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Jacksonville, Florida

I'm Karen, I'm interested in most anything vintage that I can find a space for in my home or yard, if the price is right! I'm raising my granddaughters and it keeps I'm Karen, I'm interested in most anything vintage that I can find a space for in my home or yard, if the price is right! I'm raising my granddaughters and it keeps money tight. But with my husband working out of town most of the time, we get our shopping therapy in thrift stores. Karenoke@att.net This crazy thing won't let me change my picture. What's up with this? (Read more)


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  1. So awesome!
  2. This is an old post of an awesome find. I love stuff like this!
  3. Hey Bill, I so understand the...look over your shoulder comment, my daughter in law said being in my home was like being in a museum....lol But keep in mind, she’s in her late 20’s so items from the ...
  4. Dang Bill....you gooood! You must look at more crap (good crap) online than I do....lol I think it was included in the description as California pottery...just like you said! That’s cool to see, bu...
  5. I love your story! I drove my granddaughters through the back roads/hills of Tennessee/Kentucky during our last holiday season. I admit, once we left any areas where you could see a fast food restura...
  6. This is a very beautiful set Phil! I learned to love this color combo in the 80’s. Very nice!
  7. Congrats on this great find! Very nice!
  8. Very pretty!
  9. I’m looking forward to more photos myself. This looks as if it’s amazing, but it’s hard to tell when it’s lit. For the new photos, turn this off and all other nearby lights on....please?
  10. Wow! Very nice. Be patient and someone will come along and give you some insight. Lots of knowledge on this sight, I’m just not one of them....lol
  11. I think this is very pretty and unusual. I’m also interested in any history of the clasp used on it? I’ve seen several items with this clasp here lately, and it makes me think of older high karat gold...
  12. Oh wow, thank you Bill! It’s early morning and the house is quiet, I’m going to check it out now. I suspected it was not new, but other than the couple of chips it appears to be unused. Happy New ...
  13. Thanks LovelyPat, I will do just as you suggest. Time restraints is my only problem theses days. Thanks again!
  14. Ditto to Manikin’s comment!....WOW!
  15. This one has way too much “cool factor” not to own if given a chance. I think it’s amazing!
  16. I can see why this is your favorite....WOW!
  17. My understanding is becoming clearer, thank you! Your post are so fab!
  18. Oh how I love this post!
  19. Thank you so much for sharing this! I found one in a thrift store and suspected it was a kitchen gadget but wasn’t sure. So I paid my .50 and brought it home and haven’t had any real time to look it...
  20. Hey Gillian, Howell or Howele has not crossed my mind as the first initial is rather clearly an H. But the names first letter looks like an M, but danged if I can figure it out....lol. But now I’m try...
  21. OMGosh, thanks for the guidance Fortapache and Gillian! Fort, I think like you think as the irredecent color makes it carnival. But almost all carnival glass is cut or etched. And that leads me to ag...
  22. If I’m not mistaken, there is still a bus/trolley making the same route. San Diego is the only city other than my hometown where I actually kinda know my way around. Very cool post card of people in...
  23. I love happy endings;~}
  24. Very cool item, give it a few days and someone may come along that has info to help.
  25. I love these loud old fans, easy to sleep by. I have a couple I sent home with a friend to repair, that’s been months ago. Hope he didn’t fix them and get hooked on the noise...lol Not that I’d blam...
  26. Thank you Phil! So you feel like this is not vintage? I know it’s in nice enough shape to be new. How are you? I’m a poet...lol, who didn’t know it.
  27. LMAOffffffff
  28. Phil is a nice man! But I have to say, something about those sock suspenders just do it for me...lol This is a great find, very cool!
  29. I’m guessing these are too small to be shoe stretchers?
  30. Very interesting. I suggest adding pics of the markings. Many smart peeps on here may help if they had more pics. And any history on it....how did you come across this?
  31. My American Legion still does these different colored chips. And they don’t expire. So when you find one a couple years down the road, it still buys the same drink the purchaser intended you to have....
  32. I know nothing about this stuff, but it’s my opinion only that when stones are so securely placed as these are....they should stay where they are. I think very differently of glued in place stones. Bu...
  33. So cute!
  34. Nice display you have going on with the light coming through, very lovely!
  35. I so agree with the above comment. Very nice find, even better deal...or steal at 8.00....wow!
  36. I think it may be some sort of kitchen device, just a guess.
  37. Awesome!
  38. By today's standards he would not even be investigated....lol
  39. My memory is not serving me well tonight as I got overheated working in the yard today. And being a lifelong Floridian makes that embarrassing. Anywho, the Spanish shipwreck of the Atosia (likely spel...
  40. This is a wild guess, but see if you can find anything in the P. Derby Chair Company catalogs online. Your chair looks to be from the right era. Best of luck!
  41. I absolutely love this!
  42. I clicked in to see if it was a monster high, but that subject has been covered....lol Makes me think Monster High is a take from a limited Barbie edition..hmmm.
  43. Thanks PostcardCollector! I was hoping you may have some info on these?
  44. I just love the Zenith one! Nice collection.
  45. This is amazing, as I love the subject! I've spent my life on or near water. And where you call it a prawn, I call it a shrimp. Nice find!
  46. Great post! And congrats on finding a treasure it sounds as if you have spent many years looking to find.
  47. Groovy find! Are you in Texas helping? Either way, stay safe.
  48. I agree with all above comments! I assume you realize this but just in case....the 24k clasp will eventually give out and break after enough opening and closings. I've had to replace all of mine, and...
  49. The planter is very nice, but I love the story of how you have a connection to this planters maker. Really great post, thanks for sharing!
  50. The photo is icing on the cake, love it!
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Mystery object needs identification (postal, culinary, trade...?) Some kind of tool United States Of America Dime Error Coin? Is it? NO IDEA Hand crafted Fiberglass swag 3-D fruit


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