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IF it is old, obsolete, dirty, noisy, or unusual in any way AND/OR smokes, sparks, leaks, plugs in, lights up, gets hot (or cold), makes music, takes coins, has moviIF it is old, obsolete, dirty, noisy, or unusual in any way AND/OR smokes, sparks, leaks, plugs in, lights up, gets hot (or cold), makes music, takes coins, has moving parts or electrical wires inside, is colored red, or otherwise just sends the cat off to hiding under the bed -- I probably like it and want one if I don't already have one. (or 3 <lol>) Also have a fondness for old/commercial kitchenware and cookware plus barware of all sorts, quality tools of any kind, pipe organs and mechanical musical instruments, traffic and railroad signs signals and controls, assorted industrial electrical devices, telephones and related equipment, and Ford Thunderbirds. (harder to collect are things like "buildings" and "bridges" and "trains" but I like those too...?) I've been a 'collector of interesting stuff' my entire life, nowadays I could probably be accused and found guilty of living in my own personal flea-market. <lol> For the record (in case it needs to be said) the items I post are items I actually enjoy owning and should not be construed as being "for sale" -- sorry, my flea market is not open to the general public. ;-) :-) (Read more)


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from the UNFORTUNATE ALBUM TITLES department - Recordsin Records
a couple of clear glass magnifiers/paperweights - Glasswarein Glassware
(another!) set of 4 green glass 'bamboo' swizzle sticks - Glasswarein Glassware
unknown metal double-clamp-swivel-thingie (with awesome patina!) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
OSTER "SCIENTIFIC II" electric massager - Electronicsin Electronics
DUFF BEER mug - Advertisingin Advertising
what is this WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC factory (?) tag for/from?? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
a couple more 'mauve' colored pottery pieces, one HAEGER and one INARCO - Asianin Asian
old U.S. DEPT. of DEFENSE (and/or American Red Cross) HUMAN BLOOD transport cooler/case  - Advertisingin Advertising
oopsie...another old chrome 'beehive' SUPER DE LUXE OSTERIZER blender - Electronicsin Electronics


  1. I think he's crazy too...expecting you to accept that "offer" to fix *his* apparent negligence. <nono> I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about your light except that it is lovely - any mfr's info,...
  2. Yes -- how big is it?? Also, is the hex-shaped end made of solid metal?? (or instead, perhaps, hollow/threaded similarly to the other end of the object??)
  3. You'll get much more help if you add another photo showing the switch itself, and/or any markings which might be on the lamp... :-)
  4. I think it might be a gardening tool used to loosen the soil in flowerbeds and such. You say the 'head' parts come apart -- I wonder if the small one in the middle should be turned around backwards t...
  5. I DO like it -- how unique -- thanks for showing it! :-) :-) :-)
  6. The only thing that'd make this better would be a rubberstamp on its back with the words "WACKER SERIES"...?? [/me slaps himself and shuts up now...] <LOL>
  7. Thanks SO MUCH to: fortapache, lisa, racer4four, Newfld, IronLace, Brunswick, Toyrebel, blunderbuss2, & elanski for having a look and hitting the <love it> button so quickly -- even mores...
  8. Thanks SO much to fortapache, Brunswick, TassieDevil, racer4four, Trey, & aura for dropping by and tapping the <love it> button!! Trey -- thanks also for your comment, you could certainly be correct ...
  9. That S-W logo looks relatively current...I'd try searching the exact product name/# on the paintcan label to see what'd show up to help give it a better date. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it is ...
  10. THANKS for the extra picture/info -- I was kinda figuring it had to operate in that way. For what purpose/reason I have no earthly idea, but it looks "pretty" enough to have been intended to be seen....
  11. What I don't see in your pics is any 'opening' where a liquid (?) would come out of the cone by turning the does it appear to work??
  12. VERY COOL neon (?) display bulb -- even more wonderful that it is so clean/clear and working!! If mine, I wouldn't often actually 'light' it either to make sure that stays the case, I do have a coupl...
  13. My most sincere (though probably belated) THANKS SO MUCH to aura, racer4four, and Ben for your <love it>s -- and especially just now to LRose1950 and TallCakes for the interesting and informative comm...
  14. srarman is correct. Search ebay (etc) for "machinist's RPM gauge" (or similar terms) and you'll find other examples like it. There are also several shown here on CW in other members' collections -- ...
  15. A.K.A. a 'marking gauge'.
  16. I sure remember those "The Archies" jellyjar glasses -- they were what I usually had my breakfast OJ outta when I was a kid! [and "The Archies" was a current Saturday morning TV show... <groan>]
  17. I guess I'm just weird (-er than I already knew?) in that I've always *liked* snakes. Such fascinating (and in their own way beautiful) creatures, so often misunderstood -- including (as elanski near...
  18. It would make a nice 'pull' for a light socket chain...??
  19. I'd lean towards trusting your electrical technician's opinion -- maybe just *slightly* earlier (late 1960's) if its cord/plug is original, as it appears.
  20. Naww, PhilD -- rosewood is far too expensive/etc for cigar boxes, and the woodgrain is all wrong. Much more likely a mahogany variant. Agree that the last pic is a wonderful old building, beautifull...
  21. Not oak -- maybe cherry, maple, or another similarly close-grained wood. The pulls are indeed interesting. (and might give a clue to its maker/age, I don't know?) It looks like the ones on the 2nd...
  22. My belated but sincere THANKS to Windwalker for solving the mystery of what this thing is -- the links you gave look exactly like it!! (except for the funky green patina, that is?) <cheers><applaus...
  23. THANKS SO MUCH to: Brunswick, fortapache, Toyrebel, clockerman, & elanski for tapping the <love it> button -- and especially to blunderbuss2 for your insightful comment. Something "similar" that yo...
  24. Maybe something used by a meter-maid/parking attendant/[insert current politically-correct term for that job, if it still exists?] to somehow mark vehicle tires to (further) indicate how long a vehicl...
  25. More THANKS to: clockerman elanski Brunswick & Vynil33rpm for y'all's <love it>s!! :-) :-) :-) :-)
  26. Tires with similar tread patterns are commonly found down 'round these parts, (where snow/ice is a relative rarity) one just needs to look around any odd WallyWorld parking lot to easily find 'em on a...
  27. I think authentic route 66 signs from the mid 1930's would be much more likely of stamped steel construction, especially ones with glass 'cats eye' reflectors. Cast iron would be less likely but mayb...
  28. Dogpatch (Marble Falls) AR is/was about 150mi/3hrs north of Hot Springs, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.
  29. I simply cannot imagine how anyone would go about packing something so spectacularly fragile... <eeeek> What a shame that this orange one ultimately didn't survive its shipper's pdf (*) and my best wi...
  30. "On the Thames"[river] and a date...???
  31. All the lighters are cool, but I think my favorite is the 'wheat thins' box in the that brand would do *real good* right now in Colorado, anyways...?? <lol>
  32. I vote 'steam whistle' too... :-)
  33. Difficult to guess without further detail (any chance of a closer photo of either half of the original image?) but definitely not anything Roman or Anglican (Catholic or Episcopal) and likely not Jewi...
  34. SO, SO MANY cool items in these photos -- thanks so much for sharing!! :-) :-) :-)
  35. THANKS SO MUCH to: fortapache Toyrebel Worthit2 iggy blunderbuss2 & purvis for stopping by and tapping the <love it> button! :-) :-) :-) :-)
  36. THANKS so very much to: fortapache racer4four PhilDMorris melaniej aura & worthit2 for looking in and hitting the <love it> button -- and especially to: PhilDMorris clmason456 & OldCook fo...
  37. These are a foot and a half tall, but you also have a few "really big" pieces...??? <wow><lol>
  38. Houston, without freeways. Whoda thunk it...?? <lol>
  39. What's that amplifier (?) in the background of pic #2...that certainly looks like its probably a fun machine... ;-) :-) and that's also a beautiful Thorens turntable that Gumby is watching over in pi...
  40. SO MANY VERY, VERY COOL things on your walls/shelves you've been showing us <applause> but my favorite from this group has gotta be the STEAK 'N SHAKE glass -- I have one just like it, but mine has ...
  41. LOVE the ICEE clock!! :-) :-) :-)
  42. They definitely didn't need to be in the garbage -- GREAT SAVE, dukester!! (and welcome to CW, too!) I can't help you ID them but would suggest another possible origin -- with their cast plaster cons...
  43. This item, as its label suggests, is a little more than just a 'towel warmer'. An AUTOCLAVE is used to sterilize things (medical equipment and tools, laboratory glassware, etc. etc.) using high press...
  44. Thanks so much to: fortapache Newfld TassieDevil nutsabotas6 Brunswick, & Windwalker for having a look and tapping the <love it> button! :-) :-) :-)
  45. "Puritan Purple Violet" perfume, huh. The mind boggles at what that could have been... <lolol>
  46. I don't think I've ever seen coverplates in this style either -- VERY COOL!!! Are there any mfr's marks on their backs? Speaking of the style, a total guess but I think I'd call them more MCM than a...
  47. They are Duncan "Model 70" meters, likely 1970's. They are still commonly found either in service or available for sale, check eBay (etc) for all that. The 'stars and stripes' paint on their tops is...
  48. Very funky -- very cool -- WAY FUN!!! :-) :-) :-)
  49. More THANKS to dlpeterson and iggy for sharing the <love it>!! :-) :-)
  50. THANKS SO MUCH to: fortapache elanski Brunswick & dlpeterson for stopping by and tapping the <love it> button!! Thomas -- a chocolate shake does indeed sound kinda good right now (it's *hot...
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