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Love finding treasures in what people think is trash!


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Clay pottery with a metal like finish? - Potteryin Pottery
German 3814 wall decor with BELLIN68 - Potteryin Pottery
My Real McCoy - Potteryin Pottery
Mercator-German pocket knife - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
My Grandma's Hand-made Quilt - Folk Artin Folk Art
Vintage Avon Candle Holders - Glasswarein Glassware
Daher, England - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
AUX BUTTES CHAUMONT poster  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Haegar wash basin and pitcher - Potteryin Pottery
Number 8 10 1/2 inch cast iron kettle with handle - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thank you Kathycat! Soniaport, me too.
  2. Oh,I got the info I needd about 8 months ago from scandinavian_pieces. But thanks for the recent help!
  3. Hey friend! Thank you for the love! Miss ya. I'm at work right now....shhhh don't tell. ;)
  4. I have been asking people about what this could be too. It's driving me nuts not knowing. Thanks for the possible info. Everyone I ask has no idea. One even mentioning that the piece isn't all the...
  5. It does!! I am wearing it right now!
  6. Thank you packrat-place
  7. LOL, I did change the category, sadly. But thank you Vetraio50 for taking notice :p We did have great fun Scandinavian_pieces and will for sure think of you next time AmberRose when we venture out :)
  8. Thank you scandinavian_pieces, we picked up another one yesterday while thrifting so now I have 3.
  9. Thank you Officialfuel!
  10. Thanks Officialfuel!
  11. Vetraio, I hope I am one of the two, wink wink!
  12. It was so fun!! Thank you for my gift!! I am so loving it!!
  13. Thank you pickrknows!
  14. Thanks for the love Jen, pickrknows, & BELLIN!!
  15. Thank you Chevy59!
  16. Thanks for the love AR8Jason and ThriftyGypsy.
  17. Wow, thanks AR8Jason. Great info, I would love to know what year this one is from.
  18. Thank you, muah!!
  19. thanks brother man!
  20. thank you Manikin ;)
  21. Thanks for the love Vintagemad, pickrknows, and Bellin ;)
  22. I was confused as to where I should categorize this because it's metal. Not sure if it needs to be re-categorized or not. Thanks for the love Bellin, PickRknows, and Jen :D
  23. You are so right about the greatest baseball player. My dear friend who just recently passed away would visit Babe Ruth's home when she was 16, her aunt and uncle were close friends to Babe Ruth. I ...
  24. My husband is a huge Red's fan being from Cincinnati. I will ask him to see if he has any useful information. Marge died several years ago, she probably would have known lol.
  25. LOL you're too much!!!
  26. Thanks TallCakes for the info. That makes a lot of sense thinking back about what my cousin was trying to convey to me. I was only a teenager then so I am surprised I even halfway listened lol. Tha...
  27. Thanks for the love!
  28. That's cool! These are still 19 cents where I live. LOL
  29. I'm about to put some things up....they probably aren't worth much but it's things I've collected.
  30. LOL! This baby needs a good scrubbin though...get on FB if you wanna chat :p
  31. LOL, and I would fry you up some chicken in this Paula Deen :p
  32. you are too sweet my friend ;P
  33. Wow! Reminds me of the one that sat on my great-grandma's porch for so long. You are very lucky to have this!
  34. Cool room! Love the ceiling...can you give more info on it?
  35. Thank you Kerry10456
  36. Thank you Kerry10456 :D
  37. thank you Scandinavian_pieces
  38. thanks scandinavian_LOVE YOU TO pieces :D
  39. thanks hedgewalker ;D
  40. thanks name btw ;p
  41. thanks for the love @hedgewalker, beauxpurdy, bratjdd, pickrknows, and scandinavian_pieces
  42. Thanks for the love @bratjdd, pickrknows, and toolate2 :D!!!
  43. Really? Wow!! Thanks for the info Istites. Leesburg is a great place to visit!
  44. Lol Bellin!!
  45. Thanks!!
  46. You're too kind, thanks doll!
  47. Thanks doll!
  48. Thank you Bellin :p
  49. Thank you Paula71, great info!
  50. Thanks Tallcakes!!
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