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I’ve uploaded a new profile picture of me among some favorite flowers along a path thru my flower least all that labor can have a reward! My original I’ve uploaded a new profile picture of me among some favorite flowers along a path thru my flower least all that labor can have a reward! My original profile picture is a long-lost object of my affection: a 14 karat gold Ladies’ Bulova wristwatch called Her Excellency, Model K, made in 1948. I made the picture of the watch on my dear mother’s wrist after I gave it to her in 2014. It had belonged to my aunt, then to me, then I gave it to my mother. I knew the watch would come back to me after my mom’s life was over, however, as it can happen with heirlooms, when the time came for me to reclaim the watch, it had vanished. I spent a year scouring web sites for a replacement, to no avail. The only information I have found is a print of a 1948 magazine ad for Bulova watches. The ad pictures the watch, identifies it by name and model letter, states: 21 jewels, yellow 14K gold but also available in white gold. Original price was $59.50. Research let me find out that Bulova made many variations to their watches and some variations were poorly documented or that information has been lost over the years. I actually grieved over the loss of the watch but researching it is what lead me to CW and gave me plenty of other items to think about! I recently retired after a long career as an RN. Now I stay busy with dollhouses and flowers, mainly. (Read more)


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Keeping ‘Covid Winter’ Bright 
“COMMITTEE” pin - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
1970s Craft Projects from mail-order craft club - Folk Artin Folk Art
Unusual rock formation  - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Worm Fossil - Animalsin Animals
1922 lease agreement for household goods for my grandparents  - Photographsin Photographs
Rusty iron items from my #3 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Rusty iron objects found in my yard, part 2. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Rusty iron objects found in my yard - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Gardening delights, almost unnoticed. 


  1. The dogwood flowers are beautifully painted!
  2. I think it’s just a handle.
  3. What a special little birthday gift to yourself, Marin! I hope your day was wonderful! Patricia
  4. Ditto. :-)
  5. Keramikos, I, too, had the lengthy hair down to or below my waist in the 70s. It required a lot of effort- shampooing it in the shower so as it to tangle it too much, rolling it on those plastic roll...
  6. BHIFOS, such as for whacking off digits and picking up the pieces? I have to agree with you....perfectly ghoulish torture device for the movies.
  7. Perfect as is! Fine for the gnomes so long as they don’t aim it downhill.
  8. Keramikos, you are always so nice and helpful to post links to better inform us; it’s much appreciated! I’ve visited Paradise Garden several times over the years and enjoy lingering just to take ever...
  9. Keramikos, I can see why Mexicana is a favorite....Wow! Great color combo, very bold! Do you still have that purse? It would be an interesting family heirloom for your descendants to come across de...
  10. There are many crochet thread options that are variegated or rainbow colors on the same spool or ball of thread. Those types thread are used to make the bi-colored or tri-colored flowers.
  11. Just my opinion, but I think the white ball part is actually the top since it is more decorative. The other end with the small metal balls is the bottom. Positioned that way, the triangular part wou...
  12. There’s a quirky place in Summerville Georgia called Paradise Gardens which was the home of a man named Howard Finster, a preacher and artist of sorts. Mr Finster created art work from anything- scra...
  13. So it must be worn as a brooch, but for what reason??? Maybe just as a novelty? Do you suppose it was used as a toothpick? I hope someone knows all the answers!
  14. What is the man holding?
  15. I’m not positive but I think these may be sugar tongs which were used to cut off a portion of sugar from a larger ‘chunk’ and then pick up the small portion.
  16. I cannot answer any of the questions but I have questions of my own: how big it? Is it ‘brooch’ size or real ‘dagger’ size. I don’t usually have interest in knives but yours is so lovely and unusua...
  17. I love the graphics, especially the vultures (or whatever those big birds are). Is that a boot scraper? A cow on a boot scraper should bring a smile to everyone. ;^)
  18. It’s difficult to read from the picture....Could you decipher it for those like me ;-) and put it in the text of your post? And tell us a bit about about the artist? Thanks in advance.
  19. 2 beautiful and memorable voices: George Beverly Shea and Billy Graham!
  20. It must be great fun riding around in your beautiful old truck! I’m sure there’s much admiration and envy by all who encounter you. Happy Easter!
  21. I love the ‘cracked egg’ unusual!
  22. IUD= intrauterine are thinking of a vaginal device, I hope.
  23. How lucky can you get! I wanna go shopping with you next time. ;^)
  24. Try Leri
  25. I see the men are holding picks and shovels so even though only one man is guiding the plow, all the other men are probably there to break up all the clods of soil, remove the stones and roots and tre...
  26. Her rather blank expression and eyes gives her a dreamy, far-away look....she’s wearing a simple dress and a plain unadorned bonnet as she stands over the lovely horse and carriage. I think she is ...
  27. I’m no expert but the loop indicates it hung from something. At first I thought it might have been a toothpick that would hang from a man’s vest chain as a watch fob would hang.....but the tip looks ...
  28. I love it!! It would be perfect for people who really prefer not to interact with each another. ;^) I hope you get yours reupholstered in a modern bold would be quite the conversation...
  29. Looks like an erupting volcano!
  30. Ouch, BB2! Wouldn’t insertion be problematic? Please mansplain. ho2culcha, it’s a cute little perfect!
  31. Another cool item you have!
  32. The position of wire hanger in the back makes me think it was ‘pointing’ the customer to the lightbulb isle if it did hang in a store. Very cool item!
  33. Interesting history and a great addition to the rust garden!
  34. It’s not an oil’s a water can for filling a radiator. Hope that helps!
  35. I also have one. I think I bought mine when I was doing several different craft projects including making tiny dollhouse furniture and needed an extra hand holding parts in place.
  36. What is the little metal part that is showing? It makes me think that this is an adjustable-size ring. I’m no expert but others here are....I know they will want to see all sides of your ring to be ...
  37. That’s just precious!
  38. I know someone who would use marbles when laying blocks to make sure he got the spacing might find more! It’s a beauty!
  39. Google ‘Hawaiian art guilds’ ....that would be a starting point for tracking down info if Montague happens to be a member. Good luck! Thanks for posting you painting.
  40. Could be either way then!
  41. I just noted that a horseshoe is hanging over the door. I’ve heard that, for luck, they should hang with the ‘opening’ facing upward; if facing downward, all the luck pours my mother said....
  42. It’s possible that it’s an assemblage of various items.
  43. It has more of a Gothic look to me, rather than Hollywood Regency.
  44. Theonlyone, thanks for the videos....what a process ...I would not have thought of the black shoe polish.
  45. Perfectly at home in the rust garden!
  46. I notice the woman is going for it while the fellas are holding back a bit...maybe smarter...maybe planning how to hoist her out of the depths of that gorge! She’s braver than I am.
  47. I’ve been in a grocery store where they have the same ‘rain storm’ in the vegetable sure makes it interesting and a bit fun. I love the tiny shopping cart....some dollhouse size packages...
  48. Thank you, Newfld! We all could use a bit of Hawaii about now. :-)
  49. I’d die of fright on the suspension bridge. Lovely orchid!!
  50. Beautiful! And free!? I framed several doilies to better display them and protect them...they get lots of attention. Yours would be a great one to frame. I’m amazed that anyone can create things ...
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