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I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the best site of its kind. So I hang out here, watch Pickers and The Roadshow, to enhance my collecting experience. I am a member in poor standing of the exclusive-defunct 8-Pack Club, along with TGBWC, earlycoke, Signaholic, pickrknows, tommy1002, cocacolakid97, and coke.trevor.cola. My collecting motto is: Good Times, Great Finds! (Read more)


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1950's Coca-Cola Empties Rack - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Merry Coca-Cola Christmas CW Collectors! - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1922 Coca-Cola Embossed Tin Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960's Coca-Cola Door Push - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960's Coca-Cola Bottle - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1960 Coca-Cola 3-D Cardboard Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1924 Coca-Cola Bottlers Convention Photograph - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1959 Coca-Cola Beanie - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca-Cola Buddy Lee Doll - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1957 Coca-Cola Hanging Mobile Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. The stamp cracked me up. Manufactured by Coca-Cola Co. When did they start making signs?
  2. Decorative, not an old, authentic sign. This is referred to as a "fantasy" piece, because there is no original sign on which the sign was based (otherwise, it would be a reproduction). Many were chu...
  3. Sweet piece!
  4. Great snag CK. This is one of my favorite signs and yours is in incredible condition. A real beauty. That little button thermo was a regional advertising piece, origin northern Kentucky - southern...
  5. 1956 TV tray.
  6. Very nice. Yes 1950's, these were stock case holders for bottle empties placed near vending machines. They came with many different version signs. A great piece, looks super. I'll post a couple im...
  7. Those vertical signs are hard to come by, great acquisition CK. Not sure anyone's demonstratively solved the MCA production code mystery... secret decoder ring required! :0)
  8. Sign of Good Taste was first used as a slogan in 1957, so your sign dates to around then. It's a beauty!
  9. The Coca-Cola signs on your machines have value, probably moreso than the machines. You would have to find the right buyer to take the machines off your hands, it's a very small market to restore or ...
  10. Your glass is vintage 1960's, one of a promotional set put out by Coca-Cola featuring international scenes and logos. More common are the "World" bowls and plates, which are much sturdier than the fr...
  11. This is a good time to buy the old serving trays. They look fabulous!
  12. Nice! And very hard to find complete. Super find.
  13. Reproduction of a rare sign. They've been showing up on eBay lately. This seller describes as 1970's.
  14. Beautiful. Listed in the books as c. 1939. The arrow is adjustable and would point to the cooler. Thanks for sharing, very nice!
  15. Nice one!
  16. Hard to find and super condition, nice snag Bern. Looks fantastic!
  17. Well done bb2, looks fabulous!
  18. Yes Vynil is correct.
  19. Thanks cokehenry, Happy New Year!
  20. Thank you Ed and CK!
  21. Thank you Trey and Thomas, Merrrrrry Christmas!
  22. Hard to find, looks great Bernie! Nice addition to your collection. Those cabinets look stuffed full of Christmas goodies!
  23. Happy Holidays Michael, Lucas, and Bernie!
  24. A splendid gift and especially so with the family connection. Very cool. Merry Christmas Manikin!
  25. Nice one purvis! Happy Holidays!!!
  26. I think earlier, late 40's. The print detail on the end indicates it was shortly after Coca-Cola started using "Coke" as a trademarked abbreviation in their advertising.
  27. Looks good CK, great sign! Merry Christmas!!!
  28. Nice one! Sign of Good Taste was the slogan for 1957, so your beauty is of that vintage. Looks super.
  29. Your pocket mirror is a 1970's reproduction of the 1911 original. The authentic pocket mirror is maker-marked The Whitehead and Hoag Co. Newark, NJ.
  30. Great Deal! Beautiful standard ice cooler. Looks like maybe you'll need a cap catcher too. Here's a helpful resource for identification, put together by our old CW buddy toolboxted: https://site...
  31. Big and beautiful! (Purvis, LOL it took me a few minutes to absorb the image. This is a picture of a picture.)
  32. Wonderful piece, thanks for sharing it.
  33. Great finds! The old large signs can be a challenge to sell. Many collectors don't have the room to display these beasts. But with the popularity of man caves and large garages, there is a market. ...
  34. I can't find brass listed in any of the books... doesn't mean they weren't.
  35. I think it looks right Bern. Smooth surface, well cast. Schwaab marking appears correct. These were made in silver, gold wash, and solid 10K gold.
  36. Your "assistant" has great taste Perry, beautiful clock!
  37. Your pocket mirror is a 1970's reproduction of the 1920 "Golfer Girl" original. The trademark detail below the logo is the giveaway. Also, the original is marked Bastian Bros. Co. Rochester, N.Y. ...
  38. Nice one purvis!
  39. true dat
  40. Perry! Your place looks as fabulous as I remember. Nice flurry of posts, awesome stuff. Hope everything is good with you and the fam. -- Dave
  41. Looking good Bernie! That's a killer cluster of Coca-Cola signs.
  42. Thank you CK and Coke1234.
  43. Fabulous display of an outstanding collection, looks super.
  44. Hey Bernie thanks, good to hear from you! Thanks purvis... you have a few I'd like to hang on my wall - that's for sure!
  45. Great sign. Commonly referred to as a "convex". It was manufactured by Allen-Morrison (AM) Sign Co., Lynchburg, VA., in October (10) 1951 (1). AM-101. There are several sizes ranging from 3' - 12...
  46. Sa-weeet one!
  47. 70's, maybe early 80's with that logo.
  48. I mean dynamic ribbon... oops. Logo is commonly called The Wave.
  49. Yes the dynamic wave in Arden square logo was introduced in 1970.
  50. Thank you CK and Coke1234!
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Need help on this one “Home-Made” Coca-Cola signs Rag Tag Collection


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