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Jerry Garcia pencil etching  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Clockwork orange nude coffee table  - Moviesin Movies
Rembrandt portrait of a young boy  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Bob Dylan the freewheelin’ 8 track tape number 352 - Recordsin Records
Back of my religious metal  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Religious picture frame with picture  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Brown pig squeaky toy with penis and balls  - Toysin Toys
Religious pendant  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
 Midevil armor and knives small  - Moviesin Movies
Crystal rectangular ashtray  - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. what a beautiful story
  2. No never did Where was it made who made it
  3. i found this in my pocket on christmas eve
  4. Do you have any idea what it means
  5. Do you know what they are
  6. Thanks
  7. still can't locate the same piece ......thanks
  8. Thanks
  9. Sold for 1,700
  10. This is a dummy no gunpowder is it from ww1 it’s marked 1912 is that correct please advise thanks
  11. I have one the tuning on them sucked you would have to shake them to get the radio to tune in
  12. Is this micro beaded from the 1940’s
  13. do you know who it is tell me please
  14. how much do you think its worth .....thanks for the help
  15. No just my quess do you know who the artist is
  16. Who is the artist
  17. You are correct the outside is marble
  18. i thanks you but its too new to be george ....and other ideas
  19. can you post pic's on facebook
  20. what is this picture called
  21. do you think this is worth anything thanks danny
  22. i didnt know
  23. thanks will do
  24. i think there was a dog on the left side ...i seen other like this with blue colors and a dog this a prototype ...and whats the value thanks
  25. I think it's berry Oakley
  26. do you know who the artist is thankls
  27. i can't seen locate it ...can you send me the link thanks
  28. Thanks what do you think it's worth
  29. thanks
  30. thanks how old is it
  31. thanks
  32. what year do you think this is thanks danny
  33. still can't locate this piece ....thanks for the help
  34. i see it
  35. thanks , but still can'locate this piece ...whats is it worth any idea
  36. whats the hell is it
  37. what do you think it's worth
  38. thanks
  39. thanks can you make out the name
  40. no marking on back ...i did my research it's from the palladium in new york city do you know the year that was thanks danny
  41. thanks a bunch i will check it out
  42. nice news thanks
  43. thanks manikin you know any thing about this ...value artist thanks danny
  44. thanks everyone
  45. thanks
  46. thanks fella
  47. thanks is that the markings
  48. thanks but no help ....please help what does it read anybody
  49. yes it has holes and playes music like a flute
  50. it's an empire 880
  51. See more


Bob Dylan the freewheelin’ 8 track tape number 352 Vintage lamp boy holding basket wooden statue unknown origin with huge     fallic symbol           crock pottery


Merritt Mauzey lithographs and 2 originals


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