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Ephemera is #1 on a long list of interests.In that category its postcards and photographs and I am collapsing shelves with those!!


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"Amer.Negroe" card - Advertisingin Advertising
HOME  PHOTOS WITH " BACKGROUNDS".  LOVE # 1, - Photographsin Photographs
ROMANTIC FISHING! 1921. "LETS GO FISHING MY DEAR" ACTUAL PHOTO LOVELY MISS & HER BIG NET. Geo.Raft back cover?? - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
A 1907 DOUBLE EXPOSURE ON PURPOSE, DONE AT HOME...IS IT? - Postcardsin Postcards
Vintage Postcard, A Little different in Silhouette with  Hand-painted lanterns, flowers ,her dress  & hairband. 1920ish - Postcardsin Postcards
 YOUNG HARRY CHAPIN." CAT'S IN THE CRADLE", 1974 SHEET MUSIC - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
ALBERTO VARGAS SHEET MUSIC, 1920, "SWEETHEART OF MINE" - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
RICKY NELSON SHEET MUSIC " BE-BOP BABY", 1957 - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
DEAN & JERRY, MOVIE  "LIVING IT UP"   REALLY GREAT COVER!I   WISH IT WAS THE 1950s AGAIN! - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia


  1. I did an edit and this is the very best possible. Thank you for dropping by. Lois
  2. Thanks to the "lovers" of this odd photo. Collectomaniac loves this. ManikinManikin loves this. fortapachefortapache loves this. TassieDevil AnnaB SpiritBear AdeleC betweenthelens jscott0363
  3. Thanks to these who clicked love! vetraio50 fortapache Collectomania
  4. Annette Kellerman the designer of an early one piece bathing modest was jailed for wearing it!!
  5. First CW Murder Photograph not shown anywhere else?
  6. Mystery in shallow grave, atrocity to body, head and male member (open fly) The writer says Amer. Negroe... but no way to tell.?? This photo in with a one family batch of photos, , Very =Rural New Mex...
  7. Open fly in pants,,gone as well. Atrocity? Did Apaches do this. We are in New Mexico c.1906-07. Thanks Collectomaniac and Gillian. His clothing is pretty fresh. I feel this is murder in the Old W...
  8. Thanks Newfld.
  9. No head? I have poor vision, can you see a head?
  12. Thanks! fortapache
  13. rniederman, I appreciate your help very much. I measure 4 1/8 size of the image itself. Sent a special message to you with ruler and photo--but HOLDING the ruler and photo myself, exactly 4 and 1...
  14. We collect the same things. I have a turn-of-century and earlier button collection. I'll try to put some on, but they are hard to photograph with my old camera. I'll ask my daughter to do some ...
  15. see back page---The smallest picture of men orchestra "Joe Raft" looks like "gangster" star of 30s-40s movies GEORGE RAFT!
  16. Thanks betweenthelens! Yep. I know the undivided backs start about 1905. but i don't know when the line did come in. Do you? I can see it was glued down at some time. I cannot make out the state it...
  17. Thanks for the lead. I can do some research tomorrow afternoon. If I find some more info, I'll post it.
  18. DOUBLE EXPOSURE ON PURPOSE? OR A MISTAKE,Read description please.
  19. No age can be past the age of concern..... Did you tote a weapon?
  20. Maybe, but her upturned nose tells me he's out of luck!
  21. Great info. Do you know what era he was known to do art in? And maybe if he was from Europe? Thanks so very much. Do you collect art? I do, on sheet music and postcards.
  22. Man giving gal a scolding and she has a" put-out" posture. Funny.
  23. Your photos and story are just great!!! That last photo ought to be in a gallery!!!! It speaks volumes for the solitude and way of life. You are so brave to have made the trip. As a mother, I would...
  24. GOODNESS! New info comes to light!Gertrude helped to make Salome a popular role in the early 1900's. She stated in an Article that she patterned Salome after Maude Allen's (2/26/1909 - Cass City Chro...
  25. Thanks betweenthelens. .. I have wanted this for years, so when one came up even with flaws, I decided I wanted it regardless. That dress and that set. makes me so wish I could have seen the show....
  26. Take a look at how many LOVED this!! WOW! Thanks~!
  27. Hi Gillian....My poor eyesight didn't even see it.I have had 3 recent hospital stays. It is the old "ticker"--but I am still happy! Love to be here with you all!! Love, Lois
  28. The MOULIN ROUGE (Paris) was one part of the play list/set and I'll bet this dress is what she wore in that act. She was a great dancer and maybe did the "Can-Can" in it!
  29. Thanks to all who took a look!!! Lois
  30. Thanks all who dropped by. I just came home from another hospital stay. Cheers! Lois
  31. Thanks Malkey for answering. I just got out of the hospital again, excuse my delay in answering you.
  32. Thanks to soooo many!!! I just got out of the hospital...AGAIN!! Sorry for delay answering.Lois
  33. On July 16, 1981, Harry Chapin died, The famed singer-songwriter was killed in a car accident on the Long Island Expressway. He was only 38 years old. According to police reports at the time, the car...
  34. Appreciate the love! nutsabotas6 SEAN68 PoliticalPinbacks
  35. Thanks for looking! PoliticalPinbacksP
  36. Many Thanks! Newfld . SEAN68
  37. Thanks to you MALKEY. I wonder if this was pre-pin-up days?
  38. WOW! That's really cool!
  39. Too light of a photo, it is really vivid.
  40. :LIVING IT UP is a reworking of the Carole Lombard classic NOTHING SACRED now tailored to the talents of the 50's greatest movie team, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Lewis takes on the Lombard role as H...
  41. Thanks,TassieDevil
  42. Thanks,TassyDevil!
  43. Thanks, TassyDevil!
  44. Thornton Burgess was loved by me in childhood, and my close friend Uncle Wiggly I will pick up and read every so often!My grandmother always took me to second hand stores and I found myself on the fl...
  45. Thanks for dropping by! fortapache jscott0363 betweenthelens SpiritBear
  46. Thanks for looking! fortapache jscott036 betweenthelens vetraio50 AnnaB.
  47. Thanks! Glad you liked it! fortapache. jscott0363 betweenthelens vetraio50
  49. OMG. That must be it! Ha Ha!!I still don't get the "chair" ( 2 backs?)
  50. I love Art-Deco!!
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 Antique Chinese silver pendant SOLDIERS. 1918, BETWEEN THE HALVES AT A DIVISION FOOTBALL GAME  CAMP SHERMAN CHILLOCATHE,OH Swiss Pottery Cheese Cover - signed W A Heimberg OLD BEAD NECKLACES A FEW FAVORITE FARM PHOTOS-SAME FAMILY  **MORE PHOTOS ADDED Vintage various Evans Lighters from 1920's Bing & Grondahl - Sten Lykke Madsen "Abstracts" Vintage cameo ring Beautiful African American Woman tintype in cdv mount Civil War Era Photo Carte De Visite--Can This Be A Woman In Mourning? Antique Igloo Shaped Pottery Exclusive Edition 2004 Red Shoot Hypnotica Gaze Bleeding Edge BeGoth Doll Series 4