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Burlington, Ontario

I collect early Coca-Cola memorabilia,mainly Cardboards and Hi-Fi Club items.


  1. When I bought it at Springtime I thought to myself " I guess Ray hasn"t been in this room yet". Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. Yes, I have 4 or 5 records.
  2. You're right. That is a great website. Thanks for the link.
  3. I've never seen the "At Home" version before. Is it Australian?
  4. Judging by the logo in the last picture , COKE with the wave beneeth it, it's from the 70's. It may be fairly rare in North America but there are probably lots of them in China.
  5. Thanks Perry, it's one of my favorites too.
  6. Good score Perry! I'm like that too. When somebody posts something I don't have I immediatly want one. Except maybe your pencil sharpener. Sorry.
  7. It's listed in Petretti's price guide at $85.
  8. You have good taste cocacola22. I would have picked those two items as my favorites as well.
  9. Nice visual Ray! But in Trevor's defence, most of the "girls" there were closer in age to Trevor's Mom .
  10. You were not bugging me. You can ask all the questions you want and I'll do my best to answer them. I do want to point out however that it's not actually possible to be more than 100% sure about somet...
  11. Thanks Trunkman and brassnut.
  12. Hey Trevor, you finally talked him into selling it !! It's very hard to find a good Canadian version of this carrier . I've never seen another one with that Free Sample sticker on it.
  13. That should say Petretti's
  14. This is listed in Peretti's price guide as a 1926 blotter..Value $12
  15. "They" are people from the Coca-Cola archives. It was Jamaal Booker that found it. They moved the offices in Toronto so they were doing a thorough search through the building before they moved. Phil M...
  16. I know the club was in Canada and Australia as well as U.S.A. but don't know what other countries had it. Yes, I would like a copy of the article if you can find it. Did you see the Canadian Hi-Fi clu...
  17. Thanks Ray. Unfortunatly when something this scarce shows up you can forget about he numbers in Petretti's guide. I paid almost twice book price and was lucky to get it.
  18. Ray, I bought them at the swap meet so I didn't catch the sellers name. He was with Fred Dobbs if that helps. I could try to redeem them but then I could have bought about 60 twelve packs with what ...
  19. That is an awesome piece Trevor! I too am jealous!
  20. Trevor, I meant for you to bring it to the Ontario Chapter Coca-Cola sale which is this Sunday as well. Are you coming?
  21. Looks real to me. Bring it to the sale on Sunday so I can have a better look. Bring you cardboard too.
  22. Hey Trevor, nice to see you back. That flange with the yellow border is the harder one to find yet I saw 3 of them at the Christie show yesterday.
  23. I think I paid around $30-$35 but that was 10-15 years ago. I really don't know what they are worth now since I've only seen yours and one other since then.
  24. I've got one of these but there aren't many of them around. I believe the proper name for this is a "change receiver".
  25. There was one just like this in the auction at the Springtime in Atlanta convention last week. The only difference was that it had a fishtail rack sign that extended up if front of the handle.
  26. I have both the maroon clock like yours and the silver version. The motors on both look like the housing that is on yours. Made by General Electric. I look at Goodwill and garage sales for old electri...
  27. Actually in the bottom right hand corner it says "Printed in Johannesburg, South Africa". I have no idea why it's printed in Portuguese.
  28. Thanks, I used one of my original frames as a pattern. It also helps that I'm a carpenter/cabinetmaker.
  29. Look very similar to the Canadian"Ideal"500.
  30. No, he's right . It's a fastasy item.
  31. Yes, Definately Canadian. Don't know how old. Any that I have seen have looked much newer. Looks like has been used for more than carrying syrup jugs. Some of the bottle crates are dated somewhere on ...
  32. Don't worry about TGBWC. He had a pretty big smile on his face when we left the auction on Saturday.
  33. This is part of the 1926 "Fans" festoon.
  34. Glad to see you braved the weather on Saturday. I woke up and saw it was raining hard so went back to bed. Decided to save my money for the Shmidt auction. Heading down on Wednesday.
  35. The third picture is a whistle that was given out in Mexico. It was recalled due to it's sharp edges.
  36. Please don't post a picture with your socks and underwear on it.
  37. I argee with Ray. Paint it all green. The base was already repainted so don't worry about historical significance. I think I used green Treclad spray paint.
  38. Wasn't me. I've had both of these for about 3 years.
  39. The sign in the book is 16" x 40" and has a picture of a bottle on it. It is valued at $1000.00.
  40. There is a sign on page 205 of Petretti's price guide that has the same wording and logo. It is listed as a 50's sign. Probably 1959. It's unusual to see the Coca-Cola in block letters.
  41. Very cool 30's Christmas carrier!!
  42. Looks good cleaned up!!
  43. The term channel card refers only to the 7" x 24" cards that slid into a sign with channels. The cards for your sign are usually refered to as inserts.
  44. Where did you find the extra cards? I thought there were just the two displayed plus the ones in the bag.
  45. I have the same cardboard but mine is missing the bottom 2" so I can't help you with the date. Definately from the fifties though.
  46. Ray is right. Canada Dry is owned by Dr. Pepper and Cadbury Shweppes.
  47. I think the hand is supposed to be holding a beer can. It's not marked but I've seen similar hands with beer company logos on them. It fit the 12 oz. can perfectly and I thought it would be a good way...
  48. Happy to help Trevor. Nice to see these items in your collection. Thanks for the help unloading my truck.
  49. I think this is some kind of store display. Two and a half cases of bottles would be pretty heavy. Plus I would guess this to be a 70's piece so they would probably be selling fountain drinks not bott...
  50. There was a big write up in the newspaper and they claim that the building that covered it was built in 1911 so it was painted sometime between 1906 and 1911.
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