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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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WWII German dress bayonet - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Maybe it'll help ? 
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  1. I'm going to be straight forward and honest. Please don't take offense. CW is not fb and while everybody loves their pets. I get tired of members showing their cats & dogs on a forum where they don't ...
  2. Horses aren't easily fooled and often smarter than their handlers. Takes time to get them trained and used to getting into a trailer. The "green" horses can give you a real experience. Been there, d...
  3. Rule 1: Never explain a joke.
  4. Hell, everybody is your friend Thomas ! LOL
  5. Tried to get an exclusive contract many yrs. ago wit a manufacturer outside of Kingston Jamaica, for the Eastern Caribbean. The bum'ble clot refused to give exclusive and we both lost. Jamaicans ! Go ...
  6. Ever try to load a horse into a place where it doesn't see an exit ? Don't try !
  7. Looks like you have found some early Hunter Biden art. Be warned that you have to sell to anonymous buyers.
  8. Joe, what is there is not what is here. CW doesn't like FB'ing and they are probably getting close to saying so. Situation is simple, we live in 2 diff. worlds.
  9. Joe, you are confusing apples with oranges. It's 30.5 miles around this Rock and only about 5 straightaways, maybe 2 a mile long. Not exactly big cc territory and why fight all that weight around all ...
  10. The only one I see that matches mine is $3,500 and in NH, people can only ride a few months of the year without thermal layer after thermal layer. They can't be very smart if they live in climes like ...
  11. You may buy a wrecked one for $2K. Parts would sell for a lot more than that, even from a wrecked one. Besides, I'm not in McDonald's Land (Luckily). I have seen how tourists take care of rentals. No ...
  12. Not really trying to sell it right now. The tourists are coming back and waiting for the economy to recover. When investors start coming back in and opening businesses, that is when to sell. Asking €3...
  13. They are still doing sanctions, bullying, making enemies and can't seem to understand why people don't like them.
  14. No I didn't. Actually, it was war and they probably think much more of it than pouring petrol on an ant bed after P.H. and all the Americans who had died. Also, they all understood the cost in lives t...
  15. A friend has a Barrett .50 cal. I want to shoot if I every get by CO. He says my blunderbusses kick more.
  16. Got it. As a 20 yr. old, I was friends with Paul Tibbets' sons and talked to him a few times. Dropping the bomb didn't seem to have fazed him any. Of course, I didn't ask him about it and his sons nev...
  17. Just bad taste ?
  18. Ah, a good luck symbol. It obviously doesn't work, but your implications are not lost.
  19. Is there a reason you tagged a swastika in with this ?
  20. Hanging in there Share. Better than hanging ! Et toi ? (with an Alabamese accent, it drives the Frogs nuts)
  21. I think I may have woken up with her once, but didn't hang around to get a 2nd look! Coyote bait ! I still miss my arm !
  22. Looking at the last pix, does this use the steam to run turbines and I can't see how the governors work ?
  23. Great grab ! Hotairfan will probably have an,- ugh-, get his cookies when he sees these ! Don't give him your address ! LMAO !!
  24. Are batteries included ? LOL !!
  25. Joe, I left "Uncle Sambo's Plantation/McDonalds Land" 48 yrs ago. I am still learning English and my Alabamese is so bad that people don't understand me in the South. I could send you some beach sand,...
  26. Nice reliefs & carvings.
  27. Joe, I'm not sure of the relevance of Dueling Banjos, but enjoyed it.
  28. I'm going to watch this ! LOL
  29. Acceptable, for now. LOL
  30. Doesn't appear "slowly" to me. I seem to have missed something. Did something happen to a previous collection ?
  31. Get on the back with me driving and you will teach yourself how to scream. LOL !
  32. Patented ? For sale ? Capitalism never takes a day off ! LOL !!
  33. Well Thomas, sorry to hear you missed your B'day. Well a cute Canadian girl and I celebrated it for you. Did we think about you ? Not once ! Maybe next year ! LOL !!
  34. The style is of the banners displayed to indicate family members in the service, a star for each. Never seen one with anywhere close to 12.
  35. What a let-down. I was just getting into the kinky side !
  36. You sure come up with some strange merde.
  37. Nice piece. Not everyday you see a Neolithic pizza cutter. I tried to resist that, but too good to pass up. LOL !
  38. I would expect markings if military.
  39. I see no resemblance to any designs from around the Civil War. Has a French or Spanish look to me. Probably an artillery model. No markings ? Doesn't appear to have a fuller, so not a higher grade.
  40. He and whatever the group was called, used to play gigs in Negril, Jamaica. Didn't really get his "kick start" there though. Never played at my club.
  41. We are at the apex of the Windward & Leeward Islands and I refer to us as the Wayward Island.
  42. Back in about 1966, when I was going to aviation school in the South, one year the farmers were giving away gunny sacks of peanuts to anybody who wanted them. When I asked why, one farmer said, "You d...
  43. Fascinating ! I've been living for 33 yrs. on a Rock that wasn't important enough to mention back then !! Thanks for the time you took to show how unimportant we are. LMAO !! Back then, we were the br...
  44. That would be interesting to see, Bill. When this was published, the Islands of Saba, St. Maarten/St. Martin and St. Eustatius were changing hands so many times that it was hard to keep up with. Stati...
  45. Afraid not Joe. Nice collection for a beginner. LOL !
  46. Let me know if you find anything interesting about St. Maarten/St. Martin.
  47. I live in a mixed currency culture. When we went to the € Euro, we were confused about what to call the change. Centimes, cents, pfennigs, etc., so we started calling them urinates or urinals.
  48. "Nothing is fool-proof since fools are so ingenious".
  49. I was unaware that the revolutionaries drafted men. Interesting.
  50. Guess that settles it. Rumours often do get repeated until they are accepted as fact. News media uses it all the time.
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Old Painting of River and Tree I found in NH


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