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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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NAME THAT BURGEE/COURTESY FLAG - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Jamaican driver's lic.- 1970's - Paperin Paper
I'm back with mo junk ! - Lampsin Lamps
Apres Irma - Clocksin Clocks
What's this white sh*t ? - Photographsin Photographs
Decisions, decisions ! - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Had 21 & never fired one - Toysin Toys
Allemande stuff for BlackWatch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Allemande stuff for BlackWatch - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
For You Sign Lovers - Signsin Signs


  1. Thanks for the diagram. Actually very ingenious. In my historical/hysterical research, I often run into things that we normally don't think were developed way back when.
  2. I have wondered why some pocket watches were called "fusees". Still wondering. Do you have an Eng. explanation ? LOL !!
  3. I'm still cringing from looking at it !
  4. It appears that you have a WWI trench knife, missing the wooden grip. Many of these were issued & the triangular blade was designed to pierce trench coats. The triangular blade design was later banned...
  5. It's a Limey brand. Virginia refers to the type of curing & it's origin.
  6. Hope they had long handles ! LOL
  7. Proof that there is no end to what we will collect ! LOL !
  8. Brush is for cleaning the chamber.
  9. And Daddy scores again !
  10. Interesting. The leather pattern appears to be German WWII and also pig skin like the German. Odd thumb screw at the back of the liner that appears be for adjustment. The 61 would be the shell size (c...
  11. Don't see any guns, but they certainly wouldn't look out of place with this group. LOL
  12. There is just something special about biplanes!
  13. She shoots. She scores !! Want to send it to me for evaluation ? LOL !
  14. Where's Mick ? LOL !!
  15. He must really want to get away from things !! I can only take the T&C for short visits. Like 2 days !
  16. BB2 was here
  17. I believe that is Napoleon III.
  18. Where's Keith ?
  19. An eye !!!!! LMFAO !
  20. Where is Keith ?
  21. A sailor friend told me the oval slot was for wingnuts. Same sailor friend who told me over-proof rhum wouldn't hurt me !
  22. I'm the adventuresome type & would try Easy-Off on a hidden area.
  23. Is it going to be a Honda when it grows up ? LOL
  24. BB2 was here
  25. Nice wood carvings.
  26. Put water in the "bulb", a fire underneath, and away you go. Probably use some type of alcohol burner or pellet. Neat. HQ-18.02 S. 63.5 W
  27. Where is Keith ? I see Jamaica mentioned, but it's 900 mi. from here to Kingston.
  28. Yep, Mani. Raised in them thar mountains. Number of foundries were there, and enough military bases that gave us the feeling that the yankees still didn't trust us.
  29. BB2 was here
  30. Everybody seems to have that trouble. A magnet will tell you if it is ferrous.
  31. From my home town & 1 year younger that me.
  32. Thomas, you keep moving further South. Are you going to be a neighbour some day?
  33. Phil, you never struck me as the digger type. LOL
  34. Call it a "slant front bookcase" LOL. Actually, it is a secretary.
  35. Not to worry. Most of the strawberry blondes I've lived with were air heads. LOL !! Correction: replace "Most" with "all". LMFAO !! Take care friend.
  36. GREAT !!
  37. Allo Luv. Yeah, still kicking ! Have to give you a call. No autographs or pictures please. LOL !!
  38. Invented evidence by authorities still persists. They simply LIE. I was charged by the feds & put in jail for something that the guilty person told them all along that I was innocent & she acted alone...
  39. Of course I'm not old enough to remember them. LOL !!
  40. You lucked up.
  41. Check Condor Legion awards.
  42. Some kind of distributor layout ! Guess it must have worked !
  43. Hospitals can be fun. That's why I've escaped(literally) from two! Jamaica & Martinique. Hope it's not serious . Don't sign any organ donor papers while there. Do that after you get out. Don't want t...
  44. Get in touch if you haven't sold the TD. I just might be interested real soon. Email in my profile.
  45. This was blown away in hurricane Irma. What a shame ! They should have taken my offer.
  46. Just when I thought I had seen it all !
  47. I have a healthy respect for a .22, especially after being with somebody who died after being shot with one. They were hit twice in the shoulder & both bullets ricocheted after hitting bone & died whi...
  48. I'm getting tired of waiting Mani. "Let's go kill something !". (for those familiar with the joke). My Country, I escaped McDonald's Land before those doc's killed me ! Everybody says I look a lot bet...
  49. Ah, our flag !
  50. Chimney cleaning ? At 1st, I thought it was for brushing down spider webs in high corners, until I read "wire"
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White and Gray Graniteware Colander Circa I00 Years Old Mid Century  abstract painting Abstract Pottery , Unknown


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