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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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Allemande stuff for BlackWatch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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  1. "BB2 was here". Just no wifi yet ! Chasing signals all over the Island ! Life after Irma ain't easy. Washed my usual bike helmet lining & wearing this helmet until it dries. LOL !
  2. Ah, you remembered me ! How nice. LOL ! Had several of these. The screwdriver end was a hanger-on from the wooden case days for prizing open the crates. The punch is for making the holes in the sticks...
  3. This is great & luv the colours & style. What was your address again ? I seem to have misplaced it. LOL !!
  4. They've tried to get away from me using this method. It doesn't work ! LOL !!
  5. I believe this might be for poking the hole in sticks of dynamite for the blasting cap/cap & fuse. Ferrous doesn't count for much as a spark will not set it off. Usually, the primer is inserted into t...
  6. You're on a roll, aren't we!
  7. I really luv this! You dun good !
  8. Looking for things to do with some left over dynamite that was getting old, I placed a charge (12 sticks) around a "Sherman's sentinel" (chimney left after his march burning homes). Used scattered bri...
  9. Must be a really old box, since I started blasting in the mid 60's & never got a wooden case. Only cardboard. Here's a little trick I was taught for lighting safety fuse. Split the end of the fuse w...
  10. Bucket, you be a newbie, Mon. LOL. I took them with me to McDonald's Land & brought them back after Irma hit St. Maarten/St. Martin. Have to make a new wall frame for them though. I lost almost everyt...
  11. Are you talking about collecting the real things or the books, Bucket ? Afraid my books went in hurricane Irma. Along with a lot of other things on SXM. They might be in The Dominican Republic or Puer...
  12. If you fit in with this crowd, maybe you stood in front of those early microwaves too long. LMFAO!!
  13. BB2 is OK, seeing as we are old friends. Welcome to CW, aka: CyberAsylum
  14. Not in the "land of the free"?!! LOL!!
  15. Petrified wood ? With nail holes ? Na, na ! LOL
  16. Yeah! I'm still around. No wifi yet. SXM mash-up bad, Mon.
  17. A piece of the Ark of the Covenant ? In OK ? Na, na! LOL !!
  18. No Moon Pie wrappers ?
  19. I don't see no ho. Have you restore this or is this the way you found it?
  20. Sh*t happens ! Inky, are we ignoring you ?!! Still no wifi, but have learned every Chinie restaurant on SXM with wifi. Really getting tired of Chinie food though !
  21. Glad this came up again. We can see you smiling. Looks like a 5 o'clock Friday on the Montego Bay parade !
  22. Ou, that hurts ! Did it appear to be in slow motion as you watched it fall ?
  23. If the Americans bought it, it should have a warning label on it. MADE IN CHINA. LOL. I'm not familiar with Amer ammo boxes of this size with corrigated sides.
  24. Of course, I'm not saying that's what I did. LOL !
  25. Mike, it just requires finding an illegal or semi-legal pursuit that has low risks, and you can enjoy the hurricanes along with us ! LOL !!!
  26. I'm a little late to the party, but I don't think this is a U.S. ammo box.
  27. Hoping to get back with CW, now that my shelf-life has been extended. LOL!
  28. Things are better since my bike arrived (32 day wait). Neighbourhood wasn't so bad, but the rest of the island is a mess. Mash-up, as we would say in Jamaica. Some yrs. back, I started picking up emer...
  29. Here we are in scenic St. Maarten. Wish you were here, instead of me. LOL !!
  30. This is the 2nd time I have answered you, Mani. The power went out (again) just as I was going for the sent. Yeah, back on the Rock. Still waiting for wifi @ the house. Long waiting list (1 month) sin...
  31. Me not know mon, but I have some Jamaican friend who will give us the answer they think we want to hear. LOL !
  32. Haven't seen that done since I was a kid !! It sure seemed to work !
  33. Quite a jump you're making, from mascots to jewelry, Phil. Yeah, I'm still kicking ! HQ - SXM
  34. Mani, are you going for the record on this one. Yeah, I'm tired of harassing the natives & your name came up. LOL !!
  35. I am too, Medico. If that nipple will come out easily, measure the dia. of the threaded end, and I probably have 1 here, I can mail it to you. A pistol nipple would probably be a better fit. My email ...
  36. Shouldn't they be in reverse, or have I suddenly gone dyslectic ?
  37. I'm getting tired of showing him what to do ! He may be gay ! No wifi yet, so back at my favourite Chinie restaurant where they have it. If mama told you life was going "to be easy", I'm sorry to tell...
  38. Bobby, are you trying to drive the price up on me ?!! I'm down to one billy goat now & hoping nothing happens to him, or I will have to take over his job .
  39. My father was a doctor stationed there in the early 40's.
  40. Dixie Gun Works will help you out. I'm still trying to figure out why the cut-out section on the pistol grip.
  41. HI, Mani ! I'm still alive & luving this poste. HQ SXM Chinie restaurant
  42. Belated Happy New Year from a Chinie restaurant in SXM with wifi. LOL
  43. Taking your advice Share. Sitting here having a Corona ! LOL ! Jacky found me yesterday & it's getting warmer! Still waiting on Air Frog to find my luggage. "No phone, no pool, no pets ----". Language...
  44. Well, I'm certainly not going to freeze to death !
  45. Were you in the airport in SXM yesterday, wearing this ? You would have mugged that couple for their hippie outfits. They are obviously stuck in the 60's.
  46. There's that white sh*t again !! Happy Holidays.
  47. I'm kind of home. Air Frog lost luggage & I'm sitting in front of a closed Chinie restaurant using their Wifi. When I get settled in, I will catch up with mail. Happy Holidays everybody. Welcomed home...
  48. Haven't tried those, GeodeJem, but I've flown in the chemical hopper of a duster. Some people have insinuated that it may have affected me. LOL
  49. A different idea for whimsies.
  50. Russia has always been attacked from the West & are wary of that direction.
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Mid Century  abstract painting Abstract Pottery , Unknown Antique picture Murano  comical fish Coca Cola lamp Mystery military button Shabaeff Valentin-Firsov, Oil on Canvas "The Soldier" Cubist, 1940-50


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