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  1. I can't say any thing more that what has been said, but I will. I want this trunk.
  2. I would not do a thing to your trunk. It is fantastic as is.
  3. I don't have the words to say. who wonderful your work is. Fantastic.
  4. What a great trunk. It's nice to see a trunk that is different from the norm.
  5. I do not know why, you would do any thing to this trunk. From the picture, it looks to be in great shape. It might have been finished at some point already. I would leave it alone. This is the place t...
  6. @trunkman @fhrjr2 I have found many ways to use the old crates. I will post more pictures when I am done. Thank you, both.
  7. All the ornate hardware is wonderful, The colors are beautiful. One of the best trunks I have seen. What ever you are doing to preserve the beauty of the trunk, don't change a thing.
  8. I agree with trunkman. That it might of been a hat box. I have seen two that look like yours from collectors. They call them hat boxes. I will get more information from them.
  9. Very different hardware. I have a trunk that has something similar to how your hardware locks. I have not be able to find any information on the lock or trunk. I have not been looking that long. Hopef...
  10. The hinges are made of leather.
  11. That is a great find.
  12. The trunk in it's self appears to be old and so do the shelves. The selves were probably added at a later time. It could of been a special build, but if someone had the much money to modify the trun...
  13. Pie safes are one of my favorites pieces of furniture. This one is nice.
  14. Can you show the back and the left side of the trunk. please.
  15. OBERSTLEUTNANT There is more, but having a hard time reading what the letters are. Working on it.
  16. I tried to take a picture of the writing, but it does not show up in the picture. I will write it out.
  17. The other two's hardware look to be made out of the same metal, but each was slightly different and very close in size. I forgot to mention a very important detail. There is German Writing on both ...
  18. I will look at yours Trunkman. Thank you.
  19. Amazing work.
  20. I have never come a cross a trunk like this. If I did, I would have a heart attack, before I could ask how, much. Great find.
  21. I am going to follow you when you go out looking for trunks. This is a wonderful trunk.
  22. I'm not into signs, but this one a beauty. I would want this in my home.
  23. Tung oil is your friend.
  24. It looks like they painted the hardware as well. This is a beautiful trunk and what a great find. I want to see what it looks like after the master is done.
  25. I love these. Absolutely a good find. You have a good collection going. Can't wait to see more.
  26. Beautiful Trunk. I would love to see a trunk like yours in person.
  27. I just love this site, I would never be able to see, all of the wonderful trunks without C.W. and the great people who post. Love you trunk..
  28. Trunkman, what would you do if the crack was bigger. Like a small chunk was missing. Would you replace that strip of pine. Can it be done?
  29. Thank you all for you comments and the love.
  30. Thank you BELLING68 and Trunkman for you post and love, Thank you all for you love.
  31. Thank you all for the love.
  32. officialfuel, trunkman, and BELLIN68 thank you for the love.
  33. epson233, officialfuel, trunkman, myoldkyhome, and BELLIN68 for all the love.
  34. BELLIN68, trunkingforfun, mtg75, myoldkyhome, walksoftly, officialfuel, and blunderbuss2, Thank you for the love.
  35. Trunkman, you were right of course, about the paint stripper and steel wool. Steel wool particles fly everywhere. . but leave a nice finish, Thank you for the love also.
  36. Thank you for the love; blunderbuss, mustangtony, trgrubaugh, filmnet, officialfuel, BELLIN68, and last but not least trunkman.
  37. Thank you for the love, walksoftly, inky, blunderbuss2, officialfuel, mustangtony, and trunkman.
  38. inky, thank you. I will leave as you say, "a la natural"
  39. Your clock is beautiful. I took a look at the other clock you have posted. They all are just as beautiful.
  40. Do you have special feelers that use to locate such rare beauties? Don't tell me. I bet you have a garden in which antennae grow. What a great find. It's a fine trunk.
  41. The trunk is great. Love the turtles. The fabric colors are bold yet sedates. It blends the past and present perfectly.
  42. This is a fantastic trunk. Love all of the hardware. I have never seen a trunk with the striped pattern. Thank you for sharing.
  43. The detail in your work is beyond perfect. I want to be your apprentice.
  44. @ trunk man. I saw your zinc trunk. very nice. You used lemon on the zinc? Is it because of the acid in a lemon?
  45. Thank you for all the help. It will be very useful. For information I was needing. I used to always go to the library. It's time I returned to the original Information Highway. Thank again.
  46. You are most like correct. Thank you for the help.
  47. @ trunkman - I did not stain what I believe is oak wood. I could be wrong. I don't know what was originally covering the wood. There was no signs of canvas or leather. It is possible that the previous...
  48. I had run out of money for my new passion. All I had were razor blade. When you use these thin blades you are forced to study the trunk and take you time. You are right. It is a great way to learn ...
  49. I was thinking about putting a picture on the top, front or sides of a small flat top trunk, but after seeing your silk screening, this is a great way to update a trunk when restoring is not in futu...
  50. It must of taken Days + many hours to bring this silver painted trunk back to life. Beautiful trunk. Very nicely done.
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