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Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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6 pdr. 1/5 scale - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
My study of St. Maarten wildlife 
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Jamaican driver's lic.- 1970's - Paperin Paper
I'm back with mo junk ! - Lampsin Lamps
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  1. Nippon. Same comment about Kevlar.
  2. Kevlar ? Kevlar doesn't rust.
  3. Some real nice pieces. From Ohio ?
  4. They didn't cut any corners on strength. Isn't the magneto built into the flywheel ?
  5. What a phenomenal find ! They almost overdid it on this S&W. I'm curious as to why the fingerprint ? Whoever has his hand on the handle is the owner!
  6. Never seen one of these. LUV it !
  7. Makes me wonder why somebody would go to such great extremes for a skinning knife.
  8. Has a Pakistani look to me, but what do I know. You only show 1 pic. No markings you might want to share ? The Canaries aren't exactly known for knife making that I know of.
  9. I think you found a really good starting place. Of course, everything from now on, you will be comparing to a champ.
  10. "LET IT BE". Very good attitude for a lot of things in the past. Think about it.
  11. W-O-W ! If I were to have to display the best things I've made next to this, I would hide my name ! This art expertise would be comprehensible by only a few of those who see it.
  12. OK, composed in the U.S., printed in Canada and probably ignored in the UK. Now, how many of these things did I follow under fire ? I do remember thinking, I should have stayed home.
  13. It's only been a few hrs., but I'm really wanting to know too ! Maybe for draining grease from a duck etc.. Of course it would have to be turned upside down.
  14. I like your attitude too. Thanks.
  15. I'll agree with Lucas. LOL !
  16. Even a boot-strap with swastikas raises visions of cartoon propaganda. I'll give you 2 goats for it & you cover postage.
  17. I raise enough controversy without getting involved with this ! LOL !!
  18. You are a wiser man than I gave credit for. LOL
  19. I went chasing how this eng. worked. I got sidetracked on Fairbanks Morse eng.'s (had a bid on one once) and from there, got involved in the F4U Corsair. In 60 words, or less, can you explain why this...
  20. Not unless you are worried about DNA evidence. LOL ! Sorry. I couldn't resist that.
  21. Well Drill, he doesn't look like somebody I would buy a used car from. LOL !!
  22. I'm impressed y-g-h-s & slack. I was thinking I saw one in a police station. LOL !!
  23. Slack, you just good, man ! LOL ! I notice that self-mutilation is not on the list.
  24. We have pedal car collectors here, but I don't remember seeing this model. Bon chance
  25. Wonder what happened to mine ? Oh well, I been in the tropics for 45 yrs. & don't guess it matters that much. I think I have a few name tags somewhere & those are cooler to wear. LOL
  26. Hey, if that's what turns you on !! Maybe you have a brain-forest. With the number of collectors of petroleum things, maybe it's a brain-trust. "Inflation", "cost of living increases" are term invente...
  27. This isn't as easily identified as you might think. At 1st glance, I thought, Italian because of the German style pig skin liner. Then I take a stroll thru E. European helmets from WWII thru the 70's ...
  28. That would encourage anybody to stop smoking !
  29. I spent some time in Texas, but didn't see many road signs. LOL !!
  30. Keramikos, there have been documentaries citing California as having the most Jim Crow laws in the U.S. back then. Forgetting Watts, Rodney King and others ? Actually, maybe the South flogging was bei...
  31. Been wondering where you were ?
  32. Don't guess he was in London around 1888 ? LOL !! Both of these are new to me.
  33. Interesting when you remember that California had the most racist laws in the U.S..
  34. The idea of a kid in a Nazi helmet with swastikas on his cheeks like an allies propaganda cartoon. LOL ! The round tin thing looks like a rusty reflector for a lamp etc.. Makes you wonder why that's ...
  35. You sure are in the right place ! Welcome to CW, aka CyberAsylum.
  36. It does have "that feel".
  37. Proof that you can't jog off ugly. LOL !!
  38. BB2 was here
  39. What is the strap looking thing with the Nazi Youth Corp. emblem ? leather or what?
  40. Actually, I think these lighters were commercially made. They may have been copied in the trenches out of boredom. Any markings ?
  41. What a find. I really appreciate it that you are restoring them. Even if for profit, they are saved for posterity.
  42. Every piece is classic. Never seen a carbide lamp quite like that. 2 cycle ?
  43. N-I-C-E !! I can just imagine riding around St. Maarten on this. I once saw a guy here with an elec. motor he had mounted on a bike with a wooden trailer trailing behind with a car battery. LOL !! Thi...
  44. You think so ? Maybe later generations.
  45. Great piece of art work, but I think I would have found an easier hobby before I went thru all that . LOL !!
  46. These don't seem to be visible to anything with eyes.
  47. Your collection deserves high recognition. I'm sure this isn't your 1st awards. I've certainly enjoyed your collection. You can tell people that you come highly recommended by "what's his name in the ...
  48. Hard to believe one of these still exists, much less with box, instructions & chem. container ! When are you going to show us your unicorn ?
  49. Riding one of these the 37 miles around this island would be about as absurd as all the Harleys here. Passed a hog several hrs. ago because it was in my way. (And no, it wasn't parked !).
  50. Oops! I guess that most realize in # 5, that I meant MPG instead of "mph".
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