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Atlanta, GA

I love anything old - collect lots of different things and especially like Art Deco, Mid Century, Art Nouveau and older Disney/Mickey Mouse items.


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1920's Schuco Bellhop "Yes/No" Mechanical Monkey - Dollsin Dolls
Rosenthal Daffodil Motif Vase (c.1901-1956) - Potteryin Pottery
Moritz Zdekauer (MZ) Austria Gladiolas Motif Vase (c.1884-1910) - Potteryin Pottery
1968 "Dikkens" Devil Doll by Kamar - Dollsin Dolls
1890's "Apple Picking Couple" Postcards - Postcardsin Postcards
Early Postcard of Peachtree St in Atlanta - then and now... - Postcardsin Postcards
1930's Minnie Mouse Bisque Figurine - Animalsin Animals
2007 Steiff Limited Edition Replica of 1930's Mickey Mouse  - Animalsin Animals
1930's Mickey Mouse Megaphone/Horn Toy - Animalsin Animals
1930's Mickey Mouse Tin Lamp w/ Handpainted Shade - Animalsin Animals


  1. Thank you realthings! I love this table and stare at it often... ;)
  2. haha thanks Hedgewalker!
  3. thanks much!
  4. LOVE this!
  5. Thanks B!
  6. Thanks Bellin68 ;)
  7. Thanks Bellin68! He is pretty hard to find anymore...
  8. Thanks Bellin68!
  9. Thanks Kerry! I thought the shade was done quite nicely...
  10. Glad you scored one Kerry, and thanks for the love miKKoChristmas11 and everyone else! :)
  11. It's beautiful on the inside - very Egyptian Revival.
  12. I love his postcards of these cats!
  13. Thank you Disneypoppop!
  14. Not sure Vetraio50, I do not see any markings on it...
  15. Thanks Kerry, glad you like it!
  16. Thanks Kerry - it really is a cool little piece!
  17. Thanks Bellin68! Been off for a bit but I'm baaaaaaack ;)
  18. Awesome TV!
  19. Thanks DinoMan!
  20. Thank you AntiqueLight!
  21. These were made in Japan in the 30's and 40's and authorized by Disney. I have a few of them now... thanks for the comments everyone!
  22. Thanks for the info Ladybarber!
  23. Thanks for the love ;)
  24. Awesome!
  25. Thanks Bellin68!
  26. Thanks for the love everyone :)
  27. Thanks Kerry!
  28. Thanks Kerry, I put the other pic of the reverse side up now.
  29. Thank you inky!
  30. Thank you for the kind compliments!
  31. Hi Kerry, the movement is from the 1940's, so I am pretty sure it is not the real deal - but I still love it. Thanks for the info. Unable to take any pics right now as it isn't at my house currently.
  32. Hello Interested, I am not sure who did this painting as mine doesn't have a signature on it. Wish I could have been more help. If you find out anything more let me know. :)
  33. Thank you FineLines!
  34. Thank you for the info Mikko! It looks very possible it was switched out. I do not see any signatures or markings though. The frame IS awesome - love it! Glad you like it too!
  35. Thank you for the comments and love!!
  36. Thanks for all the comments and love - there are no markings on the frame or photo... No flute but those are grapes in his hand...
  37. Thanks Chevy59!
  38. I thoughts so too Signaholic, thanks for the comment... Chris
  39. Thank you very much for the comments PDAM. That pic was a looooong time ago lol I thought the frame here was awesome as well... loved the detail.
  40. Glad you dig the kid! ;)
  41. Thanks Bellin68, that pic of me was when I was young beautiful and thin lol I think I was 18 and in NYC at the time...
  42. Thank JohannB- yes please post yours as I would love to see it...
  43. Thanks Bellin68 - I saw it and had to get it...
  44. Thanks for all the comments - I think he may have had arms at one time but he still looks just fine... cheers! ;)
  45. Thanks for the comments and love everyone! ;)
  46. love this!
  47. Thank you for all the love everyone!
  48. Thanks Fredfishback!
  49. Thanks VolDeNuit!
  50. GREAT piece!
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