I am a specialist in pre-1900 American wood and brass cameras. Since the announcement of the first commercial photographic process in January 1839, cameras have playI am a specialist in pre-1900 American wood and brass cameras. Since the announcement of the first commercial photographic process in January 1839, cameras have played an important part in the recording of history and culture. After 35+ years of collecting, I've acquired some of America's rarest wooden cameras and worked to uncover their fascinating stories. Take a moment and tour these beautifully crafted cameras that are considered the grandfathers of digital photography. I specialize in pre-1900 wooden cameras - the earlier the better - and enjoy researching and documenting their history. I am always looking for early wood & brass cameras and ephemera, as well as meeting the next generation of camera collectors and sharing the lore and legacy of early apparatus! (Read more)


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Fall Colours Outside of Quebec City (for Caperkid) - Photographsin Photographs
E.B. Nock (Photographer) Advertising Model Riverboat Stereoview. 1880s - Photographsin Photographs
First Version No.4 Folding Kodak w/Sector Shutter & Matching Roll Film Holder. 1890 - Camerasin Cameras
American-Style Chamfered Daguerreotype Camera. c.1850 - Camerasin Cameras
Cased 1/9-Plate Daguerreotype of Unidentified Gentleman. Early 1850s. - Photographsin Photographs
E. & H.T. Anthony Ascot Cycle, No.1 Camera. 1899-1900 - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Combination Camera. 1882 - Camerasin Cameras
Fun Piece of Petrified Wood - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Collapsible Cyclists Cup - 1897 - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Shew Xit Wooden Strut Camera, late 1890s to early 1900s - Camerasin Cameras


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  9. I just returned from Quebec City and the trees were amazingly colorful like these.
  10. I've been traveling and finally got around to looking at this listing. This is a Rex Magazine Camera made by the Rex Magazine Camera Company (Chicago, IL). Interestingly, the factory was in St. Paul,...
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  14. Hi Scott ... I've seen the version you now have; it and another version appear to be slightly cropped versions of mine. I don't think Nock shot the image but you never know. My stereoview has a compan...
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  17. Hi pw-collector ... I lurk on several watch forums and learned this face design might be called a "Boxcar style." Here's a forum comment: "Webb C. Ball’s official standard railroad dial of 1925 was re...
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  28. The brass mat is actually J. D. Wells (not "E"). The photographer is Jeremiah D. Wells of Northampton, Mass. He was known as a daguerreotype artist from about 1850 to 1860. Jeremiah opened several ot...
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