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Hello, I am a collector, buyer, dealer and avid admirer of almost anything in the Aesthetic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts movements. I love art glass and Hello, I am a collector, buyer, dealer and avid admirer of almost anything in the Aesthetic, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts movements. I love art glass and lamps the most. I find most of my items at yard sales, craigslist and even at antique malls and I can't believe what great things are still out there. Check out my stuff every once in a while, I will post what I find. (Read more)


  1. Looks like something I would decorate my back deck with. But I live on the coast and it ain't junk to me.
  2. This is probably a newel post lamp for the end of a stair's banister. The shade would probably have been a flame shape. Unfortunately, it looks as if the socket attachment and shade holder have been b...
  3. Great Lamp! Though I have never seen this exact shade before, I do know the base is Apollo Studios. Research the name and you will see the similarities.
  4. Nice! Definitely Bellova. Just keep your eye out at garage sales and antique stores. Compatible hardware from the period is easy to find.
  5. The P G CO is Pittsburgh Glass Co. The P L B Co is Pittsburgh Lamp and Brass Co. The two were the same company, The Pittsburgh Lamp Brass and Glass Co, or usually marked P G L & G Co. I think they lo...
  6. Yes, Chalet, have some like it. Maybe I will post them.
  7. Looks like Handel, but the shade holder is wrong. The rest looks right. Research Handel harp or desk lamp and you will see similar.
  8. Looks like Classique to me. Great lamp, keep it in the family.
  9. It was made by The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co. or PLB&G Co. Great lamp! One of their best. Made around 1910-1925.
  10. If Handel, it would have a "chipped ice" finish. My guess would be Lightolier or Beardsley. Still a great find!
  11. I actually have this same shade, but it hangs upside down as ceiling fixture. Love it, but do not know who made it.
  12. You always have such great stuff!
  13. Thanks for the love Tom and Destiny!
  14. Your hanging lamp was made by Revere around 1915-1920. Go to and you can see a table lamp version.
  15. Actually I do, but I don't want to break the rules about soliciting business. I live in Coos Bay, Oregon, so shipping and stuff would be needed. Salem Bros. was a good company. There are not many who ...
  16. Your lamp is a very desirable lamp. It was made by the Pittsburgh Lamp Brass & Glass Company. If you go to you c...
  17. Thank you Spirit Bear, Robin and Scott!
  18. Moonhill is correct. Here is your lamp as a ceiling fixture:
  19. It dates from the late 1920's to the mid 1930's. It reminds me of a company called Lightolier. Here is one that went to auction, it isn't exactly like yours, but is of the same period:
  20. Your shade was made by Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co. early in the 20th century. It would have hung from chains as a chandelier or in a fixture up against the ceiling. Antique hardware is relative...
  21. Your lamp was made by the Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co. around 1910-1920. The top is original and they did many reverse painted farm scenes, so your shade is probably original too. Sorry to hear ...
  22. Your beautiful lamp was made by R Wilkinson Co., Brooklyn, NY in the early part of the 20th century (1910-1920) Check out this one:
  23. Oh and the paper is not paper it is mica. Very nice lamp!
  24. My guess would be OLD MISSION KOPPERKRAFT. Check out this one:
  25. Apollo Studios made pierced brass shades and bases like yours. I had a full floor that was pieced from top to bottom. Check this one out:
  26. The base is Miller, but sadly, the shade is of recent make. The style is art nouveau and Alphonse Mucha. Thank you for sharing.
  27. Hey Glass Goddess, Please look at my recent posts, I need your help, you cute thing you.
  28. I know! I have the "student lamp book" and, basically, it is like the holy grail of student lamps. Never thought I would find one.
  29. It is a weakness!
  30. Sorry, no shades as of yet. Still looking. It needs something spectacular!
  31. I lean to Stuart, but, then again, I am an idiot.
  32. I have seen this before and I am probably mistaken, but I think I remember this as called confetti. I don't know, I'm getting old.
  33. Welcome to CW! Nice find, I can't help you right now, but I hope you get answers.
  34. Not Tiffany, but a very nice piece nonetheless.
  35. It was made by Lightolier in the 20's and 30's. Lightolier is still making fixtures. Usually the original "candles" are missing, yours are good. Too bad you have a few chips to the surface. Still a gr...
  36. Yep, toilet paper cover. My Gram had a few of these in her bathroom in the 60's and 70's. Nice to think about her.
  37. Great lamp. I tend to agree with Moonstone. Not midcentury, closer to 20's or 30's, though a lot of vases were made into lamps throughout the 20th century. Great find!
  38. This is just GREAT! I can't say anything more.
  39. You know you both may be right. I was told it was Harrach, but maybe it is English, Whitefriars? Looks a bit like Powell.
  40. This looks like a medical/dental exam lamp. The switch at the base would allow the doctor to turn on and off with the foot. The transformers or ballasts were for some kind of high intensity discharge ...
  41. The N may stand for Napoleon as Baccarat made several items with the Napoleonic theme. Here is one such lamp:
  42. Wild & Wessel of Berlin in 1865 developed the "Kosmos" burner (Brenner means burner in German). Your lamp is not as old as 1865. Gaudard in France (Kosmos) still produce Kosmos and Kosmos-Brenner lamp...
  43. Thank you Katherinescollections and glasslove for the love!
  44. Possibly The Bent Glass Novelty Company?
  45. Thanks Walter, I forgot about Sechrist, it makes so much sense now.
  46. My guess is The Bent Glass Novelty Company. It just seems their shape and style to me. Great lamp!
  47. Several companies made hanging shade like yours. It does look to have some age to it and the glass can be replaced. It would cost you about what the lamp is worth, but I have repaired several myself a...
  48. It might be Tiffany. It looks like a style of Kew Blas who worked for Tiffany and went out on his own. Either way it looks great!
  49. I don't think it is Tiffany Studios, but it does resemble some designs by R. Williamson. A good resource for leaded glass lamps is I have a few of my own lamps featured there. If you t...
  50. Your lamp was made by The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co. (PLB&G) around 1915.
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Please give me info on this was a gift..thanks! My husbands odd lamp find Antique Black Lamp Old Railroad Lamp? Your junks my treasure Handel Lamp Iron Horse Oil Lamp