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Queensbury, New York

A new Coca-Cola collector, been at it a couple years now. I enjoy gas and oil signs, as well as other industrial and brewery memorabilia.


  1. Thank You!! At first glance I thought the crates were promotional, so that had me wondering if the carriers might have been something of a limited nature as well.
  2. A beauty of a since you're taking requests, can we see that 8-pack carrier out of the case........I don't think I have one of them, yet......
  3. I agree with Chad, just put anything, you can't place in the cave, directly in the mail to me.....I will send you the new address shortly. Great carrier my friend!!!!
  4. Thank you all for the loves and the comments ..... it will be a busy spring for sure gathering all of my "new" collectible goodies ; shovels, rakes, mower, trimmers, ladders............
  5. OH YEAH !!!!! That right there is something out of earlycoke's wheelhouse..... sweet grab!
  6. WELL..... finally.... less freezing, more melting!!!! I can see the cold has kept you in front of the ebay machine, and it looks like a good thing!
  7. WOW !!!!!
  8. CokeKid said it!!!
  9. OH...that's a good 'un for sure!!!!!
  10. Ted we have the Flames affiliate of the ECHL coming to town. Welcome the Adk Thunder !!!!
  11. Nice piece of hockey history !!!!! OH NO!! not a WBS fan, LOL. My city is former home to LV Phantoms.
  12. no luck on the "N" yet but this is a quick read
  13. here's a link
  14. W is Westinghouse but the "N" has me stumped, as I was told the letters corresponded to RADIOTUBES as in 1234567890 for the month and year of manufacture. Like my cooler has W-ADE, Westinghouse- 2 ...
  15. Nice !!!! the next time the Hamilton Bulldogs hockey team comes to Adirondack, why don't you just hop on the bus, I have a few projects for you.....I'll make sure you get back home, at some point!
  16. Nice resto!! the latches look like maybe Crouse-Hinds brand.
  17. You do have my name spelled correctly in your will, right??
  18. If you were closer to me, I'd bring it to my shop and fix it up pretty for you..... not sure if I would give it back though, lol. It's a beauty!!!!!
  19. Welcome back!!!
  20. That's a good one there!! You didn't overpay if it's one you wanted.... that's my number one rule!
  21. Very Nice!!
  22. I can relate to wanting and waiting for one of these.
  23. Hardly a 40's sign, but they look pretty good there!!! I'm not sure if I would be watching the Roosevelt's staring around the cave in awe.
  24. BRAVO!!!!! Last leg......Shirley, you can't be serious?? hehehe
  25. Can't beat a lakeside show!!!! I wonder how many of these beauties I'll see in my backyard next weekend at the Adirondack Nationals in Lake George.... I thought you were an Impala man??
  26. This one caught my eye the first time I cruised through Pet's 12, so I jumped on the first one I found, a nice brass one, but who knows if it's legit...I've seen many of these on the ebay and haven't...
  27. Nice one!!!
  28. That's sweet Ed!!!
  29. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! major scores for sure... Looking good Dave!
  30. That's a beauty!!! Looks like you got the cream of the crop.
  31. Keep snagging pieces cheap, and soon enough, you'll have a beautiful Colonial !!!
  32. Absolutely still has value, to the right person. I'd be proud to own it.
  33. Good start and welcome CW!!!
  34. I agree with Ray... there is NO WAY you can stop there..... I mean you haven't even started filling the garage yet have you? More room = more coolers !! Oh yeah, nice little Cav.
  36. I just checked my copy of Bill Porters's bottle guide and it has 1915 Madison, Wi listed as "R" which would be rare. Page 8 states in the how to use section "R Rare (5-20 known) "
  37. here's another link
  38. Hey Thanks Perry!! Glad to hear from you AND everyone else who has stopped over and shown the love!
  39. WOW!!!!! That is one of my favorites, I have been off the ebay for a bit but had I seen this I would have given you a run buddy lol!
  40. Thank you all for stopping by and spreading the love !!!!
  41. That is an awesome back bar, what I can see of it, lol. I would take the time to eat through the candy to see the rest!!!
  42. I noticed you hadn't posted in a while, but don't go blaming it on your escape from cabin fever.... we know you were huddled in a corner dialing in as much disco as your ears could handle on this litt...
  44. Trev, it's not as pricey if you leave them "as found" lol.... That's my strategy, until I hit the lotto !!!! Hope to see the vendo soon
  45. Thank you WWIICoke
  46. Bernie, you are on FIRE with the posts, I can't keep up...
  47. Thank you all for visiting and leaving loves and comments, muchly appreciated!!
  48. Hey Trev, Nice cooler, I would say it's definitely an ice box. I'm thinking the lid should be embossed with the logo as well but you never know until you find a model number and maker. The bottom is ...
  49. Persistence paid off HUGE, right there!!!
  50. Look at all that Cokie goodness!!! Great grabs Trevor.
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