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Jacksonville, Florida

I'm Karen, I'm interested in most anything vintage that I can find a space for in my home or yard, if the price is right! I'm raising my granddaughters and it keeps I'm Karen, I'm interested in most anything vintage that I can find a space for in my home or yard, if the price is right! I'm raising my granddaughters and it keeps money tight. But with my husband working out of town most of the time, we get our shopping therapy in thrift stores. Karenoke@att.net This crazy thing won't let me change my picture. What's up with this? (Read more)


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What is this? Suit butler? 
Asian Bowl Cup? - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Brass Thingamagig, What The Heck Is This? - Advertisingin Advertising
Cast Iron Bell - Folk Artin Folk Art
Pottery? Porcelain? I’m fairly sure it’s old. - Potteryin Pottery
Two headed lizard. Maybe fertility meaning? - Folk Artin Folk Art
Pottery ashtray. McCoy? - Potteryin Pottery
Can you read this? - Lampsin Lamps
Depression glass? How do you tell? - Glasswarein Glassware
Ashtray I've never seen before. - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Thanks for all the kind and helpful comment everyone, much appreciated. I’m using it for a yard decoration in which it is playing dual roles, #1. Yard decor, #2. Next to my 13 yr. old granddaughter b...
  2. Thanks Newfld, I think he’ll look great as yard art. But the cup leaves me clueless, and you may be right;-)
  3. I’d have to agree with you Blunder...lol
  4. I love your story, and history about this gun. Great post! Now you keep a keen eye on that rifle, some folks say they kill so I’d like to know if you catch it getting out of that chair and killing so...
  5. It’s not easy to find on of these with the guts. I promised myself last time a hurricane knocked out my power I’d have one of these before the next time, and I thought it’d be vintage. I thought wrong...
  6. I’d say ashtray’s for sure. Do they come apart? I absolutely love these!
  7. One heck of a find! Looks like it should be in a museum.
  8. OMGosh Caperkid, I completely forgot to come back and tell you....YES! You hit the nail on the head with your suggestion and we were correct, it’s the lower half of a yard decoration. Bet the other h...
  9. Thanks Newfld! I did have a friend suggest the mark on bottom looks more like a brand logo than a makers mark. But who knows? Thanks for the love Vetraio50 TassieDevil Much appreciated!
  10. Lovely view you have there! I’m trying to baby my newest addition, young angel trumpets. As they are this years greatest hope;-)
  11. I so appreciate all the love.... Newfld Fortapache Officialfuel Jscott0363 But surly you have a guess?.....lol. However, a guess is all I have and I’m not so good at guessing. Thanks y’all ;-)
  12. This album falls in the top 10 of my favorites, I love me some Linda! And I love her renditions of other artist music as well. Now I realize not everyone is a fan of karaoke. But when karaoke was fi...
  13. Red has long been my color Phil. This is amazing!
  14. Love how real this child looks. The facial expression is priceless!
  15. Very much like one I shared a year ago. I’m hoping I can share it with this link... https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/214005-any-guess-as-to-artist-or-age
  16. Still hoping for new insight about this? Please?
  17. This really is beautiful....and thanks to this posting I think I know what my light fixtures are now.
  18. I love, love, love this light as well. And I’m super jealous you work in a thrift store, maybe I can get a job in one myself once my mom don’t need me so much. But oh my at all the junk I’d acquire......
  19. This is amazing! I love this type stuff, but I know nothing about....well nothing really....lol. But I enjoy looking at all the cool stuff here on CW. I’m really using this posting to ask if KKK is y...
  20. Hey Scott, I suspect some parts are missing as well. But it’s still a neat piece. Thanks for the nice comment and love too! Thanks again Caperkid as I’m having no luck with the weathervane path. ...
  21. Thank you Newfld! Weathervane was suggested by a friend but I can’t find anything similar. But, always a but. I may be able to now that I have better wording to search. Thanks for the love too!
  22. So in spite of myself I got the gig part right?....cool Thanks Caper, it’s a start. Appreciate the love too!
  23. Absolutely love it!
  24. I think I solved it...wow It appears to be a Paolo Soleri bell. Think I’ll try to figure out the age now. Help is always appreciated!
  25. Very pretty! I suspect someone will come by with some info to help you, good luck!
  26. Oh wow Master, I collect these myself. I will post them one day soon. Very nice!
  27. So beautiful Phil!
  28. These are amazing Scott!
  29. Too cool! I purchased one this week, not this nice but same style. I’m planning to hook it up for when my granddaughters are in trouble and I’ve taken their cells.....I can already feel their love.....
  30. My mom has one of these and I’m now on a mission to find it. She bought it new in the late 60’s early 70’s and I’d love to know where she purchased it but unfortunately dementia seems to have stolen ...
  31. Thanks everyone! So it’s as new and cheap as the stickers say it is....lol Cool, my petunias will do it justice and are worth more than the plastic vase. Too funny because I convinced the manager o...
  32. Lol Phil, I sure can’t argue with facts. But it’s very unlike any other vases I’ve seen. Thank you!
  33. I know nothing. But is there writing in the first picture? Looks like engraving about even with top of cigarette pack.
  34. You find all the cool stuff! Nice!
  35. I hope you get some insight about this. My son recently found a similar one and is also confused about it. Good luck!
  36. I’m so jealous I too have been looking for years! But then my list of wanted items keeps growing as I find one thing I come up with another....lol Congrats!
  37. Hang in there and someone who knows something will show up and help you. Meanwhile, welcome to CW!
  38. Cigarettes never crossed my mind when I looked at this....WOW! I sure love it!
  39. TubeAmp, I have no doubt you are correct. Thank you! Did I mention this thing is three feet in length? But I bet it came from the same place at any size. Thank you very much, I often see you solve ma...
  40. Thanks so much for all the kind and helpful comments everyone! I think you solved my mystery Billretirecoll, thank you! All the love is sure appreciated as well.... Kyratango Nutsabotas6 Fortapac...
  41. So awesome!
  42. This is an old post of an awesome find. I love stuff like this!
  43. Hey Bill, I so understand the...look over your shoulder comment, my daughter in law said being in my home was like being in a museum....lol But keep in mind, she’s in her late 20’s so items from the ...
  44. Dang Bill....you gooood! You must look at more crap (good crap) online than I do....lol I think it was included in the description as California pottery...just like you said! That’s cool to see, bu...
  45. I love your story! I drove my granddaughters through the back roads/hills of Tennessee/Kentucky during our last holiday season. I admit, once we left any areas where you could see a fast food restura...
  46. This is a very beautiful set Phil! I learned to love this color combo in the 80’s. Very nice!
  47. Congrats on this great find! Very nice!
  48. Very pretty!
  49. I’m looking forward to more photos myself. This looks as if it’s amazing, but it’s hard to tell when it’s lit. For the new photos, turn this off and all other nearby lights on....please?
  50. Wow! Very nice. Be patient and someone will come along and give you some insight. Lots of knowledge on this sight, I’m just not one of them....lol
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