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  1. lol that must of took awhile to find a vet to fix it much less the cost well were all glad you made it home safe ... ya we are in the middle of that storm... went out only to the cars in my ...
  2. Jumping into happy frog day lol rib et rib et
  3. should read nice one ...think my battery in the keyboard is going south on me ...'-))
  4. nice on Dave....
  5. I know owls eat frogs hey scott, nice bird...
  6. So are U and Dave talking about stud fee's do cats eat frog's,,,, stay warm and safe...
  7. this is a pretty looking thing Jenni ...don't think I seen another like it find psssss today is frog day and if its hungry ... just look at the post by others,.. frogs every where......later...
  8. happy eat frogs day
  9. H F D ...
  10. H F ......D
  11. hey iggy,.. happy frog
  12. happy frog day...
  13. i forgot this is frog later
  14. lol yip its all about fun and learning and teaching each other...have fun...Raven ...
  15. Hey Penny ran across a Dek IV/106. which is green with different gold work ... its on loetz page on FB wow seeing 2 in 0ne week whats the odds of that ...later..
  16. thank you all ,stay warm,.. drink a lot of hot coco / hot rum.... Newfld RichmondLori. vcalv.
  18. man hate to say it but it looks like the kid is full up time to change its funny skit...later
  19. sweetttttt.
  20. Here U are again Jenni ...were becoming # 1 fans of each other yes the little fur ball was cute ... if I get to cold I snuggle with the horse thanks for the kind comets as always...........
  21. Who U B Thank U jenni always nice to hear U who up,.. later from Dr Who from Who's vile....smiling thanks all,.. kwqd Newfld RichmondLori Emily2562 vcal fortapache. dav2no1 Vyn...
  22. I agree 100% been a while since I threaded some pipe, by hand or machine...
  23. if you shot his with a camera in raw ...that would really make it slow and not let it load here ..change it to a j peg if you know how or can if this is the problem ....good luck.. if not change the s...
  24. I think I would mount this on my jeep hood ...smiling ...later nice ram
  25. must belong to bb2
  26. nice pictures ....and nice score...
  27. yes indeed its a sweet heart,. like the rest never seen it before,.. nice score was nice to see this ...later
  28. nice collection of lovely glass....later
  29. 1920's who knew ...smiling ..have a good day...
  30. well this is a series collection ...well done Phil......
  31. love it ,...nice to see.
  32. whoops missed ...Watchsearcher ..Izenglish,.... thank you both....stay last post here is a mess ...
  33. thanks all ... lzenglish PhilDMorris......yip I was brought up on them and when ever they are on my wife is watching them and lately Mannix which I never cared for other then the cars he drove .....
  34. (cut me some slack)... lol time for a second coffee....smiling..later
  35. "national Flower the tulip" I remember when a tulip was worth a buck or 2.... snip... oh ya cool vase ,,,"-))
  36. you may even by a stamp book on line to teach yourself ...happy sailing tome to go make dinner ...'-00
  37. you'll big dreams tonight have fun..
  38. glad you smiled ya just punch up 1 cent stamps prices on google .. or go to a coin shop ... dont let them talk you into selling any till you check on line for what they are selling for,.. they are al...
  40. sorry all forgot i had this out here...thanks for the loves.and the help T C .. T C racer4four Newfld blunderbuss2. vcal fortapache. vetraio50. dav2no1 Cisum Alfie21. Vynil33rpm. .
  41. nice write up ....and nice find.enjoy the day...
  42. nice brooch jenni this will catch the eyes when you wear it ...'-)) later
  43. cute puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hay did you go on a bender with the plastic this week nice piece of glass and great info ...stay warm later
  44. don't this little squirt look like a snob with it beak up in the air nice find jenni another cute thing for your collection...'-))
  45. nice photos....
  46. I bought the wife a new winter coat this year and shes back into wearing brooches on the lapel of the coat ...I wont let her see this one,.. its a cocker the colors...later
  47. great information , always nice to see your posts....later
  48. the hell with the cards ,,,those stamps might be worth more then your car make sure you check then out..nice post...let us know on the stamps ...'-)) later
  49. wow....1895 I have books that old and they don't hold a candle to this lovely thing,.. glad you won the bid ...starting the year off right huh..??? later
  50. the only other thing I can say is stop by your local church see if they can ID it or give you a to what religion it might be...later bud...
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