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I’ve uploaded a new profile picture of me among some favorite flowers along a path thru my flower least all that labor can have a reward! My original I’ve uploaded a new profile picture of me among some favorite flowers along a path thru my flower least all that labor can have a reward! My original profile picture is a long-lost object of my affection: a 14 karat gold Ladies’ Bulova wristwatch called Her Excellency, Model K, made in 1948. I made the picture of the watch on my dear mother’s wrist after I gave it to her in 2014. It had belonged to my aunt, then to me, then I gave it to my mother. I knew the watch would come back to me after my mom’s life was over, however, as it can happen with heirlooms, when the time came for me to reclaim the watch, it had vanished. I spent a year scouring web sites for a replacement, to no avail. The only information I have found is a print of a 1948 magazine ad for Bulova watches. The ad pictures the watch, identifies it by name and model letter, states: 21 jewels, yellow 14K gold but also available in white gold. Original price was $59.50. Research let me find out that Bulova made many variations to their watches and some variations were poorly documented or that information has been lost over the years. I actually grieved over the loss of the watch but researching it is what lead me to CW and gave me plenty of other items to think about! I recently retired after a long career as an RN. Now I stay busy with dollhouses and flowers, mainly. (Read more)


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Winston Cigarette Advertising Metal Sign.  On metal stand. - Signsin Signs
Diet Pepsi bottle with Arabic and English writing - Bottlesin Bottles
Hand loomed wool blanket.  Made in Greece March 1946 - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Chain-link bracelet.  Please help identify maker. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Happy Halloween! - Advertisingin Advertising
Halloween Fun Stuff - Advertisingin Advertising
Along my garden path 
Trade Token worth 5 cents at Morton Bend Store  - US Coinsin US Coins
102d Infantry Division - The Ozark Division- Commemorative Map of World War II action. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Cast Iron cookware item.  Purpose?  Meaning of symbols, numbes on back? - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. In your assessors box, is there a “double needle”? It looks like 2 needles stuck together side by side. It’s for sewing a double row of stitches such as the leg seams of blue jeans. When using the ...
  2. My mom had this brand of sewing machine her entire adult life and it worked beautifully. Her Necchi machine had this same cam and bar I recall, that system, when installed as yours ...
  3. Lovely snuff bottles! So sorry for your loss of others.
  4. The wooden ironing boards are very hard to come by and they are beautiful repurposed as an unusual piece of furniture such as a small table....but indoors only. The wood will ruin outdoors. Same wit...
  5. I love the Airstream. I lived in one for an entire year back in the 1980s while my house was built. It wasn’t too bad!
  6. Nice job!!
  7. To find the model and exact date it was made, look on the bottom. Hopefully, it was not painted over. Also, online you will find info on how to get a free replacement lock/key. It’s really importan...
  8. I just came across your post while browsing. I have the matching necklace....exact in every detail! The only marking is the word “sterling”. Mine came from a Honolulu store at Ala Moana shopping ce...
  9. In the almost identical one, it’s obvious the old puppeteer has his lower legs wrapped with cloth, a hole in this coat, and, from the shape of his lips, probably has few, if any, teeth. What a precio...
  10. Beautiful colors!
  11. Back when my grandmother bought hers, you had to buy the color wheel extra. She never bought a color wheel but I really wanted her to.
  12. Very nice!!
  13. My grandmother also had one and I’ve had hopes of finding one like it for years.....lucky you!!
  14. LovelyPat, Thank you for the comment and love! My dad would be proud to know that others admired the blanket as much as he did.
  15. I don’t quite get why the turquoise is there but the figure my be a Mexican man wearing a sombrero and a blanket/shawl.
  16. Beautiful room with the planter along the big window! Are the plants in the garden vase Amaryllis?
  17. My very first meal when I moved to Honolulu was a breakfast of Spam, scrambled eggs and white rice at the only restaurant I could find open early on a New Years Day morning! I think more Spam is eate...
  18. So clever!! It looks perfect!
  19. Vetraio50, I woke up this morning with your lava lady on my mind. Specially, thinking of her gloves I’ve got it!! She’s not putting ON the gloves....she’s taking them OFF! The clothing at ...
  20. I know it is good work when it can evoke emotion in the viewer, and this one does. This poor old man, snow on the ground at his feet and his shoe coming apart exposing his toes, no hat on his poor ba...
  21. Thank you for posting the picture of the fireplace! That was a good idea to build in the niches and the stone itself is so pretty and glossy! Your mason did a nice job. It’s very respectful and swe...
  22. The decanter is lovely....and so is the stone display area. Is that your fireplace? I would love to see the rest of it!
  23. Nice fox....he looks as if he just paused there for the picture.
  24. Clockerman, many thanks for the nice comment and the love!
  25. Definitely an alluring young lady!
  26. Iggy, I wondered about the 80 being a date of manufacture. The bottle has enough signs of wear that it could have been from 1980. Thanks for the info and love! Toyrebel SEAN68 Thank you both ...
  27. Funny how a word, never used in my vocabulary that I can recall, but stashed in my brain somewhere, can just spring to the surface: a look at the seductive lady surrounded by sizzling lava and the wo...
  28. Thank you for all the loves!! Kwqd Fortapache Foseatme - thanks for the comment! Newfld Brunswick bottle-bud Vynil33rpm
  29. A new life for it! Beautiful job you did!!
  30. Beautiful chrysanthemum blossom and’s really crazy but as I looked at the brooch, in my mind the unmistakable odd fragrance of chrysanthemums came to me....
  31. The chain and one of the lockets would be beautiful incorporated into a necklace and it would not even require altering anything about the chain. Lots of ideas for necklaces online! :-)
  32. A glass shop could cut you a circle of glass. It’s a beautiful would be perfect for African Violets or orchids!
  33. I love the shape of the back and it looks like a very comfy chair that would just envelope you! If it belonged to me, I would get it out of the plain vanilla fabric and reupholster it in a wild, bo...
  34. Foseatme, I’m flattered by the compliments! Thank you!
  35. I love old watch chains/fobs....this chain is especially beautiful and unique! The lockets are beautiful also! And you must have been secretly jumping for joy at the price! :^D
  36. Try Googling something like “rectangular linked silver quatrefoil chain”.....and I may be misspelling quatrefoil...but that’s clover shaped/4 projections. I saw a Turkish bracelet online that was ver...
  37. I have heard of a “reticulated python” which describes the pattern of its skin, so I’m surmising that “rendered reticulation” must mean it was made, or rendered, with such a pattern. But “articulated...
  38. I’ve been to a few dances like that with not enough men to go around! I love the picture...lucky you!!
  39. What information does the card in picture 2 have on it?
  40. This is beautiful! Rather than “articulated”, I believe it is described as “pierced”.
  41. I think this horse is a studio prop if I’m seeing it correctly. Maybe after you edit and repost the picture it will be more evident.
  42. Danderson- here’s the trick that always works for me: if u are posting from your phone, “select” your picture to post then “edit” the picture in some doesn’t really matter what you edit- yo...
  43. Foseatme, I’m honored by your compliments! Thank you so much! I have gotten really behind in thanking everyone for spending your time checking out my posts! I didn’t realize I had all these loves...
  44. SEAN68 MALKEY Thank you guys for the loves! Foseatme, thank you for looking and loving the baby’s room! It was one of my favorite rooms to work on!
  45. Foseatme, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate that compliment! SEAN68, thank you for the love!
  46. Foseatme, I appreciate that! Thanks for the love! Nutsabotas6, thank you for the love!
  47. Fortapache Brunswick Ben Thanks for the reading and leaving a love! Foseatme, thank you for the compliment and the love.
  48. Luck you!! Beautiful!
  49. Nutsabotas6, thank you for the love!
  50. Broochman, your comment is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading it and submitting the love!
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