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I have a long time antique love. My grandmother and Aunts really have collections! I love anything old and unique! Im from Michigan! But just recently bought my dI have a long time antique love. My grandmother and Aunts really have collections! I love anything old and unique! Im from Michigan! But just recently bought my dream home in upstate New York! A 1849 huge house! (Read more)


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Edison phonograph player with morning glory horn  - Electronicsin Electronics
Blue glass decanter - Glasswarein Glassware
Butlers dust pan 
1849 brick house  
Antique lithograph - Fine Artin Fine Art
Antique dining room set - Furniturein Furniture
Vintage medical tools in leather case - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique lithograph - Fine Artin Fine Art
Tuskeloid brush set - Accessoriesin Accessories
Vintage bracelet  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. The records are round cylinder. They are very neat made of hard wax. I'll take better pictures and up date it tomorrow to show it better.
  2. For something so old. It plays beautiful! Some of the wax things are cracked or molded. But there are some in good condion. Still going threw them. Need to read up on how to clean them.
  3. Thank you! Yes I found out its an ewer. I had never ever heard it be called that before. I seen the same one on ruby lane. So what's is an ewer anyways?
  4. Thanks so much! I can't wait to play with it.
  5. I just added two pictures that are from 1900. I got them from the historic society I have a few more as well. These pictures were taken before they added the 3rd floor and maids quarters.
  6. Thanks for all the love! <3 <3
  7. Yes I was looking at those when it first came. They are hand drawn in. There's also a tiny number on the bottom edge of the print.
  8. Ha! No definitely not. I covered the back of the print with card board. Then taped the card board to the glass. With extra cardboard pieces holding it up away from the tape. So it's safe. And a temp...
  9. It truly is! These pictures just don't do it justice. It's so much prettier in person! I don't have a frame yet that fits it. So had an old piece of glass that I put cardboard over the print and tap...
  10. Thanks Roy! I'll take some more pictures later an change some out so you can see more of the inside. Have a great day!
  11. Thanks so much! Most of them are original with the old wavy glass. (Only 2 replaced) Love that! Helps that they all have the original storm windows for the outside over the windows. Big house lots...
  12. Hey good morning Roy. I can make a post just for the house. It used to be my profile picture. I finally figured out how to change the picture lol.. I'll post now. Have a great day!
  13. Thanks Phil!
  14. I actually seen a set here go for about $150. But it went right away. This set I'm paying $400. Which is fine with me. I'm just happy they all match! 3 different times I went to go pick up a set. A...
  15. Thanks so much Phil! Hoping to pick it up tomorrow if not to much snow here.
  16. Thanks so much Scott! Thanks to you as well Newfld! Definitely no markers for me ha ha. I do like staining. I've brought back a few nice old pieces from being abused. I'd rather leave things how the...
  17. I would agree that this piece is not that old. You can tell old mirrors by just looking into the mirror. And if you put your finger on it. The mirror has a gap between your finger. Newer mirrors hav...
  18. Most lovely! I almost bought one similar to this. It was selling as a buffet mirror. For over ones buffet. I've recently got a few buffets. But missed out on the sale as it sold right away. Yours m...
  19. Most beautiful! I have seen these go for a very hefty price. You did great on this one. Lovely!
  20. Very interesting!
  21. Yes some of my best collection came from Michigan. I grew up and lived there most my life. I live in New York now. And still browes the Michigan Craigslist before i come back for visits. And thank y...
  22. I've been looking to buy one. So have been looking at e Bay as well. I would love one with the spider. And working would be best. I found one for $50. But not sure if it works. And the lady hasn't ...
  23. Yes. I would of been curious too
  24. Yes makes sense. them darn kids always losing or stealing thanks I bet that's exactly what this set is from.
  25. Thanks so much for your vey kind words! Also so very true. I have many treasures. Each one holds a special place. <3 many blessings! <3
  26. Ha ha! Yes they still do that now days. Except it's one thing. And the teacher is the only one to touch it. And the tools! Maybe a liability now. This tool set seems to be mismatched of the tools. A...
  27. Very neat!
  28. I was recently watching a clock vey similar to yours on eBay. I just love your clock. I love the sp...
  29. Very good info thank you! My Victorolia need to be regreased. The springs are bouncing on occasion.
  30. Ginger bread mantle clock. I think they are called. This lady not far from me has one for a really good pricd. I've been Trying to get from her. But she hasn't had time for me to stop by. I'm not...
  31. Ha. Yes I threw them out. I washed them first but the smell never came out. Also I was working at a gas station that day. And couldn't leave. So I had to spend the next few hours like that. I went t...
  32. I really like this one. The frame pulls it all together
  33. Wow this is really cool. I have a handful of creepy things myself.(nothing posted). Look at all the work that went into this guy. Great find!
  34. Me too! I have a handful of antique frames with old glass. Makes it all so much more charming! Hard part is finding them that fit my frames.
  35. I love it. Also love your clock behind it. Im wanting to pick one up very similar.
  36. Oh how neat. I used to have one same style. But was camel cigarette brand. Many years ago now.. more than 25 years ago. It's long gone now. But I had filled it and stuck it in my jeans pocket. Som...
  37. Yes it is, thank you!
  38. Very interesting read. Thank you for posting that. She's in my dining room. The more I look at her the more I like it. I've really been into antique lithographs lately. Can't decide my next one t...
  39. Thank you Tallcakes.
  40. Thank you so much! We were antiqing today and seen some beautiful glass today that was Northwood. I had never heard of it before today. This one is beautiful. But a bit rough inside.
  41. Thank you so much TallCakes! Always so quick to know your glass!
  42. Thanks so much! I'll add a picture of my collection now. It's gotten a lil bigger.
  43. I found the same one on eBay. A lil bit better shape. But mine was a better price. Also I found out hot to tell old glass from new glass. If you use a light and look down the side of the frame. It yel...
  45. It is most beautiful <3 I do agree.. Also no rush. I work for a beer industry.. sol it was work.. But fun work. Can drink as much beer as one would like ha ha.. free beer for all..
  46. Possibly a hybrid? We have coyote mixed with wolf's here in upstate New York. They aren't as shy of people and much bigger and fluffier. They come right into town and snatch cats and small dogs. P...
  47. Thanks everyone! Happy New Year! I looked it up a bit fortapache. Says they quit making the material astound 1940. Because they are highly flammable. Thought that was interesting.
  48. Love the green wall! Happy New Year!
  49. Thanks for the comments! I love how soft the brushes are!
  50. Thanks so much! Very detailed!
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