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I've been collecting since I was seven. Mainly antique Coca-Cola advertising. I grew up working in an auction house. So I know quite a bit about antiques from learniI've been collecting since I was seven. Mainly antique Coca-Cola advertising. I grew up working in an auction house. So I know quite a bit about antiques from learning all these years. Happy to share with fellow collectors with the same addiction! (Read more)


  1. I have one. The manufacture plate should be under the ice chest right above where the cases are stored.
  2. Thanks cokehenry!
  3. What does it say in the center divider?
  4. 70s i believe.
  5. Absolutely beautiful piece of art even though the condition isnt that great. Defiantly something i would hang with honor. Love it!
  6. Absolutely love the bank and incredible deal!
  7. I'd say the 1970s
  8. Oh my bad.
  9. Looks to be a fantasy piece to me. Made to look old and never produced compared to reproductions which are based from originals.
  10. Great finds! Door kick guard? Not sure but porcelain and double sided really adds to it. Good luck finding a way to display it
  11. Very nice 1913 tray! Coca cola trays are a favorite of mine. The artwork on some of these trays are simply amazing! True pieces of "Art" at that. The coolest part is that they were actually used back ...
  12. if it was real, that would be a real gem! Desirable tray for sure
  13. the two in the back are original but not the one the middle. very cool trays though!
  14. Very cool piece! I'd say several hundred for the value. Such great color!
  15. Beyond cool! Very interesting piece!
  16. Looks great in that frame! Nice find!
  17. Looks great in that frame! Nice find!
  18. Not in canada and more of like a church junk sale
  19. Very cool! Been looking for this particular bottle opener for quite awhile! You have a true treasure there!
  20. its a new item made within the past 5 years.
  21. Very nice truck collection trevor! I rarely see the blue version. And the vertical signs, Wow! Always nice to see different examples all together. Defiantly impressed.
  22. Every collector has there preferences. I prefer coke tray. Nice collection you have going!the 1942 has to be my favorite.
  23. I believe they are fantasy pieces. Never issued by the coca cola company.
  24. Awesome find! Seen quite a few of these but never with those side signs, they alway have isle numbers instead
  25. AWESOME addition! Love the colors in this sign
  26. exactly. haha
  27. got it open and sadly no one of a kind rare poster. thanks for the input though
  28. Love the truck! tough find.
  29. Thanks!
  30. Love it!
  31. Nice find! I know you posted this a couple years ago but I felt I needed to coment. I have two versions of this "black" lettered ice pick. They also made a version in which the opener on the end twis...
  32. I agree. That would be some coca-cola tray...
  33. Regulars are a definite favorite of mine. I love how many color variations there are of them!
  34. Very Cool! Love the crazy oranges.
  35. Stick with the figural cast openers! John Wright and Wilton produced most of them. There are hundreds of different animal shaped openers out there, even an alligator.
  36. i'd say they're from the 90's
  37. modified lip? can't tell.
  38. Love it! Great addition to your display. Thanks for sharing :)
  39. saw that on there. Great buy!
  40. i know they made many different styles of these plastic carriers, but it still amazes me when I see one I never saw before. Great additions!
  41. im looking at his other items and your right TGBWC!
  42. for sure! thats why i was shocked and needed the info from fellow collectors
  43. beauty for sure!
  44. wow people really believe that tho? crazyyy. what a scammer
  45. that was blown out off proportion! thanks for the warning
  46. http://www.ebay.com/itm/390628096093?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  47. wow thought so. one sold for 150 on ebay tho so i skepical!
  48. cut down right?
  49. didnt bring much. surprised. Thought a diamond trash can from 1960s would bring more.
  50. I thought coca cola was bottled first in 1905
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