I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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1937 Coca Cola Siren whistle - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Mexican made Indian chalkware, date unknown - Figurinesin Figurines
1940s Neon Indian sign in Nashville TN. - Signsin Signs
Coca Cola plastic Wise Owl bank - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
A rarely seen image 1942 20 X 36 cardboard Coca Cola sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960s to 1970s JAPAN made Mosaic guitar picks - Guitarsin Guitars
1950s Michelin Man ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
1930s tin litho spinner top - Toysin Toys
Herco, Coast, Vibra Tone and other vintage guitar, mandolin and banjo picks 1940s to the 1970s - Goldin Gold
1940s Bob Clifton's Tu-Way guitar picks - Guitarsin Guitars


  1. Thank you NeonKing!
  2. Yep, I have one too.
  3. Love it, gotta be the late 20s to early 1930s.
  4. It looks like to me, that the signs were reversed when nailed or attached in some way to the building. I say this because the embossing looks like it's facing to the inside instead of the outside.
  5. Goodness! Thank you Bernie, Dave, yes they are hard to find but every once in a while even a blind squirrel finds a nut! Thank you TassieDevil, kyratango, vetraio, pw-collector, Scott, Rob, fortapach...
  6. Thank you Scott, it's almost like if you don't buy it out of another's collection you probably won't find it, but I've been wrong before. Thank you kyratango, pw-collector, Scott and fortapache!
  7. Yep, that old Falcon station wagon is rare now!
  8. Holy cow, is somebody living in there?
  9. Thank you Mani!
  10. Hey thanks Mani!! I appreciate it. Thank you aura!
  11. Thank you Valentino!
  12. Ah ha! Thank you for that Roddy!
  13. Thank you fortapache, racer4four, Dave and Judy!
  14. LOL, Thank you Scott and MacDaddyRico!
  15. Thank you crswerner!
  16. Thank you crswerner!
  17. Just added the night time image!
  18. Thank you buckethead, Scott, Oroy, pw-collector, Caperkid, Thomas, billretirecoll, MacDaddyRico, vetraio, Rob, roddyq, blunderbuss and Michael! Thanks Coke1234, Yeah a real shame Pontiac is gone! Sc...
  19. There's actually another one that is on here, from 2 years ago. Different color scheme though.
  20. Wish I did! LOL, just not much out there about these. Thank you Valentino!
  21. Hey Judy, my wife loves this ring!
  22. Wow, never seen one of these before, Scott!
  23. Thank you Designer!
  24. Thank you Designer!
  25. That Imperial is what many in knife collecting call the classic fishing shape knife. I have one that my grandfather gave or bought for me new in 1967.
  26. Thank you AntiqueToys!
  27. Thank you usedcarlady and AntiqueToys!
  28. Thank you Thomas, Dave and Sean!
  29. Thank you Michael!
  30. Thank you Michael and Bernie!
  31. Thank you Sean, Michael and Bernie!
  32. Thank you Sean, Bernie, Thomas and Michael!
  33. Thank you Iggy!
  34. Thank you rustyboltz!
  35. Thank you rustyboltz and SPEEDWAYPICKER!
  36. Well you friend had some really unbelievable signs! Kudos to him and you for bird doggin these down. That 1930s Kodak sign is a very rare piece!
  37. Thank you Bernie!
  38. Thank you so much, Trukn, leighannm, MountainGirl, farmlady and Beachbum!
  39. Thank you Gulf99! Yeah, you really can't compare it to anything else. Pure Coca Cola. Thank you Mani, Trukn and Beachbum!
  40. Thank you Longings!
  41. Thank you Tom and MacDaddyRico!
  42. Looks like a grain mill to me.
  43. Cool, most definitely from the 1950s era.
  44. Thank you shughs, sanhardin and Coke1234!
  45. Thank you Scott!
  46. Yep, I thought so too, Mani! Thank you hun! Thank you Coke1234, CokeKid-04 and Vetraio!
  47. Thank you blunderbuss!
  48. Well you can be afraid if you want, I was simply telling what I payed.
  49. Oh, and a pipe too. Nice aromatic gives it a pleasant scent.
  50. Already done it, Bernie! Thanks Thank you Sean and Michael!
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