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  1. Test gauge set up . I work at a plumbing supply and we sell these . This would be attached to plumbing or gas ,pressurized and if the pressure holds you pass inspection .
  2. Houze Lamp
  3. Radiator spud wrench
  4. Consolidated Glass Line 700 Fairy Martele
  5. LG Wright corn vase 1950's . The original was Dugan very early 1900's .
  6. Very nice . http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/125503-unknown-custard-glass-vase
  7. My lack of political correctness offends you ? I'm sorry I was just following my new presidents lead .
  8. Vlad loves Trumps bobblehead also.
  9. Nice !? Looks like crap to me .
  10. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/155148-a-major-award
  11. Very cool I live on North Church Road and also collect glowy stuff...maybe something in the water ?
  12. Have you ever been to the mineral museum in Franklin NJ ? If not you should check it out .
  13. She was not happy when I took that first pic .
  14. The glass ( not marble ) was made by Houze Glass in Port Marion PA. Made in the 20's and 30's. This glass was made with uranium oxide and will glow a bright green under long wave uv light. (Poster bla...
  15. I think he understood "White mans ways" very well !!
  16. Consolidated Glass
  17. This is Fenton . Very nice . http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/125500-fenton-green-opalescent-new-world-wine-b
  18. Not sure but these look like Steuben pieces to me . Very nice !
  19. Very cool ... I have a few . But you have it upside down . The creosote went in a little tray that sat in what you are using for the base .
  20. I'm thinking it is galena in quartz .
  21. The old crow is getting slow. The young crow is not. Of what the young crow does not know The old crow knows a lot. At knowing things the old crow Is still the young crow’s master. What does the...
  22. Nice piece of peacock ore !!
  23. Nice !
  24. Gonna need a pic of the back side to make sure that is authentic .
  25. Nice ride Mani !!! You've posted a pic of you driving your pick up now we need a pic of you on your trike !
  26. Thanks martika !
  27. Nice to see you back Phil !!
  28. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Antique-Birdcage-Shaped-Pink-Burmese-Glass-Night-Light-Fairy-Lamp-/231822481160
  29. Wow !
  30. 1920's 30's . The stone is actually glass...most likely Houze Glass. Possibly uranium glass. Shine a poster blacklight on it to see if it glows. Beautiful piece !
  31. Hey Vintagefran This was definitely made as a lamp. It has feet to allow the cord to exit the base with a centered hole. I actually just got a second one about a month ago . The white light pics do n...
  32. Different but same principle. http://www.antiquesnavigator.com/d-1240259/vintage-art-deco-fluorescent-light-fixture-w-milk-glass-end-caps-2-tube-26-w-ec.html
  33. "End caps " for fluorescent tube fixture.
  34. Lamp shade
  35. A Very Merry Christmas to you wolcott !! ALL the best !
  36. A little Christmas Ore on this Christmas Eve ! A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night !
  37. May the Miracle of Christmas cure your ails ! The best to you and yours kerry !! Oh and don't bogart that spliff my friend, don't bogart that spliff !
  38. Fenton
  39. Tiffin No 18
  40. Hey Mani !!! Nice to see ya ! This has always been one of my Fav posts !
  41. Thanks Efesgirl,nuts,antiquerose,kyratango,Nicefice and shareurpassion !!!
  42. It will appear brighter with no white light but you should get the affect with very low white light also.Some pieces have a higher concentration of uranium than others and will glow brighter.
  43. No He certainly isn't !! He is the bright light in a field of darkness !Thanks Deano and ho2 !!!
  44. This lamp is a Houze glass lamp.
  45. Beautiful Bagley Trough Vase or Posey Vase or Flower trough. They go by many names. Circa 1910? - 1930. (I've seen them listed as 1920-1930 also)
  46. Thanks Moonstone !!
  47. Tis a marble .
  48. 7 out of 15 upstate .
  49. Vintagefran Takes it with 13 out of 15...Pretty Impressive !!!!
  50. Pretty...Yes Glowy No !
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