I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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1944 LG2 Banner Gibson  - Guitarsin Guitars
1943 Gibson LG2 Banner guitar - Guitarsin Guitars
Jack O' Lantern HOT SALTED-P-NUTS - Advertisingin Advertising
American Elevators bronze plate, INDIAN - Advertisingin Advertising
Meadow Gold smooth-freeze Ice Cream light up counter sign, 1950s - Signsin Signs
Iroquois light up sign 1950s era - Brewerianain Breweriana
1950s NEHI Trolley sign - Signsin Signs
Royal Crown Cola Trolley car signs, 1950s era - Signsin Signs
1940s War Time Dr. Pepper sign, Tops! - Advertisingin Advertising
King Tut Magic Mummy trick, 1960s era - Toysin Toys


  1. Thank you fortapache, gargoyle and Bernie!
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  3. Hey thank you Michael for the help! Hadn't realized it was sideways when I posted it quick. I appreciate the call and assistance my friend! Much thanks, Michael, aura and SEAN!
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  7. LOL, Yeah I can't believe all the young ladies I have in my basement right now. Mrs. Signaholic is the same way.
  8. Wow, that's a great find, Bernie!! Almost impossible to find one in that good of condition nowadays. Most are already in other's collections.
  9. Thank you Neighborguysfan, MacDaddyRico and chrissylovescats!
  10. LOL, Yes it is mani and thank you finding it!
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  13. Thank you Bernie!
  14. Well, we can talk about that, Bernie, because I have two now. One of them has to go! Now it's got a BIG neck on it.
  15. Bernie has some real talent! Well done my friend!
  16. Cool,I had a 65' at one time and wish I hadn't sold it either.
  17. Thank you Neighborguysfan!
  18. Thank you Neighborguysafn!
  19. Thank you MacDaddyRico, Tom and sanhardin!
  20. Thank you sanhardin and Mani! Yes and I have 4 older Gibsons right now. Probably gonna sell one or two and keep the other two.
  21. Thank you chrissylovescats!
  22. Thank you sugargirl, AntiqueToys, crswerner, Beachbum, snowman, aura, Neighborguysfan, MacDaddyRico, chrissylovescats, Michael, artfoot, blunderbuss, antiquerose, vetraio and Ed!! Much appreciated.
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  24. Great watch Dave!
  25. Oh man, what a nice truck! Congrats, Michael
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  27. Great to visit with you today, Michael!
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  30. I know but a lot of folks out there do want to. I had three guys contact me on Facebook, when I posted it. They all said the same thing, "This is the kind of guitar I like buying because they make gre...
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  33. Thank you Michael and MacDaddyRico! Yeah, good question! I wondered about that too. Certainly someone played it a lot back in the 1940s and 50s! Maybe even played it all the way thru the 1970s, I ju...
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