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I sing for work but mainly collect old advertising pieces. Coca Cola and everything else as well.


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KBYE radio station neon clock - Clocksin Clocks
1930s advertising Pres-to-logs poster - Advertisingin Advertising
Late 1920s cardboard Lucky Strike easelback sign - Signsin Signs
Two old 7up signs - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s unused Orange Squeeze tin sign - Signsin Signs
3 paper/cardboard RC and Nehi  trolley signs  - Signsin Signs
Cool antique booth I found yesterday - Advertisingin Advertising
1960s lighted Sinclair station sign  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Iroquois beer sign - Brewerianain Breweriana
1950s Amoco Christmas sign  - Signsin Signs


  1. Thank you sanhardin, purvis, Vynil, newfld, blunderbuss, keramikos, vetraio, akrodog, beachbum, watchsearcher, roddyq, mtg, Anik, fort, snowman, LadyPicker, Ed, egreeley, leighannrn, Tom, mountaingirl...
  2. You got it bad, Vynil!! Just the I like to see it!!
  3. Thanks Trey, Toyrebel, purview, Vynil, Thomas, blunerdbuss, fort, kwqd, vetraio, beach bum, Spiritbear, snowman, mtg, Tom, Ed, ho2cultcha, trukn, leighannrn, egreely, Bobby, mountaingirl, farmlady, us...
  4. Hey thanks Dave, Bernie, vetraio, blunderbuss, Ed, Caperkid, Bobby, toyrebel, Valentino and Newfld, watchsearcher, Vynil and fort!!
  5. Thanks iggy!!
  6. Hey thanks Rob, AnythingObscure, shughs, vetraio, fort, blunderbuss, SpeedWayPicker and Ed!!
  7. Wow, that’s quite the honor, Michael! Big congrats to ya!!
  8. Thanks Michael!!
  9. Thank you, Dave! I agree, she has a better eye than me! I get a little Coke focused sometimes. Thanks artfoot, yep, we definitely did the research when we got it!
  10. Thanks Bernie!!
  11. Hey thanks mountain girl and Ed!!
  12. Hey thanks Bernie!
  13. Thanks Michael and Dave!
  14. Thanks, Michael and all you fine folks!
  15. Yeah, crazy back then. Camping means dressing up, I guess it did back then! Thanks everyone!!
  16. Thankin, Vynil!!
  17. Thank you everyone!!
  18. Yes it does, vynill!! Thanks to all!!
  19. Many thanks all!!
  20. Thanks to all my friends here!!
  21. Thanks all!!
  22. Wow, so many kind responses, thanks one and all!!
  23. Cool, I have the same Halloween shaker too.
  24. Awesome Bernie and thanks for the love! While I have basically retired, I’m still only working on records, so less work but more money really. More time for all the other stuff we like to do and worki...
  25. Hey thanks Bernie!!
  26. Thanks Trey!
  27. Yep Ed! Some really great size pieces!
  28. Lol, yes in Massachusetts
  29. Thx Dave, yes we are enjoying some retirement and having fun!
  30. Thanks all!
  31. Thx Michael!!
  32. Yes sir, you’ve been busy!!
  33. Very nice piece, Bernie!!
  34. Well that's pretty cool, Dave!
  35. Nice snag, but yours is missing the chrome strip that goes down the handle. I have one exactly like but fully in tact.
  36. Merry, Merry Christmas Ed! To you and yours, a most joyous holiday season! and yes, I still wanna live in that gas station of yours! Perry
  37. Score, Dave!
  38. Very very very impressive, Bernie! I even see a guitar in there, what brand?
  39. Sweet cross collectable, Rob!
  40. SICK! Never seen one on a tractor
  41. Your room is shaping up,,,,, super fine!
  42. Wow, that's one I haven't seen before, Bernie! COOL
  43. I don't know anything about it but it is Cool!
  44. Hey Trey, don't forget to thank yourself for loving this! LOL
  45. Iggy, is right, 1960s era for sure.
  46. Saw one of these at Brimfield a few months back and he was selling his for $1500. on the original stand.
  47. I like what you did to it, Michael. Definitely improved the overall look!
  48. LOL, Yeah I can't believe all the young ladies I have in my basement right now. Mrs. Signaholic is the same way.
  49. Wow, that's a great find, Bernie!! Almost impossible to find one in that good of condition nowadays. Most are already in other's collections.
  50. Bernie has some real talent! Well done my friend!
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