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Ephemera is #1 on a long list of interests.In that category its postcards and photographs and I am collapsing shelves with those!!


  1. It is wonderful!
  2. AH HA!! I researched as nobody here had an easy answer for me, and after about 45 min,,,I found it "Chester racecourse is the oldest in the UK and the founding father of Chester Races was Henry Gee, ...
  3. The lyrics tell that a toy soldier is sad because he has been shelved so long and altho other toys around him have increased in price but not he. AND the little girl doll that used to flirt with him,...
  4. Is anyone here familiar with this series?
  5. Ibuy more every day...I need a much bigger house,,,At least now I have a piano!
  6. I love a guy who can have the moxy to find the good in a situation. and know he is not bound in the situation but just passing thru it!! We have all been there, and came out of the other side. and ...
  7. Thanks so much for commenting! You are the only one who did! and I appreciate it. Lois
  8. Thank you Tigra. We have the same sense of humor!
  9. Thank you Tigra!!
  10. Red head applies more face paint. Cute compact, maybe silver mesh?
  11. Warning next lover at least! Ha ha!
  12. Sort of looks like a John Held art cover.
  13. This series had a bit of humor to it as well! Thanks to all who looked here. officialfuel brunswick jscott0363 fortapache iggy vetraio50 kyratango
  14. This tape has 4 episodes on it.
  15. I appreciate and give THANKS to all who stopped by! officialfuel loves this. fortapache antiquerose blunderbuss2 clockerman lisa. Brunswick jscott0363 vetraio50 MALKEY AnythingObscure
  16. You can listen to this on YOUTUBE!
  17. Me too. See ya! Lots of love there, I'll bet. Hugs! Lois
  18. Kinda scary for a toddler to take to bed like they did with other rag dolls, right?--
  19. Thanks to the many that loved this one!
  20. Thanks for taking the time to comment. it is the craziest cover art on a Rag Category I have. he composer must have run out of names because the rag itself doesn't sound spiky or prickly1
  21. Hand painted on porcelain. That is soooo cool!
  22. I think of my idea of Heaven when I see this, and could be content there for eternity.
  23. Good morning! I have been collecting sheet music for many decades. My daughter bought me a keyboard a few weeks ago. I used to play piano, but that is when I was a teen. Right now, I seem to have...
  24. Have you done any of these? I assume they were nor=t still sealed. In my litetime I have never done a puzzle. I was tested for a stroke or some brain damage after my cranial surgery with implanted ...
  25. Clara Bow was 24 when she Made WILD PARTY GIRL, and by then had made 50 films! This was her first talkie and she was upset by her Brooklyn accent, her nickname was "Crisis A Day Clara". and indeed, s...
  26. jscott0363 Thanks for dropping by!
  27. My GOD! That is tooooo sweet!
  28. Good to see you AntiqueRose.
  29. Cheers to: Tigra dlpetersen AnythingObscure
  30. Yes, the piano was used as a display standing with sheet music on it. People wrote their names on the covers and took them along to their friends houses where the guests listened ane played the new i...
  31. I am so glad that these folks love this betweenthelens chrissylovescats mtg75mtg75 loves this. Beachbum58 MyCountry officialfuel racer4four fortapache blunderbuss2 dlpetersen. billretireco...
  32. Than you kindly to: betweenthelens clockerman fortapache Manikin
  33. Hello Bill...I am so happy that you liked the post. We had such fun watching "Three's Company"! I was saddened when John Ritter passed away. It was very shocking! A young man like that! I do n...
  34. Appreciate those clicking "love" when they stopped by! jscott0363 vetraio50 . Newfld
  35. Newfld I missed that movie, Barefoot Contessa and I never even saw it on TV! I will go buy myself a copy. Thanks for the comment!!
  36. I had them all on eBay and they didn't get bids. My reasoning..... not any know these are rare. The "Old Guard"of sheet music collector possibly have passed away, some may be in in care homes. But sti...
  37. Three's Company was a big, hit TV show.Three's Company is the comedy that pushed the envelope by matching two attractive young women and one handsome, but clumsy, willing and able young male chef livi...
  38. I found some "Scatter pins" while out and about. My daughter says "Scatter pins" are passe! I always watch "Murder She Wrote" and like the way Angela Lansbury wears pretty scarves and such neck appe...
  41. antiquerose Manikin clockerman. racer4four GLAD YOU LOVE THESE
  42. Thanks to Anik antiquerose vetraio50.
  43. CUTIE!!!
  44. I collect vintage photos for the same reasons you do probably...i rescue "faces" and places of the far distant past and give them some rapt attention, thinking about what kind of life they had, iIeem...
  45. You guys. Nobodys Rude, just sayin" Two grown men who probably never washed a bottle in their lives ==== of all the controversy I have heard on CW, this is adorable!
  46. A MERRY SPIRIT DOETH GOOD LIKE MEDICINE! I am very "kookie" myself. talk to my plants and know what the birds say.
  47. EVEN tho, (correction)
  48. Love the "Temprence Menu, ever tho I can't spell it.
  49. Thanks vertaio50, do you wish we were there??
  50. Oddity isn't it--Funny looking, interesting fellow.
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