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I’ve uploaded a new profile picture of me among some favorite flowers along a path thru my flower least all that labor can have a reward! My original I’ve uploaded a new profile picture of me among some favorite flowers along a path thru my flower least all that labor can have a reward! My original profile picture is a long-lost object of my affection: a 14 karat gold Ladies’ Bulova wristwatch called Her Excellency, Model K, made in 1948. I made the picture of the watch on my dear mother’s wrist after I gave it to her in 2014. It had belonged to my aunt, then to me, then I gave it to my mother. I knew the watch would come back to me after my mom’s life was over, however, as it can happen with heirlooms, when the time came for me to reclaim the watch, it had vanished. I spent a year scouring web sites for a replacement, to no avail. The only information I have found is a print of a 1948 magazine ad for Bulova watches. The ad pictures the watch, identifies it by name and model letter, states: 21 jewels, yellow 14K gold but also available in white gold. Original price was $59.50. Research let me find out that Bulova made many variations to their watches and some variations were poorly documented or that information has been lost over the years. I actually grieved over the loss of the watch but researching it is what lead me to CW and gave me plenty of other items to think about! I recently retired after a long career as an RN. Now I stay busy with dollhouses and flowers, mainly. (Read more)


  1. Looks like the imp only comes out at night to dance nude among the mushrooms. Interesting. Maybe the design is based on Belgium folklore.
  2. Hello, AO….I’ve noticed your absence from CW lately. No rust garden additions or pups and kids among the collections? Is everything OK with you? Just checking.
  3. Here’s the easy way to make your pictures post right side up: Alter the dimensions of your pictures….just a small tweak will do. Then select “edit your post”….make changes by removing each of the s...
  4. It is mesmerizing; looks alive with some oxygen-rich bloody solution surging thru veins of some strange bile-containing organ. Other worldly, even. Love it!
  5. A beautiful shell and a clever write-up, as usual! :^)
  6. It looks as if it could be used for grinding grains or nuts or such. Is the hole on the “top” surface sufficient to hold an acorn or nut? If so, maybe a nutting stone as well as a grinding stone.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your Loves!
  8. Falcon61, I loved the video and forwarded it to 4 more family members. Thank you for sharing it!
  9. I gotcha Keramikos! Snakes are fairly common around here since there are fields, woods and streams. Even though I’m always on the lookout for them, they blend in so well or hide so well, they are al...
  10. Deano, thanks for your input. I didn’t know about the stretching as the skin is shed. Reading about the Indigo’s endangered status, I found that many have been bred in captivity to be released in th...
  11. Fort, thanks for the love and comment giving me some reinforcement and courage about this guy!
  12. Very sad story.
  13. I love this! Last year, I vacationed in the Bahamas and saw a similar street adorned with colorful umbrellas overhead. It’s really beautiful!
  14. Keramikos, you are right about my sewing skills: as a child, I made doll clothes on the sewing machine before Mother allowed me to plug it in for electricity! I had to turn the wheel with my right ha...
  15. I knew Keramikos could give us a wealth of great info! I’m still looking thru it myself hoping to learn more about some old fabric I have. I learned to sew from watching my granny, my mother, and ...
  16. I don’t think it’s “Dickey” since there’s no dot over the letter assumed to be “i”. In the other words with “i”, the writer has dotted the “i”.
  17. Beautiful memories of your dad and your early years….
  18. What a find! Beautiful in every way….love the kidney shape especially.
  19. I loved them all the more after reading the “fine print” below the critters and learning the artist was a medical student. If she became a doctor, she probably brings humor and comfort to her patie...
  20. I would be quite funny to put a rose in it….maybe display it in your guest bathroom next time you have guests. ;^D
  21. Thanks, that answers my question so don’t bother with the exact inches. If it’s from the 70s, it might have held distilled water. I worked in a hospital pharmacy back then - we had such bottles o...
  22. So pretty, even on the bottom!
  23. Maybe the artist was recalling the day he ate something he shouldn’t have. ;^D
  24. Are your pictures showing the fabric folded? You are allowed to post 4 pictures so can you show the fabric laid out straight? Also show the edges of the fabric. Are the edges folded over and stitch...
  25. Dav2no1, thanks! You always get the facts. :^)
  26. How tall is the bottle?
  27. By that blissful expression, I believe he’s daydreaming of himself behind the wheel of that Cadillac! ;^)
  28. Very odd. No drainage hole so plants wouldn’t be very happy. Maybe a serving piece for various salad toppings??
  29. I also recall an elevator with such a gate and an attendant who operated the gate and pushed the buttons. She had a stool to sit on in the elevator. Only she was permitted to operate the elevator. ...
  30. Do I see a music box on the rocker of the little chair?!!
  31. I’d love to display that mug just to see the reactions it would get. The very thought of eating such a concoction is repulsive but it’s still funny. ;-)
  32. Something must be wrong with the people who live around me….they never put any free stuff out on the side of the road!
  33. You are so fortunate to have this afghan your mother made! To know her hands, eye for beauty and skill touched every inch must warm your heart.
  34. An interesting item but I have no clue what it’s purpose was.
  35. Those were favorites, right up there with Bonanza!
  36. So dramatic!! Beautiful!
  37. Happy birthday!
  38. Looks like a trike parade forming! Flamingos returning must be harbingers of snow-free weather. ;-)
  39. That would come in handy even now. The British baking shows on tv usually have measurements in grams rather than in “cups”.
  40. I loved everything I ever saw him in.
  41. Not so “stupid way” to spend your time! Look at the fantastic outcome. :-) I admit I’ve spent a good bit of my own time prowling shop’s odds and ends, always on the lookout for teeny treasures of ...
  42. These are lovely, and lively looking!
  43. Here’s the easy fix for the sideways photo problem: On your camera (maybe cellphone), edit each photo by altering its dimensions such as moving the edges inward just a tad. Then go to your post and ...
  44. You’ve presented something I’ve never seen ….the 1 cent Public Welfare token from Louisiana. I’ll need to look that one up and store it in my vast collection of information most likely to never be ne...
  45. I loved Jacks when I was a schoolgirl. Then, as a grandmother, I was able to amaze my schoolboy grandsons with my “skill”! Try as they might, they just couldn’t get the speed and coordination requ...
  46. Carefully examine the “inside” of the chandelier, looking along the lead lines and you will likely find your answer. The name of the company will likely be incised in one of the lead strips. Use a g...
  47. I remember this also but way back then, I had no interest in politics…’s possible the Nixon “situation” and Ford assuming presidency upon Nixon’s resignation kick-started my interest in politics.
  48. Stunning in every detail!
  49. My sister and I got the chore of mowing with the manual version….grass was about knee high in places. But we could always resort to using the sling blade. ;^)
  50. I agree with previous comment….someone wasted a lot of energy filing away the surface of the dime. A bank would probably swap it out for an undamaged dime for you. It’s worth 10 cents.
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Vintage US Military  (?) Tan Canvas 8 x 14 x 2 inch pouch with brass snap flap closure and brass belt clip