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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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Allemande stuff for BlackWatch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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  1. I'll give you 1/2 hectare land, 2 goats & 3 copper bracelets for it. I'm orig. from AL & would see it in my collection. What a find !
  2. Has anybody ever bothered to try to explain to the Palestinians how their land could be given away by people who didn't own it ?
  3. I confronted the warmakers once ! They gave me a uniform & an M-16 !
  4. Roy, you and I are probably the only living witnesses to identify dinosaurs !
  5. After reading that, I believe I have seen her.
  6. I'm impressed Slack !
  7. I don't either. That's why I put a "?". LOL !
  8. Bike lock ?
  9. How did I miss this ! Reminds me of the Polynesia that did barefoot cruises in our area, till a storm got her.
  10. Are you in SXM ?
  11. "The devil plays a 5 string".
  12. Slack probably has it, although my 1st impression was a Confederate "torpedo" or sea mine, as they are called today.
  13. Daddy, how about a sand angel ? Air France Dec. 20th !!!!!! Bike crated now & deliver to shipping agent Mon.. HQ in the saddle
  14. Amer. cigs are $18. a carton in St. Maarten. Mailing cartons from there is a very profitable business. Just ask me. Buy them cheap on the Dutch side & mail them on the French side, where it is the sam...
  15. Work is another 4 letter word !
  16. We've rebuilt SXM twice after cat 5's in my 27 yrs. there, and we will do it again.
  17. Bag of nuts & a beer on the beach is more my style. Actually, I don't hang out on beaches at all. And Roy, I'm not watching any videos that have snow in it. Right now, all I have to do is look out t...
  18. You people are NUTS!!!!! Only white sh*t I want to see around my feet is sand !
  19. Probably some division of mining under the Tolt Organization .
  20. I promised my bike that it would never see this again. Hope I never see it again !
  21. RC's right about the crank, & it would need to be a attached to a magneto. I think this may be an intercom.
  22. I noticed that in the corner of the "DUI", there is an animal with a peace sign face. Wonder if that was intentional ?
  23. Don't you just hate that !
  24. That thar ting wood lok grate on mi outhous !
  25. She was more into bright flowers for embroidery & "buds" for inspiration.
  26. Sounds like he's found out about us Mani.
  27. Digging around in the garage again, eh ? LOL!
  28. Ole what's-her-name also did a little bit of embroidery on my jeans back when.
  29. Didn't you try Wkipedia It's all there. Started in 1878 in Sweden. This looks like maybe one of the early ones.
  30. 1st one:? 2nd one: paratrooper of course, 3rd one: post war German panzer Corp.. 4th one:Obvious but not familiar with it.
  31. That's a buzzard/condor(same thing really)! Must be the Condor Legion ! Chile also has a similar military image, but I can't find this exact one. Maybe goes back to Germany's Legion Condor during the ...
  32. Let's see them. We luv military sh*t. Welcome to CW, aka CyberAsylum. Others will soon warn you about me & a few others.Before I was converted. I used to refer to vases posted as good targets & thing ...
  33. Never seen that insignia before MacD. Behind the hammers on this one, it has what kind of resembles radio rating. I know !! Miners Luftwaffe's radio operator ! LOL ! Does it look like something, like ...
  34. Simple. Functional. Hell, I even figured this one out ! LOL !!
  35. I was reading a present FOR my wife. Oops!
  36. Does she still fall for that line ?!!!
  37. Lucky you !
  38. Beautiful piece & LUV the chair too.
  39. Exceptional !
  40. BB2 IS here ! The royal seal isn't real clear, but appears to be Belgie. Not French or Dutch. Great painting. Would look great on MY wall ! HQ in the saddle heading South
  41. Ah, Texas ! "Go to Texas on vacation & leave on probation". I spent some time in Texas, but they finally had to release me. LOL !!
  42. I had a girlfriend embroider a shit like that for me in the 60's. Wish I still had it. I'll never forget ole, uh,-- whats-her name.
  43. If it has no moving parts, how does it kill the little buggers ? They impale themselves ? They commit pest-icide ?
  44. Not a Polish or Newfie cheese wheel cutter ? LOL !!
  45. I think we have Hunter(CW) tamed or afraid of Me, McD and a few others. LOL!! In the saddle heading South
  46. I refer to all the fat dawgs I see in this country.
  47. Beautifully done.
  48. An Amer. dawg for sure.
  49. I found one of this pattern at an Amer. Indian camp site yrs. ago. I think they are reindeer bells.
  50. Ghurka knife style.
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Abstract Pottery , Unknown Antique picture Murano  comical fish Coca Cola lamp Mystery military button Shabaeff Valentin-Firsov, Oil on Canvas "The Soldier" Cubist, 1940-50


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