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Saskatoon, Canada : I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to : I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to show that I own all items. If you do not like it, or want to cause any trouble on my pages, as some people have tried, particularly Sean68, then please leave my page and go to your own page !! Love to all. Embracing the energy within ourselves will bring all of us to a new understanding and valuing of life, a vision that inspires you to live and love on planet earth. Like a priceless jewel, buried in dark layers of soil and stone, Earth radiates her brilliant beauty into the caverns of space and time. I am absolutely fascinated by collecting ! I collect for my sister also, mainly Sherman Jewellery. I also like to collect Art Deco and car mascots, the older ones from Paris and UK mainly. Love to work on older photos and color my black and white photos. (Read more)


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Signed Sherman Set Of Art Deco Bracelet, Brooch, & Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Vintage Art Deco Bronze Leaping Girl Mascots / Bookends by French Sculptor Morante circa 1925 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Black Gustave Sherman Signed Brooch Circa late 60's, Black Jappaned Back - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My Home & My Furniture  - Furniturein Furniture
Signed Sherman Flower Pin Circa 1950's With Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Signed Opague White Bracelet Set, Circa 1960 - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Phil As X-Man - Advertisingin Advertising
Signed Sherman Red Siam Bracelet Set, Japanned Back, With Oversize Bracelet. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Its a beaute, Sue !~
  2. Thanks Mani, xo !~
  3. Thank you oebble, most appreciated !~
  4. I have made many comments on other similar lamps but not the exact same one.
  5. Thank you Sue, you are so kind !~
  6. Thank Sue, no glue to a gem like you, you are set properly xoxo !~
  7. Not a valuable lamp. Would be hard to get it into any shape at all.
  8. Glad to hear that the song fires you up !~
  9. Thank you Thomas and Roy !~
  10. Thanks Roycroft, alwasy a better day with a fun song !~
  11. Egyptomania at its very finest, a real treasure in my eyes also !~
  12. Looks armed and completely dangerous, but a beauty !~
  13. Thanks Roycroftbooks for the kind words !~
  14. Thank you MALKEY for your kindness !~
  15. Yes Rose, I'm not getting mcuh better but its nice to be home. The caretaker of the grounds is helping me, I'd be lost without that help.
  16. The second pic shows a great profile !~
  17. Showstopping glitter, gorgeous friendly beast !~
  18. Like a fruit salad with a punch to it !~ Gorgeous !~
  19. At least you know what you have and I admire that. Most people get a piece from Thailand and send for an appraisal ang get back that it is 2 ti 400 years old and the new appraisers of antiques know no...
  20. It is always a good idea to ask if you can, the previous owner if the set came from the same person and if they know if they bought it from a particular store. It sounds trivial but soon pieces like t...
  21. Yes, Rose, similar to mine with different stone use and placement !~
  22. No it is a 1970's lamp. Early 1970's with some slag glass near bottom imitating marble. Often these had a trilight switch and the base would light up also. There are usually many for sale on ebay.
  23. I remember some of the more sleazy thrift houses, as todays seem much cleaner. This set is quite deco and as beautiful as possible to illustrate your great memory !~
  24. Yes, it does look like Sherman and his bracelet is quite distinctive. It is highly unusual to see a "set" that is totally unsigned and especially with a pin and earrings. I imagine it happens however ...
  25. There is no one style to this chair, a bit of Regency and other styles. So many nice materials to choose from.
  26. Hepplewhite chair, later 20th century
  27. From what I can see, I would think it was alabaster. You can ship it.
  28. He looks Indian rather than black. He pulls off the turban much better than the black guy that marriariah Carrey, That weirdo looks absolutely kooky. This guy appears to have some class.
  29. If that door drops to the floor it does not show well.
  30. The oak work is beautiful. In the 3rd photo, very much looking like tiger oalk. Yous should have no trouble selling it !~
  31. I do not agree, if I find more of this I will try to let you know. I find a lot of "experts" are only book trained, and the expert made no mention of similar examples.
  32. Absolutely wonderful !~
  33. Almost like slag glass. The tips of the leaves look like they may be opalescent!~
  34. I wish I found something like this when my froends lived in a Youngstow. They always called it Pitsville.
  35. I never hear of the game, I like fhr's version, very simple yet, lots of fun !~
  36. Love the third pic, an interior that looks well used and so pleasant !~
  37. Very cool to have these in house, superb !~
  38. Similar to one my father had which I have now. Usually there was a light in the base. Did you know that ? or am I wasting my time, as you don't say where you got it ? what area ? what size ? Give us ...
  39. The common sparrow is one of my fave birds, this is gold to me. The only thing I don't like is tipping him over in the last photo, as he looks dead there.
  40. Thanks again Jenni, appreciate the re-vist !~
  41. My bracelet that I DO HAVE is similar but the combo is the harder one to get. If you put the two together you would see mine is the wider version. The wider version have alternating rows with the nave...
  42. I meant to say that Sherman often Japanned theiir RED jewellery.
  43. Do tell, it may as well have been my post. I would have to examine it more closely. Very strange to see it unmarked. I do BELIEVE IT IS SHERMAN. I did have the bracelet once but I sent it back which w...
  44. From the 70's, have seen many of the lamps. They sell a lot of good glass prisms at Value Village where I am in bags. They sometimes put if they are glass or plastic as some were introduced around tha...
  45. Looks high quality !~
  46. Gorgeous mushroom gem, very nice engraving !!~
  47. In your area possibly Continental who also like Sherman used a lot of nicely set claw stones, I like the used of different size stones. Beautiful. I only have one piece of Continental and it is a nice...
  48. I was watching on tv the Toe Bro and it kink of looks like it was made for toes, yikes !~
  49. Anything you touch is beautiful and besides your workmanship you have impeccable, faultless; flawless; irreproachable taste !~
  50. They also made a lot of furniture in the Netherlands also around the 1950's to 1970's which was similar and I love the lightly carved panels, and the hardware,, striking and beautiful.
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