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N.Y. to Saskatoon, Canada

I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to show that I own all items.I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to show that I own all items. If you do not like it, or want to cause any trouble on my pages, as some people have tried, then please leave my page and go to your own page !! Love to all. Embracing the energy within ourselves will bring all of us to a new understanding and valuing of life, a vision that inspires you to live and love on planet earth. Like a priceless jewel, buried in dark layers of soil and stone, Earth radiates her brilliant beauty into the caverns of space and time. I am absolutely fascinated by collecting ! I collect for my sister also, mainly charm bracelets. I also like to collect Art Deco and car mascots, the older ones from Paris and UK mainly. Love to work on older photos and color my black and white photos, also doing work for others on-line. (Read more)


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Red Sherman Feather Brooch and Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Two Tone Blue + Montana Blue Double Leaf Brooch Design & Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Pink and AB Pink brooch and Pinwheel Earrings Set - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Merry Christmas to all CW'ers ! - Furniturein Furniture
Sherman Snowflake or Bethleham Star Brooch in light blue, Peacock and Montana Blue - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Signed Jewellery with a Receipt - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Brooches and Pins, Dark Siam Red, Black Japanned, 2020 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Rare Blue Extra Wide Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Sherman Dark Siam Red, 7 Row Domed Bracelet, Signed - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Japanned Signed Sherman Flower Brooch, Amber and Green to Almost Black - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. I had bought a number of the egyptian ones like you have on the necklace, in particular the mummy was hollow on the reverse so I poured body filler into there and had 50 additional which I used to dec...
  2. Its a winner, baby !~
  3. The big white cabochons are a very nice touch !~
  4. Love leaves and this one is quite nice.
  5. Great use of the grey colour, fantastic !~
  6. Black and gold always make an impact in jewellery design, magnificent !~
  7. Looking like part of a powerful chess set, this one delivers majesty to all !~
  8. Sorry the piece is super, always collectible. Pls delete the last post by me, my computer is on its last legs it appears.
  9. This bug is precious to us collectors. Edward Taylor, ‘Upon a Wasp Chill’d with Cold’. Flies and beetles and bees may be fair enough, but surely wasps aren’t a fit subject for poetry? Wel...
  10. I am not sure if they are cast iron or spelter which would be better to get that nice sharp detail. Gorgeous pieces all, nice to see a collection of 3 of them !~
  11. Maybe look in the phone book and see if some antique dealers know where you can get that done.
  12. Nice flirtatios card, great look on his face !~
  13. Its about 1968 or 1969 when the table lamps were being made and into the 1970's. Never post a picture of "leviton" as that is on all lamps of the 20th century. I suggest that you delete that picture. ...
  14. I don't think they are opals as my jewellery has the same stones, and are called Cabochons. Mine have the exact pattern as yours do, with some difference as the colours were added later . I believe th...
  15. I saw one of these trees again the other day on ebay and it was priced as if it were diamonds but you have a gorgeous collection that stops all !~
  16. Imagine if this had a pearl drop or red pearl drop hanging from it, the singer has fainted again !~
  17. This one is one to come back to all the time, magnifico !~
  18. The big ones seem to remind me of a great Ferrari engine, in its own way a technological wonder, but I know you go to bed at night cryings at the wonder of life's beauty and magic. Reminds me of a car...
  19. That bracelet is still a shocker of sumptuous beauty and one you can study forever on it seems !~
  20. Such a wonderful set, the pink seem to be stones when they are large you can look into forever imagining a drink that goes on forever !~
  21. Imagine if he had grandchildren how they would have ran. I know I would but now I should try to find my mother's Ripley's Believe It Or Not" which was run I think in the earlier 1950's as a cartoon ba...
  22. Green and pink are a natural match in jewellery and the blue adds majesty to this colour match piece !~
  23. They infused a lot of the excitement of a little pup in this version !~
  24. So cool on his perch. Some of Wallis's favourite pieces were bought by Elizabeth Taylor after Wallis's death. The Duke and Duchess often had Elizabeth and Richard over to their Paris Mansion and were ...
  25. So much pride in this prize specimen, nice attitude !~
  26. Absolutely gorgeous piece to catch your trinkets in, just love those wings !~
  27. Thank you mcheconi, I appreciate your congrats !~
  28. Super find !~
  29. Thanks Jenni, much appreciated !~
  30. Maybe Blanket, Jackson veriety like he is holding it over a balcony in Germany.
  31. Wow his eyes seem to really pop out and give the beholder rather a shock. It reminds me of the people who are able to make their eyes appear to be doing the same thing, when I see those Believe it or ...
  32. Coffee tables actually I have read began in the 1920's. I remember going to my fave auctions in the late 70's and early 80's and buying coffee tables. none really appealed to me. Some from the 50's we...
  33. The size and colour to me means made for a wall. I have a tea towel that has the crown jewels of England on it. Not sure what to do with that. I think someone washed it before I got it, however no dam...
  34. I would think around 1980 or 1982 based on when I was looking for a new coffee table and they had them priced from reasonable to kindom come !~
  35. 1960's.
  36. Nice too see a beauty for the money and good price. Winner Winner ....... .........
  37. There are many of these in old even 1950's catalogs. These were extremely available in times dating back to the 20's. Auction houses in the late 70's and early 80's had many to offer, so I saw a lot e...
  38. Lots of work for the workers on this one of using prongs on the many white stones.
  39. Such an old cliche, but yet in these times all the more meaningful !~
  40. He looks like he means business, wonderful !~
  41. The key is worthless. No good detail, quite poor. Reproduction hence poor quality. Even a key collector would not want to pay a dime. I certainly would not. The shield shows symbols of no meaning. If ...
  42. Thank you for the loves ! worthit2 MarmorealMaiden rhineisfine jbingham95 RichmondLori loves this. mcheconi valentino97 Elisabethan Hoot60 Radegunder Manikin kyratango VioletOrange M...
  43. MarmorealMaiden, Thank you, I appreciate the loves VioletOrange, kyratango, Hoot60, dlpetersen, fortapache, Brunswick, vetraio50, aura, blunderbuss2, Newfld, jscott0363, CindIndianapolis!~
  44. Thank you Jenni, I appreciate the comment !~
  45. The pin holder becomes here a true beauty with the dog's gorgeous patina !~
  46. The beauty in your home must be uncontrollable and surprising one at every turn of the head, beautiful display !~
  47. Your arthropod collection is magnifique and surprisingly a lot of what you might use to bring these back to life is not that different from preserving the real insects. Total beauty is what you achiev...
  48. In Full Throttle mode he is sure enough to simply fly in one bound, superb !~
  49. Thanks Jscott, I appreciate !~
  50. Thank you CindIndianapolis for the so nice compliment !~
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