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N.Y. to Saskatoon, Canada

I am currently having medical visits daily and my computer is dying but I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picI am currently having medical visits daily and my computer is dying but I have total use of all my photos and all items shown on this site are mine. I can take a picture with any other item to prove my point to show that I own all items. If you do not like it, or want to cause any trouble on my pages, as some people have tried, then please leave my page and go to your own page !! Love to all. Embracing the energy within ourselves will bring all of us to a new understanding and valuing of life, a vision that inspires you to live and love on planet earth. Like a priceless jewel, buried in dark layers of soil and stone, Earth radiates her brilliant beauty into the caverns of space and time. I am absolutely fascinated by collecting ! I collect for my sister also, mainly charm bracelets. I also like to collect Art Deco and car mascots, the older ones from Paris and UK mainly. Love to work on older photos and color my black and white photos, also doing work for others on-line. (Read more)


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Pink Signed Sherman Brooch And Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Boeing Jet Stratoliner - Advertisingin Advertising
Other Crystal Items - Art Glassin Art Glass
Purple Pineapple Design, & Other Purple Pineapple - Art Glassin Art Glass
Standing Knight Car Mascot circa 1920's and /or Later - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
A Green Set of Signed Sherman Necklace Brooch Parure - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
SHERMAN SIAM RED JAPANNED BACKRHINESTONE BROOCH. It measures 1 7/8 in. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Signed Sherman Dark Siam Red, Japanned Back Rare Large Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
JAPANNED BACK, DEEP SIAM RED, SIGNED BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thank you Eileen for recognizing quality in what you collect along with others who strive for perfection which you know so well !~
  2. I just use a desk computer and never get sideways from taking pics from Phones. Maybe you have a friend who has a desk you can use once in a while
  3. They do indeed look like Sherman's work. Congratulation on the post !~
  4. Almost suggests the macabre, but still highly collectible, congrats !~
  5. Beautiful and a nice shape to it !~
  6. I love anything with the name "Coca-cola" on it !~
  7. They are in the period 1970 to 1975, they made many with nice moulding like yours has in the metal. Most 97% + were never marked at all and this falls in that category. Very nice mid century lamp.
  8. Wow its the size of a new large postage stamp, beautiful !~
  9. Trey,I meant ashtray, not ashtrey. this is the first time but your first name confused me.
  10. Thanks for your comment mcheconi and Trey. The one thing I will ad today is that this plane is the largest of any plane in all the others with the same ashtrey base !~
  11. Sorry that is not entirely true. In fact it may be the first time I ever seen these, but if I did, it was so long ago I don't remember for sure.
  12. Never really read up on these but have seen around. Yours are very beautiful, and I learned something from your amazing post !~
  13. Here is another comment, but you know I love this but this is a complete masterpiece and comes thru in your pictures, Love, love, love and love !~
  14. Thank you Lori, you are a shining star, love to you as always, Phil !~
  15. They used to have cakes and pies to show in restaurants under the cashiers top. These were used there.
  16. Love that there is no nicks at the edges so you know they were not kicked all about. Gorgeous. I remember the batteries from the farm phones, these have to be very rare !~
  17. Hoping to see what Eileen says if she chirps in, she knows more about the use of metal than I do on d&e. I always wanted to collect their jewels but did not know where to start or how to proceed. It r...
  18. This little guy is just precious, nice find !~
  19. The colours do help delineate the design for the viewer !~
  20. Very pretty !~
  21. Its wonderful to look closely at the ribbons of colour here, beautiful !~
  22. Mani you always come thru on dolls, a genius you are. I imagine they have not seen your reply yet, otherwise there is a thank you coming :})
  23. That looks like a terrible accident looking to buckle and break a lot of glass. Stop the madness !~
  24. Pages 176 & 177 of my large glass book. In the book the backgrounds of 176 is a med green apple colour and med-darker yellow for the cut glassware. I was going through the book last weekend and all th...
  25. Super Gorgeous, lucky you for these beauties !~
  26. My friend had these guns back when, remember having a lot of fun!~
  27. Works as a Barclay swirl design also !~
  28. Keep that good luck coming, sounds like and looks like a very desirable piece, especially when looking for one of these!
  29. I loved watching Raymond Burr in Perry Mason and then Ironside and watching all of the cars like this one coming around the corner, great find !~
  30. All information is NOT on the internet. When people realize that then they might have hope !~
  31. Thank you Eileen, life it seems is too short to hold a grudge, so I wish them all well !~
  32. Thanks to those gracious enough who left a comment also. Very kind, Jenni, Rooster, Lori, kyra, vintagelamp, Mani, Love to you, and also Glenn12345 !~
  33. Lucky girl, for you the stones really stand out with such a beautiful blue !~
  34. You have a lamp made of parts for only 10 dollars but you may have to find a bargain as it does not look right but then for 10 dollars you found a bargain anyway. I remember in 1984 in New York I foun...
  35. Thank you Dawn. Busy is good, as it keeps our wits in good shape. The surprise for me is how hard it must be to get those stones in, love to you.
  36. I still remember the little work on this pic I did these 8 years ago, and I loved work on it, I still think your mom is holding a very happy chick !~
  37. I cannot see too much detail from the pics. A good place to find lost prisms are in a plastic bag at your local value village. Most of these lamps originated from the big lamp movement of the early 70...
  38. What can I say, George Washington's Dog ?? These do look oddly familiar as Wedgewood. I wonder if in my Miller's books. Will check, very oddly curious so I would expect it in your esteemed collection.
  39. Beautiful art deco lamp with the carver's mystery just that. Needs to be reworked into a lamp once more to fulfil a dreamer's dream. Possibly from the period so likely 20's to 1930's. A lot of lamp ho...
  40. Looks like maybe a smaller size from 2 sizes !~
  41. Gorgeous piece, this beauty makes the large stones look like Cabochons !~
  42. He is in a very attentive state, this gorgeous dog !~
  43. Thank you Blunder, Jenni, Mani and Eileen, love to the 4 of you !~
  44. They made a lot of these during the 70's when they made a lot of ceiling lamps to challenge people's minds. A lot of these type and table lamps with glass went on to 1984 where I have seen some dated ...
  45. Thanks Lori, it may be one of his early use of the newest mark of his, and there are some baguette stones, so who knows. I know I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it is a nice design, which ...
  46. Happy New Years to you, this would sure wake up Broadway, beautiful !~
  47. Nice piece, used to cost a lot 10 years back, wonder the value has kept up to 2022?
  48. Good luck on your move, a new house sounds a joy. Nice piece to show as the stones in general look so real, especially that green, gorgeous !~
  49. In this New Year 2022 I wish you the very best, always, love to you and your family !~
  50. HNY to you Jenni, its more of a show piece in a lot of senses, I don't believe too rare though.
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