't the "remote" for this !
  27. Haven't seen one of these in years ! Didn't know then either. Joking. Does the metal inside show magnetic properties ?
  28. In Canook, Eh? Never could decide if we were saying "eh" or "A". Can you clear that up?
  29. Now, this goes back a bit, eh?
  30. Etch or relief ?
  31. Has to have a high Fe content for a magnet to stick. Nickel alloy usually destroys that attraction. Of course there are other alloys that show different properties. In other words, Me not know Mon!
  32. Browning would be better.
  33. Kind of looked like they might mate and make more sense.
  34. Void of marks ? Has that Hungarian look to me.
  35. Dav, things get heaver as we get older. LOL
  36. You say a magnet sticks ? Not to stainless.
  37. Reckless thing, that ! LOL
  38. Inky, I don't think I ever took any pix. They would have been blown way in 3 Cat 5's we've had since. It made a local paper and the committee was real happy with it. Enjoyed talking with her and her N...
  39. With the mental image I have of you from CW, I can't picture you eating there. Bet there's a good BBQ place nearby. LOL
  40. Youg girls like older men, so why stop. I said I stopped collecting, not living ! LOL ! Move somewhere that doesn't require heating. My only real expense is $6.00 per wk. for petrol, water & elec. $2...
  41. Sold or gave away almost everything when I had a heart attack and makes no sense to start again with my age and condition. Just enjoying the Islands until my birth certificate expires. What I have lef...
  42. The Baccarat vase I etched for Queen Beatrice of The Netherlands for the Isle of St. Eustatius wasn't close to this magnificent. Of course, Statia was a small poor island.
  43. Brings back memories. Some even good. LOL
  44. Common style in the 60's.
  45. Looks like my kitchen on Monday mornings. LOL !! Those jars are probably worth a few bucks each.
  46. I've read that MA was the birthplace of Jim Crow. Guess they had experience in being prejudiced toward the Irish. "Let's free the slaves, but we don't want them coming here".
  47. No problem, Mon ! Just have to find somebody to mail it in the States now.
  48. When I was young, back in the days of dinosaurs, farmers had trouble with beavers flooding fields and I trapped for them. Used #14 Oneida jump traps. Similar to a great white & had teeth too. Beaver i...
  49. Was Pieces of Eight formed from the Swinging Medallions ? If you ever run into Tommy Shaw, tell him I said Hi, Lucas -RE; Jamaica.
  50. Still 1 or 2 on the road here in SXM.
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