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I’ve uploaded a new profile picture of me among some favorite flowers along a path thru my flower least all that labor can have a reward! My original I’ve uploaded a new profile picture of me among some favorite flowers along a path thru my flower least all that labor can have a reward! My original profile picture is a long-lost object of my affection: a 14 karat gold Ladies’ Bulova wristwatch called Her Excellency, Model K, made in 1948. I made the picture of the watch on my dear mother’s wrist after I gave it to her in 2014. It had belonged to my aunt, then to me, then I gave it to my mother. I knew the watch would come back to me after my mom’s life was over, however, as it can happen with heirlooms, when the time came for me to reclaim the watch, it had vanished. I spent a year scouring web sites for a replacement, to no avail. The only information I have found is a print of a 1948 magazine ad for Bulova watches. The ad pictures the watch, identifies it by name and model letter, states: 21 jewels, yellow 14K gold but also available in white gold. Original price was $59.50. Research let me find out that Bulova made many variations to their watches and some variations were poorly documented or that information has been lost over the years. I actually grieved over the loss of the watch but researching it is what lead me to CW and gave me plenty of other items to think about! I recently retired after a long career as an RN. Now I stay busy with dollhouses and flowers, mainly. (Read more)


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  1. Joelean44, I’ve never used them for their original purpose since I don’t have the style razor which held them….I use them for all sorts of household purposes.
  2. I am in agreement with Keramikos about the color: it does look more like shocking pink than red.
  3. I just Googled “oil lamp with metal reflector” and came up with one listed for $60 on Etsy being offered by GoldenDreamersShop. The one on Etsy has a sticker warning that the oil receptacle should on...
  4. I think my son may have my lamps like yours on his screened porch….if so, I’ll look for identification and let u know.
  5. I’m a fan of wood burning stoves but not a fan of painting them. Maybe the paint at least prevented rust while it was stored. That’s especially nice that it came with the house! There’s probably pl...
  6. Interesting pictures and entertaining to read. Thanks for posting :^) The little guy looks like he’s all dressed up and ready to rock and roll! Welcome to CW!
  7. What are the dimensions? I’d love to see the entire top surface of them….from the small part shown of the top, it looks lovely. Nice find! How many did you get?
  8. I have some old clothes hangers, one of which is for hanging pants by the cuffs like yours. I just checked to see if mine had a manufacturer’s name….mine does not. Interestingly, I noted the grippin...
  9. You just brought back memories of my grandfather …. he had an old radio much like this. Thanks for posting yours.
  10. Precious little kitty at first glance, then when I saw the flowers on its back, the cute factor just escalated!
  11. I’m wondering if the varied coloration and iridescence is from a Raku firing technique. Lovely dish!
  12. I don’t understand the “Cheerios” reference. Welcome To CW!
  13. Somewhere, I have a couple of these. I would have bought mine in the 1970s or early 80s, new….they were not antiques. Hope you can get more specific info than I'm giving. And Welcome to CW!
  14. What little toddler wouldn’t just love the trike? No need to learn to pedal- just get on and go!
  15. Those first 2 responses are great advice…just collect what pleases you….there are bound to be plenty of others with your same tastes.
  16. 600 pieces of cool, interesting stuff! Amazing! And the clock is fabulous!
  17. Please tell us more! How does it play music? I’m guessing the music mechanism is in the engine compartment and the propeller winds it; is that correct? I’m glad you rescued it. :^)
  18. Don’t worry, BB2, I also recall the big increase to 6 cents. I was rather young (still am, in my mind) but I recall my parents and grandparents being indignant that they now had to pay an extra cen...
  19. How in the world can a little figurine cause me to feel sorry for him?! That sad expression and his pants so much too big, as if he’s been hungry for way too long…..I just feel the need to feed him! ...
  20. A beautiful rooster….I love the color variations!
  21. Wow! That’s beautiful!
  22. It has an “industrial “ look to me.
  23. Why does it say “plug out”?
  24. ….doesn’t seem like that long ago…..
  25. Is that a watch chain and some kind of ornament or tool hanging from his coat buttonhole?
  26. PhilDMorris, it’s so nice to know that this simple quilt top made, probably, from left over fabric or scraps and stitched together by hand is admired by someone (you) who has such, may I say, expensiv...
  27. Oh my goodness, I’m way behind on Thanking everyone who has taken time to look this quilt top over and give it a love! I appreciate you all!!
  28. I know that car show will be interesting! The older cars had more style than the models on the roads these days. When I was a child, one of my family’s cars was a ‘39 Ford….very scratchy wool seats. ...
  29. I’m glad rescued it….it’s just begging for some TLC!
  30. Fantastic detail!
  31. From the 1901 World’s Fair, Pan American Exposition. Buffalo NY. Probably a souvenir trinket box.
  32. Perfect with all the traffic cones!
  33. Too pretty to burn! Fantastic in their cage!
  34. When you say the thrift tossed the glass, are you saying they threw it away? What’s wrong with those people?? It’s lovely!
  35. Shareyourpassion, Thanks for responding! Yes, I do still have it….it’s right here in my hand now to compare it to the Rambler pictures. I’m convinced the mystery is solved: Rambler it is! You ...
  36. Thanks to everyone for the loves! I apologize for not responding sooner to the responses….I just happened across them tonight (it seems I used to get an email notification from CW when there were r...
  37. Keramikos, thank you so much for all your digging! You and Dav2no1 have nailed it: the 1958 Rambler Ambassador Country Club! That pink and grey color combo on the restored Rambler pictured in your ...
  38. Dave2no1, that has to be it…flat disc shape painted cap with chrome handle….ridges on the chrome handle. I think you’ve solved this mystery. I’m going to attach a tag to it so some future person goi...
  39. JohnJoe, you might be right…you gave me a smile anyway!
  40. Rather than on a door, I believe this is made to hang on your bed headboard as a reading light. Oh, how I would love to come across one in my poking around second-hand shops.
  41. Now that’s a “cult” I’d be happy to be part of! I love the look, with and without the light shining thru!
  42. Lucky you for getting the pink sink! Those are not easy to come by now. During my childhood, my dad built us a new house. Since there were 5 girls….6 counting my mother, we got to have all pink f...
  43. Vynil33rpm, thanks! I thought so too! jscotto363, thanks for commenting! Those single edge blades were always useful around the house even if they got too dull for shaving whiskers. Our moms pr...
  44. Your roses put mine to shame!
  45. Pretty item but I’m not convinced the design is a chicken.
  46. What a unique yard you have! :^)
  47. >lol< I don’t wanna give you that impression! Couldn’t be further from the truth…. :^D
  48. He’s sweet indeed, Oroyoroycanyousing.
  49. If u will edit the picture by changing its dimensions ever so slightly, then edit your post and replace this picture with your newly edited version, it will magically post in an upright position. Als...
  50. Nice Percolators! I’ve never seen one shaped like the one on the right. :^)
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