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Check out my website at earlycoke.com - I am an advanced Coca-Cola collector who began collecting as a 13 year old boy in 1975. At that time the items in my collectiCheck out my website at earlycoke.com - I am an advanced Coca-Cola collector who began collecting as a 13 year old boy in 1975. At that time the items in my collection were mostly insignificant. But, as my passion, education, and resources grew, so did my collection. Today the items in my collection date from 1891 to 1945. I have a passion for cardboard lithos, die cuts and serving trays - and currently I am focused on the teens and pre-teens items. I also have a fairly small but somewhat significant collection of Pemberton's French Wine Coca items, and what has turned into a large collection of early store fixtures and showcases as well. I actively buy, sell and authenticate items, so if you have a question or comment, please email me. I am a self-employed graphic designer, so I am at my computer most days, and will answer all inquiries. Check out my website at earlycoke.com for loads of useful collecting information. Always looking for the early and rare to add to my collection, so please keep me in mind. (Read more)


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1920's Bottle Lamp and 1930's Bottle Radio - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Oops! Plate fall down go boom! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1907 Glass Change Reciever - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
c. 1912 Coca-Cola Festoon - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1911 Motor Girl Poster - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Answer to previous signloverj question - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
How the 1938 bottle sign was used - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Chewing Gum Fan - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
French Wine Coca (Coca-Cola Precurser) Free Drink Coupon - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Pemberton's French Wine (Coca- Cola precurser) Bottle  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. This is an non-authentic item.
  2. The new led bulbs do not have the same UAVwavelenths that damage color.
  3. Its a homemade type of item. The logo and artwork would never be allowed to executed so poorly. Item has decorator value only since its not authentic.
  4. Contact me about this. You can go to my website, earlycoke.com
  5. I have an article about these cases on my website. Check it out. http://earlycoke.com/the-full-depth-case.html
  6. I just did an article about this carrier on my website- http://earlycoke.com/the-1944-neck-grip-carrier.html
  7. Calendar top glued to box. Minimal value.
  8. Your clock is not an authentic Coca-Cola clock. The clock, of course, is real, but the face is a fabrication from the 1970's. Sorry, it has no value as an authentic Coca-Cola item. Its value is only ...
  9. This particular item could be bought from the big department stores in 1976. Not authentic Coca-Cola advertising.
  10. Your item is a cardboard insert.It would have went inside a store in one of the gold frames. It dates from about 1945. The image is a rare one to find, but even though it is a scarce image, the condit...
  11. These were never painted. They were simply produced and used in the original metal color. They were used in the early 1900's before automobiles, when the bottler would ship to distant locations in his...
  12. It is part of a part of a 1944 backbar festoon. Your pieces are in good shape and would be valuable to a festoon collector. Be very careful not top bend any of the elements while deciding what to do w...
  13. Paperchaser, I have been collecting for 40 years and remember when these disgusting fantasy items came out. My website and plenty of books can educate novice collectors with what is worth spending mon...
  14. It is part of a festoon, which would have hung over the backbar of a soda fountain. Dates to the 1950's. Made by Kay Display in Grand Rapids, MI. It certainly has value because there are many coke col...
  15. Yes the tag on the display bottle tells how to make the contents to fill it with when it is displayed. The tag on the radio is promoting a radio program sponsored by Coca-Cola in 1933 I believe. Yes t...
  16. Nice item. I like it. 43% of which book value? The good one or the other one?
  17. Thank you pops52, I appreciate the good words.
  18. The original of this tray dates from 1923 and is rectangular. An original round tray with this image never existed. This is considered a "fantasy" item. It is worth less than 10 bucks in perfect shape...
  19. These bottles were made by the traveling county fair people in the 70's by heating and stretching bottles for the "ring toss" game. I remember them very plainly. Worth nothing as a collectible. Just...
  20. I do not believe this is authentic for the following reasons, 1. It is not a form I have ever seen before, and I have seen nearly everything. 2. The text ast the bottom is not right - letterforms a...
  21. Part of a calendar page that has been framed.
  22. I am 99% sure this is a fake. Color copy mounted on cardboard. I have seen dozens of variations like this. Aged to deceive. Sorry.
  23. Probably around 2000 for insurance purposes. I see them priced higher, but I never see them sell.
  24. Thats a good carrier. I sold one I had for 350 a while ago. I think I have found 3 here locally over the years. That tells me that certain bottlers made certain style carriers. Thats why there are suc...
  25. Yep. Trever you hit it on the head. Both frame and sign are from the war era, thats why they are masonite. Condition isnt perfect, but I can see it going at auction in the 750 range.
  26. While I have seen the menu board before, I have not seen the "skip" one before.
  27. Late 30's early 40's. Sign is a menu board, but put onto "homemade" frame to display on sidewalk. Very cool and hard to find piece.
  28. Both cardboards are 1949. So I still think they are together. I will do some more research and get back with you. Value in that condition is about 200 bucks, so you didi good. Dont waste your time wit...
  29. You cant beat cardboards. I have over a 100 now, and still goin!
  30. The cardboards from that period were two sided. You most often see the red side, but not the sprite boy side. Very handsome cardboard.
  31. Yes that would be my guess.
  32. The vendo 44 is the most desirable machine because of its size. It can fit easily in a home, unlike many larger machines.
  33. Its a newer item and is worth nothing as an authentic Coca-Cola item. Its value would be minimal as a decorator item only.
  34. TnHills - Just woke up from my nap . . . . Daddy Nobucks is absolutely correct with his evaluation.
  35. It is a "flavor" bottle produced by the local bottling company. To expand their sales, most bottling companies produced their own line of flavor drinks such as orange or grape. Of course, Coca-Cola wa...
  36. Great truck. Didi you restore it yourself?
  37. I was a junior when I made it Ray. Not a senior.
  38. It is authentic. I do not know of these being reproduced. Only the more expensive openers are reproduced. The leather strap is a watch fob strap. It would never have been used on an opener.
  39. Good job Daddy_Nonuts, I really like cardboards!
  40. The opener you picture is a fake. 100% sure . . . . sorry . . . .
  41. vdweekend, I am sorry to tell you that your Coke clock is not authentic. It is an old clock body, with a new reproduction clock face. It has no value as a Coca-Cola ite. Its value lies only in the clo...
  42. Thanks kmvailes, I like the one on the right as well. She also comes in a slightly less rare version with a pink bow. I imagine it would be greedy to wish I had that one as well! I am glad you like th...
  43. No not really worth holding onto that long unless you really like it. It probably wont go up in value greatly like some of the older signs. A large number were made, and they are not really that attr...
  44. Wow. You guys are funny! It is a great sign, yes it is not mint but it is also not in an auction being represented as such, so who cares. It looks great on the wall, and I think it is displayed with ...
  45. Thanks guys. I am glad you like it. I think the unusual costumes and the hats make it simply fascinating. A lot different than the usual Coke stuff we see . . .
  46. As a normal bottle it is worth in the 65-75 dollar range. But, with these early bottles, the value to a serious bottle collector who collects by city is in how small the town was (small town = small d...
  47. I love a good dialogue. What everyone is missing is that education is part of the hobby. The difference between now and 30 years ago, is that these conversations took place face to face and each perso...
  48. Respectfully sir, I would have to say, an item is worth whatever you pay for it. But, with that said, this sign's value is next to nothing because of its condition. It might be worth 700 in NM conditi...
  49. Yes pickrknows. They are totally original. I have nothing reproduction in my collection. And the fact that I am always broke proves it!
  50. You are a funny funny man Ray. How is your Beanie Baby collection coming along?
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