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I have a long time antique love. My grandmother and Aunts really have collections! I love anything old and unique! Im from Michigan! But just recently bought my dI have a long time antique love. My grandmother and Aunts really have collections! I love anything old and unique! Im from Michigan! But just recently bought my dream home in upstate New York! A 1849 huge house! (Read more)


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  1. Mine unfortunately did not have the color wheel with it. Ive found some changing lights I've, positioned under it that works great. Not quite the same though.
  2. Thanks Phil! I found a new font for it today. Hoping it works. I just need the glass chimney now.
  3. The Mason style jars is what I was talking about. They are called crystal brand. I have two where I work. But I got this one for $10. I'm pretty happy about that! Thanks for your help
  4. Thanks. Its hard to find nice shades for sale!
  5. Thank you so much! I didn't see that it has a spot for a cup holder. I like it more! Now on to finding a cup for it.
  6. Fhrjr2, I can take a picture and update the post later today. If I remember correctly when I moved it here. It has two wooden legs that screw to the vanity to secure it to the base. Watchsearcher...
  7. Thanks for your response. I really have always wanted one. But not if I can't get it working. Plus he's wanting way too much for it in not working order. It doesn't seem over wound. Because it stil...
  8. Watchsearcher, I see them for sale often on Facebook marketplace. But they are pricey. Right now I see two one for $150 and another for $250. Both with the color wheels, and 6 feet tall. Mine is mi...
  9. Thank you all for your comments. I have fixed the problem of the time. I took the hands off and set them at the correct hour. But now am having issues of it continuing to run. It is stopping after...
  10. I haven't bought it yet. Because something else came into the store I want more! But its been here a few years hidden behind stuff. I recently took it out and cleaned it up to put in the window. I s...
  11. Very nice! I love these old lamps!
  12. I'll have to look at it closer tomorrow watchsearcher. Maybe find some batteries for it. I'll update later. Thanks for the comments.
  13. Yes still living in the old funeral home. We were on the historic home tour this past summer. That was lots of fun. People wanting to come see what we have done to the house. It was originally a hom...
  14. Ha ha! My son thought she was really creepy and suggested I put her in the trash. I told him no she can stick around for a few lol.. hes 16. Thanks for the comment Phil.
  15. I was very careful with it, bringing it over to my house. The lady who owned the house I got. Loved music. I found two banjos, a organ, a box for an accordian, at least 10 old radios. 4 record player...
  16. Genius work details! Just lovely.
  17. Wow very jealous over here! Just absolutely beautiful!
  18. That's a great idea. I'll have to try that. I come across lots of old pieces that I would never refinish. This one I say that only because at one time long ago someone put a darker finish on it. An...
  19. Thanks so much for that information.
  20. I'd say about 6 or 7 inches long. The only markings is on the case. 24-0
  21. Oh how cool. They really are neat. As well as rather sturdy. Thanks for the date. I was thinking around then. From other things I have found around it.
  22. I recently bought a investment property. It's full of stuff. I found lots of the stained glass as well as the ceramic deer, other ceramic animals an planters. Its filling my room up. Was loving the ...
  23. I do l live in New York! I love the winters! I have this cute sun porch that I love to fill up in the winter(has two heaters) . I have about 6 hibiscus plants currently. I brought my outside swing in...
  24. Thank you so much Tall cakes! I think they are very pretty.
  25. I was guessing 70s. Because I didn't think it was a real lithograph on the top. Thanks.
  26. Izenglish funny about your commodore. Hey some day it maybe worth something lol... I have a hard time getting rid of computers. Always think I prolly have pictures on them. Stored lol...
  27. Wow really cool Iggy! These have a few games each. But still going threw the attic might find more. Pretty cool for 40 year old games.
  28. Thanks! I thought they were great too!
  29. Thank you Tallcakes!
  30. Thank you. I'll post the other by itself.
  31. Blunderbuss2, why because of the church or the snow lol.. I live in the historic district. Love it for some reasons. But bummer for other reasons.
  32. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Brunswick, this is my second floor landing.
  33. Thanks gate keeper. Kinda looks like cedar inside. I'll have to smell it too see.
  34. I'm betting it had casters on the legs. If you flip it up and look. You might see holes where they used to go. Also $20 was a steal!
  35. Ive recently been having my grandfather clock worked on. It's an 1816-1860 with a huge mercury pendulum. I was surprised at how much mercury was just hanging!
  36. Thanks so much!
  37. Thanks Newfld!
  38. You are right. There is a c on the bottom of the glass. Thanks again for the help.
  39. Thanks for the link. I'm sure it's an energy sucker for sure. I think i'll just use it as a decorative display. Was hoping to find a wind up one. But was happy to find any.
  40. Thank you so much for your never ending knowledge! Your always so helpful.
  41. I seen another typewriter in the house. I haven't pulled it out yet. Was hoping for an older one. But was happy to find this. I love the case. Hoping to find the key.
  42. Thanks for prolly is 50s. I'm finding lots of stuff from the 30s to 70s in this house. Can't wait to get into the attic where the good stuff might be hid. Thanks for the comments.
  43. Salt and pepper is just one of many things I collect. These lil mice are adorable!
  44. They call this style gingerbread or mantel clock. It's a very nice one, what a lucky find!
  45. Thanks so much fort! In my opinion its very elegant and prettier than the other glass.
  46. Honestly it used to be a very important rich family's home and was in their family until the funeral home bought it. The funeral home moved and sold the house to us. It's only had 2 owners before us....
  47. Thanks so much for commenting. Where would I look to look for Japan markings? I have occupied Japan porcelain never knew they made sewing machines. I have a few other old sewing machines. I didn't ...
  48. Watchsearcher, the attic is very lovely. It has 6 windows as well as two closets one huge walk in cedar closet. And the back stairs that led to the maids quarters.
  49. Anything obscure, I still have an old canister vacuum in the basement! I will have to get a few pictures to post. I still have the switch and hose hole in the base boards. And it will turn on and hum....
  50. Oh and the last picture of the prayer table. I have a matching pair of torchier lamps to go with it.
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