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IF it is old, obsolete, dirty, noisy, or unusual in any way AND/OR smokes, sparks, leaks, plugs in, lights up, gets hot (or cold), makes music, takes coins, has moviIF it is old, obsolete, dirty, noisy, or unusual in any way AND/OR smokes, sparks, leaks, plugs in, lights up, gets hot (or cold), makes music, takes coins, has moving parts or electrical wires inside, is colored red, or otherwise just sends the cat off to hiding under the bed -- I probably like it and want one if I don't already have one. (or 3 <lol>) Also have a fondness for old/commercial kitchenware and cookware plus barware of all sorts, quality tools of any kind, pipe organs and mechanical musical instruments, traffic and railroad signs signals and controls, assorted industrial electrical devices, telephones and related equipment, and Ford Thunderbirds. (harder to collect are things like "buildings" and "bridges" and "trains" but I like those too...?) I've been a 'collector of interesting stuff' my entire life, nowadays I could probably be accused and found guilty of living in my own personal flea-market. <lol> For the record (in case it needs to be said) the items I post are items I actually enjoy owning and should not be construed as being "for sale" -- sorry, my flea market is not open to the general public. ;-) :-) (Read more)


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box/spool of WEBSTER CHICAGO RECORDING WIRE - Electronicsin Electronics
old SCOTCH ELECTRICAL TAPE advertising tin - Advertisingin Advertising
old little oddly 'round' shaped flashlight - Electronicsin Electronics
old key for room 730, HOTEL KAISERHOF, CHICAGO - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
ACE STAINLESS "ServespooN" & "DRAIN 'R CUT" kitchen utensils - Kitchenin Kitchen
vintage martini/cocktail shaker - Kitchenin Kitchen
vintage glass decanter with stopper - Bottlesin Bottles
a couple of ~$1 glass goodies from Goodwill - Glasswarein Glassware
advertising tins from the kitchen shelf (#9) - Advertisingin Advertising
advertising tins from the kitchen shelf (#8) - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. What you have here is only an organ *console*, or in other words just the 'playing controls' of a pipe organ. There are no pipes or sound producing parts within it -- it would have been connected to ...
  2. What an *interesting* machine! I suspected by its general design that it might be 'related' to the "Compact" vacuums of the 1940's/50's, and info given at this page (scroll about halfway down) seems ...
  3. I can't put my finger (mind?) on exactly why, but its socket and switch strike me as something European...??
  4. Yougottit, buckethead -- them's the folks... ;-) :-)
  5. WOW WOW WOW keramikos -- what FUN further info you dug up!!! <applause> I LOVE that old US RxR Admin brochure in particular -- what a nifty glimpse into what Hot Springs *was* back then, which I've n...
  6. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS phonograph and cabinet!! <applause> [and JamboJim is "interesting" too kinda...but I think I'd wanna be rather careful about displaying something like that, these days...?? <eeek><...
  7. Question for clarification: is the brass colored mechanism(s) in the 2nd pic what is *inside* the silver colored case, or what is on its unseen (back) side?
  8. HOW COOL Vynil33rpm -- the PULLMAN HOTEL was in Hot Springs, Arkansas, nearly "local" to me ifn's I'd have been here then?! (though if I woulda been here then, I'd probably also be 'pushing daises' no...
  9. WOW -- THANKS SO MUCH Y'ALL for the response to my old hotel key?!! To: Militarist, officialfuel, Horseradishman1, yougottahavestuff, rickzog4, fortapache, Manikin, Mrstyndall, Brunstick, vynil33rp...
  10. THANKS MUCH to: fortapache, officialfuel, Newfld, EJW-54, AnnaB, purvis, Roycroftbooksfromme, and usedcarlady for stopping by and tapping the <love it> button!
  11. Thanks SO much to Vynil33rpm,yougottahavestuff, fortapache, AnnaB, blunderbuss2, and Brunswick for stopping by and tapping <love it>!!
  12. My sincere THANKS to Newfld & Brunswick for your kind comments and additionally to Sheluvsjewelry, fortapache, aura, Anik, Watchsearcher, AnnaB, iggy, & TassieDevil for stopping by and tapping the <lo...
  13. Thanks so much to Vynil33rpm, Watchsearcher, fortapache, Newfld, Caperkid, & Brunswick for stopping by and tapping the <love it> button!! :-) :-) :-)
  14. Hmmm Rose...even though this post is a couple yrs old, I think the caption in that last 'fun pic' needs an update...all those devices are probably closer to *40* yrs old by now...? <sigh><groan> ...
  15. They're just gorgeous -- I LOVE their beautiful cranberry red color and the hex shaped design to their necks and stoppers!! I'm curious how their legends are made, almost looks like they are thin punc...
  16. It actually strikes me more as a keytag than watch fob...??
  17. Yes, MORE PICS please - also, how big is it?
  18. Agree w/scottvez 100%. Nothing truly old about it but maybe the actual chunk of wood itself, before somebody in the 1970's (?) turned it into their decoupage project. (which was a kinda popular 'do-i...
  19. That is one SERIOUSLY CREEPY x-mas clown, Vynil... <eeek> but I also gotta admit that, if I owned a postcard company, I'd probably wanna re-print that sucker -- I bet he'd "sell" nowadays too, just...
  20. I wonder what's under the gray paint...if it was originally chromed (at least its top?) I could imagine something like it used as a cake stand (or pie, or whatever assorted sweets) on a restaurant/din...
  21. OK -- I'll try a guess too?! (given the title says it is made of terra-cotta pottery, and presuming that's a typical flat iron for size reference) Gillian -- it looks more to me like its 'spout' mig...
  22. Agree 100% w/UncleRon. Sorry Shybunny13, what you've got was never intended to be anything but an inexpensive decorative trinket-ish thing (tourist souvenir, x-mas tree ornament, etc. etc.) that's no...
  23. It looks to me like something that could be used to cut round 'tenons' (w/a square shoulder?) on the ends of other slender wooden things -- chair legs/spindles, stair banister parts, or stuff like tha...
  24. What a SPLENDID old home, even without the fountain and its operation -- do you happen to have any idea of where it might have stood, or if it still exists?
  25. The ZEP DINER is *awesome*!! Do you know where it was, Vynil?? Also, what's that folder (?) with the spiral keyboard on it in the 2nd pic??
  26. Agree w/Watchsearcher that it looks 'Mediterranean' -- not antique and barely 'vintage', likely 1970's ish when that style was popular. (for reasons that escaped me then, and now...<lol>) If there ar...
  27. OH, CRAP -- prompted by (I think) ho2cultcha's most recent <love it> which brought this back up on the CW homepage for a moment (yesterday?) I'm suddenly realizing I totally failed to offer my graciou...
  28. What an interesting pattern to it?! I don't know anything about old rugs either, but probably also woulda bought that for $5 -- I'd call that a great deal even if it was brand new from wallyworld?! :...
  29. What a fun find -- I think I'd suggest contacting a local library or museum (certainly there should be plenty to choose from in Houston?!) to see if they could offer suggestions for proper preservatio...
  30. Maybe a coat hook (or towel hook) if it was screwed to a wall someplace??
  31. GREAT SAVE!! :-) :-) :-) <applause>
  32. Thanks SO MUCH to Toyrebel, yougottahavestuff, fortapache, bottle-bud, and Brunswick for the <love it>s, and to Toyrebel, yougottahavestuff, EJW-54, & Vynil33rpm for adding your comments!! :-) :-) :-...
  33. More THANKS to Caperkid, Watchsearcher, and mtg75 for stopping by and tapping the <love it> button! :-) :-) :-)
  34. Oops -- Woda kitty just noticed your kind comment (compliment?!) Watchsearcher, and is thusly now demanding that you be properly thanked as well?!! :-) :-) :-)
  35. If you turned it upside down from the way it is pictured here, could it be intended to be a flowerpot?
  36. Thanks so VERY much for your kind comments and <love its> to fortapache, Newfld, Toyrebel, Brunswick, blunderbuss2, Manikin, Watchsearcher, and aura!! No matter where he originated, I like him too,...
  38. If only Utah wasn't so far away -- I'd *love* to be able to see your awesome collection 'in person'?!! :-) Bob is way-cool too for that matter, but you gotta go ahead and put the burger back in h...
  39. "Enlightening" might be a stretch keramikos, but I'm happy to contribute a guess anyway?! ;-) Frankly, I don't know how I missed this when Lora first posted it?! Also gotta point out for the record ...
  40. Hi Lora, what you have isn't a 'typical' electron tube (like those in old TV's, radios, etc) though it probably would qualify as an 'atypical' one by definition. I would go in the dentist direction,...
  41. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your SO-VERY KIND comments and <love-its> for and about my jacket -- LONG LIVE the fabulous 1980's!! <LMAO> :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
  42. For whatever reasons I've never really cared for the Beatles (though I no doubt own more than one of their records now anyway?) having missed that generation of pop music by a fraction of a generation...
  43. I've been wondering about that fine looking THORENS turntable for awhile now Vynil33rpm, since it shows up in lots of your always entertaining photos but without ever its own mention. (unless I've mis...
  44. Thank you Toyrebel, for posting this tribute. Rest in well-deserved peace Mr. Clark, while those you've now left behind remember your life and mourn your loss.
  45. <ding><ding><ding> And the judges say YES, we will accept that answer -- you're moving on to the next round!! <cheers><applause> :-) :-) :-)
  46. I too have a camel around here somewhere, it was a gift from a Brother-in-law who brought it back from the middle east with him after a tour of duty with the military, years ago.
  47. OK HippieArchaeologist -- putting aside for the moment any questions about this way-fun towel holder and/or its own history -- where ON EARTH would you find the ca.1975 *roll of paper towels* to go wi...
  48. PS...I cannot bring myself to tap either the <like> or <love> button for just doesn't seem right to do so...
  49. Echoing the above comments, with my thanks for your bravery in showing the picture of your former home. I literally cannot imagine... :-( :-( :-( :-(
  50. Yeah -- I'd love to see it better, or at least a little more info about what it actually reads and/or how huge (I presume?) it really is?! :-) :-)
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