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I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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Hopalong Cassidy Sheriff game part - Gamesin Games
1944 LG2 Banner Gibson  - Guitarsin Guitars
Jack O' Lantern HOT SALTED-P-NUTS - Advertisingin Advertising
Meadow Gold smooth-freeze Ice Cream light up counter sign, 1950s - Signsin Signs
Iroquois light up sign 1950s era - Brewerianain Breweriana
1950s NEHI Trolley sign - Signsin Signs
Royal Crown Cola Trolley car signs, 1950s era - Signsin Signs
1940s War Time Dr. Pepper sign, Tops! - Advertisingin Advertising
King Tut Magic Mummy trick, 1960s era - Toysin Toys
SHELL Bank 1950s giveaway - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Nice snag, but yours is missing the chrome strip that goes down the handle. I have one exactly like but fully in tact.
  2. Thank ya Scott!! Happy New year to you as well
  3. Merry, Merry Christmas Ed! To you and yours, a most joyous holiday season! and yes, I still wanna live in that gas station of yours! Perry
  4. Thank you MountainGirl!
  5. Lol, thanks Bernie! Merry Christmas!
  6. Score, Dave!
  7. Very very very impressive, Bernie! I even see a guitar in there, what brand?
  8. Here's the video of the newly restored cowboy guitar! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
  9. Very true, Phil, thank you btw! Yes and no, the guitar was modeled after the first version of the "Jerry The Yodeler" cowboy guitar that was made just a year before, in pic #2, the greenish gray one...
  10. Thank ya Mac!
  11. Hey thank ya Bernie!
  12. Thank you MacDaddyRico! Won't be long now.
  13. As you can see in the second pic, it looks very close to the original from the early 1940s. Probably the only one of these to still exist and still be playable.
  14. In the first pic you can see the guitar back together. As you can see I kept the original look of the guitar down to the bridge and headstock logo. It was strung up to full tension today and will stay...
  15. Thank ya Buckethead!
  16. Thank you MacDaddyRico and Trey! Yeah, it won't be long now till I'll be playin it! Still a great story, Trey! Wish I owned that one.
  17. These new pictures of the process give you an update of what's been done so far. Another couple days and she'll be ready to play! The last picture shows the top and back being glued back together. Als...
  18. Cool, I have a few of these.
  19. Sweet cross collectable, Rob!
  20. SICK! Never seen one on a tractor
  21. Your room is shaping up,,,,, super fine!
  22. Wow, that's one I haven't seen before, Bernie! COOL
  23. I don't know anything about it but it is Cool!
  24. Hey Trey, don't forget to thank yourself for loving this! LOL
  25. Thank you ORoy!
  26. Well it turns out that I'm going to get this little parlor guitar playable again. Earlier today I put some new strings on it and tuned it up, not to 440 but lower, as to not do any more damage to it b...
  27. Thank you Trukn20
  28. Thank you subi450!
  29. Thank you Roddy, blunderbuss, Longings, shughs, gargoyle, SEAN and Mani!
  30. Thank you Lisa and Bernie!
  31. Thank you Michael, Caperkid, Tom, Collectomaniac, fortapache, akrodog, vetraio, Mani and Ed! Very true, Collectomaniac! Hey akrodog, I thought so. Thank you!
  32. Thank you Tom!
  33. Thank you Collectomaniac!
  34. Thank you Caperkid!
  35. I guess I could've found that, but hadn't even tried yet.
  36. Hey thanks Celiene! Mystery solved!
  37. Thank you MacDaddyRico!
  38. Thank you Neighborguysfan!
  39. Thank you MacDaddyRico, chrissylovescats and sanhardin!
  40. Thank you Trey!
  41. Thank you TREY!
  42. Thank you trukn20, bobby725, artfoot and MacDaddyRico!
  43. Thank you pw-collector!
  44. Thank you Longings!
  45. Thank you sugargirl, Chrissylovescats and Trey!
  46. Iggy, is right, 1960s era for sure.
  47. Hey,,, thankin ya Ed!
  48. Thank you egreeley!
  49. Saw one of these at Brimfield a few months back and he was selling his for $1500. on the original stand.
  50. Thank you MacDaddayRico! Yes lots of that going on and that's why I snatch up all of these I can find, in decent condition. My main thing I collect is CASH! I have all my money tied up in cash right n...
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