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My profile picture is a long-lost object of my affection: a 14 karat gold Ladies’ Bulova wristwatch called Her Excellency, Model K, made in 1948. I made the picturMy profile picture is a long-lost object of my affection: a 14 karat gold Ladies’ Bulova wristwatch called Her Excellency, Model K, made in 1948. I made the picture of the watch on my dear mother’s wrist after I gave it to her in 2014. It had belonged to my aunt, then to me, then I gave it to my mother. I knew the watch would come back to me after my mom’s life was over, however, as it can happen with heirlooms, when the time came for me to reclaim the watch, it had vanished. I spent a year scouring web sites for a replacement, to no avail. The only information I have found is a print of a 1948 magazine ad for Bulova watches. The ad pictures the watch, identifies it by name and model letter, states: 21 jewels, yellow 14K gold but also available in white gold. Original price was $59.50. Research let me find out that Bulova made many variations to their watches and some variations were poorly documented or that information has been lost over the years. I actually grieved over the loss of the watch but researching it is what lead me to CW and gave me plenty of other items to think about! I recently retired after a long career as an RN. Now I stay busy with dollhouses and flowers, mainly. (Read more)


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Tiny Griswold cast iron waffle maker - Kitchenin Kitchen
Waffle maker, antique cast iron, Fleur-de-lis and cross pattern.National Waffle Day is tomorrow- August 24!  Celebrate!! - Kitchenin Kitchen
Dollhouse vegetable garden (fantasy garden versus reality garden) - Dollsin Dolls
Lenox  “Golden Gingko” necklace, gold plated, turquoise colored beads - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Another Aloha Jacket from 1960s Honolulu and a Sears Hawaii label shirt. - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Hawaiian Aloha Jacket from 1960s men’s fashion! - Advertisingin Advertising
Quilt top made from polyester single knit fabric - Sewingin Sewing
Quilt begun in 1940s.  Almost finished 2019! - Sewingin Sewing
Kitchen sink, cast iron, made 11-17-28.  Repurposed as bathroom sink. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Wingback spring rocking chair refinished, new cushions made - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Keramikos- I agree! Our ancestors learned skills that would be totally foreign to us now. Roycroftbooksfromme1- thanks for those links to Griswold and Wagner! I learned some things, got some qu...
  2. I made an assumption that may be incorrect about the European Xmas waffles you mentioned. Are they candy or actual waffles?
  3. A visual feast!
  4. That’s an interesting idea about molding candy— I think I should give it a try soon. I’m not convinced that the company would go to the trouble to make a tiny replica of a full-size waffle iron if ...
  5. TOD, For French waffles, oui! Merci!
  6. MALKEY Fortapache Vynil33rpm Newfld Broochman Jscotto363 Thank you all for looking and loving! I appreciate the comments! When I was collecting, I tried to get a different design on each ...
  7. MALKEY Fortapache Newfld Broochman Jscotto363 Thank you all for having a look and leaving Loves! Jscotto363, thank you for commenting!
  8. Look up that style - “broken pediment” top. Broken just means it has that opening in the center; does not mean it’s damaged.
  9. Very interesting history of rolling pins, Keramikos! I would love to come across one of those fancy glare ones someday!
  10. Is that a blue glass rolling pin hanging on the wall?! I’ve never seen one before! Love all the blue glass and colorful metal ware. I see the base for your cast iron waffle maker hanging there ...
  11. Sounds like a wonderful adventure!
  12. I think you are asking what the name is of the top part of the’s called a broken pediment top.
  13. I don’t know if this is what I’m remembering or not but in the 1960s, we had bags called ChooChoo Bags. They were used as purses/handbags for a time....a fad that came and went quickly. I owned one,...
  14. That’s a fantastic way to design a candle holder. No chance of your new full-length candle toppling over and you can elevate the candle as it gets burned down shorter.....great design!
  15. Nicely displayed on the table cloth. :-)
  16. The parents’ expressions are priceless! Great family record!
  17. What a beautiful record of your family’s history! To be able to know what your ancestors looked like, where and how they earned a living, what kind of house they lived in, and even how they decorated...
  18. Any soap residue in container?
  19. That’s fantastic! I have all my father’s WWII belongings including his Bronze Star metal and a document detailing what he did to earn it. Treasures!
  20. Before I read the data, my first thought was a bubble wand for some ultra rich!
  21. I love it that you treasure your grandfather’s belongings and that relatives respected and acknowledged your grandfather’s life and service to his country by keeping his WWII items together all these ...
  22. Tiny treasures, all!!
  23. I agree with all that stated by Keramikos. Research the family history to find out who had those initials. Maybe Loraine was a relative and you will find her name and the years in which both ladie...
  24. Oldpretenders, it’s phenomenal that the actual maker of the doll could fill in all the blanks about it! Thank you and Manikin both for the education!
  25. Making purses was very popular in the 60s and 70s. Every fabric store and craft store sold handles made of all sorts of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. The handles sometimes included a pa...
  26. Taysart, much better with the correct side showing! It’s really lovely now. Thank you for sharing it!
  27. What fascinating and impressive talent you have! Would you please tell us about the dots along eyebrows and eyelids? Are those holes for inserting actual hairs?
  28. Your post prompted me to get more info on Devon.... unique places that are “off the beaten path” appeal to my sense of adventure. One activity listed for Devon: traveling down a waterway aboard a ba...
  29. I would guess that it’s an upholstery tool. It doesn’t “strike me” as being durable enough for blacksmithing. :^)
  30. Are they dollhouse furniture? I have suggestions to make better represent the objects: The is a lot of detail in the objects so photograph them with nothing in the background. Measure them and po...
  31. What about the initials MW on outer cover as the note states? Would you please show that also?
  32. Does it come apart? Is it all wood? Is the inside lined with anything? Will you add picture of bottom please? Is the notch in the rim for removing the ball? If it’s all wood, it doesn’t seem ad...
  33. I remember the banana seat high handle bars bikes when they were the envy of every kid in town. I didn’t know the scouts had special bikes. That shovel certainly was multi-purpose!
  34. It’s so beautiful, it would be a joy to type just anything at all. I’d probably type my grocery list!
  35. It’s perfectly fine to use yours on your gas stove...just leave your burner grate in place and set the waffle maker on it just as you would a skillet. Heat one side, flip the griddle to heat the othe...
  36. Look online for “slumped glass” and you will find similar items. Slumping glass is a technique of heating glass until it is not quite melted but pliable/bendable so you can make quirky shapes of the ...
  37. Fortapache, I just came across this old post and wanted to comment and Love it. I think I have this same one with the diamond pattern. I have a small collection of 6-8 cast iron waffle makers - all ...
  38. Rather than ram or bull, I had a different idea. The animal could be a sheep and what are assumed to be horns are ribbons flowing in the breeze....cute prized animal bedecked in a jeweled collar and ...
  39. What a great option to have all those colored trim pieces!
  40. I kinda thought that car looks like the ‘39 Ford we had when I was a child.
  41. So perfectly realistic with the pups!!
  42. Will you please post more pictures so the design all around clearly shows?
  43. #3303, monk with receptacles for various objects would be a delight to have on my desk or dresser! Love those prices and postage fees!
  44. Don’t be offended by my impression, please. There’s a “new” burial practice called “green burial which is really just the “old” way coming around again. Unembalmed bodies buried shallowly only in a ...
  45. I love grandma! What an adventurous kind of woman!! I’ve never seen a bracelet or charms like that.
  46. I have one of these that my parents had hanging in their shed for many hanging in my shed. I think I should get it out and put it to use when I bring groceries in the house from my car. ...
  47. Fortapache, it’s really so easy to grow veggies except for initial soil prep and weeding. You could do it!! Start with something small like a tomato plant. Or buy a package of asparagus roots and p...
  48. Blunderbuss2, I’ll keep that in mind if store-bought meat ever becomes unavailable. Lol! Roycroftbooksfromme1, wouldn’t that be nice if our real gardens could be so easy? Thanks for the love! ...
  49. Jscotto363, thank you for the compliment and the love. I see 3 or 4 rabbits in the yard almost every morning. There’s plenty of clover and grass so I’m always hopeful they will be content with that ...
  50. I especially like the crumb tray and brush and the nut bowl.
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