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I started collecting, picking and selling back in the late sixties when I was 16. While in high school in southern California. I would usually sell at two or three sI started collecting, picking and selling back in the late sixties when I was 16. While in high school in southern California. I would usually sell at two or three swap meets or flea markets a week. The Orange Show Swapmeet in San Berdoo, the Palm Springs Drive Inn, the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena, and any where I could make it my 62 ford econoline van. I opened my first antique store in Santa Barbara in 1972. Later I had stores Oakview, Ojai California. All the while I also sold at all the flea markets in Southern California. To me it was never work, just the hunt. I collect everything old. Some of my favorites are Coca Cola and Soda Fountain Stuff, Candy Store, Country Store, Toys, Hawaiianna, Maxfield Parrish, and Art Deco. In 1989 my partner and I went to a Auction in Rockerville Ghostown in the Black Hills of South Dakota to buy Antiques. Well before the day was over we had bought a semi load of stuff, and The Gas Light Saloon and Restaurant. The Gas Light was a 9000 sq foot building with a restaurant/ saloon on one side and dance hall on the other. It had been sitting vacant for seven years and all the doors had been knocked in and vandalized. We spent a year remodeling it, rplacing all the doors with victorian reproductions and filled with Antiques. We kept the saloon and restaurant, and changed the Dance Hall into a Antique Store, Turn of the century Soda Fountain, and penney Candy Store. After running it for 13 years we sold it in 2003. In 2005 we opened our current store, The Holly Terror Antiques, in Keystone South Dakota home of Mt Rushmore. We have about 2 million visitors pass through our town of 327 people each summer. In the winter we keep busy with ebay and working on a new website. (Read more)


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Victor Talking Machine Co. Phonograph - Electronicsin Electronics
Early Bicycling Photographs - Photographsin Photographs
Frisco Velodrone  - Photographsin Photographs
Brush McCoy Zuniart Cabinet Vase - Potteryin Pottery
Art Nouveau Glass Vase  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Twenty Grand Thoroughbred Cigarettes Sign - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Armour Foods 1900 Store Display - Advertisingin Advertising
Humming Bird Silk Hosiery Store Display - Advertisingin Advertising
Advertising Poster/ Cardboard Sign. - Advertisingin Advertising
1930's ? Wolverine work Boots Poster - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. PhilDMorris, Thanks for the comments.
  2. fortapatche, Thanks. The RCA dog is special because my great great uncle carved the original, I would love to find a full size one that used to displayed in the stores but for now I will settle for my...
  3. Anything Obscure, thanks for the compliments. As for Jambo Jim, I consider him part of history (maybe not our best history) and part of my reason for collecting. I don't feel he should be hidden away ...
  4. Bluderbuss2, sorry about the wood-lice, hope you found a treatment. It was restored in the mid 1970's by a Master Craftsman. Thanks for your kind comments.
  5. Vynil33rpm thank you for the kind comment.
  6. I love these , I have a collection myself. They are Italian, Micro Mosaic.
  7. What you have is commonly referred to as a "Secretary", from the Golden Oak Era (1890's -1920's) of furniture. The graining on the door and above it is called Quarter Sawn or Tiger Oak. The glass knob...
  8. COOL!
  9. I would say it's a victorian shaving mirror in the Japanese style, Circa 1880-90's. Probably English or American.
  10. Love the table. Would like to see a post of just it to, see the whole thing.
  11. Nice gesso frame. I have had luck taking prints to copy stores where they have high quality color copiers and having them enlarged to my frame size.
  12. I collect pin up art, and have several prints by Jules Erbit. The biographical mp.kunst provided is top notch. Unfortunately the links provided by matisse are for Original art work by Erbit and would ...
  13. No Plants??? Like the collection!
  14. And I have the pool table and no balls!
  15. what more could you want from a chair??? ROCKET BOOSTERS! LOL
  16. Your welcome. Where are you located, I may be able to refer you to a restorer.
  17. Yes, it had a cane seat, the holes around the perimeter for weaving. A replacement plywood seat was added later with the star pattern, and then the red cushion probably added in the 1950's - 60's. A...
  18. Circa 1915 Pendant Light with a Halophane shade (upper ribbed part). This is a unique one with the bottom glass diffuser. The Halophane shades are sometimes marked and or dated. Welcome to CW.
  19. fhrjr2, just used keywords that were apparent to me when viewing it. I had pretty good idea what it was, but always like to confirm before posting.
  20. Not quite the exact same one , but close. I think this was more of a office chair, than a rocker. It was manufactured this way but probably not in hugh quantities. I don't feel the red cushion is orig...
  21. What you have is a circa 1895 oak spring rocker. The form is more recognized as a captains chair than windsor chair. The 1890's showed a lot of mechanical innovation in furniture, thus the spring rock...
  22. I would also concur with Phil, Regency revival. Also concur with Antibro on the black paint, Would helped to see what you started with. The good news is everything that has been dun to it can be rever...
  23. Thanks officialfuel and fortapache
  24. Thanks everyone. I will try to post more when I get a chance !
  25. I would say it is probably a Plume and Atwood student lamp, from the marking on the burner ( P & A}. As far as the duplex on the burner, that is just a generic term that describes the double wick burn...
  26. I have the same shape dish, I have always used it for a spoon rest by my stove. Your post inspired me to do a internet search and found that it is a "Shell shaped relish dish". I will continue using ...
  27. Thanks for the love, rniederman, and PhilDMorris
  28. What did you want to know? Circa 1880 -1900. Try googleing " Antique Duplex Student Lamp" Lot of images, info, etc.
  29. Try "antique golden oak office desk". I would inspect the back, inside the drawer stacks for screw holes where a back panel might have been. A lot of times they get separated from the desk.
  30. Your Office Desk is also Quarter Sawn Oak, and while I cant't see the sides I am willing to guess they are paneled. Oak furniture was at a peak in the 1990's and has since fallen a bit out of favor, b...
  31. I hope you understand that anyone can answer question here, and not all are experts in every field.. I have been dealing in antique furniture for almost 50 years and would disagree with the previous o...
  32. Looks like a English Bull Dog! Nothing mean about him!
  33. Those are the coolest chairs I've seen in a long time! How many did you get? Where did you score them? Thanks for sharing
  34. Wow! Nice collection. I was wondering if you could give me some thoughts on a piece I recently found. Thanks
  35. This type of syrup dispenser did not have a lid. You would insert a inverted one gallon syrup jug in the top, separated by a large rubber gasket or O-Ring.
  36. It's Diana the Huntress with her greyhound. In Roman mythology, she was the goddess of the hunt, moon and birthing. Very popular subject for art deco decorative arts.
  37. The style with incising and native american geometric design is very much in the style of Brush McCoy Zuniart, except Zuniart usually has a Twirling logs motiff. Other that very similar.
  38. Where can I order a case????
  39. Thanks Trey
  40. Thanks for all the Loves. I am hoping one of the glass collectors here can offer some insight into this piece. Merry Christmas everyone
  41. What are the dimensions of the compartments? One thought might be a display for men's shirts, folded on cards.
  42. Sorry if that link does not work, just google live auctioneers and check out the trays in their past auctions.
  43. Incredible collection! Do you have any idea of the value? You might check this out.
  44. Thanks for the love officialfuel and Rhea17
  45. thanks for the love Trey
  46. Thanks officialfuel
  47. Thanks, officialfuel.
  48. Thanks for the Love, officialfuel, MountainGirl, mtg75, vintagegirl66, and usecarlady,
  49. Thanks for the Love, officialfuel
  50. thanks for the Love PhilDMorris, Ben, TimeTraveler, and aura
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