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I have a long time antique love. I currently post my stuff here, for references to remember information about them. Or so someday if my kids need to look back on wI have a long time antique love. I currently post my stuff here, for references to remember information about them. Or so someday if my kids need to look back on what something is. Or just for insurance purposes of what I have. I love old, unique stuff! (Read more)


  1. I had tried that! But was not finding anyplace that had where the signatures were noted. I was really just curious. I got it because I love it. It's in my collection of great glass now.
  2. Thanks! Maybe its just the old look of the stones. But I think this is the oldest ring ive ever saw.
  3. Thank you both for your comments! Very helpful.
  4. I also agree with Phil that is probably a date.
  5. I have similar salt and pepper shakers. I was so sad something fell out of a cupboard and landed on Santa! I have since glued him back together. But oh the humanity!!
  6. I found a bunch of these last year in an attic of a house I bought. I also found a tinsel tree. So I saved them for only that tree. They are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
  7. LOL, that would be funny! I actually listed these on Facebook marketplace yesterday. They go against the rules. Of too much sexuality lol.. I had to put stickers on it to post.. I've gotten 700 view...
  8. Also the center dial is an alarm. Very nice clock!
  9. Ha!! Vintage beans! I couldn't tell you how old these beans are. They came in it!
  10. Thank you for your wonderful comment. It is truly sad of the days long gone. A time much forgotten in younger generations.
  11. I have added two pictures. Also I apologize for the dust! How embarrassing lol..
  12. That is just so wonderful! To find others with such a passion for beauty. Thank you for sharing that. I too love many lamps. I have many in each room myself! I do occasionally get criticism from fam...
  13. Thank you for your comment! I waited to decide on buying it on the last day of the sale. So 50% off. I couldn't pass it up at $35. It was very well taken care of. It was a little old lady's house. Sh...
  14. Thanks for the great comments! I should post that table too lol...
  15. I guess when we get things we hope so much that they are authentic! But I still think this is a wonderful item.
  16. I just took some new pictures. Indeed it says inspired by, also 1991. So guessing it was made in 1991! Definitely not an antique. Thanks for your help! I will change my title.
  17. Thank you very much for your comment watchsearcher! Not offensive at all, in fact it makes much sense. I will take new better pictures since I am home now. I definitely couldn't imagine a real baby...
  18. I know!! I agree they need to be fired up before I'm happy with them!
  19. I have 5 cats and 1 small dog. They sure make life a little bit better. Your pup is beautiful!
  20. I have a thing for clocks, lamps, antiques, or anything interesting really. I only have 10 clocks at the moment. Its enough to have to wind really. But I recently seen my dream clock in an antique...
  21. Thanks for your comment! Is there any way to really look for or to know if it's a reproduction? I don't care one way or another really. I paid very little for it. But would love to know!! I have had ...
  22. This is koda. I'm not sure what his mother is. She was very long soft haired. But the father was Maine coon. He is 22 pounds, with 4 inch long hair. Super friendly. I have his sister too. They are 8...
  23. Thank you for that information. I did find a clock that looks just like it on there. So possibly 1841- 1857
  24. Ok added two different pictures. I'm not at home right now to take better ones. But would love to know opinions. Thanks!
  25. This one is so old and delicate I truly believe it's an original. I'll repost some different pictures. I live in New York. Where everything is old!!
  26. Thanks so much! I will look into that. I'll repost once I get it figured out.
  27. Thanks for your comment Alfred, please keep smiling!
  28. I work at an antique store, so the clock guy gets so much work from us we get special pricing. He usually only charges $25 to $40 plus if there was any cost of ordering missing parts. I try to tip h...
  29. Yes!! The whole store jumped two feet, at the sound of the alarm! Including myself ha. But antique stores are usually full of old people. So lucky they only jumped and didn't fall down. Thanks for yo...
  30. Thank you Bruce, my clock guy usually sets it so it's running at the correct time. Or at least very close to it. I see this one has an alarm as well. I do not have much experience with those. Other ...
  31. Thank you Dav2no1, I have been watching the gold ones on Ebay. But your right just not the same. I need its mate in black!
  32. Mine unfortunately did not have the color wheel with it. Ive found some changing lights I've, positioned under it that works great. Not quite the same though.
  33. Thanks Phil! I found a new font for it today. Hoping it works. I just need the glass chimney now.
  34. The Mason style jars is what I was talking about. They are called crystal brand. I have two where I work. But I got this one for $10. I'm pretty happy about that! Thanks for your help
  35. Thanks. Its hard to find nice shades for sale!
  36. Thank you so much! I didn't see that it has a spot for a cup holder. I like it more! Now on to finding a cup for it.
  37. Fhrjr2, I can take a picture and update the post later today. If I remember correctly when I moved it here. It has two wooden legs that screw to the vanity to secure it to the base. Watchsearcher...
  38. Thanks for your response. I really have always wanted one. But not if I can't get it working. Plus he's wanting way too much for it in not working order. It doesn't seem over wound. Because it stil...
  39. Watchsearcher, I see them for sale often on Facebook marketplace. But they are pricey. Right now I see two one for $150 and another for $250. Both with the color wheels, and 6 feet tall. Mine is mi...
  40. Thank you all for your comments. I have fixed the problem of the time. I took the hands off and set them at the correct hour. But now am having issues of it continuing to run. It is stopping after...
  41. I haven't bought it yet. Because something else came into the store I want more! But its been here a few years hidden behind stuff. I recently took it out and cleaned it up to put in the window. I s...
  42. Very nice! I love these old lamps!
  43. I'll have to look at it closer tomorrow watchsearcher. Maybe find some batteries for it. I'll update later. Thanks for the comments.
  44. Yes still living in the old funeral home. We were on the historic home tour this past summer. That was lots of fun. People wanting to come see what we have done to the house. It was originally a hom...
  45. Ha ha! My son thought she was really creepy and suggested I put her in the trash. I told him no she can stick around for a few lol.. hes 16. Thanks for the comment Phil.
  46. I was very careful with it, bringing it over to my house. The lady who owned the house I got. Loved music. I found two banjos, a organ, a box for an accordian, at least 10 old radios. 4 record player...
  47. Genius work details! Just lovely.
  48. Wow very jealous over here! Just absolutely beautiful!
  49. That's a great idea. I'll have to try that. I come across lots of old pieces that I would never refinish. This one I say that only because at one time long ago someone put a darker finish on it. An...
  50. Thanks so much for that information.
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