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Coffee pot painting on wood - Folk Artin Folk Art
Reed & Barton repousse floral dish - Silverin Silver
Juke Voice transistor radio coin box - Radiosin Radios
Figurine vases - Figurinesin Figurines
Woodblock print entitled Spring, by unknown artist - Fine Artin Fine Art
Pierced copper wall art - Folk Artin Folk Art
Glass candlestick  - Glasswarein Glassware
Meridian Lux mechanical windup clock - Clocksin Clocks
Japan coffee cups - Asianin Asian
Small Scheffield silver plate urn - Silverin Silver


  1. I had this same set when I was a kid in the 1970’s.
  2. I'm pretty sure, but I have no knowledge about it at all.
  3. Nope. Doesn't work...
  4. Thank you, Finders9! Mystery solved.
  5. Thanks, race4four.
  6. Yeah, nothing on eBay that I could find.
  7. Breath officially taken away. That is gorgeous!
  8. Unless the person you are buying from is an expert, I'd have the coin authenticated before purchasing another. That particular coin is VERY commonly reproduced and sold as tourist souvenirs. I have on...
  9. Oh my. That looks like a very specific something.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, but I can't make out the last name at all.
  11. I think three plumes in a crown is the emblem for the Prince of Whales, so I'm thinking a souvenir. The Brits love their Royal motif souvenirs...
  12. Thanks, Keramikos! I love a good mismatched set, lol.
  13. Anyone recognize this piece?
  14. That's good to hear. Thank you.
  15. Hey Vetraio, I have been away for some time with a new job. Haven't had much time for collecting. Things seem a little slower on here, less activity. Am I just imagining that? Have there been some cha...
  16. Love the Smurfs. I grew up a military brat in Germany from age 4-7. The Smurfs came on one of only two channels we received. It was a French cartoon, and therefore all the Smurfs spoke French. I was A...
  17. Update: I opened it up, sprayed it with WD-40, and it instantly started ticking!
  18. Can't tell you a thing about it, but it's gorgeous! Nice find!!
  20. They're so cheerful! Love them!
  21. I've always loved these Scottish brooches.
  22. That is gorgeous! OMG!
  23. I had that print growing up in the 80's
  24. In all it's glory! Wow, nice job!
  25. Betcha the bottom one with the keyhole went to her sewing box!
  26. So this one is still a mystery...
  27. Thanks guys! Very much appreciated!
  28. Thank you, PhilDMorris. I checked out the site. It is run by a single collector. I wonder how one determines if it actually is Ransbottom. Wish I could find a second source to verify it.
  29. that is a super cool piece!!
  30. I think they are still being manufactured. I'd love to know if there is a way to date them...
  31. I love it!
  32. I saw the pitcher at another store, but they want too much.
  33. thanks, vikinggirl.
  34. Thank you, Anything inside! I appreciate all the information I can get.
  35. Thank you, artfoot!
  36. It's pretty.
  37. Thank you, Tallcakes.
  38. Thank you, Tallcakes.
  39. Vikinggirl, I saw a partitioned dish in this same pattern yesterday, but it was missing the round center dish so I saved my five dollars. Tallcakes, I seem to be coming across a lot of items missing ...
  40. Tallcakes, you always come through. And I'm socking away every little bit of info. Thank you.
  41. So colorful and vibrant. I love these!
  42. Thank you.
  43. Me too!
  44. Yeah, you have to have serious expendable funds to shop on Royal St. I really only do the thrift shops on my tiny income. There are some good antique shops on Magazine St. in New Orleans, but the bes...
  45. Thank, Artfoot! I'll make that correction. Yeah, I got the whole box of dinnerware for $21. Made my day.
  47. Thank you very much, Tallcakes.
  48. It sure looks similar to their stuff, but did Kent mark all of their items? This only has a Made in Japan mark, no Kent mark
  49. Another one solved by Tallcakes!
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