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14K Gold Owl Pin with Nephrite Jade Cabachon and Red Garnet Eyes - Goldin Gold
Inez The Forgotten - Photographsin Photographs
Antique Marble Statue by Joe Cormier (Joe Descomps) of Cupid With a Garland of Flowers, 32 Inches High. - Fine Artin Fine Art
An Antique French Empire Mahogany Vitrine, With Fine Egyptian Gilt Bronze Mounts - Furniturein Furniture
Magnificent Art Deco Italian Carved Wood & Portobello Marble Table, circa 1925 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Predicta Televisions  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Marguerite, By Adrien - Etienne Gaudez, 1845-1902, Founder F. Barbidienne 85 cm. - Fine Artin Fine Art
L'Aurore Statue By Mathurin Moreau, Bronze Signed in Mould, Math Moreau - Art Decoin Art Deco
Irish 19th Century Armorial Heraldic Fire Screen From Ireland - Furniturein Furniture
A Miniature Bride, and CW's Manikin - Photographsin Photographs


  1. What a great find, love the gold ! I have about 100 of them, but they are just plate and enamel. I was doing a room in an Egyptian theme at the time and I took them off bracelets.
  2. Thank you Jenni, such a nice comment !
  3. Love this, I especilly love crystal pineapples !
  4. I love it too, especially that it seems to have nice claws supporting the stones, that makes it better quality than glued stones in costume jewellery !
  5. Thank you freiheit, I appreciate your comment and love.
  6. What a great book. I have some antique books in my collection, but mainly relate to antique furniture.
  7. I do have some of these lamps also. but prefer the Millefiori ones, so I just have shown one of the kind of them so far.
  8. Looks like someone may have added the lion later, as it does not fit the box. That was good, as it adds more interest.
  9. Its a beaute !
  10. Very nice dig ! Sorry to hear broken. I used to dig bottles from 69 to 74.
  11. Most furniture is unmarked and that would make it almost impossible to give a date other than around 1910 or so. Labels are all important ! The bolts on top of the arms may have been made ? to add th...
  12. Very nice one.
  13. I think it may possibly have come from a shoe shine stand. Love the four sizes available to fit the public. Great post.
  14. We are not to give values on this site. The Viking brand name was by Eatons Canada.
  15. bijoucaillouvintage thank you for your kindness !
  16. Titled "Danseuse Des Indies by Ignacio Gallo" and made by J.b. Hirsch Co. Close to the one I have which has a Millefiori Globe. Yours has a glass globe, cannot see if it is the original one. The orig...
  17. Its roughly from around 1950 -1960 when so many of them were made. Almost all furniture factories at the time were making Tradition designs and pieces such as yours were also in most Catalog stores su...
  18. Remember sitting at them in olden days. There are images of them on web.
  19. Athena was a goddess of war. That card is a depiction of Athena, as the chryselaphantine of gold and ivory was lost in ancient times.
  20. I used to have some of the bird jugs which I loved, this one is a treasure also.
  21. A gorgeous piece to treasure, love it !~
  22. Agree with you and I have always believed the Commies such as stalin were worse than Hitler. They definitely killed as many jews but they were overlooked. Where were the americans when they took power...
  23. Fantastic Rose. These are so simple and yet a beautiful design which make and made them so popular during the 1950's to 60's when deer were a popular theme. They made some wonderful ornaments like thi...
  24. Beautiful work !~
  25. Realistic was actually not a bad brand, it was pretty reliable. I remember going to NYC in 2006 and noticing several stores which were taking another look at the great electronics from the 70's to 80'...
  26. I added it to my collection of lamp bases that the Italians were making during the early 70's to show what they were producing. They made a lot of table lamp bases and plaster statues. Unfort I would ...
  27. I think you should get someone who knows how to test this for sterling or ask a jeweller that you think you can trust. I love this one of yours better than a lot of them. I saw one by gladiator studio...
  28. Very cool design !~
  29. Wonderful kyra, I just love that granite, so beautiful !
  30. Like the new pics you have added.
  31. Thank you Jancal20, hope to hear from you, I am very upset about you leaving us and closing CW site.
  32. Great find !
  33. Thanks again Thrifty, you are kind !
  34. Thank you ThriftyGypsy, I appreciate !
  35. Japanese decoration so it must be Chinese, they both smoke a lot still. Fascinating ashtrays, strange how much I love ashtrays also ! A beauty.
  36. My mom had a set and I guess one of my sisters saved them. He was the best salt and pepper set I think !
  37. Looks wonderful and congratulations, so much happiness for you !~
  38. For the time and for those kids with so little, this would have been cherished !
  39. Super collection, I really don't think Nixon was all that bad, he was prejudice but what do we know of obama, was he a saint, hardly. They are just human and Nixon had a fairly long run, I like the ol...
  40. If you go to my full page you can email me - it shows my email - and I can email you back a somewhat colour corrected version of your photo. Just click over my name and it should get you there.
  41. He is definitely getting ready for bugle call or got a notice of a call to duty. Usually a carricature artist asks the sitter what he or she wants to be doing, especially if they are just a regular pe...
  42. It definitely looks ww2 I would think. I also wonder if the fellow depicted was a well known celebrity at the time or not.
  43. I have and had been on the lookout for these for such a long time, but they are so difficult to find. Awards such as these are definitely on the upper eschelon of collecting, and makes one aware of ho...
  44. Thanks Caperkid, I appreciate that comment !~
  45. Too fab !~
  46. There was a large import export business with lamps a speciality and during the late 60's, early 70's such as yours, to early 80's these type lamps were in again. Some I have seen signed but most are ...
  47. Would be great with your bell bottoms, very cool poem much of us are familiar with, the buckle is so super cool with such beautiful imagery !~
  48. I remember seeing a lot of dogs like this when Rin Tin Tin was on TV. Great find.
  49. A little late seeing, so many people on CW makes me late, lol !~
  50. Wow, like seeing my first Professional Plaza, super pic !!~
  51. See more