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N.Y. to Saskatoon, Canada

I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to show that I own all items.I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to show that I own all items. If you do not like it, or want to cause any trouble on my pages, as some people have tried, then please leave my page and go to your own page !! Love to all. Embracing the energy within ourselves will bring all of us to a new understanding and valuing of life, a vision that inspires you to live and love on planet earth. Like a priceless jewel, buried in dark layers of soil and stone, Earth radiates her brilliant beauty into the caverns of space and time. I am absolutely fascinated by collecting ! I collect for my sister also, mainly charm bracelets. I also like to collect Art Deco and car mascots, the older ones from Paris and UK mainly. Love to work on older photos and color my black and white photos, also doing work for others on-line. (Read more)


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Rare Sherman Necklace, Pink & Green With Pressed Glass Leaves, Sherman Signed With Exact Match Earrings, Circa 1955 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Green Bracelet with Cabochons - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Early 20th Century Wrought Iron Crown With Orb & Cross - Accessoriesin Accessories
Red Sherman Feather Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Two Tone Blue + Montana Blue Double Leaf Brooch Design & Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Pink and AB Pink brooch and Pinwheel Earrings Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Merry Christmas to all CW'ers ! - Furniturein Furniture
Sherman Snowflake or Bethleham Star Brooch in light blue, Peacock and Montana Blue - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you jscotto, much appreciated !~
  2. Nice family posting, love the photos so much !~
  3. Thank you FreshAir, most appreciated !~
  4. Thank you FreshAir, most appreciated !~
  5. Lots of beauties here, always drawn to the gold flower, beautiful !~
  6. Really love the silver flower with the well bound black stone, most beautiful !~
  7. Thank you raven, much appreciated !~
  8. Thank you Jenni, most appreciated !~
  9. As always love your backgrounds, bold and beautiful !~
  10. Thank you Eileen, it helps to differentiate the piece !~
  11. A new one for me, but I recognize a beautiful design and quality settings anywhere !~
  12. I especially love the green pig !~
  13. I like the word cute also, very much so !~
  14. Gorgeous use of colour !~
  15. Gorgeous colouring job on this beaute !~
  16. I see less and less shirts made for the use of cufflinks, but these are a definite modernist statement, great detective work !~
  17. The stones are very attractive with a leaf and bud design which they become more attractive by the use of opaque stones.
  18. Reminds me a bit of my father's clock I got in his estate. The clock does not ring on hour or half hour but it is a battery run clock and wonder if that is the reason. Your's is however much more attr...
  19. I thought Sherman at first but not when I looked at the clasp. Its a bit unusual but definitely not Sherman in construction of the design. So possibly collectors of American makers may know the score....
  20. Very similar to coat hangers I saw in a hardware store. Possibly new ?
  21. Likely a print if pasted on a box, however it is beautiful !~
  22. The only thing I cannot stand about this beautiful set is that it is not mine! Super wonderful colours infuse beauty, and you cannot beat their stones set by hand, congrats !~
  23. I don't make comments on pics that are upside down or lopsided - when you post it says you HAVE TO position your photos correctly !!
  24. Only the third pic is positioned correctly - otherwise all the other pics have not been adjusted and are all off kilter as to how the bird should appear.
  25. Super letter you have. Not too hard to read at all. Great post !~
  26. Very nice acquisition !~
  27. Love the cute factor !~
  28. Highly Stylized in the art deco manner, awesome and simply beautiful !~
  29. The first pic was natural light while the second pic was on a porch with some incandescent light, thanks for commenting, Sorina !~
  30. Thank you Eileen for clarifying that. I think I mentioned to you was a Kramer set not using the leaves but in a stunning set I saw which helped convince me that I could learn something from collecting...
  31. It may be the same artist who did a painting postcard of the statue of liberty.
  32. Gorgeous !~
  33. Truly a beaute all on his own, it also appears to carry a lot of magic in his prescience !~
  34. These are all little ambassadors of love you have found.
  35. Wonderful piece for your collection, love the colour work on this one !~
  36. Looks like a small cash box, nice find !~
  37. Thank you Newfld and jscotto for the nice commentary !~
  38. Super for your beautiful collection, I almost missed this one.
  39. The first piece is absolutely gorgeous, looks German and highest quality moulding !~
  40. This treen is truly wonderful !~
  41. Its wonderful and reminds me of Diego Giacometti's beautiful work, although now there are many reproductions and not really his style but close. He did work in bronze, especially coffee tables.
  42. The background of the triangle is wonderful and looks very much like onyx, beautiful !~
  43. You are totally correct, this is a beautiful bracelet, sometimes clear stones can astonish us !~
  44. Happy Easter, I thought these were "mighty fine" cadberry eggs at first, gorgeous pics !~
  45. Beautiful design !~
  46. A wonderful piece, I love turtles but no collection. A hefty price always makes the blood go faster, whethet or not if they are real diamonds. Congrats on finding this real beaute !~
  47. Really makes one look at the usefulness. I think also if I had one all my c.d.'s would not gone on a waste list.
  48. Its a beauty, considering the barley twist look, the old ones have gone down in value as there are so many up for sale. Auctions abound but the value of antiques have taken a nosedive that is hard to ...
  49. Very cool - I know at 3 or 4 years ago I wanted one. I think sometimes I prefer your variety over the more steampunk ones.
  50. Thanks Eileen, really happy you like this one. Been shopping !~
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