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Saskatoon : I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to : I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to show that I own all items. If you do not like it, or want to cause any trouble on my pages, as some people have tried, particularly Sean68, then please leave my page and go to your own page !! Love to all. Embracing the energy within ourselves will bring all of us to a new understanding and valuing of life, a vision that inspires you to live and love on planet earth. Like a priceless jewel, buried in dark layers of soil and stone, Earth radiates her brilliant beauty into the caverns of space and time. I am absolutely fascinated by collecting ! I collect for my sister also, mainly Sherman Jewellery. I also like to collect Art Deco and car mascots, the older ones from Paris and UK mainly. Love to work on older photos and color my black and white photos. (Read more)


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Rare Art Deco Pink Sherman Bracelet Circa 1950's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Display Showcase For Jewelry Information Wanted - Advertisingin Advertising
Sherman Opague Periwinkle Blue With Blue Navette & Baguette Blue Rhinestones Pin - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rare Sherman Fuschia Jappaned Necklace With smaller Pink Stones Offset By Large Fuschia, And Pink Pendant - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Rare Japanned Sherman Necklace, Fuscia Larger Stones & Pink Smaller Stones, 1960's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Magnificent Sherman Black Japanned Clear Rhinestone Necklace With Silvered White Pearls  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Very Rare Sapphire Rhinestone and Opaque Signed Jade Bracelet & Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Necklace, With Rare Inverted Stones, Early 1950's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Alexandrite  Tapered Leaf Cluster Bracelet circa 1950's - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fuscia Sherman Necklace and Signed Earrings Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thanks freiheit, most appreciated !~
  2. Thank you Kyra, much love to you xoxo !~
  3. Sometimes the listing pose was just part of the casting, I have found many mascots for instance that have varying tilt.
  4. Here is a link to pieces more like yours :
  5. You need to repair my aging body, it may be the highlight of your career ! Just Kidding, I love your work, very doctorial !~)
  6. You're taste as always is flawless, gorgeous piece !~
  7. Wow, you're 10 X more than my posts, congrats. I love the hand hammered look of this piece, beautiful !~
  8. Figural teapots are among the very best ones !~
  9. I bought a 10 dollar one last year and very happy as I needed one, but who knew except me, great find !
  10. Thanks Tassie Devil, glad you like !~
  11. Definitely not Russian, nor does it look Russian. The man's face looks like more of a primitive carving, very unusual.
  12. Sorry to say I hate that you call this watermelon glass as so many people do on the internet ! It is actually called Rivoli glass and you can look up the stones on the internet. I love these - probab...
  13. Thank you jscott0363, betweenthelens, and Newfld for the nice comments, love to you all !~
  14. Extremely beautiful design, remarkable !
  15. This one IS very well modelled !~
  16. Gorgeous !~
  17. That would be the mirror date. This wardrobe dresser was quite popular then.
  18. I have him in a lot of my sculpture books, he did a lot of chryselepantine work with the children also. His sculpture is full of charm !~
  19. Its a newer design, but beautiful !~
  20. Suxh a beautiful design, remarkable, will have to check out my wedgewood book !~
  21. Whatever the content, it is beautiful and nice simple design !~
  22. On the Continent the Standard of Fineness, i.e. “Sterling” varies: Sweden is .830 The Netherlands has .833 and .934 Norway has .830 and .925 Italy has .800 and .925 France has a complicated sys...
  23. I second Rose's comment !~
  24. She's wonderful, this is a great find, always makes a collection more interesting, with no face, she's a pure gem !~
  25. He's a beaute, forever running or poised for a hop !~
  26. I love that the piece is prong set so well. Looks later 40's just after the war.
  27. Gorgeous and the condition looks very good !~
  28. He is a beaute !~
  29. The colours are still in great condition.
  30. Typo - pair
  31. Great pear, when I first saw the large green on the small square I thought it was Mr. Crabs daughter whale on spong bob ! The pearl is a beautiful touch !~
  32. Beautiful array of green stones I love !~
  33. When I see flower type brooch jewellery I always google picture "weiss flower brooch" as they seem to have made possibly the most jewellery of this type.
  34. Hopefully jscott0 will come by to help !~
  35. More of a quality piece than most I see here on this site. The prongs that hold the rhinestones are always much better than any other jewellery that don't have the prongs and that is my opinion. This ...
  36. I'm lookin over a four leaf clover ...
  37. Very beautiful Rose, love, love !~
  38. Wow, never seen one of these that lights up, I believe my dad may have had one but not sure as all my ugly stepsisters took everything cool he had !~)
  39. Love the google search, very cool item, you always seem to find cooler things than I have ever found in our city !~)
  40. Great paint job, yes old school, but wonderful !~
  41. I remember them coming in to Canada to play.
  42. The filigree work is very nice, I know they were making a lot of these also in the later 60's and early 70's and had one about then we bought from a catalog. This one seems to be better quality just l...
  43. The stones are beautiful in salmon or coral colour and love the alternating oval and rectangular stones used. The stones are just called opague stones, or opague rhinestones, meaning what you see in t...
  44. Mostly the findings such as clasp have no marks, however usually they may carry the marks or signature of the maker. I love the use of prongs to hold the stones. I know sherman for instance was using ...
  45. The use of prongs like you have to set the stones is vintage and to me a far better setting than just glued stones. I collect prong set jewellery and always a good buy I feel. You have some very nice ...
  46. I believe the shade holder may be original as they very often used the 3 screws to hold in place the shade. Sometimes the millefiori shades have that kind of base also.
  47. It has that mid-eastern allure packed into it !
  48. Very cute, reminds me of the Running of the Bulldogs Geiko commercial, very cute !
  49. So that is what a scene down a rabbit hole looks like !!~
  50. Often I use a good wax on all my furniture with marble. This needs some. I have seen many over the years but none with that most astonishingly beautiful marble work that is so evident here, magnifique...
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