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I have a long time antique love. My grandmother and Aunts really have collections! Im new to here so just started posting a few items i have. . I haven't been collecI have a long time antique love. My grandmother and Aunts really have collections! Im new to here so just started posting a few items i have. . I haven't been collecting that long myself. . Most my collection has come to me in the last 5 years to now. I love anything old and unique! Im from Michigan! But just recently bought my dream home in upstate New York! A 1849 huge house! I never knew how beautiful New York is! And the old stuff here is amazing! Everyone on my street has a big old house that's 3 stories or more. (Read more)


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Antique charcoal drawing - Fine Artin Fine Art
Antique picture  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Depression glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Brass and marble table - Furniturein Furniture
1840 house! 
Secretary desk - Furniturein Furniture
Uranium glass goblet  - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage hutch - Furniturein Furniture
Tea set - Kitchenin Kitchen
haviland limoges tea set - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thanks for commenting Scott. Im gonna post another one I have in a few. That's slightly different. Im thinking older. And Ms. Crystalship, I would love to see yours! My friend has a antique sho...
  2. You are so right spotterpup. I looked them up. My butter dish is a remake from 1970. But the serving tray is original. Good eye. And yes i don't mind if it's a remake.they were only a few dollars f...
  3. Oh my you are so great at knowing your glass! Thank you for your knowledge!
  4. Yeah i definitely think i will. It has so many small tiny bubbles in the glass. She's got it priced $8.
  5. Thanks so much Phil!
  6. Thanks Phil!
  7. Yay im super happy and excited about it. Thank you! Can't wait to get the keys!
  8. Thanks so much. When i looked at the bottom it was very bright gold looking. But nothing else. Not even a screw.
  9. I'll look when i get a chance to see what the bottom looks like as well. Thanks
  10. Thanks so much for the info! I love Pier One as well. Either way it was cheap and I love it. But thought it might be old with the green tarnish on the base. But that makes sense the marble i noticed...
  11. I only got to do a short walk threw before bidding on it. I took a small video to review. But it's very neat inside. 2 sets of stairs. And a slightly creep basement with wine storage. Most of the ...
  12. Thanks so much Thrifty! I get the keys the 28th of October! There's definitely a ton of stuff left in there.
  13. I know i really want it. It will be fate if i get it or not
  14. Thanks for the comments! I put my bid in yesterday. It's a silent auction. So i have no idea what others are bidding. .now just to wait and see. Im hopeful tho!
  15. House is great. Putting in a new kitchen has been stressful. Also buying another big house! 2 streets over. Hopefully anyway. .. it's city owned bidding. It was built in 1840. 3600 square feet. .An...
  16. I know thanks! Would of took me forever to find out.
  17. Thank you Scott! I was super excited to be able to get it. I think its beautiful.
  18. Summer time I guess. Kids have been home. I have some stuff to post just haven't had time. And mostly just been collecting green glass and plants.
  19. It looks rather big. That's why i ask. How neat!
  20. I've actually been looking at a buffet and antique hutch. The legs match very well. If i decide to buy them I'll see if they have any maker. And of coarse post them.
  22. Not the same but similar
  23. Look at this on eBay
  24. My mother has two of these lamps. She got them in the was my grandmother's. And the other my mom bought for herself. But since my grandmother's passing she has both. I can post them tomorrow. ...
  25. Very lovely piece
  26. This is so great! What a collectors item! Just love it
  27. Is that a punch bowl? Beautiful collection as always
  28. Krisseykatz i would love to see what you have got! I recently picked up a dresser and matching vanity that was painted. I stripped the paint off and sanded and stained it. Its become my new hobby.
  29. Aww thank you. I thought maybe just a stand. But that makes sense. It has a patd but can't read any more.
  30. Very interesting to know! I have always thought all of them were from Fenton. Always learning! Thank you for your knowledge Tallcakes
  31. This is Fenton glass. Very nice
  32. Very neat Post card collector. No laughing here. I have plenty of my own unusual and oddities. And thank you all for your lovely comments.
  33. Haha. My kids are older. They don't scare easy. And thank you so much for the suggestion. I will try that and let you know how that goes!
  34. I also have chased my daughter around blinking her eyes with my hand. We have a creepy old baby pram she will look good in.
  35. Haha you would love her eyes then. They are yellow with no pupil. I'll post a picture.
  36. Yes haven't really looked yet to see if i can put her head back on.
  37. Thank you so much! I couldn't find a date. I think she's beautiful!
  38. Haha good night! Sweet dreams!
  39. Id rather have the green than pink any day!
  40. I have this same one but in pink! Very nice add to your collection!
  41. This is beautiful! And actually a good price for your splurge. These take so much time to make.
  42. Just how beautiful! I have recently became addicted to collecting depression glass. Your collection is wonderful and love your description!
  43. Thank you so much for your comment. The pink by Lancaster is just beautiful! I have a bowl as well! And some glasses that I'm not sure if they are too.
  44. Thanks so much! I've been wanting one like these. Its definitely pretty.
  45. Thanks so much!
  46. No have had the dresser. But it was given to me. Its heading up the stairs, to my daughters room. That's why the drawers are out. It has a mirror as well. Thanks for commenting.
  47. Cool I'll look for it. Free is best
  48. That's a great idea! I'll keep my eye out. I have no shame in taking free stuff.. one mans trash is another's treasure!
  49. And thanks so much!
  50. I figured i can make room in that hutch. Its pretty big. And when i get more i can sell the ones I'm not collecting. And I've started stacking plates and such. But this is what i have most of "came...
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