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Another Maier with rare corner latches - Furniturein Furniture
1870's Barrel top trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Unusual  Tin Work - Furniturein Furniture
Rare Martin Maier - Furniturein Furniture
Before and after Painted Louis Vuitton - Furniturein Furniture
MATCHING  PAIR - Furniturein Furniture
Early 1900's  All  Solid Brass Hardware Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
C.A. Taylor Antique Flat Top Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Rare Flat top travel trunk - Furniturein Furniture
LV Restoration - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thanks MALKEY appreciate it !!
  2. Thanks Drill I'm hoping to find both of them someday
  3. There are no Roman numerals on mine and your right I don't have pictures, But the latch spring configuration. is the same as Damons. That I know for sure having worked on them myself. I can also s...
  4. Don't really know,maybe the higher end trunks were wrapped in metal and the cheaper ones weren't. Personally I like them wrapped in metal.
  5. Rochester NY
  6. Thanks BookSense Appreciate it !!
  7. Thanks, Im4anythingOld Appreciate it !!
  8. Thanks for the link Drill,very interesting. I'm currently working on a HUGE 48 inch Goyard for a customer What are you using to clean the canvas ???
  9. Thanks Drill Wish I had the time for such research. Hope you find something.
  10. Thank you Greendog ,Trunkman and BigD338 !!!!
  11. Thanks BigD338 appreciate it !! and to everyone else, Thank You as well.
  12. Thanks!!! I'll try that with my next trunk
  13. Thank you Elisabethan
  14. Well Thank You ,and your Welcome!! Ben
  15. WOW!!! Very nice,love the embellishments Color scheme works very well, impressive looking trunk Love the brass
  16. Thank you Im4anythingOld
  17. Thanks Drill Great photo!!
  18. Very Cool Picture Drill!!!
  19. the only grooved slats are the horizontal on the top ,front and back
  20. Thanks Mike78
  21. Thanks Drill for the patents
  22. Thanks Greendog Go to Jims site,completed trunks 7th trunk down ,traded the romadka for a very nice Martin Maier that I have not gotten to yet
  23. Your Welcome Drill,and thanks for the link
  24. Thank you trunkman If the paint is old enough it comes off relatively easy with the right technique. But its still a ton of work.
  25. thanks Mike78
  26. Great find!! Love the lock ,and with a key! Looks like its brass as well.
  27. Cool find Kathy Yes ,I have also painted one,and a satin finish is the way to go. It was also a smaller Taylor trunk that I posted here on CW. You are correct,if the canvas is solid ,it's best left...
  28. thanks Mike78
  29. PhilDMorris Thanks for the kind word :-)
  30. Thanks Trunkman I agree,It's getting harder to find the nicer ornate flat tops. Makes one wonder just how many are still out there.
  31. Thanks Greendog I think your exteriors are pretty darn good has well,but sooner or later you're going to have to tackle an interior. You have such nice trunks,Just like the exteriors, all it takes is...
  32. Thanks Im4anythingOld When I was purchasing ,what I had thought was the only trunk they had .I asked if they had any others,and to my surprise she said yes,we have another just like it. Didn't reall...
  33. The white is like the vulcanized fiber, and the body of the trunk is canvas. Both restored back to there original colors. It would be cool to see another with solid brass hardware,hoping someone w...
  34. YES!! Amazing job Jim!! Certainly worth the time and effort.
  35. Thanks Im4anythingold
  36. Thanks Mike78 The metal was polished and clear coated. Thanks for the comment
  37. Hi CandyF It takes a lot of practice and patience. Would be glad to do it for you . Thanks for looking
  38. Polished cast
  39. Yes They were burned in with a laser printer Nice but expensive.
  40. Thanks Im4anythingold I think they look just as nice in any size. I have a 32 ,20, and a 34,yet to be restored
  41. Thank you Im4anythingOld for your kind words. That's the first thing I do when restoring a trunk.I have all the paint finishes,wood finishes ,fabrics ,lithographs, hardware finishes,leather handle d...
  42. Wonderful find . Totally agree, with the correct restoration this would without a doubt look absolutely stunning.
  43. Thanks WillysVA, Wire wheel and lots of elbow grease but be very careful not to hit the wood
  44. Thank you for all your comments Greatly appreciated
  45. Thanks Drill
  46. Thanks Sats, This sure would make a great coffee table!!
  47. Thanks GreenDog and Trunkman Much Appreciated!!
  48. Thanks Drill I think I'm going to send for their free catalog :)
  49. Looks awesome Jim!!!
  50. Nice,I especially like the one underneath it!!!
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