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I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the I collect old, authentic Coca-Cola signs and ad pieces. I love prowling eBay and pulling the trigger on a sweet BIN deal. Collectors Weekly is without a doubt the best site of its kind. So I hang out here, watch Pickers and The Roadshow, to enhance my collecting experience. I am a member in poor standing of the exclusive-defunct 8-Pack Club, along with TGBWC, earlycoke, Signaholic, pickrknows, tommy1002, cocacolakid97, and coke.trevor.cola. My collecting motto is: Good Times, Great Finds! (Read more)


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1932 Coca-Cola Cardboard Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1938 Coca-Cola Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Cracker Jack Item - Toysin Toys
1939 Coca-Cola Salesman Sample Cooler - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Old Family Doll - Dollsin Dolls
1930's Coca-Cola Salesman of the Month Award - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1965 Coca-Cola Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1944 Coca-Cola Calendar - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1950's Coca-Cola Truck Banner - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
1935 Coca-Cola Cardboard Hanger Sign - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. LOL "adventuresome spirit", I like that Bernie thanks. My wife calls it something else. ;0) Great to hear from you and hope all's well with the fam.
  2. Yes I agree with CK, too far gone to have much if any value. Buyer will have to love it for what it is.
  3. Thanks Perry!
  4. Thanks CK, I look at as "no worse for the wear". Spent less than a C-note.
  5. '38 would be right.
  6. Like hen's teeth Perry, super find!
  7. That corner looks very nice!
  8. Trademark detail dates it to 1990's or later, a nice decorative lamp for 30.
  9. Nice job Mani!
  10. Great sign 'rose!
  11. Difficult to say with certainty without knowing size and seeing close up. My guess is it's an old amateur restoration, especially if a large size 24"-36". The top of the cap for example has the colo...
  12. Super Sign Perry!
  13. Thanks Bernie, I'll keep my eyes peeled too and let you know if I see one. Hope you have a good weekend!
  14. The horizontals are referred to as channel cards and yours are from mid-1960's. Typically hung in diners, displayed in special frames, they were changed as different ad campaigns were rolled out or p...
  15. Seems to be a lot of info here:
  16. Thanks Perry, I remember you have one, definitely keepers both. oktreedude, agreed, a few spots left to fill (funny how new spots keep popping up), thank you for viewing!
  17. Thank you CK and I've enjoyed looking at your sign posts, you've got a great collection going on there. Love the signs!
  18. Thanks Perry. Even better, it was free!
  19. Always fascinated by your posts Scott. Not an old cabinet photo collector but easy to see how one could easily become interested. Great stuff, enjoy these posts.
  20. The 20 x 28 signs are the perfect size. I have 5 but this version has eluded me to this point. I wouldn't worry about nailing within the border at the corners to hang, won't hurt it.
  21. Don't imagine there are many out there. I agree, nice one to display and it looks great CK.
  23. Yes, a nice one, value several hundred USD. Not rare but scarce and excellent condition. Sweet Signage.
  24. Wow that one's a beauty. lists as 1937.
  25. Nice! Lunch version is scarce.
  26. Yes could be late 1940's based on the trademark detail. Looks like a cooler that might have been used at outdoor events, a fair or ball park. Maybe something a local bottler had made. Interesting i...
  27. Pretty cool, yes I agree. This was a promotional piece, could have been a freebie or low cost item someone sent away for. Generally speaking, Coca-Cola collectors draw the line at 1969, anything fro...
  28. I recognize the clock face as that from a series of 1950's mantle clocks commemorating 50th anniversaries of bottling operations. I'm not sure if there were other versions. I know with clocks it's ...
  29. Very nice, hadn't seen one before.
  30. 1969 was the introduction of the Coca-Cola logo most call the "wave" but is formally known as the dynamic ribbon device and Arden square. Yes, the script logo was left off probably to emphasize and r...
  31. The gem might be that small porcelain palm push sign.
  32. Condition looks great Perry, a real beauty.
  33. One of the nicer ones I've seen. Usually they're pretty cheesy, but yours is pretty good quality for a decorative piece. One to maybe hang and enjoy.
  34. I think Petretti states in his 12th edition that he considers restoring these sign stands as acceptable (but not the signs). The bases go for around $225 on eBay. I've not seen one with the post up ...
  35. Yes a repro of the early Shonk sign, no question. Coca-Cola was first made available to the Australian market during the late 1930's.
  36. Nice one! Will be awesome with the replaced piece, sweet snag.
  37. Yep can't go wrong displaying a small button sign Perry, especially such nice condition. Looks awesome!
  38. If only it were Coca-Cola, David! :0)
  40. It's a reproduction tray, so not old.
  41. It would be unusual for it to be original to the bottle. The old labels were very thin, applied lightly with food grade adhesive. The straight-sided bottles are pre-electric refrigeration, so the Co...
  42. Closing this one out. Learned some interesting facts about Cracker Jack Co. over the past few days. This is indeed a matchbook holder and likely an early premium. From 1910-1912, before Cracker Jac...
  43. Nice snag Mr. Michael!
  44. Based on the wear and size, I'm pretty sure this is a matchbook holder. Tested with an old book. Perfect fit. And Grandma was a smoker.
  45. Nice old bling Perry, beautiful!
  46. Thanks Coke1234... me too.
  47. Nice collection!
  48. And thanks for bouncing ideas guys. I'm intrigued too. Lord help me if I get hooked on Cracker Jack AND Coca-Cola!
  49. P-n-g, I think a little too small for business cards but maybe... Dave, The R in this case is the symbol for Reliable Confections, the candy outfit with which Cracker Jack Co. is rooted.
  50. Dave, Size is 2" x 2-1/2". Added pic of it open. I was thinking a stamp holder or maybe a match safe. It's well made. No markings I can find. The logo looks similar to the box from 1915-ish... bu...
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