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  1. Apostata, how did you learn so much? What is your background?
  2. Greatly appreciated, Apostata!
  3. Thank you, rob_p , that was the conclusion of several people in the Facebook group China Trade Porcelain as well.
  4. Thanks, guys!
  5. Apostata, how old is it? And how can I tell the difference between Chinese export and English imitations?
  6. MMNJ, thank you so much!
  7. Apostata, you are a wellspring of knowledge! Thank you so very much. I love learning, and I’ve learned a great deal today, lol!
  8. Thanks so much, ya’ll. Good to be back.
  9. Not having children, and being almost 50, I never think about what might be a future collectible. I’ve always gathered the already-old things that call out to me. I guess it takes a different mindset ...
  10. This is information provided to me for one of my own pieces by a knowledgeable gentlemen on a Facebook group called Art Nouveau Ceramiques. Yours is of the same period as my own.
  11. “The marks belong to the Amphora factory, but the central mark comes after Alfred Stellmacher left his partnership with Riessner and Kessel in 1905; the firm name then became 'Riessner & Kessel "Ampho...
  12. Thank you so much, Alan. Will do.
  13. Still highly curious about this.
  14. I’m 48, living in south Louisiana. Growing up, there were still families living in what had originally been slave houses. Eventually the older generations died and the younger would buy a trailer to p...
  15. Lol, so definitely a fairly recent hobby. Thanks, Yougottahavestuff!
  16. Thank you, art.pottery
  17. Thanks, TallCakes!
  18. This is the exact same vacuum I grew up with. I’ve found a few since then at thrift stores.
  19. Absolutely in love with this piece!
  20. Thanks, Racer4four. It’s definitely not imperial Vienna. But from what I’ve read, the royal Vienna term encompasses a lot of porcelain makers who imitated the style of imperial Vienna porcelain facto...
  21. These were very common in the 70’s. My grandmother got a pair of them when she bought her bedroom set at the local furniture store. The crossed swords was originally the mark for Meissen porcelain, bu...
  22. Thank you, guys! That makes sense.
  23. Thanks so much, keramikos! Very helpful!
  24. That is FABULOUS!
  25. Still wondering about this pattern and age...
  26. Newfld, that’s what caught my eye. I’d never seen a border like that!
  27. I looked at the areas where the paint is chipped. Still can’t figure out the original color. Thanks, everyone for the advice on the photo. I usually do this on my iPhone. I’ll use my android tablet ...
  28. Kwqd, I loved it as soon as I saw it. It is currently being used to hold licorice candy.
  29. Thank you, Tallcakes. You are a fount of knowledge and truly appreciated.
  30. Newfld , thanks. Me too!
  31. Tallcakes, is it just meant to resemble the earlier cake dish? This on is small. I really should have mentioned that. It is 4” x 4” across at the top and 4.5” tall.
  32. Tallcakes, any ideas?
  33. Thank you, Tallcakes and LOUMANAL
  34. thanks, Roycroftbooksfromme1
  35. Ugh. I hope not, art.pottery it has a lot of crazing....
  36. Thank you, Newfld.
  37. I had this same set when I was a kid in the 1970’s.
  38. I'm pretty sure, but I have no knowledge about it at all.
  39. Nope. Doesn't work...
  40. Thank you, Finders9! Mystery solved.
  41. Thanks, race4four.
  42. Yeah, nothing on eBay that I could find.
  43. Breath officially taken away. That is gorgeous!
  44. Unless the person you are buying from is an expert, I'd have the coin authenticated before purchasing another. That particular coin is VERY commonly reproduced and sold as tourist souvenirs. I have on...
  45. I was thinking the same thing, but I can't make out the last name at all.
  46. I think three plumes in a crown is the emblem for the Prince of Whales, so I'm thinking a souvenir. The Brits love their Royal motif souvenirs...
  47. Thanks, Keramikos! I love a good mismatched set, lol.
  48. Anyone recognize this piece?
  49. That's good to hear. Thank you.
  50. Hey Vetraio, I have been away for some time with a new job. Haven't had much time for collecting. Things seem a little slower on here, less activity. Am I just imagining that? Have there been some cha...
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