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I am a specialist in pre-1900 American wood and brass cameras. Since the announcement of the first commercial photographic process in January 1839, cameras have playI am a specialist in pre-1900 American wood and brass cameras. Since the announcement of the first commercial photographic process in January 1839, cameras have played an important part in the recording of history and culture. After 35+ years of collecting, I've acquired some of America's rarest wooden cameras and worked to uncover their fascinating stories. Take a moment and tour these beautifully crafted cameras that are considered the grandfathers of digital photography. I specialize in pre-1900 wooden cameras - the earlier the better - and enjoy researching and documenting their history. I am always looking for early wood & brass cameras and ephemera, as well as meeting the next generation of camera collectors and sharing the lore and legacy of early apparatus! (Read more)


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Waterbury View Camera (unused condition). 1885-86 - Camerasin Cameras
Glen Gem Camera. 1891 - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Tourograph Camera Advertising Card with Original Photograph; 1880. - Camerasin Cameras
Tele-Photo Cycle-Poco Camera, 1897-99 - Camerasin Cameras
London Transport Souvenir Camera. Late 1990s. - Camerasin Cameras
Woman Holding Vase - a contemporary print from an original glass plate negative - Fine Artin Fine Art
Daum Enameled Cameo Glass “Summer Landscape” Vase - Rare Trefoil Form. c.1900. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Daum Enameled Bud Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
No.3B Quick Focus Kodak Camera. 1906 - 10 - Camerasin Cameras
Manhattan Optical Company, Bo Peep Camera. 1898 - Camerasin Cameras


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  5. LOL … I bought the watch new at the Walker Art Center when it was released … it was cheap back then!
  6. Big fan of Keith Haring. I have his 1986 Swatch watch "Blanc Sur Noir."
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  33. This was marketed as "Anthony's Patent Improved Printing Frame. Based on the dimensions, it probably held an 8 x 10 inch glass plate. In a darkroom, the photographer would place a glass plate or film ...
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  35. This was first released in November 1976. According to Park Royal Brewery, Foreign Guinness Triple X (as it was known) first started as a market test for "... a new strong brand of bottled Guinness ca...
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  40. Thanks, ho2cultcha! Any pyritized fossil is great. FWIW, earlier this year I picked up another pyritized ichthyosaurus vertebra fossil. It is one of the largest at roughly 5" in diameter … with vascul...
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