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North Jersey

Crusty, Curmudgeon,Retired Drill Sgt. that collects and refinishes Trunks, love the victorian era time period and the industrial revolution. Email- markstovall@optCrusty, Curmudgeon,Retired Drill Sgt. that collects and refinishes Trunks, love the victorian era time period and the industrial revolution. Email- markstovall@optonline.net (Read more)


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Romadka Trunk (A Western Star) circa 1886 - Furniturein Furniture
Flat top trunk refinished - Furniturein Furniture
French  Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
Newest trunk find - Furniturein Furniture
M.M. Secor trunk A tribute to Indian motorcycle Co. - Furniturein Furniture
Martin Maier -Oak Slat (Bevel top) Trunk - Furniturein Furniture
More Abe Foot 1890's refinished - Furniturein Furniture
Abe Foot Around 1890's Atlanta Georgia (close up  side pictures) - Furniturein Furniture
Saratoga Trunk ( Abe Foot manufacturer) 1890s ( refinished) - Furniturein Furniture
Barrel Stave trunk (leather covered) - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Great find, wonderful to see you get it Big D. Amazed that interior survived ( I don't have much luck ever finding that). The leather lock cover and strap are almost never present. It's as complete ...
  2. https://books.google.com/books?id=eaZAAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA23&lpg=PA23&dq=F.V.+Garland+trunk+history+luggage+and+leather+goods&source=bl&ots=QrGVBpupac&sig=ACfU3U2tSKk5hljaODJ8VkG03jTdVK4N5g&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2...
  3. Very nice T-Man, love the storefront picture as well and thanks for the treat I had not seen that one.
  4. Wow! That is a wonderful gift a great job as always.
  5. Very nice find Greendog it should finish out well.
  6. https://unconventionalhistorian.com/tag/martin-mathias-secor/ Your original post mentions Martin Mathias Secor. A colorful character to say the least, Above is a link to a little history. Well d...
  7. http://www.secondchancegarage.com/how-to/trunk/trunk-photos/trunk2.jpg Some advertising from the 1930s. Many Automobile trunks were extras that were supplied by multiple companies.
  8. Happy Father’s Day everyone.
  9. A very nice find Josh. Another frequent and telling sign is the use of dark stain used on the ends of the slats, under the slat clamps. The hinge patent- http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.co...
  10. That's a cool find T-man. Like the key hole covers, very different.
  11. https://images.craigslist.org/01212_6cy03Pawojv_600x450.jpg Maybe look down in phoenix they are still out there.
  12. Below links to Belber information pages 64,65 with company advertising 1917. Belber trunk ( as well as others trunk companies) had multiple contracts with the war department for trunks during time o...
  13. Thank you gentleman for the interest. Some patents that apply to this Romadka trunk that helped to date it. swivel caster- http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US335148-0.png corner cla...
  14. Keep looking Brian I got a feeling that your gonna get lucky soon. I’m betting a Western Belle with all the trimmings. I must say the 10 year search was half the fun for me.
  15. That's a sure winner, love the way the metal came out on the slats.The color of the leather makes it really stand out. The right person found this one, way to bring it back.
  16. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US532042-0.png Above is a patent for one of the variations of the trunk catch. F.J. Eichbauer's 1895 patent date can help identifying the age .It...
  17. https://patents.google.com/patent/US298453A/en The above link:(Just scroll down) Has the full patent description by J.B. Duguid, It describes his thinking of crossing the bands to provide greater ...
  18. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US298453-0.png A Wonderful example of J.B. Duguid 's 1884 trunk patent.Thanks for the post.
  19. Wonderful, T-man way to bring it back.
  20. Great find T-Man. should finish out great.
  21. Great find Brian, glad to see it fell into proper hands. It will be a show piece when your done..
  22. Over the top stunner pal. Wow!
  23. Here is a link to some early 1878 Boston advertising: Pgs. 156 & 157 It has advertising (names and addresses from all of the prevalent trunk makers in Boston at the time. Chas Read was with Haley 1...
  24. Wardrobe trunks were made from the early 1900's thru the 1930's and beyond here are some links to some advertising from the 1920's there were many manufacturers. hope this helps a bit. https://upl...
  25. I research and collect it. Like treasure hunting It's my fun. Here are a few image links:Hope they post enjoy. http://images.indianahistory.org/utils/ajaxhelper/?CISOROOT=dc012&CISOPTR=10908&actio...
  26. https://books.google.com/books?id=yptAAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA83&lpg=PA83&dq=luggage+and+leather+goods+,+Reed+,Atwood+advertising&source=bl&ots=NdODgW5_LT&sig=ACfU3U3Q-XdwqE2pMY4cy3mWvEeuUdO8zA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2...
  27. https://books.google.com/books?id=yptAAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA83&lpg=PA83&dq=luggage+and+leather+goods+,+Reed+,Atwood+advertising&source=bl&ots=NdODgW5_LT&sig=ACfU3U3Q-XdwqE2pMY4cy3mWvEeuUdO8zA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2...
  28. http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US781621-0.png http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US986841-0.png early 1900's time period seems fitting.
  29. There were many Wall trunk hinge patents in the 1800's Here are just a few that we all might come across. Just thought I would share some for those that may be interested. (Hope they all post) h...
  30. https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images3/1/0217/01/antique-steamer-trunk-vintage_1_a8a3fd8645c906be89f526ab40c8403a.jpg It's funny, I have yet to find that particular patent after quite a while ...
  31. So glad to see you get it Big D. It will be in good hands. Yes, it's a cool image of the factory. https://www.telegram.com/storyimage/WT/20140228/COULTER01/302289672/AR/0/AR-302289672.jpg h...
  32. It should clean up ok , but there are some condition issues that have to be dealt with in order to bring it back from the brink. I do love the French ones as well. It is because they made far fewer th...
  33. Thank you everyone for the kind words. I am just happy to leave the canvas on and not have to deal with stripping it and the glue for a change.
  34. I'll see if I can post a picture to the site.
  35. Sorry no go!
  36. file:///Users/stovall/Downloads/00z0z_iTZg5Psilh7_600x450.jpg Hopefully it loads this time sometimes the site is funny. It's an image a different Martin Maier Label.
  37. file:///Users/stovall/Downloads/00z0z_iTZg5Psilh7_600x450.jpg This label sure would look good on the inside lid.
  38. I'll take a look through my collection of labels.Thanks for the reminder,I should probably share a couple hundred more label images so the site can be updated.Maybe the guy below might know who's it i...
  39. http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US486475-0.png This swivel patent always seemed like it would work better.
  40. http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US278580-0.png Always wondered if this patent worked to hold the top tray? Seems heavy for the lid.
  41. A Very nice start, good luck with the trunk addiction. http://images.wisconsinhistory.org/700011230010/1123000185-l.jpg Speaking of history........ https://books.google.com/books?id=qjWTAAAAIAA...
  42. That's a sweet interior my friend.
  43. This one does have a makers label inside(Top rim of the trunk) which we don't see very often, but it does not seem very legible other than what appears to be the word "Valises" and possibly the word "...
  44. Im4anything old is quite correct 1860s. http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US44101-0.png Here is the C. Liebrich 1864 Trunk lock patent , It is not before this date. Sometimes thes...
  45. https://books.google.com/books?id=vZtAAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA122&lpg=PA122&dq=sole+leather+trunk+manufacturers&source=bl&ots=nAdhdsR35C&sig=OLRZvqR50RWqPQFqIuTLNuGn6WM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=fjUkVZWNNIWmyQSnyoGYDA&ved=...
  46. You will notice the same number of handles in the advertisement in my previous post, it was an option at the time and there were 3 different sizes that I have seen . As for value we tend not to use th...
  47. https://chairish-prod.freetls.fastly.net/image/product/sized/72207630-a3d3-4342-b602-dca50f8cf646/1890s-vanderman-steel-strong-box-3694?aspect=fit&width=640&height=640 Vanderman also had plumbing c...
  48. http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pages/US586297-0.png Above is the patent for the Box . The Grinnell Inc. Company was and still is a fire extinguisher/suppression company. Just a hunch- I...
  49. Thanks for the loves everyone. Finding the decent ones is always half the fun. Should finish out ok . It's good to see the rawhide banding in good shape for a change.
  50. That's a great photo Scott, always kinda nice seeing them piled up. I'd be careful the wife doesn't get any ideas. If things go south, She could send you out to sleep with all them on that climate con...
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